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was for a hearing aid. most insurance plans in the u. s. have only limited coverage. the german film director wolfgang peterson has died at the age of 81 from pancreatic cancer. he was widely praised for his 1981 film, das boot, but a german u boat during world war 2, which and 6 academy award nominations as other hits include the political thrillers in the line of fire with clint eastwood and air force. one with harrison ford peterson di that is home in california resident ah. all right, jennifer creature of the headlines 0 and al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has signed into law a $430000000000.00 climate, and tax bill biden said the inflation reduction act to dress as climate change and reduces deficits by having the wealthy pay more taxes. democrats see it as a major win for the party ahead of november's mid term elections. but republicans
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say it does little to lower prices, rather than jordan has more from washington dc. the inflation reduction act is a textbook example of people making compromises in order to get some sort of legislation passed. certainly one thing that tom joe biden didn't what was a continuing support for the oil, coal, and natural gas industries, but there are protections for those industries. in the bill, that was what was necessary in order to get a key swing democratic senator joe mansion to support the measure. us house republican liz cheney has conceded defeat and a primary election in wyoming cheney one favor with democrats for her role in a congressional investigation into the 2021 attack on capitol hill. her opponent harriet hagaman is backed by former president. donald trump. my, our vote today, wyoming has put the elite saw notice. we are no longer going to tolerate representatives who don't represent us. obviously,
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we're all very grateful to president trump, who recognizes that wyoming. oh, has only one congressional representative, and we have to make a count. he is clear and unwavering support from the very beginning propelled us to victory tonight, the european union and usa, they're studying iran's response to a proposal to save the 2015 nuclear deal to iran, sent a reply late on monday to what the e. e was called his final submission iran previously called him the us to show flexibility. washington i said it's ready to quickly seen a deal to restore the accord on the basis of the e apostles. and his writing, newspapers reporting that a military investigation confirmed and his reindeer strike did kill 5 palestinian children of garza during a recent flare up in violence. is where the strike hit a symmetry in jubilee on the 7th of august. so those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, offer, the listening post statement that's watching buckner we, i,
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generation of people. very ambitious, very united, very persistent and very good, but you might be comfortable right now, but not for long. you will soon feel the same his we feel every day from cuba, hong kong and uganda, 3 women grapple with the impact of the frontline activists fear future children on a jessie had it is hard to comprehend how something like this could happen. how when $994.00 courts of fruit, you malicious would roam the streets and countryside of wonder looking for to cease
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to kill, it is difficult to comprehend why they would turn on their neighbors, their friends. and in some cases, members of their families. it was a killing spree that lasted 100 days and came 280-0000 lives more than a 10th of the population was lost. it is also far to comprehend who could instigate such an atrocity. this is the story of the computer, the robot and his radio station. i do mute or t m played in the london genocide. and how could to get managed to if i justice i love to the public,
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but it is not possible to talk about the genocide to be talking about 15. he was the finance of f 10. who was it was a radio station run by genocide. i do love all day long. it was used to demonize today's to say that a was it was i would call to see for example, cockroaches, they would prefer them as snakes. they were trying to sort of objectify them in distance rwandans from one another. what do you do? do you feel when you're the humanizing a group of people before the actual active sleep makes it a lot easier for people who are actually sent on the foot soldiers to do the work
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worker over here? from the very beginning. it just started with genocide agenda few days before it even went to narr application court come, we're only the front page advertising a term they said now the tutors i finished from day one actually would expose historic divisions within the country. rwanda is majority who 2 and minority chuncy. however, historically, the 2 groups were not divided by the city, but by clos, the tutsis was seen as the lead the hutus as subordinates. colonialism. first, the germans, in 1884 than the belgians in 1916. both colorless,
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implemented ethnic hierarchies with europeans at the top than the turkeys in the hutus. the minority trustees were charged with running the country effectively becoming colonial proxies. the majority shooters were excluded. and what started as a classified bested into ethnic hatred. in 1950, who choose to color from the tutsis in a blood. so revolution, independence and colonial rule followed 3 years later, back the fear of tootsie return, lingered on and over the next 3 decades, they were outbreaks of ethnically motivated violence that sent hundreds of thousands of tootsie refugees into neighboring countries. by 1993. when i tell them was launched, phoenician could bigger and his journalist knew that the station could play on those entrenched fears and resentments of the tipsy moon go viral or,
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you know, with a little move i would on the wall at 1st, then you station needed looseness. and the strategy out til and put in place at a target demographic. it's in him, played a really good music. i think it was a way of a truck to be new with in particular. but people who own the radio station wants to get a used music to engage the smoke lament in the middle of a truck to cut straight to the messages. okay. oh oh. when one of the gym said to be done, the musical instruments were so nice to the young people who even feel like dancing and dicing using with him or should to us,
