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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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a number of global safety indexes, right? cuts are at the top. last year 200000 fans attended the iraq v dot com. there's hope that perhaps this november's rolled cup will some day be a kind of dry rod for hosting the olympics. ah oh morning the dead funerals i held to some of the $41.00 victims of a fire at attraction each enters. ah, hello there on the south. hey, and this is al jazeera life and go ha, also coming on. us politicians visit parliament, anti pain as china carries out more live fi, military drills near taiwan. o,
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as afghanistan marks one years since the town abounds take over the country. take stock of the collapsing economy, growing humanitarian crisis ah, and fondness than the rend remote promises to turn india into a developed country in the next 25 years. as the nation celebrates 75 years of independence. ah, the funerals are being held to some of the 41 people killed in a fire and a cup take christian church in egypt and city of visa. the blaze started during a mass service on sunday when thousands of people were in the building. the church entrance was built by flames, causing a stampede. many of those killed with children. investigators suspect an electrical fault started, the fire thing was robbing has been the dozens dead and dozens
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injured. after a fire caused a stampede among worshippers at a cop to christian church in the egyptian city of diesel. the incident happened as thousands gathered for morning most at the abusive theme. church were not very, i saw people jumping from the upper floor, suffocation suffocation. all of them did so many did, and there are children. we didn't know how to get to them, and we didn't know who some this is or whose daughter that is, was as possible. jesus sits at the southern edge of the greater cairo area. one of the most densely populated places in the world. dilapidated infrastructure means accidental fires are common, made more likely due to the record high temperatures across the region. some of the fire and booster fin church thought to have been caused by a faulty air conditioner. but not to go up. we started to see from the outside that the smoke was getting bigger and people were wanting to jump from the upper floor of the building of the church to the next one. then we went inside and found the
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children and we started to take the bodies out. in the aftermath of the incident, the president of the father of cc announced the mobilization of quote, all states services to ensure that all measures are taken. the prosecutor's office has also opened an investigation. where can i conveyed the president's condolences and my condolences to the religious leaders of the church, the families of the dead and injured people. we need them to know that we're standing with them and standing by them. some of the injured were firefighters, the blaze blocked in exit trapping churchgoers and causing the stampede. according to eye witnesses, most of those killed were children, zane basra, avi al jazeera. now china's defense ministry says beijing is ready to smash any foreign interference. it's also called the u. s. saboteurs. in response to an american congressional delegation visit to taipei gazing,
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carried out more live fine military exercises near the island on monday, and says the trip to taiwan by american politicians exposes the u. s as a spoiler of peace. instability and the taiwan strait made. hey, your marquis, she boggled on file gentle joshua. these delegation led by us senator martin has insisted on visiting a tie one region of china in disregard of china's opposition. this blatantly violates the one china principal. it violates china's sovereignty and territorial integrity. and since erroneous signals could tie one independent separatist forces, as well as patrick fuck has more now from beijing or the chinese oems in washington said that congressional leaders should act in consistence with the u. s. government one china policy and also said that this visit proved once again that the u. s. did not want to promote peace and stability in the taiwan straits. and that it was making every effort to stir up confrontation between the 2 sides, the global times called it a sneaky visit,
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suggesting possibly that beijing really had no idea that this was taking place. and it also warns of counter measures. quoting analysts, the state run outlet said that the 5 member delegation would be sanctioned. they are expected to be meeting with tom and his leaders, and they expect to be discussing things including you as taiwan relations, regional security, as well as trade and investment. among other things, and that is expected to include a meeting with president sighing one as well. while meanwhile, china central bank has trimmed interest rates to boost economic growth. new figures show industrial output grew just 3.8 percent in july. that was lower than expected . retail sales of flowed and investment property has dropped the rate cut suggests the government believes it cannot achieve its growth targets of 5.5 percent this year. north korea says russian president vladimir putin is putting to expand ties between moscow and young young state media,
