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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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it trial of a case that goes back nearly a century ago. the trial for the massacre in that by the shows the serious abuses that indigenous community stafford in this country. only 1000000 of the 45000000 people in argentina considered themselves defendants of the original indigenous groups. most of them live in poverty and continue to fight for survival. argentina has long prided itself of a european heritage, one that often neglected and persecuted, indigenous works. trial of not by piece a step to revise history and give indigenous communities the place they have been denied for too long. ah. for my u. s. president donald trump says he won't oppose the release of the f. b. i warrant, used to search his home in florida.
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ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from dough are also coming up. police in ohio shoot dead, a man who brandished a gun and tried to enter an f. b i field office in cincinnati. the un security council meeting to discuss fighting their a nuclear plant in ukraine as experts won't have a potential catastrophe. and brazilians take to the streets, fearing the president won't accept the results of the next election. ah, former us president, donald trump says he won't oppose the publication of the warrant that allowed the f b. i to search his home. trump posted on social media saying he would welcome the release of the document. the u. s. attorney general says he personally made the decision to search trumps florida state. on monday, mary garland has asked
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a federal court to unseal the warrant, calling it a matter of public interest. reports in the washington post suggest the search was connected with trumps possession of documents relating to nuclear weapons. i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly where possible it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. and to narrowly scope, any search that is undertaken. 3rd, let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the f, b i and justice department agents and prosecutors. i will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked. the men and women of the f. b, i and the justice department are dedicated, patriotic public servants,
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auditor castro has more on the full out from that f b i rate according to reporting by the washington post the f b i. agents were after classified documents that trump and his aides are suspected of having illegally taken from the white house when he left office. and namely, among those documents, potentially ones relating to nuclear weapons. what is unclear is whether these are weapons owned by the united states or by other countries. and whether or not these documents were recovered. we do know that there were boxes of materials recovered from that monday search of mar logo, the former president's private residence, that agents had broken into a lock and into and had taken materials from a padlocked area of trump's residence. now the former president, earlier call this search a raid, and he said that it was politically motivated by democrats. that's despite the fact that the f, b, i's director, was appointed by trump,
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himself. trump even went on to suggest that those agents may have planted evidence against him as part of this search. all of that precipitated the attorney general's a and a comments to the public on thursday defending the search. and also asking the judge to unseal the search warrant so that the public may see for itself at what the legal premise for this search was. it's unclear whether not trump will move to block the unsealing of this document. the judge has given him about 24 hours to object, but ultimately it will be the judge's decision. how much and whether to share this with the american public. if released also, it may be highly redacted due to the classified nature that is expected to be contained in these documents. and us police of shot dead, a man who threatened people and tried to enter an f, b. i field office and cincinnati official, say the mon brundage to rifle,
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and fought a nail gun into the building. the suspect fled leading police on a highway choice. you can engage in a stand off with offices, social media accounts that appear to be linked to the suspect suggest you may have been present during the january 6th capital rides. ah, but you ins. nuclear watchdog says military action around a ukrainian nuclear plant must stop immediately. russia and ukraine are blaming each other for the shelling of the zapper is a plant. ukraine says it's ready for a possible evacuation in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. of the head of the u. n's, nuclear watchdog also issued a warning. rafael gross, he says the fighting near the plant poses a serious risk. western salumi has moved the head of the international atomic energy agency, told the security council that the only way for him to assess the damages to this operation. nuclear plant and insurance security is to allow his team access to it
