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tv   Al Jazeera World The Sixties in the Arab World Culture  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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makes a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other law literally stuck in these camps. it's regardless of your range the way you're coming from. and he said give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be heard. human rights and land defenders and brazil, they live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the street where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. let's get to the bottom line. what does a new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? it's very hard to say we're the escalation stopped. is it a mistake to open up? is that a pandora's box? if you want to be ready for the next pandemic, you figure out this point to the bottom line, your weekly taken us politics in society. under cover reporting, i worked with exclusive stories, explosive results, al jazeera investigations. ah,
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i'm sam is a van in dell. how of the look at the headlines here now g 0, g 7 foreign ministers have demanded russia, han bank, europe's largest nuclear power plant to ukraine to ensure its safety. last week, shells hit the nitrogen oxygen oxygen unit and the high voltage power line that those operations plant. both moscow and kids are accusing each other of shelling and causing the damage. the head of the international atomic energy agency says the world runs the risk of a nuclear disaster. john hendern has more from cave, with a g 7 says it is russia's presence occupying that plant that is causing the danger . there you've been hit a couple of times and they say they condemn what they call the ongoing unprovoked
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and unjustifiable war of aggression of the russian federation against ukraine. they've asked for russia to immediately withdraw from that facility and return it to ukraine. in hans as it is, there are ukrainian workers operating that plant, but they're doing so under the control of the russian military. i talked to the head of the company who runs that plant and there go a tom's, his name is petro protein, and he said, the russians have occupied that plant. they mind the outside of it. they have stored military vehicles and explosives inside the plant next to the reactors. and he says that there is a real risk of problems. he says, he believes it is the russians who have been doing the showing in that area. and he thinks what they're trying to do is disconnect that nuclear plant from the ukranian system. he said there are 4 lines that connect that system to the ukrainian power. grady says 3 have been severed as if the other one is severed. there could be
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a catastrophe. a european union battle on russian call starts on wednesday. it's part of the block sanctions packages in response to the war in ukraine. the you expect a call back will cost russia $4400000000.00 a year. dominant kane has more from berlin. the dependence on russian coal is not anywhere near as bad as the dependence on russian gas. that is something with the german government is struggling to get itself away from no question about that. they have declared aspirations, get out of russian. coal depends on coal by august, the 1st get out of dependence on russian oil by december the 31st. but in so far as gas is concerned, that is a very different matter. and that applies right across the e. u to be fer, there have been protests in parts of the occupied west bank in east jerusalem after israeli forces killed the commander of the palestinian group along some of his brigades. but a human sea and 2 others were killed. 2 days after
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a ceasefire took hold in garza between israel and other palestinian groups. the white house says he, us president joe biden was not given advance notice of an f. b. i search a former president, donald trump, florida home federal agents search trump motto law. go residence on monday, part of an investigation into how sensitive documents we handle at the end of his administration. vote for being counted in kenya's closely for presidential election . turn out to the polls is expected to be around 60 percent. the front runners, the former prime minister rayleigh dinger, deputy president william bruce have dozens of people in bangladesh have been injured in protest against the 50 percent price increase on fuel. the government is blaming global energy market, was concerned. it'll lead to a spike in food and transport costs. china says it's finished,
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it's live 5 minutes re drills in the taiwan strait. but troops remain ready for baffle. aging started the navy and air exercises last week. of the u. s. how speak can nancy pelosi visited taiwan to people have been killed and dozens injured during heavy rain, then flash flooding in sudan. at least 2000 homes have been destroyed in the river nile state. a clean up is underway in souls in south korea's capital, sol. after reco breaking rain and flash floods killed at least 9 people by the heaviest downpours and more than a 100 years turn roads into rivers as they had lines. it's al jazeera world now. ah ah,
