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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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seeing now, are they a product of global warming? we will say more of these events. what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera, new from the shoals of the red sea storage, a clean more that is a global problem. i'm cold management is a major. but in georgia, this team of fema plummets is changing to the peaks of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this dazzling solutions to save the world's most precious resource. in the next episode of africa, we look at what is being done december once. twice on i'll just 0 part of december 1st. always on good luck god. we are the ones traveling the extra mile where the media don't go. we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah,
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a member of iran's revolutionary god charged over a plot to kill a former us national security advisor, john bolton. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up, donald trump refuses to answer questions under oath in new york, is kind of a long running investigation into his business dealings with russia is accused of stealing electricity from ukraine by connecting the separation nuclear plant to crimea. and remembering the voice of palestine a straight in ramallah is re name to honor al jazeera gentlemen. she reign abu aptly ah,
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the u. s. justice department says it's charged a member of iran's revolutionary god in connection with the plan to murder. former trump administration. national security advisor john bald sheranda, poor sa fee is wanted by the f. b, i on charge is related to the legit mode of the high a plot. prosecutors said this game was likely in retaliation to the january 2020 strike. the kill, the head of a runs, a late l could force gotham sala money. we face a rising threat from authoritarian regimes who seek to reach beyond their own borders to commit acts of repression including inside the united states. this is an especially appalling example of the government of iran, perpetrating a grievous acts of transnational violence in violation of us laws and our national sovereignty. let's bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly how could, who joins us live from washington day say, hello they. kimberly. what more do we know about this?
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what we know is that the 45 year old iranian national, that the department of justice has charge was charge in abstention. in other words, he is still at large. the man by the name of shamrock, poor sofie is wanted, as you pointed out for the alleged plot. in other words, he allegedly tried to pay some $300000.00 in order to arrange for the assassination of the former national security adviser. john bolton, who served under former president donald trump, and this was allegedly in retaliation for the u. s. airstrikes that took place in january of 2020. that took out general custom solar money in baghdad. now, what we know about this is that the legibly this plot was to go down somewhere in washington dc. or even in the us state of maryland. just north of here,
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obviously this was not the case that this did not occur, but again, the suspect remains at large. still, these charges are now under way. and officials are now looking for this individual . and kimberly, how is john bolton reacted to the news? well, he has reacted in a statement saying that he is grateful to us authorities for supporting this plot for a laying these charges, but also highlighting that in his view this underscores what he believes the is an ongoing. and he says growing threat to the united states and the larger region of, or ron. and so this is something that the, the, the former national security advisory, well, he was serving in the us ration of donald trump continually pointed to we should also point out that when it comes to us officials who have been targeted by iran. this is not the only threat, in fact, in congressional testimony,
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going back to april, the current secretary of state entity, blake, and testify that he is aware that there are threats by iran to us officials, both past and present. we should also point out that this comes at a very interesting time because just earlier in the week, in fact, on monday it was as we are know that this administration, the, by the ministration, is seeking to revive that 2015 agreement to limit arise nuclear program. one that we should point out that donald trump's administration pulled out of those talks in vienna wrapped up. and now there is this take it or leave it tax that is being sent to both pay iran and washington d. c. to see if that agreement can be revived. it's not clear. if these charges will now complicate that effort. yeah, we'll have to watch and say thank you for the update. kimberly healthcare live for us in washington. they say thank you still in the us and former president donald
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trump has refused to answer questions under oath in new york, a p t at the attorney general's office as part of a long running investigation, looking into his real estate business dealings. gabriel alazam jo is in new york and found this report. the attorney general's office is that they believe that trump fraudulently inflated the value of his trump organization assets, his hotels, his golf courses. for example. why is that important? because if you inflate the value of your assets, you in theory would get a lower interest rate on loans from banks. so that is fraud, and that is what they are investigating. now trump is said that this is a which and that he is not done any wrong doing. but this is all part of the question. now, trump put out a statement saying that he will not answer any questions. you will please the 5th amendment, which the constitution allows for people that don't want it incriminate themselves
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when in or doing interviews or depositions in front of law enforcement or lawyers. so yes, so if he's not answering questions and why is he been in there for 3 hours? the answer is because the lawyers are still might want to ask him all the questions, even if he refuses to answer eric trunk. his oldest son gave a deposition to this attorney general's office, and he pleaded the 5th amendment nearly $500.00 times in questioning. that lasted multiple hours and 2020 trump is clearly using this as a chance to rally his supporters. he put out a statement saying that this is a, which is the supporters say that that this is just the quote unquote deep state trying to, you know, tarnish before a potential 2020 for presidential run inflation in the us could be cooling the consumer price index climbed 8.5 percent of the year through july, impaired to 9 point one percent in june.
