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tv   War Hotels Beirut - Holiday Inn  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 12:30pm-12:59pm AST

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it for 1000 mistreated bagels. have been rescued from a breeding facility in virginia. and to now looking for new homes, the dogs were bound for experimentation. labs, many with denied food and then retreatment. now volunteers rehabilitating the pops and introducing them the proper care. at least $200.00 have already found new homes . ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. there have been protests and parts of the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. after is raised, israeli forces killed a senior commander of the palestinian group, our arcs, a martyrs brigades, abraham, our liberal, c, and 2. others were killed. 2 days after a ceasefire took holden garza between israel and another palestinian group where
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the white house is u. s. president joe biden was not given advance notice of the if the i search a former president. donald trump's florida home federal agent searched trumps mar logo residence on monday. the european union ban on russian coal starts later on wednesday. it's part of sanctions in response to the war and ukraine. the e, you expect the coal band will cost russia $4400000000.00 a year. dominic cane has more from berlin. the dependence on russian coal is not anywhere near as bad as the dependence on russian gas. that is something with the german government is struggling to get itself away from no question about that. they have declared aspirations, get out of russian coal, the prince on coal by august. the 1st get out of a dependence on russian oil by december the 31st. but in so far as gas is concerned, that is a very different matter. and that applies right across the e. u to be fer,
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or votes are being counted and kenya's closely for presidential election, turn out for the polls, which are also choosing members of parliament is expected to be around 60 percent. the front runners, the former prime minister, rolla dunker and deputy presidents would in router with dozens of people and bangladesh had been injured in protests against arise and the cost of fuel. it follows a price increase of up to 50 percent last week. the government is blaming global energy markets and this concern it will lead to a spike and food and transport costs. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after war, hotels, which is up next the you call with people who wrote the world. this has been going on for a number of hours with story, from an international perspective, with global audience. how this could impact the life. this is an important part of
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the world. and our view is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. aah! control holiday in and you control of the region around and that's why it is such a bloody battle. important thing if you are walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday in the battle of holiday incomplete it's de division all built into 2 sectors. east and west. beta worked ah, philosophy stuff. welsh. on that, on our shop. for young our la klugman from ah, the most powerful building in the city for me is the holiday. yet
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more hotels are buildings that function as normal hotels, but often in the context of real instability to ah ah, fe route, once a jewel in the mediterranean. but been torn apart by war. this is the sea front of the lebanese capital today, around 3 decades after the end of the civil war. on one side, lebanese right wing parties, backed by the united states,
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aiming to expel armed palestinian groups from lebanon. on the other left wing parties allow with the p aloe and backed by the soviet union, who so the right wing christians as an extension of israeli and american influence in lebanon, only 2 weeks off to bay root erupt in the south vietnamese capital saigon fell to the communists ending over 19 years of conflict in viet nam televisions. first war now came lebanon, all maze of repulses and wool. photographers moved from southeast asia to the middle east and began to occupy bay route. hotel rooms filled up with news crews and a new chapter of the cold war began. most of the correspondence,
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tv crews, and photographers checked into this hotel, the commodore, a safe haven in the west of the city. every day they would set off from here from downtown bay route for the main hotel district, where the holiday inn was the front line. the holiday inn was a war hotel in the sense that it was part of an urban battle. a battle between 2 factions of the strategic heights, but it wasn't a price hotel. so none of the journalist covering the one bedroom stayed in the holiday in the holiday and became one of the 1st significant physical manifestations of the, of the conflict. my name is kenneth morrison, professor of european history. and one of my key research interests is in the history of war. hotel war hotels are buildings that function as normal hotels,
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but often in the context of real instability. so i look at new mit us or tails. saudi was holiday in beirut, commodore i'm but also the hotel uniform all fast. for example, the leader palace are in nicosia, cyprus, all of these hotels have continued to function throat, this period of instability. some are within the real midst of an urban conflict. a war hotel emerges out of a history where journalists over a long period before was start, have somehow find it a congenial place to be a watering hole. convenient, near the center of activity in the city where the politics happens, where the culture happens, where you meet people, the hotels which made they root the tourist center of the middle east. i'm johnson de moby and i've long been a reporter reporting from all over the world. and therefore, i've been in was the most memorable amongst these was the experience of reporting from the lebanese civil war in the 1970s. this was once the richest part of the
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richest city in the middle east. i 1st went to lebanon in 1972, as her young reporter, my very 1st article for a magazine here called the new statesman in which i effectively said, this place is waiting to blow. all it needs is a spark because of the complexity of this very small country, surrounded by competing nations, ah, from the 1950s to the early seventy's, they route was a magnet for the international pleasure seeking a lead they routes. hotel district was at the heart of its luxury tourism economy making it a favorite jet set destination. when
