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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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to children on a j 0 on counting the cost, the u. n urges tax on the profits of oil and gas giants couldn't help ease the energy crisis. biden signs a bill to boost chip reduction. who's winning the semi conductor. and video game fails. death is a game over for the pandemic boom. counting the cost on al jazeera one year ago, the thought of on that is the global following. the redraw of foreign forces 20 years of war ended, but many of guns are still waiting to benefit from the peace that yvonne had not one had not been recognition as the legitimate government above one sy balaban take over one year on another there. ah, this is al jazeera ah.
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hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. at least 41 people have been killed in a church fire in their gyptian city of visa. most of the victims are children of fireworks explosion, and armenia is capital rips through a busy market, killing at least one person and trapping others under rubble. un ship carrying food, aid for africa, prepares to leave the ukrainian port for the 1st time since roches evasion. and 5 years since a mudslide killed more than a 1000 people in sierra leone. look at the challenges faced by survivors. and i'm santa, how much with your sports at chelsea and talk non play out and exciting to to premier league draw. thanks to stop is time go a from harry came ah
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at least 41 people have been killed and dozens injured in a fire at a church in diesel egypt. second largest city at leis broke out in the south. in cockpit church, around 5000 worshippers were inside coding, causing a stamp he'd a far as being blamed on the lexical fault. the same bus raphi has more the dozens dead and dozens injured after a fire caused a stampede among worshippers at a cop to christian church. in the egyptian city of diesel, the incident happened as thousands gathered for morning most at the abusive theme. church were not very, i saw people jumping from the upper floor, suffocation suffocation. all of them did so many did. and there are children. we didn't know how to get to them, and we didn't know who some this is or whose daughter that is, was this possible? jesus sits at the southern edge of the greater cairo area. one of the most densely populated places in the world. dilapidated infrastructure means accidental fires
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are common, made more likely due to the record high temperatures across the region. some of the fire and booster fin church thought to have been caused by a faulty air conditioner. i don't know too much, we started to see from the outside that the smoke was getting bigger and people were wanting to jump from the upper floor of the building of the church to the next one. then we went inside and found the children and we started to take the bodies out. in the aftermath of the incident, the president of the father of cc announced the mobilization of quote, all states services to ensure that all measures are taken. the prosecutor's office has also opened an investigation. where can i conveyed the president's condolences and my condolences to the religious leaders of the church, the families of the dead and injured people. we need them to know that we're standing with them and standing by them. some of the injured were firefighters, the blaze blocked in exit trapping churchgoers and causing the stampede. according
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to the witnesses, most of those killed were children vain basra ivy algebra. sorry, kara is the founder and director of the european north african center for research . she says the file has impacted a poor community. the safety measures are not so good if you actually take a look on the location of the chairs, it's in a very small, it's what that's why i mentioned it's one of the oldest neighborhoods in cairo because it's a very small st. safety measure is none. unfortunately, and the building is not supposed to be packed with a lot of a citizens in such a way with lack of safety measures. of course, we are in summer vacations and a lot of children and families in egypt. you know, families in egypt are religious by nature. either most of them are christians, they send their children to the church and the morning just for a little quieter environment in the house. and that's why it was packed with
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children, unfortunately. and it's, it's, it's one of the neighborhoods of the poor neighborhoods as well with that, that's why the tragedy is even bigger and well, storage is here, have run through that accident place. of course people such fires or anything related to churches, all with huge importance in cairo because uh, we had instance of terrorism before and so on. but unfortunately, it wasn't an electricity accident and there are still fire men there for the national security course, revising, camera and everything, and investigating and so far, authorities have declared that extend as such an explosion as a market in armenia. capital gara van have killed at least one person. 34 others