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will straight ease up and if you use our a will who will read the consumers, both gas prices and if it is, have come down. president joe biden said wednesdays data using our g receive some signs. inflation may beginning to moderate. that's what happens when you're building economy from the bottom up in the middle out. the wealthy do very well and everyone has a chance. give everyone a chance to make progress. now i want to be clear with the global challenges we face from the war in europe to disruption of supply chains and pandemic shut down. so in asia, we could face additional headwinds in the months of head. our work is far from over . 2 things should be clear. first, economic plan is working. the 2nd is building an economy that will reward work to ukraine. now, where there are fees over the face of europe's biggest nuclear power plant. let's take a look at the ma'am. but russian forces, and they're separatist allies,
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are in control of all of these areas. in reds, bang clue, this apparition, nuclear plant, the ukrainians. a warning that the russians are preparing to connect. the facility with crimea which moscow annexed in 2014. the plant has come under attack several times over the past week. the u. n. at nuclear watchdog is warning of a nuclear disaster. john hendrick reports from kate in petro coat and says ukraine zappa region. nuclear plant faces a serious danger of radioactive milk down. he says, he believes the russian military occupying the plant is shelling it to disconnect it from the ukrainian power grid and reconnect it to a power system in russian controlled crimea. taking all the power with it. they have already cut 3 of the 4 connections to the ukranian grid, he says, and if they sever the 4th, that poses a serious nuclear risk is every school full losin,
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the external power was applaud. and it is dangerous because the vill burnwell block out mold as of it was thornton diesel generator sung the if they stop zone, you will have black mountain of nuclear coral reactors. he's asking for the plant to be declared a demilitarized zone monitored by the international atomic energy agency, out of control of the russian army. the foreign ministers of the g 7 group of industrialized nations agree. they say it's russia's presence of that plant that endangering it. and they've issued a statement demanding that russia leave and turn over control to ukrainian authorities. the russians in turn blamed the ukrainians for putting the plant at risk by firing on the facility. britons defense ministry predicts the invasion is about to enter a new phase with the heaviest, fighting shifting 350 kilometers to the frontline that stretches from separation to her son nearby in battle. scarred mc alive. residents have emerged from
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a 54 hour curfew. they've come out to queue up for water and food in a region that's been the target of russian bomb since the invasion began in february. ludmilla, steve goes among the thousands of displaced people evacuating ships sion cove, a village near her son. now, under russian control, the daily bombardment is taking its toll for years in a federal like yoga, of course, people are afraid, but every one is hoping that they will not reach us and things will get better. but many houses in our village at destroyed and people have died. there are a 150000 people in the city, and the red cross says all need some kind of help. john henderson al jazeera keith was as of wednesday, european union member states can no longer import call from russia. it's part of a 5th sanctions package. you must go to cart with the hud, turn away from russian. and g e u countries is setting power consumption caps.
