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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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ah, safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, the well copies coming to catchall in just 3 months, as the main event gets close. so we hear every step of the way. hello, i'm john. i guess you're also with updates from teams and plans across the globe. i seems can expect some strong support. hearing cathy with the spotlight now on europe. can france claim back to back? well, prop victories. all will put your golds christiano. rinaldo finally get his hands on the trophy. the well kept countdown on al jazeera. ah, all. this is al jazeera. ah,
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you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters, and del heim daddy. now, brigades are coming up in the next 60 minutes. dozens killed in a blaze inside a church in egypt. many of the victims are children. rescue team search for a survivors officer, an explosion in a firework storage area and are minos capital critical cargo get set to leave ukraine? a u. n. ship is being filled with grain bound for drought affected east africa. i'm bernard smith in southwest france where the come for the longest route. living memory is leaving rivers dangerously low. we've got plenty sports coming up and getting tennis, gulf and rugby. and of course, lots of action as much as the nice of the left really falling when at the most embarrassing losses. ah, welcome to the news our at least $41.00. people are dead and dozens injured,
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following a fire at a church in jesus egypt, 2nd largest city. the blaze was inside the abuse. a faint church around $5000.00 worshippers were inside at the time causing a stampede. the fire is being blamed on an electrical fault, zam best ravi has more, ah dozens, dead, and dozens injure after. a fire caused a stampede of worshippers at a cop to christian church in the egyptian city of d. z. a. the incident happened as thousands gathered for morning mass at the abusive field church with another another. i saw people jumping from the upper floor, suffocation suffocation. all of them did so many did, and there are children. we didn't know how to get to them. we didn't know whose son this is, or whose daughter that is. how was this? pos gisele sits at the southern edge of the greater cairo area. one of the most densely populated places in the world. dilapidated infrastructure means accidental
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fires or comment made more likely due to the record high temperatures across the region. the fire and booster fin church thought to have been caused by a faulty air conditioner. to see from the outside that the smoke was getting bigger and people were wanting to jump from the upper floor of the building of the church to the next. and one does, then we went inside and found the children and we started to take the bodies out. in the aftermath of the incident, president of the father of cc announced the mobilization of quote, all states services to ensure that all measures are taken. the prosecutor's office has also opened an investigation. some of the injured were firefighters, the blaze blocked an exit trapping churchgoers and causing the stampede. according to eye witnesses, most of those killed were children. zane bus robbie algebra was subbing in either my hot. okay, for an update his a journalist based in cairo, welcome to al jazeera, so the official death tool right now stands at 41. can we expect it to be much
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higher? it is expected to start to be a bit are not much as far as the official figure is from the government is concerned, be health ministry confirmed that as you said, 41 have been died in the fire and 14 are injured. this is the number that the health ministry has registered them to giving health care services to all these 14 for are in critical condition. they are an intensive care units where our specials are treating them, trying to make help condition as much as possible from the 10 remaining to have been given the green light to go home. they've been dismissed from the hospital and they are in good condition to go home. the rest are being treated better for the health ministry. most of the injures injuries are not so concerning. so it might increase a mr bit due to the poor and remain in critical condition. i need to be in. i can
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begin to tell us a little bit more about the church itself and the area that the church is located. and because presumably it would be a highly congested area, in definitely a district called embed by one of the most popular. and then the nation dentist, districts in greater cairo, it is known to have a general average socio economic background. this is a sunday service, and of course it means that the church is usually at its full capacity. is that the easiest survey and prayer service all over the weekend. therefore the number there is quite significant. that is the biggest number ever all over the reach. finally, the church itself because of the district dentist. church is not a common structure. church is not that big facility was that huge area of land that
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many entries and points. it's more or less like a residential building in terms of its design. and therefore, as the exits and entries to that building are not so many. and because, according to the health ministry, the fire that was parked by one of the a c, air conditioning devices and the 2nd floor, there was huge smoke and most people could not get out them many of them by because a proposition from the smoke rather rather from the plane itself, this is what we know so far in terms of intervention and how it's unfolding. and other model came in. this is not the 1st tragedy in egypt, where fires have been to been to blame really in recent years. and that's because of poorly enforced safety standards in egypt. how, how common are these types of accidents or incidents? so if we're talking about the buyer in benson churches or any pair houses,
