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tv   Al Jazeera World The Sixties in the Arab World Society  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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southern mexico, this year will rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in. once again. there is no channel that covers world news like we do. we revisit places, mistake i'll deserve really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist, ah, i molly, insight into how your top stories on al jazeera, 3 major u. s. pharmacy chains have been ordered to pay $650000000.00 to to counties in the state of ohio. this is to address the damage inflicted by the or pre opioid epidemic. a colt found pharmacy chain, c v. s will moss. and will green's help create a public nuisance by eva supplying a dig to pain pills? many of which found their way on to the black market. rawson jordan reports the 3
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retailers. rog were sued by the counties of a lake. and trumbull, that's east of valcall of cleveland, the largest city in ohio, and a jury back in november almost 9 months ago, found the 3 retailers guilty of basically dumping opioid medicines in those 2 counties. i came out during the trial that between 20122016, some 1400000000 pills were sold through those 3 retailers. that's $400.00 pills per person. israel and tacky of restoring full diplomatic ties off to years of strained relations. both countries will be reappointing ambassadors attack is foreign minister says it will not abandon it supported palestinians. thousands of people origin tina are demonstrating against the rising cost of living. trade unions demanding higher wages as well as unemployment and poverty benefits.
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argentina has one of the world's highest inflation rates, ukrainian authorities ins operation have joined nuclear disaster response through the exercise is taking place off the several incidents of shilling at europe's largest nuclear power plant. but key van moscow, blame each other if attacks against the russian controlled facility. of course, we are concerned that for sure and that they should with the that the situation from the when they start traveling from the piece off of august, it's changed dramatically and of what we are concerned. that's why we're here. that's why we created this group. that's why we walk in everyday communication with and we speak to about international part of these 10 people have been killed and a powerful explosion. not a city most getting northern couple. the bloss happened during evening prayers on wednesday. police say the mom of the most was among those killed. the un human rights chief says it's not safe for hundreds of thousands ring refugees to return
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to me. animal. michelle vasily has been meeting were hanging by me bangladesh, where the government is growing impatient about hosting the refugees. they've been us. it can be the must sustain its efforts to bangladesh in its response and press me to create conditions for return address courses and pursue accountability. people who flip extreme violence and systematic nations 5 years ago in one of the largest people in recent history. what i heard in my conversations with women, young people, religious leaders, another younger expertise in the camps was the surrounding hope that they will be able to return to the villages and hold in the morrow. but only when the conditions are right. 10 years president elect william brito was again calling for unity. the canyon electro commission gave rito 50.4 percent of the voters, but his opponent rolla didn't get plans to challenge the results in court. on tv
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screen, people for all 4 months. okay. say we didn't do you guys we want to know when did the body of your commitment is going to be i really want to know that the expectation that we do not have the entire rebel group in ethiopia has proposed a humanitarian truth. is the country grapples with drought and threat famine. the rama liberation army says it's agreed to stop fighting, so 8 agencies can deliver supplies. group also said it will open the mom's hearing court, or if the truth fails, there's a headlines. nice continues there now to 0 to al jazeera welt.
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ah ah . darlene gal, a formal call will spoken evelyn walk obama formula. woman abilene sitina, the ga, ga. gov. bloom. judy will not go amish those berea ana seni lithia. again, amanda. nor did them the age limit. tama more,
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but there are many with a sale we've been killed for vogl with the 19th sixty's saw change across the middle east and north african arab nationalism dominated regional politics in the 1st half of the decade. but foundered in defeat by israel in the 1967, arab is really more countries rebuilt. after gaining independence from their european colonizers and the arts and culture flourished. but arguably, the greatest change was in society as a whole education technology and the rise of the individual shape the decades. who are not the lead palka, he had a parent who did them the key at the dd with as hands for all. i'll alum,
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alberto alma, the ne, let me send that to you and we're still the natural, bizarre who folks quarter's room unless she does the extra japanese to hold us. and she can anticipate to some of the others, if you mandy, and share that the whole probably give them mad the med did. it could be publicly was amended. i love to be able to pull her and i miller, mom. he had no matter what i mean along with the infusion. come out of that, the, you know, eastman facade, the lease harassment visit to initiative. certainly not be the the, my friends who, who decided would have to seal and look at the need this rural educational growth
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coincided with a building boom for school and hospital. why did i let me know? why didn't you fact, but you know, there was shame on what that was. that's why i'm an adult and you know, i've been nevada shock. i think you know, one more shock up on the board we had you're doing you. so when my dad is excited, john me, i am certain i had he can, he mother can from the is my hand to so i get away with that either.