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have been injured. the glass happened in a building at a busy market. the fireworks being stored high for set up for a major fire in a busy market about to get much worse. the building, local, say, had been used to store fireworks the on a clear sunny day. this peam of smoke was visible across the armenian capital. emergency crews were soon battling to extinguish the flames. volunteers using debris to clear more of it from the site. survivors carefully brought the safety side and things like fireworks and smoke everything shafted in a 2nd. their warehouses, technical rooms. it's like fireworks fireworks, fireworks. everything happened in one minute. people could not get out of the stores. the mess office in yerevan said an unknown number of people had been left trapped under the rebel. the sheer scale of this disaster becoming clear to all as
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desperate rescue efforts continued its been utter shock. this is the 1st time in my memory that such an explosion such a tragedy has happened in the capital city. everybody is glued to social media networks, them to the news to try and find out what's happening. rescuers have been hampered by more fi with explosions. as crews tried to make the area safe. by late afternoon, heavy vehicles were clearing parts of the last zone. elsewhere, rescuers were using their hands to search for any one trapped and still alive. hurry for al jazeera grain is being loaded onto the 1st united nations. charles had vessel in the port of pitt 10 year ukraine. they'll be the 1st shipments of food a for drought effects of africa. since russia's invasion in february or in 16 merchant vessels of left, you cried in the past 2 weeks after
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a deal was broken between keith and moscow. and more than $400000.00 tons of produce have left ukrainian ports since the 1st of august. you and food price index shows global prices dropped 8.6 percent between june and july. the u. n. chance had ship will depart for 2 booty in the coming days. it will transport more than $23000.00 tons of wheat, or the un humanitarian car coordinator in ukraine, says the shipment will bring much needed relief to drought hit regions. this shipment and w b will say more about it is the 1st that we hope many shipments to come to countries that are suffering great difficulties. there are at least 5 who are already in famine like conditions. and another 20 that are on the what we call the watch list for famine. so these shipments are going to be hugely important to those population. elena rober as a business develop manager at maxie green as an agra brokerage company. she says, ukraine is ready to deliver tens of millions of tons of agricultural products to
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countries and need since the more begun around 20000000 metric tons of different kinds of grained, and the girls talking you cree last. we start to harvest and have a new crop, which means that we already to supply more than 50000000 metric tons of different cultural products to results for. sorry, and your brain on supply opened. you don't, you're going on for this green quarter. don't mean that all right, and each slice of bread in each part of the world became a little over as ukraine used very important playoff main challenge. my challenge is float in mines. are we show our in the sea and is this why she bonus mostly trying to sit and wait? how resource the vessel we left, how faced east passage, and then they will make
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a decision to direct the ships to ukraine on ports. as of today, the 16 vessels over the last people in your port, one of them is new commune russell. and you 2 more vessel which came 2 days ago. now loading the grades. one of them are for united nation program, and we expect the current 2 weeks to arrive and not the 15 vessel for migraine or the 1st grain ship to leave ukraine under that un broke, a dale is approaching the syrian force of totters, arizona, set sail from odessa, on august the 1st under the agreement between russia and ukraine, the cargo had been heading for lebanon, but the original by refused delivery of the 26000 tons of corn. well, fighting continues on the eastern and southern fronts of ukraine and the capital. there's a sense of a new normal shot engine reports from cave in
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key, there is a defiant celebration. residents are out unafraid and active. call it the new normal months ago, people hidden bomb shelters fearing the russian invasion, but ukraine's troops pushed them back in. now the battle lines are far away from normal life. slowly coming back to cave, we open right now, much more restaurants. go for it, sir. the business colon barragan's this slowly starting to war. but for it's illusion. blue sky, sunshine, summer and through we have no forget the scope of congress. canada's eastern key of his hell. his big basel, we're our buttress. defend our country. the cities famous opera house is open, but no one has forgotten that this is
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a country at war and not far off. we are not care care of each piece under, shall we never day. we're not like you dunbar somewhere. so me. yeah, no, like we're not scared, not tourist from the other parts of ukraine have returned to their capital. is might be a war zone, but it doesn't have to feel like wine, and that's the point. these people are out despite the occupation is difficult as it is the residence of keeps a life goes on. i had to flee to other counties because it was too scary to stay in ukraine. but now i'm back and it's still spooky every day when we have air res everson has changed, but we need to move forward and to leave for the youth of key the rave parties downtown. go on though they now start at 5 p. m.
