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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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large part of the reason why is because libya is politically divided. there are 2 governments at the moment, so there's a lack of stability. the libyan authorities are saying that they're in a difficult situation. so when migrants arrived to europe, the european union are not happy with that. but when, when the coast guard brings back these migrants and put to libya and put them in detention centers, human rights organizations say that there is ill treatment and human right, abusive. so it's a very difficult challenge for libyan authorities to be able to balance those out. but the situation a less, the libya can come together with the political agreement, a united government and the country can stabilize the situation with migration could end up getting worse. you can find that much more about the stories were falling just head to our website, where you can get video on demand and all of our top stories that dot com
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ah, or mind of our top stories covered. now i'll show you are the u. s. justice department has charged a member of iran revolution regard in connection with a plot to murder form, a national security advisor, john bolton, sram for saucy is wanted by the f. b. i on charges related to the alleged murder for hire paul. he's accused of offering to pay $300000.00 for both. and steph prosecute you said the scheme was likely in retaliation to the january 2020 strike killed the head of the iran. you meet all could force costs a sumani. we face a rising threat from authoritarian regimes who seek to reach beyond their own borders to commit acts of repression including inside the united states. this is an especially appalling example of the government of iran, perpetrating a grievous acts of transnational violence in violation of us laws and our national
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sovereignty. there are going fears over the fate of europe, the biggest nuclear power station, the russian occupied sa, parisha, planned and sub ukraine has come under attack several times over this past week. the ukrainians. a warning that the russians are preparing to connect the facility with crimea which moscow alex back in 2014. the nuclear watchdog is warning of a nuclear disaster. u member states can no longer import russian call under a 5th package of sanctions imposed for the war. and ukraine. members are also aiming to reduce russian gas used by 15 percent. many and i was setting power consumption cap to ensure there's enough energy to get through cold amongst us rushes and biggest coal trading partner. inflation in the us could be cooling the consumer price index climbed 8.5 percent the year through to july compared with 9 point one percent in june. wall street's up the figures are a welcome report for consumers. gas prices and air fairs have come down. sierra
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leone has imposed a nationwide carseat in response to violent anti government protests. the government says several people have been killed, including members of security forces. thousands of people are protesting across the country over the rising cost of living. calling the president julius modern bio. to step down. you're finding out today, those are i told stories, stay with us though. the stream is coming up next. we'll see you later. bye bye. news news, news. news. news. ah.
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hi, avi. okay, thanks for watching the stream earlier on wednesday the stream awesome residence in porter prince. what did you like living in haiti's capital right now? this is what john noddy and john pierre told us to give insecurity as well plan to create fear in the country because it is very bizarre that a person cannot even buy a sandal and yet have a big gun. what all of these weapons go through customs. this means our whole country is caught in the skin. this over, they do what else and with a situation the country is in the government should do something to solve the problem. been security because no one is sped. no one could have thought it would be this bad. now it is the gangs that have replaced the government. and in the areas they control, they're called the community leaders because they are more powerful than the state
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of the day on the string. deadly gang violence in hating. what can be done about it? that is our conversation. you're very welcome to join us right here in the comment section on you chip. ah, this is such a pressing conversation. let me introduce you to your pat over lena jamison jones junior. good to have all 3 of you with us. felina. please greet our audience. tell them who you are. what you do. hi everybody. hi, i'm says you're in jimson. i'm very nice. this is shirley. i'm a member of the me, the me is active is go be seen haiti try thing against corruption. impunity in for so she'll just get to having jamison. welcome to the stream. nice to have you on board. please introduce yourself to our audience. tell them who you are and what you do. thank you for having me. and i am now
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in online media. 80. good to have you and john junior. welcome to the team, please introduce yourself to international audience around the world. tell them who you are and what you did. my renewal it was if i am the middle of the month, and i'm also the for, i mean it's always advisor. i want to start thinking georgina, for being with us. i want to start with with jamieson and also felina. we asked our camera pass and in port au prince. earlier today to go and talk to people on the street in porter. pretty awesome what it was like, living that in the coven security situation. i could see good is going on in the background. there were calls going round people wandering around felina. how furious is the importer prince in terms of you feeling that you can go about your daily life? there is no life. so it's not serious. there is no lighting heating business.
