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tv   Witness Dear Future Children  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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ah, safe. mm hm. and then international anti corpse, an excellence award. boot now for your hero. ah, knowledge is here. when ever you oh hello i mary, i'm to mozy in london a quick look at the main stories of following now. and we begin in syria because explosions have been reported in the port says you have tattoos. state media is
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saying israel attack targets in the area. they were intercepted by syrian ad defenses. are also reports. the israeli fighter jets launched missiles towards syria, from lebanese s base series military says 3 soldiers have been killed. tar tooth is where a cargo ship carrying grain exports from ukraine is due to arrive shortly. i'll just arizona hunter joins us live now. she is on the phone from the lebanese capital bay router you hearing anything more about this santa well area state television was reporting attacks on targets in the coastal city of talk to us and the damascus countryside. it didn't say what the targets were, but it is saying that 3 soldiers were killed in 2 were injured and blaming as well for those strikes. now this will not be the 1st time. they blame israel for such an attack. it's not the 1st time syria reports such an attack and the way the response
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has been no comment is waiting. military usually doesn't comment on these individual operations, but it's really politicians have acknowledge time. and again, over recent years, really that they've been targeting basis of iranian allied groups, groups like the news has been which, which operates in syria. and in recent months they have even targeted the point in the coastal city of nasa kia and damascus airport. in fact, the runway said damascus airport, we're deemed unusual unusable for weeks. now as well, does not hide the fact that it's gold in syria is to prevent it from entrenching itself apparently. and it won't tolerate any iranian presence on its border, and it also wants to stop any weapons transfer sophisticated weapons to has been enabling 11 on this all comes and it's heightening tensions in the region between
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iran and israel. such attacks usually can find but the risk of further escalation is there for israel is really that the biggest goal is to prevent iran from creating a base on its border in syria. the way that it's been on has the law now has a very strong position. thank you very much, jane. odor in lebanon, thanks very much for that day now. now in our other headlines, investigators are looking into the possibility in electrical fault was buying. one of egypt was fires in recent years. at least $41.00 people died when the fire broke out during sunday service in a carro church, a fire blocked an exit trapping. people inside and that led to a stampede. many of those killed were children. several firefighters will also injured lava. the 4th floor in the church was on fire. there were children in the
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nursery and there was a mess. we fasting. things dies them soon. there will be aid. i don't know if it was the electrical fire or what happened, but there were cubes and elderly people. we saved who we could save. we looked up and saw a lot of black fumes and we yeah. rescuer cause is searching for people trapped on the rubble after a blas route through a market in the armenian capital. yerevan is one person was killed, doesn't injured building had been used to store fireworks which continue to explode and made any rescue efforts more dangerous. 8 people, including a baby, was shot and injured in occupied is true to them early on sunday morning. police say a man ambushed a boss in a parking lot near the west and wall. after 6 hours on the gunman, he eventually turned himself in. police say he has confessed to the attack official say a large fire ne,
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spain has grown rapidly. forcing the evacuation of 8 villages and 1500 people. forrest foreign zaragoza province developed a 50 kilometer perimeter in less than 24 hours. i was the headlines witnesses, the program coming up next meeting, the new generation of political and climate change activists. ah. ah chili's government is coming under extreme pressure as violent street protests for no sign of abated protest. this question was police and many areas of the capital santiago, the protest widened into a mass movement against inequality balance of the state police against the
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processes at such a level that the united nations is raising concerns. when you in light to the young people you will find or answer on the streets, which is really tired, but not tired of being on the streets in produce. we're just tired of the slice is constantly light young people put their feet wide as they walked in the process. again, that's the climate change. i just feel like doing it because it's not so often in uganda that people my age stand up and demand what they want and on call the occasion was marked with riot police and tear gas. protesters took their anti government demonstration to the cities shopping centers, calling for democratic reforms and demanding the city,
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maintained its autonomy. i don't think i can return to my life anymore. like since it started then you took up the responsibilities then you can't really go back with i. 6 it's weird cuz i do feel connected to my hometown, and i will definitely say that santiago is my hometown. but just imagining raising my future children here is weird because i really don't want to it's poles my
