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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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decrease on monday, looking pretty good. that's it. that's all. see you soon. ah . the new voice is heating up. the airway. lot of chinese listeners can't really hear what they really think in their own country shifting pal of a case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative, australian point to the pole with those images front of mine is a war, very much bring forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera ah the syrian, the military says, israel has attacked the port city of tattoos in rural areas outside damascus with
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at least 3 soldiers day. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up, funerals are held for some of the victims of a fire at a coptic christian church in egypt. at least 41 people, including many children, died trying to escape. india celebrates independence. 75 years after partition by former colonial power britain and emergency services, through the rubble offer an explosion in our many as capital kills at least 3 people at a market where fireworks were sold. ah, welcome to the program. we begin in syria where explosions have been reported in the port city of tattoos. same media says israel attacked targets in the area,
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and these were intercepted by carrion and offenses. there are also reports, israeli fighter jets launched missiles toward syria, from lebanese and space series. military says 3 soldiers have been killed, tied to seize, where a cargo ship carrying grain exports from ukraine is due to arrive. then a honda has more in this from bay rouge area, state television was reporting attacks on targets in the coastal city of talk to us and the damascus countryside. it didn't say what the targets were, but it is saying that 3 soldiers were killed in 2 were injured and blaming as well for those strikes. now this will not be the 1st time. they blame israel for such an attack. it's not the 1st time syria reports such an attack and the way the response has been no comment is waiting. military usually doesn't comment on these
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individual operations, but it's really politicians have acknowledged time. and again, over recent years, really that they've been targeting basis of iranian allied groups, groups like the news has been which, which operates in syria. and in recent months they have even targeted the point in the coastal city of lots of kia and damascus airport. in fact, the runway said damascus airport, we're deemed unusual unusable for weeks. now as well, does not hide the fact that it's cool in syria is to prevent it from entrenching itself apparently. and it won't tolerate any iranian presence on the border, and it also wants to stop any weapons transfer sophisticated weapons to has been enabling 11 on this all comes and it's heightening tensions in the region between iran and israel. such attacks usually can find but the risk of further
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escalation is there for israel is really that the biggest goal is to prevent iran from creating a base on its border in syria. the way that it's been on has the law now has a very strong position. funerals are being held for some of the 41 people killed in a fire and a copy christian church in the gibson city of gazer. most of those killed wood children. the blind started during the sunday mass service. thousands of people were in the building at the time the church entrances lost by flames, causing a stampede investigator suspect and electrical fault, sat at the fire, saying bess, robbie has moved the dozens dead and dozens injured after a fire caused a stampede among worshippers at a cop to christian church in the egyptian city of diesel. the the incident happened as thousands gathered from morning mass at the abusive theme. church were not very,
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i saw people jumping from the upper floor, suffocation suffocation. all of them did so many did. and there are children, we didn't know how to get to them. we didn't know who some this is or whose daughter that is that possible. jesus sits at the southern edge of the greater cairo area. one of the most densely populated places in the world. dilapidated infrastructure means accidental fires are common, made more likely due to the record high temperatures across the region. some of the fire and others to feed church thought to have been caused by a faulty air conditioner. but on a tube we started to see from the outside that the smoke was getting bigger and people were wanting to jump from the upper floor of the building of the church to the next one. then we went inside and found the children and we started to take the bodies out. in the aftermath of the incident, the president of the sutter of cc announced the mobilization of quote, all states services to ensure that all measures are taken. the prosecutor's office