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it's not common. i mean, and in recent memory, i can't really recall when was the last time that happened and even in public transportation, that was one. it's been many years ago was quite a remarkable figure in terms of casualties. but also since then, nothing major has going to work with when we're talking about fire and we're not transportation acting for instance. and therefore there is a lot of work to be done in terms of infrastructure and imposing measures and implemented. and we are going to expansion that in government where our, our school under construction before, really for the government to apply new regulation for developers to match and meet these regulation course for the decades. all in for a structure that we just research specifically,
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it becomes more challenging to implement the government regulations, but specifically aspires 6. okay. thank you so much. i did my rookie for giving us that update from cairo. an explosion at a market in armenia. capital, your yvonne has killed at least one person more than 20 others were injured. the bloss happened in a building at a market where fireworks were being storage. site and everything shattered in a 2nd. there are warehouses, technical rooms. it's like fireworks, fireworks, fireworks. everything happen in one minute. people could not get out of the store. we can now speak with maria john, who's a journalist. she's based in, you're welcome to al jazeera, what more you're learning about the cause of that last. at the moment we do know that as you said,
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there's one dead 30 for injured about 10 of them children they've been treated and released. there's only one child currently in hospital with non life threatening injuries at the moment. we don't know exactly. there has been no official announcement about the exact cause. we know that there was a firework stetsco right beside the suit market and just up until about 1520 minutes ago fireworks were still going off. the smoke is still blazing. they're trying to douse it, but at the moment we don't have any official information as to the exact cause. the minister of emergency situations is on the ground as our dozens and dozens of fire trucks at the moment. tell us about the building itself and presumably that market would have been busy on a sunday. yeah, absolutely. it is a very busy market. uh, we do know that a 3 story building 3 walls have collapsed and now the,
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the main building itself is in danger of completely collapsing. we don't have any information as anybody has been pulled out of the brussel at the moment, or how many people are actually trapped. but as you could see from the images, there was tremendous smoke and dust people just running for cover as other smaller buildings around the main market role. so collapsing yeah, we can see that like right now our smoke is still blowing. in fact, from, from that building, maria, this is john. what have, what has been the reaction of people that you have been speaking to? well, it's been utter shock. this is the 1st time in my memory that such an explosion, such a tragedy has happened in the capital city. everybody is glued to social media networks into the news to try and find out what's happening. and absolutely, it's, you know, summer and yet of on lots of tourists, i don't think many tourists would have been in that particular market. but of
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course, if you just from my balcony, you could see the smoke. there are people who are saying that in the city center you could smell plastic and the smell of smoke when i'm a little bit higher up of the city center. so yeah, it's very disconcerting and very worrying, obviously. all right, we'll leave it there. thank you. so much for giving us that update from your yvonne q author. so mon, rusty is no longer on a ventilator and is able to talk after being stab 2 days ago. amount accused of attacking him has been identified as 24 year old. had the mother. he's pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. rusty was stabbed while speaking at a literary event in new york state on friday. the controversial award winning author has fav death threats for years after the publication of his novel, the satanic verses. my cana has more from washington d. c, the alleged perpetrator of the attack hardy,
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my cause has appeared in an upstate new york court in may bull new york. he's pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder and so charges. now police say that they are investigating the man's background, particularly in new jersey, which is where he comes from, the state, neighboring new york state. they are questioning people there to establish whether this was a attack carried out by the men on his own or whether there was some element of pending and some outside assistance in the attack of his being overwhelming reaction not just from within the literary world, but also among the society at general, some have described it as the ultimate tends to ship of the artists such an attack, his close friend and fellow right to e. n. mature and also issued a statement saying that rusty has been an inspirational protector of those writers and journalists who being persecuted around the world. this also being questions
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raised about securities at this latree event. how did the attacker get so close to rush de, who has been under threat with such a long period of time? there was a state trooper present, but some contending that the security should be much greater. and us congressional delegation has arrived in taiwan and made military tensions between the island and china. beijing claims taiwan as its own territory and has been holding military drills. china's use the war games to express its anger. this month's visit to ty, pay by u. s. house speaker, nancy pelosi, the u. s. as china has overreacted to the visit and called the drills, d, stabilizing plenty more head on the al jazeera news hour, including focused on mark 75 years since independence and partition myers and political deadlock testers. and me and more demand more than 5 words from the international community. they risk their