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children, to so many problems that we have here at the moment. i really wanted them to have like, more opportunities than i have in, you know, sheila is seen as one of the richest countries in latin america. but we, the working class don't get anything from that. water is pre baptized, privatized education, privatized health care, and pension systems. still mainly favor the wealth we have a huge inequality cup low wages, no patience. and the cost of leaving gets higher and higher. but the biggest problem is sorry constitution, which is the main reason for failing help. terrible pensions,
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and the big gap in nor society. we ask ourselves, how can that be steal in our know i'm sure that the really, really theory because he was like friday, october 18th and the government raised the prices for the metro again. so the working class and the poor people have to pay more for their everyday lives. again after decades of inequality. that was just enough. ah, people got really angry and cold on every want not to pay for the tickets anymore. when i remember, did we get like really close to my house? i mean one street,
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they were just so many people doing this with the only for use the night. we realised it that was only the beginning being around my family gives me so much hope. express chevy in those moments when i am filling down. they give me this much evasion because i don't want them to pass through the same experience i passed through when i was growing up too. so they keep me motivated, trying to talk to them. and i grew up in what you saw a district in a small town called gender. why to the and got my
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parents had a plantation where we used to rear calls either at the most, but gold peaks, chicken, very huge plantations. and by then, they used to be farmers but due to the effects of climate change, older crops dragged out due to knowing full, sometimes still a heavy rainfall that washed away all the curb. and also the rising temperatures that dragged out all the streams and worlds we are. we used to collect the water to feed the livestock. my parents had to sell all the land we had so that they could get money to get us for our food, a survival of fees, it gets worse and worse. every year,
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hundreds of people died because of the sim fledglings to many families, lost their homes. and mine is one of them. i remember time when i had to miss me my school because my parents were out of lenny and i had to see tom lake for 4 months each was really very bred. and from then i thought i could do something to change this whole situation. by that time, i didn't know that's it. that effects rough isinglass, because of climate change. ah, ah,
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i do think the reveal it is a love you and yet also another wonderful day we we discuss issues that affect you in you can get here on the program. young martin, my name is lorraine, and today in studio we have the team from friday for future. uganda. thank you. my name is nicole hill that love you. i am a climate activist and i'm a student at company international university. i'm 22 years old and i pursue a bachelor's degree in procurement and supply chain management. so why climate? you could have maybe got in another passion, maybe about the girl child of something, all you know, sexual harassment. why climate? a key to me, i chose claremont is because it is something that affects each and every one of us
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. when you look at our may be goal tail and or violation, it looks at only one gender. and even though old we have to genders. so climate change affects each and every one of us, no matter the age, no matter the size, the matter, the gender, no matter the status. so it is something that is connected to us. ah me all day so mm hm. yep, only on one long day. all day
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with them. i'm born and raised in hong kong and i grew up in the collins i. i would say that my home town, it's like, it's really home me. i always feel connected to hong kong because i've been here for like my whole life. i have all my friends around me and my parents are or in hong kong, so i don't really have some other places that i could call home. i don't see them now. you're balancing it was on a boy. on his own. these are you upholding the young lady on the line is only going down you the horn obama is out on bah. reasonable doing mom who was on palmer. i
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seen the active host around me. make me realize that there still hope in this city because the major thing of a city is the space and people without this 2 elements, you can have a city and people are really united to now 3 months later it kills my fought on thinking about moving out from hong kong on like going somewhere else because i came to the lane gauge between me and hong kong right now, or by think the love and care you have to was your hometown is way more important than the sense. mm. a long time ago. my home town, hong kong was handed back by the british to china in 1997,
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under the premise of one country to systems we all were raised with democratic values with freedom of speech we freedom of press. but in the recent years, china is trying everything to make hong kong just like in other chinese city, they may, that we belong to, dan, that they possess us. but i'm not from china. i'm from hong kong.
