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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the run. democracy may be exposed to struggle if those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera, part of the sample must always on good luck. we are the ones traveling the extra mile. where are the media? don't go, we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. with this is al jazeera, ah, hello,
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i'm carry johnston with a news our head on al jazeera coming up in the next 60 minutes. donald trump is being investigated for possibly a breach, a u. s. espionage. that was off the f. b. i found classified documents at his florida home, a suspect his child with attempted murder. after a claimed author, salman rushdie was stabbed multiple times at an event in new york state. thousands of supporters of the ousted pakistan, the prime minister, iran con rowdy in the hall. on the eve of the countries, the 75th independence day. thousands of passengers across the u. k. c. their travel plans go off the rails as 9 train firms go on strike. i'm john a gas raska with the sports, including what they can like a shocking score line in the premier league. majesty united lost the opening game to brighten and now find themselves for nail down to profit action coming up to salah. ah,
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ah, former us president donald trump is suspected of violating the espionage act of the f. b. i seized classified documents from his, sorry, the state earlier this week with a list of documents reportedly includes material relating to nuclear weapons. how the castro reports from washington d. c. how do you feel mister job? never before has a former us president been suspected of violating the espionage act. according to the war and authorizing the f. b i search of trump, the state. trump may have kept documents that could endanger national security and may have destroyed or concealed presidential records. this week, federal agents removed 11 sets of classified documents for mar, logo, 4 sets were labeled top secret, and reportedly may contain information about nuclear weapons. many lesser people
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have gotten prosecuted for doing a small fraction of what it appears that donald trump has done, which is taken the single most highly classified documents united states government has taken and taking them to his home. others. these documents relate to french president emanuel micron and to trump pardoning of his close associates. roger stone drum says he declassified all materials he and aids took from the white house . he and republican supporters called the investigation a political witch hunt president. donald trump is job islands, most likely as political opponent in 2024. and this is less than $100.00 days from critical mid term elections. the f. b, i rate of president trump is a complete abuse and overreach of its authority. the department of justice says it and the f. b, i are acting independently. biden has remained silent. and while some democrats say this is trump getting his do others urge caution. i think for the most part, people want to see the process play out. i re with that,
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i don't want to interfere with law enforcement is doing, but i think it would be wrong to take the position because this person is a former president. you know, we should look the other way when there could be violations of a law. the justice department must now decide whether to charge trump with a crime, which would be a 1st in american history. and the decision would be further complicated if trump now says he is running for president again. because charging a political candidate could be seen as election interference. heidi jo castro, al jazeera washington. earlier, i spoke to frank bowman, who's a law professor at the university of missouri, and a former deputy district attorney. he says it's not clear if donald trump will face criminal charges. but we'll, we can say, i think is that the justice department now, which is a part of a can't carefully went through the proper process for recovering documents,
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which president trump was asked for 1st politely and then by subpoena and then refused to provide. and they went to a judge got award and got them back. that much me know. so is a suggestion and that they felt he may not comply with the one. so that's why they went ahead anyway. well, it's more than a suggestion. if the reporting to this point is correct, he was very, he was requested formally to return these objects. these documents. when that didn't work, a subpoena was issued, a subpoena is a court order. it's not a, it's not an invitation, it's not a request. it's a court order, he refused to comply with that. and after he rejected those 2 requests to return these documents, which are not his but belonged united states government. and indeed apparently turned out to be classified as very high level. then the next step was to go get a judge to authorize work. so how would this play out legally? now if there was to be any kind of prosecution going forward,
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why don't think we know? because we don't know lots of things. we don't know exactly how these documents were selected from the white house. we don't know how they were transported to tamara lago. we don't know how much. exactly we're president trump knew about any of these things. we don't know exactly what the documents were there for all of this fairly ramp and speculation about whether or not he will or will not be prosecuted. i think is extraordinarily premature. the big point to me is this. the suggestion is that somehow this is extraordinary. and some republicans have gone as far as say, well gosh, this just proves that the, the deep state is out to, to get donald trump. if you can do that to him, they can do that to him. like, by golly, they can do that to you. and that's precise, you the point, because donald trump is simply a former president of the united states in the american political system. that simply means that once he is no longer the president, he's just a guy. he just like me or you or anybody else. and if he does, the legal things,
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including stealing documents, did not belong to him and refusing to return them from the government to take them from him. and if his possession of those documents turns out to be criminal, he can be prosecuted. and that's important. the department of justice is simply saying, this man is not above the law. the man suspected of attacking ortho found rusty has been charged with attempted murder. rusty is on a ventilator, he saw the wound to his liver may lose, and i, after having mutter, allegedly stabbed him, matter literary events in new york state. on friday, victoria gave him the reports on the stage where salman rushdie was due to speak, a group of people including an off duty doctor surround the injured offer. he just been stabbed multiple times and was lying on the floor. please be alone. rushed, he was lifted to hospital in pennsylvania, where he had emergency surgery. the news is not good, his agent says,
