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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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taking in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices. the def, infiltrated international wholesale markets, and supermarket chains, and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food pond to on al jazeera pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy was me. i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the rotten democracy, may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themself and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera ah
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the nation wide curfew in sierra leone as several people are killed and the wife of violence and protests against the rising cost of living. ah, until mccrae, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up the u. s. justice department charges and iranian national for a plot to kill former national security adviser, john bolton, securing the grid. fears remain about the fight of europe's largest nuclear power plant. with russia accused of plans to redirect power to crimea, and north korean leader, kim jong, undeclared victory, and his nation's battle against coven 19. ah! sierra leone has imposed a nationwide had curfew in response to violent anti government protests that killed
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several people. including members of the security forces, it happened in the capital free town and other cities because of anger and frustration at the rising cost of living alley hush, him reports, anger and frustration spilled to the streets, protest as in freetown and all the serial union cities wanted their voices heard, oh, we do not have freedom of speech is no respect for us. the women in our economy is down, down, down, and the cost of living is very high because of it we are suffering. oh, it didn't end well. several people were killed including members of the security forces. when demonstrators and the police clashed, it revived images from the countries bloody civil war. in the ninety's, the president treated saying, as a government, we have the responsibility to protect every citizen of sierra leone. what happened
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today was unfortunate and will be fully investigated. i urge all sierra leone, eons to be con. oh, the government also impose the nation wide curfew domain here by declare us initial white glove. you would be from 30 wednesday, 10 of 2022 on wednesday at 3 pm. oh, while it's on known whether the wave of protests will continue, the united nations expressed serious concerns over the violence. so did the u. s. while france urged it citizens not to travel to sierra leone alhashan al jazeera in the democratic republic of congo, at least $750.00 prisoners have escaped during an attack of the jail. at least 2 police officers were killed. the armed group that carried out the right is believed to have been trying to rescue some of its former members and recruit new ones. leah harding has more early on wednesday morning,
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prisoners in this jail were startled by the sound of heavy gunfire and snapping metal. ah, devout of railway, who i know bullies rung out whilst we were forced to sleep. suddenly we woke up the silence had a ching tool with which they tore off the padlocks were the other members of an armed ugandan group known as allied democratic forces, or adf, fighting their way into this prison, to free hundreds of inmates ha, inside we were about 900 detainees, but about 30 of us remain. adf has pledged allegiance to isolate, and has been blamed for thousands of deaths and eastern congo and neighboring uganda. many of their members have been arrested, kept in this jail, lynn and me said that she did it. they came from their main headquarters in the forest to conduct the attack with the objective of recruiting by force, new members newton and to release some of their own people arrested in this jail. but not every one wanted to be freed. unwilling to live a life on the run,
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doing mobile gun go off on one of them. i, i did not flee because it is now want to take advantage and flea and disorder. i'm waiting for the liberation that god will send me. my hope is that one day i will leave here legally, with all my documents to the army, have started their search for the escapees. coming through a vast mountainous country in a region that has seen decades of fighting. leah harding al jazeera, more heavy rain is forecast and northern sudan. we're down, pause and flash floods of kill 2 people. an injured dozens more. at least 3000 homes were destroyed in river nile state. the rain cut off the main highway, connecting the state to the capitol car term. we'll have a morgan joins us live now from burger on the banks of the nile. and ne sir darn it . can you just give us an idea of how bad it is? were you are well for many
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families here in bed, but the destruction is utterly devastating. many of them have lost their homes. they are now out in the open. and as you can see behind me, they have nowhere else to go. while some families have migrated up north to relatives homes, to seek refuge and to be able to wait out the rainy season so they can return to rebuild their lives. many are still waiting, searching in the rebels for remnants, for anything they can salvage really. and they say that this is the worst flooding they have seen in decades there in more than 4 or 5 decades, according to some families who we've been speaking to. they say that they are quite concerned that they will not, not be any assistance given to them, especially because it's been 2 days now. and many of them are eager to see any form of government assistance being handed out to them. and i've said as the middle, the rainy season there, so obviously they're nowhere near through the worst of it. why? yes, indeed, they are concerned that this may take some time. many of them say they want to
