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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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is $28.00 degrees this fall on friday. that's a snapshot of your weather bye for now. ah. the talk to al jazeera, we ask for the rebound you speak off is clearly coming at a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were part of the arm struggle in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter. on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. oh, now to sierra. ah, the u. s. attorney general's says he personally made the decision to such trumps home and now has asked a federal court, unseal the warrant for the such calling it
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a matter of public interest. ah, i moneyed site, this is out. is there a life also coming up? a un security council meeting on the shelling of these apparition nuclear plants and ukraine as the u. s. calls the demilitarized zone around the facility. ah, head of october, presidential election, brazilians take to the streets of a phase that president won't accept the poll results and fif a has given the green light to stop. this is kathy well come a day earlier. ah, the former us president donald trump has until 3 pm on friday to try to block
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publication of the warrant used to set his home last monday. the us attorney general says he personally made the decision to set trump's florida state. mary garland has now also a federal court unsealed the warrant, calling it's a matter of public interest reports in the washington post to justice. such may have been connected with trumps possession of nuclear documents. i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly where possible in a standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. and to narrowly scope, any search that is undertaken. 3rd, let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the f, b i and justice department agents and prosecutors. i will not stand by silently
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when their integrity is unfairly attacked. the men and women of the f. b. i and the justice department are dedicated. patriotic public servants, scotty. j caster his lie for us in washington dc. heidi, do we have any more details about what the agents were looking for in trump's home? molina, washington post is reporting that these classified documents that trump and his 8 are suspected of having illegally removed from the white house. when he left off is that they may include top secret documents regarding nuclear weapons. now there is not much details beyond that. we do not know whether these are nuclear weapons possessed by the united states or by another country. and namely, we do not know whether these nuclear documents were recovered in the search that was conducted by the f b i on mar logo on monday. we do know that boxes of materials were removed from
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a safe within the former president's private residence and from a padlocked area in that florida resort. now trump previously has called this search a raid he has said that it was politically motivated by his political opponents. the democrats that just that despite the director of the f, b, i being appointed by trump, himself, and he has even gone as far as to suggest that the f b, i agents planted evidence against him during this search. that is what led to these, this extraordinary public statement that we just heard from attorney general merit garland. usually he's very quiet about ongoing vesta geishas, but he did say it was important to explain to the public that there was a justification for this search. and that is why he has also requested for the search warrant itself to be unsealed and to be released to the public. yeah,
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as you say. and donald trump, the former us president, has until 3 pm on friday to try to block publication of the warrant. due, we think that trump wants the warrant to be made public. he has not said either way. however, he has had a copy of this warrant all along and i should mention it's not just the warrant that the a government wants to unseal. it's also the list of documents that was taken, or the, the property that was taken as a result of this search from has possessed that information this entire time, despite saying that he has no idea why this quote unquote raid happened. however, he hasn't said either way, whether he will legally object to the ceiling of these documents. he still has quite a few hours to make that decision, but really puts him to the test and essentially attempt to call his bluff on whether or not to be transparent with the public and share this information with
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them shortly. okay, heidi j. castro the for us in washington dc. well, a hi, a police have shot dead, a man who threatened people at an f. b. i field office in cincinnati. vishal say the man was flashing and a all 15 style rifle and find a nail gun into the building, the suspect fled and led police on a highway chase before engaging in a standoff with offices. the man's motive is unknown, but social media counts that appeared to belong to him indicate he may have been present during the january 6th capital riot. ah, the head of the u. n's. nuclear watchdog says shells have landed near the plants external electrical power source and the ramifications could be dia, on. we made a, b,
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b, military auction, g o, u b woocommerce security model. so you needed these media to use the recordings near such a large literacy lead. very serious kirsten salome has more on this the head of the international atomic energy agency told the security council that the only way for him to assess the damages to this operation. nuclear plant and insurance security is to allow his team access to it to look at it to see it for himself. he stressed that his role is to provide technical, not political assistance and said that he'd been in contact with both ukraine and russia to gain that access. he went on to say that he sees no immediate threat from