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really. there is complete impunity. there is corruption. there are gangs that are killing last. haitians like dying. we're dying form game violence. we're dying form . he's nothing. we're dying actually because we're trying to flee the country, get better choice. we are dying from hunger or dying for an economy situation. that is, life is a low west and in stations as high as 29 percent. we are dying from lack of the basics. we are dying from the government. that is quite all island. and what was happening, so there is your life in haiti, you go daily and you try to do what you have, what you can with everything i could get out of your house, you knew that you may not come back. so every day you cherish the old woman that you have family, more peace in your home to be high too because you may not come back and even when
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you make it back home, there is no guarantee that you're not going to die on the street. right in your living room or in your garden or somebody night monday. we're not going to come n. you'd not few people on quiet events or leave the neighborhoods because our game war, well, there is no life in the life we are fighting over really. i'm going to bringing jamison, hey, jamie said, i'm just looking at the publication that you work with and you have worked with for the past 3 years. you're going to have a look at some of these covered headlines. these women live in states a lay than the gang started fighting. another story here. death by straight but import prince in the past 3 years. what is change with a level of gang violence? the haitians? well,
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i could see them really now. actually. yes, for the last 3 years we are living in constant fear. when you go on the street, you see that people off right now because i was really not said, you know, if when you, when you leave home, if you will about to, if you will be able to, to get back. because you don't know if you won't get to nap on the street and a lot of people have left the country. we don't, we don't know exactly how many people left, but a lot of people are leaving because they can't believe any more in the country. and those who are not living all planing on on, on, on living and for, for the last 2 years as will you have getting anywhere supposed to bring it surrounded may by getting death or that house better, deadlier weapons in the police. so we just, we just tried and we were just afraid,
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this is a gang battle that the government appears to be losing. joan junior as your senior advisor to the prime minister. what you think current situation, how is he able to help patients on the ground? well the are now in the police unit, there are some good police officers, those one not to one. i'm very proud to be police officers. those who are very good police officers. they did the, the, some good jobs and the even stop sudden conduct, bangs, they, they went through may need for new boards where the guns are and, and currently they've been arrested and having defending the population is. and also one thing that was, is that is clear, haiti is not put up brands for why he's not 80 either. so we have 10 departments and right now, currently people go to an off. they actually are even there we are trying to social
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media. they even sit at some or tells enough are not sold out. so understanding the situation that are very, very difficult, but to government is, is having, i mean, sticking these very seriously. and they've been meeting we far, the police renee's, we're for the swap teams to make sure that we have equipment so that we can address a situation. and accordingly, you make a good point about what not being you need to be, selena, please go ahead. i'm sorry, let me jump in. i'm, i just want to clarify something from one so, you know, just yes, haiti is not only i'm from going to have, i'm from the i haven't been able to make it home to when i safely quiet thing with my kids for the past 10 years. there is always something on the one you know, always being on the with the or against the fact they're against. marsha, this one,
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you know, there are games you can now my see the fully so i can not make it out. i was going to go and i have my 3 daughter is in, i was pregnant at the time we got caught into shooting in my car was eat. well, yes. haiti is not what the violence that i see in for rent. it's picking up in the seat is as well in movie from pole when sky odyssey is hale. hey, paul consulting from the south for more than a year now? well, yes, the police, you know, i don't want to be too hard on the what she's doing when the can with the little that the half. what at the same time it was the said that the police is not doing enough. and the justice system is in existence and the very legal that the police does the few times that the arrest somebody, somebody in the justice system goes right back into them out again. it's causing
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the state is fighting against the citizen. and when we are saying that hotels, or we can get a walk and go to a patient who not was haitian leaving in the country, what would people from the that was trying to find the way home to freezing their handling? what, what we were talking about, what is hybrid violence, accuracy, or gang acutely more than cognizant of people, the color of kids that are less often. what are we telling that to them? the counsel book give in that book when she is not only for friends, is that what the government is saying to us the most. okay. patient because there is more security commission. i don't understand that when i go pick anybody from the government should be seeing that. let me bring some thoughts here from our audience who are watching online. on youtube. can you explain what is the biggest motivation for the gang violence?
