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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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man, billionaire, joining no boot nasir at chef salad jackass and guest on the curio at mcnaughton spy beach club, mammals. i could hyphen and alma islands do all of that while enjoying altamont hospitality. when it comes to shopping, you find everything from local craft, to world class shopping malls. and for the adventurous take part in our adrenalin fueled exclusive experiences, then relax on tranquil beaches. capital has everything you would want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the faithful wilcock 2022. so why go anywhere else? ah, the controversial ortho salman rushdie is attacked on stage in new york is condition is unknown. ah,
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i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera alive from that also coming up. a drought is declared for parts of england as temperatures continue to saw. and millions suffer from the lack of rainfall falling at water levels in the river. ryan, the cause shipping delays and push the price is up in germany and neighboring countries. thousands old protests in support. an opposition of iraqis shortly them of toddler, al santa. ah, will begin with some breaking news out of the u. s. at the or 3rd salman rushdie who's writing lead to death threats from iran 19 eighties has been attacked while giving a speech in new york that so get more on this with christian silly me, who's in you or krista? now what more can you tell us?
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well we have learned a little bit more about his condition. apparently he was stabbed in the neck. he has been taken by helicopter to a hospital. he is alive and that we know and back tracking to how this all happened . he was set to give a lecture at a lecture center slash summer resort in a rural part of new york state. reportedly over 2000 people had gathered there to hear him. he had taken the stage and was being introduced when a man rushed up on the stage and attacked him, stabbing him. i don't know much about the man at this point, but he has been taken into custody. of course, rusty is a prolific writer. he's written 14 novels, many of them have won awards, but he's perhaps best known for his 1988 book satanic verses which caused an uproar in the muslim community. it was considered blasphemous by many muslims. it
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was banned in countries like india and pakistan. and then a year after it was released, the leader, a religious leader of iran, ayatollah khomeini, issued a decree calling for his death. for 10 years rusty lived in exile. but here in the united states, at least where he would appear on television shows and on social media and was set to release a new book is set to release a new book and february. it seemed that that stage of his life had passed. he is well regarded here in the united states, but as certainly in many parts of the world is still looked upon negatively as a heretic, as so what motivated this man? we don't know for sure. at this stage, the governor of new york came out and gave an update herself,
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i just in the last hour saying that rusty was alive and being taken care of. she referred to him as someone who was a unafraid to speak truth to power. but again, obviously he a controversial figure around the world and he happened to be giving a speech. i abouts, life, i had an arts under exile in exile. oh, when this happened. okay, we'll have more on this as we get it for now though kristen swimming in new york, thank you. and extreme dry weather conditions across europe, a hampering trade and raising concerns about food supplies. the drought has been declared across large parts of england. 9 of the last 12 months had been dryer than normal across the u. k. as a whole. national farmer's unit is wanting that up to half of the potato, carrot and onions harvests are expected to fail. and in germany, larger ships and barges can no longer pass parts of the rhine river. because of the
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low water levels will conquer owners having to pay for multiple shipments to get their goods delivered. because vessels are sailing with reduced loads. and in france, while fires have forced $10000.00 people from their homes, the ease, satellite monitoring service says blazes in france, spain and portugal have already made 2020 to a record year for while fos in the south west europe. richlands has more on this now from southwest london. this is usually one of london's i see that kind of green islands in the middle of the concrete jungle and look at it at the moment. you can see how dry and parts to is. this isn't ready. grass anymore, this is basically straw. and where i'm standing is usually right on the edge of rush me a pons. it is much reduce the moments this water level as it was a couple of months ago. well, you can follow me and i'll show you how far is now have to walk gates. i think 15 meters also towards the rubber disgruntled ducks and geese. they're not very happy
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about it. this is happening all over the country basically. ponds like this drawing up resume was drawing up. i was out reporting a month ago or so on the day where he's reco sets in england, where the temperature smashing $340.00 degrees. since that time, there is no need of the barest smattering of rains. there is a drought announced across much of this country. what it means is that it gives the water company's license to start putting in restrictive measures measures that would stop people say, yeah, sort of taking particularly long showers or you know, water in the gardens, that kind of thing. some parts of the country already have made these announcements . yorkshire water has announced its 1st hose pipe back in 27 years. that's going to be coming in on the 26th of august that you've got south eastern southern and welsh