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the award winning novelist is on a ventilator may lose an eye. the nerves in his arm have been savage, and his liver is damaged. witnesses savvy attack happened quickly again with a guy who will no accommodate them. the microphone left this guy a start to stop him. who was so fast, so crazy in the moment we ran to the stage and a love guy came to help him and i'll get the 1st one that him police search the home of the alleged assailant in fair view, new jersey. he's been identified as 24 year old hattie matter. authorities think he acted alone. we don't have any indication of a motive at this time, but we are working with the api. i the sheriffs office and we will determine what the cause of this was or what the motor for this attack was. rusty's lecture was expected to focus on the us being a home for free expression. local government leaders have condemned the attack. we
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are undeterred, and our commitment to make sure that we call it out. we condemn what happened. we condemn all violence and we want people to feel that freedom to speak and to right . truth rusty was forced into hiding in 1989 after his novel, the satanic verses was denounced by the iranian leader, ayatollah. how many a bounty of $3000000.00 was offered to any one who would kill the british offer? you k prime minister boris johnson says he's a pulled by the attack. he's tweeted salman rushdie has been stabbed while exercising a right. we should never cease to defend, but inter ran some had a different reaction. no follow. i heard the news on tv. that was so glad because the insult salman rushdie made against our profit. the fact was issued against him by finally worked to ran, hasn't commented on the attack, but some say it could further damage relations with the west. at
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a time when tensions remain high over the nuclear deal, victoria gate and be al jazeera supporters are for a pakistani prime minister emron carlo, rallying in the city of the hor, or these are live pictures from the rally. we're con, is addressing the crowd is demanding. the government holds early elections was ousted through a vote of no confidence in april. event comes amid the worst thing, economic crisis, and just ahead of commemorations to mark 7 to 5 years of independence. come on either has more from the whole. yeah, this is the 1st time that enron gone has been able to hold this rally in lahore off of that bi election and which is party made that come back. now, as you can see, it's been about 56 odds and people started forwarding and do the august on okay. stadium situated in the all. and you can still see people coming in. this is indeed
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going to be a large piazza. but it's also important to understand that despite the fact that enron con, i said that this is going to be a celebrating 75 years of independence, that he's going to make an important announcement. i'll get up against a guy listen, government that ousted him and did it for the 1st diamond budget on history. that 60 percent of the cabinet members are convicted criminals who are out on bay. so m, ron of god, hoping to galvanize the people id already judged against corruption and that did government had to go because your debt failed to deliver on it's probably any of got it going to announce a new plan. but he said that tonight is the night of celebration, that that message should go out to the rest of the world. that budget don, despite the problem, is your night give me
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a former cricket start. iran con was pakistan's prime minister from august 2018 until april this year. on april 3rd, he asked the president to dissolve parliament, talk to no confidence. motion against him was thrown out. like came off to one of his biggest allies, quit the coalition government, and joined the opposition. the supreme court ruled cons move was unconstitutional. he was ousted as a leader a week later, allegations of economic mismanagement and miss handling of pakistan's foreign policy. it was the 1st time that prime minister had lost a vote of no con, blamed foreign interference, and call for early elections into the icon support was boasted of his party, one majority in a bi election and most populous province of print job where he for, nor is a political analyst based in pocket stones, capitalism, about she says con is resonating with young people who are looking for change. i think it's so hard if you ever do that the wrong
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word, perhaps most people especially not the of the political party, especially not the military which is bad enough on the modern motor commentator. but i think of perhaps with the structure of the present young population, he's very popular among them. and the history of foreign independence, the way the 2007 evictions believe me are willing to buy such a pity and because of the functionality because of the way it sort of sorts out. so it seems that if you give them the people off. ready bender, to fit in striking
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a cold with the population happens to be under the age of $45.00 of the other mainstream box. they can take that 70 to the 90 for the marcia laws. how big the military to young people, 20 or 25 years. they will then be seen as managing political parties, follow one after and then it appears to be outside, outside of the status. so young people will put a change seem to be supporting him, seeing all the young, why you seem to be a box which has to be at the young voters. and that you also see that thinking of, you know, with all the large crowds that he managed to gather in,
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it's something to get the get the ball. and within all you can see people on the street. the other block you get knocked out. dozens of women in afghanistan of hell, the rep protesting. cobble just days before the 1st anniversary of the taliban returned to power, i saw that 40 demonstrators marched education mystery, chanting bread, work and freedom. fighters beat some of them and then fired into the air to break out the protests. despite the pledges made where we took power, the telephone has limited african women's right. i've got to stone is also facing the world's worst many terran crises. the un says up to 25000000 people are living in poverty. children are the most vulnerable with many at risk of malnutrition. and the challenges keep piling up. unicef has received only 40 percent of its funding
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appeal for this year. and a warning now you may find some images disturbing in some have been jump into report from the remote county district in eastern afghanistan, severely malnourished. born and wait. fighting for every breath seems repeated at almost every hospital in the wilderness done. units that says children are the most vulnerable overseas hunger, this red preventable disease. we've just got a nationwide measles outbreak under control because we've been doing campaign. but now we have no break of acute watery diarrhea which is a weakening, already weak bodies. and here we are in the hospital, we're seeing children with severe acute malnutrition and complications with pneumonia. measles you name or we're hearing or ease of mother's sending children to school in the morning crying with hunger.