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this really helps was going that direction. then how do you stop at jamison? well, 1st of all, i think it's about election. i mean whenever you talk about election and country, whenever they are, they seem to be unprepared ration or election. you rise out, but as well, it's going to make to the political situation because the last 2 or 3 years, if you, if you all to believe we points from the local organization, local human rights organization. the understand that the game have strong tight with people in power. so people in power, i'm trying to control the i we, we are digging on the rating. so yeah, this is, i think that this is the 1st time revision and economy. because when you to
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someone and you ask for, you know, hundreds of dollars and then the person needs to be to the, to, to be free, of course, to struggle to patient for them because they, they are making a lot of money with with that. yeah, that's why john genia, when we said that we were going to do this program about gang violence in haiti, we all star audience, our community. what needs to happen to stop gang violence? mr. here on twitter said, i think it always comes back to money knowing foresman in many countries corrupt or on the funding, underfunded, making it easy for them to come to bribes are being captured by gang leaders. if there's no law enforcement, of course these guys will do whatever they fill. there was so many issues. do you find that the on the funding of the police in haiti is that a major issue with controlling the gas? because if the police can't do it, who's going to do it?
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well, are number one, as i said earlier, haiti is not part of france, but of course is on haiti and as clearwater. i'm clear about you said i didn't mention 9th and my conversation with you. i was asking about and finding it please . and, and number 2, when you talk about her warfare weapons, haiti is under a mug war for, for the past 20 to 30 years. for some reasons on even under was that are listed because of the issues we further could it are. there was no of it was not easy for haitian governments to of warfare. weapons saw the gangs for some reasons. the other huge network where d can have warfare weapons, and most of those weapons, they conform the u. s. customs from new york custom, they get em petition to haiti and in from the customs in haiti, they got to the gangs. so this huge network, they do have an n is, is now all over all over the country is there is no control over the gangs because
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you're talking about our most modern eli gangs organized gangs. so now the thing is the government from prime minister arreola, he does in deal with gangs, and at that that is clear. we have been the prime minister ariel. i never sat down with gangs members to actually negotiate with them. these are so not the current transitional government has never had any negotiations, no relationship with the gangs, inherently not at all, not at all, and knows, it was clear. napoleon, assario has said that in many times on, on his speeches and in, in the premier. so our he doesn't deal of gags and that is clear when are in is sometimes in the social media. he can say it whatever it is he but the trophies he doesn't have of gags saw. so a day have a way to actually find the warfare weapons and they concentrate some of them in end of poor new boards,
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the they do kidnappings to whatever they have to do. but we know for sure that a policy units they need more equipment to deal with this warfare urban warfare situation. he so really not that there is a, a popular line of thinking in haiti is that the reason why the gangs are so powerful is because they are allowed to be that powerful? are people misinformed? we are not misinformed. they are allowed to be so powerful. and it's the entire system that works. that way. there is an embargo virginia, just sit it there is an embargo on guns and ammunition in haiti. how in a world can those gangs be better at the quick? they never won out of weapons. they never won out, i, munitions, and everything that he's coming to haiti is coming by see, or by the, by god, god, the water with the dominican republic. so war is letting them in, when the government is in charge of our borders. war is in charge on our border
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with the dominican republic was in charge of the fort, because that's where the are coming from. they're not coming from the sky. it's not rain, but they never one of weapons and ammunition in whenever. there is a game wars in the different neighborhood, likely city. so lay where there were close to $500.00 people dead in are killed in less than 10 days. then what did the police do? we, i'm not seeing any armstrong. we're from the government because less make it clear. it's not only the police in haiti that is in charge of our security. there is also what we call to assist the end was the, the conceal that is in charge of that would the prime minister is the head of so that it's a shared responsibility in between the politics and the police. so the police does
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not have enough met the or not well trained, and they don't have a wheel because a lot of them could walk. but at the same time, we are not seeing a politic. we'll form the prime minister. judging your may say that her prime minister is not dealing with gangs. why am i to know if he is dealing with kings? why not? i am just a normal citizen. will. can see that the gangs always have the upper hand, the in the, her 1 o'clock, ammunition or weapons. and this and munitions on weapons are coming by sea by land. and it's the government, wheezing charge of making sure that what's getting in the country. okay. not any let, let, let's hear from the advisor to the prime minister, john jeanette. i know that these are not new criticisms of the transitional government. what can you say to reassure haitians that there is