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to look at it to see it for himself. he stressed that his role is to provide technical, not political assistance and said that he'd been in contact with both ukraine and russia to gain that access. you went on to say that he sees no immediate threat from recent shelling of the plant, but he cautioned that that could change at any moment. russia and ukraine accused each other of getting in the way of the visit. you got, you got on if the players because there are no guarantees that the triple take place that we can currently provide. so it's hard for us to judge what is currently being cooked up by the ukrainian leadership, which for several days in a row has been lodging strikes on the nuclear power plant. even though the un secretary general described any attacks on nuclear facilities as suicide. the occupiers have resulted to manipulation, an unjustified conditions on the missions visit, as well as selling oh, these that ground p. p. and, and there godard, thus making the visit impossible. so fall raphael,
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marianna grosse pointed out that the one thing you crane russia and security council members agreed upon, was the need for the i a to visit apparition. and he promised to redouble his efforts in the coming days to make that happen. you do believe satellite images appear to show destroyed russian warplanes and an ad basin, crimea, something russia has strongly denied. ukraine says 9 planes were destroyed by string of explosions, eddie this week, the images, jess, at least 7 fighter jets were blown up. russian officials have said the blas might have been caused by careless micah. meanwhile, russia's military appears to have hit a block of flats in ukraine with vacuum bombs, a weapon band under un convention russian media, ed pictures showing the destruction of buildings in the don't ask region, vacuum or thermal. barrick bombs are so powerful, they can disintegrate. a large part of the surrounding area. it's not true of these buildings in the village of pesky occupied brazilians have demonstrated in several
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cities in defense of democracy. they are concerned president j bolts. an error may not accept october's election result. recent polls show him trailing behind former president due to the silver, monica inaccurate reports now from rio de janeiro. oh, the rallies united brazilians from all ages and walks of life, trade, union leaders and left wing politicians standing side by side with businessman, bankers, and students. thank you, belmont. we have created a great front if we want to defend bristles, democracy from president job also, nor is a tax id. this is unique moment when businessman and workers join efforts to defend democracy. the main rally was at the university of so paula's law school where similar event was held 45 years ago against brazil's military dictatorship crowds
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gathered inside the building in the courtyard to listen to 2 manifestos, both defending brazil's democratic institutions less than 2 months before october's presidential elections? well, our democracies facing immense danger our institutions are at risk from insinuations and contempt for the results of the elections. the manifestos were drawn up after president j ball sonata stepped up, his attack on brazil supreme court in electronic voting system. in july, he told a group of foreign ambassadors that the elections could be easily rigged, bowl shobel, sonata trailing behind former president, whizzing masula, thus 0 from the movement in defense of brazil's democracy rule over the past week. spreading twit least, 20 state capitals among them. rio de janeiro crowds gathered at universities here in rio and another cities to listen to the manifesto. being read. people here say
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the must show their unity on the streets to ensure that democracy and the rule of law prevail. monica inactive, al jazeera, rio de janeiro, argentina as month inflation. so july was the highest and 20 years at 7.4 percent high. inflation is an almost constant problem. in argentina, daniel sean le visited the country's oldest bakery to find out how people are coping. luca bay korean lucon about an hour's drive west of one osiris, was found in 1875 by marcus, his great great grandfather, angelo, an immigrant from lombardy in italy. it's overcomes several economic crises and marco's his confident it'll survive the one now unfolding. a lot of hindu, you know, if he's a heart in timmins or perhaps very good at coping because we're used to living this way. and maybe because our grandparents have managed to survive every one of these crises, they had to face self, the sun disorders. but it's tough. he has to be alert to increase in the price of
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almost everything, especially flour and fuel, plus the aren't in time pace or weakening against the us dollar while keeping his 30 plus staff and his customers happy. bread is one of life necessities, whatever the cost, it was in $1875.00 and continues to be at the heart of the battle to keep price is affordable and the community functioning. the bakery workers light these ovens at 4 am, 7 days a week. there have been many changes in the past 147 years, but some things remain constant. the scales for instance, made in london even before luca was founded. and of course customers with an appetite, but less and less money to spend ill, you india, look what we do now is consumed less. we don't buy as much as we used to. so we keep costs down. or we take advantage of the promotions. hyperinflation of more than 3000 percent hit argentine or in 1989,
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then social and economic catastrophe in 2000. and one is visual is the results determined. it's like when you're, if you're saying you're a fever, you measure your measuring phrase. but the song, because your cost is the underlying module, insist upon his wish brain. jared, those argentina and the luca bakery are victims of crippling foreign debt. and the war in ukraine with saw the price of flour rocket in bond issue. $99.00 in a bread is something that's been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be sold for several more centuries yet because it must and is difficult to resist food this good. whatever the price dang show, i'm there, al jazeera luca margin tina still to come here out there, including an armed man, takes bank employees hostage in lebanon, and