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how many of these girls had breakfast? although it was just a piece of bread and some green tea, the morning session is for girls. and 200 are taught by 11 teachers. at the only high school jumped a letter for the 3500 boys in the afternoon session. there are 18 teachers i not graduated from this makes you school. it has been in the state for the past 12 years. he's now a volunteer teacher. although against the taliban and all the girl education, she says, even if they came to school, there is no tend to accommodate them about their mom. let him to him on that unless you're better. my message to the world is that they should unfreeze or reserved their got it. if they're not going to help us, they should at least do that and them so that we build our country with our own money i embarked. and my message to islamic comer leaders is to fix our schools, will build classrooms, get us teachers, and help us to get an education. it's not just health and education though. in
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addition to crippling sanctions on of gone is fun since the taliban take over the countries facing a number of challenges which are contributing to your humanitarian catastrophe. the drought that this country is facing is the worst in the last few decades. and people are having to send their children to sleep on an empty stomach. until a few years ago these fields were green. but the changing weather patterns mean no snow in the winter and no rain during summer. barren land and contaminated water brings disease. o, sending children to ill equipped and short staffed hospitals hit the cycle of misery in a country under leadership learning to govern, abandon by the rest of the world. oh, so i'm, i'm enjoy it under the whole journey of venison. health authorities in new york or urging parents to get their children vaccinated against po,
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yet of the virus was detected in the cities. waste water is being seen as another sign that potentially deadly disease is quite spreading among unvaccinated people. po, many effects children and can cause breathing issues and permanent paralysis is larger, been eradicated, most of the world. the world health organization says per year remains endemic in afghanistan and pockets don't attend to more head on the news are including we report on the farmers in mexico and we're struggling to keep their livestock because the land is then joy. they pay for homes, but got something else we have from property buyers in china as up as a lead them in the verge of defending english channels. much of the city continue the strong start to move from the lease the job. ah,
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there are a lot of the major disruptions for rail passengers in the u. k. this weekend because drivers have gone on strike thousands of employees at 9 rail companies, according for better pay and working conditions. high false reports from central london, one of london's busiest stations closed the business to the unlucky if constant stream of would be travellers arriving at london euston. the same story confusion disappointment, a hasty remaking of plans. but a time when so many a struggling with a mounting cost of living, notably little condemnation of the striking rail workers. people clearly are listening and working for people saying we can't afford it. so maybe this will help . it's a shame, but i think the great good after a rail holiday through europe, shawn's frustration was with the ro companies as he had his friends struggled to get home to dublin. this is plans, you know, it wasn't, they didn't decide to not turn up to work today. so this absolutely could have been avoided,
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planned around alternatives offered or at the very least they could have di, listed the trains for today. thousands of rent workers belonging to the as left union went on strike on saturday, leaving no services in some parts of the country. are greatly diminished elsewhere . it's the latest and far from the last, in a summer of transport strikes long simmering disputes compounded by a cost of living crisis. what we are now saying, there's many other groups and many other sectors saying across the how do you is now we need to cause living increase against background of that. then the companies to sign a contract with a government, apparently, whereby they called multiple them to, to say without the govern sites with passage numbers and revenue still well short of pre pandemic levels, the rail delivery group, which represents the train companies. so as any pay rises, will have to be paid for. it says unions need to agree to modernized working practices more incorporation of sundays into the regular working week, and high productivity from each driver's shift. but this is about more than just
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the rail industry strikes have taken place or a plan across numerous. second, the guns is worried that high wage awards could embed the inflation that it hopes will relent. the pressure from ukraine, the pandemic thought that those pressures of the pit cod in household across the country will be still more disruption next week. another major rail union is calling for tens of thousands of workers to walk off the job on thursday and saturday, hurtful. sit al jazeera london, the u. s. house of representatives has approve the biggest climate package in the country's history is being seen as a major victory for the president joe biden. the motion is adopted. the $370000000000.00 will be set aside to fight climate change. most of the money will come from tax reforms including a new 15 percent minimum tax on large corporations. investors looking to pull money
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into clean energy will be rewarded with a decade of federal subsidies. the senate passed the bill earlier and it will now be sent to bite and to sign into law with a final passage of the inflation reduction act. in the house of representatives, the american people are going to see lower prescription drug prices, lower health care costs, and lower energy costs and big corporations are finally got to start to pay their fair share. those that are paying 0 dollars in federal income tax will now have to pay a minimum tax. and americans going to take the most aggressive action we've ever taken in confronting the climate crisis and stress in the energy security of america and the world. quite frank, i palmer and this is a former us deputy assistant secretary of state for environment and development. it says washington's initiative. it needs to be matched by governments around the world. first and foremost, it's the largest most important climate legislation in the history of our country. it's pretty remarkable in the scale. and the breadth mean in scale is huge in terms