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a strategy to beat the gags? ah me is are clear like her currently. ah, this is been under news that the cost toms in progress day actually stopped a big package of warfare weapons that was coming for that for kind of the church and currently in potty trained and off of worst, the actually is seized. some i munitions that, that came from order citizens saw the change of the, the director general of the custodians that i made, that i was actually there was a big, big thing for us air and bears on that. you can see new weeks coming, they are going to be more ah seizures of warfare weapons at the customs because i was very and i said earlier, it's cleared out to be in the doors. guy has english in the pool newborn, they didn't did us. it probably did do not fabricate the warfare. weapons did don't
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under i did it up a factory of, of munitions that for some reasons e, off of course a government a bit is thinking about is strategic. but we have to enough think about the strategy, but do you have a strategy because let's be quite rating it and for me, okay, it was it on is a terrible about 18 is else is how i don't feel couple of thought the yet will you one single, he was watching nothing. all this is adam is a step by step. nothing can be done in one day. it's a step by step. they changed the director of the cost arms way. now. currently they've been actually seizing some warfare weapons in, in they have to aggressively currently day day they actually are in went to the west, i'm sorry, has been arrested. i think that when you should, you should listen. i'm to the ones who are arrested as well. 0000000, a banana. oh,
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i thought it was okay. i, i my well videos. i want to be quite constructive. healing answered him. i gave you one second, john, julia. now i'm taking that 2nd back. let me take it back because i'm going to involve some about audience watching. and she said something i need to court. she said, was arrested not right now. there are people in jails were involved, were involved in the catholic church or input of weapons and were for herb once. and she knows that civilian annasae, of washing ordered pair, whenever it was arrested, was really isn't in process. and you know, that you have to, you doesn't worry, you know, some practice important them where her was arrested. got really yes. and that is the problem. and purity is dekessa, take a policy and they were, you know, part of this, the realization, and i will deliver that john junior. please take a pause for nina. please take a pause from our audience. this is what they're saying. catherine jobs, jobs, jobs,
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social services. they should be provided by foreign countries and run and profited, profited by haitians. this idea that 18 needs outside assistance is not a new one. i wouldn't have listened to the managing editor of the haitian times. this is what she told us a few hours ago. so let me know about games or use historically, we know that there are back by different government entities or people's economic interest to protect. and so when we understand that context, it's really important to know that the haitian government, the current administration, is not in a position to really do much. so that's why in this situation, we're kind on the international community to help get 80 hours, emergency situation. this goes beyond like 80 lead solution or
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political no problem solving that we're, we're talking about this is asians in haiti, people who need to live because these games are, are killing them. i'm going to show you the united nations operation integrated office in haiti's known as been new and video even recently complained about the gang violence. and we just go to the translation question here because on, on individuals to immediately stop the acts of finance to allow free passage to the medical emergency services and encourages the national authorities to ensure the protection of the civilian population. this is international help that is available . it's a haiti, but is it walk in? john junior? is this enough? it again i was, i was reading the twitter what i was not paying attention to. what was the question, can you please go to this international help venue is in haiti right now.
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how helpful is the united nations to haiti's situation with gang violence where civilians are scared to leave the homes in some parts of haiti? well, as you what we have read, oh yes, the organization of american states these sent in. no, it's like a monday saying minister left 80. and now we have a been new day and then the way they put the notice like they are blaming themselves. so in the government, we think we believe that we can, we can actually, we activate the strong, deeper law, see to move. so that the situation that we have now can be solved by the entire, like collectivity. because we're not going to say we're going to give solution to our house because municipal was they of course, i mean now the left and now there will be new be new, you know,
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is not very perfect. but we, we can see the question with vinny, and if i may, because of course your advisor to the prime minister, you can't say anything critical about be new if they, they're trying to help the current administration really. and if you're going to be absolutely honest and candid about the un in haiti, how helpful are they in this current situation with gang violence? i'm going to say that the international community is not innocent into what's happening in haiti. most of what's happening in the most of the situation that we are great with in haiti is their responsibility. and they should take full responsibility for putting us in the future. we should, the un as we present in haiti for the past 15 years, they have spent billions of dollars more than 10 billions of dollars. when they left, we had the corolla. we had the rips, we had the keys with us, father, and we,
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we had the gang violence. we had many more kids watch war, gainesville, we never had before. we had a huge political, economic, and society crisis. hate c as never been so, but with the u. n b, i read that a now i then the you went with the united states of america. i will this how much you get the last word and, and it's very sobering, one at that last sentence. haiti has never been so bad. i appreciate you, james. and he was with us a little bit earlier, john junior and molina and your comments and questions on youtube as well. and so watching today's episode, i'll see you next time. ah ah.
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ah. ah.
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