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has also opened an investigation. where can i conveyed the president's condolences and my condolences to the religious leaders of the church, the families of the dead and injured people? we need them to know that we're standing with them and standing by them. some of the injured were firefighters, the blaze blocked in exit trapping churchgoers and causing the stampede. according to eye witnesses, most of those killed were children. zane bas robbie, algeria, fara kiera is the founder and director of the european north african center for research. she says the fire has devastated one of gazes, poor communities. the 50 measures are not so good if you actually take a look on the location of the chairs. it's in a very small it's. that's why i mention that one of the oldest neighborhoods in cairo because it's a very small tree safety measures none, unfortunately. and the building is supposed to be packed with a lot of
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a citizen in such a way with lack of safety measures. of course, we are in summer vacations and lots of children and families in egypt. you know, families in egypt or religious by nature, either most sense or christian. they sent their children to the church and the morning just for a little quite to her environment and the house. and that's why it was packed with children, unfortunately. and it's one of the neighborhoods of the poor neighborhoods as well . with that, that's why the tragedy is even bigger and well, sorry to hear have run into that in place records such fires or anything related to church. it all was huge importance in cairo because we've had incense of terrorism before and so on. but unfortunately,
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it wasn't an electricity accident and there are still fire men there and the national security for surviving camera and everything and investigating and so far, authorities have declared the accident as such celebrations are being held across india to mark 75 years of independence prime minister, the ranger murdy is addressing the nation from the historic red ford in new jersey . these alive pitches him speaking. the lads crowns are also expected at a flag ceremony, and the attire will got a border with pakistan on the end of british rule. in 1947 resulted in the petition of pakistan from india widespread violence and more than 15000000 people. busy displaced in that? well, that's bringing that pass me michel, whose life for us in new delhi. hello. they have me how people celebrating the event. you know, this is
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a landmark anniversary and celebrations have been on for quite some time. the pictures that you just saw is basically what is happening at the red fort, which is a historic monument, where the tri caught was 1st hoisted by and just 1st prime minister, and july line harry on the 15th of august 1947, which is when india became in defendant today it is 5 minutes scenario or movie and for some weeks now they've been many government initiatives to celebrate this milestone. for example, museums have not been charging an entry fee for some weeks. the government also announced free booster doses against cooper 19 for $75.00 days. now there is a signature campaign by the government. it is encouraging people to buy and hoist the try. carlo and back to campaign has been received very well in shops, offices,
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home. people have been hoisting the national flag, the displaying age in that cause on social media, celebrities have been posting with it. so, so that's something that i have really caught on. we've seen impromptu marches by citizen groups. so to be in india right now is to see a nationwide celebration with unprecedented pump and show to commemorate all the cheese mintz over the last 7 and a half decades. and pad me. it's certainly a significant occasion which marks the division of british india into 2 countries. yesterday is also a somber reminder of one of the bloodiest chapters in the subcontinent. history. when india and pakistan became independent, they were hosting the national flags, and millions of people were crossing over to choose a country they were going to make that permanent home. now,
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the border between in john pocket st on withdrawn on religious lines. those tensions had been simmering for some time and came to head this time 75 years ago. millions of people crossed over at least 1000000 people estimated to have been killed in communal rights that broke out in the country. that was was in punjab, which is which was divided with pockets on the west. and ben goal which was divided into east focused on which is today. bong dish and the skies us too deep. you know, the enmity between the 2 countries is 10 there. the legacy of partition still informs the political a scenario in south asia. there have been many attempts to bridge this gap to bring the 2 countries together. they are big trade partners. 1 but those
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initiatives have been far and few between as far as the people are concerned, there is a knowledge ment, off the shared history and shared cultures. but still because of the political scenario, people says remain divided. i mean, going to in debt all going to pakistan if you're a citizen of the other countries, virtually impossible for people. well, we appreciate the update on a significant occasion happening me to live for us in new jelly. thank you. an explosion and a marketing on many as capital yerevan has killed at least 3 people. dozens of others have been injured. the blast happened in a building and a busy market where fireworks are being stored. harry force are for a major fire in a busy market about to get much worse. the building, local, say, had been used to store fireworks. the on a clear sunny day. this piece of smoke was visible across the armenian capital.