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remain here until the end of the rain is he's in to be able to rebel their homes. but that may take some time because they're maureen's forecast in the coming days. but there's also concern about the outbreak of waterborne diseases. most of the home still have stagnant water and they are still marines expected to come. there's been damages done to the sewage system in the drainage system here. so they are concerned that there will be our break of diseases, especially because the residents of these villages along the mouth that the only source of clean water we have right now as the river because of the that the sewage water mixing with the water that they have here, so they are concerned that the worst is not yet over from many people here. many families saying that they don't want to see things getting worse, but they're afraid that with mornings forecast. and after losing so much that they may be, are facing difficulties in the coming days. new horrible situation that has had been morgan for us and berber. the you a secretary of state is and we're wonder, the last stop on are 3 notion african tour entity blinkin is expected to discuss
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rwanda's allege support of rebels and neighboring democratic republic of congo. he was in the congolese capital consortia on tuesday where he voice concerned about the reports held to zeros. katherine saw has more on the persistent violence and eastern democratic republic of congo, unarmed group calling itself. m. 23 has been advancing to goma in eastern democratic republic of congo. it's rebels have been fighting the congo his army for about 2 months. un experts say they have evidence, wonder is barking the rebels. their wand and government has denied this. hundreds of people in some areas have fled from their homes in reason, days via immigrant brought more displaced of the into the 3 come to the village. we are afraid of when they are fighting. they do not differentiate between so doesn't civilians who do not want to die here. this latest conflict is just one of many in
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the east of the country as if creo could be. so when the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin visited kinshasa. security matters, dominated the talks. we are brutus written by credible reports. that was why the supporter 43. 0 you. oh. the reason? so please re, re, he's also do to hold talks with wand and president polka, gummy, visa, democratic republic of congo and wanda, of hard years of tensions with both sides, accusing each other for finding rebellions, not giving us you again wanted her in reality the us was the 1st country to be concerned about ro, wonders support for m 23. good angola has been trying to broke a peace between the 2 countries. but a resent p steel did not come things blinkin will complete his 3 nations toys on thursday. he also visited south africa,
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honestly say the us wants to increase diplomacy to count a rash he has growing influence on the african continent. catherine, sorry, alta 0. the us justice department says it's charged a man. it describes as a member of a rounds revolution regard accuses him of involvement in a plot to kill former national security adviser, john bolton, sharon post office is wanted by the if the i'm connection with the case. prosecutors say the scheme was likely in retaliation for the american strike. in january 2020 the killed the hit of around a lead could force cassim solomon a we face a rising threat from authoritarian regimes to seek to reach beyond their own borders. to commit acts of repression including inside the united states. this is an especially appalling example of the government of iran, perpetrating a grievous acts of transnational violence in violation of us laws and our national sovereignty. the iranian foreign ministry says the charge is baseless and
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politically motivated. it accuses us of making allegations without providing evidence. mike, hannah has more from washington. oh, the justice department has outlined an elaborate and lengthy murder for hire plot which began some 18 months ago. when sharon put sofie allegedly contacted somebody within the united states and persuaded him to act as essentially a murder for hire promising some $300000.00. should he kill john bolton? now unknown to put sophie was the fact that this individual was an f b. i, informant, so he informed the authorities. the authorities were abreast of the plot as it developed. now this another twist in it as well. it's been revealed to by the justice department at that per se. also offered a $1000000.00 for a 2nd target. now sources close to mike pompei of former direct up the cia and the