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lives to oppose the june top. and then for a couple of career defining moments for a brazilian and the spaniards will have all the details later in the news. our ah, but 1st grain is being loaded onto the 1st united nations chartered vessel in the port of p denny in ukraine. this will be the 1st shipment of food aid for a drought effected east africa since russia's invasion in february. more than 16 merchant vessels of left ukraine in the past 2 weeks after a deal is broker between keys and moscow. more than $400000.00 tons of produce have less ukrainian ports in august. first, the us food price index shows global price has dropped 8.6 percent between june and july. the un charter ship will depart for a japan, rudy. in the coming days. it will transport more than $23000.00 tons of wheat. well,
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the un humanitarian coordinator in ukraine says the shipments will bring much needed relief to drought hit regions. this shipment and w d will say more about it is the 1st that will help many shipments to come to countries that are suffering great difficulties there at least 5 who are already in 5. unlike conditions and another 20 that are on the what we call the watch list for famine. so these shipments are going to be hugely important to those population. the day is importantly, 1st of all, because i 1st with always the very of come on the know lowden mouth then for the old it was old and a few brain em brain. it's feels cheap which will be the bubbles, old united nation wolf program. so the 1st grain ship to leave ukraine under that
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un broker deal is approaching the syrian ports of thought. two's the red zone you set sail from odessa on august the 1st under the agreement between russia and ukraine. the cargo had been heading for lebanon, but the original buyer refused delivery of the 26000 tons of corps. and joining us live from london is elena and the robot. she's a business development manager at maxie green. that's an agri brokerage company. welcome to al jazeera. so your company is a broker, effectively dealing with grain and other pulses. and as we've been reporting in july, moscow and, and ki agreed to that green cord or to allow ukraine to resume its exports of grain . are you still with us? can you hear me? yes. so from what you've seen, i'll continue them from what you seen, what sorts of issues hinder that exporting process. so 1st, la has to say that to her pills before they will be gone. ukraine supply 20 percent
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of the grades to the all low united nation programs. so we were, was like the most important player, a player on the united nation program. and i think that will be gone around 20000000 metric tons of different kinds of grained. and the girls off talking ukraine class we started harvesting because you crawl, which means that we already to supply more than 50 me down metric tons of different cultural products to results for. sorry. and your brain on supply opened. you don't, you're going on for this green quarter. don't mean that. all right. and each life of bread in each part will devote became a little over you know, that, that great export process has, has, has started somewhat as a result of that deal between moscow and keys back in july. what sort of challenges come along with that?
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actually wasn't the deal between moscow and t. u for we are assigned to different agreements, one between ukraine, talkie and the united nation. and the 2nd that you so between russia bulky and the united nation green and russia side, any the right, you're absolutely right. it was brokerage by the united nations. yeah, sure. okay, but just talk to us about the challenges that you've seen when it comes to the implementation challenge. my challenge is floating minds. are we show in the sea and is this why she bonus mostly trying to sit and wait? how resource special we left? how faced each passage? and then they will make a decision to direct their sheets to your grade on ports. as on today's, the 16 vessels over the last people in your ports, one of them is you commune russell. and the you 2 more vessel which came 2 days ago . now loading the grades. one of them are for united nation program and we expect the exact current 2 weeks to arrive and not the 15 vessel give us
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a sense of how much we currently a rough estimate of how much weight is currently still in storage in ukraine, waiting to be exported from the previous season, we have are all 5000000 on so for export office and we over this target to harvest new growth. we expect to have $2021000000.00 metric tolls 6 from each will be consumed domestically and the rest could be exports as well. and certainly, one of the accusations made by ukraine to russia is that russia has been smuggling grains. what sort of mechanism from what you've seen, what sort of mechanisms are in place to ensure that that doesn't happen? russia steal your grade, young graham grain from quite delatory and tried to expert each the occupied,
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the electrified force of crania to such countries as syria, for example, because 0, no support russia and to and in other information that you could buy such a grain. but you still have to be approved over investigation. all right, thank you so much for all of your more than 87 muscles left to greg the port you were in the war time. thank you so much, ellen and a robot for joining us from london. now pakistan is marking 75 years of independence in karachi. a ceremony is being held at the memorial for the countries founder mohammed ali geno. british colonial rule ended in 1947 with the partition of india, and the formation of pakistan come hider is in the hor, across the country. the more you can see behind me this is a monument dedicated to budget on known and may not budget dawn or the
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location that didnt 1940 or pretty tired marcial, india muslim league. part of the law, whole resolution bridge, odd for a separate day for the muslims of the continent of god died raj, monumental development in 1947, the country became an independent nation 75 years. it's quite a long time the country celebrating the diamond jibley, and this is a country where the majority population on the $30.00 catastrophe war. but it has remained resilient. and i've got everybody across budget on it using the board. you know, i forget the political and other different bog independence day. let's take a closer look at the events leading up to the formation of pakistan. in june 1947
