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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  August 17, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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in the arch what it and you don't have a strong you know, how strong you received. deborah, was that again? ah sh. increase the likelihood that any one you bought, the list of the ranks will be, will be crashed. mexico's government has not announced any new plans to change the country's security strategy. the policy seems instead to be to intensify the existing one with increased military style policing in regions where cartels operate. while experts in mexico say, these latest instances of cartel related violence don't appear to be connected. the picture that's emerging is of a country where despite more boots on the ground, security forces are still losing ground to criminal organizations. when will it up a low al jazeera mexico city? ah, this is out there, and these are the top stories. now. israel and turkey are restoring full diplomatic
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ties of to years of strange relations. both countries will be re appointing ambassadors, but turkey's foreign minister said it would not abandon its support for the palestinians. wrestle said he has more from his stumble the full, the restoration of the diplomatic relations between the anchor and tell of it's quite a milestone in relation of the 2 companies. and just last night took us prisoner just a bad one. and israeli prime minister, european had a phone conversation and then they decided to finalize the normalization process between the 2 companies and to reappoint the ambassadors and the consul general is also to the capitals and the important other important a city is kenya is present to lead to the router is again calling for unity and says he's ready to get down to the business of governing kenya's electoral commission that gave it a 50.4 percent of the vote. but his opponent dinner is disputing the result saying he will challenge it in court inflation in the u. k. as his new 40 year,
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high figures from the office of national to stick 6 on wednesday for the consumer price index, which is 10 point one percent in july. that's in spite of 6 consecutive interest rate rises by the bank of england. united nations, new envoy for me and mine on her 1st visit since she was appointed last year in either has met the leader of the minute regions to discuss what the un calls the deteriorating situation in the country where she wasn't able to meet jailed aston leader i'm song sushi and just across the border, you and human rights chief michelle blatchley, has visited, were hanging refugee camps. cox's bizarre in bangladesh. ashley says rescue jesus holder. they want to go home to neighbor men. as soon as it's safe, hundreds of thousands of people from the countries was minority, fed a miniature crackdown in 2017. when use continues here on al jazeera, that's after inside story,
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stay with us. ah . should the west be nervous about turkey's close ties with russia? the 2 countries are showing up their cooperation as moscow faces isolation and sanctions. so as it wages war in ukraine, how will russia benefit from the partnership? this is inside story ah. flow, welcome to the program on tim vanelle, russia and turkey are reported to have agreed on the delivery of
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a 2nd batch of s 400 missile defense systems. turkey's decision in 2017 to purchase the russian air defense system was a sign of a deepening pragmatic get complicated relationship between presidents, friendship type one and vitamin putin. but the deal also created a rift between nato allies, turkey and the u. s. leading washington to expel turkey from the f 355 digit program on kind of continues to play what it calls a balancing act between russia on the one side and nature on the other. but this doesn't fit well with western countries that threatened to impose sanctions if turkey continues to help russia evade sanctions of its war on ukraine. or in july anchor broke a deal between ukraine and russia to allow ukrainian grain to be exported to turkey . but with weak prices rising because of the war and ukraine and russia's blockade of ukrainian black sea ports, leading humanitarian organizations, a warning of a global hunger crisis. un secretary general entering quoterush hailed the deal is
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a beacon of hope that would help avoid food shortages from navient of people. worldwide. turkey lies opposite russia and ukraine across the black sea and both country perceive it as a neutral mediator. so turkey hosted several rounds of talks with them aimed at halting the war and ukraine, the spot, nato membership turkey rejected calls to boycott russia and instead put in an early one. so they want to deepen their ties. but turkey also has a good relationship with ukraine, even supplying turkish, made drones for youth in the war. talks between ukraine and russia has since stole the let's bring it out. guess maximilian has is a fellow at the foreign policy research institute and an expert in your ration affairs. he joins us from london, the summer sky. it is a specialist in the contemporary history of the middle east as a research fellow at the institute of world economy and international relations.