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emergency crews were soon battling to extinguish the flames. volunteers using debris to clear more of it from the site. survivors carefully brought the safety. why do things like fireworks and smoke everything shafted in a 2nd? their warehouses, technical rooms. it's like fireworks fireworks, fireworks. everything happened in one minute. people could not get out of the stores. the mess office in yerevan said an unknown number of people had been left trapped under the rebel. the sheer scale of this disaster becoming clear to all as desperate rescue efforts continued its been utter shock. this is the 1st time in, in my memory that such an explosion such a tragedy has happened in the capital city. everybody is glued to social media networks on to the news to try and find out what's happening. rescuers have been hampered by more fi with explosions. as crews tried to make the area safe.
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by late afternoon, heavy vehicles were clearing parts of the last zone. elsewhere rescuers were using their hands to search for any one trapped and stood alive. hurry for al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera one year after the taliban takeover enough dentist on we look at what lies ahead for a country in crisis. ah, judy has begun. the faithful wold copies on its way to the castle. your travel package today. it's still raining in pakistan and there is more to come have one. here's the details on monday. so still for sin province baluchistan province. same goes for punjab as well. look at that down port in the hor, and then we've got more activity once again coming from western areas of india. the
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prediction for pakistan was above average monsoon rains for the month of august, and so far it is delivering. now for india, the states a motto pradesh, and chatted, scar this where we've got the heaviest downpours as his activity moves toward the west. and then where there is no rain falling in. that suns out that allows the temperature and shy to shoot up to $36.00 degrees. also high temperature is across the yang see river valley. so shanghai, yep. i think you're going to do it on monday. get up to 40 degrees. once again. tropical storm has raced away from tokyo. there it is, right, there are the remnants of it. mostly calm conditions, 34 degrees, but then we've got this slug of rain across the korean peninsula. pouring into northern sections of honshu. so more rain for flood hit areas of sol. we also had flooding in northern in central honju. we're more than half a 1000000 people were displaced from their homes in some for tokyo. now that that sons back outs, we've got more days above 35 degrees. ok,
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got to run a line of the john on counting the cost, the un urgent tax on the profits of oil and gas, john put it help ease the energy crisis. biden signs a bill to booth. chip reduction is winning. the semi conductor and video games fails death. is it game over to the pandemic? then? counting the cost on out there. award winning documentary from around the world. ah, 0 me. ah, ah ah,
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hello, you're watching out there. i'm emily angry. he's a reminder of our top story for our explosions have been reported in the syrian poor city of truth. that media says israel attacks targets in the area, and these were intercepted by serious offenses. serious military says 3 soldiers have been killed. funerals are being held for some of the 41 people killed in a church fire in egypt and city of thousands of people. busy were inside the building at the time with many children among the victims, an electrical fault is suspected as the cause and celebrations of being held across india to mark 75 years of independence. prime minister in arrange remote ease. addressing the nation from the historic red fort in new jelly. north korean state media says russian president vladimir putin is planning to expand times between moscow and po yang food and reportedly wrote to north korea kim jong own.
