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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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ah sake that he'd been home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero. ah, a powerful explosion ripped through mosque during evening. prayers in the afghan capital killing dozens of worshippers and a cleric. ah, hello and can vanelle. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. the un secretary general is set to meet. lead is of ukraine and turkey on grain exports and the safety of europe's largest nuclear power plants. ukraine accuses russia of
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targeting residential buildings and its 2nd largest city ha keith, $100.00 days and still no justice calls for accountability grove for the murder of al jazeera journalist, written up by israeli forces. and in sudan, heavy rain is triggered. torrential floods killing at least 100 people and displacing thousands more. ah! at least $32.00 people, including a prominent cleric, have been killed and a powerful explosion at a mosque in the afghan capital. it happened during evening prayers and cobble on wednesday. at least 40 people are injured, including a 7 year old child. no group has claimed responsibility. then the machine be lose. it was evening prayer time. i was attending the prayers with others when the explosion happened. it was
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a very powerful blossomed slide to most. many people were massive and wounded. i'm stephano salsa is the director of emergency, an italian humanitarian organization providing free healthcare and cobble. he told us about the treatment blast victims have been receiving to the blast. we received vain thought of testify patients to where they don't rival one died in our emergency room a to receive their treatment. and later on the charge was 20 for me if you can get them mainly dangers due to the shell and burner. consequently, the explosion among the total number 9 patients are below 18 years old and one child day, 1770. yes. so our doctor super rated the patient in need of surgical and then all night long the performing surgical cleaning of wounds. but also me a shot to me then the surgical level, but asians, the article isn't quite full of we have only a few data and we are running at the un secretary general antenna
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gutierrez, is in ukraine, where he is true to meet president followed him as the landscape and turkey's leader richard typo on the talks in the western city of evil focus on expanding ukraine's grain exports. also on the agenda, averting a disaster. europe's largest nuclear power plant tins operation, which is on the russian control random variables in the you inspected region. the antonia good at us has all the adapt a new claim together. we will work for the clean, our diploma nuclear scientists and the international atomic energy agency and in constant contact. they are know, working on sending emission to south racial nuclear fall planned on the absolute transparency and control of the situation at the end on the plan can guarantee a gradual return. the nucleus f d for the current state, the international community. and the agency talks about live in the vive, where that meeting is set to happen. teresa talk us through what's going to be
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happening today? well, that's correct. un secretary general antonio. we've had it in here already in a lead. he's been touring around the city was just here where we are in front of a national university where he said about the contributions of ukraine and this university, specifically towards international humanitarian law, towards the charter of the united nations and towards human rights who terrorism later on, going to meet with you crazy president of the me to can also with a turkish president who's also going to be arriving to the city to hold trilateral meeting. so what they're going to be talking about. well, the 1st issue that's going to be discussed are the expert green exports for other parts of the world. this is between one month since ukraine and russia agreed with the help of us and turkey. of course, we are not humanitarian quarter go to get better dealt of the country. if already $25.00 vessels have left with grain towards africa and other parts of the world.
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the other issue that's going to be discussed is what's going on in the nuclear power plant. been back in march, russia took over that area that stablish a military base. and since been fighting has been ongoing in that part of the country. international community is hoping that experts will be allowed to visit that henry, it's control what's going on. so that's probably unlikely at one of the other issues that's going to be discussed. but the 3rd issue i'm, that's why it's important to press and sofa president dog and here in vain. today is the possibility of finding a political to solution to this conflict here in ukraine. he has tried to get you on russia. they've done it on the go th and table before those take talk failed so many are hoping that this could be a way out of possibility of peace. i don't been met with 14 earlier this month. and so she, so maybe that's going to be part of the discussions happening here today,
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trying to bring us up to speed on the latest in the fighting. their fear is concerned, things good, intensify as this trio meets. while the fighting is skill raging in the eastern part of this country in some parts of the southern part of ukraine and what we know that several stripes have been ongoing in the safety of car keys. that's one of the largest cities. the 2nd largest city in this country, i've least 7 people have been killed. we know that the pool strikes happened in a residential area. president the meter for landscape that those were cynical, attack, hurting civilian, and effecting this country's population. he has demanded the evacuation of thousands of people from that area to try to preserve their life. but all of this is happening at the same time that we have a series of explosions happening in crimea in basically the military base is in russian military bases in crimea. russia next me back in 2014. it's currently under
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their control, but it shows that ukraine could be hidden deep into parts of the areas that are controlled by russia. and analysts are saying that this attacks will be carried out by special forces or parties on these are government supporters in that part of the country. everyone here, even if we know that this country is at war, this is something that they talk about all the time and even train their arriving here with people that have been injured during the fighting with people that are being evacuated from that part of the country. so many are hoping that today's discussions, today's stock will end up with the possibility of some type of negotiation where checking back in with you to read about life for us in the v. thank you. the u. s. and taiwan have announced plans to hold formal trade talks. the move is expected to lead to close the official interaction between the 2 governments. china says it firmly opposes the talks and accuses the u. s. a violating. it's one china policy.