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former a foreign secretary is saying that it was mike pompeo who was the 2nd target for which $1000000.00 was promised. so there's a lot of details that the justice department has provided. one must make clear though that sophie is still at large. he's still being hunted down though these charges have been laid against him. will still ahead on al jazeera, we take a look at the impact of inflation in the united states on family's trying to make ins, mates, and people in cancer are picking up the pieces of bomb doubt. apartment blocks after 3 days of his riley attacks ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world copies on its way to castle group your travel package to day. we're in the thick of a heat wave for england and wales. hi there. good to see you. so it's going to get
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worse before it gets better. here's the forecast on thursday, london up to 32 degrees in no parts of southern england have not seen a draw for brain him more than 40 days. i did say it's going to get worse before it gets better. i think the peak of the heat on saturday 35 degrees. that is well above average. another place it has had high temperatures, tender, dry conditions, central portugal, so no surprise when we see these wildfires abrupt more than a 1000 firefighters are trying to battle back against the flames here. and there's little relief in the forecast. no rain, but we do have a few showers for northern portions of spain on thursday. we do have showers in storms across the balcony, so that's lower temperatures. here is sophia 25 degrees. little change in the way of weather for greece and turkey. save for a few showers may be jolts and bolts and it's stumble with a hive. 29 degrees. copious amounts of rain for southern nigeria and blanketed in brain, sierra nevada. right through to liberia and get ready for the cape provinces of
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south africa. we've got a number of weather friends that are going to march in over the course of the weekend. so waken up sunday morning, just 7 degrees in cape town, bur chile. indeed, that's a snapshot of your weather. casa airway official airline of the gene. about diets define who we are, but who only if we don't know what we eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud. people and power reveals long hidden, scandalous practices that have infiltrated international hold. so markets and supermarket chains and asks, what's really on our place? food in glorious food, bon, to launches era? ah,
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. the sour sierra leone has imposed a nationwide curfew in response to anti government, protests. official say, several people have been killed, including security personnel. protest is angry about the rising cost of living. more heavy rain is forecast and northern sudan. we're down pools and flash floods have killed 6 people and injured thousands. at least 3000 homes were destroyed in river niles dice. the u. s. justice department says it's charged an iranian man for plotting to kill former national security adviser. john bolton describes him as a member of iran's revolution regard to ron says, the accusations are baseless. the skies have cleared the south korea's capital sol after 2 days of record. ryan full that triggered flash floods. at least 9 people
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were killed and several others are missing. is the heaviest down poor and more than 100 years. l g here is rob mcbride has more from salt. after the reins, the cleanup, and a re think on how to adapt to a changing climate. the worst affected places were in low lying areas, south of souls, hand river. it's home to the glitzy gangnam district made famous in the hit gangnam style. but it's also the location for poor a housing, including half basement apartments prone to flooding resident high and sick, tries to salvage what he can from his home. when the rains came, he and his family were forced to evacuate, seeking shelter in a nearby park, half heard coppery and i have to throw away all my positions, even my dishes. it rained so much this time it was
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a disaster. the plight of such residence was highlighted in the oscar winning movie parasite, about a fictional family living a subterranean existence. but it's the reality for many in a city with sky high property prices couldn't gide annual year. it's different from the wealthy places we live in the smallest rates, where the government doesn't pay attention to her and not them could on calvin. dr . now, south korea's president, you insecure, visited one basement apartment that was flooded and where 3 people died. the response from sol city has been swift with the government announcing no new permissions will be given to turn basement into apartments. but they're all reckoned to be around $200000.00 homes below ground right now, that authorities say will gradually be phased out. the government has also announced plans for better drainage, adapting it says to the new reality that such extreme weather is now no longer
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abnormal. rob mcbride al jazeera, so north korean leader kim jong earn has declared victory in his nation's battle against covered 90 in state media. have reported the government's plans to ease corona virus related mrs. imposed back in may. it comes off to kim jones and was reportedly suffering a high fever. according to his sister, kim joe young. she blamed the outbreak on propaganda leaflets dropped by south korea. but sol, as cooling those claims groundless times, one uni are all on behalf of the party central committee and the government of democratic people's republic of korea. i solemnly declare the victory and the maximum emergency anti epidemic campaign for exterminating the novel corona virus that had made inroads into our territory and protecting the lives and health of our people. in taiwan has held another live fire exercise. a dye on to china ended its
