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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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way into purse and for the rest while it stays lossy, drive a little in the cool side for new zealand there, but to plenty of settled weather here. now it hasn't been to settle recently into south korea. of course, with those dreadful floods. please to say the wet weather will slip a little further southwards as we go through a thursday. although we are still in with the chance of seeing some right, it's really gonna be friday before that wet weather. finally clear, wait and see hot temperatures. pick up 31 celsius therefore, so as a sun burst through, meanwhile, it turns rod one saddle for japan. ah, what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through. here it is here. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah,
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this is al jazeera oh, hello there, i'm dealing with donald. this is the, i'll just hear news. our live from london coming up. russia accused of risking a meltdown at ukraine's parisha nuclear plant. the mid claims it's trying to divert energy to crimea, lights out in spain, and air conditioning, turn dying, why? europe's commitment to costing energy use is meeting a qu, response. a member of iran's revolution regard is suspected of being part of a political form, a u. s. national security advisor, john bull, and once considered one of the safest places in latin america, a deadly crime wave grips chilly field by drug traffickers and organized crime. and in sports, it's official. the african super league has been launched. $24.00 of the continents best clubs will compete for
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a $100000000.00 in prize money. ah! well welcome to the news hour. there are going fears over the fate of europe's biggest nuclear power station. the russian occupied zachary ship plant in southern ukraine has come under attack several times over the past week. ukraine's foreign ministry says a shell hitting an operational react, sir, could have the same impact as an atomic bomb. so average a has 6 react, is making europe's largest nuclear pound, capable of generating around a 5th of ukraine's electricity. and currently just 2 of those reactors are working, completed after the chernobyl disaster, the reactors are contained and robust buildings were built in fire. defense is meant to withstand a plane flying into them, but experts fear damage caused by military weapons could cause a radiation league, while a power line was also destroyed and wouldn't stace attack and ukraine's energy operate
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. he says, in force isn't damaging power lines to ukraine's energy system so they can re orientate electricity to crimea, annexed by moscow back in 2014. while g 7 foreign ministers have demanded that russia hands back separation to ukraine. so ensure its safety, while the u. n. has demanded nuclear inspectors are allowed access. john henry reports are from keith in petro coach and says, ukraine's apparition, nuclear plant faces serious danger of radioactive meltdown. he says he believes the russian military occupying the plant is shelling it to disconnect it from the ukrainian power grid. and reconnect it to a power system in russian controlled crimea, taking all the power with it. they have already cut 3 of the 4 connections to the ukranian grid he says. and if they sever the 4th that poses a serious nuclear risk. is aries, go full,
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loosen the external power was applaud. and it is dangerous because the willborn will blackout mold as a rule. bas thornton, diesel generator. so the, if they stop zone, you will have like melton of a nuclear coral reactors. he's asking for the plant to be declared a demilitarized zone monitored by the international atomic energy agency, out of control of the russian army. the foreign ministers of the g 7 group of industrialized nations agree. they say it's russia's presence of that plant that endangering it. and they've issued a statement demanding that russia leave and turn over control to ukrainian authorities. the russians in turn blame the ukrainians for putting the plant at risk by firing on the facility. britton's defense ministry predicts the invasion is about to enter a new phase with the heaviest, fighting shifting 350 kilometers to the frontline that stretches from zap arissa to her song. nearby in battle scarred mc alive. residents have emerged from
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a 54 hour curfew. they've come out to queue up for water and food in a region that's been the target of russian bomb since the invasion began in february. ludmilla, steve goes among the thousands of displaced people evacuating ships sion cove, a village near her son. now under russian control, the daily bombardment is taking its toll credit for years in a certain budget. of course, people are afraid, but every one is hoping that they will not reach us and things will get better. but many houses in our village destroyed and people have died. there are a 150000 people in the city in the red cross is all need some kind of help. john henderson, al jazeera keith, what? well marianna, the sharon is a senior research associate with the projects on managing the ass. hm. at the harvard kennedy schools bell for sans and she joins me now from south berwick main in the united states and marianna, very warm. welcome to the program. thanks for being with us. what was we know about
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the situation in the plant right now? i'm thinking about what kind of state it say and how it's being run day to day. well, julie, one of the things that we must keep in mind is that really the information that we have that's coming out of this parisha nuclear power plant. it's very difficult to corroborate. there are no independent observers, no 3rd party observe as a journalist that that could ascertain some of these claims. we have heard from the, through a court in who is the president of ukraine's nuclear operator. and that whole item of the elaborate plan that they personnel of does a produce a power plant was presented with by representatives from all thought the russian nuclear operator on this a legit switching of the powerpoint from the ukraine in power grid to the russian power grid. via crimea, and as he pointed out, it is the, it's a, it's