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do attacking the victims. if what genius, how you entertain killers as, as a way of taking away the gift. this is what to our, to them did lit club immediately ready. my name is valerie. immediately, i am 65 years old and currently imprisoned in india prison for participating in the genocide against to see valerie bene. ricky was a popular presenter and arterial in other words, this program didn't. she openly and repeatedly called for the murder of the chelsea, softened by name and when the killings began. payment rickie help coordinate the who to malicious, known as the into the hum with by revealing the whereabouts of tutsis and any
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moderate who to use who were in hiding about her. she told her listeners, quote, not to kill the cockroaches with a bullet, but kept them to pieces with a machete. off to the genocide them, ricky fled to the congress but was arrested in 1909 and sentenced to life in prison . when asked or compelled her to incite such mass murderous violence. memory keep blame it on fear of her employer, but a deal mule. colleen and the man at the top. each of you sick will be saved initiative. they put in place what was called a steering committee, led by police chicago. they would tell us that if we didn't do as we're torn to way would be conceited. accomplices of the cockroaches, the tutsis we would be viewed as treated just like her towards him. so we had to save our own lives as well. the catalyst for the genocide occurred
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on april 6th 1994 learned wonders, who to president juvenile hopping him on his plane were shocked off. artillio was the 1st station to announce the news. they blamed on tootsie rebels, but in the days leading up to the crash listeners say that they were being told to stay tuned for a big event. it was later established that the assassination was carried off by who to extremists wanting to sacrifice a hoot to president in order to trigger the genocide. catherine bond was a freelance journalist based in nairobi at the time when use of happy amount of stiff burke. she scrambled to god and would soon experience 1st hand the insidious nature of oxy limbs bull costs. catherine bond telephone youth, kigali, we were able to get a lift on a convoy of french troops going into giggling to the center, to golly, to pick up a expense trance. and at that point,
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radio mil colleen had cooled people out to greet the french troops. and so we saw people who had come out out of their houses alongside the road when we passed back along the same thought they were just lines of people's bodies . and it transpired that radian meal colleen had called everybody out to greet the french. and then in doing so, people who come out of the houses who are took seats in hiding and the you to militiaman had moved in and killed them. you conceive footages division footages of killers on roadblocks holding a machete in one hand and a radio on the other day whenever someone picked up
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a machete to kill. it was often because we had catered them to where people hiding, but we used to get the information from soldiers, politicians, but also for the city. our listeners who used to calling to artillio, i'm see, we just saw some coaches who would then would cause that information. i mean, in a homely and soldiers knew exactly what to do. kazi, on sunday, when i had my name radar on the radio, you went cold cold too much so much that i thought it's over for me, we're going to kill me. in 1994 sean pearson, who used to sell music cassettes in the london capital to god. some of those cassettes contain songs that were popular with twitchy rebels. when out of salem, acquired one of the casino played it on a cold saga who to out by name. he knew that they were putting a target on his back. so he went into hiding in a septic tank. is if you wanted them won't. i entered my home with
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a small radio. i'd listen to l. taylor solidly for a week. they used to say japan lives in this neighborhood. you have to catch him. you have to kill him. he's been a dangerous. if you don't kill him, he's going to kill you worked through but, but was it with all day long after a wife? my buttress. run out the ronald because i stayed in my home for 2 months and 15 days. summoned that pseudo is one of the leading experts on the rwandan genocide whose life's work has been to document the atrocities that were committed in the lead up to the genocide and the heat. oh says that one of the few moderate hutus in government appeal to could be got to stop up till em from inciting the mass. murder of the tutsis, little one and in november. and then tim and to 3, the o t l m a was it was some wanted he by the then minister of his mission however and couple got hid the delegation. a villa told that the renewal was
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incendiary and was in safety on the genocide douglas, the tutor this wanting approval was not respected and instead the minister and his family were put to them. he waited on the 7th over pro, montana before artillio had multiple shareholders. thank suited for wondering, president juvenile hobby amana and members of his administration, and those ties to government would prove critical. a study conducted in 2014 concluded that who to militia violence increased significantly in villages without chill m reception. the further the station signal traveled, the more tutsis would be killed. ha ha ha ha. rather for the real world with him and it was no accident that villagers
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across the country couldn't shoot in tor, supposedly privately owned, gaudy based radio station. that would, under normal circumstances, have limited reach. i'll tell them was meant to reach the lowest administrative area in the country because apart from their own transmitters, they were being facilitated by the national read you. they had some links with rhonda state radio relay to rhonda and they used it some transition signals and some of its resources. when you're talking about the genocide in the site to minutes to genocide, you after talking about it to them to do to one of the will watched as for wonder toward self or pot. the united nations reduced its peacekeeping force from 2500 trips to just 500 all over the world. there were people like me, us president bill clinton would like to apologized to london for america's in
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action, saying he was unaware of the scale of the killings who did not fully appreciate the depths and the speed with which you were being engulfed by this on imaginable terror, but he's administration knew what was going on. washington even consider targeting off bombing the stations antenna, or jamming a signal by flying a plane over, hit the latter option at $8500.00 per flight. our was deemed to cost us involvement in the story would come, but not when it mattered. the killings continued. it was not until the one that patriotic front to see rebel force form the new gander reached regarding that oddity would be targeted. the rebels had heard the bull costs, they knew that stopping the station would save lives.