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we speak about bay roads golden age as dismissal under the middle east. we are actually talking about an area, the hotel district. that is the very specific product of a precise geopolitical project. my name is they're offering anessa. i'm a political geographer who is based at the university of birmingham. i am interested in hotels and urban conflict. holiday inn came quite late in the day. ah, in 1974, it was opened. it came quite late in the day into this hotel district, which was considered a playground for celebrities and politicians, and diplomats and spies. the hotel district started life in the 1920s when the st. george opened for 4 decades. it was one of the most prestigious
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hotels on the mediterranean. during the cold war, in the 19 fifties and sixties, the bar of the st. george was described, does a revolving door of information. the british double agent can philby was irregular . he operated under cover as a foreign journalist and on the 30th of january, 1963 was spotted for the last time at the bar in the saint george before disappearing in bay route and reappearing a few months later in moscow. and more smart hotels sprang up, including the furniture, even more luxurious than the saint george. but when the holiday inn arrived in 1974, it was not only the tallest, but also the last to open before the civil war broke out. i remember
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the experience of the furniture and i went into the holiday in different scales of hotel, but both of them pretty luxurious hotels. the venetia was very grand indeed. a holiday inn was a holiday and but a very up market holiday. and so there was plenty of chrome, plenty of silver, plenty of gold colored drapes. it was done very much in the style, but the arab world likes warm coming free. denise yell san jose, honestly how to fe, sat out of the half wilma halle. when i let me come so adams over there to hannibal albania. ellison. mm hm. sorry. hey, sorta lily in boston with us. i have you looked in kilo mclinn with this friend or a loaner. they indiana came little earlier to see the bill of man, mom or la fontose argy, but he bared the fair. old madeline madeline, slower babylon, martha. belinda c. kinealy. how is it?
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good. hello, in missouri door. oh, i will. i shouldn't be there till hannibal ally came feminist heavy though li. be elaborately bridge or cameras or her daughter bunfield order. dear my son, i can live at lazoodo, contaminate as ali or will lead mamma silly shade of medical work or missouri them at home or not a sheriff. can ma'am robin willoughby levied, la la, la almighty sharif. my spin of somewhat cont animals hold. then i will not have shelf either carnation, our basil and the see you ready be our lower, cannot be ruled artist tom young wanted to get inside the building to day, but to do that he had to get permission not only from the owners, but from the lebanese army, which still controls it as a strategically sensitive location. young that wanted to indulge his passion. painting. i finally got the chance to go inside. and my, my,
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my immediate feeling was one of just overwhelming emotion. i felt sad, i felt i felt horror, but i felt amazement. oh, when i started my projects for the holiday inn. and so i started painting it from the outside from many viewpoints and, and then i discovered that the parents of a very good friend of mine that i hadn't thought refer her parents, sammy and finance hubbard. i actually, ah, not only live next to the holiday inn and have a fantastic view of it from their balcony. and they're possibly one of the very few people in lebanon who had their wedding reception dinner in the holiday inn.
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national minimum and has an additional idea on the ship that that can have that comes here in 10. danny nash makin le muscles in latin o'connor men away in nestle gang again and when, when s i remember been holy, they in why they would do. i'll see it a good a bit of the nail but a little harder men. i'm so ha, we're with it. would have been seeing a building from a distance you understand that concepts within the city and what it must have meant in the civil war. i used this very bright red, which expresses the blood that's been spelled that the violence from the fire and the hate and the anger. and every time i slash the, the paints, it's a way of going through that anger and that violence, and honoring that. and i also
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a raise it as if that itself is the erasure of memory. when the civil war started in april 1975, the pay alo, when the lebanese national movement for the maronite christian felony party, the violence was triggered by the so called bus incident. on the 13th of april, when fighters from the flange party open fire on a bus carrying palestinians as it drove through that stronghold of anal romani, 26 palestinians were killed and dozens wounded, unleashing what became a living hell on the streets of bay route, which spread rapidly throughout lebanon, there was street fighting and shelling. there was snipers and kidnappings on sick
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terry and massacres across the religious divide. the christian felon, just malicious, were based in east bay route, but gradually took control of the main downtown streets in the west of the sit the strategic port on the hotel districts, including the saint george, the venetia, the hilton and the holiday inn. on the 24th of october, 1975 left wing, mostly militias and palestinian armed groups under the umbrella of the national movement, launched a massive offensive to try and regain control of the hotel district which straddled east and west. but the battle of the hotels 19759076 was, was simply a battle for control of the strategic heights. he who controlled the strategic heights, kids essentially dictate terms. so controlling these buildings in the hotel district,
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the hide ice buildings became extremely important for the militias or had been market or can be there either a la mum solo with you shortly, elephant door social had a lot and only were or whether than one hours had been a son, george will rinney's the militia fighters started moving upwards and they started going on top of bowers, one, eas bush on more. another one is holiday in a few days in to the battle of the hotels. the guests had completely abandoned the entire district and evacuated to the neighboring mediterranean island of cyprus. ah. soon
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after the upper floors of the holiday inn was set on fire by intensive shelling. the fighting on the ground spread into what was called sect, to full, where the philanthropists had begun using the hilton as a sniper vase in the days leading up to the start of the civil war. the bay route hilton had been preparing for its grand opening. but that never took place. instead, militias, on both sides checked in before any v i. p guests. this rare archive video shows the moment when left wing fighters seized the lobby of the hilton. after the fallen justs had withdrawn to their positions in the holiday inn. the important thing if you are walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday inn. my name is tim phelan.
