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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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arguing one of the guys without a gun, my brother was killed. my hood don't look no different than any other hood out here . dan, michael was you. i saw me. i saw my son in 15 years and i felt like you know, at this time this band this is the more than bill for i'm just not willing to accept the word substantial legislation. can i get through. that's going to speak to major ne, for mark, and this bill identifies used violence as a public health epidemic. last year. we are $200.00 marks, the ripple effect of file when it comes to you stretches far. why? where you were away. what is large, like in maximum security prison in this to pot, special report, one always goes behind bars. it's singapore chung, the prison on out to 0 with
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a member of iran's revolutionary god. suspected of being part of the plot to kill form a u. s. national security advisor, john bolton. ah . hello jim. this is angie 0. my phone london, also coming up. russia accused of risking a meltdown at ukraine's zachary's ya nuclear plant. mit claims. it's trying to divert energy to crimea. lights up in spain and air conditioning turned down. why europe's commitment to consume energy use is meeting a cool response. and donald trump said property business on the scrutiny, but the former president refuses to be questioned under o ah form welcome to the program. we begin in the u. s. where it's been revealed that form a trump administration official. john bolton was the target of
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a murder for hire. applaud and a member of iran's revolution regard is warranted by the f. b. i on charges relating to the alleged plan. we face a rising threat from authoritarian regimes who seek to reach beyond their own borders to commit acts of repression including inside the united states. this is an especially appalling example of the government of iran, perpetrating a grievous acts of transnational violence in violation of us laws and our national sovereignty. while our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit joins us live from washington, d. c. hi there. kimberly good to see you at one of the details. well, what we know is that the person that has been charged with these alleged crimes is still at large. in fact, he was charge in of said she is 45 year old iranian national by the name of sharon poor sofie. he is also known by the alias of massey rate zion. now what we do know
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is that he allegedly tried to pay some $300000.00 to assassinate the former national security adviser to the trumpet ministration john bolton. and that this plot was allegedly to take place either in washington dc where we are standing or in the us state of maryland, which is just north of here. now, this obviously was thwarted, but what we do know is that there are no efforts by us officials to try and detain and arrest this man and to see him brought to justice. now, oh, we can tell you that this is not the 1st time that the department of justice says that it is uncovered. plots against u. s. officials on us soil by the iranians. but certainly this is an egregious one, given the fact that this is such a high level u. s. government official. and kimberly won't spend the reaction from them. john bolton himself. well, we have heard from john bolton. he issued
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a statement and he has been issuing comments of 2 national television stations. what he has been saying is, not only is he grateful to the u. s. justice department for stopping this plot, but also that he believes that underscores the threat that the united states and the wider sort of middle east faces as a result of the instability and destabilizing activity that iran is causing. in fact, he says that he believes that he is not the only one that the i a toll is in tehran are trying to assassinate. so this is the kind of government that we have in iran, that is a quote from john bolton. i can tell you that that quote is consistent with some of the testimony that was put forward by the current secretary of state antony blinking back in april before the u. s. congress. he said that he had knowledge of threats by iran, against us officials both past and present. so this is significant. we should also
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tell you that the white house has reacted to this latest as charges that have been laid against the 45 year old iranian national. that did try to murder john bolton. what we could tell you is that the national security adviser, currently, jake sullivan, has said the by the administration will not waiver to protect and defend all americans against threats of violence and terrorism. should iran attack any of our citizens or rom will face severe consequences? and just very quickly, this does come at a particular precarious time. given the fact that this administration is trying to revive the 2015 agreement to limit or was nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. in fact, the final text of that has been sent to the following negotiations. vienna to both to ron and washington d. c. it's not clear whether or not this going to sort of her a,