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she joined us from moscow. finance gun is a former turkish diplomat and director of it. um, a think tank that focuses on turkey's foreign security, economic and digital policy, and he joined us from istanbul. thank you very much. all of you for joining us here on inside story. i'd like to begin with, you need it, summer sky, or how have russia and turkey gotten to this point of cooperation? this point of closeness all, they all began brockman, the brown and the show and they been for can something like s, they shake for a partnership partially, but it's still partially based on their whole lot on tal western stance was in the beginning of the thousands. but fresh rookie, they were like expecting will corporation direct from the european
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partners, but eventually they did not get why the one dirty did not get it tried to watch it. you membership and ross had did not get the level of political corporation. and so that was one of the basis for reparation. besides, to have a mixture of overlapping and call it charging and credit the luxury jane and to tell which allows for they call ration. and the same time in 10 dialogue on the issues rich, the more fun we confronted like from softball team. there was a crisis, never they since one rush and jot down, but tricky a but off towards their nation repair to sudden extent. and today acknowledge
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relations remain very high. and for the one included in what jo, john, bob, nurse, and join trade or trade. and they auto braking france on the farm and then. ringback somebody in the french foreign ron. and so the corporation, despite the differences on the difficulty. ok, we'll be talking a little but later on in the show about the economic ties and how important they are to both parties. i don't trust you. maximilian has in london. how has the previous relationship between turkey and russia been up until now? because i haven't always seen i to, i have they no, of course. so as i was just being this guy, 7 years ago, the traditional regulations were at a navy are centrally supported, opposite sides in the conflict in syria. and then we had that incident with the
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turkish shooting that russian jet frustrating, over at aerospace, they called, and nato support. but didn't get nato to respond to the level that they wanted to construct. races were really changed quite markedly. however, the next year, when the government, all that accused the united states of being behind the crew, that was what then wanted to make this very large, 400 deal. also to agree a deal with russian nuclear power and to build further supplies ring russian gas. and this undermined from europe point of view of the southern chord. our strategy which was to have turkey be around to buy gas from azure by john and ideally, further afield. as well as an alternate to russia. now we've seen the turkish economy in crisis for the last year, plus and inflation numbers that make those in the west pal in comparison. but there seems to be no change in approach. it certainly has carved itself out a rather strategically important region role in the region and you. busy particular
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of course, but also over the conflict and kind of our media and as a by john and in syria, from the west teams to largely building and some of the other one will. i was the election next year. so it's continues to approach it with parents. and so far we've seen that dr. one more into rushes arms. i think he has lives on that. he's opportunistic, he's still, as you mentioned, selling drugs to ukraine. i'm having discussions to broker these grand shipments out. but so far it seems the west approach is one of coming with sticks, although turkey is a nato ally, whereas rushes approach is one of kara sitting in somewhere to get a sanction money out of our currency. so it seems to be alliance and very mutual convenience of the finance organ. in istanbul, i want to get your take on turkey's response to the war in ukraine, kind of generally, because as we've said, it's been towing this line or managing this sort of balancing act.
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yes, perhaps the best way to describe some arrives charges position is to state that church is being pro ukraine without the ty, russia. obviously this is a bit difficult balancing act. but the way that he has so far, i think success will be steered this policy in this direction was by and this was already alluded to. true, yes. continue to supply on drugs. ukraine, which have been on the battlefield. politically. turkey has been critical off. russian aggressiveness. church, he has not recognized amex ational, crimea. so on all those to go round church. he's on the same page as it's natal large. it does also cause the turkey strengths to be the passage of the russian worships at the same time. church is the only need to live not to have the
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sanctions on russia. the air cory door remains open to on the, on the west of the west meant contin twice a month. and there are agreements that are being negotiated with russia. so this is the difficult balancing act, and if you basic to take a step back and try to assess what this has to. i think this has enabled true you to play a particularly mental role. first, the 1st phase of the conflict where tricky was a facilitator to sions, the 2 foreign ministers, ukrainian, or russian foreign ministers have met for the 1st time in turkey, off the strip of the war diplomatic delegation. several mentioned turkey, of course, not the dynamics so or have passed the perceived that the dynamics of diplomacy. but nonetheless sure you also to connect to it all but,
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and succeeded in getting the grain deal. and this is important to on the line because it's a time when there's a for understandable reason, the boss no trust between russia and ukraine. these countries have actually negotiated with turkey. so the agreement that enabled a great deal were settled bilateral agreements, russia and turkey, and ukraine on turkey back by the way. so russia and ukraine between themselves they have not to make. and this in a way demonstrates the validity of turkeys, careful balancing act was russia seen at oregon. before you move on from you? i want to ask you one more question. president odo on last year. correct me if i'm wrong, said turkey was considering buying more joint. sorry. just considering more joint defense industry steps with russia, including for fighter jets and for submarines. do you see that going ahead?