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a desperate attempt to withdraw his own cash. plus, i'm joe hall in edinburgh with the world famous fringes back from pandemic hibernation, only to confront a brand new crisis spiraling cost of performing here. ah . with. let's go with your weather update for the middle east and africa. hi everyone. thanks for joining an so a lot of sand and dust spinning around eastern province of saudi rate into the empty quarter here. and then we've got some funny rains across western areas of yemen, spilling into the huge as mountains in saudi arabia. and we have seen some flooding, of course, in humans, capital of santa destroying several buildings there for pakistan. a few things going on here. disturbed weather, moving in from india, also
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a disturbance over the arabian sea. this means any way you slice it, a lot of rain coming for cindy province from karachi right through to jacob bad. that's on friday now by saturday, a big drop in those temperatures for jacob a bad. and that rain that shielded brain moves into baluchistan. so we'll have to be on the lookout for that turkey could get straight with the odd shower. it's that ball on friday with the high of 30 degrees. and as we go to central africa, of course, we've seen some big rains through a sudan that's moving just further toward the west. and as we dipped further toward the south, a number of storms are going to march into the cape provinces, south africa's cape provinces, over the course of the weekend. so sunday morning, this is what you're going to wake up to in cape town, a very chilly 7 degrees stay warm. ah. what is the ocean with plaintiff witness? difference is witness. change. witness, happiness. witness. witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. last witness.
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charity witness. you witness clarity, witness, family, witness, friends, witness the beginning, witness the end witness life. with miss an algebra. ah ah, welcome back amount of top stories here at this hour. the former us president donald trump says he would welcome the release of the f b i. warren used for the search of his florida home. the attorney general has asked a federal court to unseal a document saying it's in the public interest. police in
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a higher shop did a man who threatened people. i'm trying to enter an f b i field office in cincinnati. officials say the man was brandishing a rifle and fight a male gun into the building. and the un nuclear watchdog says military action around are ukranian, nuclear plant must start immediately. russia, ukraine are both blaming each other. the shilling south korea's president units of your has pardon samsung, vice chairman lee j young. the justice ministry says the business leader is needed to help overcome a national economic crisis. and they say lees, pardon, could harold some big investments from the world's biggest smartphone maker? the pardon is largely symbolic, as lee was already out on parole. he served 18 months in prison for bribery, relating to his time in charge. samsung and our man has surrendered after holding employees hostage at a bank in the lebanese capital. and he wanted to withdraw money from his own account, but lebanon has imposed restrictions on cash. withdrawals of the economy worsens.
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sent out a report from beirut. a peaceful end to an hours long hostage crisis in the heart of the lebanese capital. but sam huffman laid down his gun and left the bank, escorted by security forces after a deal that gave him back some of his money, like millions of lebanese hassan has not been able to access his account. since lebanon's financial crisis took hold nearly 3 years ago. what is my life? what is my money? i worked on many, many, many, millions only when he's people, they worked abroad. they worked and really buddies, economy received their money. they put them in the bank. the legal they are not with us. the politics is not with us. the bank does not look outside his relatives, friends and depositors gathered to show support to a man they say has been driven to the brink and had no other choice witness to say . the armed men visited the bank several times in recent days,
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demanding $5000.00 from his account to pay for his father's hospital bill. the bank refused to give him the money i. banks imposed limits on withdrawals in dollars and withdrawals in the local currency. are at the rate far below the market price. a significant cut in the original value of deposits. thursday, stand off is not the 1st of its kind. in january a depositor withdrew $50000.00 from his account. after holding bank staff hostage, he spent a few weeks in jail, many feel they are paying the price for the financial collapse. i have some money available. sometimes with what i did with banks have been major lenders to the government for decades. they say they are not at fault blaming politicians for mismanaging the economy. but people know many politicians are