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in any way foil those efforts to revive that 2015 agreement that we should point out. donald trump pulled out of there may of 2018. so there's a certainly a very interesting development and it certainly could potentially complicate those matters. kimberly, how could joining us with the latest there live from the white house? kimberly thank you. with there are growing fears over the fates of europe's biggest nuclear power station. the russian occupied sapp parisha plant in southern ukraine has come under attack several times over the past week ukrainians. a warning that the russians are preparing to connect the facility with crimea, which they annex back in 2014 or the u. n. nuclear watchdog is warning of a nuclear disaster, john hender and explains now from keith in petro coach and says, ukraine's apparition, nuclear plant faces
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a serious danger of radioactive milk down. he says, he believes the russian military occupying the plant is shelling it to disconnect it from the ukrainian power grid and reconnect it to a power system in russian controlled crimea. taking all the power with it. they have already cut 3 of the 4 connections to the ukranian grid, he says, and if they sever the 4th, that poses a serious nuclear risk is a risk or full, losing the external power through the plug. and it is dangerous because the lilburn will block out more until the start and diesel generator. so the, if they stop zone, you will have, like melton of nuclear horror over here, he's asking for the plant to be declared a demilitarized zone monitored by the international atomic energy agency, out of control of the russian army. the foreign ministers of the g 7 group of industrialized nations agree they say it's russia is presence of that plant that is
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endangering it. and they've issued a statement demanding that russia leave and turn over control to ukrainian authorities. the russians in turn blamed the ukrainians for putting the plant at risk by firing on the facility. britton's defense ministry predicts the invasion is about to enter a new phase with the heaviest, fighting shifting 350 kilometers to the frontline that stretches from separation to her son nearby in battle. scarred mc alive. residents have emerged from a 54 hour curfew. they've come out to queue up for water and food in a region that's been the target of russian bomb since the invasion began in february. ludmilla, steve goes among the thousands of displaced people evacuating ships sion cove, a village near her son. now, under russian control, the daily bombardment is taking its toll credit for years in a certain budget. of course, people are afraid, but every one is hoping that they will not reach us and things will get better. but
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many houses in our village are destroyed. and people have died. there are a 150000 people in the city, and the red cross is all need some kind of help. john henderson, al jazeera keith, what? as of wednesday, european union member states can no longer import cold from russia. it's part of a 5th at sanctions package on moscow to cope with the hard turn away from russian energy. you countries as setting power consumption caps, i before the war, russia supplied 40 percent of europe's gas. replacing that, just before the northern winter, is nearly impossible. in july e u energy ministers agreed a voluntary plan to cut their gas consumption by 15 percent starting in august. the u says if it's fully cut off from russian gas this winter, it could cost members states economists as much as 1.5 percent of their g. d p. this coal being unloaded in the german town of line bah, is from russia party to one of the last consignments to germany before the
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e. u. embargo took hold until recently, much of the energy used in germany came from russian fossil fuels. but now it's coal is banned, its oil is soon to follow. and far less of its gas is being piped here than was planned. meaning across the country, much of industry is having to contemplate buying fossil fuels from elsewhere. i think there will be only a temporal return of the coal fired power plants to the market. so this is a long, not the long term solution is a certain solution for the next 3, maybe 4 years, which is a significant contribution to solving the gas problem. or the security of supply problem, but it has not done sustainable long term perspective. the difficulty for the german government is that many of its leaders has spent much of their political lives looking to phase out fossil fuels. and yet they now find themselves having to buy them in on a short term basis, v. as in v opinions,
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we see how dependent we are on energy imports from all over the world. and in this case, especially from russia, it's important to know that we and germany have technical abilities that are realistic and police economically functioning, jobs and economic value, which can help us free ourselves from this dependency and defend our own sovereignty upping it cuts. but saying that and doing that are 2 different things, speak as very many power stations and industries have based their plans on an uninterrupted delivery of coal. and more often gas, such as here, the learners, aluminium foundry ins, all tal where rising gas prices mean managers are having to change their working practices. mom was recent, i saw an ag, i walked so far starting up a foundry, luckys hitting up the furnace is very energy intensive. so shutting it down in the evening or overnight and then heading it up again in the morning. is crazily expensive? that's why we now either run it around the clock in 3 ships or shut it off