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that a closer relationship would be involved, countries interests the 2 ladies, exchange letters on the 77th anniversary of the korean peninsula. the liberation from japanese rule, both north and south career, a mocking. the day japan ruled all of korea from 910 until the end of world war 2 and 945. 5 years later they was the korean war, followed by partition. let's bring in rob mcbride, who joins us live from sole in south korea. hello there, rob 1st talk us through this closer relationship, the russian president, letting me put him once with north korea. that's right, it is an interesting letter coming at an interesting time. russian president vladimir putin talking about expanding bilateral relations about areas of common interest about north korea and russia. it seems working together to improve the security situation. he says in northeast asia, you know it's,
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it's interesting that both of these leaders faced relative isolation in the international community. kim jung guns of course, has been long standing, provide them in who tend it's been far more recent, but no less consequential. so that does seem almost inevitably lety about the to lead is being drawn closer relationship and it does come with it's interesting timing on the korean peninsula. this liberation day. it is being celebrated in the 2 careers we're waiting to see from north korea just walked sort of events, they will be staging to mark this day. the north korean state run television is carrying special programming. we are waiting to see whether it's going to be marked by any mass events or march or military had display. of course, north korea would seem to have not to celebrate this year having just overcome the common enemy of koby 19 didn't report his 1st cases of what he euphemistically called fever until mid may. and since then, there's been
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a rapid expansion of the sickness through the population. millions of people it seems becoming infected, but very recently announcing that it has been defeated. and also using that opportunity to blame south korea for the initial outbreak for introducing cove it into the north, which has done nothing to help frosty relations across the dmc. now i can imagine rober, how are people in the south korea where you are celebrating the anniversary today? yeah, i mean, this is an important event and obviously it is a national holiday public holiday. here you go, all the conservative president here has held an event outside the front of the presidential office. he is a highly conservative leader with a conservative administration. it's been to, i've noted by media here that in his speech, marking this event, he mentioned the word freedom $33.00 times, talking about it seems economic freedom by political freedom, the relations with the free world with there's been a lot of anticipation about whether he might make any announcements to try to
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restart relations negotiations with north korea during his inauguration a few months ago he talked about a possibly an old daisha plan put in place to help north career economically. if the north were to abandon its nuclear arsenal. well, again, he returned to that scene in this speech saying that south korea would be willing to support north korea with various economic measures if the north of which you embark on de nuclear eyes ation. but without giving any kind of detail. so it does seem as though there is nothing in the offing or we're not really anticipating any great at breakthroughs. also interestingly mentioned in japan now they're both north and south korea use this event and they, it's a shed celebration. i bowed to defeating japan at the end of the 2nd world war and being released from the yoke of imperialism from japan. but interestingly, against that y'all talking about closer relations with japan. when facing the shad threat, it seems both from north korea and to a lesser extent from china. so interesting and controversially,
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the unit. so y'all talking about japan when the to korea is celebrating that release from control from tokyo. certainly plenty happening in the region. we appreciate the update as always, rob mcbride and so thank you. a u. s. congressional delegation has arrived in taiwan for a 2 day visit, as military tensions between the island and china remain high. the visiting politicians will discuss issues including us taiwan relations and global supply chains. china has staged several military drills to express its anger and this month to visit to taipei, a. u. s. how speak in nancy pelosi. the us says china over reacted to the visit and called the military drills destabilizing general. as to patrick, fuck, far this report from bay. jean or the chinese embassy in washington, said the congressional leaders should act in consistence with the u. s. government one china policy and also said that this visit proved once again that the u. s. did
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not want to promote peace and stability in the taiwan straits. and that it was making every effort to stir up confrontation between the 2 sides, the global times called it a sneaky visit, suggesting possibly that beijing really had no idea that this was taking place and had also want of counter measures. quoting analysts, the state run out leds said that the 5 member delegation would be sanctioned. they are expected to be meet with tom and his leaders. and they expect to be discussing things including u. s. taiwan relations, regional security, as well as trade and investment among other things. and that is expected to include a meeting with president saying one as well. china hasn't talked about any military response, but the military activities or drills, have toned down and recent days will though they haven't ceased altogether. i want to fence ministry said on sunday that 11 chinese aircraft had crossed over into its
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air defense zone. the president of ecuador, hans declared a state of emergency in the country's largest city. why kill after a bomb attack? blamed on drug gangs. 5 people were killed and 26 injured. when a man on motor banks opened fire and threw a bag of explosives into a restaurant early on sunday, the interior minister said it was a declaration of war against the state. i organized criminal groups to ukraine, where grain has been loaded onto the 1st united nations shot at vessel in the port of dineen. it will be the 1st shipment of food aid for drought, effective east africa. since russia's invasion in february, more than 16 merchant vessels have left ukraine in the past 2 weeks after a deal was broken between keith and moscow. thousands of ukrainians remain missing after the russian occupation of the town of cham. they left the streets listed with bodies and warrant ukrainian presidents allotted me. zelinski calls
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a war crime. many families are still looking for missing relatives. john hendrick reports from boucher the focus on a pro cinco has been searching for her father since the battle of boucher ended in march. sir, hyper cinco left their home to check on a friend of the family, fled to poland during the russian occupation of the town and returned to ukraine to see his car riddled with bullet holes. what must this but you say returning here to see his car? oh, shut up there out of his truck. me was job. one neighbor told her he had been shot by russian troops. others said he died in shelling, but exxon believes he might be in russian custody. but i can't forgive this people. i would beg them to return my father. i
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would do anything to get him back to the ship ticket. i would beg them to give back my dead. i would do anything to have him back a life ukrainian authorities, social media sites in the red cross have been flooded with inquiries about missing people. were talking about several thousands of families who are still searching for their loved ones who want to hear about their, their loved ones. no, there were about no their faith since march, the red cross is central tracing. bureau is fielding calls from 24000 people looking for friends or relatives lost in ukraine. some were buried in numbered graves in boucher of san his hometown. some might be in russian captivity. others are simply missing with a russian troops gone and his sense of normality returning sometime sucks on it says she just wants to forget. but she said it was not the cause.