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i was the bbc's middle east correspondence in beirut in the seventy's eighty's and ninety's. i was in beirut during this much of the lebanese civil war. i remember once trying to get down to the holiday inn to try and make some sort of effort, get into it to interview the avalanche us. and just as i was getting to the point in an area cor, i'm or i see where you would come right round the corner into the face of the hotel gunfire started and i scuttled back. there was a dead body lying up the street. it was all rather sinister. i fled back to the hotel. i'm afraid it wasn't one of my brave days. but did some people did get across to the holiday inn? on the 20th of march, 1976, the so called lebanese and palestinian joint forces launch their strongest attack. yet against the free lunches in the hotel district. their aim was to control own
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key positions there. but especially the highly strategic holiday in control holiday in and you control or the region around say you, you, you took the holiday inn if you possibly could. and that's why it was such a, a bloody battle the holiday inn and it surrounds blaze for 3 days. as opposing malicious vice for control. no one knew which way the fighting was going. not even the lebanese and foreign journalists who reported on the national movements 1st incursion into the hotel lobby. fatal elliot to learn more before i le mccullen little fund. be hand lozzo, i left my mom, put my mac mom and short. i'm unable hurry on. i'm annoying. keep
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a small group of christian for lunches to manage to hide inside the hotel. killed a senior national movement commander before making their way up to the top on the 24th floor. by the folder, hey o tal, also put south as well as hung up on our shop for young i will hug and clock mill from robert ja matuse drive. south will saudi bizarre, a fee botkin, a mouse mosher will talk to low low. so what i mean? look, bobby, a lot of our sharina law on thumb follow beside. always thought ocoee mo, julio, mike of the, on the images of the sniper dropping 24 flaws. to his death on the street, under the militia, celebrating for the cameras,
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have become symbols of the fall of the holiday inn. blue dot bottles. that happened the room by room. floor by floor stairway stair the battle of holiday incomplete. it's the division of beirut through the green line, into 2 sectors, east and west beta. and these partition remained over the course of the 2 following decades. and it passed by d all it ain. no one will ever know how many heroes died here in the holiday in. the battle lasted 3 days and 3 nights and there were no prisoners at the end. jonathan demme will be reported on several overseas was for british commercial broadcaster i tv for and was one of the 1st foreign journalists to enter the holiday inn and document the aftermath of the fighting there. smouldering ruins of
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what had been this very popular resort hotel. and he looked at in thought. this is what we do to one another. as a hotel. and now it's a shelf total shell. light bulbs hanging down off of the off of the wall war wires. chairs smashed up a piano that was in there which somehow it's, it's more or less survived. the chandeliers, all like this, broken, this sort of looking a bizarrely ah, like gargoyles staring down at what humanity had done to itself below the vision, it will not be surprising. bishop but it was surprising that that could happen in beirut. lou mm.
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the green line, of course, and the civil war was a place with flowers and trees grew abundant then and so as a reference to that. but it's also a way of envisioning some brighter future kind of sense of hope that might spring up in the ruins of the past. today around 3 decades, on from the end of the civil war, the complexity of lebanon, sectarianism, and the geo politics of the region mean that the country in its people are still struggling to recover from its effects. the majority of the hotel district has been rebuilt. the enormous shell of the holiday inn still towers over downtown,
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awaiting its fate. no more green line for it to look down on today. but the monument to 15 years of struggle continues to attract visitors, historians, artists, and filmmakers. all seeking to understand the events of the seventy's and eighty's more than any other ravaged building, surviving the conflict. it surely deserves the title war. how tell a reporter's retreat in a brutal civil war. if a commodore hadn't been that, the israeli invasion would not have been so well reported. the commodore had become journalistic center. you could be in the safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this while the grand suite of the commodore hotel,
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the next room i was in, was underground in a tiny prison. so as a hostage, a route the commodore wall hotels on al jazeera cats are away. official ally of the journey. ah ah ah
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ah ah what official.


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