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water companies. they are also announcing restrictions as well, and there are absolutely going to be more of these coming. meanwhile, dominate cane is in the berlin with more on those shallow waters in the rock. the main concern in germany and so far as these temperatures are concerned and rivers will, it's the rhine river and let's be clear. it's not just germany which is affected by the level of the rhine, switzerland, france, germany luxemburg, the netherlands. they all have a role to play in working at what is happening with the rhine. what matters in one sense is that is now so much lower than it has been in recent months that certain types of ships can no longer apply their trade along this very large waterway. to give you an example, certain tankers of liquids like liquid gas, and that sort of thing are now charging 5 and
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a half times more money per tonne they transport than they were back in june. and the thing to say here is because there's so much less water physically in the river, it means that the depths of the river should have 4 ships to pass down. well, they're not the same depths anymore. so now companies who are transporting particular goods are having to transport perhaps 2 or 3 boats because the one but they would use which could be fully load laden, cannot be oh, there is already been a record number while far across southwest europe, including france, spain, and portugal this year, e's satellite monitoring services, fires in france of st. carbon pollution there to its highest level since records began. emergency crews of battling a fire in the jerome region, which was destroyed more than 7000 hector's of forest. more firefighters and equipment from its 6 eve nations arrived on thursday to help rainy season continues to take its toll in sudan with tens of thousands of people affected. at least 51
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people have died in flash floods across the country. many families have lost all their possessions and feared things will only get worse. the more rain expected in coming days. he been morgan reports from barber. hey county, that's been devastated by the flooding machine. uh huh. it's still searching for it . he can salvage from his home. it collapsed on tuesday after flash floods in mccaleb in northern sedans river now state. it's the result of days of heavy rains in the region and rain water from the east over flowing streams in the town. ready this i had, i show the rain started in the morning, it stopped raining for hours and then while we were opening the streams for water to pass about the floods hit us, it didn't stop till the next morning. the rain was, is usually just flow through the stream, but this time we went over it and no barrier or stream was able to stop it. but she was home, was one of more than 1700 homes destroyed by the floods in mccain uptown, alone. more than 3000 homes were damaged in barber county. in what many here see
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has been the worst destruction they've seen. my hold up, the law shows us what remains of his once large family home, where rooms one stood, now only rubble remained, follow the order. in archie or there were 2 bedrooms, there a mother 2 on the other side and a kitchen there. does the water came m m, lest them out of the houses collapsed. we didn't even have a chance to take out anything cuz we were busy making sure the people got out alive somewhat on. some have left their homes, seek shelter after losing nearly everything. but many others have stayed behind. the destruction has left families out in be open, many things they wait here until the end of the rainy season to rebuild their home . but that may take some time because maureen is forecasting the coming days and they are concerned about what's up on diseases. the rain and flood waters have damage sewage system and it's hard to find drinking water in some parts of the town . late melina wave, she, there is no access to clean drinking water or to
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a health clinic. my daughter is now sick in the tent nearby. we'll try to salvage what we can, but there is no medical treatment available. at least 15 people have been killed as a result of heavy rains and flash floods around. for those who survived see, they're not sure how they'll be able to rebuild their lives. after losing so much, he will morgan onto 0 burke county. reuben allstate support isn't opponents of influential c, on the mac title of rallying in iraq's capital. both sides have gathered up by the greens and the parliament has urged his supporters to keep up their demand for political reform. awesome months. deadlock, but otherwise has more from just outside the green. the 1st scene here in jed re a neighborhood near baghdad to green zone, not very far from the other protest. and these are the, a supporters of the coordination framework. they've come from civil of cities across iraq, there in the 1000, as, as you can see right behind me on this. they say that they are chanting against the