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of financing it's spread is very wide in terms of including most all aspects of greenhouse gas generation. so it's very impressive, of course, will have to be implemented, but it will, it perhaps will transform the way society operates, because the incentives are so substantial that the momentum will be quite vast. i was say, one thing about this is, this is a global problem. and in the united states connect on its own, but it has to be matched around the world. i think what we've witness and last few years is as global recognition of how serious situation we're in. so if you take the u. s. initiative and the actual climate events that are out there. i think you'll see other governments begin to move in a bigger and bigger way. hopes, particularly china and india. farmers and mexico are struggling to keep the herds
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alive during one of the worst droughts in decades. just 10 percent of dams across the country are full of water level to have dropped below half of their capacity. the government has declared a national emergency wrapper that has more from mexico city. the water crisis and mexico is not isolated to a single state or a single region of the country. there are moderate to severe drought conditions affecting almost 65 percent of mexico's national territory in the case of northern mexico. these are some of the dry conditions in the past 30 years. just last month in july, the mexican government declared a national emergency which allows for federal resources to be allocated toward providing water to the regions of the country that have been most severely impacted by the drought. the city of monterey in level lay on is where many people would agree where the crisis is most acute water levels at dams are well below where they should be. when we visited monterey, just a few weeks ago, we were told that the drought is largely related to the weather phenomenon known as
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linear, which is known to disrupt traditional weather patterns. and in the case of northern mexico, a rainy season that was supposed to come in may never came. experts say the impacts of linea are being exacerbated by climate change. and we should note that the month of july is the hottest recorded in mexico since 953, meaning that these extreme heat conditions are not doing anything to help alleviate . the ongoing crisis. cannot the nation present least 77 people die during storms and slash flooding in yemen? in the past 2 weeks, around 35000 families have been affected. most of them had already been displaced by the 8th year long civil war homes and farms have been damaged in the several roads remain cut off by flood waters in the south west and the capital. so no extreme weather is expected to continue for at least another week that so get more on this now with russia, omar,
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he's the spokesman for the international committee of the red cross for yemen and joins us now from a sort of thanks for being on the program what have been the consequences and of these floods in terms of the population? oh, thank you so much for having b. r p. the situation. yeah. but is catastrophic. the lights are affecting super lawyers across the country. are in thousands of people have been, have been impacted, sincerely affected by the ongoing flood, more specifically or more specifically children and women. and dino, i the internally displaced their beeble in maribel, jo into eyes everywhere, everywhere across sir cross c m. and they are losing their properties. you know? i d, b's were living in camps dead, their tents. i've been totally destroyed and they become and they have become a game. you know? it's place,
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it's her difficult situation. and their condition so difficult. they need him to tune support that they need to be more assisted in different ways. presumably this make see him on a terran situation even worse when you consider the millions of people who have already been displaced and are dependent on aid. yeah, i mean, i mean the floods add and the layer of difficulty in suffering for the life to the people in yemen. i. we are talking them about millions of people more than 60 millions who are in dire need. poor humanity in support. i to that the, the floods has as exacerbated be the, be the dim and humanitarian situation. and the, the now has, have affected people's life directly. a lot of plants had been, have been washed away, destroyed by the floods. or, you know, farmers, crops,
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or so have been know demolished. so this, we were, we are expecting more suffering in the months to come as it, as a result of the ongoing floods in the country. or how difficult would it be to restore humans infrastructure when it's already in such a fragile state? what can be done? look at it when it, when talking about the, the infrastructure. and you can see if you talk about the have infrastructure, we're talking about to less than 50 of, of, of the infrastructure is functioning. i in the, you know, at the moment because the, the, the, the conflict has as severely destroyed or by actually destroyed un, under the facilities have been stopped from providing get services to, to people across the country. the ongoing floods also would, would but through more pressure on available at health facilities in the country,