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during increasing secretary and violence, britain announced the plan for the partition of india. on august, the 14th 1947 pakistan celebrated its independence. the largely muslim state was made up of what was then east and west taca, san, separated by more than 1500 kilometers of indian territory. the next day, the partition of india became official. india's prime 1st prime minister was sworn in as a leader of a hindu majority country. and within months of independence, india and pakistan were war in kashmir. 75 years on it remains a disputed region. let's bring in, i said july, she's the mary richardson, professor of history, a tough university. she's joining us from the hor, welcome to al jazeera, so that partition at the end of british rule really triggered one of the biggest mass migrations in history. to what extent are the repercussions still being felt today? 75 years on while the scars of body should continue to impact people,
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dislocation displacement the violence. it was in orgy that was on precedents in the blood soaked analysis of continental history. so it's very difficult to overcome that trauma and the repetition of war between india and talk to some continued tensions unresolved issue of cushion you keeps the embers as moving. and so as a result, it's been very difficult to overcome that trauma in today's dr. shawn and for that matter, india as well. when you think of 75 years of independence for pakistan, what stands out for you? the fact that buck assign has survived, i think that it wasn't expected to survive. so i think that in itself is remarkable . but i would just add from the historical when historians point of view that it's not just the fact that it's survived, but how it has survived and at what cost. so i think that some of the imbalances
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that have played buckets times institutions for all of those are related to a partition. i mean, focus on did not get the resources that it needed. it's share of the resources was out in proportion with defense responsibilities occupying as it was 2 of the major, a strategic entry point into the sub continent in the northwest down the northeast . so it's defense requirements. the order was out of proportion with economic resource base. and that has played center region relations in pakistan and as a result also impacted institutional balances between elected and non elected institutions. rate. a speaking of elective institutions, i mean these days the political sphere is obviously very polarized in the country. to what extent does that political instability, 1st of all,
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damp and celebrations from what you've seen? oh, i think back assignees are always in for a celebration. and i mean, this is a very major event in history. and so i think they're celebrating with great gusto . i was out yesterday and i think the enthusiasm is unbelievable. i don't think there's any dumpling of enthusiasm for the 75th anniversary. all right, well we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for speaking to us from the hor, more than 2000 homes along the tie, me and mar border have been submerged by flash floods. heavy rains from tropical depression will cause the breach of dam and me and maurice chan states relief workers waited through flooded streets to distribute food, to people who were stranded. no casualties have been reported. protesters and me and mar one the military jim to be held accountable under international law for executing political activists. 3 weeks ago,
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the cold comment democratically elected former leader on santucci is expected to testify in court this week. and a series of corruption on election fraud case and tony chang report the another flash man protesting against the recent executions on the streets of young gone mas biggest city. the court. they risk being jailed was demonstrated, say, the executions have made their opposition to military rule, even stronger. and one day the generals will face justice. blow your mind, anything, it's gone, we should hold the photo turned to leaders and military accountable for what they have done. no exception for anything. that's what people strongly belief now. for the families of the executed men, the anguish continues. these pro military protest this came to denounced german, you known as co, jimmy outside his house. after his execution, his wife, seen with him in his family video,
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has fled the home. but she told l deserve from a hidden location, for the international community must do more than just condemning the execution. i would like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy, not just talking about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation, and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country mamma. while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against me and mars military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was a student activist. and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against the gender in the turkish judicial system. so the gender can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it's what years and years from a loss of which and character managed to end up in the hey, but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability
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cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera, a break from the heaths is coming for england. here is jeff or the forecast. there are signs the heat is finally starting to break across to england. can't wait to share the details with ya. hey everyone. so let's hop right into at the extreme heat warning has been dropped for england and wales as well as temperatures fallen below 30 degrees. we've got some fender down ports for the islands of ireland and britain. more showers may sneak into london. here's the 3 day forecast. more clouds floating in that's for sure. on monday there's those showers,
