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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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hong kong and uganda, 3 women grapple with the impact of their frontline activity. dear future children on a j 0 getting close to the people most affected by those in power is often dangerous, but it's absolutely vital at the stories to tell us of cited in this area. we pushed as far forward as we can to the front line. now, the smell of that is overpowering. a lot of the stories that we cover heidi conflicts, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible, no matter how much they know about a given chrisy saw issue as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do . lou ah, donald trump is being investigated for possibly breaching us espionage laws after the f. b i finds classified documents at his florida home.
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ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out as they are alive from dough. also coming up the right or some on rusty has been stopped and seriously injured on stage in new york state . responding to china, the us now says it will hold drills in the taiwan straits. and the climate crisis. rage is on farmers in mexico struggled to save their livestock while firefighters battle more blazes across europe. ah, for you as president, donald trump is suspected of violating the espionage act after the f. b, i seized classified documents from his florida home. earlier this week. the list of documents reportable includes materials relating to nuclear weapons. audio caster
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reports from washington. how do you feel mister tub? never before has a former u. s. president been suspected of violating the espionage act? according to the warrant authorizing the f b, i search of trump's estate. trump may have kept documents that could endanger national security and may have destroyed or concealed presidential records. this week, federal agents removed 11 sets of classified documents from our lago war sets were labeled top secret, and reportedly may contain information about nuclear weapons. many lesser people have gotten prosecuted for doing a small fraction of what it appears that donald trump has done witches. and taken the single most highly classified documents, united states government has as taken and taking them to his home. other seas, documents relate to french president emanuel micron and to trump. pardoning of his
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close associates. roger stone, trump says he declassified all materials he and aids took from the white house. he and republican supporters called the investigation a political witch hunt president donald trump is job idence, most likely a political opponent in 2024. and this is less than $100.00 days from critical mid term elections. the f. b, i rate of president trump is a complete abuse and overreach of its authority. the department of justice says it and the f. b, i are acting independently. biden has remained silent, and while some democrats say this is trump getting his, do others urge caution? i think for the most part, people want to see the process play out. i agree with that. i don't want to interfere with what law enforcement is doing. but i think it would be wrong to take the position because this person is a former president. now we should look the other way when there could be violations of a lot. the justice department must now decide whether to charge trump with a crime, which would be a 1st in american history. and the decision would be further complicated if trump
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now says he's running for president again, because charging a political candidate could be seen as election interference. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington. the agent for a claimed and controversial author, salman rushdie says he's on a ventilator after being stabbed at an event in new york state. he says rusty's, likely to lose an eye and has suffered nerve damage to both an arm and his liver. police have a respite, a 24 year old man. question for me as more now from new york's he came to give a lecture about freedom of expression in the united states, but left on a stretcher headed to hospital and emergency surgery. police say the celebrated author, salman rushdie was stabbed in the mac and the abdomen. witnesses say it happened quickly. she had just walked on to the stage, was still being introduced less than a minute before the event began. after the event began, one and a man rushed from this audience up on to the stage and started punching or stabbing
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. it wasn't quite clear, but there was clearly some sort of blood or red liquid. going in many directions. a collective sigh of shock from the audience with rusty's alleged assailant was quickly taken into police custody in the attack to cried by local leaders. we're undeterred and our commitment to make sure that we call it out. we condemn what happen. we condemn all violence, and we want people to feel that freedom to speak and to write truth. salman rushdie was forced into hiding in 1989 after his book. the satanic verses was denounced by the iranian leader, ayatollah ru, holla, khomeini. many considered the book blasphemous. in its portrayal of the prophet mohammed, but even before khomeini's ruling, it had sparked protest and been banned in several countries. a bounty of