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the woo telenetwork and the courts have been also destroyed. beeble artists are struggling to get watered english into barely affected areas. a more specifically i debbie's i debbie's are living in a very harsh conditions, interiors where, where they don't have access to education, electricity, and also water and, and general basic services. so the floods will, will make it more complicated to a rehabilitate. the infrastructure in yemen that the routes have been destroyed. the, the, the, the agricultural lands happy also destroyed. a lot of farmers, as a said have lost their crops and they will be, no, they would be food, food a crisis. and could you know, problems in thinking months to come in yemen. ok, we'll have to leave it there. basha, omar,
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the international committee of the red cross spokesman fort yemen. thank you for joining us. for the heads here on al jazeera affairs of an environmental disaster. as thousands of fish while shot dead on the river along the germany tone and buddha buff. i'm jonah holly in edinburgh, where from comedy to contemporary dance climate change has become so prominent on festival programs. it's practically genre, all of it. and one of baseball's best young stars is suspended, the 80 gains off the testing positive for performance enhancing drug that's coming up in a hi there. thanks for joining in. let's go with your world whether up the beginning
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in the middle east temperatures have come down a smidge for buck that and q 8. we're now into the upper forty's. lot of sand in dust spinning around in the empty quarter of saudi. and those winds are shifting around once again in cats are but next i got to take you to pockets dawn, there is a tropical cyclone spinning around the north arabian seas. so that's trucked a lot of rain into karachi over the past 48 hours a months worth of rain has fallen, and that's now shifting into pockets dunn's baluchistan. providence, where we have seen some flooding for turkey. here's how the story goes. those clouds and showers never really too far away from it stumbles are still putting the risk in there on sunday. but by and large it will be dry. and for africa around the gulf of guinea, let's take you to nigeria doubts with rain southern and northern portions here, both of those spots we've seen some flooding. so that's certainly not good news. and the weather maker that crashed into the western cape now shifting into the eastern cape. but it's going to file up some cooler error. so keep an eye on my put so 31 degrees on sunday. but let me show the 3 day forecast. there's wind shift
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around from the north to the south. that means you go from 31 degrees to 23 on monday by on my, on a change. ah, the pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy on the i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the run. democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come when of fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy. on al jazeera, the world cup is coming to cattle in just 3 months, as the main event gets close. so we hear every step of the way. hello, i'm janet ezra with updates from teams and plans across the glove. those things can
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expect some strong support. hearing custom, with the spotlight now on europe. can france claim back to back world cup victory, or will portugal christiana, rinaldo finally get his hands on a trophy to well comp count on al jazeera. oh, i watching out the same reminder of our top stories. now the former us president donald trump is suspected of violating the espionage act of the f. b. i seize classified documents from his florida state. this week they reported the include material and relating to nuclear weapons. the man suspected of attacking ortho
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sound on rusty has been charged with attempted murder rush. these on a ventilator also had the matter actually stopped him multiple times. a literary friend in your state on friday for my pockets on the prime minister, iran con is addressing a large crowd of the supporters in the city of the board. he's a lot of pictures from the about a event comes i made a worsening economic crisis and just ahead of memory, sions, mark, 75 years of independence days on the, from a general election, the voters in kenya still waiting to know who their next president will be veteran opposition leader and deputy president when the router are going to close race for the top job. kenya's election commission has until tuesday to announce the results of us become bo, is a lawyer and the governance expert in nairobi. he explains why their results are taking so long to come through. this is taking
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a bit longer because of the procedure on the kind of him laid down the law. that day i abc the independent electoral boundaries commission must use or follow or process of verification of, of the results to ensure that no errors on these decks are allowed or can be phoned when the final telling is done. and this is because of the kind of political history gum form where electron violence as a result of, from an electron districts of the potential result and saw legally speaking in kenya, the election was more, do you have a good 7 days from the day of elections to announce the presidential results, but i'm sure that it will not stretched to the 7 days because from last your day the 7 days and the close of your day as well. the anxiety that is building up in the country is mostly due to the misinformation and inflammation on social media.
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as well as the kind of information that seems to be coming from allegedly residential, secretary of, of the 2 leading presidential candidates that's from a prime minister. right, loading that and then come back to the president william router. so this information, admission formation on social media seems to be starting up. their emotions are people on the verge of the country. and it is not so good, especially at a time such as this in an election that is subclass. the governor of suffering and ukraine has called for d, militarization around europe's largest nuclear power plant. international bodies to enforce it was can kill of traded blame for shutting around the facility. its box is of a nuclear catastrophe. not as if i'm not i the because i'm a buck. so currently the situation continues to be tense. thank god to happen, child objects, which posing nuclear threats and the radiation background is within normal range.