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maybe even some thunderstorms for you as well. that's going to kick back your temperature to 23, which is where you should be for this something you're thunderstorms, rumbling across the boss for a straight on mondays. so it's stumble. your temperature is knocked back a bit as well to 27 degrees. and then we've got these waves of atlantic re moving west to east so largely unsettled across europe. we can find some bigger downpours toward eastern poland, southwest ukraine, and central portions of romania dry for spain and portugal and breezy. i should say for the valley, eric says while abuse at 32 degrees, that's a big drop in your temperatures. and off to africa we go, there's been a lot of rain for nigeria and we see that just pulsing its way further toward the west. and now as we dip toward the south, some big ways off the eastern cape providence of south africa could exceed 5 meters season. still ahead on the altar to renew our families of 10 miners trapped in a flooded coal. mine and mexico make desperate please to authorities to do more to help them how the pacific on the nation of runaway to want to switch to renewable
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energy for all of its electricity generation by 2030. and then for some hair raising action from a diving theory to norway. ah, [000:00:00;00] a
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ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. oh, i know we got the top stories on al jazeera, the shower, at least 41 people have been killed in a fire inside a church and gyptian city of jesus out of cairo,
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blaze broke out as around 5000 worshippers were inside the se, fane church, causing a stampede, an explosion at a market in armenia as capital europe on his children please. one person more than 20 others were injured. the blast occurred in building out a market where fireworks were being stored. green is being loaded onto the 1st united nations chartered vessel in the port of ukraine. this will be the 1st humanitarian food, a cargo bound for a drought effect that east africa since russia invasion in february, frances, and during its dry summer since records begun, most of the country now faces water restrictions crops are withering. wildfires are raging and rivers are running. dry furniture is joining us from to lose and southwestern front. so bernard, any sign of rain at all during the suddenly hoping
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for rain. it was in the forecast, but today, but we've got mainly blue skies is a bit of cloud cover is taken the edge of the extreme temperatures that they've been enjoying here for the last few weeks. but still no sign of rain is predicted. now perhaps a bit later on in the week, but even if it does, when it does come, if it comes in those big summer thundering summer storms, it's going to hit drop rock hard, dry earth and run off. and that's one of the big fears here at the moment, but without the rain crops a dying before farmers can harvest them and rivers and reservoirs running dry. well, these are the movies. i've never seen the river as low as this stuff on. marty tells me he's a fisheries officer in a normal year, the level of the garage here would be above our heads, the river cuts through to lose. if the cities life blood providing drinking water irrigating farmland and cooling a nuclear plant, stefan has had to take fish out of the river and put them into special tanks because the water is too warm to come to give us compared to to video. it's
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complicated, everything is connected, there will be less snow in the mountains. the glaciers will melt sooner. this year there has been much less snow, so less water in the mountain lakes. so pumping of the lakes is lower to keep the water longer. over 3 weeks, 40 percent of the water held in reserve in hydro electric dams, in the parent mountains has been released into the wrong to keep it flowing. just he weighs in europe are increasing at a faster rate than almost anywhere else on the planet. and global warming increases, but likelihood of drought drawing out soils and vegetation lay even fund was minimums for me to make up for the whole time. for the opposite muscle, we need 60 millimeters of rainfall to be able to replace the soil. crystal ca pension tells me what the forecast is for 3 millimeters this week. it's not enough . know, the corn harvest across france is expected to be 18 and a half a cent lower this year than last. there's already
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a global shortage because of the war in ukraine. even the sunflower of turned away from the scorching sun where there is access to water, there isn't enough to go around. crystal says she'll lose more than 30 percent of her crop this year. soon. apostrophes among gold, if we don't get enough water in this region, there will be no viable agriculture even to day the kettle, farmers here have no grass on their fields to day. we own a land where it's crucial to develop irrigation. if only to be able to achieve minimum profitability, francis worst route since records began in 1958 has affected so many aspects of how people live here. i think we will. we will work a lot. we will train 3rd of cake and we reward because there is not in a photo for, for the food. in july rainfall across france was down 84 percent compared to normal
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. according to the french weather service. the summer isn't over yet. i'm standing on the bed of the river garen, and obviously in normal times i shouldn't be able to do this. every part of france is under some sort of water restriction. and 2 thirds of all french departments are at crisis level a most severe level. and there is no particular concern for the underground water tables because they are being used up more quickly because there isn't enough snow melts and rain water to refill them during thank you so much. bernard smith reporting from to loose events her being held in sierra leone to remember those who died in a mud slide. 5 years ago, mudslides and flooding struck the capital sri town. following days of to renshaw, reigns in august 2017. more than a 1100 people are known to have died. thousands lost their homes. asthma did the research joining us for more to me. that's just outside of free town in sierra