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se prison wrote to north korea as can jolen saying a closer relationship would be in both countries interest. but he does exchange letters on the 77 anniversary of the korean peninsula as liberation from japanese rule of. a both north and south korea mocking that anniversary. japan will korea from 1910 until the end of world war 2 in 1945. that was followed 5 years later by the korean war that's left the country divided from mcbride and sole has more on president putin's proposal. that is an interesting letter coming at an interesting time. russian president vladimir putin talking about expanding bilateral relations about areas of common interest about north korea and russia. it seems working together to improve the security situation. he says in northeast asia, you know it's, it's interesting that both of these leaders of faith, relative isolation in the international community, kim jung guns, of course, has been long standing for vladimir putin. it's been far more recent,
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but no less consequential. so there does seem, almost an inevitability about the to lead is being drawn closer relationship. and it does come with this interesting timing on the korean peninsula. this liberation day. it is being celebrated in the 2 careers we're waiting to see from north korea just walked sort of events, they will be staging to mark this day. the north korean state run television is carrying special programming. we are waiting to see whether it's going to be marked by any mass event or march or military had display. of course north korea would seem to have not to celebrate this year having just overcome the common enemy of koby 19. it didn't report his 1st cases of what a you for mystic because fever until mid may. since then there's been a rapid expansion of the thickness through the population. millions of people it seems becoming infected, but very recently announcing that it has been defeated and also using that opportunity to blame south korea for the initial outbreak for introducing cove it
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into the north, which has done nothing to help frosty relations across the dmc. another anniversary now and it's been one year since the taliban. we took control of afghanistan on the economy has collapsed. women have been stripped of their rights and millions of people don't know where their next meal is coming from. that spring and summer than jervey do joins me now live from cobble. i saw that as we've been saying, plenty of broken promises that absolutely not as it is, the broken promises are not just about women's rights and the economy. it's about providing of guns with a future that they can look forward to. if you talk to the taliban, they said they were chief the lot in this year. if you're out and about in the streets, if you're going to, the school is going to the hospitals. the situation is very desperate and to discuss that we have with, as the country, representative of unicef forbid as directory or thank you very much for speaking to us up. you've been going to various places end of than
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a son. you've actually seen what the situation on the ground is. is there any hope and what is the real assessment or from the united nations and it's agencies of thank you very much for having me this afternoon. i ended up going out on this country and i can 3rd at this have been a, quite a tough your not yet for people underground. we have seen our children, but they go to go to school this year. as you know, there are some girls who are not allowed since much to come to schools. that's incredible. is that the only counter interwove where girls are going to with the school? and it's been tough to be tough for them to be tough for their families. as we thought for us as human intelligence, what is what is gone now? where is because what we've seen is a lot of broken promises from the people who are in charge. but they're also looking for legitimacy. they're also looking for funds the international community was releasing the money that this country requires to function and that has stopped
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as well. so who is really responsible for the crisis that we're seeing in the last i want to 3rd at i'm extremely proud that to the surface didn't, didn't put in his company because he's still on from day one. you have been here providing services to the children, making sure that his health systems dropped for labs, making sure that a efficient system do not collapse because sure that's are, we are vested in addition crisis. because last year we're expecting to have 1100000 children reflected one at the should. here you will get this done so far the numbers are increasing or we have his signal going up. but i do believe that you are eligible to arrive at that crisis. and so we are very proud on behalf of the international community of this support that was given cook and stock to the children. for the woman. by every one we want to take care of, don't us what buttons a bottle. so we thought of committee who came in and supported us and both of the
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make sure that, that the crisis that you all expected that can happen without we're also seeing what is on the ground. it's not just about the humanitarian crisis. there's been a reversal of rights for many parts of the off of the avalon society. you're also in touch, not just with people on the ground, but a parties in charge as well. what have they been telling you what the, what is the future? oh, been assigned according to what the plan of on seed with for me to the future going to start is it's children. are we need to invest in those children today. but when i talk with anybody, i don't that don't really very much. well, some about the children are very much concerned about the communities that, that yep, so i think that's a very good message that we get from them all the time that uses and what option the issues of this make sure that the services that earned and can is to discount the artwork to the people, i think is a very strong message opposed to one that comes to us on the time from them. and that's what we want to do from a very quickly a we've been seeing on the ground there. the schools in this country are in drill