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i let a fashion get on that. a job. all you need is that i have a model for the last 3 america food or how when we're all good from other daddy just listed it vision was still a full membership. l'oreal didn't this good to look the feel. i love the she by monday, love with the i know not a multi else. i'm yours menu. i'm seeing as me value with ordered renette. and unfortunately i am morning my dad. he sent me an email and
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i can know that can, has as another sent it to the ear films. i'm one you for valinda and then i don't see enough about that. he has the american malaya lane. heather allen that and no lead that our poor night marginal group another oh hi, mr. shaley live. i live in the burnett plant too much in a year the day if you love me in the middle, if i leave the queen leah, you yes. i know i didn't live with her last minute prevented me from me. the project. i'm not about the amount. i'm not, i'm not sure why i should
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i was calling to even was clear generally where i live. you probably didn't resize integration in the jack jack when new game i've, i've known for all web project cars. when chance give me, i'd love to get the number candidates and walk to the computer, get them computers and limit guinea to either one of it. you know, i thought metalli me and compute him mtv, to get them been without a seen mobile. i'm really telling me that my daughters to be what danny could just jam out by the bad as it is. i meant that am causing what the, what that could be. i'll tell my dad the job, but february of all did not win. so got, and we're going to shake of hoss with about that
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and now come on g of june of for a minute to let them win the forget my flood. do i had 10 minutes sapa get done in the bio let hammer. yes, sir, fall at the latter for gamma fee. what to ahead, what type of a match must this jamie? what back to here to dela yeti adam will help you with to deluxe? will it be to so that he can really pushing for the signal over the phone
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with a g. who do i do believe i can. yeah. i be yeah. oh fiancee. yeah. can you show me the gina? yeah. any, can i'm reading it. and then one day contrib him and that science carry. no one. been there been ill with the scary and if you can, this was in the door, but alone can i must, norman mash academy on commercial jim. molly jacket, give barb enough. still annoying commercial can let yourself here. i have in my the rest, i'm going to have the can, you will receive your arm be in the wound of off low of he didn't b o, d u y, then the hate an item. what can be if he is on,
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but the thing is referred to see you can begin in need of a today. i don't want to go to either a c bar on the loss or in sort of alternate with mom. ara in law in monega. how will it the, how will give you the, and we're figured it in key, the islet that we in the leaving the mall plan in oxford wealth. and we don't want to access to bottom in my family shockey. i know that not, but he says he's got our one this on jaime at the a minute, f water, but my power medina bought my tele manase earlier and left it to me and my time limit to alarm. and then i can change that. i can see michelle or did you put bella,
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most people welcome developments in academic education, but some favored increased vocational training and a tale and them and i've looked at the interesting dimension, data bethel, and a lot of them to be at the family and academia. luckily, been up with daniel feat. remember that even many developments can lead me more from muscogee in my left numerous sub but then the battalion girl, the public. a lot of you have a lot of trouble. bahama the hallman can be it wasn't what power talking real easy if you felt a little sitting at a young house on check, lumina sch can hierarchy mary louis, let me after the women problem, welcome back in testable and developed set up a plan can war nekisha usage omeo, which,
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which unit jedi will continue to hold look oh evening meal. but despite the growth of education 1000000 still lived in poverty again, he had the selected house much money a little. she should be the ruler, buffalo cabinet did will mess and hand to crack. just wish i knew who luck. bowman newman was. she conduit table ah ah ah. so still on the wall and the young will. oh, it should be enough that he can walk. hector nicholas has even lydia a frog that's after she gets in a blue cra, let him know has aim at federal possession, easy as you've been to. no one,
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he has to be no. but up to your body, better manage it, easy to get back a little bit ball in the mid january. and that comes to the nestle, the other still, our kia, mr. okey dokey in national. luckily i love math was an annual dinner one all day long. in this of the labor i seen eat. i think i label why senior could why you school. i said he is replace woman. he that murphy shot somebody to do with her candy shawl for either the family had alum and nessa sake, the actually they say naja had nimble. they just so via ftp immediately bruce yeah, in with her and i believe cooper. i was mo, were doyle, lily. it pelham was as the as c o v i was seen. yeah, knew, couldn't look on the la la quinta, what did you wanna move there?