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a very dangerous, it's not a reckless undertaking because it involves taking the, the plant off the upside electricity supply through the high voltage line, connected to crane and putting it on, you know, back up diesel generators for whatever indefinite period of time. we really don't know much more about the situation other than generally over the past of for so months and the power plant found itself occupied by russians. it was actively used as part of the military operation. it's in fact was turned into some kind of nuclear fortress and nuclear shield, or the russians are known to have deployed had the armor and even artillery pieces that have been records of the shelling of ukrainian positions and ukrainian towns civilian towns across the river from didn't nuclear power plant and of course
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though, the cheap shots, right? ukrainians get out retaliates in return. so. so these are sort of disjointed pieces of information that we have. if indeed, the plan, the russian plan is to, to, to basically steal the power plant to a connected to its own grid than the damage to high voltage want lines. and these, you know, in simulations that ukrainians have been showing the plant. they in a way, make sense, right. they, they provide the, the pretext mariana that clinton cars for doing so in terms of the, the energy infrastructure in ukraine. what would removing the power from the grid if we agree that it's a toll possible by the legit plan? what situation would then that southern ukraine and in terms of, you know, its energy supply? well, as christian said,
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that would involve supper in the last remaining high voltage line that's currently operating, putting a plant in the block out mode, and switching on the 20 or so diesel generators that are backup power supply that, that are supposed to, to work for maybe well, on few days, depending on how much diesel fuel is there to run them, not only to cool the nuclear reactors themselves, but also the spent fuel pools, of which there are several onside that also contain much radioactive material that needs to be cooled. and then that would entail essentially black out of southern ukraine, much of the territory that's now captured by russia. there's a put on august for some time until the plan could be allegedly reconnected through crimea to the russian grid. i don't really know what kind of grid infrastructure is in crimea,
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whether that is technically possible. but one of the key questions we need to look into right now, what, what high voltage lines are there available for that for this task? but in essence, if it is feasible that that would entail a massive black out for some time, and then reconnecting the plan to the russian grid and gradually putting, bringing tricity back to those regions. you marino, when we talk about the threat of a major nuclear accident or even a, or chris treated, you know, major nuclear accident. i'm trying to use, you know, my language carefully. like how, how worried are the authorities that this could be sort of course if reality o authorities, i'm not sure but my colleagues that have been dealing with these issues for. busy decades issues of nuclear security and myself included,
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i extremely worried about this. it is an unprecedented state of affairs where a large nuclear facility that contains, you know, a huge the under really large number of very radioactive fuel is now trapped within a war zone. and there's really no, no control, no way of monitoring the robust safety and security systems that are supposed to be in place. there. it's under military administration. the generals and the officers, the russian occupying force that are in charge there. it is safe to say they don't know much about running a nuclear power plant safely. so the staff that have to keep that land going is, is working under under duress, under really difficult conditions. and one wonders how, how they can carry out their, their tasks. and if there is an accident that might be caused by the cutoff
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of electricity, the malfunctioning, of the cooling system, there might be some kind of meltdown. you know, whatever size that is. think about the relief work of the mitigate the task of mitigating those consequences. what we've learned during the, after the fukushima de accident is the value of quick response and mitigating the consequences of any any such accident. it is safe to assume that if anything happens as a bridge and no matter what scale the axis of relief, we're aid of, of any kind of technical assistance will be impaired by the fact that if it's in the middle of a war zone. so that might be an essentially a force multiplier for whatever constant adverse consequences might already ensue from nuclear accident. marianne of the share and there, and joining us. and mariana, thank you so much for joining us with your expertise. appreciate it. thank you.
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thank you. well, as of wednesday, european union member states can no longer in port call from russia. it's part of the 5th sanctions package on law school to cope with the hard turn away from russian energy. you countries are now setting power consumption caps that before the war, russia supplied 40 percent of europe's gas. replacing that, just before the northern wind to though is nearly impossible. in july, you energy ministers agree to voluntary plan to cover their gas consumption by 15 percent starting in august. when you said it's fully cut off from russian gas this winter and could cause member states economies as much as one and a half percent of g. d, p dominant came, explains this coal being unloaded in the german town of line bah, is from russia party to one of the last consignments to germany before the e. u. embargo took hold. until recently, much of the energy used in germany came from russian fossil fuels. but now it's coal is banned,
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its oil is soon to follow. and far less of its gas is being piped here than was planned. meaning across the country, much of industry is having to contemplate buying fossil fuels from elsewhere. i think there will be only a temporal return of the call from portland at to the market. so this is a not, not the long term solution is a certain solution for the next 3, maybe 4 years, which is a significant contribution to solving the gas problem or the security of supply problem. but it has not done sustainable long term perspective. the difficulties with the german government is that many of its leaders has spent much of their political lives looking to phase out fossil fuels. and yet they now find themselves having to buy them in on a short term basis. v as in v opinions, we see how dependent we are on energy imports from all over the world. and in this case, especially from russia, it's important to know that we and germany have technical abilities that are