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bankers and they have been protecting themselves instead of taking action to reverse the economic collapse than another. alger cedar failed firefighter, some across europe are struggling to contain a huge blaze that scorch southwest france and force 10000 people from their homes. a continent is already baking under severe heat wave. it's been disastrous for farmers and ecosystems. sony diego report hazy start to the day, smoke heavy in the air as firefighters prepare for what is to come forth. the fight to control the fires is a race against time. and the winds, which have been spreading, the flames. who alone, who bodily food will go up with you as we speak, the fire still progressing on the call to us by surprise with its direction. it's created its own wind, its own story, its own movement. it has now decided to head off towards the north with 2 major
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fronts. a bulky in its part of a house is abandoned by their inhabitants, thousands of whom were forced to leave to escape the approaching fire. record breaking temperatures, combined with an historic drought and made the southwest region a tinderbox for wildfires. the all night back refer the complicated by the flames. having reached lay as a pete in the woodlands, making them even harder to damp down in a visit to the area. the prime minister, accompanied by the interior minister, promised more resources to fight the blazes, and acknowledged the extreme conditions that warn of a climate emergency. remember that you remember we must continue more than ever to fight against climate change. we must also continue within the framework of ecological planning for which i am responsible with the support of the minister of ecological transition to adapt to this climate change. and
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a new national plan of adaptation to climate change will be put in place in the autumn. in portugal, wild fires have been raging for days in the central co via region. many here blaming a failure by authorities to take preventative measures before the blazes burned through parts of the se. habash, the l. a national park still entire areas are on to red, alert for further fire risks and montenegro hills surrounding the resort town of quarter, a flame burning through the electricity grid and cutting power in the surrounding villages. this is a crisis that his grip in europe, the intense heat as fueling the flames, has wreaked havoc on landscapes and economies across the continent. the battle to salvage these areas will be a huge task with no guarantee of how much can be saved. sunny day ago, al jazeera and flash flooding is killed at least 6 people and destroyed thousands
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of homes in sedans, river nile state. many families have lost all their possessions. unfair things will only get worse with more unexpected in the coming days. even more than report now from berber county, that's been devastated by the floods. bessie rama is still searching for it. he can salvage from his home. it collapsed on tuesday after flash floods in mccaleb in northern sedans river now state. it's the result of days of heavy rains in the region and rain water from the east over flowing streams in the town. this i hid, i showed him the rain started in the morning, it stopped raining for hours and then while we were opening the streams for water to pass, the floods hit us. it didn't stop till the next morning. the rain was, is usually just flow through the stream, but this time a wind over it and no barrier or stream was able to stop it. this years home was one of more than 1700 homes destroyed by the floods in mccain uptown alone. more than 3000 homes were damaged in barbara county. in what many here say has been worth destruction. 15 men hold up. the law shows us what remains of one large
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family home where rooms one stood. now only rubber remain the order. you know, there were 2 bedrooms there, another 2 on the other side and a kitchen there. the water came, i'm in less than an hour. the houses collapsed. we didn't even have a chance to take out anything because we were busy making sure the people got out alive, with some have left their home to seek shelter after losing nearly everything. but many of us have stayed behind. the destruction has left families out in the open many. they wait here until the end of the rainy season to rebuild their home. but that's may take some time because maureen is forecasting the coming days and they are concerned about what's on diseases. the rain and flood waters have damage sewage systems and it's hard to find drinking water in some parts of the town. lake lynn wave she there is no access to clean drinking water or to a health clinic. my daughter is now sick in the tent nearby,
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while we'll try to salvage what we can. but there is no medical treatment available . at least 15 people have been killed as a result of heavy rains and flash floods around for those who survived say they're not sure how they'll be able to rebuild their life. after losing so much, he will morgan onto 0. barbara county regional state, the window of one of brazil is most celebrated. art collectors has been cheated out of more than a $140000000.00. the an inch culprit is her daughter, st. mazata, airport police in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro, arrested for people on wednesday as part of a case involving a widow, her daughter, a psychic, and paintings, jewelry and cash worth tens of millions of dollars. a case of fraud and elder abuse involving 16 priceless works of art belonging to 82 year old genevieve budget. she the wife of the late art collector, gene budget. she was a committee, the daughter of the victim on her accomplice,