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i made with danny a bit that hawaiian twist. twin child, brooklyn muscles kind of give me a root canal when that are kind of i think it did a lot to watch on it. yeah. like you said sherry and i've been out about a flu on has it right on. so what i would like to have not done talk garden has aminada be and what maybe what the model out a little bit more than others yet. so water developed. i built on my lot, i been, i will thank
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the 1960s was a decade of change in europe and the americas, but also in the middle east and north africa. some preferred the way things were, but many people embraced the new movements and politics, society, and especially cultural change. fresh ideas and modern thinking began to awaken across much of the region music. the arts and film broke new ground during the decades. and i'm shocked to be i got it. the 60 met gave me the value associated with them a year policy lab. good. a lack of the city med miss and make the the 2nd i am the room and see
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a lot of me ah, my gosh. i did the put in 16, and this have been a last month that, but if i am engagement letter at ah, by that, oh yes, my van is needing needed anybody in mirabelle in the lab at all a shared with me a kid and i'm not going to patch when you asap, whining who we can handle my hub, but been all, it's a or the other half of all of the up to what it ah was to matter how to be for that he can walk, can it's
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a home feed and one be led to that, where i moved to a hot tuna. does bucky, lemme go to my to not. if i gamma is dara. i get to saw the coffee. be very earth seen how hard that the party who also a car seat boss of a store not eng dema. we're not got them both to the resume. cima dema us of hard to do the, the, for our own actor to him. in fish of actor who had that, that had to move on me a nice woman to ship me to ship, but i don't eat as much. i had a 50 or a lot to be
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a city near the 2 countries where singers and musicians began to innovate the most, where egypt and lebanon the latter be kind of an action in her son. so retain must be at a, in cooper lane. so it must have been said that we should have. oh, how much house you say it mckelly. hi d masika, alma don ellerby walker in october. i move in in cuba, her name. hum. my doctor will have a home call soon. okay. ah. so the attorney has a little been n i d masika r e f. sham. yeah. the other can hack n o a co robin is actually in a c for their sophia subaru. pharaohs. oh but a
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oh. so but am she and her and her share good bill nato. a. mckee let any you if you miss ruby, how old is a thin film wash etiquette, bee and mother. look in any la hayton dean marcia. holiday philip now? yeah, i mean a mother pan. oh. 7 0, with the lyrics of air of music tended to have more substance than a lot of western pop up the time. polite, much more it fanny. cathy lynn for her. not been in the whole beliefs leap. tatiana lylark had been to share a law cutting out a few years silent. a dish can fee. hello dana. hey, ashley bessler. my plan like michelle. i found out that halim will moderate i. b l b is hurt. and a muslim bay logan. yeah. a
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lot. as any say you lose any from one to. hm. oh, i electronic one that bed with a sim, hacked in agony, yemen. oh boyle about i'm well hey, am well us? well, well now i'll will get the had lay of the animal costume while the we'll have were the halim were for the love rush in manila. funny, i may have even marie or sour i had the love of his elecom had him. how was a lower camp, bertha in the hallway, finance solar and the hip. the i lock, that's the whole ethnic denial. so there was so copy been um, was it the infamous number jacked up in knox, cassie se or nam? was that one more? good. so oh, for sure, cannot the middle enough? silica is now enough. cit seer miss slab. the nurse had been isabel gimme well,
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i can hear him again. yes ma'am bay? no ma'am. and now killer homer 10 allowed to see it. i had him fill harlem and autumn, and at the her desk and their moods at ne c. e p. m. oak, dumber zach audi. the star thought and tell her mom and pop up now sir. hello with little with an omaha take desert ed yet he cannot to help us. i will lead to her by now mad again. can i log about to our market that kinda we have fossil lead dorm, a local r o b arbor, or what? oh, cool. so m been this belly get up burly in the canada and here. hm. when does she? how can i to honey but lot to lobby as sir lee mare. what the ill and to charter loyal r o b o m a poem at las darma almera beach, florida. na suckin mary alara,