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in order to end in time for curfew, ah, amid the fog of war, the celebration, the defiant insistence on living, something like normal life continues. john henderson, al jazeera keith. i sent him all that had hair on this is our, including our pacific island nation of banu auto plants, to switch to renewable energy for all of its electricity generation by 2030 oh. processes in may and more demand, more than fine was from the international community as they risked their lives to oppose the genta and monster united alexis willing following one of them most embarrassing losses on the wind for a
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problems is enjoying as dr. thomas has records began, water has been restricted across most of the country crops. so weathering wildfires raging and rivers running. dr. smith reports from to lose in southwest and from certainly hoping for rain. it was in the forecast, but today, but we've got mainly blue skies is a bit of cloud covers, taken the edge of the extreme temperatures that they, they'd been enjoying here for the last few weeks. but still no sign of rain is predicted. now perhaps a bit later on in the week, but even if it does, when it does come, if it comes in those big summer thundering summer storms, it's going to hit drop rock hard, dry earth and run off. and that's one of the big fears here at the moment, but without the rain crops a dying before farmers can harvest them and rivers and reservoirs running dry. well, these are the movies. i've never seen the river as low as this and stuff on. marty tells me he's a fisheries officer in a normal year,
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the level of the garage here would be above our heads. the river cuts through to lose its the cities life blood providing drinking water, irrigating farmland, and cooling a nuclear plant. stefan has had to take fish out of the river and put them into special tanks because the water is too warm to come to give us compared to to video . it's complicated, everything is connected. there will be less snow in the mountains. the glaciers will melt sooner. this year there has been much less snow, so less water in the mountain lakes. so pumping of the lakes is lower to keep the water longer. over 3 weeks, 40 percent of the water held in reserve and hydro electric dams, in the pyrenees mountains has been released into the garage to keep it flowing. just he weighs in europe are increasing at a faster rate than almost anywhere else on the planet. and global warming increases the likelihood of drought drying out soils and vegetation lay venue. firewall ha, minimums were sent in the make up of local punk, honestly, african. i'm also,
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we need 60 millimeters of rainfall to be able to replant the soil. crystal carpentier tells me the forecast is for 3 millimeters this week. it's not enough. no. the corn harvest across france is expected to be 18 and a half percent lower this year than last. there's already a global shortage because of the war in ukraine. even the sunflower of turned away from the scorching sun where there is access to water. there isn't enough to go around. crystal says she'll lose more than 30 percent of a crop this year. soon. apostrophes among gold, if we don't get enough for town this region, there will be no viable agriculture even to day. the cattle farmers here have no grass on their fields to day we own a land where it's crucial to develop irrigation. if only to be able to achieve minimum profitability. francis, worst route, since records began in 1958 has affected so many aspects of how people live here
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and no i thing we, we, we win world a lot. we, we love train turned and cake and we reward because there is not in a photo for, for the foot. in july rainfall across france was down 84 percent compared to normal . according to the french weather service. the summer isn't over yet. i'm standing on the bed of the river garen, and obviously in normal times i shouldn't be able to do this. every part of france is under some sorts of water restriction. and 2 thirds of all french departments are at crisis level a most severe level. and there is no particular concern for the underground water tables because they are being used up more quickly because there isn't enough snow melts and rain water to refill them. of the droughts across europe are impacting the ability to produce renewable energy and you'll hydro electric reduction in france has dropped 30 percent in the 1st half of the year in italy. power generation is down by around 40 percent electricity production from some spanish
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companies has half compared to last year. and in portugal, water reservoir at only 29 percent capacity. at this time of the year, the dams are usually around 60 per cent full. kevin porter is an energy consultant at what logic she explains how water shortages are also affecting nuclear energy. it's across the board really in generation and some will power stations and you get past asians are harder to cool when it's hot and they take more attractive rivers in the sea to do that cooling. so that reduces the efficiency, the cooling, and means that the output is lower than it would normally be. solar panels are less efficient when temperature rises. and across the electricity network we see more resistance and infrastructure using power lines expanding the heat. and when the longer the electrical resistance is higher, i'm say the whole weather causes problems right across the infrastructure space.