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desperate need more than 50 percent. don't even have running water or classrooms at the hospitals. they've been to and we were there together that they the babies are multiple babies on one bed. they're ventilate, is the incubator they're in full shape. so infrastructure is going to need investment and there seems to be a stepping back from the international committee of investing and working with the planet stand up. how are you going to overcome these challenges? and do you actually see those challenges multiplying in the future or you'd be able to control them? did this on the ground, are extreme, you've got jobs in them yourself, be deficient in health, and what is my vision? as i said, we have stepped in a lot, but it's not permitted throughout crisis. what can you put in for the children? but we need to do more as 50 units if you didn't wish to 1000000100 percent. so we did to do more. if you don't do more, if you don't get what is, what does it decrease you after what has been put in this so far,
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we just pull up and that's great if you do see that in practice. and that was my question, that what is the risk care of it? it? because if you, if you don't feed these children, if you don't give them prospects, if you don't give them opportunities and you don't, don't get people jobs. what do you see of the biggest risk in a benefit going forward? well, they, because this would be that, that the, what is the future of children. if we don't, de yvette uses children. they're not of us. we're going to want to see tomorrow. i've got to say, what is, what is, but if you were kids are able to pick it up with what they're going to happen. if we don't do everything we can do from on the phone and your interactions, you think that the de facto authorities are partners. and i do believe that that part of that. but i really want to coordinate the community to say that this is not the time to let down the company. they are the future when investing them so far a lot has been done for them. we want to think everybody on the other got a partner, but you want to do more and we are looking forward to doing what,
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what is 2 to 3. thank you very much for speaking with david. that's the version of events and situation on the ground from the united nation children's agency. and this is what we've been seeing from various actors who stayed here in atlanta on saying that the international community should not distance itself from the situation on the ground and understand it needs investment. it needs people to come forward and also on the fact to authorities to make sure that they are not just keeping their promises, but also looking forward to the future of life and investing in the people and their rights than jervey that for us on the ground in cobble, thanks so much. well, stella had here announces in waiting for union that may never come, fanny sat for those have gone missing during the war in ukraine. and how competition for votes and brazil is feeding the intolerance of minority religions that ah,
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he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to castle book your travel package today. it's monday, august 15th, let's get going with your weather update for europe and africa. so the extreme heat warnings have been dropped in england and wales. here's what's going on. every one, by the way. so cooler air coming down from the north. we also have some showers across the islands of ireland and britain. that's a forecast on monday. check out this drop in temperatures for london by tuesday 25 degrees. some showers may sneak in there, but i think the better bet for active weather will be on wednesday. your temperature down to 23 degrees just a few days ago. you're about 34 temperatures have also lowered across siberia than we've got this batch of rain in the atlantic monday. but watch what happens on tuesday at fragments and breaks apart what we need is more concentrated rain to
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fall in this region to call some of the wild fires burning here. while waves have re moving west to east across a huge portion of europe unsettled, but also sunny conditions, bursts of rain around warsaw, southwest of ukraine into central romania. and some jolts and bolts for his stem ball. 27 agrees a high for you. and there's been some flooding in chads capital and jemina, but that batch of rain moving further to the west in burkina, faso and cooler air has filtered into my pluto, so justa have 23 degrees on monday. i saw a visual airline of the john light and robust debate. a lot of folks when they hear the word refugee think stranger, they think other la latrice stuck in these camp regardless of your ratings. the way you're coming from, you said, give everybody safety from global issues to those that need to be of human rights and land defenders and brazil. they live in a circumstance of permanent violence and intimidation. the street for
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera with wow, ah holiday watching out his era. let's remind you about top stories here at the south . funerals are being held for some of the 41 people killed in a fire at the coptic christian church. near difference city of isa. blaze started during sunday, mass, thousands of people were in the building. the chinese military says it's carried out. father drills around taiwan. the exercises come as a u. s. congressional delegation is in taipei holding talks with the islands. president, north korea says russian president vladimir putin is planning to expand. ty is