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oh, i so sanity booth has on the 9th of june because on the 12th of june was supposed to be the day the, our chief executive carry land going to push to extradition or to china, which actually minimize our independence in hong kong. who the people have just wrapped up around in home for the fight against the controversial extradition build. those amendments could have allowed beijing, the spirit, hong kong to mainland china, for any accused crimes. even those that might be made up. critics worried that the bill would make it easier for beijing to exert control over the region. the situation we know turned violent as afternoon as a clashes erupted between police and attempted
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but for me, i do worried about being arrested, but not in a sense i'll say, ally has to be in jail for like how many, how many years. and i lost my freedom. it's not about let me now it's about how the police with you are in that 48 hours that they are legally to detain you. that's actually the part that scares me a lot. ah. i
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think you can simply ignore the junk people and the working class that will buck fire at some point you ignored the working class. you will have a whole seat on the streets. on october 25 of 2019. there was a huge protest in santiago with 1200000 people. we pushed for social reforms and more equal society. we thought our voices will be heard instead of doing anything, the good held improved the situation of the working class or 1000000000. our
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president announced that sheila is at war essentially against its own citizens. mm hm. they've a lot of plastic and poorly been and dyed it. it's just like a floating revolve left thinking. it had so much to say that what we call beauty or nature is turning out to be something. it was something that is going to kill us soon. but some people do not really care. we come out as people to clean it until some people will still throw plastic even when you're
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cleaning it. no one takes up. most of my time in this move means is creating massive climate awareness makers. climate change is montage in schools, so people don't get huge when we 1st talked to them about climate change. so we need rounds, hundreds of discussions about it for them to get it, especially the old as feel that they have left their life. and the rest is for us now come and generous shown to do. i also moved to my class where i study form, and i had that conversation with my professor and when i talked about climate change, he really gave me a negative attitude and told me climate change does not exist. and he called me
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climate change in god's plan and there's nothing i can do about it. a up and down on the one i'm looking at my bill to nick nick pasquale. i did give you what a name you're quite laura holloway. my goodness. have welcome one. no, and now goes over how now glenda with now got the advantage durham present grinding noise. it could i could even get a ramp our customer products with flood gordon. so nothing would change. charl valcall possible up there to to that to him by then by sabah go to let out who know who to put it in to enough video to them on to the video and you will normally go look them up on to never on that. now, by another way, now, bye. now, bye. now,
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bye bye. now i'm way my job was sung though might be just pos, are if government, uncooperative organizations, an individual student act towards creating solutions to this climate crisis. since a fear that the future i am walking for right now will not be there because of inaction. i positively speaking, i will say that every time even we're like week and then we're on the losing sy but is always a chance for us to improve the next time is always a chance was to learn. why should we do better or like what we could have used better next time? what kind of equipment we could have i would say the worst thing to be on. the news
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inside is that every time you being on the front line, you seeing people getting arrested and then going home that night you have to like, why is not me when they are actually really close to you? you feel scared. by the same time, you have to make the decision like, oh, i could have a chance to save that person. so this never right or wrong because it's a human instinct that you protect yourself. but you also see really cute. see if you know that you may have like a one percent chance to save that person, even you don't know that person. but what i like about hong kong and the protest here east that many young people, they are so innovative and they use their skills to serve the protests and improve
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the situation for the people here during the entire process, everyone keeps saying be water. and as a map her, i caught direct people and tell them, go here, go there, but i can tell them where it's safe to go. and i think that's the most important for everyone right now. especially as civilians may very easily be caught up in conflict areas because you never know where it's going to be. so we hope that the map can provide information for people who wish to stay safe. yeah. there was one day when i all the protesters were rounded up in newtown plaza and shot in so they were directed and to the m. t. r station into the, into the mall by the police are basically to catch hold all the protesters in the shot. and, and then they just started rounding them up and beating them up. we were just wondering like, how could this have happened? why is there no where to go even even where people who wants to de escape,