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realistic and produce economically functioning, jobs, and economic value, which can help us free ourselves from this dependency and defend our own sovereignty. upping his cuts verified, but saying that and doing that are 2 different things because very many power stations and industries have based their plans on an uninterrupted delivery of coal . and more often gas, such as here, the learners, aluminium foundry ins, all tal where rising gas prices mean managers are having to change their working practices. mama's visit as so anyway, i walked so far starting up a foundry, luckys hitting up the furnace is very energy intensive. so shutting it down in the evening or overnight and then hitting it up again in the morning, is crazily expensive? that's why we now either run it around the clock in 3 ships or shut it off completely. the company that runs this power station decided to get out of a dependency on russian coal. soon after the war and ukraine began. that country
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took longer to follow suit, but have now done so as it must be said, has the e u. but getting out of dependence on russian gas is proving much more difficult. dominant cane al jazeera berlin in spain, there are plan black hasn't thermostat regulations, as part of voluntary consumption cuts. but local, say it's simply too hot to comply, the hardening has more it has been a sweltering summer in madrid. but as temperatures have sort, so to has the cost of fuel. so the spanish government has mandated that offices and stores cannot set their cooling system below 27 degrees celsius. in an area dependent on tourism locals are afraid, the heat wave an crack down on energy could scare visitors away. even if i guess if these filters are going to be impossible, because now we are at 18 degrees inside. if we go up to $27.00 degrees,
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we're going to be sweating all day. we won't need to go to the gym the for just give out a lot of heat and the customers are going to complain. nobody's going to come in them. but the spanish government has already agreed with the other european union countries to cut dependency on russian gas by 15 percent by the end of the year. they will usually that either we have to comply with the agreements we have reached in brussels, fresh combustion, alimony spain also has a commitment of solidarity with the rest of european countries. each country is free to choose the way in which will meet the commitment to cut energy use. here in spain. that includes turning off the lights. yogato may perhaps are the measures need to be found because i don't know up to what point. turning off a shop window, display light is going to make much se burnett. shops have to turn off window lights after 10 pm. however, street lighting will not be affected. i know it ain't nobody lucky. why would
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visitors come? because when you go out for a walk, what you want to see is joy soon. we won't have lights. so if you decide to come to here and everything is switched off a couple, you're going to ask yourself, what's the point? the measures will be reversed in winter when regulations will prohibit indoor areas not to be warmed above 27 degrees. leah harding al jazeera consumer prices in the us drop by a half percentage point from june to july, but inflation is still harming many families ability to feed themselves whilst jordan has this story on how one organization in baltimore, maryland is tackling the program. every family is going to get a bag just like this every day or this. baltimore food pantry fills, hundreds of bags with fresh groceries left over from supermarket that otherwise might have been dumped in the trash. restaurant delivery drivers then volunteer their time to take the bags to grateful residence x ray lee, i'm sorry,
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and i've started you thin as a referral and it's been really helpful to have access to the 1st for these on a daily, for health purposes. this is all for that were rescued here. the pantries executive director says in the best of times, it's a challenge to meet the demand. rising prices have made it much harder. inflation is a tough pillar. i. when you think about inflation, what people don't see is the broader aspect of how it, it hurts these families. so right now, you know, a lot of families are having to juggle and do i pay my rent to? do i look for food, right? do i eat healthy? do i a jump? right. that puts wednesday's latest economic news in context. the consumer price index dropped from 9 point one percent in june to 8.5 percent in july. assign the federal reserves efforts to cut spending by raising interest rates may be working what was cheaper in july filling up with gas plane tickets,
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clothing and used cars. but grocery prices rose 1.3 percent between june and july, and the increase was more than 13 percent in the past year. for families on limited incomes, the price rises are often unsustainable. a point the u. s. president acknowledged on wednesday through the global challenges we face is from the war in europe to disruption of supply chains and pandemic shut down, sir. in asia, we could trace additional headwinds in the months of head. our work is far from over, but 2 things should be clear. first, economic plan is working. the 2nd is building an economy that will reward work while investors on wall street drove stock prices up in approval. the potential for more shocks to the global economy and to you us consumers remains . what else we have going on? kristin naraine says it's all the more reason why he's trying to boost his pantries
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output to a 1000 bags a day for his neighbors. and he says he needs the communities help, it's very hard for people to go look for food. so if you can donate or volunteer to, to nonprofits that are facing that or i'm talking food insecurity or trying to help . you know, that's what i would suggest. you know, because we are kind of going after a silent killer in america right now, and that's hunger trying to help the most vulnerable, survive volatile period in the u. s. economy. rosalyn jordan l jazeera. coming up on al jazeera, this news, our donald trump's property business under scrutiny, but the former president refuses to be questioned. under oath climate exports. one that water shortages could be europe's new normal as the continent suffers its worse drought decades. and no slacking off from this dare devil in the netherlands . details coming up with far ah,