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$3000000.00 was offered to anyone that would kill the british author. but even as rushed, you was being burned and apogee. he was celebrate in the west and later knighted by great brin, many in the city did not believe that it amounted to an act of blasphemy. nor indeed, did many in this world believe that he deserved to die for it. but those voices of moderation, and indeed those voices a more just ation well crushed. more recently russia could often be seen at public events. the lecture was expected to focus on the role of the united states as a home for free expression and an asylum for writers and other artist and exile. christian silly me al jazeera, new york, or treat a passage from the quincy institute. he says they attack us, motivations are still not clear he would most likely be born on the same year
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that the iranian government, essentially, to clear that they are not going to be seeking sell on rushes death. and they're not going to be aiding anyone else to do so, either it's not a for rescinding of the fats. why? because the phosphor belongs to the ayatollah cannot be rescinded by the state, according to iranian practices. but they took this distance thing from it, as part of a pre condition for the iranians and the united kingdom to restore diplomatic relations. and ever since that picture against my rush, the seems to have decreased quite significant, but clearly not enough. there's still been elements inside of the audience that nevertheless are speaking of that, as well as if it is still a fully part of the volume state of policy. we don't know more, we have no indications as to whether this person has issued any tweaks of social
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media our yet left something to explain why he did this. i committed this crime, but it does appear unlikely that it is completely disconnected from the picture. the larger picture, which range is not just from the original photo against them by i for the whole many, but also our efforts by other groups later groups seeking his assassination. the former us national security advisor to donald trump, as described on the ledge plot to kill him as tantamount to an act of war. in an exclusive interview with al jazeera john bolton says, the evidence is overwhelming. washington accuses iranian revolutionary god, member, shot on per sofie of being involved in the plan. prosecute to say it was probably no tele ation for the 2020 us trend strike appeal to ron's elite could force leader . awesome. so the money i think be charging documents that the u. s. department of
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justice filed last week and were unsealed a few days ago presented an overwhelming case that this is the government of iran targeting a former government official in this case may to, to try and attempt to assassinate. and as the charging document indicates, and as others have said, that this threat extends well beyond me. a former secretary of defense mark as for former secretary of state, mike pompei, when number of other people whose names have not really become public are targets of the iranian government. and i think it's, it's very serious. it's tam out really to an act of war by iran against the united states. at the same time that the, the, the u. s. government is being urged to get back into the 2015 nuclear deal with iran, which i think is a huge mistake. now your sources will conduct exercises in the taiwan straits in the coming weeks. the white house says the exercises will reflect its response to
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china's drills in the, in the area. it also says the us will operate were of international law, allows the white house as described, china's drills as provocative beijing regards taiwan as part of its territory. launched the drills after us how speak and nancy pelosi visited taiwan earlier this month were don't live on skype from hong kong is angel young. he's an international and independent china strategist under good to have you back. so how significant is this statement by the us that it will conduct these exercises? presumably, angel, this is about washington saying look, we not backing down of a tie one? well, all these activities, all these acts cannot be seen in isolation. football is one tie, one china policy has consistently been order out by the united states administrations over here, the kids are sending more and more. see the officials to visit by one and also
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creating why didn't wider bag space. but i want to pray is almost independent row as the pie one was a separate country, a lucy visit. i lost all the candles back. that's point one. wanted to visit came as of the way up front to president c. all his private calls and warnings to let us know by so this is ok run and amanda lee. yeah. and let me just jump in there because the push for time, i mean in the wake of the nancy pelosi visit that you just mentioned. we saw china stage, huge miniature drills around tie one in terms of the optics. andrew, does beijing want to show that this could be a rehearsal of any future full scale invasion of tie one? well, this is likely in the immediate future because that not get and that's what we get
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that is looming. both try to and the united states will be j is the national people's parties, conrad, which is supposed to con presidencies. and then because of the united states, because it's coming up, so any kind of immediate war, it's unlikely, however, because the relationship is to be capital manage in the south china sea because the united states is bought capital. this was well to comb with to inspire our control as i say, andrew, many analysts say that both sides are not likely to have a full scale war of a taiwan. now, at least anyway, i mean, how would this playing out politically for president? she whose long term goal is of course re unification. well actually, because as i say this, the china one sided policy is constantly being pulled about at the top one is people moving and moving more away from the mainland together with