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between moscow and young young state media, se person wrote to north careers. kim john saying a closer relationship would be mutually beneficial. explosions have been reported in the syrian port, city of tattoos, the state media, se israeli war planes attacked targets in the area were intercepted by syrian air defenses. is ready, find a dead cell, also reported to a 5 missiles toward syria, from lebanese airspace. serious military says 3 soldiers were killed. ta juice is also due to receive a cargo ship carrying grain from ukraine, said aha, to has more on this from the lebanese capital barrett. well, area state television is reporting attacks on targets in the coastal city of talk to us and the damascus countryside. it didn't say what the targets were, but it is saying that 3 soldiers were killed and 2 were injured and blaming as well for those strikes. now this will not be the 1st time they blame israel for such an
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attack. it's not the 1st time syria reports such an attack and the way the response has been no comment is waiting. military usually doesn't comment on these individual operations, but it's really politicians have acknowledge time. and again, over recent years, really that they've been targeting bases of iranian allied groups, groups like the, the lebanese has been which, which operates in syria. and in recent months, they have even targeted the port in the coastal city of latha kia and damascus airport. in fact, the runway said damascus airport, we're deemed unusual unusable for weeks. now as well, does not hide the fact that it's goal in syria is to prevent it from entrenching itself apparently. and it won't tolerate any iranian presence on the border, and it also wants to stop and weapons transfer sophisticated weapons to has been
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neighboring 11 on this all comes and it's heightening tensions in the region between iran and israel. such attacks usually are, can find but the risk of further escalation is there for israel is really that the biggest goal is to prevent iran from creating a base on its border in syria. the way that it's been on has been law now has a very strong position. that is really police have shots until the palestinian man during a raid and cover occurred in the occupied west bank. officers say 21 year old mohammed shahan tried to stab lease when they attempted to such as house for weapons. his father says they immediately started firing when they entered and shot shahan in the head. he described the killing as an execution celebrations having held across india to mark 75 years of independence. prime minister in the red
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ramadi address the nation from the historic red force in new delhi. large crowds are also expected as a ceremony at the atari walker. border with pakistan, the end of british rule in 1947, led to the partition of india, and the formation of pakistan. more than 15000000 people were displaced amid widespread violence. hagney mittel has more now from your denny. to day morning prime minister mo, the hoisted the flag and also dressed the nation. and in his speech, he paid tribute to freedom fighters who made today possible. he also spoke about issues of the country need to address, including corruption and gender inequality. you also pledge to make india a developed country in 25 years. now, one of the major teams that has emerged during the course of the independence day celebrations is this idea of letting go off the colonial pot. and his page, the prime minister talked about how people from india should be proud of being
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indian. and that's something that even experts have pointed out. they see that despite the many challenges in your, has emerged as a political and economic success story. i mean, it is the largest democracy, democracy, that functions and it is a major economy. and today people are celebrating that the hosting flags are holding rallies. they're posting pictures with the flag on social media. it's all about taking pride in what has been achieved with optimism of what is yet to come. our religion is expected to play an important role in a presidential election in october in brazil. present viable scenario is rallying. suppose amongst angelica christians, you family backed him in the poles 4 years ago. but critics say the campaign is adding to a climate of intolerance towards other religions, including after brazilian fates, monarchy anake have reports now from rio de janeiro. huh?
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this is the condom blair ritual or religion brought to brazil by african slaves. it survived centuries of persecution and discrimination before gaining acceptance. but as october's presidential election approaches, many of its followers feel like they've become targets in a holy war. apple is green hostilities increase when you mix politics with religion . our temples have been attacked by the growing number of radical evangelical christians. it's a battle for souls for power, for votes or protestant christian evangelicals are brazil's fastest growing religious group. they have become a strong force in politics and the media. the of angelic was include president j able so now does wife be shadley and say they're defending the bible and traditional family values. any our o sanara was chosen by god, the followers of after brazilian faiths save evangelicals are also driving
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a culture of intolerance as the election approaches. the 1st lady shared this video on social media. it shows bull sonatas, main adversary, former present whizzing last rule about silva being blessed by a priestess and compares him to a devil worshipper dodge on last year, brazilian authorities receive $586.00 complaints of religious intolerance. 141 percent more than in 2020. in 9 out of 10 cases, the targets were followers of afro brazilian religions. this woman was forced at gunpoint to destroy her temple home ad. so is a condom black practitioner. he makes his living as a noble driver, catering specially to people who feel oppressed because of their faith gracelle them. but i, i know how my passengers feel because i've been there. i've had override there is canceled the rides when they saw me trust in my sarah one you're close in the bus.