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leone to 5 years on adam edwards lifelike for survivors. well let's, let's start with the conditions, fuss the conditions we witnessing today, almost similar to what happened. 5 years ago, torrential rains. and if i move out of the picture, now, the face of the mountain is still bad. although some re forestation activity has taken place. trees were planted to try to go with go vegetation on the face of the mountain. now talking about the survivors, a lot of them are still homeless and jobless. now, some even stating that the conditions even got worse 5 years after, because things kept getting worse and worse and worse for them. now this countries dealing with so many things at the same time, inflation crisis from heat, from, from one place to another. so for them, trying to reorganize their lives, have been so difficult on the past 5 years in terms of activity they plan to hold memorial or memorial event. any know, any moment from now, just
4:38 pm
a short distance from where we standing to commemorate the victims of this disaster 5 years ago is one of the worst single day disaster ever recorded in the history of this west african country. now talking about what activity has been going on. well, only family members and relations get together to organize something like this. an estimate how funny lessons been learned since that disaster in 2017 therein. that's the biggest problem. to lessons have been learned from this disaster 5 years ago. one of the main reason why there was so much casualty was because people was building without permits people. there was no enforcement of regulations. 5 years on we still seeing the same problem, repeating its people are still building on hill tops like this and regulations enforcing those regulations have become so difficult for the authorities. now we
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waiting to see another disaster expo say it's just a matter of time because of the way constructions have been going on on properties or other areas in this mountain. yes, area or in federally on how you have hills and mountains surrounding the city. so because land is so expensive, and so few people go on to these mountains and hills, try to set up homes. and when does justice like big struck the number of casualties go. they have been some pronouncement by the government that laws have been enforced or this have been given that nobody should in court on these lines that been made public. now they are protected areas, but we still see much more development happening in this on this, on these lives. so it's a, it's a, it's a warning situation. she will, it's us up in the, a 5 years old. thank you so much. i do use reporting from sierra leone. the pacific island nation off of and watson has launched one of the world's most ambitious climate policies. it's already carbon negative,
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meaning it absorbs more than it produces bonded to has now committed to a 100 percent renewable energy from electricity generation. by the year 2030, it wants to establish a loss and damage finance facility to support vulnerable communities. the island is pushing the international court of justice to issue an advisory opinion on climate change harm implementing these measures will cost nearly a $178000000.00 for the country that's rated most at risk of natural disasters by the united nations. took a lower, cooper is the director of climate change resilience of the secretariat of the pacific regional environment program. she says, developed countries are obliged to take action. we call the most low level countries of we are amongst the most, most countries in the world. there are sit row was our low like of which
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was the highest point to stop the 3 meters if there is we are already affected by very severe with the 18th and the ability for pacific islands who are developing countries to absorb shock and build back better a's becoming more and more difficult, and this is why as a collective grouping, the pacific will not move away from the course of 1.5 degrees to stay a long, long walk to his one of 5 countries in the pacific to submit submit the ticket. and the state, but what on what to have done now was really put a spotlight on multiple countries taking the lead and really showing true leadership in their efforts to add in mitigation and adaptation. and we want to space that it is also calling for climate finance at most the damage where the company is there,
4:42 pm
basically for the civic or other countries. so it's this leadership despite been watching negligible emissions that e z a is important. it's important for our local family to see that it's most of the forgotten countries are doing this despite negligible emissions. then it's a core for the global family, particularly developed countries to step up and submit the n d. c. a shooting and occupied east jerusalem early on sunday morning has injured a people including a baby police say a suspect has turned himself in. confess to the attack. natasha name reports the calm of the old city in the middle of the night shifted to the chaos of an attack on sunday. police say a man ambushed a bus in a parking lot. you're the western wall at about 1 30 in the morning. don't be below tight,
4:43 pm
i see. 40 toys i was bleeding. the driver says he tried to pull away, but was unable to because the wheelchair ramp was lowered simply limits of 2 of the wounded are in a serious condition. a pregnant woman in her thirties with an abdominal injury is still in the operating, grew a very complex injury and a man in his sixties with injuries to the neck and had also a gunshot wound and is now in the intensive care unit. a 6 hour manhunt followed police cordoned off the area, set up checkpoints to search people and cars and rated homes. in sil won the palestinian neighbourhood has previously been the site of violent protests against illegal demolitions of homes, with allegations that the israelis are pushing out families, police say a 24 year old palestinian man eventually turned himself in and confessed,
4:44 pm
came into boldly before gilbert did this is alone attacker, a resident of the city with a criminal record must. there is one conclusion from this event, as from the previous events. wherever holmes, the citizens of israel, will have nowhere to run. who will hunt them down, and we will deal with them with full force of the long amass which controls the gaza strip. and the arm grew palestinian islamic. she had praised the attack, saying it's a continuation of palestinian resistance to the israeli occupation. the attack happened one week after egypt negotiated a ceasefire between israel and the islamic jihad. on august 5th, the israeli military lodged a 3 day operation against the group in gaza, killing nearly 50 palestinians, including 17 children. there have been concerns the cease fire would collapse because this limit you had is lobbying for the release of 2 prisoners is really