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no, i don't think the news that took your to to get the 2nd batch of 4 hundreds, but essentially the russian does some formation. it is true that there is an agreement in place where you got the 1st spectrum, the s 400. we then option to buy the 2nd batch, but that option was never triggered. and i don't see that being triggered on the current circumstances where the, what the, the relationship between russia and nato has become so ambiguous an extra one year because of the brain. and also it's a time when you seeking to get us support or the white house and congress in order to modernize and get us 16. so i don't see that happening in the near future. ok, i want to take that back to lead me to sort of sky or so it was a russian, that news agency that reported that the 2 sides had agreed on that 2nd batch of s
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400 air defense systems. even if this is just a, talking about an option to buy the 2nd batch, how is that likely to go down with nato given the war and ukraine a well, that's probably one be rated by nature countries. however, a turkey also has some issues with or purchasing systems from to guess because the us g j the issue with grease which has the term k 1030, both the danger to grace and to be brief. control over some, some of the islands was an issue where the condition do not use the u. s. provided assistance against greece and turkey refused. so probably this a grant to purchase a 2nd part of this ass on resistance body cross,
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or whether it was not it can in any way you'd be just kind of in that bridge probably over some of his night allies, especially because demonstrating that turkey has options it, it's not it doesn't have to buy the u. s. systems it can offer to buy something else. so it probably is part of the bargain, an act whether it will be re analyst. ok. maximilian has says talk about the economy. i believe turkey has been working with the kremlin on the parallel import scheme to bypass some with western sanctions. i should turkey be worried about secondary sanctions or what is sort of turkey's role in, you know, russian goods you know, we have seen service in parts and. busy busy a standard go up quite a bit to russia, although that has been applied to dual use goods, which are the ones most directly impacted by sanctions. the real impact of sort of
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that trade basis is whether russia is ultimately supplying 30 with the dollars that because it sanctions you can't really use and which turkey really needs or whether they're trading rubles for which are 2 very currently unstable currencies. and we are experiencing some of the most significant inflation of any economy in the world over the last year. so the difference is they're really matter if there's any dollar involvement, which of course, actually what took a lot more and russia, that would invoke the higher and targeting us sanctions. but you know, to respond to some of the last ones on that as well. i think it's important understand that the fundamental issues in us, turkish and western target relationship more broadly, are issues that emanate out of the turkeys relationship with russia. they're stressors, and aggregating aggregating factors. but everyone is really seen as having undermined as countries democratic project and much of the west and having used migration and other tools. ready to try to extract concession before so that
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relationship is really broken for several india, which is not a nato members. also facing any of these questions buys a lot of russian arm supplies, but also western ones has been buying a russian oil there. we've seen the u. s. congress say that it endorses a waiver on india's own purchase of s for hundreds. so if the diplomatic. busy if it's been turkey and you guys say in the west could be restore. and i think you know, the issue of that 1st s or 100 per just could. you know, certainly alternately be put aside. but it really depends on what they do and how much they try to essentially extract the dollars out of that sanctions of asian and that basis. and if there's a lot of action there that washington doesn't like, it will provoke a very significant risk. there's actually seen in, again president odo on is facing a very dia, economic situation. talking about inflation. i mean, he's also facing an upcoming election. how much is that factoring into his decision
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making around increasing ties in economic cooperation potentially with russia quite a bit. because indeed, the, the church economy is having a difficult time, not only from the perspective of stability, rising impatience, but also the depletion of foreign reserves, which could down the road to a balance of payment crisis. so the government must at all cost. this type of scenario, because then that will be basically, it will become impossible for our dawn to win to elections, turnkey goes to a balance of prices. and this is where russia comes in. turnkey is looking to get additional foreign exchange. it's reaching out to a number of regional countries, not just russia, but also the gulf region. but in the case of russia,
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there certainly has been some will with for instance, sub tom. that's the, the investor and the rates are off the 1st trends that will become appraisal in 2023 to be built on the mediterranean cost has decided to, to basically invest in that project by way or the issue of the euro bonds. and this is something that scaled off the reserves of the church central bank. so there are some of these initiatives out there, but certainly this is very much related to the economy situation. ok, so the government needs to address, i guess our policy they're seeing and then come over to maximilian half. so we just wanted to add something. go ahead and you know, i think that's exactly true. this balance of payments crisis and whether it comes before the election are the real questions that 30 faces, i think from the western point of view, in particular,
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in the united states for which the bail out might be the wrong term. forms of economic support that could ultimately. ready alleviate turkeys issues, much quicker swap lines. for example, for the circus central bank in the us dollars would not be that costly for, for the west. the question is, is, are there concessions the west and give to turkey on other issues. ready in the one government benefit because about for the price of making it take an actual anti russian auster. i think that would an a basis a conversation on that basis would kind of enable western support. but so far how long has been shopping around the region even repairing. ready issues with mom a been some modern saudi arabia and to get swap armstrong from all over. and now this russian as well, i think conversation to be more on the west to that as well. but me last summer sky . we've talked a lot about how much tacky needs russia to, to it's struggling economy. how much does russia need tacky given it?