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other supporters, the chanting in favor of the former prime minister, naughty albuquerque. the article of j at later looked at a saw that they say that what is happening in the parliament is a violation of the state at sovereignty. of the state legitimacy and that they are calling on the or in fact demanding the some other supporters to immediately leave the parliament headquartered so that they can give opportunity for a state offices to operate. once again, on the other hand, as you know that others support us. i've been staging the sit in inside the green zone in front of the parliament setting got dozens of tents and they say they will not leave until the demands are achieved. the demands include the product be dissolved and, and interactions be held as a way out of this current political impact. but meanwhile, other supporters,
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i've been calling for the colleagues on the colleagues in other cities to take the streets and to sign a petition to the department. southern recently have been at, in a way or another, have been alleviating the intensity of his rhetoric, calling on the protested here in judea to keep it peaceful. and meanwhile, security forces have been deployed in the area to prevent any possible flesh between the 2. but i even brought a head here on al jazeera, whom you, as president, donald trump says he won't to pose the release on the f. b, i'm warrant, used to search his florida home. and there's a 100 days to go until the fee for well cut begins in cutter. and he, why football show this is getting underway with
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with you're locked into your world, whether update for both the middle east and africa beginning in the middle east. and those winds are shifting around, so for places like cats are now coming in off the gulf. so that means much more humidity. we go in for a closer look. there's those winds. anytime it comes off, the golf is basically scooping up all that moisture and humidity. shoving it right into the city of doe has so high humidity, it will feel about 55 on saturday, or it's a box stop. they've had some big storms here. this was the scene in karachi not too far away from the clifton beach area, had the windshield wipers going up full blast. they're much of the same in the forecast on saturday with this disturbance spinning around the arabian sea, chuck and rain there. so from karachi to jacob bad, some pretty big downpours seem likely. turkey looks like this on saturday. no real change in the weather. some cloud showers never really too far away from stumble. so got to put the risk in there. and for central africa,
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it looks like this eastern portions dry, but pretty much west of nairobi is where we're going to get into some showers and storms and a number of weather makers marching into south africa's cape provinces over the weekend. this is the 2nd one, rain and wind, so capetown wind gusts of 55 kilometers per hour. bye for now. ah, with frank assessments, how much support is there if at street protests that we've seen in hotel across the rest of the country, the street has been, has been very good at tapping into the core concerns of people across the country. informed opinions, we will say more of what is happening is that climate change it to making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines draw. he is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera lou?
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories they saw ortho salman rushdie has been attacked, giving a speech a new york lease, so he suffered a stab wound to his neck and has been transported to hospital. the u. k. government has declared a drought in parts of england in the dr. july since 1935. some regions have already announced water restrictions, banning people from watering of lawns or washing cars. former us president donald trump says he won't oppose the publication of the warrant, but allowed the f b i to search his home. us attorney general says he personally made a decision to search trumps florida state on monday or x garland has asked
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a federal court to release the warrant calling it's a matter of public interest. i'm involved report. he's described the f. b, i search of his florida state oven, an american unwarranted and unnecessary and breaking. but donald trump says he's encouraging the release of the warrant, even though it was drawn up by what he describes as radical left democrats and possible future political opponents. the request to unsealed the warrant is array or move by the us justice department. good afternoon. and according to the attorney general, that's because trump himself disclosed the search. i personally approve the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly where possible in a standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope, any search that is undertaken. if the motion is granted,
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the water will be made public and could reveal what investigators were looking for . its reportedly connected to allegations, the former president removed sensitive files from the white house search warrants usually to main last fight during offending investigation. let's say the public interest is mounting along with fear the violent responses from some of the far away supporters, claiming that things may have been planted by the f b. i. and extraordinary allegations that matter what the circumstances out with donald trump, no matter what he has done, he is always able to present himself as the victim. on thursday, an armed men tried to breach and f b. i field office assistant who was shot and killed in a stand off with a police pulse on trump social media platform from an account bearing the suspects name mentioned the attempt to storm the f. b i office and encouraged others to