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also in germany, they're using rivers for delivering things like whole power stations. when the river levels are low, they can't load the ball just as much. and so that leads them problems with the delivery as well. we're having a combination of different factors at the moment that are all joining together with really bad timing. i'm from such a nuclear power for it's i'd like to see generation about half of this reactions are offline because of the systemic problem identified within a certain close of reactions, back in april and say from being traditionally an export of electricity fronts is not relying on imports similarly in no way, which typically is able to export from its expensive hydro system, low water levels. and meaning that the countries now actually considering restricting exports. collaborations are being held in sierra leone to remember those who died in a mudslide 5 years ago. much lies in flooding stress, the capital free town of today's of to actual reigns in august 2017 or the 1100
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people died in thousands more of the homes. i'm going to just report from just outside free town on some of the challenges survivors are still facing. some of them are even saying that life has gotten more difficult. it was 5 years ago. a lot of them still jobless. they are homeless and they are finding it even very difficult to feed. you're talking about a country why inflation has gone past the 25 percent mark and it's rising on the day. unemployment is high and then there isn't enough to go around it. remember, this is a country that just survived and the 11 year civil war as well as the born a crisis. so what people do, you usually use to come around at this time of the year to remember those family members who are lost in the disaster. we standing here at the pentagon, part of one of the communities affected by the much slide down is that ravine where
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water and debrief flowed from the more to make sure the look mountain along with what is that washed this way, right into the atlantic ocean. so a lot of people are trying to see whether they can reorganize their lives. unfortunately, they are unable to succeed. at the moment. parts of the united arab emirates have been hit by a combination of heavy rain dust and sandstorms visibility and do by and drop to less than a kilometer. promising a from the officials to discourage people from driving more storms full cost in the coming days. the pacific islander vanna was to, has lot, one of the was most ambitious climate policies. it's already carbon negative, meaning it absorbs more than it produces and also has now committed to 100 percent renewable energy from electricity generation. by the year 2030, it was to establish a loss and damage finance facility to support the vulnerable communities. the
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island is pushing the instructional court of justice to issue an advisory opinion on climate change hom, implementing these measures will cost yearly $178000000.00 for the country as rated most at risk of natural disasters by the united nations tech. a la copa is the cooper, is the director of climate change resilience at the secretariat of the pacific regional environment program. she says, developed countries are obliged to take action. we call the most low level countries and we are amongst the most, most countries in the world. there are sit row, was our low like actual which from the highest point to stop the 3 meters. if there is, we are already affected by very severe weather events and the ability for pacific islands who are developing countries to absorb shop and build back better is becoming more and more difficult. and this is why as
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a collective grouping, the pacific will not move away from the course for 1.5 degrees to stay alive. one watches, one of 5 countries in the pacific to submit a submit their 2nd. ah, andy said, but what on what to have done now is really put a spotlight on multiple countries taking the lead in really showing true leadership in the efforts to ah, in mitigation and adaptation. and when to walk to a special in that it is also calling for hi with finance at loss or damage where the cupboard is bare, basically 4 pacific other countries. so it's this leadership despite on watches, negligible emissions. that ease is important. it's important for our global family to see that if small pacific island countries i
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doing this despite negligible emissions, then it's a core for the global family, particularly developed countries to step up and submit beer, o n d c's. all in 2000 times on the time and ma border have been submerged by flash flooding. heavy rains from tropical depression, moorland caused a breach as a down in the martian state. when if work is weighted through flooded streets to distribute food to people who are stranded, no casualties have been reported. u. s. congressional delegation has arrived in taiwan and mid military tensions between the island and china. a group of 5 will meet senior taiwan leaders during the 2 day visit beijing claims taiwan has its own territory and has been holding military drills around the island, china's years, the war games to express its anger at this month's visit to ty, pay by us house speaker, nancy pelosi purchase as in mary mar what the military agenda to be held
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accountable under international law for executing political acts of as 3 weeks ago . the cause came as democratically elected former leader unsung suit. she is expected to testify in court this week and a series of corruption and election fraud cases to the chang reports. oh, another flash mill, protesting against the recent executions on the streets of young gun and mars. biggest city. if caught a risk being jailed, worse. but demonstrate to say the executions had made their opposition to military rule, even stronger. and one day, the generals will face justice blow, your mind is gone, we should hold these boots or to enter leaders and a military accountable for what they have done. no exception for anything. that's what people strongly believed now. for the families of the executed men, the anguish continues. these pro military protest has came to denounce german, you known as co, jimmy outside his house. after his execution,
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his wife scene with him and his family video has fled the home. but she told l deserve from a hidden location, for the international community must do more than just condemning the execution gardener. i would like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy, not just talking about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation, and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country mamma. while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against mere mars military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was a student activist. and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against the gender in the turkish judicial system. so the johns can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it took years and years from
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a loss of which and character managed to end up in the hey, but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera philip had hair on out his era. 8 people are injured as a gunman, targets a boss, an occupied east, jerusalem mixing religion with politics, my f, i, brazilian community affairs, more persecution at the upcoming presidential election. and in sports, some hair raising action from the cliff diving series in norway.