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it follows to high level visits to ty, pay this month by members of the u. s. congress. the meetings angered painting which claims taiwan as its own. china launch days of military exercises around the island in response. it's been $100.00 days since israeli forces shot and killed al jazeera journalist, rain abo outlet, and janine palestinians continue to demand justice and accountability need. abraham reports from the occupied westbank fema. i love her to fit body, she told many stories, but her colleagues say a lot more are now left untold. one's only shitty number hackley, could so brilliantly tell, highly regarded in palestine as a passionate, active, and courageous journalist. she was devoted to telling the palestinian story as well as covering wars and conflict. the veteran al jazeera journalist reported on the smallest details of palestinians lives by conveying the harsh realities of life
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under is really military occupation. oh, but she too became a victim of israeli forces when she was shot and killed, wilder, ported from jeanine in the occupied westbank. the place where shooting was short has turned into a shrine where people come to pay tribute to her. what the law is among them is a man for the hat of uh, she tells us she met that a porter in 2002 and says, shooting helped her find out her children were alive, brought her back up power, but they told me my house was destroyed and i thought my sons were killed under the rubble. i thought i lost them, but sharina found out they were arrested. how would i not grieve? her palestinians continue honoring shitty and who they called the daughter of palestine paintings and murals of her away. some people used to keep her legacy alive. as threatened the heart of, from a lowered al jazeera offices are based now carries her name. so at that amazing what a she would pay attention to every $1.00 of you, the whether she missed
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a child or an old lady, thought that she would sit with them for as long as it takes to understand their story and grievances in. still, she has authority while interviewing politicians. she was never biased, any political party, all of this alongside her professional integrity made her an icon. yes, yes. her colleagues, remember a humble and kind woman they worked with for more than 2 decades. they say they miss working with her, especially when they covered the latest israeli war and they besieged causes trip earlier this month. but she had salami. i did it, the last to poor kidding, worked on before she was killed. now he's editing reports on her legacy. needed abraham joins us alive from jeanine in the occupied westbank location. i believe where sharin was shot and killed neither. what's happening there today? let's stick you through a tour. we're shitty and was killed. she was coming to this location to cover
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and she was killed here at this 3 that people here have turned into a memorial hot pictures of her covering from all different places in the occupied westbank. being on the front lines. she's being remembered here, people keep changing the pictures of city, given us a policy is gonna name this 3 of the sharing of a alkalis street. this is the place where she spent the last moments of her life. she was here hiding from the continuous gunshots that were coming from the israeli side. and i'm going to show you where the israeli forces were based. they were at the end of that street, several investigations confirmed that the fire couldn't have gotten to city. but from that side, the israeli forces fight that gunshots continued even asked city and was on the
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floor. and to day marking the 100 days her colleagues are honoring her. they continue demanding justice porch hitting a ball clip. although we've heard from several investigations including the palestinian prosecutor saying it was israel that killed shitty was as ready forces. we didn't see the killers being held accountable. so many palestinians here, remember at ray journalists, a great story teller that they miss, but also they'll keep find fighting to get her justice. all right, thank you for that need to abraham. there in the occupied westbank and al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapids independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist. still had here on al jazeera anger in argentina,
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about government financial policies in the midst of a severe economic crisis. in sierra leone scraps several zeros from its currency to stop the economy from collapsing. ah, let's get going with your weather update and right off the bat we're going to new zealand as state of emergency has been declared here in nelson. we had an atmospheric river just slam into the north and his south island dumping huge amounts of rain. so hundreds of people have been force from their homes there. now this is a tropical air mass. we know tropical air masses hang on to more moisture and just ringing it out here. and i think more heavy bursa brain to go for nelson on friday of to australia,