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could you don't? we are good in order to stop us working with some april 17th. i thought that was going to be able to keep on casting or they were not successful. the antenna was not heat. yes, we kept walking in the wreckage saddle tonight. the ripples had taken to return and were told it was time to leave. that is, when our children crossed over to the level that would call after the r p. f defeated government forces and who to militias. many of the perpetrators of the genocide, phoenician, complete among the country. part of a mass exodus of whom to refugees. 3 years later in 1997 could be g was indicted by the us international criminal tribunal for one that's on 2 counts of crimes against humanity and 5 counts of genocide, including the direct and public and and to commit genocide by that stage can big was on the run,
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his whereabouts and know me. peer richard prosper served as a prosecutor for the united nations international criminal tribunal for wanda from 996 to 998. he prosecuted the 1st ever case of genocide under the u. s. 948 genocide compulsion against a one man named john paul, a used to life in prison for crimes against humanity. not only did he failed to protect, people need to act of steps and participated and commit access genocide. my role was particularly the 1st case was to investigate the entire genocide. so while my case focused on a particular administrator, a political leader and were able to prosecute him in order to proceed, we had to show how the whole thing evolved. and by doing that investigation were
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able to really learn a role for leasing that the international community and the us in particular had been reluctant to, to view in more wonder seeing what was happening there as an unfixable tribal culture. however, that would all change in march 19. that's 95 years often the genocide ah, a group of western tourists sent safari in neighboring uganda were attacked by exult, you to militiamen 8 were killed, including 2 americans. reporting at the time described it as an act of revenge against the us for its proceed support of the tutsis we washington at once. been happy to take a back seat in the hunt for could boot. it will now take an active role that may not be easy, it may take some time, but it will have the highest priority of the united states. so now when we move into roughly around 20012002, i am now the u. s. ambassador at large,
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responsible for war crimes issue school. we launched a, an aggressive campaign to go after these indicted persons that were at large. the key person for the rwanda context was kabuki. we put him on a poster and held a press conference where we broadcast it throughout the region that we're offering up to $5000000.00 for any information that would lead to the rest and capture affility and caboodle. we put this information on tv. we put this information on radio with put this information in newspapers and circulated to fight the king and government. that press conference took place in kenya with the authorities were concentrating their search efforts to big his name had shown upon company registers . there publicly, the more government was saying, little white things, the canal story to the sped. no. if what, whatsoever,
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if that person is in the king and get him up with hid it under delta. privately, it was a different story. felicia cabbages prisons and kenya was an open secret. the members of the more government seemed determined to keep the search continued, and it would soon came the life of a kenyan journalist from ogden, and i thought just spectrum, what did they get? shook my name is just it. maria shook a laptop. i am the elder brother of william monroe here. it is now been 17 years is his death and was still waiting for justice to drop. but that often william turned out to be a person that came forward based on our, our campaign. and he came forward with information saying that he knew where ferris anchor burger was in kenya, and particularly nairobi, william one who had was a journalist to what for a local newspaper here. and aside from the journalism i came to learn,
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he was old. so sort of like a political fix, awful. a couple of people in the civil service wanted an article written, you know, positively, they would go to him and he developed a friendship with very, very senior members of the motor issue. when we 1st met with him, of course, we reviewed this with suspicion as well. normally we would because, you know, we thought maybe someone was just trying to give $5000000.00. but as we began to discuss with him further, we started to understand that he had personally seeing kabuki. he had seen caputo because of his relationship with the aid king and government official who was responsible for the as security services. for kenya. what people need to remember as well is that the more you did, she was very, very friendly to the avia monitor. and therefore that kind of friendship would carry over to the accommodation over people who are within that one these elite.