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been reveal the form of trump administration official. john bolton was the target of a murder for hire plot. and a member of iran's revolution regard is wanted by the f b i on charges relating to that alleged plan. prosecutor said the schemes like came retaliation to the january 2020 strike that killed the head of iran's elite. how could scores custom sal amani lauren has described the accusations as baseless our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk. it has more. well, what we know is that the person that has been charged with these alleged crimes is still at large. in fact, he was charged in of said she is 45 year old iranian national by the name of she rom, poor sofie. he is also known by the alias of massey rate zion. now what we do know is that he allegedly tried to pay some $300000.00 to assassinate the former
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national security adviser and the trumpet ministration, john bolton. and that this plot was allegedly to take place either in washington dc where we are standing or in the us state of maryland, which is just north of here. now, this obviously was thwarted, but what we do know is that there are no efforts by us officials to try and detain and arrest this man and to see him brought to justice. now, oh, we can tell you that this is not the 1st time that the department of justice says that it is uncovered. plots against u. s. officials on us soil by the iranians. but certainly this is an egregious one, given the fact that this is such a high level u. s. government official hausteen's are rebuilding their lives once again following israel's 3 day attack on gaza. it cause further destruction to the gaza strip, even as the damage still remains from last year's 11 day conflict. natasha can aim reports on the challenges residence on facing the phones rang in this gaza
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neighbourhood saturday morning with warnings from israeli intelligence to evacuate in what people say felt like only moments. 6 apartment buildings were destroyed or damaged about it and haul for liver. my 4 year old son wakes up when he has any sound thinking it's an asteroid, and he clinks to me. it makes me frustrated because my children are scared. my life has become miserable and it is nothing left in our hands. a man, malik shemelle says she can't even dig out a shirt from the rubble for her 2 young son. the family is homeless, but we'll have to find money to pay the mortgage on the apartment and find a new place to live. since 2008, there have been 5 wars or attacks in the gaza strip. the longest was in 2014 and lasted 51 days. after the war,
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dozens of countries met and planned to raise $5000000000.00 to rebuild garza but not even half. that money was actually donated. the biggest donors katara gave more than a $1000000000.00 in aid, saudi arabia, half a $1000000000.00. the united states, the united arab emirates, and kuwait each gave $200000000.00. these photo showed the before and after of some reconstruction projects. after last years is really error strikes. cutter and egypt committed a $1000000000.00 total. to help garza rebuild again, but with no time frame garza's, ministry of public works and how's says it needs millions of dollars. now, to provide housing for 2200 families that will you feel that the as little as putting some obstacles and the way of the donors that the 130 construction
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processed to be slow over the years. even once reliable arab allies have stopped offering funding. and with many humanitarian crises, globally, donor fatigue has set in israel, ester, occupying power. they have every a responsibility to, to, to, to, to take care of the situation there. but in the long term, long, you know, full for china. and also for the huge majority of the international community, what concerns us, it's not we cannot simply look at the specific situation in the pissed piecemeal to way some in the international community may continue to spend billions of dollars rebuilding gaza after each war or attack. but palestinians wonder when the world will see that it's more prudent to invest in peace. natasha name al jazeera, gaza. sierra leone has imposed
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a nationwide curfew in response to violent anti government protests. the government says several people have been killed, including members of the security forces. thousands of people are protesting across the country over the rising cost of living. a calling on the present julius, madame bile, to step, dime, security forces, fire, tear gas to disperse, protest. as in the capitol, free time, diesel scrupulous individuals of him, but on a violent on, on auto rise will, does. we just lead to the loss of rise of events sooner, luna's including the security button. it it is also important that public buildings including police visuals. i've been knocked out of boston in various parts of the country. the uncle, we should be. no. that's it. gone through of law and order these volley, shaun's one said the pin or the falls at least $750.00 inmates of
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escape from a prison in the democratic republic of congo rebels from the allied democratic forces attack the building in the eastern time of the timbo. on wednesday morning, these 5 people, including 2 policemen, were killed, local police believe they decided to attack after learning that female prisoners linked to their group would be moved there from another town. how do i know the attackers came at 2 o'clock? they were atl. we heard shooting while we were asleep. suddenly we woke up, you say that sort of chainsaw with which they tore off the padlocks. still to come on al jazeera, this news our right scripts worn. afghanistan's girls are hungry, isolated and depressed a year after the taliban took from our energy prices. so are 50 percent in bangladesh. hitting one of the worlds fastest growing economies in sport, the south american hit. man that's looking to get back to his best,
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the latest football chance. burn news coming up later on in the our ah, however, still no sign of any useful rainfall for those drought stricken parts over europe. sunny into we're italy, good part of spain and portugal. much of france up to was a low countries and across u. k as well, of course, very little rainfall in recent weeks and very little come in the next few days as well as i mean side to some wet weather. pushing back into northern parts of france, pushing into us of the merits of england wells. as we go through the next hour, so as this area of high pressure slowly slips away. but we've got plenty a heat ad of that and there are heat warnings and force of course, across much of the area heat warnings. therefore, england m wells, temperatures will get up into the low to mid thirty's, over the next few days at 31 on thursday afternoon in london. picking up