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who wanted to avoid conflict. so then we decided to draw a map so we could see where the police are, where protesters are to make sure that people at least have an escape route. so people will know where the police are station, where there are a lot of protesters where they are road blocks even how the transport situation is like. so this is information that would be useful for the general public, but would also be useful for people on the front lines. if they want to know, escape routes. if they want to know, basically where it put police are, where's not safe, where they should not go apart from that, we've also got some feedback from the 1st a teams. so they're really grateful that we write down where protesters are, especially we also indicate the density of protesters in different areas so that they know where they should set up their 1st aid stations, supplies stations recitations, and all that ah
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hm. soon friends at work like 15 to full light and i'm just like noon they like to be on there because you changed this fear into something else with
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latin america is a region of wonder of joy of tragedy. and yes of violet. but it, no matter where you are, you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition with me. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike. and it's my job to said light on how and why a
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ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. blue. hello i'm marianne noisy. in london was a quick look at your main stories now and explosions of been reported in the syrian
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port. city of tattoos. state media says israel attack targets in the area it way intercepted by syrian and defenses. there are also reports that israeli fighter jets launched missiles towards syria, from lebanese as space series. military says, 3 soldiers have been killed. tar 2 says where a cargo ship carrying grain exports from ukraine is due to arrive shortly. ah, investigates, is looking into the possibility an electrical fault was buying one of egypt, west fires in recent years. at least $41.00 people died when the fire broke out during sunday service in a cairo charge. the fire blocked an exit trapping people inside and leading to a stampede. many of those killed with children. several fire fighters also injured good over the 4th floor and the church was on fire. there were children in the nursery and there was a mess we fasting. things dies them soon. there will be aid. i don't know if it was the electrical faro. what happened?
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but there were cubes in elderly people. we saved who we could save. we looked up and saw a lot of black fumes and we yeah. rescue work as a searching for people trapped under the rubble of tra, bloss ripped, through a market in the armenian capital yerevan. at least one person was killed and dozens injured. building had been used to store fireworks which continue to explode and made any rescue efforts more dangerous. 8 people, including a baby, was shot and injured and occupied east jerusalem early on sunday. but he say a man ambushed a boss in a parking lot near the west and wall off a 6 hour hon for the gunman. he eventually turned himself in only say, he has confessed to the attack. officials say a large fire northeast. spain has grown rapidly forcing evacuation of villages and 1500 people. the forest fire in zaragoza province developed
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a 50 kilometer perimeter and less than 24 hours. hundreds of fire fighters a working to protect homes and pushed out with flames. sorry to say the outlook for controlling the fight depends on the weather with strong gusty winds. forecasts witness now continues, but i'll have the news hour for you off to that in 25 minutes time. ah. he presumed on the dignity clue. but
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i was neither. when that bill with
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a sinister level, the soonest you can move the rest will free. don't bottle. got to do repeatedly and clean up less than a year. i get a 2 hour window if we don't need it. i mean, but it takes a little while. absolutely not, but it's a good sort of dream of get a gate
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to that. barnett and tell him yeah, he got a month would be one of the federal number. some of them went for the look with bill and then i will just so lost your bill. i will bill you for them. and can you put a is a 0, you know, one p m as in say with that or no, no, well, you know, no. okay, so there isn't a sort of kick there is a local brand. you don't like it if you see, i know by i see what you need to see a bunch of a senior. so whenever you're
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a lawyer in a, a loan with one of the in one. if you can make a a that one and i see month and i so what a venue are you there because they are feeling
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a hidden for days and then they can go see it. but if we want them in come okay, a clear? yes. a give me provide comfortable ball with over the minute i, anybody. what coupon looming says it was? i don't, i don't, i mean i can you, when we asked them when the, with a kidney washing of a lot in company with 3 month lease? i mean, i think i see it