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largest if a military drills around the islands. it was the 2nd exercise this week by the taiwanese army in the southern region of ping tune taiwan has accused beijing and fusing last week's visit by u. s. house beacon nancy pelosi as an excuse to rehearse for an invasion. pelosi visit an good china, but she says she's proud of the trip. and you crime, there are fears about the fight of europe's biggest nuclear power plant. officials say russia is preparing to connect the zap a risha facility with crimea, which it any extend 2014. the plant has come under attack several times. and the past week, john, hindrance reports from cave in petro coach and says, ukraine's apparition, nuclear plant faces a serious danger of radioactive meltdown. he says, he believes the russian military occupying the plant is shelling it to disconnect it from the ukrainian power grid and reconnect it to
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a power system in russian controlled crimea. taking all the power with it. they have already cut 3 of the 4 connections to the ukranian grid, he says, and if they sever the 4th, that poses a serious nuclear risk is every school full losin, the external power was applaud. and it is dangerous because the vill burnwell blackout mold as a rule was thornton diesel generators on the if they stop zone, you will have black mountain of nuclear coral reactors. he's asking for the plant to be declared a demilitarized zone monitored by the international atomic energy agency, out of control of the russian army. the foreign ministers of the g 7 group of industrialized nations agree. they say it's russia's presence of that plant that endangering it. and they've issued a statement demanding that russia leave and turnover control to ukrainian authorities. the russians in turn blame the ukrainians for putting the plant at
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risk by firing on the facility. britton's defense ministry predicts the invasion is about to enter a new phase with the heaviest fighting shifting 350 kilometers to the front line that stretches from zap arissa to her son nearby in battle scarred mc alive. residents have emerged from 54 hour curfew. they've come out to queue up for water and food in a region that's been the target of russian bomb since the invasion began in february. ludmilla sta tv guys among the thousands of displaced people evacuating ships sion cove, a village near her son. now under russian control, the daily bombardment is taking its toll on your head for years in a federal agenda. of course, people are afraid, but everyone is hoping that they will not reach us and things will get better. but many houses in our village, a destroyed and people have died. there are a 150000 people in the city, and the red cross is all need some kind of help. john henderson, al jazeera keith,
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why? former us president donald trump has refused to answer questions on the arthur new york. he appeared at the attorney general's office as part of a long running investigation into his real estate business dealings. the case involves claims the trump organization misled bank some tax authorities. oh consumer prices in the u. s. trumps. by about half a percentage point from june to july, but inflation is still making it difficult for many families to feed themselves. rosalind jordan has the story of how one organization is tackling the problem. every family is going to get a bag just like this every day here, this baltimore food pantry fills hundreds of bags with fresh groceries left over from supermarket that otherwise might have been dumped in the trash. restaurant delivery drivers then volunteer their time to take the bags to grateful residence x ray lee, i'm sorry, and i've started to thin as the refer and as plan really helpful to have access to
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the fresh for me on a daily, for health purposes. this is all for that were rescued here. the pantries executive director says in the best of times, it's a challenge to meet the demand. rising prices have made it much harder. inflation is a tough pillar. i. when you think about inflation, what people don't see is the broader aspect of how it, it hurts these families. so right now, you know, a lot of families are having to juggle and do i pay moran to do i look for food, right. do i eat healthy? do i a jump? right. that puts wednesdays latest economic news in context. the consumer price index dropped from 9 point one percent in june to 8.5 percent in july. assign the federal reserves efforts to cut spending by raising interest rates may be working what was cheaper in july filling up with gas plane tickets, clothing and used cars. but grocery prices rose 1.3 percent between
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june and july, and the increase was more than 13 percent in the past year. for families are limited incomes, the price rises are often unsustainable. a point the u. s. president acknowledged on wednesday for the global challenges we face from the or in europe to disruption of supply chains and pandemic shut down, sir. in asia, we could face additional headwinds in the months of head. our work is far from over . 2 things should be clear. first, economic plan is working, the 2nd is building an economy that will reward work while investors on wall street drove stock prices up in approval. the potential for more shocks to the global economy and to you as consumers remains what else we have going on. chris dip naraine says it's all the more reason why he's trying to boost his pantries output to a 1000 bags