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somebody came reports from berlin. this coal being unloaded in the german town of linebarger is from russia party, one of the last consignments to germany before the e. u. embargo took hold. until recently, much of the energy used in germany came from russian fossil fuels. but now it's colon band, it's oil is soon to follow. and far less of its gas is being piped here than was planned. meaning across the country, much of industry is having to contemplate buying fossil fuels from elsewhere. i think there will be only a temporal return of the coal fired power plants to the market. so this is a non, not long term solution. this is the solution for the next 3, maybe 4 years, which is a significant contribution to solving the gas problem or the security of supply problem. but it is not sustainable long term perspective. the difficulties of the
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german government is that many of its leaders has spent much of their political lives looking to phase out fossil fuels. and yet they now find themselves having to buy them in on a short term basis. we have, in the opinion, we see how dependent we are on energy imports from all over the world. and in this case, especially from russia, it's important to know that we in germany have technical abilities that are realistic and produced economically functioning, jobs and economic value, which can help us free ourselves from this dependency and defend our own sovereignty, pinkish cats. but saying that and doing that all to different things because very many power stations and industries have based their plans on an uninterrupted delivery of coal. and more often gas, such as here, the hood is a new minion foundry, insult towel, where rising gas prices mean managers are having to change their working practices . i'm with this and that's what it is. i hope to find setting up a foundry like this, hitting up, the furnace is very energy intensive. so shutting it down in the evening or
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overnight and then hitting it up again in the morning. is crazily expensive? that's why we now either run it around the clock in 3 ships. we'll shut it off completely. the company that runs this power station decided to get out of a dependency on russian coal. soon after the war and ukraine began, that country took longer to follow suit, but have now done so, as it must be said, has the e u. but getting out of a dependence on russian gas is proving much more difficult. dominant cane al jazeera berlin, still ahead on how to 0, a huge by add an oil depot is contained. the cube is energy crisis is far from over on and angle in bangladesh as an energy crisis, there leads to a dramatic increase in the price of fuel. ah
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hello, the weather is largely dry, hot and sunny across the middle east. as per usual, we have still got some live the showers just around the southern end of the red sea western side of yemen, seeing some showers just around he just mountain sir. the wet weather will continue here. chance of a little bit of weather creeping towards a man over the next couple of days. but i suspect it will stay off should get driven up across southern parts of pakistan. but you see big burst of heavy rain coming through here over the next day or so. elsewhere, generally drive 42 celsius here in doha, getting up to 50 in queue weight. hot enough in that bag that are the more pleasant to that he celsius or so just around the east, the side of the but it's radiate some lovely sunshine coming through. not a sunshine across northern parts of africa. plenty of showers into central parts. the easterly ways pushing some heavy showers in across southern parts, sofa chad,
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easing across nigeria. and we will see some wet weather coming into liberia, sierra leone possibility, some localized flooding here, the south of the equator. not too much rain in the forecast over the next few days . eastern parts of africa could see some welcome showers coming into kenya, coming into town. tell tans in here we will see though, shall, is slipping. a little further north is friday, with showers for cape town. ah, live and robust debates. a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other la nikki, stuck in these cam. it's regardless of your range, the way you're coming from. you should give anybody safety from globe to those that need to be high, human rights, and land defenders and brazil. they live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the street for a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera lou
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. ah ah, hello. are you watching out here? i'm emily anglin. he's reminder of our top stories this. our us says it's charged a member of iran's revolutionary god in a plot to murder form and national security advisor john bolton. prosecutors say the plan was likely in retaliation to the killing of iranian command. gossum sala, money for me. you as president donald trump has refused to answer questions. under royce, in new york, he appeared at the state attorney general's office. is part of a long running investigation looking into he's real estate business dealings. and ukraine is wanting. russia is preparing to connect power from this apparition,
