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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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launched in the last of a 3 part series al jazeera well, looks at the changes in society as a whole. teachers were looked after and learning methods were closed, the evaluated from education to the changing wills of women, the expansion of the middle class, and improve transportation the sixty's in the arab world society on al jazeera. ah, this primary election is over that now. the real work begins. donald trump is most to find critics lose. cheney loses the republican primary race in wyoming to a candidate endorsed by the former president. ah, i'm sammy say, dan, this is al jazeera live from dell hall. so coming up,
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north korea fires to cruise missiles in the day off the south korea and the u. s. begin joint military drills. you're standing on the shore after the fact. i was steering the ship in the middle of the tempest under fire, stray as former prime minister scott morrison blames the pandemic the secretly holding additional ministerial positions, obstructions of justice, mixed with allegations of graphs and bribery, paris present feels the heat of deepening investigations. ah, one of donald trump's most prominent republican adversaries is lost to reelection bid in the u. s. date of wyoming. miss cheney has been highly critical of the former president while helping to lead a congressional investigation into last year's attack on the us capitol. she lost the primary vote to a trump backed candidate who contests this year's mid term elections. rob reynolds
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reports from wyoming. as expected, wyoming representative, liz cheney lost her bid to remain in congress by a wide margin. chaney became former president donald trump's republican nemesis as vice chair of the january 6th committee in a forceful concession speech. chaney once again castigated the former president. 2 years ago, i won this primary was 73 percent at about. i could easily have done the same again, the path was clear, but it would have required that i go along with president trump lie about the 2020 election. it would have required that i enable his ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. that was a path i could not, and would not take chinese opponent, lawyer harriet hagaman, was endorsed by trump, who's very popular in wyoming. trump congratulated hagaman and called cheney
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spiteful. obviously, we are all very grateful to president trump, who recognizes that wyoming hill has only one congressional representative. and we have to make account is janie became one of the best known members of congress this year. as the vice chair of the congressional investigation into the events surrounding the insurrection of january 6th, 2021. as well as the various schemes and falsehoods, trump and his associates hatched as he attempted to remain in office after losing the election. but that didn't go over well with wyoming voters, 70 percent of whom voted for trump over joe biden, in 2020. despite her defeat, many people in wyoming and in washington, dc expect cheney to run for president in 2024, using a reputation as a defender of democracy who stood up to trump when other republicans failed to do so. ever janie did nothing to dispel those expectations in her concession speech.
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this primary election is over, but now the real work begins. janie's last does not mean that she will leave her post as vice chair of the january 6th committee, which will remain active at least until january of next year. she has announced that hearings will resume in september and says that witnesses continue to come forward, and new evidence is pouring in. rob reynolds al jazeera jackson, wyoming, u. s. fries and joe biden is signed into law $430000000000.00 climate hallson tax bill biden. said the inflation reduction act tackles climate change and will reduce deficits by having the wealthy pay more taxes. it's seen as a major legislative victory for democrats, brosnan jordan reports from washington. d. c. a celebration at the white house on tuesday. as u. s. president joe biden signed into law. the inflation reduction act is not just
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about today. it's about to mar, it's about delivering progress and prosperity to american families. the law cut medicine costs were seniors and extends health care subsidies. there's also a new 15 percent corporate income tax, the biggest expense fighting climate change. $385000000000.00 and new funding and tax credits to cut carbon emissions and develop clean energy industries to expand the use of solar panels and heat pumps. and to make electric vehicles, a common sight, electric vehicle positions in the new bell, r. r phase and based on income. and so they, i really designed to make electric vehicles more affordable for people who might not otherwise be able to buy them. west virginia, senator jo mansion had held up passage of the law until it included funding for the oil and gas industry. he said he would do it again, and i think this is