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but at the same time, sooner or later, the fact that troops and ammunition or station there could lead to irreparable consequences. when columbia is new left, his government has moved to restart. peace talks to the last minute group. 3 years after they were suspended, negotiators met representatives of the n or national liberation army in havana. after the meeting, the peace commissioner said the necessary steps would be taken to advise talks is understood. these will include lifting arrest warrants for guerrillas, living an excellent cuba talks stalled in 2019 after a rebel bomb attack and killed 20 police. could it columbia that new president has appointed new chiefs of the military and police saw the petro says he chose the officials because they've not been accused of corruption of human rights violations . leftist politician was sworn into office earlier this week. he's promised to reshape the whole the rise country with a long list of social and economic reforms. le,
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lucky to have the new commanders who will lead columbia as public forces are aligned with the human security politics goals. we promised, and that we want to turn into a reality to guarantee peace, a decrease in violence and crime, and respect towards human rights and citizens, freedoms, as every democracy should. now mexico has sent hundreds of troops to the border town of thea that horace of to prison riots and related violence on the streets killed. 11 people. $300.00 soldiers have arrived with another $300.00 expected to follow. the violence started inside the jail on thursday when 2 people died. no confrontation between rival gangs, 9 more people were later killed by alleged gang members in the town, including civilians. the u. s. is set to investigate whether venezuelan cargo plane has links to iran's revolutionary guard. the boeing 747, which used to belong to iran has been held in argentina since june. venezuela has
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demanded its return. daniel shaw, the reports former when his ours, the boeing 747300 has been held in argentina since june. it said it was harry car parts. it belongs to the venezuelan cargo company, m for thor. we bought it from the iranian baja hair back at the end of 2021. the argentine authorities of allowed and 12 of the original 19 crew to leave the country of the 7 that remain we of venezuela and for urena. among them is the pilot's gollum rissa, gast semi, who the united states accuses of being a former member of the cut force of the iranian revolutionary guard. they accused that organisation of being a terror organization is reported about the f. b, i working with argentina, authorities have already searched the play. israel says at least some of the crew are involved in trafficking arms to syria, and his will are in lebanon. iran denies any involvement in terrorism. while there
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had been angry protests outside the argentine embassy in caracas, with the venezuelan authorities demanding that the plane be returned. no man is and completed 2 months have passed since the hijacking of the venezuelan and rainy in pilots and argentina. and nobody has done anything from here from this congress of social movements. i asked for the support of the social trade unions, political movements and patriotic people of argentina. for the rescue of that plane, for the release of the hijacked pilots, i asked for the support of argentina often seen there isn't a difficult situation being phrased by the united states, which it relies upon for economic support. while angering of in a swale are one of his key allies in the region. down you find the al jazeera when osiris worsening crisis of stalled construction projects in china, a spilling over into the banking sector, tutoring. warnings of brought up systemic risks. was also left. many people who
9:42 pm
bought unfinished homes high and dry was summer considering drastic measures. hatchet pock reports from nothing in southern china. lanning, the capital of one c province, is like many fast growing cities in china. on the outskirts clusters of residential projects scattered the landscape, except there's little sign of work going on at most sites. one builder we spoke to couldn't say why young shall i don't know where the work is when i've only been here for 2 days. this developments north of manning was launched in 2019. it was due for completion this year. so we've seen a sign of the front of the site and it says that the developers run out of funds and it doesn't have money to pay for materials for workers. and so work has been completely halted here. the day we visit one homeowner called alarm meets us. he doesn't want us to show his face on camera. if he is, authorities might punish him for it. alum runs a street store for
9:43 pm
a living. he took out a bank loan and paid more than a 1000000 you want or about a $150000.00 for a home here. don't gave idea. we borrowed high and low to buy this home and to put the children to school. we know something like this happened, so i don't know what to say that i know a father of 2 alum is buried in mortgage bills. he's now thinking of moving in to an empty shell with his family dinner go young. so if we don't have access to water or electricity, we will rely on ourselves. we'll use buckets and make do the why come in partially scared, it'll be dangerous. when i him, we've no choice, even if it's dangerous. either way, we are dead stall projects and more than 90 cities and china have triggered a wave of strikes. hundreds of thousands of people are simply refusing to keep up payments. it's paul pressure on the banking system. but there have been many cases also of desperate home buyers with nowhere else to go squatting, an unfinished developments so far,
9:44 pm
the government has struggled to resolve the issue. if not handle well, are this good wills? a spell? a great deal of all instability bearing in mind that the coming national party congress in november would have said to reaffirm the 3rd curve of residency giving . so obviously presidency that's of all the saga does for the roth. all those like alum hope for is for work to get back on track and eventually to have a finished home for his family to live in. patrick, fog al jazeera nanning, china authorities in poland and germany are trying to find out what's behind the death of tons of fish in odessa river, which runs through the 2 countries. they suspect chemical contamination. but the substance hasn't been identified. mcgraw has more mysterious and unprecedented is how authorities have described what's happening here. since late july, tons of dead fish have been removed from the river order,