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i don't want to believe that all of this happened. i just want to fall asleep and wake up and realize that none of this never happened. it's not real nothing will feel normal x on it says until her father is returned to her or found in buried john henderson al jazeera future ukraine. monday marks one years since the taliban took power in afghanistan. after the chaotic scenes of afghans trying to flee the country, the economy has collapsed. millions of people, things, food shortages, and women have been stripped of a rhymes. some a binge of aid reports from cobble on the taliban year in power. and what lies ahead. i read sound inability is done, the musician and driver after has lived in a few camps since his childhood. he's among the more than 3000000 people displaced
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in every understand market, the among care of the hope before it was good. but now life just passes us by before we could find some food for our children. but the change in government means there is no work now a year to go tens of thousands of people headed for the voters. as provinces fell to the taliban, many in cobbled rushed to the airport as the rest and by government collapsed. after taking refuge abroad a shotgun, he denied that he escaped the suitcases full of cash. more than 100000 people left during the draw of foreign forces. the economy collapsed and the u. s. for billions of dollars of foreign reserves. the u. s. nato alliance spent an estimated $300000000.00 a day every day for 2 decades. but basic, such as road schools, hospitals are either non existent or in poor shape. since the taliban took over, that money has stopped coming in. and thousands of professionals have less. human rights watch has accused the taliban of a long list of abuses,
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restricting the rights of women and girls, suppressing media feed him and detaining, torturing and executing critics and perceived opponents all allegations. the taliban denies that didn't motivate them. covenant. these in some other areas, things a good we're trying to improve, but we should also take into account the problems of the corona virus, the suspension of foreign aid, the freezing of money, the problems in banking, drought. all these together had increased the problems for the people of afghanistan. for those who left life not easy, more than half the 20000 enough, gone to reach the u. k. are still in temporary accommodation, the lack of prospects abroad, and many 5th, harrison and the threat of detention cut over at home for support. true. i lost everything including my restaurant, atlanta go to europe, so i went to turkey. unfortunately, they captured us and deported us to iran. thank god. now we are in our home and i will never go anywhere else. in a year, security is improved, but poverty and desperation have increased by the taliban. 6 international
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recognition. there are some concessions. it seems unwilling to make some of java down to 0. couple authorities in norway say they had no choice but to put down a 600 kilogram war is that drew crowds of spectators in all slows fjords. the memo known as france had been st. clambering on 2 small boats, sometimes damaging them should become a popular attraction in the no agent capital. but officials warned that people were getting too close to the wild creature. responding to criticism they said the animal had to be put down to protect public safety. and also there you are doing this. it could have been avoided if people had followed the recommendations we've given. but of course it's complicated when you have a large wild animal in one of the most densely populated areas of norway. after all, this is a walrus, it's a stray, it's far away from its natural habitat to many high risk situations arose and we had to take the steps we've taken.


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