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people make you uncomfortable by entering away from you. he drives fellow candle bluff faithful to their ceremonies and shows them sanctuaries, like this park where they can feel safe until recently was common to find offerings to spiritual entities of the afro brazilian religions like this one on the cross roads run beaches of rio de janeiro and other urban cities, this one has food and it has perfume and candles. but. ringback every time more, the followers of these religions are going to secluded places like this forest because they're afraid they'll be persecuted or that their offerings will be destroyed. meanwhile, followers of after brazilian religions continued to beat their drums and call on their st. asking for protection and peace, monica inactive. all jazeera, rio de janeiro, barons. foreign ministry has denied the country was involved in
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a nice attack on the author summoned rusty as spokesperson said that rusty and his supporters are rather to blame. iran issued a decree against the author 1989 after the publication of his novel, the satanic verses rusty was repeatedly stabbed at a literary event in new york state. on friday. his agent says he is on the road to recovery on german authorities are wanting that water levels on the rhine river that stretches from switzerland to the netherlands, could reach a critically low point. low water levels are preventing commercial shipping from transport and goods in europe faces a drought and an energy crisis expense. a levels in the germantown of cab already fall into about 40 centimeters thousands of ukrainians remained missing after the russian occupation of the town of boucher street. were less littered with bodies and what ukrainian president brought him lensky called a war crime when the family is also looking for their relatives. john henry reports from boucher the oaks on
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a pro cinco has been searching for her father since the battle of boucher ended in march. sir. hey, per cinco left their home to check on a friend of the me. the family fled to poland during the russian occupation of the town and returned to ukraine to see his car riddled with bullet holes. what must the butcher say returning here to see his car? oh, shut up there out of his truck. me was job. one neighbor told her he had been shot by russian troops. others said he died in shelling, but exxon believes he might be in russian custody. i can't forgive this people. i would beg them to return my father. i would do anything but get him back. up to the ship ticket, but i would beg them to give back my dead. i would do anything to have him back a life ukrainian authorities,
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social media sites in the red cross have been flooded with inquiries about missing people. we're talking about several thousands of families who are still searching for their loved ones. we want to cheer about their, their loved ones. no, there were about no their faith since march, the red cross is central tracing. bureau is fielding calls from 24000 people looking for friends or relatives lost in ukraine. some were buried in numbered graves in boucher oxen. as hometown some might be in russian captivity, others are simply missing with the russian troops gone in a sense of normality returning. sometimes asana says she just wants to forget that it was that of course i don't want to believe that all of these happened. i just want to fall asleep and wake up and realize that none of this never happened. it's not real nothing will feel
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normal x on it says until her father is returned to her or found in very john henderson, al jazeera future ukraine. while the un food and agricultural organization has warned, it could officially declare famine and 8 regions of somalia next month. her francis, as the war in ukraine has turned attention away from the problem of global hunger. the head of the catholic church is called for urgent food aid to stave off blooming fannan in somalia. did she did or did i de la? then surely, i would like to draw attention to the great humanitarian crisis that is hid somalia and some bordering countries. the people of this region who already live in very precarious conditions are now in mortal danger because of drought. i hope that international solidarity can respond efficiently to this emergency. unfortunately, the worn ukraine has distracted attention and resources. but these are the aims that call for the utmost commitment and in the fight against hunger,
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health care and education authorities. and nowhere say they had no choice but to put down a 600 kilogram walrus that drew crowds of spectators to the asthma assured, the mammal known as freya had been seen clambering on to small boats as you can see there and damaged them. of them, she had become a popular attraction there in the norwegian, capital officials say they had to act to protect the oh, that is his al jazeera and these are the headlines. funerals are being held for some of the 41 people killed in a fire at a coptic christian church in egypt and city of visa. the play started during a mass service on sunday. thousands of people were in the building. the chinese military says it's carried out further drills around taiwan. the exercises come as a u. s. congressional del.


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