9:45 pm
which flows through poland and gemini lawyer that i have never seen such an ecological disaster before. this is probably the worst catastrophic in the history of our district. i don't think the order has been anything of the scale before. what's happening. it's a tragedy. the cause of the mass die off is unknown. german or facilities say they found toxic chemical substances as well as high levels of mercury in water samples in poland. however, test results werent consistent. only trace amounts of the poisonous metal where detected ramped up along the mom. and we are probably dealing with an influx of an external substance that must have polluted this river war. when i'm there, i'm not even the fish seemed to be drifting down river that they aren't from here. they've come from somewhere else and they have been dead for at least a day. by 1st, the volunteers and anglers had collected more than 11 tons of dead fish from a 200 kilometer stretch of the 4 odell environmentalists,
9:46 pm
half accused of oddities of not responding quickly enough. but poland says it has issue with the health warnings. vista survived. we advise residence inter staying in the vicinity of the river, not to into the water, not as woman or not all the room. the drought in europe has caused the rivers to receive by a largest say, low water levels may have aggravated the contamination and with hot dry conditions expected to continue without our fears. more ecological disasters are likely. mohammed van al jazeera, one person has been killed and dozens injured in spain after strong winds caused a part of a stage to collapse at an electronic music festival in sierra no. the city of valencia, at least 40 people, were reported injured. 3 of them seriously. event has been suspended the perils of climate change feature promptly at this year's fringe festival in edinburgh
9:47 pm
comedy, papa tree and dom, subbing used to warn educated, inspire, goes. so the house has more from the scottish capital. thank you for coming to the show. i am a doctor mad wanting the most positive name and comedy today. warning by name. know that there are so many shows focused on climate change in edinburgh this year . it's practically a shondra in itself. from comedy to contemporary dance to polystyrene sheets and globes of this and recyclable product, mainstay of ocean pollution. come alive in materia, undress. other stories moving our object theater. oh no, no. i got to that but you know help you in the in space. hippo japanese shadow puppet retails the science fiction tail of a dying earth. the only hope of hippo sent to discover new worlds in space or people more on, on the internet and friends of mine would be like,
9:48 pm
oh nature to to is climate change trick because a cool but it's a good thing is that we've been going to is a good thing. what had to tell people is no, i say the audiences are evolving more because more people are becoming aware of it as an issue. so the 1st year i talked about climate change was 2017 and nobody was talking about climate change. the u. k. the summer of 2022, meanwhile, will be remembered as one of its hottest and dry. st. wildfires have devastated suburban homes and house pipe bands are in place to combat drought. it's no wonder the climate change has become more and more prominent in the arts of that arts. festivals like edinburgh, as it becomes more and more prominent in each of our lives, the fine line that every artist must walk close between telling truth that simply frightened and telling truth that inspire solutions and hope.
9:49 pm
high above the midday sun glare down or the ghosts of the near future is described as a cowboy new off fever. dream about extinction makes you feel quite doomed. family feeling not hope, little 9. i like your bulk standards. this is about the time that we're gonna talk to you about climate change. it was, it was really made me feel something like i cried, a baby and in this magic realist vision of a bleak future, there is neither hope nor fear. only the inevitable. ah jona hull al jazeera edinburgh last to the head on al jazeera football action, including a stunning result in the english premier lee that's coming out with joe is ah
9:50 pm
ah ah sake that mm hm. and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now
9:51 pm
for your hero, lou. ah, ah, it's time for the sport now. his jo, something special in the football? absolutely care. yes. well, we start, we're on the biggest upsets in the history of the premier league majesty. united have last for know at brentford and all the goals are in the 1st half of it to hey as mistake gifted josh to silver, the opening go after 10 minutes and then another error from the higher his loose pass. lead seabrook is 2nd from mathias jensen, reaching near the penalty for infant school ban next from
9:52 pm
a corner. been me making it 3 with that one and i just 35 minutes they had number for the ball cleared from their own book. still ivan, tony who then played a fantastic 1st time bull from bryan went to school for now the final results united in that new manager, eric 10 hog under real prussia often to strike defeats to start the season. falling that opening day lost to brighton last week. they are now bottom of the primarily tables that was awful. in all senses. first off with the disaster, i think the chart try to change some players, but on of course you need a big player in the back and a but it was not enough. i think he misses a lot of things that team and i think there's a lot of homework for him and i warn him already. if you go to england with a dutch mentality in
9:53 pm