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ah you know the name of the game, this is your update for the middle east and africa will begin this one in the middle east and still seen some more downpours around humans. capital santa, we did have a deadly deluge there, so that is not good news to see some more rain in the forecast. lot of sand and dust in the empty quarter of saudi but i want to take you to pockets down where the rain is still falling for sin province baluchistan. same goes for punjab is while getting into a pretty good down port there for the hor, and we're going to track out this moist through this mess coming in for western portions of india. so more rain on the way for buckets on sundry downpours are moving into its stumble. that's going to knock back your temperature a bit to 27 degrees on monday and off to africa,
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we go some storms bubbling up around lake victoria. and look at all of this rain we have for nigeria that's moving further toward the west, out toward the gulf of guinea. and as we slide towards the south right now, we had disturbed weather in the western cape. it moved to the eastern cape was soon tall, but it stained off shore, but still those waves will probably exceed 5 meters and it's flung a lot of cool air into southern moves and beaks them. i put 23 degrees. cool for now, but give it a few days in your temperature? well klein again. that's your update by for now. ah. ah, ah, ah, with
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light and robust debate, a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other law latrice stuck in these camps. it's regardless of your ratings . the way you're coming from, you said, give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be heard. human rights and land defenders and brazil, they live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the street for a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera lou . ah,
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again, you're watching al jazeera, his reminder of all top stories this hour. at least 41 people have been killed in a far inside a church in the egyptian city of visa, south of cairo, blaze broke out as around 5000 worshippers were inside the abu, stiff in church, posing a stampede and explosion that a market in armine is capital galvan is killed at least one person, and 20 others were injured at last occurred in the building of the market where fireworks were being stored. a grain is being loaded onto the 1st united nations charter vessel in the port venue in ukraine. and so been the, the 1st shipment of food, a drought affected east africa since russia invasion in february 16 much in vessels of last ukraine in the past 2 weeks after deal was broken between teeth and months ago. at least 8 people, including a baby, had been injured and a shooting and occupied east. jerusalem police suspects turned himself in and
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confessed to the attack and such a name reports the calm of the old city in the middle of the night shifted to the chaos of an attack on sunday. police say a man ambushed a bus in a parking lot. you're the western wall at about 1 30 in the morning. to be below, i see 40 toys i was bleeding. the driver says he tried to pull away, but was unable to because the wheelchair ramp was lowered simply name of the ship. 2 of the wounded are in a serious condition. a pregnant woman in her thirties with an abdominal injury is still in the operating, grew a very complex injury and a man in his sixties with injuries to the neck and had also a gunshot wound and is now in the intensive care unit. a 6 hour manhunt followed police cordoned off the area, set up checkpoints to search people and cars and rated homes. in sil won,
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the palestinian neighborhood has previously been the site of violent protests against illegal demolitions of homes, with allegations that the israelis are pushing out families, police a i 24 year old palestinian man eventually turned himself in and confessed, came into boldly before gab will did this is alone attacker, a resident of the city with a criminal record must. there is one conclusion from this event, as from the previous events, whether hom, the citizens of israel, will have nowhere to run. who will hunt them down. and we will deal with them with full force of the law. amass which controls the gaza strip and the arm grew palestinian islamic. she had praised the attack, saying it's a continuation of palestinian resistance to the israeli occupation. the attack happened one week after egypt negotiated a ceasefire between israel and the
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a slam mc g had on august 5th, he has really military launched a 3 day operation against the group in gaza, killing nearly 50 palestinians, including 17 children. there have been concerns the ceasefire would collapse because his lemke had is lobbying for the release of 2 prisoners israeli interim prime minister year le pete promised to restore calm and security to jerusalem. sunday's attack is a reminder that it's virtually impossible to ensure that it will last natasha named el de zira occupied east jerusalem. pakistan is mocking 75 years of independence in karachi. his harmony is being held at the memorial for the countries founder mohammed ali gena. but he called colonial rule ended in 1947 with the petition of india and formation of pakistan. col hider has more from the whole paper, le grossbach has gone out in a festive mood. they're wonderful,
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get their problems. they said one day read the whole nation comes together. despite the political differences, they can all make difficulties and various crises that appeared by the country. it was at the stroke of midnight 75 years ago that this became an independent nation for the muslim. the occasion was celebrated reply works display across the country, a 31 gun salute and a federal capital, or 21 gun salute and a provincial gap or dose all around the country. the people have come out in large numbers with their families or with the national flag and of gods reading their badges. some of them even dressed in green and white with a bucket funny, national colors go to murder. indeed job or learn more people like to forget their problems, particularly when it comes to independence day. the buckets on