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a touch as we make our way towards the weekend symbol of any there for friday. some parts could get into mid thirty's through the weekend, then things cool off with a chance to some rain finish. was me monitor eastern parts of europe and where to whether they're just creeping across sir ukraine down towards the black sea, live the showers into southern parts of the italy. of course i was and went to weather for greece as well. dry weather across northern parts of africa, we got plenty of showers through that central bell with a possibility of some localized flooding. right in to see really own ah, with our diets define who we are. but who are we? if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices to def, infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains, and asks,
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what's really on our plates. food in glorious food pond to on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headline is that both hardliners. what then? setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions. i would likely is that, that ukraine is actually going to get the rebuilding support that it be international filmmakers and war class journalists bring programs to inspire protector x r. i all think i can return to my life. any more thoughts is eroding some of it's almost 5 freedoms. on al jazeera lou, a
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line of our top story. ukraine says russia is preparing to connect power from this operation nuclear power plant to crimea. the plan has come under attack several times over the past week, and the un nuclear watchdog is warning of a potential disaster. even before you can no longer import russian cool under a 5th package of sanctions imposed for the war in ukraine. and in setting power consumption can make sure there's enough energy to get through those cold in the us, justice department has charge the member of iran revolution. we caught in connection with the plot to murder. former national security adviser john paulson prosecute to say the pound was likely in retaliation to the killing of a rainy and commander custom system on a flash flooding has killed at least 2 people in sudan and injured thousands. more . hundreds of homes are under water in river nile state with families forced to take shelter in most schools. green is also cuts off the main highway connecting
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the state to the capitol car. 2, will have morgan has more from the capital while several villages and river now's bay, specifically in the county of berber, have been submerged as a result of heavy rain. many villages have report that having hundreds of homes being destroyed, some families being forced to be displaced from their homes, to either mosques or schools to seek refuge because their home have been destroyed by the water. now this is something that happens annually, many villages and many states into down during the rainy season face such floods, flash, flood, and flooding from the river nile. many people have said that repeatedly said that they wanted the government to take action, especially during the winter season. and the government itself has issued warnings to those, living by them, selling them that they are expecting heavy rain this year. and therefore, people along the now should try to move the district to avoid losing their property
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and losing their life. the rent have not only affected driven al space since the beginning of the rainy season in june. at least of people have been killed. most of them in the western region of dark or where flash flip have destroyed hundreds of homes as well. and people vary being displaced once again after being displayed by conflict. now facing displacement because of rain and floods. meanwhile, europe is suffering from its worst drives on record, with experts warning try winters and ceiling. summers will become the new normal driven by climate change, the european dr. observance. he says that we're dr. warnings on more than 45 percent of the blocks have retrieved by mid july, with 15 percent on red alert. several heat waves of sweat the continent since was $100.00 french municipalities have no running. drinking water are being supplied by truck. and the premise to says it's the worst water shortage since records began in 1958 or 2022 is looking to be spain's dry. is here in 60 years, water reserves are at an all time low, 40 percent falling at a rate of 1.5 percent
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a week. and large sections of it leads largest river drive out in the country's worst drive in 70 years. the river a coherent gates, if the 3rd of the countries agricultural production, sonya gaggle has more a parched plot starved of greenery. this is no desert. it is, in fact a reservoir run dry so much so that it's uncovered a medieval bridge that was lost when the area was flooded. and it's not the only place that has revealed historical ruins. the shallow river bed of the wendy a reservoir reveals the ruins of an ancient village while the water that once covered them continues to evaporate and record break in temperatures. is the motion when you're back to school. i mean, they say, well, when i know this is a particularly try year, a very complicated year that confirms what climate change scenarios have been
12:36 am
making evident for a very long time in countries in which we live with periods of extended drought, sometimes combined with torrential rains and floods stretched over the same 100 logical year. this is dramatic with the extreme heat likely to continue into autumn . spain's meteorological services say it will strain europe's largest network of damned reservoirs, combined with droughts in other countries, creating problems across the continent. re looking that becoming go the next the theme answer we we ceased de la varieties called dry condition. all her of it west that nice sentra you doctor as well as the the yuki. so this is the thing. com audra or single, more concerned, but just thought d ah, before, christoph, they're coming. go a few days. even in germany, in areas that were devastated by flooding in 2021. lack of rain as wreaking havoc on the country's main. what way? the rhine lowering water levels have cool shipping disruptions on the river,