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a great american bill now some benefits from him. that's why i can't figure out why my republican friends are doubling down against him when there's so much good for so many people to my help. so many doesn't make any sense to me at all. and the bill as amended is past republicans who didn't vote for the bill, criticised it on social media. quote, democrats robbed americans last year by spending our economy into record inflation this year. their solution is to do it a 2nd time. back at the white house, joe biden delivered some of his own partisan criticism. every single republican congress voted against lord prescription drug prices against laurie healthcare court, against the fair attack system. every single republican, every single one voted against tackling the climate crisis against lauren. our energy cause against creating good paying job. a recognition partisanship isn't over. even though the white house says this is
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a day for all americans. rosalind jordan, elder sierra washington. rob mcbride has more now the timing of this does seem to be significant more significant. it seems than the type of mythos themselves. these are said to i've been to cruise missiles fired westwood towards the sea that separates the korean peninsula from china. now if that's the case, then these will be the 1st cruise missiles that have been fired since january. but that has been a flurry of other mis activity since the start of this year, from the north, in particular, ballistic missiles, either short range or longer range, ballistic missiles, the type of weapons that are banned on the un security council resolutions. now in contrast, cruise missiles are not banned, but the launch wednesday doesn't coincide with an important news conference that is being given here by the president units of y'all, who has marked his 100 days in office. now he is a conservative,
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unlike his liberal predispose that he takes a far tough line with the north. and in fact, during the news conference outlined his position to north korea saying he's not interested in cosmetic style photo opportunity. summit meetings with his counterparts from the north that any future dealings really has to be based on formal substances progress made the basically he wants to see a far more sincere approach taken by north korea towards the nuclear station before the holding upset stomach. so this could be a message from north korea to him and his administration, but it also coincides with the starting of drills this week between us and south reinforces ahead of larger scale military joint exercises next week. the type of exercises that always seem to anger and provoke north korea. so this could be seen as being an early expression of north korea as displeasure a towards those. australia's former prime minister as defended secretly appointing
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himself to 5 additional ministerial rolls during the cove at 19 pandemic. scott morrison says it was necessary to authorize himself with reserve powers during what he called unprecedented times. but this hasn't stopped calls for his resignation from parliament. sarah clark reports ah, he's unpopularity dominated the astray election campaign, and close the liberal national party the election less than 3 months after scott morrison resigned his party leader is now under pressure to resign from parliament . after who confirmed that, he secretly appointed himself to 5 additional ministerial rolls. during the pandemic. i believed it was necessary to have authority to have what were effectively emergency powers, am to exercise in extreme situations that would be unforeseen. that would enable me
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to act in the national interest. and that is what i did in a crisis plan and swore himself in as a joint helpful. mr. finance resources. i'm affairs as well as treasurer between 20202021. and he didn't reveal these additional portfolios to the public parliament, nor to most of his colleagues. that's raise questions with the current government, which is seeking advice from the countries solicitor general. the australian people went to an election, not knowing that any of this had occurred, not knowing that there was a shadow government operating in darkness. out with that transparency, i clear misleading of the parliament. whereby parliamentarians administers i held to account for areas in which they have responsibility. one don't get rid of. morrison says his actions didn't impact any one. but engage the former prime minister additional powers,
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which he used to overrule the resources minister on an unpopular gesturing, permit. before the election, legal analysts say the governor general's role, i the seeing the appointments and the lack of transparency and don't want an investigation. this is fundamentally inconsistent. ready the basic conventions of our westminster system, the government, the ministers, are accountable to parliament and misleading parliament as to who exercises ministerial power is completely at odds with those conventions. this is extremely unorthodox. it is a breach of constitutional convention. to fill the prime minister may have apologize to his colleagues, but that hasn't quelled calls from within his party for him to resign from parliament. that's a step sofa that's got marson is refusing to take. sara, clock out his era, brisbin australia, burnett. kane is the political editor of cry key dot com. that's an independent news website. is also the author of the book lies and falsehoods. the morrison