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. hm. ah ah, many shows them just risk their life to serve the protest and seen all these dead people makes me feel really, really sad. because there is no responsibility at all. no one is take he responsibility for all this that there is no justice. so makes me feel even more angry. i really, really don't want to be the next face on this. well i i was say to be on the front line. you have to be really clear mind you have to be calm at the same time,
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you have to stay alert. you have to verify things with your eyes, not by just just staying what people seeing around. also you have to be prepared to be arrest at any time or you have to be prepared that you're gonna get her a passionate crow test. i've been for like a lot in this past 3 months. i this boyfriend that i really like when he broke up. i think if the pros has never it happen or i never think it's a responsibility of myself, then we would have been so together i would say it's more said if we actually, if i it for nothing at the end with
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i always say one thing and say, if you started to protest being in a move when all the situation now, all these kind of relationships stuff, you can just like leave it and then we can just focus on the society, which is more important than everything
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i never cry in the protest. i never cry on the food. sometimes i would cry out. i went home. i saw some news but that they, when i got beat out, when i feel like i could i, she got arrested. there was like 30 seconds to like one minute that i feel like i couldn't do that any more or i was thinking is probably this is the last time that i could live freely out there, protesting. oh, my confidence. so for pushing go up, because very many people tell me that i inspired them and
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this keeps me pushing because i fear to fail. i fear that if i spoke, then i wouldn't have done anything. i could just have lifted just like a p could do. but since i stood up in the 1st place, i should list chunk enough to stand up until the end sometimes ask myself if i the right assume to need them of mint. and sometimes i feel, let me be someone should be doing what i am doing right now, because i had to change my life in order to sub put my
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activism. i also lost some friends along the hallway because i didn't have so much pain seen. ah, i feel like painting enough time with my parents and i wish i could pin more time with them. but if it's abroad or it creates a conflict in this morning, i received an invitation to our climate conference in captain massey for me. i don't really realize the kids, but i feel like that can really change my life up to view the need a lot of commitment and sacrifices. but i'm just wondering if it will pay out if people were reading be sent to me. but at the same
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time, this session is creating the conflicts in traveling upgrade is unusual for me and i want to be here, but in my family for a very long time, it's not easy for me. oh my god, what is the member 40? well, taking place in copenhagen, they'll also discuss the next step. the climate change, prominent politician, will be joined by john active in from all over the globe. i feel like all of us talk and like over talk about what is happening. and i feel like we should just act and
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just just stop talking because every after receiving this peaches and people say like, or you is as the inspire inspirations inspiration every time. and it feels leg business as usual, collect your inspirations. and then you go back home and then your bed. let eyes this, he said, still you don't do anything about this inspiration thing i feel today should be different. i shouldn't talk about me. ah, oh ha ah,
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mercy b without breaking news in beijing we're china's parliament has reportedly passed a controversial national security law for hong kong. ford experience will give beijing more control over the semi autonomous territory. hong kong new security law is in full force with arrests and a very heavy police presence on the ground. it doesn't just affect hong kong. it actually affects every single person around the world. so if you've said anything bad about china and hong kong, together through the lens of this national security law, you could be committing crime for a lot of people in hong kong. this is considered a pretty dark day. the hong kong security law was directed to secretly in china, a forces to protest to and,
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and makes every sign of resistance equal. oh, i didn't go out or i don't see anyone any more because i want to stay normal and unsuspicious. one of my best friends, her name was black water. she was always with me at the protest. she was very brave as she always protected me. we had dinner, we talked about the news and the security law. she told me that she's very concerned about 8 and she looked so tired and she told me that she couldn't sleep. and the next day she got rested. i've never felt so powerless. a hate me really hard,
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especially because i can't see her any more. i can't talk to her any more not to day. not to morrow. not next week next month, but it is not for the next 10 years when they are really close friend. hast at me right. bathing past the law anne was light. okay, that said everything that we did, it doesn't matter now and to day sader, she killed her so i don't know what will happen next. maybe i didn't work hard enough or we didn't have far the right way to express out demands. but at the same time,