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completely. the company that runs this power station decided to get out of a dependency on russian coal. soon after the war and ukraine began, their country took longer to follow suit, but has now done so, as it must be said, has the e u. but getting out of a dependence on russian gas is proving much more difficult. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. well, in spain they were planned blackouts and thermostat regulations is pot voluntary consumption cuts, but local say is just too hot to comply. leah harding has more it has been a sweltering summer in madrid, but his temperatures have soared. so too has the cost of fuel. so the spanish government has mandated that offices in stores cannot set their cooling systems below 27 degrees celsius. in an area dependent on tourism locals are afraid the
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heat wave an crack down on energy could scare visitors away. even if we're discipline these filters are going to be impossible. i because now we are 18 degrees inside. if we go up to $27.00 degrees, we're going to be sweating all day long. we won't need to go to the gym the for just give out a lot of heat on the customers are going to complain. nobody's going to come in. but the spanish government has already agreed with the other european union countries to cut dependency on russian gas by 15 percent, by the end of the year. they were just showing that either we have to comply with the agreements we have reached in brussels, special hon. complicated alimony, spain also has a commitment of solidarity with the rest of european countries. each country is free to choose the way in which will meet the commitment to cut energy use. here in spain. that includes turning off the lights, the other day, perhaps other measures need to be found because i don't know up to what point turning off a shop window,
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display light is going to make much se burnett. shops have to turn off window lights after 10 pm. however, street lighting will not be affected when i didn't know mcglochan. why would visitors come? because when you go out for a walk, would you want to see his joy soon? we won't have lights. so if you decide to come to here and everything is switched off a couple, you're going to ask yourself, what's the point? the measures will be reversed in winter when regulations will prohibit indoor areas not to be warmed above 27 degrees. leah harding al jazeera inflation in the u. s. could be cooling the consumer price index, which kind 8.5 percent of the year through july compared with 9 point one percent back in june. while street is up and the figures are a welcome reprieve for consumers, full gas prices and air fairs come down still to come. now just climbing,
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exposed more in the water shortages could be you as new norm as the continent suffers, it's worse drive in decades and desperate journeys, write scripts, one more people are putting their life risk trying to cross the mediterranean. ah, however, still no sign of any use for rainfall for those drought stricken parts over europe . sunny into were italy, good part of spain and portugal, much of france up to was a low countries and across u. k as well, of course, very little rainfall in recent weeks and very little coming the next few days as well as i mean side to some wet weather. pushing back into northern parts of france, pushing into west of the members of england, the wells, as we go through the next hour. so as this area of high pressure, slowly slips away. but we've got plenty of heat ad of that. and there are heat
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warnings in force across, across much of the area. he warnings, therefore england m wells, temperatures will get up into the low to mid thirty's, over the next few days, or 31 on thursday afternoon in london. picking up a touch as we make our way towards the weekends. similar vanny, therefore, friday, some parts could get into mid thirty's through the weekend, then things cool off with a chance to some rain for your showers. meanwhile, it's eastern parts of europe and where to whether they're just creeping across sir ukraine down towards the black sea, live the showers in to southern parts of italy, all the course i was aware to whether therefore, greece as well. try whether across northern parts of africa we got plenty of showers through that central bout with the possibility of some localized reading writing to see really own. ah, we a generation of scared people, but very ambitious, very united,
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very pet food and i'm very good, but soon you've been married to be comfortable right now. but the moon for a little, you will soon feel the same here. we feel every day from today's home calling on uganda, 3 women grappled with dr. frontline, active this year, future children on a j 0 lou. aah! quick reminder of our top story. see when i was here. the u. s. justice department has charged a member of iran's revolution regarding a connection with the plot to murder form, a national security advisor, john bolton, prosecutor, to say. the plan was likely retaliation to the killing of iranian commander,
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casa sumani. ukraine says russia preparing to connect power from the zap parisha nuclear power plant to crimea. the plants come under attack several times over the past week and the you and nuclear watchdog is warning of a potential disaster. a member states can no longer import russian. coal under a package of sanctions imposed will war in ukraine, many united setting power consumption caps to ensure there's enough energy to get through the colder months how citizens are rebuilding their lives. once again, following israel's 3 day attack on gaza, it's caused further destruction to the gaza strip, even as the damage still remains from last year's 11 day conflict. dasheka name reports on the challenges residents are facing. ah, the phones rang in this gaza neighborhood saturday morning with warnings from israeli intelligence to evacuate in what people say felt like only moments. 6 apartment buildings were destroyed or damaged. i don't know and fall for live for