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a prime minister ship, our sheriff, hoisting the flag in the federal capital, which is hard to do. rekey was celebrating the 75th anniversary of pakistan's independence. i congratulate all pakistanis within and outside the country from the core of my heart. and in the meantime, emron cong, rallying her cup ordered in a large, shaw for the 30 of law which ordered by tens of thousands of people. if there did not just brought dirt but also its celebration to come remedied. august on 75th, gordon jibley, the country of god get north 1st more political uncertainty. but in de brenda did an occasion for everyone to come together. let's take a closer look now at how pakistan was formed in june 1947 during increasing sectarian violence. but an announced a plan for the partition of india. on august,
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the 14th 1947 pakistan celebrated his independence. largely muslim state was made up of what was then east and west pakistan, separated by more than 1500 kilometers of indian territory. the next day, the partition of india became official. 50000000 people were forced to move as the country split around 2000000 people died and the violence that came with the migration within months of independence, india and pakistan world war in kashmir since 75 years on it remains a disputed beecham. i, you should jalal as the mary richardson, professor of history at tufts university. she says, the trauma of what happened in 1947 is still felt today. the stars of partition continue to impact the dislocation displacement the violence. it was an orgy that was unprecedented in the blood soaked analysis of continental history. so it's very difficult to overcome that form. and the repetition off
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war is between india and pakistan continued tensions unresolved issue of kashmir keeps the embers a small ring. and so as a result, it's been very difficult to overcome that trauma in today's cosign, and for that matter, india as well. so i think that some of the imbalances that have played back sounds, institutions for all of those are related to partition. i mean, focus on, did not get the resources that it needed. it's share of the resources was out of proportion with defense responsibilities occupying as it was 2 of the major, a strategic entry points into the sub continent in the northwest and the northeast . so it's defense requirements are always out of proportion with economic resources, and that has plagued center region relations in pakistan and, and as
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a result also impacted institutional balances between elected and non elected institutions. i need some breaking news now and city and state media are reporting explosions being heard in the port city of tartarus. and it's saying that israel has attacked targets in the area of tosses. and also is reporting that syria and defenses have confronted hostile targets. we'll keep an eye on that story and bring you more on it as we understand it. now, relatives of 10 miners trapped in a flooded coal. mine in mexico have authority to do more to find them. rescue workers have pumped water out of the shop, but haven't been able to enter into a case and be report. the 10 miners have been trapped under ground for almost 2 weeks. they were digging for colon co wheeler, in mexico, when a tunnel wall collapsed and the shaft was flooded. rescue workers have been pumping water out of the mine. families are frustrated at how long it's taking,
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get there in the north. again, not a must work day and night. they shouldn't stop, but they do because the pumps get blocked. if the men are alive, they must be desperate. it's too much. that is why we're speaking out because we want help. more than 300 soldiers and other emergency services personnel including 6 military scuba divers, have joined the effort. rescue work as a hopeful will to levels may soon be low enough to enter at least one of the flooded shafts. what he saw is vicki, the middle of the rescuers have assessed the conditions under ground. they have gone down a significant part of the shaft, but they have not reached the bottom yet. mexico's main co producing region has seen a series of fatal mining accidents over the years. the worst was impasse that a conscious in 2006, killing 65 people. only 2 of the bodies were retrieved. yeoman william already, jackie, i won't leave here until my brother is found. i don't want the same thing to happen
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as in past. i the controls. my cousin was trapped then they never got him out. so many accident like this happened in the mines and the government does nothing. hearing go. wheeler 5 mine is we're able to escape, but no contacts be made with the men left behind. all their families can do now is hope they're found alive. victoria gate and be al jazeera result, president jab all sanara has appeal for strong backing from his evangelical christian supporters had of october's presidential election. oh, the president and 1st lady led a crowd and singing the national anthem during a so called march for jesus and rhode as narrow as mary is trailing and opinion polls ahead of the vote for those who practiced afro brazilian faith. so saying a rise in religious persecution and as monica, anna, kiev reports from ro, just narrow, is flowing over into the election campaign. huh?
9:42 pm
this is a condom blair, ritual or religion brought to brazil by african slaves. it survived centuries of persecution and discrimination before gaining acceptance, but it's october's presidential election approaches. many of its followers feel like they've become targets in a holy war. apple is green hostilities increase when you mix politics with religion or temples have been attacked by the growing number of radical evangelical christians. it's a battle for souls for power and for votes or protestant christian evangelicals are brazil's fastest growing religious group. they have become a strong force and politics and the media. the of angelic was include president, j able scenarios, wife, we shadley, and say they're defending the bible and traditional family values here. now a whole sanara was chosen by god fall words of afro brazilian faiths. save evangelicals are also driving
9:43 pm
a culture of intolerance as the election approaches. the 1st lady share this video on social media. it shows bull sonatas, main adversary, former present whizzing last rule of us, silva being blessed by a priestess and compares him to a devil worshipper. on last year, brazilian authorities receive $586.00 complaints of religious intolerance. 141 percent more than in 2020. in 9 out of 10 cases, the targets were followers of affal brazilian religions. this woman was forced at gunpoint to destroy her temple homes ad. so is a condom black practitioner. he makes his living as a noble driver, catering specially to people who feel oppressed because of their faith. the gracelle him but i, i know how my passengers feel because i've been there. i've had o'bar riders council the rides when they saw me trust in my sermon, your clothes in the bus. people make you uncomfortable by entering away from you.