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nuclear plant to crimea, which moscow annexed in 2014. the plant has come under attack several times over the past week. the you and nuclear watchdog is warning of a nuclear disaster to iraq now and the shared lead and will tara elsa has called on the countries judiciary to dissolve parliament by the end of the week and asked the president to nominate a new prime minister. it comes after wakes of protests and a seat in by his supporters who stormed the parliament building, mark mood, abdel why head has more from baghdad. the political crisis in iraq is getting from bad to worse between statements and counter statements from rival politicians. the supporters of she are lead that mocked to the so there are camping right behind me in front of the parliament. now they have been commanded by the leaders to continue the sit in until the demands unmet their demands. are the parliament be dissolved
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and every elections be held as a way out of the current crisis? but most of the southern himself has taken the crisis into a higher level by calling on the supreme judiciary council to dissolve the parliament and has given an ultimatum until the end of the upcoming week. the number of marlene soldiers killed in an attack over the weekend has been reside . dump revised up to 42. he army says the attack was perpetrated by suspected jihadists. it's one of the highest deaf tolls in a single attack. during a decades long insurgency, it happened on sunday in the town of to sets in the troubled 3 border region where molly became her fafsa and nas year converge. spanish coast guards have rescued 61 african refugees and migrants from a boat near the canary islands. those rescued say they were attempting to reach the
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spanish spanish territory. police found one body of 19 year old men on the boys, but more few did last. some 4400 people were lost at sea, attempting to reach spain. and spain isn't the only country that found refugees in migrants in its waters in libya, at least 320 people were detained and transferred back to tripoli. there was spotted drifting on a bush in the mediterranean sea. malik trina has moved from tripling. now we're here on the outskirts of tripoli, near a coast guard watch position. libya the coast guard announced that it rescued over 300 migrants in the mediterranean sea and brought them back to libya. now that included 11 women, 3 children, and one baby. just to give you some numbers. this is an ongoing situation. libya have long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach europe in 2021. 31000
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migrants arrived in italy from livia. now in 2022 from january to august. that number has, has exceeded 34000 people, so the whole numbers are increasing. and a large part of the reason why is because libya is politically divided. there are 2 governments at the moment, so there's a lack of stability. the libyan authorities are saying that they're in a difficult situation. so when migrants arrived to europe, the european union are not happy with that. but when, when the coast guard brings back these migrants and put to live and put them in detention centers, human rights organizations say that there is ill treatment and human right, abusive. so it's a very difficult challenge for libyan authorities to be able to balance those out. but the situation, unless the libyans can come together with a political agreement,
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a united government and the country can stabilize. the situation with migration could end up getting worse. palestinian authorities are inaugurating a street named after al jazeera general, assuring a bu, aclu who was killed by israeli forces sharing the shot while on assignment engineering and the occupied west bank in may. members of the international community have condemned to killing and continue to call for accountability. sharamer we found to 0 for 25 years and was known as the voice of palestine correspondent needed. abraham is in ramallah in the occupied west bank and found this report. i'm standing now at the shooting has been officially renamed today as the sharina block list, read off to me, and this is a more your plaque that has also just been unveiled by the local shown many palestinians that come here to honor city. and we're standing
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very closely to just the offices. this is where we're for more than 25 years. we're also very close to a square. it's a very important landmark on my luck that has with oracle event, not just when it comes to the history of from a life cell, but also of the palestinian as a whole. herd speech is why the family of city of law, maybe demanding accountability, also heard from a just does your chief in palestine, what is it already saying that there needs to be use a more offered by for you to was israel accountable for crimes? he said that he's been asked with so many questions from journalist why was shooting so much love. that was even saying for the crowds here, that's if you material has no option. but to love her. she was someone who's been,
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i guess, the pulses of palestinians for more than 20 years. so this is part of how she's being engraved in the palestinian collective history and also be remembered being. 8 love saying in people's hearts and my 5 days after it began a huge fine job is main oil get po piece to be contained, but with millions already living through chronic power cuts. the energy crisis on the island is threatening to get worse. ed or guston reports from my tons is i'm off on sunday, an exploding fable so great. it could be seen a 100 kilometers away in havana. but by tuesday evening, the smoke had turned from sit black to light gray evidence that much of the large fire at keeper's main oil depot was out. but with