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recent shelling of the plant, but he cautioned that that could change at any moment. russia and ukraine accused each other of getting in the way of the visit because you got on your suppliers because there are no guarantees that the trip will take place that we can currently provide. so it's hard for us to judge what is currently being cooked up by the ukrainian leadership, which for several days in a row has been launching strikes on the nuclear power plant. even though the un secretary general described any attacks on nuclear facilities as suicide. the occupiers have resulted to manipulation, an unjustified conditions on the missions visit, as well as shelling oh, these ad county be and, and their godard, thus making the visit impossible. so fall raphael. marianna grossi pointed out that the one thing you crane russia and security council members agreed upon, was the need for the i a to visit zapper asia. and he promised to redouble his
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efforts in the coming days to make that happen. now ukraine has already home to the site of the wells, west nuclear disaster. the 1986 chernobyl meltdown killed hundreds of people and spread of radioactive contamination all over much of europe. now those who survived urging extreme caution around this operation site john henry reports from chin i both the path to the true noble power plant is barren, overgrown and lonesome. this amusement park near by was due to open 5 days after the 1986 nuclear meltdown whose name is now synonymous with disaster. it never did . 36 years later, radiation levels are still well above normal. in some places that's high. the silica the silica the reading is about 16 times normal inside explosion. ravage reactor number 4, now shrouded by a large container. radiation levels remain high. vladimir forbid sky still it,
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your noble engineer rushed to the plant the day of the meltdown very de. oh, but little again, last on. so when i got there i was expecting to see a reactor mom. what i saw was the crate to live at by the explosion. the near what area that onions with this apparition, nuclear plant taking fire repeatedly in frontline fighting and southern ukraine. local say it could pose in even greater danger. yogurt obisky give to nobody. e. butch, when she su, i worked at st. marble and i witnessed the tragic consequences of the explosion. parisha could be 234 times bigger than snowball. and i'm very worried about such believe it or not, this is the center of the town of cricket. that's the cultural building behind me. on the day after the mel dana cher noble, all 50000 residents were evacuated and not a soul has lived here since. now nature his reclaim the landscape on which prep it
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was built. the president of the company that owns a separation plant says russian forces have placed trucks and explosives inside turbine holds near the reactor and are firing from the plants grounds. russia blames ukraine for the strikes on the plant, is a marked all newsletter as unsafe continued this way. unlike chernobyl, vladimir forbids, he says, zap arissa is europe's biggest nuclear plant in it lies in a heavily populated region with us and would assume would possess to buddhism. this won't happen in russia, the west will feel the consequences, bulgaria, romania, moldova, and poland. he hopes both russia and ukraine have learned the lessons of chernobyl . so the land that surrounds apparitions doesn't also become a nuclear waste land for decades to come. john henderson al jazeera, the true noble exclusion zone. ukraine nearly released satellite images appear to show destroyed russian warplanes as an airbase in crimea. something russia had
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strongly denied. ukraine says 9 russian wool plays were destroyed by a string of explosions. earlier this week, the satellite images, shirley 7 fighter jets were blown up. russian officials of said the blas might have been caused. i callous mocha rushes military appears to have hit a block of flats in ukraine with vacuum bombs, a weapon band on the un convention russian media. ed. these pictures showing the buildings in the done yet screech and being destroyed that came over them. a barrick bombs is so powerful they can disintegrate a large part of the surrounding area. it's not clear these buildings in the village of pesky where occupied head on al jazeera, the worst is yet to come moraine expected in sudan, masses of homes are destroyed by flash, flash flash. i'm joe hall in edinburgh, where the world famous fringes back from pandemic hibernation, only to confront
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a brand new crisis. the spiraling cost of performing here, ah, the journey has begun. the. the full world cup is on its way to cat whoop. your travel package to day. hello again. thanks for joining in. here's your world weather update. we're going to begin in india where we had a disturbance move east to west spring in a lot of rain across the top end of india. that's now moving into pakistan. and we've also got this disturbance spinning around on the arabian sea. the 2 are going to come together, a lot of rain to come for sin province on friday, but really top to bottom across pakistan will have some soaking range. that's the scene on friday. let's press plays, who are all of this rain goes. we can see some soaking rains through karachi. and on saturday, a big drop in those temperatures for jacob bad 29 degrees. so almost 10 below