4:45 pm
interim prime minister year le peed promised to restore home and security to jerusalem. sunday's attack is a reminder that it's virtually impossible to ensure that it will last natasha named l 0. occupied east jerusalem. relatives of 10 minor is trapped in a flooded coal. mine in mexico have urged authorities to do more to find them. rescue workers are pumped water out of the shaft, but haven't been able to enter the tory gate and be reports. the 10 minus have been trapped under ground for almost 2 weeks. they were digging for colon co wheeler, in mexico, when a tunnel will collapsed and the shaft was flooded. rescue workers have been pumping water out of the mine. families are frustrated at how long it's taking get. there can be a naughty enough that i must work day and night. they shouldn't stop, but they do because the pumps get blocked. if the men are alive, they must be desperate. it's too much. that is why we're speaking out because we
4:46 pm
won't help. more than 300 soldiers and other emergency services personnel including 6 military, scuba divers, have joined the effort. rescue work as a hopeful will to levels may soon be low enough to enter at least one of the flooded shafts horizontally. pick up the middle, the rescuers have assessed the conditions under ground. they have gone down a significant part of the shaft, but they have not reached the bottom yet. mexico's main co producing region has seen a series of fatal mining accidents over the years. the worst was impass did a conscious in 2006, killing 65 people. only 2 of the bodies were retrieved, you'll know 1000000 more where that you. i won't leave here until my brother is found. i don't want the same thing to happen as him passed the controls. my cousin was trapped then they never got him out. so many accident like this happened in the mines and the government does nothing. hearing go. wheeler 5 minus were able to escape, but no contacts be made with the men left behind. all their families can do now is
4:47 pm
hope they're found alive, victoria gate and be al jazeera. while fighting continues on the eastern and southern front of ukraine in the capital. there is a sense off, a new normal john hender and reports from cheve in key, there is a defiant celebration. residents are out unafraid and active. call it the new normal months ago, people here in bomb shelters fearing the russian invasion, but ukraine's troops pushed them back in now the battle lines are far away to normal life. slowly coming back to cave, we open right now much more restaurants. cafe it, sir. the business colon baggins this slowly starting to walk. but
4:48 pm
her it's allusion blue sky, sunshine, summer and to a we have never forget the scuffle congress. canada's eastern ski of his hell. his big bottle, where our buttress defend our country. the city's famous opera house is open, but no one has forgotten that this is a country at war and not far off. we're not your caregiver should be under showing every day. we're not like you done bought somewhere. so me. yeah, no, like we're not scared, not tourist from the other parts of ukraine have returned to their capital. is, might be a war zone, but it doesn't have to feel like wine, and that's the point. these people are out despite the occupation is difficult as it is, the residents of keeps a life goes on and had to flee to other county cause it was to scary to stay
4:49 pm
in your fame. but though i'm back and it's still spooky every day when we have air res everson has changed, but we need to move forward and to me, ah, for the youth of key the rave parties downtown, go on though they now started 5 p. m. in order to end in time for curfew, ah, amid the fog of war, the celebration, the defiant insistence on living, something like normal life continues. john henderson, al jazeera keith sports is coming up on the al serra news hour, including argentina's historic. when over australia, in the rugby championship, gemma will have the details coming up ah,
4:50 pm
abandoned by the state, social collectors are occupying spaces among the people, a militant architect working on the edge of the law. in the 1st episode of rebel architecture, some viagra feudal heather drove al jazeera into the realm of self building. in the same gorilla architect on out to 01 year ago, the thought about that is the problem following the bedroll of foreign forces. 20 years of war ended, but many of them are still waiting to benefit from the peace that yvonne had not wanted to spend recognition as the legitimate goblins above one side. with olive on take over one year on another there. ah
4:51 pm
ah ah, conference courses 1st drama. thank you during and we start with one of the biggest upsets in the history of the premier league. manchester united cit, bottom of the table offer a for net away. defeated brentford, david states house the action started on that left hand manchester united were under pressure after the urban day defeat to brighten the nav really and oppression out for to get. 7 away to brentford there when a go down 10 minutes in after shocking mistake from david, the heya gifting josh to silver, the owner. it was another area from the head let's at brentwood 2nd. the goalkeeper with a lease passed this time pounced on by mateus ye. ensign brentford stirred go, came from a corner. united defense fell to cliff, and it was been me who turned the ball into the net. and after just 35 minutes, the game was wrapped up brentford clearing from their own box to ivan, tony,
4:52 pm
who delivered a fantastic 1st time full to set up brian and bray. mo, for nil the final school. united starting lineup cost more than $495000000.00 compared to brentford at $66000000.00. but united he find themselves bottom at the table for the 1st time since 1992. i think they, they follow my instructions and the day they make bad decisions. and that, that is football is a full of a game of mistakes. and we can punished. we are in a really difficult situation clear and we have to stick together. and we have to find the sources, and then we have to find solutions. it's been nearly a decade since united when the league and the ther alex ferguson, david moiz, libby van, how joseph torinio and alec and associates have all tried and failed to return them to their former glories. and how took over after leaving. i acts in the summer, for the dutchman is the 1st united manager to lead his 1st 2 games in charge since