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pro independent voltage in taiwan. the reality remains, the taiwanese people do not support implication, but no law to be that the great dependence and they want to. busy the status quo wherever our before, but it's not an option because presidency has quite played 2049 after the deadline for this location, which is it was for the font public sign. it just took the final thought to andrew . how worried our regional allies like japan, south korea, other asian nations. how would they view in different of worsening geo political firestorm as both sides seek to increase their presence and the military posture in the region? i think that those countries in asia do not. busy want to a. busy war or the not a stays north, china for that matter. so i think the countries want to and keep the situation on
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even q and plus the fact that app throughout asia, most of the nations of china is the largest trading partner and taught of course, it's at the heart of the regional comprehensive economic partnership, which is the largest trading in the world, i can there was a 3rd in the world population. so all the countries in the region while it. ready not necessarily support china, 100 percent, but they do not want to be forced to choose and they want to maintain relations with china. and really i'm really good to get your thoughts as always. thank you, andrew. thank you. all right, time for a short break here. now to sierra, when they come back cows under quarantine, indian cattle farmers, race to controlled an outbreak of a potentially devastating disease and italian firefighters. rescue a man trapped on a ton. what police say, he may have been planning to rob a bank one status. ah,
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he has begun the faithful world cup is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. you're locked into your world, whether update for both the middle east and africa beginning in the middle east. and those winds are shifting around. so for places like cats are now coming in off the golf, so that means much more humidity. we go in for a closer look. there's those wins a time it comes off. the golf is basically scooping up all that moisture and humidity. shopping it right into the city of though has so high humidity. it will feel about $55.00 on saturday or it's a box star. they've had some big storms here. this was the scene in karachi not too far away from the clifton beach area, had the windshield wipers going up full blast. they're much of the same in the forecast on saturday with this disturbance spinning around the arabian sea, chuck and rain there. so from karachi to jacob bad,
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some pretty big downpours seem likely. turkey looks like this on saturday. no real change in the weather. some cloud showers never really too far away from its stumble. so got to put the risk in there. and for central africa looks like this eastern portions dry, but pretty much west of nairobi is where we're gonna get into some showers and storms and a number of weather makers marching into south africa's cape provinces over the weekend. this is the 2nd one, rain and wind, so capetown wind gusts of 55 kilometers per hour. bye for now. official airlines of the journey. talked to al jazeera. we ask for the rebound, you speak off is clearly coming, get a high cost for airlines and the industry, what's going wrong? we listen, you were harder the i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center on al
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jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. pick them out about top stories a at this hour. donald trump is suspected of possibly violating the espionage act, the f. b. i seized classified documents while searching for my president's florida state. and he had this week the agent for, for salman rushdie. he says he's on a ventilator after being stopped on stage. an event in new york state. rusty's 1988 novelty, satanic verses made him a target of death threats. he's under by surgery and police arrested suspect us forces will conduct exercises in the taiwan straits in the coming weeks. the white
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house, as the drills are, it's responds to recent china's military actions. those are says the us would operate where wherever international law allows us, house of representatives has approved the biggest climate package in the country's history and a major victory for president biden. the motion is adopted. ah, $370000000000.00 will be set aside to fight climate change. most of the money will come from tax reforms including a new 15 percent minimum tax on large corporations. investors looking to pull money into clean energy will be rewarded with a decade of federal subsidies. the bill will not be sent to biden, to be signed into law. a drought has been declared across large parts of england. 9 of the past 12 months had been dry, the normal across the u. k. and national farmers union says up to half of the potatoes, carrots and onion harvests, will probably fail. where we challenge report. nice weather for ducks is what they