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average is this brain starts to move into baluchistan of to indo china right now. remnants of what was the tropical storm, sweeping across northern vietnam blouse. northern thailand rate through and to me am i think anywhere in that zone we are likely to see some flooding still rain across to pearl river valley, including hong kong, 30 degrees, the number for you on friday and still that heat through the ink see river valley i think shanghai very likely to hit 40 degrees over the next little bit. now for japan's main island of honshu toward the north west, lot of rain falling there. so we've got some land side alerts in play on friday that trap. they'd soon hatta airways visual airline. the latest news, as it breaks out, we just seem rocky streaming overhead coming from garza into israel. and it's been schools and schools have been the stuff that we detail coverage with pension high
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in water. so near the philippines, we'll be looking at today that is states for every new commitment from around the world. the danish government can't make people leave areas like mil to park, and purely on the basis of ethnicity. lou ah, welcome back. you watching out a 0 mind if i top stories this hour fully you as president donald trump has until 3 pm on friday to try to block publication of the war used to such as home. last monday, the attorney general says he personally made the decision to such trumps florida state. i. hi, police have shot dead,
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a man who's frightened people in f. b. i field office in cincinnati. officials say the man was flashing and a all 15, stout rifle, and fought and nail gun into the building. the un sneakily watchdogs as military action around his apparition, nuclear plant must stop immediately. russia, ukraine, all blaming each other. for the shelling of the plant, europe's launches, atomic power complex brazilians have demonstrated across the country in defense of democracy by concerned that president variables. nora may not except october's election result. recent poll show him trailing behind former president louise ignacio lulu de silva, monica yanna. cape reports from rear edition. here. oh, the rallies. united brazilians from all ages and walks of life. trade, union leaders and left wing politicians standing side by side with businessman
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bankers and student bank at belmont. we have created a great front if we want to defend brazil's democracy from president joe ball center is a tax. if this is a unique moment, when businessman and workers join efforts to defend democracy, the main rally was at the university of so ballast law school, where similar event was held 45 years ago against brazil's military dictatorship crowds gathered inside the building in the courtyard. listen to 2 manifestos, both defending brazil's democratic institutions less than 2 months before october's presidential elections. our democracies facing immense danger, our institutions are at risk from insinuations and contempt for the results of the elections. the manifestos were drawn up after president j ball sonata stepped up, his attack on brazil supreme court, an electronic voting system. in july, he told
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a group of foreign ambassadors that the elections could be easily rigged, bowl shobel. so now trailing behind former president was in as to let us see well for the movement in defense of brazil's democracy grew over the past week, spreading twit least, 20 state capitals among them. rio de janeiro crowds gathered at universities here in rio and another cities to listen to the manifestos being read. people here say the must show their unity on the streets to ensure that democracy and the rule of law prevail. monica inactive, al jazeera, rio de janeiro, and israeli miller. she court has extended the detention of islamic jihad leader, bassam, or saudi, by at least 6 days as our launch. what i called preemptive strikes on garza targeting the palestinian group, following our saudis arrest 2 weeks ago. the 2 sides agreed on a truce this week after trading fire for 3 days. 48 palestinians were killed in the
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attacks it. abraham has more from ramallah, while islamic jihad has said that it was clear that one of its demands is the release of its senior leader, beserra mas sadie. we've been talking to analysts who believe that it's on likely that the slamming jihad is going to be heading towards an escalation, specifically given the power dynamics. given that the fact that garza has been as seriously affected by the lead this the attack also given by the fact that hamas did not join islamic jihad in fighting rockets towards israel. so we also know that israel never explicitly said that it agreed to the islamic jihad demands of releasing by sam, as savvy, as well as a hunger striking palestinian prisoner as well. his name is hailey louder. what israel has a report reportedly agreed to via the egyptian mediators, is to have
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a dialogue that could eventually lead to that release. so it's been seeing a seem here as a way of showing fours that is really has the upper hand and influential taliban figure has been killed in a suicide attack. and afghanistan, that's been claimed by i so witnesses say a disabled man approach. ra him, a la connie in a seminary in kabul. he then designated explosives hidden in his prosthetic leg, slash flooding is killed at least 6 people and destroys thousands of homes in sedans, where the nile state and the family say they've lost all their possessions and fear things will only get worse with more rain expected in the coming days, if morgan reports from bertha a county that's been devastated by the flood, bessie rama is still searching for it. he can salvage from his home. it collapsed on tuesday after flash floods in mccaleb in northern sedan cerebrum. our state.