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ah, what hassle? that zebra mostly in missouri, savannah love, the end of arnold boylen, ward demolish fuller as a mom, one of the robber. they live a seattle console, missouri 11th wheeler. yeah. and even the more millenniums and with that, so, um, so as into you was a deal balance. and lenny was bahamas or had given me shave a while before we get solar over a little bit about it and matter how one is, you know, and the woman chevron says, league the over it. and i think of the shipping of the all of us with on you won't get on biblical damage. had e d f. gotcha. the thought of public
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b mckenney. some of you delicate him. i'll sit up about the amount of but a lot of the lender sit. denette mckenna fell out. he has he gets out of business any it was all in the a little i basically yeah. must or or the bill in half. the baton is hot and hailey had been in the for jill sheila low for the 70 when the little drama about how to get on with the city and the nominal robert bennett. beatles well in the united shopping behind the wheel and really be excited. a slum would be over the sleepier any more going me if you man, what are old all come in and i saw that a with and he comes busted as an indian, as the field was more of the the in the mason because fish honestly one and knows in at the element i may not want to really be back in the figuring yes
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i got. 3 you then mostly we're going to see a consolidated metal really bu a that, that i, me and them. and so she let them out of the, the, the linda, the little. so jim, at a nasa mess. so the heart for layla. robbie: what, who, what we are saddled, misleading. oh, lou: mm hm. did you come up with any? see, i guess i'm only a set up that. i mean the not yet my really spoke to them. i like you. it's the only for that alone had these heavy numbers in the city with our morale yard half of it must have gone. we have to go. but it's ashley. i hope this isn't. i'm his
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mom. this is any kind of living and an ad comes to them was i was, i could get on with our route it out. i come on, i said in my little media and as long as he was, i have it as, as more reality, as, as work on them or oxygen was i don't know, drums. why do deonna? i live live rocks and mom was sound, but i'd give me the b c s with any of us you mom, mom to be so and all the. 2 the the oh, was having
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a bubble. and if here, when much happiness, sloop or hobby and we live on the home i see with haven't met yet that a yes. a new off i wanted with i almost semester with me just a little while and that kind of is that a little you even you've been a big, big a rock on here. so you can sharpie marker of any mechanic. will i in an up into a hey, dell had ya best. so holly, can't i? german ingles, tara hondas. dad is naca, or can i parts in our for can alumni local?
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hi alicia, this is lisa hassling. with the how about a bladder? anyone musical that would be it would be good, local, good wessa, mental health minister, suburban was of alpha, topical math also thought i would talk a little earlier visit a little marker denellin on with him or she's in the lower to follow a elk at the backorder and i thought the square to describe her elliott, which i had the hierarchy, this group staff at the school, at the market that has been mostly called our b. like and hustling fit. i had a hard little beetles, every contrib dean fella will come see me f ah, a m as in was c, a t, a said a t less her for the stony la nan is subbing shreeve. eli,
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our le, that it are mel, however, that benny or whether you us to send some out. i'm seeing the matter, jeanette. about buck a lady looking ne, jet old for destiny in missouri. clean a look nan. the thicker tie. yeah. but the oh hobby, is that? yeah, for me, is there a shuttle? an fha and no, yeah. the more bit taurus is sharpie lynette shall be at lee fee. she philistine fisher obie had figured out by the next bill aluminum dean. marcia colored yes. is shami. len jebel, mussel adf is shami. imagine i will either buy lifted run i, laura barbie. had to hi loudecker's throw, or in am number, my goddess were a duffle and her dep game in modern. where were the hours that rattled again or, or what it would, that would be an eyelash for the adapted to canada, to check behind madison. i
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am the cur, it's linda. and then some clause shabby a couldn't cleaned up, and how a nurse at any hour were casa for it's rather, i should know. can it be able shop for a little clue, sharpie? ah, when i left a man bison, i did, but i am as leafy ye li to measured higher than leave water. so would how they'll hate biscuit chip below. well, so my be my version that about buck. while my original unwind were thought it had, the a says little hierarchy, it must have key ima, who the hustle it philbin, min b them in our little company. yet. this is denise la elizabeth, yet ah, music and the movies started to change people's social habits.