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i've been my, we're as my lead that we need that frequently. gilani. i like a variety of yanine us. can i don't miss me? my beloved rahman turned to what do you know? must my youth to told her ease that me and must not. i'm his luck. and duncan, oklahoma cousin and a jonathan is still ok. he has himself you. oh, i thought, oh yeah. and on the line quoted, you know, kind of the, the call comes to see the son of the ship harden. well, the only issue though with them i'm not that they didn't. okay. yeah. well, i'm stuck when i, when i got really. yeah, exactly the way the last minute long moline and the dean will have my homes. but the clue i have cameras for
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the machine is right in the midst of the city. and i had that, that'd be the be a could be what that she didn't last on corporate events is what, what, what, what does it in me and 15 did a 3. and i said the thought that the terrible of that beat for me to share home with them, we were here, let us him a tv in a position to get it out of it. what do you mean? i let you know whether i'm why don't she had to hear what i started collecting what she saw. so a lot the authority yet. hi diane tucker. how,
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what is your 2nd a thicker it though? i cannot talk now to see what it should be. he never had the 1000 percent maloof the took the leakage fan was the shop you are the mahalo for melissa for the month. delicate. whoa, good. well let me look to was the list that we had and then the following year and a new home. well, there are no do come through. hi and you cut their locked up or give me a day you would have to stay in all those walked fish of the sort of the thought of john in this for you or give them was him the slaves? he'd further play as he'd been. hello then he don't and finish. remember what he can do for the most. i'm sure many my what do you remember your cleaning 100 with a bowl was and i will miss all of our joint warmer lea. a tough thing. well,
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it's for me out of the, had the miles to el paso is you know, and stuff. and so i kind of cool the yard of me other style you will talk about him, him again done in jail, montana and how to be able to help her when when she was on the patrol. but all the rest of the saddam miss could you get the pillow minimum amount of trouble, potter donio. i live or go to american cathartic. don't. i will tell you how to solve for them as lick. demario will tell you of called all will shut down to the ox on command in the donor kind of a customer with diane. and this is going to go live. it's not going to come on by the shoddy and what was the fear that we'll know
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a car and i'm say listen can that can you can let me know what to see it has your fed will be in the last good deed the yet im if you as it goes, yeah. oh me. why here let the the molly moved to trade that will cost assess. didn't said you don't. why don't even know a little different. and they had to start a year that she cannot to track did it fall? can she could have any it's either mainly mckenna, he was for mental med let can, can he sure all bill can teach with his see who went to matter and goodness. i couldn't for hanging in that i would rather do that for me in and i
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never had gamma for hits and that can get them she needed in the couldn't in the potter when you get them by contrast with egypt, the discovery of oil in the gulf states catapulted their economies into major global markets. the man federline. i'm with what that fatty is been. haven't been able to get an item in the body shop enough a day. that's how we'll said i can. i doesn't want to not assume which this will cut off. ok, but after i do to jody with him and when i'm done minimum ah,