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i guess, western isolation, i think at that moment cherokee has become more important. russia done, or because it all shop is it kind of the bridge that stuff and i brush it to the restaurant and it just won't thrust economy. it's of course not as you write friday, but it is one of the biggest months sell. and it's also one way to be not paid by sun trends. further on to perform ration by less ration. and so far they secured their laser issues and to maintain dog considering the men russians, a russian woman, the syria. sure, it's very on it's whole site and forms for has been something like
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how much for the russians are probably somewhere. how the europe as it was such it's aerospace was not sure. yeah, that's really online. listen for lines of businesses, russia and russia and turkey, and come to other issues as well. so then again, how much of a leverage dis, perky now hall? do you think would the west, i mean, there was the issue of sweden and finland admission to nato corporation on counter terrorism on the migrant crisis. how much leverage this turkey hold and how do you think it might try to use that? well, i mean, the term given charges, geographical position, the fact that it is a natal member, it's future in the west despite having a number of difficult issues with united states. and would you
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give stroke? you leverage because turkey is very close to and this is perhaps unfortunate to keep, but, you know, it's, it's almost at the center of a number of different crises, syria, iran fight against, read the conversation, refugees and so on. so relations with russia, and therefore this is the geopolitical context where to appease the strategic importance has been heightened if we had lived in a different world post 89 where democracy reached everywhere. where you know, few st would have ended. perhaps 30 geostrategic imports has not been as high, but today, you know, obviously, you know, much more difficult word. and we've seen this witness this after the 24 for february with the war ukraine. so in this context,
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turkey remains any port natal alive despite its difficulties for the western partners. and we're seeing this also very clearly with the session. bit sweeter than to mental where churchy for a while. block the start of that procedure and eventual b u. a tripartite, you assign church to sweden and finland to address turkey's concerns regarding the fight against terrorist and particular p k k terrace in those countries. ok, so turnkey using able to leverage it's international position and just repeat, you can speak the west. okay, we're coming to nearing the end of the program. i'd like to come back to you maximilian here because something we haven't talked about here, which of course is the factor is the fact that these 2 lead is these 2 presidents are big personalities. they're strong men, they want to at least projects the,
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the image of, of being powerful persona is how has that affected in here when we look at their relationship and how it's changing. i think that i certainly to some western audience, those terms are, you know, synonymous with strong men and not necessarily democratic. and i think that is really the perception. and in many ways, the reality of the turkish regime under and on at least this is very strong out on the west deals. they don't agree with this behind the. busy to attempt, but that's really poison relations ever since, and i'm a jailing, a lot of deputies from turkeys opposition parties and particular one i'm trying to party as well as really driven issues and relations as well as turkey's increased role in the conflict with syria and elsewhere. so the west really seems to
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believe that everyone is a democrat. there's this famous brands that he wants, man, you know, democracy is a trained and you get off of the red barn and this. ready aside and almost essentially every major western publication right about him. but at the same time, the approach to what to do about searching seems to be, well, we're looking at the poles and he's going to lose the next to action. but if one doesn't believe that everyone democrats in the question is, is he let himself lose the next election? and so far, i'm not sure. policy makers have a good answer. all right, we're going to have to leave it there. thank you. see back to check in to one of our guests. maximillian has to be that our sky and again, and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out there, dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. handle is at ha, inside story for me can been out and whole team here and go ha, i've been out with
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ah a flying a flag in the pipe westbank waiting. the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested after the also ports of the 8900 ninety's between the palestine liberation organization and israel bound on the postilion flag. but on the ground it's becoming much harder to express any type of support for the palestinian call. one day there are no palestinian flag. the next best to reach are filled with. it's
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a really wide tier net by young men who are not even born. when these really government for the delay or the palestinian flag in the 2 years held captive by, i saw a life altering experience for any victim more so when 2 years is half of your life time a 4 year old. yes, the, the boys struggles to recover from the trauma of abuse and the witnessing of unspeakable atrocities. i meds, childhood, a witness documentary on a just either a diverse range of stories from across the gland. from the perspective of on networks journalists on al jazeera from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific.
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to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm carrie johnston. this is denisa. well live from dough, or coming up in the next 60 minutes. israel and turkey agreed to restore full diplomatic relations. after more than a decade of tensions. we thought it g. com responsibility can years.


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