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began to take the artwork from the mother's house, claiming that the painting was cursed with something negative with negative energy that needed to be prayed over mowing that this was not true. so been called the just she was arrested on accusations of being the legit mastermind of a years long scheme to defraud her mother using so called psychics. she swindled some of brazil's most famous artwork which needs seals on you put me in. laugh concluded in the preliminary check that all the characteristics of the seas paintings are compatible with the authentic paintings. police they sabine and 6 other suspects physically threatened genevieve and forcibly kept her home for months. the victim went to the police after almost a year of abuse for other people who were also arrested to suspects. are still at large, all faced charges of embezzlement. robbery, extortion, false imprisonment. and criminal association zin basra v o g 0. now, group of artists that turning ruins from the war and ukraine into a contemporary art insulation. they've applied their brushes to burn out cars and
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the city of a pin. but not everyone has welcome the idea. are many have warmed the work, some local state to grim the artist and says, no one was killed in the vehicles. and the goal is to help the nation heal. yet the kid who they, it's you math. yes, there are people who don't understand us. they think we're dancing on the graves of those who died, but we're not keen to make a photo collection of happy pictures. we want to cherish the memory of those who died and show that life will go on. we will win and we can beat the enemy, whether it's with a paint brush or with weapons. now the edinburgh fringe festival attracts acts from around the world and offers virtually unknown performers a chance to hit the big time at a shop prize. and accommodation and performance base costs is threatening the very essence of the annual gathering from edinburgh. his driver hope tom may, who has brought working cash grid to the stages of the edinburgh fringe for a decade. this friday was the,
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the hardest for me to afford say, that ever a big come up to the brain since 2012 believe anything kuda the cost of living crisis. and if you don't know what the cost of living crisis is, kind of like her, like her, a long awaited sequel to the recession, which is kind of like a spade off to the credit crunch. the rising cost of everything from performance space to accommodation means his days here may be numbered. so you do feel like is this a place rust? shall we be here? do you, what is it? i even help us get here. i, when you ask yourself that question, do you think, am i going to be any chair for artists like tom who pay their way and often lose money in the process. the promise of being discovered that one of the world's best known arts festivals is fading with the times. with half my life in immigrant ex south spend in home is no place one of 2 shows buying her on board, scotty shop. and george this year, she explores her creative roots
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a 30 year veteran of the freedom she says, minority voices are also being squeezed out. what things have happened is that there's a narrowing of the types of stories that we hear in theater. because of the type of people who are doing it, the lack of diversity amongst the people who are being centered. and so, theater is going to become irrelevant to those audiences that come from those communities the survival of the edinburgh festival, and the fringe in particular, after a near death experience of the last couple of years demonstrates that come rain or shine, or pandemic. the show must go on, but the wider cost of living crisis is feeding into a cost of performing crisis with the art scene at risk of being diminished forever . the life of a fringe unknown can be to mouth experience. audiences are increasingly drawn to big name productions,
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while the vital voices of diversity are drowned out. the fringe as he was some say, he's no longer about money. looks at the hopelessness of young lives, earning poverty wages. i think we may not seem like much, but not all i want to show was his other turns, as it is mostly about the money. joe al jazeera, edinburgh safer has given the green light to start this year's football world cup a day earlier. the tournament was set to kick off on the 21st of november, was senegal facing the netherlands. cattle were now feature in the 1st match when they play ecuador at the al bait stadium on the 20th. the house traditionally play the opening game of a world cup tournament. fee for says all match tickets are still valid despite the changes and the, the sales stadium will host the woke up final and it's now stage its 1st bit of action out of here. as peter stomach was dash on the 18th of december,
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they will be $18000.00 fans packed into the stadium for the fifo. we'll comp final on thursday that we're not quite as many. and the reason for that is because tickets were only sold for the lower tier. however, there was still a little bit of history for use of him suck me. of allah robbie, as he became the 1st man to school, a goal in an official match at the stadium. and what does the future look like? post will cut? well, many of the seats in the top tier will be taken down and they'll be donated towards other schools in projects. the venue itself is what is the precinct we read a village and they will be something of the community project that we'll see. so you can expect shops, cafes, schools, and the like. but before that and before argentine and saudi arabia played other in the 1st world cup match the stadium, they will be a 2nd stress test. that's when the champions of saudi arabia paid the champions of egypt. and what is known as the de sales, super cup and that's coming up on the 9th of september.


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