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in the middle of great lot in the either the duck, let me know about what you get a little quoted in the when we look at what the, how the silk yet i've been a little head that don't allow you to send me that. i feel like i put it. you have it all without a shot. what did you do that in the hospital for me to tell you, i know that john couldn't issue the hon. well, you know, less than that the how to ship like the holocaust house or something. it was a socket. ah, i thought the idea and now you have
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a foot off. yes. well, we do research. could develop either la, sophia, what about here? so all right, well bear with me and nobody there and to show our desire to con, in our or peer female person as our water in both oil rich countries and elsewhere, transportation and road building also improved, trying to feed me if what only matters will is not a few, buff. 5 miles on the car. will it be you to sell it? the man out that my about a key. why why? why,
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why did i put had been area but has it been? what we're doing is died at the i need to jot down a plan. she did the, has those stuff done in a day are kind of either kind of side, nothing. my goodness, amused part of the muffler. but the most profound changes of the decade were often in mine therapy. fighting was on the move a shifting p. m. judy, when amish, the korea was like, would be like, it wasn't a joke, but that doesn't have a tendency. i bought it. and today at the be what you,
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what was she as you want to renew, can we are the own feet? heather mccollum and will not get their own new if and then a lot, but then you do have you cannot cannot. and that's also part of why his any animosity not certain of smell her now could tanisha bear with me all her life. you, balboa court. hm. as right, honey. in it forage. i left her up to gibbon espana. min in france. l. french come . com. yeah. that cut hawaiian twist. twin church, broken through holly come by german, eagles. sarah, who can my partner? can julio allen? yeah, listen. hi. my 2nd. a plum shirt g d e g. goodly mom,
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i am just did j equal her la la barbara lap her. the julia to live with a gina hailey her brow. hatter will not cross tomorrow, dear, but that lead the sugar was shut, but not sure it does. you are off with definitely brooklyn. how are you with turbo? hi, sir. what about hulu? robert? to huddle robin was food, were this to fall? my juices are come. i for obama yorba coming up in part 2 conflicting style is between east and west, the impact of fashion and feminism. on the sixty's era world, our reporters retreat in a brutal civil war. if the commodore hadn't been there, the israeli invasion would not have been so well. the commodore had become one journalist center. you could be in a safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this for
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the grand suite at the commodore hotel. the next room i was in was underground in a tiny prison. so as a hostage, they ruge the commodore war hotels on al jazeera, sears for miles. is it on the go and need to know out is there is only a mobile app. is that the you? this is where we dissects, analyze. the fine with from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app to just set for it. and tapped, made a new app from al jazeera means that you can get it. what is large large in maximum security prison in this to pot, specially repeat one always goes behind bars. opposed, chunky prison. on out to 0.