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a day for his neighbors. and he says he needs the community's help. it's very hard for people to go look for food. so if you can donate or volunteer to, to nonprofits that are facing, that are attacking fullness, carideo try and help, you know, that's what i would suggest. you know, because we are kind of going after a silent killer in america right now. and that's hunger, trying to help the most vulnerable survive a volatile period in the u. s. economy. rosalyn jordan l. jazeera. calm is returning to the streets of garza after this week's truce between israel and islamic jihad, palestinians were still trying to recover after last year's conflict. when israel launched its 3 day bombardment, now many a having to rebuild their lives yet again as natasha, 9 reports, the phones rang in this garza neighbourhood saturday morning with warnings from israeli intelligence to evacuate in what people say felt like only moments. 6
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apartment buildings were destroyed or damaged about it and haul, awfully fair. when my 4 year old son wakes up, when he has any sound thinking, it's an ast right. and he clings to me. it makes me frustrated because my children are scared. my life has become miserable and is nothing left in our hands, the man malick shem. alec says she can't even dig out a shirt from the rubble for her 2 young son. the family is homeless, but we'll have to find money to pay the mortgage on the apartment and find a new place to live since 2000 to 8. there have been 5 wars or attacks in the gaza strip. the longest was in 2014 and lasted 51 days. after the war, dozens of countries met and planned to raise $5000000000.00 to rebuild garza but not even half. that money was actually donated. the biggest donors katara gave more
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than a $1000000000.00 in aid. saudi arabia, half a $1000000000.00. the united states, the united arab emirates, and kuwait each gave $200000000.00. these photo showed the before and after of some reconstruction projects. ah, after last year's israeli airstrikes, cutter and egypt committed a $1000000000.00 total. to help garza rebuild again, but with no time frame garza's, ministry of public works and housing says it needs millions of dollars. now, to provide housing for $2200.00 families, will you feel the as little as putting some obstacles and the way of the donors that the $130.00 construction processed to be slow over the years, even once reliable arab allies have stopped offering funding. and with many humanitarian crises, globally, donor fatigue has set in israel,
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ester occupying power, to have a real responsibility to, to, to, to, to take care of the situation there. but in the long term, long, you know, full for china. and also for the huge majority of the international community, what concerns us, it's not week, not simply look at the specific situation in the pissed piecemeal. the way some in the international community may continue to spend billions of dollars rebuilding gaza after each war or attack. but palestinians wonder when the world will see that it's more prudent to invest in peace. natasha name al jazeera, gaza hello, stony north r. c 7. all garage had a street named after al jazeera journalist. sure, in a barclay who was killed by israeli forces in may, sharon was short while on assignments and the occupied west bank. members of the
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international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for accountability. a block i worked for al jazeera for 25 years. she was known as the boys of palestine. how correspondent sleet abraham is in ramallah with more the legacy of city. now wallclear, now being engraved in the collective memory of palestinians. this 3, the shooting up list 3 is where she used to walk to work every day. it's very close to al jazeera is office is. this is a through to used to work or to walk in and work for more than 25 years. it's also very close to one manada square, at least that had to, with, had witnessed historical events for palestinians. this is a testament to how much she's love. we're joined the here now by dr. hannon. i said, are we a senior politician? what does it mean for palestinians to have a street named after shooting of all?
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no matter how many anna is bestowed on the memory of serbia. number is no longer alive. she's no longer with us. and she was assassinated than deliberately killed by an israeli sniper. so she'll be in, deserves all this recognition. but the most important recognition is the fact that she is held be it in the hearts of every 5 years. i think it's very important to replace all of their monument actually here, because it is where mostly university students best buy here every day to see and that, you know, most of them are in the future generation. they're going to become journalists and she's a very significant example for them. excellent example. not only here in drama lubbock elsewhere in the occupied westbank, we see pictures of shitty murals being drawn by palestinian artists. every one here wants to send a key or a message that it's been 90 days since today.


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