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i just don't know if there is any other way that we can stop them. my believe in what we're fighting for at the moment a has some breakdown. but i thing my fear is bigger than my belief. right now. i thing fear east, their biggest weapon against us miss important i guess is this one. i had it with my father. he has it on his chest and i guess like the meaning was this is her entire relation was still feel this way. ah
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thank you. i am hilda, and i am the found on fridays for future in uganda. i am missing my classes right now. same way i have missed them for the last 6 weeks to create a climate awareness. it's not a surprise because i once missed 3 months of school due to the effects of climate change we experienced in man i'm in the and community. and my father wasn't able to raise my tuition fees. i am a victim of this whole climate crisis. and i am not ashamed to say so after the massive effects of climate change in my home village, the heavy rains,
11:52 pm
the strong winds that watch tollway are corpse leaving the land bare that constant dry spells that left the streams j. my parents had to sell off our land and let us talk to sustain our lives. and when the money was over, it was a question of somebody over in death. i am lucky that i am still surviving and i will hey,
11:53 pm
i am lucky that am still surviving, and i will not take this chance for granted because people are dying every day. i made a decision to protect the only place i call us. and by this i, during fella, young activists, although the law to protect our future through endless fights. sacrifice says, we have for our way, because this is our future. i will tell you that we are a generation of scared people, but very ambitious, very united, very consistent, and very good at action. your beds might be comfortable right now, but not for long. you will soon feel the same hits, we feel every day. be rest assured that here from the other side of the world,
11:54 pm
waiting for our future for you and for us all, and are not about to give up yet. let's move away from this. i mean with action. i thank you. i mm. busy mm mm mm mm mm. it doesn't really matter if we're smart and innovative, taking it to the street. so after me sharing our demands with the world. now at the end, we're still every saying we've done it for nothing. ah
11:55 pm
ah ah ah, the lusty has changed my mind. i don't really know yet if it was worth it, but i'll do everything to make sure that it will be, ah,
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remembering all the fights, all the injured. all the sacrifices people made. it really gives me energy. it's burning in me. i'll do anything for a better future. i owe this to my future children. ah. we already lost so many battles. we can't risk losing this one. we don't risk our future by purchasing on the streets. not going on the streets and not racing or voices will risk or a future way more. ah
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ah, it's our generation who can change the course history or? ah, 2 years held captive by i saw a life altering experience for any victim more so when 2 years is half of your life time. a 4 year old. yes. edi boys struggles to recover from the trauma of abuse and the witnessing of unspeakable atrocities. i met childhood, a witness documentary on a just either news news, news,
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news, news, news. let's go with your world further up, the hi there. thanks for joining in. we'll begin in asia pacific and we've got to break down a lot that's going on here. so 1st we had that tropical storm race away from tokyo, so much dryer conditions, a high 34 will come back to that in a sec. but because this slug of rain for the korean peninsula, certainly could see some further flooding in soul. and it's making its way into northern honshu, where northern in central portions of a 100 not that long ago we had flooding there as well. and more than half a 1000000 people were displaced from their homes. ok, focusing on tokyo right now because it dries off in its sun, comes back out that it allows your temperature to hit 36 degrees. so could be your 16th or 17th day. so far this year above $35.00 degrees further solidifying that
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record. now for se, asia, we've got these waves of rain moving across southern smart tra, rate through java, into borneo as well. and down with rain for southern sections of vietnam and thailand, down under it's been windy ford has many states still seen those winds whip around on monday, but not as intense as they have been here. we are on tuesday. next weather maker pulls into w a spreading some rain and wind and land off in new zealand. a mess coming across the tasman. see that's going to be in the forecast on tuesday season. ah, abandons by the state. social collectors are occupying spaces among the people, a militant architect working on the edge of the law. in the 1st episode of rebel architecture, santiago, seattle, heather, george al jazeera,
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into the realm of self building, in se gorilla architect on our to 0 live and robust debates. a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other law literally stuck in these camps. it's regardless of your range the way you're coming from. and he said give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be heard. human rights and land defenders and brazil they live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the street for a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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