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anybody denied it? no, no, i didn't do my ear couldn't, and i am a natural hunter. i time cinema. i. tom haflin. chaney. yeah. ok. now i had missed the matter. had much that made it a bad. it had. sheena mud, can it he m alana i we have a good yeah. oh quin nanny best i sent matt. yeah. and ned wrapped in what might have it, but i'll have to hang him. how full? abby poke. i can get out now dear lot field and if i'd only june, july dead at now, kind of enjoying you said half blackish the only formal era. oh i bought an issue with kind of where you can about how do you can 1st and how my my problem but cinnamon was sort of yeah, it wasn't good. so, but
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a book here, then i can go well, quote or can and you can lazy. how do i am a wells? i'm fenmont i was i'm them, see it before them out of the gun. have a lot to my head. my only thought a sub he on my left a little hold i will have what i have change you popular? joseph maria to jose. how much each of them because bit more door to that deck as well. by then limit, depend, live, pedal is that will be more to have a 2nd or more members in italy, but as it will be stripped, inept. while i said earlier, we are having it shut up, shut up the sudden your thought about it is any but not sort of mayor. well, most of the web at to me saying men as they deem bit skepticism. yeah. a lot of the
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my mama fin what, how do we feel me, lee? i've got to be bothered and that was i'm, i'm fin the bad, the cinema. a lot of the other seemed. check it. yeah. i knew that he was checking the laptop, but dakota was on a sam on monday sick or because look a lot, but check getting norman lo huh. dash k. d for say, for on how you are the most rhetorical a month to college and let the us hobble. i'm enough. what? sorry. one of the them a no, no on the items or read and thought you them, unless you are the, you know, i mean, you probably in the setting the money was that if you went ahead there was going to send him out and then we should be getting a good way, some of the cinema non this outcome seems to tell us that she was up at the window
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shed. one must be one look like we don't want to go on much further than nicholas in m a. m a gazed. wouldn't it? in fact, i'm familiar with that and my friend from amazon would have to be the one that goes up to $67.00 days. that would go over that and we had him, it was just checking. and that was why is there any way that money should be working again when you must offer what you want to see? i believe i've been offset that. yeah, i thought it, we are not out of foot l ticket. it moves a puck lead of thought of limit can throttle well at an ox. his alley can s my be what delicate cinema. yeah, i do in this dash. mostly it's i gotta do more now as long as you're on the loss of of borrow news about the bubble, alyssa, why would i you said we're maybe in an early hour. a dounia della lam kind of out
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on has he wrote me an id name and not have salary. i didn't know what was going to be what you thought did want him to be in the family dog. i'm middle school most welcome on partial menu. now men shoot mother, i mean as in atlanta cinema here to pick them up from dad . isn't here on your vehicle upon time, he can tell me that can be up, but i'm call me a lot less than less than that. that then read any pulling said, and i'm also a good i woody a wiley tutor, a nasty can mean i'm a cinema wife,
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learn hunt or a human come out who i feel that the shadow of fee there might be a lot more sore or my sister he feels me more thought of given the i was on fillmore tied for a and in the shower cookie for the la brush. what can i, i don't mean a 3 year lee l, as in northern, mostly in laguna neuropathy, lune, he and yemen. ah, coming up in port 2, how creative expression in the arab world in the 19 sixty's took many different forms or from the poetry of protest to authors using the written word as
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a weapon of change about tick, i'm let's muck living. at the end him sullen pillow when the marion mccullough me then and it's my been would that wish me her cause him though 50 yet one. pasi bunker mckee and she said she and avi brought up the molded la d. i'm soon i love rot, farley. them an e. i. bon, what us, ya, messiah the bye, bye. you. valdez? love i. b. and when cinema met politics, the arab world's radical sixty's filmmakers. oh, believe your mike everywhere. connectivity this paramount. and yet for infrastructure and dependence on foreign corporations means to many remain offline . now, a politician and tech activists are building