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it's the result of days of heavy rains in the region and rain water from the east over flowing streams in the town. ready this i had, i show the rain started in the morning. i should have dropped raining for hours and then while we were open the slim on what to pass about flux hit us. i didn't stop till the next morning. like the rain was, is usually just flow through the streams of this tom going lot over no barrier. all stream was able to stop it. but she was home, was one of more than 1700 homes destroyed by the floods in mccain uptown alone. more than 3000 homes were damaged in bearable county. in what many here see has been the worst destruction they've seen. my hold up, the law shows us what remains of his once large family home, where rooms one stood, now only rubble remained, follow the order. in archie or there were 2 bedrooms, there a mother to on the other side. i'm a kitchen there. does the water came m m less them hour the houses collapsed. we did me member chance to take out anything cuz we were busy making sure the people got out alive from what all,
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some have left their homes to seek shelter after losing nearly everything. but many others have stayed behind. the destruction has left families out in the open many state. they'll wait here until the end of the rainy season to rebuild their homes. but that may take some time because more rain is forecasting the coming days. and they are concerns about what's up on diseases. the rain and flood waters have damage sewage systems and it's hard to find drinking water in some parts of the town. we're live, we live live, she, if there is no access to clean drinking water or to a health clinic. my daughter is now sick in a tent near by, by we'll try to salvage what we can. but there is no medical treatment available. at least 15 people have been killed as a result of heavy rains and flash floods around. so damn those who survive to see they're not sure how they will be able to rebuild their lives after losing so much . he but morgan under 0 barber county, regional state i phases from across europe is struggling to contain
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a huge while fi that scorch southwest france for 10000 people from their homes. the continent is already baking on the severe heat wave that's been disastrous for farmers and ecosystems. sonya geiger reports hazy start to the day, smoke heavy in the air as firefighters prepare for what is to come closer. the fight to control the fires is a race against time, and the winds, which have been spreading the flames. who are a local, who boldly food will go up with you. as we speak, the fire still progressing, or the call to us by surprise with its direction. it's created its own wind, its own story, its own movement. it has now decided to head off towards the north with 2 major front uh bulky in its part of a house is abandoned by their inhabitants, thousands of whom were forced to leave to escape the approaching fire. reco,
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breaking temperatures, combined with an historic drought and made the southwest region a tinderbox for wildfires. the all night back are further complicated by the flames. having reached layers of pete in the woodlands, making them even harder to damp down in a visit to the area, the prime minister, accompanied by the interior minister promised more resources to fight the blazes, and acknowledged the extreme conditions that wall of a climate emergency. to remove we must continue more than ever to fight against climate change. we must also continue within the framework of ecological planning for which i am responsible with the support of the minister of ecological transition to adapt to this climate change. and a new national plan of adaptation to climate change will be put in place in the autumn. in portugal,
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wildfires have been raging for days in the central co via region. many here blaming a failure by authorities to take preventative measures before the blazes burn through parts of the se. habash the rail, a national park still entire areas on to red, alert for further fire risks and montenegro hill surrounding the resort town of quarter, a flame burning through the electricity grid and cutting power in the surrounding villages. this is a crisis that is gripping europe. the intense heat as fueling the flames has wreaked havoc on landscapes and economies across the continent. the battle to salvage these areas will be a huge task, with no guarantee of how much can be saved. so in a day ago, al jazeera, the british government is expected to declare a drought and parts of england on friday. i expect to warning the dry conditions also increases the risk of flooding. the university of reading has released this