4:53 pm
john chapman in 1921. that was awful in all senses. and i think there's a lot of homework for him and i warn him already. if you go to england with a dutch mentality in a dutch where you're not gonna make it united of now last 7, straight away gains in the leak. not since 960, if they conceded 6 goals in the 1st 2 games of the season. and it doesn't get any easier on paper. they face liverpool next. they've been stokes, out his era. in stark contrast, united manchester city continued their strong thought to the season. the defending champions made it to straight when the vice comfortable for victory over fullness. going to an appeal fight and having to brian on the sheet in 51st time games the season. gabriel, daisy said left this and i continue soon pressed that new club off the school twice and 40. when i left the city going to jacket and gabriel martinez. i got the other
4:54 pm
2 also have also one that opening 2 games at the campaign in spain. buffalo, new able to play some of the new signings including rub 11 dorski. so they failed to school starting the season with a golden rule against my boss. i also have such it gets red carded close to full time telling champions ac milan and began that type of defense to the 40 when they say, besides the level half time cause it goes off the brakes to take the 3 point wrongly cock, he scored less than 2 minutes into his theory, i returned to help in civil and b let j. so i can move back to the club online from chelsea, that j. e life before then to dumb fries, one it into in the 90 minutes. who on the final call in from the parents, by the name of the name on, i should say good twice after being excluded from the phone. and there was one that
4:55 pm
came in from the p. s t and there was an extraordinary finish to this game. the 2nd english football queen fought ranges were heading for the fates, went up hops back goalkeepers setting to score an equalizer in the 92nd minute. the rest, your points to his side that is that informal one. number one is mona. how they were turned to the top 10 after reaching the final interim, say to remain in the cane a shaky thought to be american. jessica beulah in 3 set time on champion player, had a maya in sunday. be continued 100 run by a coming a pool, a lot. number one, the carolina plesco earlier in the term and had up my defeated the current top rank elim pick jump, kid. if we keels, they became the festival in 3 quarter finals of a w. c. a 1000 event and in many humans and materials highland high but who catch reached his 2nd master's final, he'd be the highest remaining seated cast. the route from norway is the full time this week matches have gone to 3 sets. hatch now places
4:56 pm
a public radio booster for the title, the 31 year old spanish reaching the final of a mock with $1000.00 event for the 1st time. after getting past don evans, when it was to become the 1st unseated champion for 20, is one of the was to yes. so my korea is making a really good resume. if i leave him alone, can you find us in both? and now this week, i don't know why, but what's, what's on video. but, you know, it's very important to you kind of much also when you play in rent they need because i think i'll be doing the final in the rugby championship. new zealand ended a 3 months losing streak by defeating south africa and johanna book. the blacks were beaten by the well champions last week, but they found back another spot when tries re sent out to me and sina interiors
4:57 pm
and the team is head into that much higher confidence off the recording that biggest. when i restrain a crush, one of these 48 to 17, and a case by some of my son argentine claiming the 1st victory in the 2010. to add salt into the way industrial made famous rock band, ac d. c was played in the stadium, all of the game to celebrate when they were in golf. so fedex caught playoff open champion, cameron smith is right in the hunt, heading into the final round of the st. jude championship. this is for 1st of 3 events. we'll decide to win the $18000000.00 1st. friday things are short of $367.00 and around 3 with 2 of the ladies at 11 over the 4 american j. j. for the man to catch. he got his 1st body of the day here at the 11th and picked up 2 more shops to finish. and 1st the number one st. clair. alex finished with some stunning pictures from the cliff diving wild series. the best in the sports,
4:58 pm
or in the norwegian capital of life. by the time defending champion, re, i'm in england straight extended our lead at the top of the founding nearest private money constant of canada. and 95 men champion gallery hunt bounce back from the pole shoving last. i'm out. his 1st win of the season. that is your sports from me. finance summit. we'll have another updates a little bit later. amazing pictures. thank you so much, john. thanks for watching the news, our analogy 0. we're back in just a moment. we'll have much more of today's news and all the latest headlines. see you in a minute. bye bye. i me each and every one of us have responsibility to change our personal space for the better. the
4:59 pm
more we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the future assembly here and getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say the reason this is extremely important service they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who've been left behind me. coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fought and died for power defines our, well, we live here, we make the rule,
5:00 pm
not them. they find an enemy and then they try and scare the people with people empower, investigate, exposed it, and question the youth and abuse of power around the globe on out. is there a generation of scared people, but very ambitious, very united, very persistent on very good, but soon you might be competing more right now, but it's known for long. you will soon feel the same here. we feel every day from peter, hong kong and uganda, 3 women grapple with the impact of the frontline activists fear future children on a jesse ah, dozens killed in a blaze inside


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