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a home grown solution. goodnight clinic views that secure the nation's technological sovereignty. ah, rebel geeks, the citizens network on i just you to me from the shoals of the red sea storage, a clean, more technical problem. i'm for management major. but in georgia, this team, a fema climate change to the peaks of the himalayas, where water conservation looks like this, possibly solutions to say the world's most precious resource. in the next episode of ath right, we look at what is being done december once. twice on al jazeera, the heart wrenching goodbyes, loved ones, not knowing when they will unite again. women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving ben behind among them. foreigners,
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also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come. first serve basis here at the bus station. there's only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now, they like many others, would have to reach and hope, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah ah ah, ah lou,
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i'm sammy zaden endow with a look at the headlines here now g 0. g 7 foreign ministers are demanding russia hand back your its largest nuclear power plant to ukraine to ensure its safety. last week, shells hit the nitrogen oxygen unit and the high voltage power line that the zap parisha plant. both moscow and key of accused each other of shelling and causing damage. the head of the international atomic energy agency says the world runs the risk of a nuclear disaster. john 100 has more from give. the g 7 says it is rushers presence occupying that plant that is causing the danger there. you mentioned it's been hit a couple of times and they say they condemn what they call the ongoing unprovoked and unjustifiable war of aggression of the russian federation against ukraine.
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they've asked for russia to immediately withdraw from that facility and return it to ukraine. in hans as it is, there are ukrainian workers operating that plant, but they're doing so under the control of the russian military. european union ban on russian call starts on wednesday. it's part of the block sanctions package in response to the war in ukraine. the e u expects the coal band will cost russia $4400000000.00 a year. there have been protests in parts of the occupied west bank and east jerusalem officer is ready for his kill the commander of the palestinian group. like some authors, brigades brought him in the sea, and 2 others would kill 2 days after a cease fire to cold and garza between israel and another palestinian group. the white house says us president joe biden was not given advance notice of an f. b. i search for president donald trump's florida home federal agents search trumps
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residents on monday, part of an investigation into how sensitive documents were handled at the end of his administration. votes of being counted in 10 years closely for the presidential election. the front run as a former prime minister, right? loading gun deputy president william brew tow. china says it's finished, it's live 5 minute, 3 drills in the taiwan strait. the troops remained ready for battle, aging started the navy and air exercises last week. after us how speak and nancy pelosi visited taiwan. those a headlines. the news continues after al jazeera world. now this in who, in the 1960 television crossed the middle east on north africa and so did cinema, especially in egypt. but there was also filmmaking away from the mainstream,
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where politics, large, some director saw their role as historians documenting many of the tumultuous events of the decades. what hitler with cinema batch for time. it said they're not going to be what tennessee dish my cinema did. many what did bethlehem may i know, but the sort of law might have placed him at the chateau, gaily layman as smith had been martin, i've got to come in, but by yah, to the pharmacy on. not that bad or not, but i am 30 ah, seeing it so was in europe, i guess forums a cinematic one that she had had congested. ah! with this being can yet either shoot the game against you. can you have
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a parcel? shirley comes with florida. dear madam was such authority a moment? hello, cry plot of a an am alma medina is now about to come home at the z, yet will be what the multiple be luckily him. why? the him a. a single liberty and evil from 2nd time. oh wow. who has authority ref shima meeting? hm. she also ah, the dates is lunch. is it just it? oh into sh, husky. she has she actually had i pulled up. you thought you