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and so for lithium couple got also came here as we move into late 2002, we had william who gave us credible information that we confirmed through polygraph test. we also approached the can a government official and gave him a paragraph which he felt. so now we felt that we had enough to move forward and set up an operation to capture the boot. the plan was simple. william a new hair would or could be got to his house just outside of la robi, than the americans know that he was fed and u. s. agents would move in and make the arrest. the operation got the green light and so began the waiting. ah, as the hours passed, the days passed. so ultimately, our security official decided that you are, you know, maybe you better go and try to track down william to find out what, what went wrong. and once you arrive dick williams,
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housing was long. he looked through the bedroom window upstairs and was able to see william dead on his bed in a pool of blood. the 1st session by the police was that he died out of carbon monoxide poisoning. but his brother, as well as a number of other ladies, accessed his order and saw the state to local rank or it could. we opened the door and we was shocked. there was a rug on the floor that looked like it had blood on it. and there was also blood around it. then we went upstairs and the bed was covered in blood all over the floor. there was no mattress on the bed. i know blankets. it seemed as if someone had been trying to clean up. and the was never able to get an autopsy done, but it became very clear that he had been killed thorpe calling for an investigation at the time. nothing happened. when looking at the operation,
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what we, we can see what went wrong is that there was there, the information was betrayed. in other words, that we believe that someone within the kenyans security services was aware of our operation and tipped off cabal guide to not only not be there, but also tift off. google that william was a source of information that this was attract. the same year could be got you to the americans, his former associates at out of tell him ferdinand. now he, monna and john boscoe, but i got, lisa was sentenced to life in prison in what came to be known as the wonders hate media trop. they too, were charged with incitement to commit genocide. but by that stage could biggest trail had once again called cold. and for the most part it would stay cold. for the next 17. yes. or
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one of the most wanted us back, the marijuana genocide has been arrested in france for this young couple years ago . the man accused of bank rolling and organizing much of it i genocide, which google is accused of bunk trolling and choosing his rate as titian to broadcast the calls for. madam felicia could bigger was find the arrested in this apartment block in the outskirts of pars 6000 miles from a french court, has ruled that his next stop will be a russia, tanzania, and the u. n. international criminal tribunal for wanda. one of the lessons learned from the curb to get case ha, outside of the the substance of what happened in 1994. and his role is the willingness of people to ignore in humanity for financial gain. and what i mean by that is the only way kaboom could have remained
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at large for all these years is through a network of support. and that network of support was only viable based on in my view on corruption. we need to remember that the genocide happened to people. it happened to families, it decimated societies. and it is also scientists that we must return to when we are in quoting about a trial of a person like felice him couple guy. because a trial in and of itself would have no context. no, no meaning if it is not tied to the very impact of the kinds that he's accused over and who the affected from behind these was felony, fema ricky has returned to pull caustic. she now runs the prison, his radio service providing her fellow inmates with the daily news. during the genocide demo, ritchie says that she didn't fire a single bullet or pick up
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a machete, but she has been sentenced to spend the rest of her life yet. because of how she weaponized the air waves in a genocide where the killers roamed the streets with a radio in one hand and a machete in the other. he chose each adequacy. i regret the crime that i committed, that aim would be laced people to go out and kill tutsis, but i didn't take that decision. and if i could speak to couple guy to do that, i would tell him that what he did to us was very bad. what he taught us was not true. and that he created that tried his titian with a he didn't agenda the said that reduce a strong weapon. the strongest weapon one was artillio and the owner that station has been hiding for 26 years. it is something that has caused me great pain. but now i'm happy about his earliest that i could get a she me so what
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is life life in maximum security prison in this to pot, special report. one i one ace goes behind bars. it's singapore chunky prison. on out gerald. ah. hello, i'm darren jordan and joe hall with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden to sign into law a $430000000000.00 climate health and tax bill. it's a key legislative victory for the democrats, but republicans have criticized the bill, ross and jordan as more from washington d. c. a celebration at the white house on tuesday. as u. s. president joe biden signed into law, the inflation were.


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