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a major root for products ranging from grain to chemicals, to coal. and it has a knock on effect on the economy, which is already bracing itself for recession and energy shortages later in the year. this is the worst drought with hit europe in decades. some say it's the worst in hundreds of years. the results already forecast to be devastating for the continent and an environmental warning for governments to act now before it's too late. sunday, yeah, go al jazeera form, a u. s. president donald trump has refused to be questioned. under all the by this new york property business champ appeared before the state attorney general's office, as part of a long running investigation into allegations of tax fraud. that he invoked the 5th amendment and declined to answer any questions. we are a nation that is weaponized with law enforcement against the opposing political party like never before. we've never seen anything like this. we are in asia that
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no longer as a free and fair pros. fake news is about all you get. we are a nation, we're free speech is no longer allowed where crime is rapid, like never before. where the economy has been collapsing were more people died of gold with 121 to one. it was gay bellas on zillow is in new york with more the attorney general's office is that they believe the trump project really inflated the value of his trump organization assets, his hotels, his golf courses. for example. why is that important? because if you inflate the value of your assets, you in theory would get a lower interest rate on loans from banks. so that is fraud, and that is what they are investigating. now trump is said that this is a which and that he is not done any wrong doing. but this is all part of the
12:39 am
question. now, trump put out a statement saying that he will not answer any questions. you will please the 5th amendment, which the constitution allows for people that don't want it incriminate themselves when in or doing interviews or depositions in front of law enforcement or lawyers. so yes, so if he's not answering questions and why is he been in there for 3 hours? the answer is because the lawyers are still might want to ask him all the questions, even if he refuses to answer. eric trump, his oldest son, gave a deposition to this, the attorney general's office, and he pleaded the 5th amendment nearly $500.00 times in questioning. that lasted multiple hours and 2020 trump is clearly using this as a chance to rally his supporters. he put out a statement saying that this is a, which is the supporters say that that this is just the quote unquote deep state trying to, you know, tarnish before
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a potential 2020 for presidential run. said the children says young girls enough going to stop being isolated left to go hungry, and many are depressed report by the charity found taliban imposed restrictions on women and the economic crisis are to blame. generally one year since the taliban sees power again in afghanistan, some binge of aid has more now from july about this classroom, maybe an exception because the girls here have been telling us that they've had breakfast for breakfast. all they had was some red and green tea, according to the latest support by the charity save the children. high number of the respondents just do not have enough to feed their children. many of the children have been going hungry or have been reduced to one meal a day. most of the children have been speaking to tell us that it is very basic items in terms of food that they're able to get voting to aid workers. twice as many girls are likely to go hungry as boys and girls are also bearing the brunt of
12:41 am
the psychological and societal pressures as well. since last year, when the taliban took over, according to edward has been speaking to in the united nations agencies as well who tell us that the number of children facing severe acute malnutrition has almost doubled since last year. they do not attribute all of it to the change of government, but see that there is a perfect crisis that has gripped this country. it faces it's worse drought in 3 decades. after the pandemic, the taliban took over and billions of dollars worth of rain, which used to be poured into this country has dried up. the banking sector faces crippling sanctions and the economy his tank. so understand was already poor and was facing a number of humanitarian issues since last year. those have compounded and it workers have been telling us that unless urgent and important steps are taken to ensure that the children in this country are taken care of, they are looking at a much bigger and prolong prices that this country or the region has ever faced
12:42 am
people in bangladesh is struggling with so in costs a few and shrink energy prices, an increase by up to 50 percent, and the government is bathing the war in ukraine. temporary challenges, reports from the capital duck bangladesh, as the economy has been one of the fastest growing in the world. but in recent months, soaring energy and fort prices have inflated its import bill, forcing the government to sick once from global agencies and raised full prices. the impact has already been felt by many here in the capital, dhaka covered van owner, muhammad shahan is worried about the future. it really doesn't, but it doesn't. no one is renting our rounds right now because they cost more money . this is really hot on her. so he can see all the driver sitting idled, so we can't figure out what the government is doing. sporadic protest are taking place nearly every day, but security forces are tracking down. this is the 2nd time the government has
12:43 am
increased fuel prices in just about 9 months. the government has blame russia's war on ukraine for the phrase. have our economic sub one. this will lead to higher inflation and forced people to cut down on their spending. the rise in foot prices is becoming a concern for people with limited earnings. it'll tell them, basil maldonado. katie, go to prices for all food items have gone up since the hakan fuel prices. everything has to be transported particularly, but our income has not increased accordingly. thou, wonderful, i bargaining transport costs have also gone up in recent days on a glass baggage loaded buffet as considerably gone up and it's hard on us. but what can we do? we have to manage. hopefully the government will bring it under control. soon. economists say the impact of more than 50 percent increase in full prices will affect the poor and fixed income people the most. this a fuel price is going to have an impact on various sections of they got me,