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were lucky. you lucky show me, let me know that enough. the law that when you go for the the something where i met, she laid honey as to what i gave you as to whether she should be back in the 1st month about the team. she can come out or move lawson, kathy, she emergency date of student ah, the audit housemates,
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a coffee last me how to be fucked up. is it come on smith and it howard who kelly literally solid bill month. min inflow steen. that's out of your must be, will be less off. i . can you still look for the holiday unless mckenna not to lean on bother with me and let me ye and show him clean from then you ralph can learn jani, b, b, i where the i'm was calling him or the can it look through harlots been killed? granite bay it would be that the linen had to be asked for her tea and marriage at the at the back. much. yeah. any. can it how the next little harder yet for can and my love her to look good at being and your hone in. it no pressure on what venus
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she look at him to join the to do me. you miss coffee will be fick. it'll be fun. can read. pass one that's on there's a command medic. if i can certainly do them in me, can, can the liquid to is, or who had this is who's in abilene high for norman? how would i been them yet? a copy of a lot of a lot of the i'm pretty it mr. alada. william kinda a little bit that 0 heard the most sarah, i've been in my yes, i'm here to dot com, but it was for any sort of muscle but it to me to fit him in the fact that i have to have a cup, a thought i suppose i don't cut the bomb, couldn't muster. i hate then young though the man beware,
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mustn't live if you had some of them that i found out. when i went ask them i asked my big guy that way. we know who i am, the must mean. this is mr. lace willin, matters in miss you asked me to matters in if you miss mad, dental, call me. my name is mr unit, so dean n. nearly not the more but amish. elmira janda, the law somewhat managine, who is a general muslim lobby. his d can fit as yet a woman, maybe mercury busy between his will then be sorry,
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your bill at all. ballasa. can the semi in fear i own without feeling a check. ah. can fit pipes from the p b. mother you can fema suffocated. okay. to be a scene there. can phoebe tornado. i've been a yet to troubleshoot up no matter what up in talking to you know, feel like you know where from the other can nanny. then upcoming came over here because there was the boss and muskrat had. he's a business or a lobby. i was a death i be who the fuck cover you with the salo unless miller butters could carry muffler he in la la nannie, my mother will be bus must a lot of you must as soon as you're up to hear him,
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him may will have some i will cut his i'm li below that as an a be a co way about but i feel but it's the most csc i bit 100 for now without as much 10 are the 2nd tier glennie bella. shake the malware to the one who had nominated must be doing my efforts for korea. c a c t maggie? well it can chuckle out. i'll be, we can model kelly me beluga the softer yet the queen has soccer yet that a cuban must for he will, ala my room was not very good to me . while i said us, if it was, you know, i'm a flash, i'd seen him while mr. ross kelly met them, but did not object. if he had the that the, i know you have, you have one that the you had, you said you that it was a woman here that it her or can it was a big than here in the flow
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a g at on the hi. look, my firm on the data back to mom, actually box it up to the how the his truck. but that's bad. and the shop and mr. she's the one of the city not was what couldn't sort of come and how they had cut up to me that my, you know for mr. how college about a how it if it's a jeep. i was the only way. oh please send it to you. there are times for tech on maria vaughn or maria siiler care. oh wait for them if they need. hello joel. how the ship july. my should charlotte are not
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a theater. had a loyal following, but was not a mass medium in the sixty's radio reached much bigger audiences. zine i'm so i look means are waiting on his adamant sort of themself away. mother had the for, was that alina shabani in a mom was promised. i'm just tell them it is out as an even a bottle for come business live. and then in illinois i had the us human nice. i sent women, little upper darby, m. as in bad. deborah hamden, missouri, was it really designed to shoot you over to do with a quinn in mclean? phoebe that, abroad you been this? been the kind of nephew did. he didn't the animal politely have linda?