a dutch where you are not going to make an and contrast meant that he had continued a strong thought to the season. the defending champion is made it to wind from 2 with a 4 mill home when over both must ill kagen dugan ben food. and i'm kevin to brainer on the school sheet for sissy. at the had the goal was an own goal. gabriel g. zeus left 50 in the summer, but continued to impress it as new club arsenal. he's called twice and therefore to win over lester city, granite jekka and gabrielle marinelli got the of the to like city to winds from to for us in the early kickoff. stephen, gerald got the better is former england, he made frank lamb. paul said both managers now and gerald's aston villa beat lamppost everson to one with gold from dinings. and emily on the when dia, that's the 1st when of the season. one of the best young stores in major league baseball has been suspended to 80 games after testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. fernando ted c. t. c. g junior from the san diego
9:54 pm
padres will miss the remaining games this season. and the band carried over to the start of next year. for thing around the $3200000.00 in pe, he tested positive for an anabolic steroids t t hasn't played in 2022 often suffering a broken risk during a motorcycle accident in the off season. the $23.00 old will also be unavailable for the dominican republic at the world baseball classic in march, cleveland browns school back to sean watson as public, he apologized to the women who choose from the sexual misconduct during massage sessions. he spoke head of his 1st thoughts in 19 months for preseason game against the jacksonville. jackie was watson previously said he had no regret. so his actions and lack of remorse is one of the reasons why a form a federal judge gave him a 6 game suspension following a disciplinary hearing. watson is waiting to hear if that bond will be extended of the nfl appeal for longer punishment. i want to say that i'm truly sorry,
9:55 pm
it's all the women are of empathy in the situation. mothers, decisions that i may and my life that put me in this position. you know, i would definitely like to have back, but i want to continue to move forward and grow and learn in and show that, you know, i am a true person of care and i wanna keep pushing for i know i have a lot of work to put in, especially on the field to be able to make sure i'm ready to play whenever that time comes, whenever i can still back on the feel. but also the biggest a is i want to continue counseling, and i want to make sure that i'm growing as a person, as individual for my decision making on and off the field. and i want to make sure that, you know, i'm just evolving in the community as much as possible. and as for the clean, the community, this, the nfl community and beyond. some of the best athletes from muslim majority countries are currently competing in the islamic solidarity games in turkey. for many is the chance to prove they've got what it takes to represent that countries. a bigger global events, like the lympics russell said,
9:56 pm
our reports from the central turkish province of cornea. why we're slid up the cornea sky as turkish president, jeff de paragon integrated the islamic solidarity gains. 4000, at least from 56 muslim majority countries. taking part in the tournament for 25 year old saudi weightlifter, arnolds, cherry. these games are very important unit to unity and getting to know each other more and make a community tours and other sports. it's a news 1st international competition. but there are more experienced athletes as well. i'm a balloon grandparents were forced to leave their home in haifa, israel during the 60 war of 1967. they settled in the oscar refugee camp in knob loose in the occupied westbank. his parents were born and raised there, as was a math himself, a lifelong dream was realized when the palestine in pike round the federation's
9:57 pm
other mouth fighting in 2018. since then, the 20 year old has participated in $72.00 national competitions and won 6 models, including one gold. unless i want to measure half of all the difficulties we face are tremendous. international travel is one of the main problems as getting a permit from israel. authorities is not easy. we have limited resources and poor facilities to train and prepay for the games. but despite these obstacles, we have achieved great successfully. and in these games in con, yeah, i will do my best to win a gold medal that my m. i mother's also set his sights on present in palestine at the 2024 olympics in paris. yeah, there's learning sort of dorothy games isn't a high profile competition, but for many young athletes it's an opportunity to showcase their parent. a millions of muslims have been suffering from poverty or sickness. the ability and even civil awards for decades, despite debbie debility wants to the amount of screaming and natural resources.
9:58 pm
some say this is because of a lack of unity, solidarity and coordination. and the organizers of this game say, the aim is to build, but he just among the muslim majority companies, putting them together to support those who said that of the 0 point. all right, that is, i guess, but for now it is back to kerry. joe, thank you very much indeed. will that set up for this new south io mit? we'll be here in a few moments with more of the data that had been sent to catch up on our website under sierra dot com. ah, ah and a new voice is heating up the
9:59 pm
airway. lot of chinese listeners with kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting palate a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war is very much going for, it's out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening page. dissect the media on al jazeera al jazeera correspondence. bring you the latest development on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover cases of happening on any basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the lines of no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled count, they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shedding. these evacuation by say, 3 days johnny devastated buildings cornell, a grim reminder that the russians were here. talk to al jazeera,
10:00 pm
we ask for the rebound you speak off is clearly coming at a high cost of airlines and the industry. what's going wrong. we listen, you were harder for the i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets . you know, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. ah, re, i'll jesse around with a suspect charged with attempted murder off to the attack on salman rushdie. the author remains in a critical condition.


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