9:44 pm
he drives fellow candle, bless, faithful to their ceremonies, and shows them sanctuaries, like this park where they can feel safe until recently was common to find offerings to spiritual entities of the afro brazilian religions like this one on the cross roads run beaches of rio de janeiro and other urban cities, this one has food and it has perfumed and candles. but every time more the followers of these religions are going to secluded places like this forest because they're afraid they'll be persecuted or that their offerings will be destroyed. meanwhile, followers of after brazilian religions continued to beat their drums and call on their st. asking for protection and peace, monica inactive, al jazeera, rio de janeiro. let's begin graziano testers. she's a professor at full school of public policy and government at the julio vargas
9:45 pm
foundation. and she joins, as far as skype from virginia. thanks very much for being with us. why does this fear exist? and as persecution of these afro brazilian religions wife exists in brazil. and hi laura, thank you for the invite. i do reveals the acro brazilians have actually been and mischaracterized as witchcraft and related to some beans. they're not true, especially by some angels and some churches particularly. so we are very braces, racist country. we have, this is structural racism. that is a correct bargain characteristic of our culture. and one of the box of these races is the prejudice against the rector's alibaba come on. why and other religions are related to f for americans that came with
9:46 pm
the americans that came to brazil to work as slaves. so we are a country that be, that is, it's colonization on is laid very work and we never had net effective policy. should include those citizens in society after that is labor. slavery was abolished in the lady. lates ain't a comments. and have you notice this intolerance is level of intolerance rising, under jebel, sanara, he does rise it because a minorities in general are being mistreated and are being, are not treated as they should, that they are big me, they deserve rights, and they must be protected as able so not always deeply related to their going
9:47 pm
jericho, community and the epidemic community is very diverse itself. it's not that everyone a has fragile just against the descendants, but i was able to and i don't have it's based on those own these religion. and it has been growing because of it, so he's not afraid of saying bad things and fragile this brings against the population. i'm brazil is philip predominant catholic country. but we have seen this rise and evangelical ism in politics and, and sport. why sit appeal to so many people? so we are mostly colleagues but and when janice will stand to vote because of the religion. so they are strong political community and their religion they hadn't. right. and because they like 30 or 40 years ago, they started dis, disney for good work in the 4 areas off brazil. and they,
9:48 pm
they actually came in places that the state could not come. and they provided services such as a, provide food to those didn't have food in those places. they provided some kind of kilter and places that didn't exist. and they did just over by the place that should be should be a state police. and now they are very a b, i strong and some of them as centralize it, and they are political related to some of some candidates. very interesting indeed . garcia tessa, thanks very much for joining us here on al jazeera. thank you very much. lori still has hair on al jazeera, it was born. i will tell you about the goalkeeper who came to the rescue in this english 2nd tier match. ah
9:49 pm
ah. ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award? bought now for your hero.