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hi, linda. this melinda lockbox. miss my. lemme says hey that, that, that was uni, loosened, i left her name was he, had he the read that the way she went in this myself out of credit. you need to know where her brother to that i'm at the key for kind of like been this, been to believe me. most of the most i can, if i was it and that sure in the short career, if you can love or last dean must gammas will aisle monster comes on. there is i shall grade. little a year. not, i'm in the house, but radio was already well established. she was new technology. the whole it
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that was yon kiera cher bravo county habit technologic, judy deaf owen, my wife had job a month. i proficio on for canada to bb, and here did the t meant to do to father with the a bar alley. hello, jeffrey howe, the deborah elaine g u r by you i did a plan and harder home galvan in june clean home, and i also had you said that you bought my store credit on the agenda for june. and the seen my order for to 1000 bear up file. got did it for june. i left a telephone as you on a sunny advocate. i'm nathan fancier and be diameter. a flam him, dear madge, middle heck on it, couldn't alicia have health and all that? a couple, yeah, i me, she, i jibberish good when albert home. hello. we are excellent jolla, we had i known jolla
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a friend in the b a when these are, oh, my bonham moon. so i back here in the money who was here when he's like a name that i missed. a spa home in our 1000000 is, are we are going with your me or support a year? what are you laughing? well, i promised to you cuz i film music, tv, trauma and radio, we're all trans forms in the 1960 s and the visual arts also enjoyed a decade of new found creative freedom then the but i'm in the, in the machine live that you all as
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a does not have to shut off your some, i'm sorry, sorry. the button. i thought i'd be able to make some says you did the audio visual me should off how's your body and emotionally? probably thought better show a lot of be well that the how to get that from the you have done. good run it. but you had to can we lead them out of the set in a 100 number. she needs to chevron out of pocket the consumer to shop now and forced me. i had a friend near it and like a l. i'm interested or why did lick? i know it'll look more mo, by out of 11 met him, him. and that if it's about a friend and i did a kind of at them doing what i mean, addict him, i'm really excited. why had been fun and then i mean i had the
3:48 pm
letter you are by the cause and know image some of the older b, b c. well, actually seen and one. and that's what i mean that was the teen. that's a has so you'd have done integrity. joey mil cottage when that's of a city net. but it's open data, said tom. hello le, harmony and the job today. we're heading to shad shipped. hello joe. the are the hi deeds for water. what i've come to should seen the pin of a la la, suddenly surveying and i hadn't had a test while the hut in my lim ask why, and no i need to. i see that lazenby her. oh, be inefficient. beneficence. i know mumford, i left the job setting or i could have been comp may at langley literature and
3:49 pm
poetry also flourish, read them off into my semi human fence. so people will be a little bit molly. he did another thing and f or cinema gammel up and offset the alaska resent had be the cinema city. late in the how well it away at bozeman, i live in a shop at cottage. what dicky and silverado ethnic muscles away, mid march. he never done my password or had sent him. ah, this auto body shop is more for a lot. whereas l m. yeah, this video has cinema mar 3. apple. awesome had he's never been in green and it hasn't been much out of bed. so let's see. it now give muffles. what do? because when i get my food, one more selfish sitting there can it don't let us be, has that p medallion been only in 2 now sir elton added. well,
3:50 pm
i mean i couldn't get muffled young tucker did. that means we have the model though, and i could know car goods in it. don't have to know about the set up and need. yeah. you shape if i show up bahama less, right. nevertheless, he said, i believe. but he said, well, i don't necessarily have sure, ma'am. what i meant to add new design hurt allen law rather than city articles, mazama shadid laws leim last month, who had nick, can for them all to who can rob bit and we good. then a bad luck i will stolen donya d a. the mad be a credit for noon to forward them home i it out of the oh sure. let me. oh,
3:51 pm
it was on the you know, your ticket, the corner a similar holiday. i like that kind of by rule i g mail, maya cool. law. sure. all the bill. yup. of the shopping in the file you i let the get up with a harder let the tech know more legit because out of the medical what couldn't that miss more home in color, beth, in jama to see yeah. how didn't know how to set it as you learn how to be. yeah. kind of, you know, and that a, she had too much law to be in the end new toner. silicon. what ken was out of her bare, bare heads. lee. how could shattered her? he then he can walk up, can a field men do nice wine,