12:44 am
at least at t levis. firstly to high cost would cost. secondly, very be increased cost to production. and in the end, these are going to having impact on the consumer, bangladesh, as the economy has barely recovered from the pandemic. while thousands of families are now at risk of being poor again because of the sudden rise in expenses experts, one the nation is facing an uncertain economic future turn recovery, i'll jazeera darker. chili is experiencing an alarming crime wave until recently, it was considered the safest country in latin america. but that's changed within a matter of months. our latin america edited lucy and newman has more now from the capital santiago and what's behind the rise and violence that i seal at that rascal still can't believe that her son in law, 50 year old real estate broker,
12:45 am
estefan regaled me, was stabbed to death for no apparent reason while walking home, this c c t v camera captures raquel may rushing past while holding his neck. seconds later he collapsed of camera, his juggler. veins slit 2 in his wayland, 25 and 15 years old, who recently crossed into chile illegally from neighboring bolivia, have confessed less aquanda. when will the authorities control who interests chile? i'm afraid now when i was pass a foreigner because i don't know if it's a criminal lawyer been murder rate in chile has gone up an astonishing 30 percent in the last 6 months alone. it offered what statistics show the vast majority of crimes are committed by chilion slogan. but that undocumented foreigners were criminal records account for a higher percentage of the murders. if they went to the case may was stabbed just a few blocks from the presidential palace, but it was no isolated incident. just a few days later, another 3 people were stab along alameda. this is santiago's most emblematic avenue
12:46 am
and that's only the tip of the iceberg. prosecutor say that in the last 5 years, drug traffickers and members of the fear venezuelan criminal organization at agood train have focused in on chile taking advantage of the largely uncontrolled northern border yogurt was entered is the governor of the port city of eiletha, where they've reportedly set up base says international gang, so using criminal methods unseen before in chile. not that i mean the, the, that other one on the c o c, it's not just murder, but also torture signs of chopping people in pieces or burying victims alive is the international criminals who belong mainly to venezuela's. a rug we're trying, gang, you, it's expanded. it's to my end to columbia ecuador, brazil, peru, and now chile goal. but it's not just imported criminal message to the spreading buddy. very young, mindy gillian delinquents aren't snaring drivers even in crowded tunnels. in broad
12:47 am
daylight cars theft has increased 68 percent in the last 5 months. so has widespread trafficking of people and guns and drug trafficking, low income neighborhoods. all this is what until recently was considered the safest country in latin america. not we don't go above the earthquake, went by the employer. we didn't manage to see what was happening in time. only the problem was incubating slowly step by step one. now it's finally exploded. facilitated by the pandemic. criminals have lost fear of the state because they no longer believe we're able to confront them. you get off the chief prosecutor for complex crimes, as it will take a major investment in money. more sophisticated forms of law enforcement stronger border controls and more police training to ensure that this crime wave is not here to stay. to see a human al jazeera santiago, an ailing deluca whale. that straight into frances river san has been euthanized
12:48 am
during a last ditch attempt to return it to the sea. the blue, the was lifted from the sand, placed in a refrigerated truck and driven to the northern coast, but the animal's condition worsened. during the journey it had difficulty breathing and became a very weak. lucas are usually found in the arctic. still to come on al jazeera, this new sour in sport, a new chapter for african club football. all those details coming up in just a bit. ah, cats are always official and line of the john with
12:49 am
with full an official and line of the join. lou ah
12:50 am
palestinian authorities have inaugurated a street named after al jazeera journalist schuman our claim, who was killed by israeli forces show him was shot while on a simon engineer in the occupied west bank. in may, members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for accountability i blackly was without jesse or for 25 years. she was known as the voice of palestine. my correspondent. neither abraham is in ramallah in the occupied westbank. the legacy of sitting in a walkway is now being engraved in the collective memory of palestinians. this 3, the shooting up list 3 is where she used to walk to work every day. it's very close to all zero's offices. this is a stretch used to work a to walk in and work for more than 25 years. it's also very close to one manada square, at least that had to, with had witnessed historical events for palestinians. this is
12:51 am
a testament to how much she loved were joined the here now by dr. hannah, i said, are we a senior politician? what does it mean for palestinians to have a street named after shutting off? no matter how many honest i'd bestowed on the memory of sure the number is no longer alive. she's no longer with us. and she was assassinated than deliberately killed by an israeli sniper. so she'll be in, deserves all this recognition. but the most important recognition is the fact that she is held be it in the hearts of every 5 years. i think it's very important for the place of that monument actually here because it makes way more for university student best buy here every day to see and that, you know, most of them are in the future generation. they're going to become journalists and she's a very significant example for them. excellent example. not only here in drama lubbock
12:52 am
elsewhere in the occupied west bank, we see pictures of shitty murals being drawn by palestinian artists. every one here wants to send a clear message that it's been 90 days since shaheen was killed and had a killer, hasn't been held accountable. let's move on to sport now and get all the very latest each with far. julie, thank you so much. it has been a groundbreaking day in african football, governing body caff has officially announced a new african super league to start next year. i sure can militia reports from a russia intense and yeah, it's time to unveil the potential of african club football. to the whoop, the african sued bully and you are in african football has begun. the continent's governing body calf has announced a brand new africa, super league for 24 of africa's top teams. company, there will be