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my 4 year old son wakes up when he has any sound thinking it's an asteroid, and he clinks to me. it makes me frustrated because my children are scared. my life has become miserable and it is nothing left in our hands. the man malik shemelle says she can't even dig out a shirt from the rubble for her 2 young son. the family is homeless, but we'll have to find money to pay the mortgage on the apartment and find a new place to live. since 2008, there have been 5 wars or attacks in the gaza strip. the longest was in 2014 and lasted 51 days. after the war, dozens of countries met and planned to raise $5000000000.00 to rebuild garza but not even half. that money was actually donated. the biggest donors katara gave more than a $1000000000.00 in aid, saudi arabia, half
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a $1000000000.00. the united states, the united arab emirates, and kuwait each gave $200000000.00. these photo show the before and after of some reconstruction projects. after last years is really error strikes. cutter and egypt committed a $1000000000.00 total. to help garza rebuild again, but with no time frame garza's ministry of pub, it works and housing says it needs millions of dollars. now, to provide housing for $2200.00 families, will you feel the as little as putting some obstacles and the way of the donors as the $130.00 construction process to be slow over the years, even once reliable arab allies have stopped offering funding. and with many humanitarian crises, globally, donor fatigue has set in israel, ester, occupying power. they have a real responsibility to, to, to, to,
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to take care of the situation there. but in the long term, long, you know, full for china. and also for the huge majority of the international community. what concerns hawes is not we cannot simply look at the specific situation in the paste piecemeal to way some in the international community may continue to spend billions of dollars rebuilding gaza after each war or attack. but palestinians wonder when the world will see that it's more prudent to invest in peace. natasha name al jazeera, gaza. sierra leone has imposed a nation wide, crushing in response to violent anti government protests. the government has several people have been killed, including members of the security forces. thousands of people are protesting across the country over the rising cost of living there. calling on president julius mud a bio to step down. security forces fired tear gas to disperse,
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protested in the capitol. free time. the 750 inmates have escaped from prison in the democratic republic of congo. rebels from the allied democratic forces attacked the building in the eastern time of the temple wednesday morning. at least 5 people, including 2 policemen, were killed. local police believe they decided to attack after learning that female prisoners linked to their group would be moved there. from another town. divided by the attackers came at 2 o'clock. they were atm. we heard shooting while we were asleep. suddenly we woke up the assailants had a chain with which they tore off the padlocks. former us president donald trump, has refused to be questioned under all about his new york property business. trump appeared before the state attorney general's office as part of a long running investigation into allegations of tax fraud. but he invoked the 5th amendment and declined to answer any questions. gabriel elizondo is in new york.
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with more, the attorney general's office has said they believe that trump fraudulently inflated the value of his trump organization assets, his hotels, his golf courses. for example, why is that important? because if you inflate the value of your asset, you in theory would get a lower interest rates on loans from banks. so that is fraud, and that is what they are investigating. now trump is said that this is a which and that he is not done any wrong doing. but this is all part of the question. now, trump put out a statement saying that he will not answer any questions you will plead the 5th amendment, which the constitution allows for people that don't want it incriminate themselves . one in are doing interviews or depositions in front of law enforcement or lawyers . so yes, so if he's not answering questions and why is he been in there for 3 hours? the answer is because the lawyers still might want to ask him all the questions,
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even if he refuses to answer eric trunk. his oldest son gave a deposition to this, this the attorney general's office, and he pleaded the 5th amendment nearly $500.00 times in questioning. that lasted multiple hours and 2020 trump is clearly using this as a chance to rally his supporters. he put out a statement saying that this is a, which he's supporters say that that this is just the, the quote unquote deep state trying to, you know, tarnish him before a potential 2020 for presidential run. flash flooding has killed at least 2 people in sudan and injured dozens more hundreds of homes are under water in the river. and i'll stay with families forced to take shelter in mosques and schools. greens also cuts off the main highway connecting the state to the capitol cartoon. well, hey, morgan has more now from the capital, while several villages and river now stayed specifically in the county of berber,