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say in england when it rains while this is anything but it's the driest sama for 50 years grasses shrivelled to straw. the ground has cracked reservoirs and rivers. a low and drought has officially been declared across large parts of england. in some areas there are what companies bringing in place, for instance, temporary use, ban cycled host bite bonds. that's the right thing for those companies to do where they have particular concerns. and it's a small sacrifice the people to make in order to ensure that we've got adequate water resources next year from space. the parts conditions are just as obvious. the picture on the left is july last year, a normal enough summer. on the right, august 2022, from green's to browns and yellows. a couple of months ago where i'm standing now would have been the water line of rush, may a pond on wimbledon common. but now look at it. you have to go good. 50, you know, so meters, this way to get to the new water line. this poland is now little more than
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a puddle. and this is happening across large parts of the country. the water systems like this, becoming extremely stressed, stressed enough here for the fish to barely have enough water to cover them. it's worrying stuff, any one paying attention. i find very sad. why, if i did the good to know in nature, the ground is so hide take groups can have the worms is nasty around when you see things lat, pole, you realize how different is in this grade of the graph. worried. it starts the heat. last month, england experienced its hottest ever temperature $40.00 degrees. the 10 hottest years since 1884 have all happened since 2002 and none of the coldest this summer may turn out to be an anomaly for the data suggest not. and that means more
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fires, more extreme temperatures and more droughts to come re talents out as air under. and farmers in mexico are struggling to keep her herds alive during one of the worst droughts in 30 years. just 10 percent of damages across the country of foot levels and dropped well below half in many of them, the drought has pushed the government to declare a national emergency. to 0 non jo rapids has more from mexico city. the water crisis and mexico is not isolated to a single state or a single region of the country. there are moderate to severe drought conditions affecting almost 65 percent of mexico's national territory in the case of northern mexico. these are some of the dry conditions in the past 30 years. just last month in july, the mexican government declared a national emergency which allows for federal resources to be allocated toward providing water to the regions of the country that have been most severely impacted
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by the drought, the city of monterey in riverdale. and is where many people would agree where the crisis is most acute water levels at dams are well below where they should be. when we visited monterey, just a few weeks ago, we were told that the drought is largely related to the weather phenomenon known as linear, which is known to disrupt traditional weather patterns. and in the case of northern mexico, a rainy season that was supposed to come in may never came. experts say the impacts of linea are being exacerbated by climate change. and we should note that the month of july is the hottest recorded in mexico since 1953, meaning that these extreme he conditions are not doing anything to help alleviate the ongoing crisis. a violent him section has killed thousands of cattle in india. some states have bound the transport of livestock and cancel the animal fairs in response to the outbreak. out zeroes, property metal reports from dr. push. this
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shed is disinfected every few hours. at least a dozen cows are quarantined here sick from a viral skin disease. this rehab center in the state of rogers con is home to nearly 1700 animals. many are infected with authority said the 1st spotted symptoms 2 months ago as how my they are. but she had to say hers, you'll be accident, you get a lot of calls from the city. some have been in accidents. even though you see eating garbage on the streets are brought to you. we check for symptoms when they arrive. even those without symptoms are kept away from a hurtful weeks he, lumpy skin disease is spread mostly by flies and mosquitoes. lumps like these tart, appearing on the skin, animals become weak and get fever. it's spreading fast. housings of animals have died across india. most of them are cows, roger tan state is the worst effected. the disease emerged in zambia a century ago in recent years, parts of asia had reported cases here in india,
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it regularly infected sheep and goats. this is the 1st time that thousands of cattle have got the disease. lolly babies family owned 15 cows, like millions of others, their livelihood depends on cattle. she says she hasn't let them out in weeks in the little jagged little garden cut over day that if they forsake it will impact the milk we can also forsaken our income's will also fall on top of that. the treatment will cost us a lot of money. officials say they're testing animals regularly. the gold box vaccine is been given across india. but some districts are reporting a shortage of medicines and doctors milk production has also reduced in some areas and got a leak on, on the defender that he found that didn't get the body. farmers depend a lot and cattle that he used them in fields and for milk of low milk production affects the economy and the income's gone. we want the government to promise them