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video showing how long it takes for water to be absorbed into dry ground. heavy rainfall over such land could lead to flash floods. as july was the driest on record for some english regions, and water restrictions happen announced in some parts of the country. fifa has given the green light to sound. this is well copied day earlier. the tournament was set to kick off on the 21st of november was senegal facing the netherlands. cattle will now feature it in the 1st match when they play ecuador at the l. bait stadium on the 20th of that game will be the only fixture on the opening day fever says all much tickets are still valid. despite the changes, the new sales stadium will host the final of the world cup at its now staged. its 1st bit of action out there as peach stem it was there. on the 18th of december, they will be $80000.00 fans packed into the stadium for the fifo wilka final. on thursday they were not quite as many. and the reason for that is because tickets
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were only sold for the low at thea. however, there was still a little bit of history for use of him suck me up. i'll be as he became the 1st man to school, a goal in an official match at the stadium. and what does the future look like? post wilka? well, many of the seats in the talk to you will be taken down and they'll be done. they said towards other schools in projects, the venue itself with what is the precinct we read a bit and they will be something of the community project that we'll see. so you can expect shops, cafes, schools, and the like. but before that, and before argentine and saudi arabia played other in the 1st world cup match the stadium, they will be a 2nd stress test. that's when the champions of saudi arabia played the champions of egypt. and what is known as the do sail supercop. and that's coming up on the 9th of september. the edinburgh fringe fringe festival attracts acts from across the globe and office virtual unknowns a chance to hit the big time. but
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a shot prize in accommodation and performance based cost is threatening the very essence of the annual gathering. some fringe veterans fe, working class in minority group such dish really provide provided at spark and danger being squeezed out for matt and branch anyhow. reports tom mayhew has brought working cost grid to the stages of the edinburgh fringe for a decade. this friday, it was the, the hardest for me to afford say, ever a big come up to the french since 2012. but even if included the cost of living crisis. and if you don't know what the cost of living crisis is, kind of like her, like ha, i look away to seek or to the recession. is kind of like a spade off to the credit crunch. the rising cost of everything from performance space to accommodation means his days here may be numbered. so you do. so. is this a place russell? shall we be here? do you want to? or you can help us get here. when you ask that question, you do think,
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am i going to be here for auntie, like tom who pay that way and often lose money in the process. the promise of being discovered that one of the world's best known arts festivals is fading with the times. with half my life, an immigrant exiled spent in home is no place one of 2 shows by her on board. scottie and he george this year, she explores her creative roots a 30 year veteran of the freedom. she says, minority voices are also being squeezed out. what seems to happen is that the narrowing of the types of stories that we hear in theater because of the type of people who are doing it, the lack of diversity amongst the people who are being centered. and so, theater is going to become irrelevant to those audiences that come from those communities, the survival of the edinburgh festival, and the fringe in particular,
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after a near death experience of the last couple of years demonstrates the come rain or shine, or pandemic. the show must go on, but the wider cost of living crisis is feeding into a cost of performing crisis with the seen the risk of being diminished forever. the life of a fringe known can be and to mouth experience audience is, are increasingly drawn to big name productions, while the vital voices of diversity are drowned out of the fringe as he was some say, he's no longer about money. looks at the hopelessness of young lives, earning poverty, wages, and increase. and i don't know which may not seem like much, but i want to show was his other. turns out he's mostly about the money joe, to how al jazeera edinburgh. ah .


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