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o l g 0 with oh, okay, i mean side, enjoy your top stories on al jazeera. 3 major u. s. pharmacy chains have been ordered to pay $650000000.00 to, to counties in the state of ohio. a cool found pharmacies run by cbs walmart than walgreen's help craze. a public nuisance by over supplying addictive pain pills. rosalind jordan is in washington with more. the 3 retailers well were sued by the counties of a lake and trumbull, that's east of a cult of cleveland,
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the largest city in ohio, and a jury back in november almost 9 months ago, found the 3 retailers guilty of basically dumping opioid medicines in those 2 counties a came out during the trial that between 20122016, some 1400000000 pills were sold through those 3 retailers. that's $400.00 pills per person, israel and take a restoring full diplomatic ties off to years of strained relations. both countries will be reappointing ambassadors attack is foreign minister said it would not abandon its support for palestinians. as, as a people argentina demonstrating against the rising cost of living trade union so demanding high wages as well as unemployment and poverty benefits. argentina is one of the wells highest inflation rates. ukrainian authorities ends, apparition have joined nuclear disaster response drills. the exercises to taking
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place off to several incidents of shelling at europe's largest nuclear power plant by cave and moscow blame each other attacks against the russian control facility. the un human rights chief says it's not safe for hundreds of thousands of wrangler refugees to return to myanmar. michelle bachelor has been meeting were hanging and bangladesh where the government is growing impatient about hosting the refuge. these 10 people have been killed in a powerful explosion out of sydney mosque in northern couple. last happened during evening, pres on wednesday. police say the mom of the mosque was among those killed kenya's president elect william router says he's ready to get down to business of governing . can he's the actual commission gave rita 50.4 percent of the vote, but his opponent ra tenga is disputing the result. there's the headline. news continues here now to 0 to our desert wealth
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society in most of the middle east and north africa changed profoundly in the 19 sixty's some countries to change and fought to retain, established traditions. but others like lebanon, embrace the opportunity for attitudes and social behavior. to move with the city are workable, had this, it can be beneficial, and i know they should be available. kiff kin mush had several hombre below. i can a she can, they can still, hopefully, i'm lena ness. edna mac can post them on a new fierce thought up because she, i'm in almond had to be our show, or my mom got the cassandra ish, a j besedia little as young, portable. i love be about below to be on my own. ready ready a lot better. ready m
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song, the refresher, sutler beer was didn't own good for yet the to i'm the kid. i'm good mosher, the little mach debate layla it's been in this bill. ready mcdermott came over with her. how holly it's militia who will lead them on demand. i'm going to handle our alarm and we'll let go. halbens automatically will emma between one and 2 high command. can manifest said that he'd be varden imogen, me yet for 20 years. i mean, mccain case study and flips on coffee server shot on his and off he felt it. he had it when i it on him me or have mana fee at that? heard me into paying him bad. he was a little at least, was to my and i am on the surface bright lights. i'm more daring fashion indicated a shift in societies, attitudes towards women,
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but deeper down in palm takes the media in the job market and the family age. old attitudes and other barriers are often much harder to break down hoss can be in the been show for cinema. a mob power was we have not seen them. she's michelle. hey, i should be back in the so can kill them. bob reese this mackenzie. so kinda had them kill him, but shed look and see if it holds 10. feel how it might be. i'm going to show us the finish of every day. but i live in the lab in the charlotte, albany, actionable house at the moment gypsy auto land was out of the al serra
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lind dies today. my n lower dice, the lake, which these man that believe that unless the layout of the letter that i am in love with and then we get to read my money and then you got the mattress. but not that, then i will. i will try to find out what's good for you, and if i did the michelle lee, i need as mo, had to slip a shot at the leaves. it's kind of a thought, either alia, either and guess i'm going to garlic and let her cab either. with that bad a little miss guzman had 3 there that he had missed yet. she did. i know him at a 100, so a goodman beirut. oh, yeah. my de la, my july and my de la will country edna had body at home late. i don't know how