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free medicines. one will feel that sir, checking on the cattle and the treatment is free. you know, even here the government is funding the treatment medium is ah, roger stanz, government is asking for donations to help fund the treatment. official say they plan to vaccinate as many animals to prevent future outbreaks. pardon him at the al jazeera jap or in west in india, sierra leanne's president julia smart beer has vowed to punish those responsible for deadly protests and recent days. at least $27.00 people were killed including 6 policeman. many people are angry of arising. prices for the president says the demonstrations are part of a plot to overthrow the government and address reports from frita. fellow serial unions. president julius might be, or says, the violence was premeditated, and designed to topple his government. he caused the protest, her saw insurrection is for the full force of the law, we be brought to bear on all those persons who attacked and killed police officers,
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they, dest pencils, under collaborators, will not go unpunished. guy will also be if for investigation into the death of ordinary citizens who lost their lives in this senseless violence incited by those are non peasants. the perkins are some of the most violent sanity on the scene. in peacetime, the government says the opposition is to blame, but the opposition rejects that accusation. they say the government bad economic policies are disposable. has been for years since they came to power. they haven't done anything to move the needle in the right direction. so that's not an excuse how many businesses have remained shut. a security forces patrol the streets
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a 12 hour curfew is still in force across the country. said in your life, most african countries heavily rely on imports. and because of its current supply challenges, the countries also suffering from inflation with more than half the population living below the poverty line, people here finding it increasingly difficult to afford even the basics, like for the purpose come 10 months before the countries general elections that are really concerned caea the election process could be mod by the violence seen in the past few days. how many degrees al jazeera freaked out saturday or not the u. s. is set to investigate the ownership of a venezuelan cargo plane for ledge links to iran's revolutionary god. the boeing 747, which used to belong to iran has been held in argentina since june. venezuela has demanded its return. daniel shawn, the reports from when his eyes, the boeing 747300 has been held in argentina since june. it said it was carrying
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car parts. it belongs to the venezuelan cargo company, m for thor. we bought it from the iranian baja hair back at the end of 2021. the argentine authorities have allowed 12 of the original 19 crew to leave the country of the 7 that remain we of in a slave. and for iranian, among them is the pilots, gollum rissa, semi who the united states accuses of being a former member of the cod, forth of the iranian revolutionary guard. they accused that organisation of being a terror organization is reported about the f. b, i working with argentina, authorities have already searched the play. israel says at least some of the crew are involved in trafficking arms, the syria, and has the law in lebanon. iran denies any involvement in terrorism. while there had been angry protest outside the argentine embassy and collectors with the venezuelan authorities demanding that the plane be returned. no man,
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it's incomplete. 2 months have passed since the high packing of the venezuelan and radiant pilots in argentina. and nobody has done anything from here from this congress of social movements. i asked for the support of the social trade unions, political movements and patriotic people of argentina. for the rescue of that plane, for the release of the hijacked pilots, i asked for the support of argentina. i can see there isn't a difficult situation being phrased by the united states, which it relies upon for economic support, while angering of an, a sway law, one of his key allies in the region down to find the al jazeera. when osiris park lies, vice president says he'll step down after the us ambassador to the country accused him of corruption. hugo velasquez was seen as a leading contender in next year's presidential election, but now says he's withdrawing from the race. merican ambassador mac os field says the vice president close a tried to bribe a public official with more than
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a $1000000.00 to stop an investigation that threatened his finances. velasquez denies the allegations. an australian court has fine google $42000000.00 for collecting location data from android users without their consent. the lawsuit was filed by australia, competition, and consumer watchdog. in july 2020, they said a google setting allow the tech giant to collect, store, and use location data. google fix the issue through a software update in december 2018. a suspected bank robbery in italy has landed in hospital off the tunnel. he was digging collapsed on him. investigators are looking into the possibility that he and 3 other men were trying to borrow their way into a bank. near the vatican offices arrested the 3 of the suspects battalion. newspapers say the men wanted to stage the highest this weekend holiday in italy. ah,
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