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a thick toxic smoke over the city of mountains, us people are still worried. yonder cedar, i'm covered up because i see the clouds. i smell the cellphone up and i don't want this to affect me in the future. i'm okay. good. after the fiance audit, we're expecting the situation to worse and the oil. everything that was lost or damaged, like oil reserves, everything will be harder. now. the cuban air force used helicopters, manufactured in the soviet era to douse the flames. but more modern technology was needed. mexico and venezuela sending more than $100.00 specialists, technology and tons of extinguishing foam. but material supports did not come from the united states upsetting many and i fell on it all the u. s. offered technical assistance, but in the end we haven't seen anything concrete. so how about us are father? i think it's a lack of humanity above old because we're not talking about
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a political issue. we're talking about a humanitarian issue. in the 2020 u. s. presidential campaign trail joe biden had promised to reverse the sanctions former president donald trump, imposed on the island. but in office, the bulk of them have remained in place, including sanctions on oil tankers, which aggravates the islands energy crisis. legal experts say u. s. law does not prevent the united states from providing material assistance. 4 days after a lightening strike, kechi was biggest oil storage facility. the blaze finally seems to be under control . but analysts say the loss of 4 supertankers will only aggravate cooper's already critical energy crisis. with most claims extinguished rescue workers have now entered the disaster zone for the 1st time to search for missing firefighters. and while the lights is still on for some, he was energy crisis is set to become critical. ed, augustin,
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al jazeera metastasis. cuba able in bangladesh is struggling with sewing costs of fuel and food. energy prices have increased by up to 50 percent last week. the government is blaming the war in ukraine from deca. he's tamya chantry, bangladesh, as economy has been one of the fastest growing in the world. but in recent months, soaring energy and foot prices have inflated its import bill, forcing the government to seek loans from global agencies and raised for prices. the impact has already been felt by many here in the capital, docker covered van owner, muhammad shahan, is worried about the future. we've got it doesn't. how did he doesn't up? no one is renting our rounds right now because they cost more. this is really hot on us, he can see all the drivers sitting idled. we can't figure out what the government is doing. sporadic protest are taking place nearly every day,
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but security forces are tracking down. this is the 2nd time the government has increased fuel prices in just about 9 months. the government has claim rushes warren ukraine for the increase of our economic sub one. this would love to hire in place and, and force people to cut down on their spending. the rise in foot prices is becoming a concern for people with limited earnings. it'll tell them basil mal, that'll get equal to prices for all food items have gone up since the higher in fuel prices. everything has to be transported, but our income has not increased accordingly. law, the full, i bought an air transport cost. i've also gone up in recent days on a glass baggage loaded bus v as considerably gone up and it's hard on us. but what can we do? we have to manage. hopefully the government will bring it under control soon. economists say the impact of more than 50 percent increase in full prices will affect the poor and fixed income people the most. this fuel price is going to have
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an impact on various sections of they got me at least at 2 levels. firstly, who high off would cost. secondly, there will be increased cost to production. and in the end, these are going to have an impact on the consumer, bangladesh, as economy has barely recovered from the pandemic, while thousands of families are now at risk of being poor again because of the sudden rise in expenses experts, one the nation is facing an uncertain economic future turn recovery. i'll jazeera darker. the skies have cleared over south korean capital sol after 2 days of record rain. that triggered flash floods. homes in businesses were damaged. at least 9 people were killed. some of them drowned in their own homes after so was hit with the heaviest down pole in 115 years. it's the opposite in france.
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intense. some hate in a face drought have sparked and major wildfire in the south west. around 6000 hectic of pine forests have been destroyed. hundreds of 55 who are trying to contain the flames. but the fire is now moving towards a major motorway that links to city of 4 jo with neighboring spying. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and aileen beluga. while that strayed into frances rivers, saying has been youthen a during a last ditch rescue attempt. local officials say the decision was made to put the animal down to prevent it from suffering further. the balloon was lifted from the same place in a refrigerated truck and driven to the northern coast. but during the journey it had difficulty breathing and became very weak. to follow up with the 6 that an arians recommended unanimously to proceed with you should asia, the whale was to eat to be put back into the water. so.


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