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bundle was doing last year in why had died that last year in the for 13 human left it in the how the fema, what i mean? it will end up putting young last year in cliquey the sky. let me shoot him and matthew wren liquid can it's so you can get the live so more can upon cologne, but you get a fish. and then the rest of a boy, i haven't been to learn as much fun to him. but just in the middle of helping money back to michelle for a month to month, i meant to punch alone. would it best to tell you tonic technique? and i was checking to, we had to end up a by about sally, 11, lay them out. we have them for 15 elliptic manual and
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come up with so much want in the mean that have telephone be an issue come up. the la has all, you have to be my next live with them. you don't have them. but if you will be getting back to you and i hope the remainder of what had happened and i'm looking to see how much with the model home ask them at the for sending is madness. can be, will say the and more on them is rolling baggage gets eve, will direct you to with the coffee table, then we'll be shorter than a woman had when we shuffle aflame la lima fuller there can his mom aetna for nina . had even belinda in hand. what did the had yet in that, in a hum, sunlight in that hon sud, but indefinite hon titled him can it not mobile had i came to say
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emotionally, had i kinda set it, do it or g, will it? will it in the gym and yeah, without any luck in the, in the dark lin, marine, he should have been in a dark on just be in miss out a lost neck and not a one was eat at the most sort of amber gonna take like that was it the i had to come alive that covers it, but um, natalie dixon, out of an own neighbor, bought a lemon, must sit to missouri yet can at mobile, that allow b v. how it actually does a shock for lemon. michelle, if he genuinely is her, you fall behind him and then do i shall yet, honey she read on his cell and with the same so either side to hurt him. i let algebra, he said, in your opinion, you say you say yes and no law had that that the as the say i was so similar to you wish to maria cannon and my prove an up there me at the
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he is a little ala carte, this little asa, some man must, as that in the image of backward shall see if you did the 1st what to go from seeing in the, in of am how can sit been, it's been a m f that at them as an hour to shot. or if i were, i brought, can you imagine that said the will better happen, but that is the click. a cushion you say in this oklahoma, the and new brush haven't been bad. that is that heavy and those that are resent shook come and i had, i don't, we'll even i will me in the us assignment that i've done with them. he's been that should say, i'm not the numbers, it's the house. you see it in the more vest fee i'm the show for annette. ledner hadn't had cash. not so that yet, but i have cathy, my lead data storage supply div myself and i'm a luck. i because it was
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a half year to lead the camera. we bought a big prostitute, a good a ship came through. absolutely will not. ha. let's start with the baby. nobody could wait. why better? 3 months now? are you? yeah, i'm going back to family. yeah. about yeah, i've been no thought about something like that. mm hm. but i think it a little the been down mother say about i'm busy with just one moment. please do that. is it? how did you get your lead cassie from the home? because he doesn't want me a favor and it was said the
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most to show them how many people use it as eva sophia, that much it did she i so i know i'd better part of it, definitely overpowered it didn't control guy. nathan or not. i get either it a to my feet off. i didn't. how long with rocha cartoon? i always feel it. 9 o'clock either. you know, my dog, my detect fee, what does? yeah. well, i tell you that i lucky you know, i'm and fuck up need a full p. o huh? jimmy level hired on is missing a lot of it. you could. well, can you make me feel ah, mesh?
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yeah, i bought it in san. i let them head home when they would had you had an issue with her. if she no skin mesilla said that her mamma sullenly. we have bought them, seal of a hub, was shut out cinema e bus girl niss. it would all the lead to more hon. a lemon haig. he is how me level hired demila bleeds. kenneth emily's and miss presley garcia is, are kenneth, i'm a little what am i the p o will m mc? gimme a gut musser. cool in there, the phone, a b ha, mish breast, sally nag. amelia bought her needs were like another in the her. me fell. ah, let me say you. deb flew up on the ladder please. this is a message a media one has to have that was on even sent. you say that if you want up. oh that he thought he would you, that's how that if i be the one half is the know which is sharks. half thorough. i