9:50 pm
lou. ah. stories about identity and belonging, always pencil at the edinburgh arts festival and this year is no different. the war in ukraine is providing a rich new seam of material for performers at the french agenda hall discuss but it made sending the both the identity is an edinburgh festival perennial, with shows
9:51 pm
a plenty about migration and refugees, safety and belonging is never more so than in a year of war, someone comes along to sort it all, i'm you know who he is. he's, he's been called when you think of russia imperial delusion, cast a shadow across the post soviet optic in night lands a psychological thriller about russia and the rise of letting me put in what happened decades later rushes invasion of ukraine is the fabric of check ukrainian circus and dance act, boom. a show of youthful resilience in the face of adversity. it goes bonkers. is exposure of young energy. also they have a lot of physicians in, in show, check in your current position. pretty much just about like all freedom. they're a journey tales across land and borders of discovery and self awareness. the ultimate
9:52 pm
audience journey though, is simply deciding what to watch in a bewildering sea of choice. then you come across a guy who's a british irish palestinian working doctor who is also a comedian and a clown. my dream is to be able to make a show that will make anyone anywhere in the world. laugh. that's really what i want to do. yeah. yeah. i kind of want to do, explore my own identity a little bit, and that identity is very complicated. you want to see a show for me able to and experience of how the difference that the, the differences in the people who make up this country. ah, the letter june, i don't think it's unique to the people being british. i think it's just um, something that people are familiar with and that's to be expected. and so my job is
9:53 pm
to bridge that gap and to, to sort of say, hey guys, come, come on this journey with me. i know it's on unfamiliar. i know it's a big difference, but come on this journey with me to be worth it. oh joe, no l g 0, edinburgh oh, thrown off all the sport with santa thank you very much a laura will establish time a herridge haines goal secured that taught them a to to draw chelsea in the premier league or on sunday. the news, it didn't span around $40000000.00 of for senegalese defender, her legal corvalle to do this. but thomas, to her is unlikely to complain about that. strike 1st leveled matters half way through the 2nd half a danish midfielder your immediate over go with the equalizer that chelsea reclaimed the advantage it through. rece james the home side going back in front with 13 minutes to play at stanford bridge. but home, so we're not destined to take all 3 points, 5 minutes into i, the time came popped up with a header to ensure
9:54 pm
a drawer to her and content nearly coming to blows at the final whistle earlier and newly promoted that not in for us. it beat west ham one, nelly came courtesy of title our need for his 1st goal in the pro league since 1999. west ham did have a chance to equalize our deck and rice could not convert from the penalties booked . and one of the most remarkable score lines in premier league history majesty, united cit, bottom of the table after for an ill way defeat that brentford david stokes half the action lessons at manchester united were under pressure after the urban day defeat. to brighten the nav really and the pressure now for the get. 7 a way to brentford the when it go down 10 minutes in after shocking mistake from tabitha heya gifting josh the silver the out. no. it was another era from the head led to brent could 2nd, the goal keep were the least pass this time pounced on by mateus ye anson,
9:55 pm
lead brentford 3rd goal came from a corner. united defense fell to clear and it was been me who turned the ball into the net. and after just 35 minutes, the game was wrapped up. brentford clearing from their own books to ivan, tony who delivered a fantastic 1st time paul to set up roy and blame o 4 nil the final score. united starting lineup cost more than $495000000.00 compared to brentford at $66000000.00. but it's united, he find themselves bottom at the table for the 1st time since 1992. i think they, they follow my instructions and the other day make better decisions. and that is for both as a fuller as a game of mistakes. and we could punished, we are in a really difficult situation clear, and we have to stick together. and we have to find the sources. and then we have to find solutions. it's been nearly
9:56 pm
a decade since united when the league and the throw alex ferguson. david moiz live even how joseph torinio and alec and associates have all tried and failed to return them to their former glories. and how took over after leaving i acts in the summer . for the dutchman is the 1st united manager to leave his 1st 2 games in charge since john chapman in 1921. that was awful in all senses. and i think there's a lot of homework for him and i warn him already. if you go to england with a dutch mentality in a dutch where you're not gonna make it united, have now lost 7 straight away gains in the leak. not since 1960, if they conceded 6 goes in, left is 2 games at the season. and it doesn't get any easier on paper by face liverpool next. they'd stokes out 0 italian champions. ac milan began their title defense for before to win or lose anything besides level at half time. but milan got a couple of goals after the break for tape the 3 points formula. cackles called
9:57 pm
less than 2 minutes into the syria return to help into milan a bit later. you strike a moved back to the club on loan from chelsea. they to equalize before denzil, them, things that wanted to for enter in the 95th minute to on the final school. and there was an extraordinary finish to this game. in the 2nd tier of english football, queens park rangers were heading for defeats until their goal keeper, cindy dang equalized in the 92nd minutes to rescue points for his site. and it's finished with some stunning pictures from the cliff diving world, sir, is the best in the sport when the norwegian capital flow lifetime defending champion. rhiannon if linda from australia extended her lead at the top of the overall standing beating nearest rival. molly carlson of canada and 9 time men's champion gary on to bounce back from a pool showing last time out to clint his 1st when of the season. and that's it for
9:58 pm
me laura. santa thanks very much indeed. i'm just going to bring you again, breaking news that we had a little earlier, syrian state media reporting explosions in the port city of tattoos and says israel has a targets in the area. also reports, sir, in defenses of confronting what it pulls hostile targets. well that's it for me, laura. kyle: i'm a team here in doha. stay with us. my mother in london is up next ah ah and
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