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have been submerged as a result of heavy rains. many villages have reported having hundreds of homes being destroyed, some families being forced to be displaced from their homes, to either mosques or schools to seek refuge because their homes have been destroyed by the water. now this is something that happens annually, many villages and many states in sudan during the rainy season face such floods, flash, flood, and flooding from the river nile. many people have said that repeatedly said that they wanted the government to take action, especially during the rainy season. and the government itself has issued warnings to those living by the mail, telling them that they are expecting heavy rain this year. and therefore, people along the mile should try to move to district to avoid losing their property and losing their lives. and the rents have not only affected river now state since the beginning of the rainy season. in june, at least 12 people have been killed. most of them in the western region of dark or where flash floods have destroyed hundreds of homes as well and people they are
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being displaced once again after being displayed by conflict. now facing displacement because of brains and floods. climate experts, one that extreme weather in europe, including water shortages, will become the new normal. the continent is currently experiencing its most severe drive in decades affecting farmers freight and of course, the industrial sector swing a gaggle explains a parched plot, starved of greenery. this is no desert, it is in fact a reservoir run dry so much so that it's uncovered. a medieval bridge that was lost when the airy was flooded. and it's not the only place that has revealed historical ruins. the shallow river bed of the wendy or reservoir reveals the ruins of an ancient village while the water that once covered them continues to evaporate, and record breaking temperatures is the motion when you're back to equal adamant they say, well, when i know this is a particularly dry year,
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a very complicated year that confirms what climate change scenarios have been making evidence for a very long time in countries in which we live with periods of extended drought, sometimes combined with torrential rains and floods stretched over the same 100 logical year. this is dramatic with the extreme heat, likely to continue into autumn. spain's meteorological services say it will strain europe's largest network of damned reservoirs combined with droughts in other countries, creating problems across the continent. re looking got become in go the next, the theme answer we. we ceased de la varieties called dry condition. all her of it west. that nice. sentra utica as well as the yuki. so this is a theme. com. audra. go single, more concerned the just the d ah, the forecast of the coming go a few days. even in germany in areas that were devastated by flooding in 2021. lack
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of rain as wreaking havoc on the country's main. what way? the rhine lowering water levels have cool shipping disruptions on the river, a major root for products ranging from grain to chemicals, to coal. and it has a knock on effect on the economy, which is already bracing itself for recession and energy shortages later in the year. this is the worst drought with hit europe in decades. some say it's the worst in hundreds of years. the results already for cost to be devastating for the continent and an environmental warning for governments to act now before it's too late. sonya jago al jazeera spanish course, guides have rescued more than 60 african migrants from a wooden vault near the canary islands. please find the body of a 19 year old man on board. asked year some 4400 refugees and migrants were lost at sea while trying to reach spain. meanwhile in libya, 320 people,
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including women and children, have been detained and transferred back to tripoli after they were seen on a boat in the mediterranean sea. well, malik trainer has more now from tripoli. now we're here on the outskirts of tripoli, near a coast guard watch position. libya the coast guard announced that it rescued over 300 migrants in the mediterranean sea and brought them back to libya. now that included 11 women, 3 children, and one baby. just to give you some numbers. this is an ongoing situation. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach europe in 2021. 31000 migrants arrived in italy from livia. now in 2022 from january to august. that number has, has exceeded 34000 people, so the whole numbers are increasing. and a large part of the reason why is because libya is politically divided. there are 2
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governments at the moment, so there's a lack of stability. the libyan authorities are saying that they're in a difficult situation. so when migrants arrive to europe, the european union are not happy with that. but when, when the coast guard brings back these migrants and put to libya and put them in detention centers, human rights organizations say that there is ill treatment and human right, abusive. so it's a very difficult challenge for libyan authorities to be able to balance those out. but the situation a less, the libya can come together with the political agreement, a united government and the country can stabilize the situation with migration could end up getting worse. you can find that much more about the stories were falling just head to our website where you can get video on demand and all of our top stories that.


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