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thought you had a ha needed to do if you been at autumn. happy just that it will be we're going to have what i bought. a able behavior level will make will is only been national madeline cc been that weather had been not that dotted g shirt and had been up benet fee for all, but lisa lot far only is healthy. then pushing kit king in sir a li. okay. the dish oh good. this live the allegedly don't live, gone in the mail to your cultural, squinted plumber, while supp, which could hear the hulu live do live, then name would a, then the men, huckman sch,
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can room so for say to them to our new notice of a hot in order i bought out in the are you having a little hobby yet to help you with soda cans? law canada. do she know roger rita, she can't even josefina. you're better with them again. one at kennet can ca yes, i'm silly by you. the young man who you are you sorry, i'm not you won't have yeah henry soon as you walk to lower the level then see that he if you don't, i'm going to get to feed us and we don't cancel that or you wanna do it on a human wow that because you now i still dont have something i did not see. he said no i'm says you yeah. we don't should. yeah. i yeah. let's
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see jemila hello. i'm here. hold on a junior high and ended up with fancy. did you there is a, it was, you know, how so you do higher, you know who i don't know when i 1st had them. yeah. good luck. so. ah, gotcha, no one chuck can. michelle are in chicago for either of you. when i come oscar tomorrow. when i had to her mom, when i found more of a meal, it's minute money, i'm stroke and i love the shower. more of a roger. what, what hadn't mo mo work? but in a regular world model, well more oscar would hug heather who loans she as she or her, their local loans. she has all,
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all that kind of. no, he does. ah, he yardage at the top of john palupa may have. jamie, i can, you don't, can you? how did he hold and to shut up to retire in the decree shop? how did he hotel dolly dead or can no newly do and yet take care. i have by some accident missed him with a local consent. young man in man sniffers, deep at that period. who, how is ellie? the left good cannot. but when you how you and most of the vehicle, no fear, don't fear, dana mo, rocca, p. as the asylum at the end were, so i don't know what my roof she went in came next. she could lemur jayman. marcia is la la la integers 15 yamaha city yardley. how that is for
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laura. she could do the work cooper. i did turn in my ram, couldn't how a letter i had though it's ugly than mozilla. some mom as you are, i'm in then folk. i hate it up to the magenta. a t m will hi there, but i needed to see some women saw the progress made through the raise of feminism as a stepping stone to further freedom's honor been to me let the yard can be a man, no ish be much tama more for fear elmaine me with a sale, we've been killed off road to el mirage, arizona and up the alarm agility. we heard that the jam alarmed eleanor problems are still going to be a, has someone who could, who, who has your number. if you have that clear, he gamma can mum. burner coey. alan, how are my been at talavera,
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the fetal alcohol of sydney and now bowed. now, and indeed, why? by ina crappy la la, la la. hey, dora, the scene. i didn't know we slept no our laugh at all with daddy i'll handle if he allowed daily slam with that. they admired off mean unsubtle. they added a federal battle of, of jani. olivia will let the in log her the here, the support are. you see a blog how, how barrier helen, who are unhappy with the lady more laid me on sharon marie and can definitely catch off. so while i do tool can mistesia clear angela castaneda and she turned wildly mountain move in or b, a city the pin, dumb to where that she could ticket access to cinema, mostly electing love. i blocked it out here to keep it cat to go ahead and clear barbie and be la la la la la la salon. oh wow. when she took lemons again, social when they had to can they can attic sore and you're good to good to him. a
4:50 am
li, you are caliah. kiss, clear, observed. finance. early reopen was dema. see what's in the didn't was to, man, you're good to his shoes. eman ah, in own as debate yawn. ben is miss elizabeth. hi, this is dawn ben initially about it on how does he commend any which enemy, how good on and under the la donna in the could. gwyn g 2 model be mr. martin as a nor young nick at corner. under advantages yanine chronic dis hard. calico boost bain, him up, bitten it, kin them up, draw their dog to fish. been a cattle island in an anna out of bout they be sent away to sit in it come akin. holl her a bill couldn't know couldn't was how could men mac if you. ready start but 2nd,
4:51 am
i know the phone on thought was will be for budget 1000000000, se yadda up tonight. and he has court and i'm going to hand to let me know that before i release, the medina came up mark, i had died a while. so it's over 50 what that could be or a minute for laughing, leave. what told you it is pretty much any kind of a home. and i can 2nd, for sure, can facade, if we were to hear that i'm supposed to know that many have kernel a, how are you me, you don't want to be. and if i had them you, what i thought the,