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government and the new culture of deceit joins us live from sidney. good to have you with us. so 1st of all, are there any rules against the prime minister, assuming multiple portfolios, the reasons and the shining constitution is extraordinarily bike. primacy doesn't even include reference to a prime minister little or new she or how a cabinet system is government operates. and it's within this nebulous area of invention and norm that scott morrison really, operator is the reference to a shadow government by prime minister albany tonight, i think probably gets to the point which is that none of these for the legal mental, this was unconstitutional. body was conducted out of sort of public and it was conducted within the, the, the biographies of
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a constitution. but it was very much the product of the colonial times within which it was written. why do you think most and then kept it from the public? well, this is the, the most intriguing aspect, not really with the public money formed nearly all the ministers who had stopped mars. and they say, if you like a bunny minister even they wanted to wait. and this really use the key issue. i mean, you could argue the case that was got most viewed at least initially in relation to the help we are. and some sense to the was during the middle of the early stage. it was in the early stage when it was a global crisis, and really the impacts of the time they were on key. so you could argue was approved and move, or at least a case of some insurance. it's the fact that morrison didn't tell his colleagues actually withheld it from his colleagues and withheld it from
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a public that really is a significant issue. and i think the answer to that question really lies in the fact that stop morrison throughout his political career has demonstrated over and over again, a cultural for obscuring information with holding information and deceiving the public and his college. and i think this is exactly how this is played out. he has undertaken, what could have been argued was a relatively sensible measure. he might have been criticized, but at least it was an arguable case. but he has taken it much, much further by filing to show republic filing to tell parliament filing to tell even he's our colleagues. and that's, that all reflects the instinct of a man who has long resist the idea of scrutiny and long sought to excuse the truth about what he's been doing. alright, thanks so much for your thoughts on that. bernard,
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keen there still ahead on al jazeera campaigning officially begins in brazil ahead of a deeply polarizing presidential election. we outlined how candidates the ferrying 2 months out and the wave of drug related violence creates chaos across states and mexico. ah, ah. record rainfall the other day have one here is the details. so we had a stream of tropical moisture interact with a cold front. we're now seeing that disturbance in the bytes, so we'll go in there for a closer look. it's going to generate some showers for adelaide, 16 degrees a high for you. that rain will also pour into a tasmania. nothing major, but where we do have some major rainfall is new zealand. both north and south islands send this all set in done. i think some spots will be see about half
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a meter of rain and also for a new zealand, northland region, including auckland rainfall warning in play. here i could see about a 150 millimeters of rain. i gotta tell you about $10.00 to $20.00 millimeters per hours of that much rain. that fast is certainly going to cause some problems. and we'll see those winds gust up to 80 kilometers per hour. by the way, that's more than a months worth of rain in a short period of time problems, spots in se asia continue to be northern western areas of borneo, southern sections of vietnam and from manila rate through to log we've got some intense rain. so it's severe flooded advisory in played there. wind side warnings have been issued across southern areas of honshu with this run of rain, but it's going to push out by thursday, lower temperatures in tokyo, though with a high of 30 degrees c, as in ah, with a reporter's retreat in a brutal civil war. if a commodore hadn't been there,
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the israeli invasion would not have been so well reported. the commodore had become journalistic center. you could be in the safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this grand suite at the commodore hotel. the next room i was in was underground in a tiny prison, so as a hostage, a route the commodore war hotels on al jazeera. ah ah. oh, come back here watching al jazeera time to recap on headlines. one of donald trump's most prominent republican adversaries is lost to reelection bid in the u. s. they to wyoming those chinese said she would do whatever it takes to deny. the former
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president of 2nd south korea's defense ministry says north korea is 5 to cruise missiles. they were launched into the sea early on wednesday from on charleston south gone, gone province. the united nations, new envoy for me and mar, is on the 1st visit there since being appointed last year. now, leon hayes is expected to me. the officials from the military judge to discuss what the un calls the deteriorating situation in the country. a visit comes in the same week, ousted the dog sensor, she was convicted more corruption charges, extending her prison sentence to 17 years. tony cheng joins us now from bangkok. so any sign that this visit is going to prompt dialogue and ease of the crank down and not really at this stage. in fact, we know very little about it. the united nations themselves are didn't serve as a preview. the trip with any great fanfare. the 1st thing most people knew about it