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prepare for war. the man is also believed to have been part of the january 6th attack on the capital one. does your less cross to mike hannah now in washington d. c. for more on this mike her. what's the latest on this suck? well, trump's lawyers have just under 2 hours to meet the deadline for the department of justice, demand that the warrant be unsealed. if they do accept that, then it's simply a matter of sending letters to the florida judge who issued the warrant, who will then decide to unseal the documents. however, there is a issues involved here at the judge himself is dealing with 3 elements. first of all, you have the affidavit ad that the department of justice drew up to justify the warrant . you have the warrant itself, and you also have the list of what the f b i sees during that arrayed on maro lago. so the 3 different sets of documents
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that the judge has to rule on. he could decide simply to unseal the warrant and not unseal the affidavit which led to the warrant. he could also decide to unseal all the documents involved. this is what the department of justice is asked whether or not the judge complies, that's another matter. so we now waiting to hear from trump's lawyers who will have to respond by 3 o'clock to the department of justice and they can either say yay or nay. are completely separate from what donald trump has already said, that he's quite happy for all the documents to be released of he might hannah live for us in washington, d. c. thank you. many lebanese people are calling a man who held employees hostage at a bank in bay root a hero. he was trying to withdraw his own money to pay his father's medical bills. he surrendered peacefully to police after 7. our stand off on thursday. people accused the banking system in lebanon, of misusing funds. in the hood,
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reports from barrett, a peaceful end to an hours long hostage crisis in the heart of the lebanese capital . but sam hassan laid down his gun and left the bank, escorted by security forces. after a deal that gave him back some of his money, like millions of lebanese hassan has not been able to access his account. since lebanon's financial crisis took hold nearly 3 years ago. what is more like, what is my money? i worked, i'm many, many, many millions of lebanese people. they worked abroad, they worked and really bad use economy. they saved their money, they put them in the bank, the legal, they are not with us. the politics is not with us. the bank does not live outside his relatives, friends and depositors gathered to show support to a man they say has been driven to the brink and had no other choice witness to say . the armed men visited the bank several times in recent days, demanding $5000.00 from his account to pay for his father's hospital bill. the bank
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refused to give him the money i. banks imposed limits on withdrawals in dollars and withdrawals in the local currency. are at the rate far below the market price. a significant cut in the original value of deposits. thursday, stand off is not the 1st of its kind. in january a depositor withdrew $50000.00 from his account. after holding bank staff hostage, he spent a few weeks in jail, many feel they are paying the price for the financial collapse. i have some money, i don't have all the food sometimes and i get a lot of banks have been major lenders to the government for decades. they say they are not at fault. blaming politicians firmly managing the economy. but people know many politicians are bankers and they have been protecting
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themselves. instead of taking action to reverse the economic collapse than who their elders. eda favorite. com has returned to sierra leone after days of nationwide anti government demonstrations. is when anger about the rising cost of living li protest as are demanding president julius audio steps down. at least 27 people have been killed, including security personnel. the government housing posed a nationwide curfew. augment interest has more from the capital free town. on a regular day, the streets of free town would be chalked with human and view killer traffic. that traffic is currently scanty. this has to do with a fears expressed by several years and years. a lot of them are keeping of the streets and even away from the market, fearing that things could erupt once again. now shops that are supposed to reopen have not actually operating. i'm not actually operating at maximum capacity. i look
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afraid to stay home, fearing that opening their shops will result into losses when violence, when this violence, europe. now the government tries to address all of these concerns by members race by de la spray just over the past few days by trying to reduce the costs of petrol, a petrol stations. now some of these petrol stations are refusing to sell to members of the public simply because they will lose the prize is being set by the government. remember, this is a country that has not fully recovered from the civil war. the boiler crisis and like many other african countries that are dependent on import, this is a country that is struggling to find enough food to feed it. now whether or not the government will be able to address these challenges in the next few days. it's difficult to say for the time being, but people are watching close me, how the government tries to assuage the feelings and concerns of federal union and keep the peace. and the protest in fairly early will be discussed with