12:53 am
a $100000000.00 in prize money with the winner pocketing $11600000.00, nearly 5 times. what's an offer in the current calf champions league? it will succeeds to significantly uplift the quality of african football, the standards of football at club level, but also at the national team level. because a lot of the money, $54000000.00 every year, will be going to the member associations. each member association will be getting a $1000000.00. it's hope that the project will boost africa's football economic fortune. calf is promising sponsorship and revenue previously and had of which given time could give african teams the ability to keep their best play as by marching the huge wages in european club football in terms of investment exposure, marketing overall as a football club. and one of the leading football clubs in the region, we're extremely excited. however, there has been some negative reaction with south africa's players union says the
12:54 am
project is unworkable and could rec, professional football in africa. comparisons will also be drawn the, the break away super league in europe, which launched and spectacularly failed. within a matter of days last year, falling a backlash from fans while governing body fever was against europe super league, but is backing africa's version, giving the chance to teams every team in the content to be able to play in this competition. i think this is a great idea, a great vision, a great project. the fact that is done within the football structure as well and not outside is obviously crucially important for a supportive t for can give as well. so it is this very exciting egypt and i the most successful club in the cash champions league history with 10 titers and will almost certainly be part of the new africa super league. the final list of teams is
12:55 am
yet to be finalized, but what we know is that the teams will come from 16 different nations with a maximum of 3 pac country. the teams will play 1st in a group competition before moving on to an american style player format. the africa super league is set to start next year. in august, i succumb to 0. i russia company a around madrid of one, their 1st trophy of the new season. they beat on track frankfurt to land the u. s. a super comp, which is contested by the winters of europe, top to competition, shows a lot about entering ben z and getting the goal to feel a victory round begin their league a campaign on sunday against the maria wedding in july and international. lexi sanchez has been unveiled as marcell newest signing the 33 year old left to inter milan after his contract was canceled by mutual consent. sanchez played his best football during stance at barcelona and arsenal. his 420 goals and all competitions
12:56 am
for inter, after joining in 2019, but really started in syria last season. spin international is sco has joined severe on a free transfer. a 30 year olds contract with ramos red, expired in june following a season in which he only played 17 times. despite that, he collected plenty of honors and the spanish capital including 3 premier individually owns and 5 champions lea titles. nic curious is unbelievable. run a form is continuing in canada, the australian knocked at world number one. daniel met the dev in the 2nd round of the material masters, fresh from winning his 1st single title in 3 years in washington. the 20th 70 won't be madame to extend his hardcore when he st. busy a match. now, right. 37 in the world. curious as preparation. had the open look promising, but he's not thinking about that just yet. look, i feel confident in my body, my mentality that going into the us open in the same time. you know,
12:57 am
there's so much time between that and that and now you know, i gotta, i gotta focus on this event and then cincinnati. and then there's so much, you know, things i look forward to, but i'm not going to think about the us. i've been right now to take care of my body. over on the women's tour in toronto world, the one iga sh wine tech is through to the last 16 of the canadian open. she east to a streets when against her australian opponent. i love tom ayana bitch. the polish star hasn't been at her best lately joined to supper earlier than expected eliminations in her last 2 tournaments. i've been gone. 37 matches on beaten, shall face beatrice, her dad. maya of brazil nest. american co. gov knocked at wimbledon champion, alina rub akina out, and the 3 sat thriller in toronto. the 18 year old french open finalist had to dig deep, but after losing a 2nd, sadly, she came back to when the 3rd said in a tie break. places arena subtle. anchor a bell roost next. now, some breath taking pictures out of the netherlands as slack weiner yon roost to
12:58 am
fight gravity and strong winds crossed one of the countries busiest rivers. look away now if you don't like heights, because verse is famous for his sky high skills and he gave the people rotterdam a thrilling spectacle. 108 meters above the river mass there, stony and took 49 minutes crossing on a slack line. no wider than a postage stamp. okay, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to julian london. laura, thank you so much. absolutely terrifying. to watch that. that's it for me, for the seas are back in just to say with much more bye bye. ah ah.
12:59 am
what is life like in maximum security prison? in this to pot special report, one or one aisd goes behind bars. it's singapore chung, the prison. on out to 0, i joined al jazeera as part of the launch team in 2006. so just as a full for a 1000000 mom march. in that time i've covered wars revolutions, elections, military, coups, from the villas of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge in from the shoals of the red sea storage. a clean, more time is a global problem. i'm pool management, the major, but engine this team, a theme of climate,
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change it to the peaks of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this dazzling solutions to save the world's most precious resource. in the next episode of ath right, we look at what is being done december 4th. twice on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, we just seem rocky streaming overhead coming from garza to israel. and there's been schools and schools have been the star of that with detail coverage, with pension high in water. so near the philippines, we'll be looking at today that is states for every new commitment from around the world. the danish government can't make people leave areas like milner park in purely on the basis of ethnicity ah .


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