3:52 pm
cod real coca shronda and need to check the muscle kind of ticketed will they will that are kind of mima and i should fill that out for who are heading more highly more 100 people in the show up here that can it can a little bit thicker home me. oh man because he can really and i live with nasa. so i mean you could have done that already. yeah. and what again, i'll get that you have been up for love yet. up, i don't mean you can imagine, let me be die at the plan. me and my said, let her know that i know i sat here at home by me and we should have been i little much the way would you feel in not iraq teen mom. can you forward to an a i
3:53 pm
did them in at i had the i did when image that had the tentative major letter saying that the said for saturday dinner that he said cook, i had a be a 1000000 with that we had at rock edge then cannot let that the killer, my liberal to be in for her or he or effect. now ireland, as a, can i refer manager by any, what can i, judy him in her aslan and the opinion about that is i see that and a job in happy them. now as you can get high, let men see that tunnel carletta or not can be the they can let the lamp side f, headline it up and can be it. mm . the arab israeli conflict also had
3:54 pm
a major impact on the cultural life of the arab world. mm so that is sitting out here and i had sent it back to us. he says 10. so i e would eventually come up with water. there are a lot of lee so i eat more. la monica. yeah. kind of thought the use commute, in fact, had that came up with me a job. i love it. when you a job is a shame. i'm an oddball. comes aflame on, has it on. so what i would look does look quite as it has an auto be and what maybe,
3:55 pm
what the model out, i mean, what was it all as yet? so wanted to develop, but there was a boss t i'm, let's not leave it any missile until with me then and it's my been would that wish me her class him officer yeah. when possible mac. and she said she abi i, i'm soon i rot, body them on the i don't what that's the only say the by you. but i will go in and out. mm. lashlin. celeste, i shall chat bit sarah muscle litter. hey maralie sharon connection am i had a flex? is your home search its 4 tank or alpha?
3:56 pm
can she acim and casual a will. phillip your time, but i will fill him. how would he back can complete philistine or becky, unforeseen and no fish? ive been out there before, osteen michelle shot miss millard melisha back door and miss riley for had then filled him can. i will fill in and cannot send me an let it had to sell me over a m only le philistine cobb the rehab. i see that philistine, who am albany la la, i'm a little fit. a abdulla harbor om consume us behind the lana. been look here. marcella middle, because a ronnie. i'm lc day a lee. can i am lou la la la murphy day. oh, i'm law. i'm one of the met philosophy in a yearly lamar. she day can it to her mother 100 ah.
3:57 pm
mm. buffering blue a hole in the final episode of the series, people and society. how education technology and the rise of the individual shape the decade. ah ah
3:58 pm
ah save that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero ah
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journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to castle book your travel package to day and i, we still have some very heavy rain affecting se, in part. so facility this long line of cloudy which extends all the way out of bolivia, or where to weather that windy weather swirling away around this area of low pressure. bringing some very, very wet and blustery conditions down towards rio. l slip out into the south atlantic suddenly wind comes backing behind re i would around 21 degree celsius. i will cool off cooling off to into our santiago temperatures here will fall away over the next couple of days will be some snow over the high ground. plenty of dry weather into much of brazil as we go on through thursday, showers up towards the far north, joining up that wet weather there across a columbia, venezuela. and up to was the caribbean leak. i will see the showers piping up just around the panama, over the next hour,
4:00 pm
so we got some very wet weather coming in to that western side of the caribbean. still a few showers for the eastern islands, but not too bad here when the west sunshine van showers. then as we go on to thursday, you see the majority of the heavy right will be around nicaragua, costa rica right down towards panama. justice heavy right. coming back into a good part of kentucky, just around the appalachians right into the deep south. live. he shouts, pushing through slowly, making the wait for the east. cats are air with issue and line of the journey. we, i generation, can people very ambitious, very you making very puts it. i'm very good and he'll bend my to be comfortable right now, but not for long. you will soon feel the same here. we feel every day from today's hong kong and uganda, 3 women grapple with.


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