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a panel of guests on inside story. 730 g m o u n is nuclear, watchdog says military action around the ukrainian nuclear thoughtless stopped immediately. russia and ukraine are blaming each other for the shutting of is parisha plans. ukraine says it's ready for a possible evacuation in the event of a nuclear catastrophe. south korea as president units of your has pardon some some. the vice chairman, the j young justice ministry says the business leader is needed to help overcome a national economic crisis. analysts say lease, pardon, could harold some major investments from the world because smartphone makeup the pardon is largely symbolic though as lee was already out on pro, he served 18 months in prison for bribery relating to his time in charge at samson frustrating and caught his fine google $42000000.00 for collecting notation data from android uses without their consent. the suit was followed by australia to
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competition and consumer watchdog and july 2020. they said a google setting allow the tech john to collect, store, and use personal identifiable vacation data. argentina's monthly inflation for july was the highest in 20 years. at 7.4 percent. that means accumulated inflation for the year so far is more than 46 percent as projected to rise above 90 percent of the end of 2022 daniel traveler visited the country's oldest bakery to find out how people are coping. luca bay, korean lucon about an hour's drive west of one osiris was found in $1875.00 by marcus. his great great grandfather, angelo, an immigrant from lombardy in italy is overcome several economic crises and marcos . his confident. it'll survive the one now unfolding it out of him. do you know if he's a heart into millions or perhaps very good at coping because we're used to living
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this way. and maybe because our grandparents of managed to survive every one of these crises, they had to face cell at the sun disorders. but it's tough. he has to be alert to increase isn't the price of almost everything, especially flower fuel plus the argentine pace are weakening against the us dollar while keeping his 30 plus staff and his customers happy. bread is one of life necessities, whatever the cost. it was in 1875. i continues to be at the heart of the battle to keep price is affordable, and the community functioning. the bakery workers like these ovens at 4 am, 7 days a week. there have been many changes in the past 147 years, but some things remain constant. these scales, for instance, made in london even before lucre was founded. and of course customers with an appetite, but less and less money to spend a $1000000.00 the yeah. look what we do now is consumed less. we don't buy as much as we used to. so we keep costs down. or we take advantage of the promotions
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hyperinflation at more than 3000 percent, hit argentina in 1989 than social and economic catastrophe in 2001. asia is the results determine it's, it's like when you have, when you're sick, you're a fever. you measure fever, you're measuring pressure used by the socket call. the cause is the underlying monitoring system which bring generated isn't fresh. so sergeant tina and the luca bakery of victims of crippling foreign debt and the war in ukraine. we saw the price of flour rocket in bond issue and all in a bread is something that's been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be sold for several more centuries yet because it must and is difficult to lose his food. this good. whatever the price that you showing there,
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al jazeera luca argentina, not a football, well cut kicks off in a $100.00 days. a couple of fixtures have been rescheduled to ensure that the host nation tuttle. i will now face ecuador in the opening game. it's oregon to report the countdown clock on dough host cornish marks, the final days, hours, minutes and seconds until kat or 2022 kicks off. now in the final stretch organizes say they're ready to deliver. you realize that there's a huge excitement. it was building up over the last 12 years, but under days to go, you can feel it, you can touch it, you can taste it. i think it's, it's, it's matter of justine or the final count on for the 1st time the competition is being held in the middle east and they'll be plenty of other firsts . the 1st will comp to be played in november and december, female referees in the men's tournament and ambition to make this the most sustainable tournament of all time. kat or 2022 is also set to be groundbreaking
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because of this air conditioning. the majority of stadiums will be artificially ventilated to keep players and crowds cool. fans here in doha welcomed fif is decision to start the world camp a day earlier to allow cat or to feature in the opening match. the hosts will play ecuador al bait stadium on november the 20th to very rec, apple to lucas, to every one, even though heartily to be here on to live this sir. all this exciting and very excited to see as this is my 1st time and going to an actual man. some very exciting. 100 days ago. count down events like this one a happening all over though. huh. the excitement is building for fans in the $32.00 nations, he qualified and perhaps even though so here in the high city, missouri gave only al jazeera though ha ah.


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