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was yesterday when no news in his or was announced to be on the way to never door man, mars, capital m. they've said that they will speak after she returns, but they don't want to make any public announcements at this stage. and i think that's because there has been a certain amount of criticism and not only of the united nations, but of other countries that have engaged with me. our mother, any engagement at this high level endorses the military john her and gives legitimacy to their cause. they, they've said in the past they wouldn't go unless they were allowed to engage with all parties concerned in this conflict. and many people have taken that to mean that they wouldn't go unless they were able to meet alex, answered she now it's very unclear at this stage whether that's been possible. i think most people assume it's unlikely, especially given as you just mentioned, the young sent switches jail term was extended at the beginning of this week by another 6 years. and it is to show that the military military joined her,
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is intent on keeping her far away from the public eye for the foreseeable future. are we understand from mia mars military spokesman to day that so known in his art was going to meet her men on lie the senior general. but again, no confirmation of that. none the less, i think people will be watching very intently to see what she says when she emerges from myanmar, which we think will happen to morrow. should also keep in mind. we've got the raw hinge crisis going on at the same time. will the earl envoy be raising the plight of the ringer? oh she hasn't made any mention of it and it is an interesting time to be going because the 5th anniversary of the 2nd over there were hang genocides is just coming up that occurred on the 25th of august 2017. when there was a big push by mere mars military to push the ra, hang out of the country, which has now left at more than $926000.00 ra,
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hang refugees outside the country in bangladesh, living in terrible conditions in camps that over there that said, i think her, the attitude of the united nations as this is now a conflict which has engulfed the whole of the country. we've heard people from the national unity government, the shadow exile government, if you, if you like. and from those are protest movements who were pushing hard against military rule that they understand. now what happened against their a hanger is now happening to the rest of the country. they wish they had spoken up more of the time. that said, that doesn't help. there are anger who are outside the country and conditions inside the country for the remainder which remain difficult. no speaking just a little while ago to day to a journalist who had flown to sit way to chime mark that anniversary their 5th anniversary of the crag down against the ro hanging it. he was very swiftly told by the military they're to move back and what little we know of the situation for the remainder of the mode inside me or my is that they are still facing
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a very difficult time that said the un pierce not on this trip. to have made it a priority. all right, thanks so much. tony chang ver, her the european union and usa, they're studying iran's response to a proposal to save the 2015 nuclear deal to her and sent a reply late on monday to what the you said was its final submission iran previously called on the us to show flexibility, washington said it's ready to quickly seal an agreement to restore the 2015 accord . based on the use proposals, we have in fact received around comments on the news proposed final text. we have received them through the you were in the process of studying them. we're at the same time engaged in consultations with you and your allies on the way ahead. what could be negotiated over the course of these past 1617 months
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has been negotiated. so we'll continue to study what has been submitted. we'll continue to consult closely with you with our european allies, other partners. and when we have more disable sure that mexico's president is facing criticism following a wave of violence last week. that's linked to cartels. attacks by criminal groups left at least 11 people dead. vehicles on fire. dozens of businesses burned across 4 states. man, you are apollo, reports from mexico city. violence appears to be on the rise in mexico. attacks against businesses in states like halley's feel and going to handle only with okay, a rampage that left at least 9 dead in soothe waters. and
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a wave of violence in the city of tiquana all in the span of a wheat has left many wondering what exactly is going on. we know so far is that would be how is, is a series of unrelated brands that have been very close to each other within, within a single week. um, those are each one of those has a different logic. each one of those has each a different trigger. the attacks of spur, the mexican government to deploy national guard troops to states like baja, california, mexico's president and the discipline will lopez over to the lord. acknowledge the violence, but says it has been blown out of proportion by his political opponents. they thank you. no, sir. okay. i go. i really, everyone relaxed there is govern ability. yes, there is stability at the same time. those named chester, my adversary's, the conservative to magnify things, and carry out sensationalist. journalism. violence in vandalism from criminal