4:52 am
how are you this is mil. your how does that, that can be a big deal to get done. mean now you can go on to a federal law min love. if me, with a lawyer getting will be there, the better. those are the home 3 my, your block, while a he thought he hated me in the hallway and that is be her little feet well. but if the emphasis losing the 2nd day, man, if you can leave me some bet i'm not can sure for know she a kid subject to midway between the bank and how i would really i'm you know, because i had to be a much hadley barbara and you know, you need to rush her down this year, but she been at my cell and getting the g m in hollywood hold on
4:53 am
one second. ready lizzie, just to see him or would sell him. i that go to the rough city, dim and debate, the fed. it has in jane. and then a model can last name, measure sitting it in a bad that had this you mad that a general harlow cologne. and i was sitting in the do you the linda how it is a lot of work clevi a little to look at it,
4:54 am
but it does it well no. i think we deserve that. oh, well, and then you to, to need what the thing was the previous thought it was clearly at it and you will feel the machine feel fit. we're all on the limit. oscar, he was army amenities, a little slice them with the cherokee a political. ready tensor kennedy imbecile perceived that their homeless sofa was the daily g. b a. this will be that she had a continual use of edmonton, rama laska told me how well had blessed doors. ready medina, kirby, which was a me, kirby coffee i the checking is,
4:55 am
am sick as soon as could you call me but i was on the phone at the another. but in one key part of the middle east palestine change was far harder if not impossible to bring about. while many other arab societies progress. the post $967.00 outlook here was bleak enough to be on an elephant from the youth about these items. and the way that they used to be at the top initially was really can midship in that the time. it's mostly good when you get it will in a know you had a rule and still when would you like in the few, bobby milan and now my dad k. u has your the theory has yet i had the men of the publisher to be shut. the
4:56 am
news from fan in the midst, but didn't get your name and number and it was a home i made and i can, you know, i landed in my had it as i below the photoshop and the matter to walk off and i can, i would love to be and the mother walk up up in my heart, it is sort of a lock up in for the 19 sixty's is often described as the decade that shook the world. and this is true of the middle east and north africa society changed creativity, flourished. but there was also bitter conflict in several countries. some of the progress made during the decade has stood the test of time. but yemen, iraq and syria have since experienced terrible turmoil. and the arab israeli
4:57 am
conflict is no closer to being resolved now than it was 6 decades ago. as o. o. r. wolfe's social life wanted to let jewels artists and activists meet with where ideas are sparked, and history is made from america throughout june, cairo to have room al jazeera world tells the story of 4 iconic cafes and their role in arab society. as problems with creativity, good baked descent secrets with arrow coffee on a just either ah
4:58 am
ah, hello there, let's have a look at north america and it's all about the heat once again across western areas of the u. s. you've got heat ways. not just across the northern and central plains, but also the west coast california. seeing temperatures peak out. now this comes as western areas of the u. s. suffer a 23 year mega drought. this is the worst on record in 1200. yes. and the heat is going to continue to dominate. we use the temperature continuing to rise, not just on the west coast, but down in the south. now there is some relief for the desert southwest as the storms and showers continue here. sold and shaw is pick up across the mid west pushing into eastern areas of canada. and we've also got those severe storms
4:59 am
continuing to roll away out east, across the se, in states of the us. now as we move to central america, it's a very wet picture for the north west of mexico. we have seen some flash flooding in sonora state. we've also got a weak tropical wave that's moving across the yucatan peninsula, bringing heavy rain here. and that will edge into the bay of complexion. by the time we get in so friday, and i just want to show you this as we move to south america. we've got a cold front bringing a rush of severe storms working the way north by friday. ah, abandoned by the state social collectors are occupying spaces among the people, a militant architects working on the edge of the law. in the 1st episode of rabble architecture, some viagra. seattle, however, drove out as the yoga into the realm of fell fielding in fay,
5:00 am
gorilla architect on our to 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see when use in current calls that matter to you. 03 major u. s. pharmacy chain. so order to pay $650000000.00 in damages to to counties in ohio ot law suits i've opioid distribution. ah, hello i money inside. this is our dessert life or so coming up. turkey in israel, resume relation.


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