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militias in mexico are not a new phenomenon. because security analysts say there are rarely any consequences. impunity, rembert ruling is the gauges are, are few and far between in and they are what it and you don't have a strong you know, how strong years to get it typically is that can increase the likelihood that any one you bought. this event will be, will be bash. mexico is government has not announced any new plans to change the country's security strategy. the policy seems instead to be to intensify the existing one with increased military style policing in regions where cartels operate. while experts in mexico say these latest instances of cartel related violence don't appear to be connected. the picture that's emerging is of
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a country where despite more boots on the ground, security forces are still losing ground to criminal organizations. manuel up a little al jazeera mexico city. campaigning has officially begun for brazil's presidential election in october. president j both sonata, how these 1st campaign events in the city where he was stabbed in 2018. he's seeking a 2nd term opinion, paul show his left this rival form of president luther, the silver as a 12 point lead. he's been campaigning outside a call making plans in the state of south paola. that's where he rose to prominence as a union leader decades ago. some brazilians wired about possible violence during the election season. monica anarchy of reports from rio de janeiro transgender council woman benny biddy ali has received more than 20 death threats since she was elected
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2 years ago. she was forced to leave brazil for safety reasons and only returned after being promised special protection. that did not happen. no thing an odd little thing. i have no security, only a body guard the all the still fears for her life, but has decided to run for re edition nearest state legislator in october selections. i law office local boss. these elections are not only about ideals and votes. they're also challenged to remain alive. we've seen people being killed because they're on one side or the other. the political polarization is very strong . brazil has a history of political violence, but since 2018 when the last presidential elections were held, there are growing concerns that verbal and written death threats may be actually carried out in july, a supporter of present shape also matters. shut down, marcella. honda, a member of the leftist workers party founded by former president we see now soon,
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lula thus, silva. lula is both so matters main rival in october's presidential election and is heading the pose players, but valgy for hi. she was running for congress and is a close friend of both so novel. it says all candidates are taking security measures seriously. this is my 2nd call, he remembers the day bull sonata was stout during the 2018 campaign. and jose are one i both scenarios wearing a bullet proof vest, but that's not enough. he will always ignore protocol to talk to the people. the senior bo so matter was stamped and elected council woman marielli foot uncle, inactive ist of black, and gay rights was executed. the crime never saw a statue in her name has been inaugurated during the past 3 years, political violence in brazil has triples somewhat than some of those new brazilian politics has always been polarized. but since 2018 we've had president j or both
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scenario openly disseminating hatred. now the president has done this, that's related to an increase in political violence. the federal police have been training an extra 300 agents to protect candidates during your tobin selection. by many brazil. fear it's not enough. mon, again not give all just 0 re addition. ero hate wave is sweeping. california with temperatures reaching more than 39 degrees celsius. several heath advisories and warnings have been issued parts of the western united states for the brief of a 23 year drought. the worth on record, it fled to water restrictions and wildfires. in portugal, a massive wildfire which was brought under control last week is blazing again. more than 12055000 the flames. inside the unesco designated nature park,
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it's been burning for more than a week. tearing through 15000 tech has of land. and in northern argentina wildfire is burning through launch areas of peep land. local people say that having difficulty breathing. the region is in a 4 year drought and the 5 season in worse than usual, 5 have been through more than 10000 head has in the past month. ah. this is al jazeera time to look at the headlines. one of donald trump's most prominent republican adversaries has lost their reelection bid in the state of wyoming. las chaney said she would do whatever it takes to deny the former president as 2nd term. u. s. president joe biden is.


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