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the southeast corner. that's really where we've got the disturbed weather. so let's go on for a closer look here. it's a bit of a vigorous system just the other day. melbourne we saw when gus, 80 to 90 kilometers per hour and i'll tell you what i think there's the risk of seen some more flooding for that south coast of new south wales into victoria and tasmania. as this rain pours in, we had been douse with rain for the philippines lose on island. so north of manila there was a severe flood advisory in play. we'll have to keep a close eye on the marchina river there. and some big storms bubbling up from har. been pushing into the korean peninsula, so another round of rain to go. a for flood, hit areas of soul on friday in 10 top to bottom across japan. it's drying off. tokyo's got a high of 32 degrees. that's it for me. i'll catch up with you next hour. ah, when covert 19 1st hit, the need to minimize contact drove many of the world's judicial systems on line.
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now in the name of cost and efficiency, some of them want to stay there. but what if holding trials in cyberspace denies defendants the right to a fair hearing, and remove safeguards against abuse people in power investigates on line justice on a jessia, hulu. ah ah, the watching al jazeera, i remind danelle of our top stories this ella. at least 32 people, including a prominent cleric have been killed in a powerful explosion and a mosque in the afghan capital. at least 40 people are injured, including
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a 7 year old child. no group has claimed responsibility. un secretary general, antonio british is in ukraine where he's to, to meet president of a lot of the landscape and turkeys nita ranch up typo on the talks in the western city of the vehicle focus on grain exports and the safety of this apparition, nuclear power plant the u. s. anti wall and have announced plans to hold formal trade talks move is expected to lead to close official interaction between the 2 governments. china says that firmly opposes the talks and accuses the u. s. a violating it's one china policy. israel and turkey are restoring full diplomatic ties off the years of discord. both will be re appointing ambassadors. the turkish foreign minister says on cut out will not be abandoning its support for palestinians. results are dull, has more from his stumble. the breakthrough announced in attribute from his dr. the prime minister, yet repeat at defined a moment for the 2 states that used to cooperate in military and other spheres,
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but who over 10 years had become estranged. and the turkish water minister mounted charles shoulder while squeaked to confirm the development is fled in normal, less messy conason that among the steps we plan to normalize relations. there was also the re appointment of respect of ambassador. if you remember, we made a statement in the news conference we held with mr. leopard that we started work on the employment of ama. that's your positive step came from israel as the result of these efforts in turkey. we also decided to point to them passage to israel to tel aviv your nations between the 2 companies, sword, after israel attacked garza in 2008, killing more than a 1000 palestinians. but it was the gun floating rate in 2010 that fully severed ties between the 2 countries. his relatives attacked the filezilla, which was carrying mediterranean 8 for garza in international waters killing 9 turkey citizens. since then, diplomatic ties had been virtually non existent when i say he's all up in one year
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. there will be a presidential election here in turkey, but it inflation at more than 70 percent wants to attract in west and from regional countries. there are security challenges to in syria and the eastern mediterranean basin to get these israel at the school player and foot. israel turkey is seen as a balance in power in a region threatened by iran. the final push to man relations started last year in march is rarely present. isaac has august, turkey and math turkish president. jeff, type out 12 months later, took a foreign minister social visit. the tel aviv. the final major stepped over normalization of relations was when he's ready, prime minister gala pit wasted on cra in june. it was during that 3 that the 2 sides agreed on a roadmap to fully restored a diplomatic ties. however, touch also made it clear that it will not compromise when it comes to supporting the palestinian cause has an answer to him is give it. we have always said we will
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continue to defend the right to palestine. jerusalem and garza. and it's important that our messages are conveyed directly at the ambassadorial level. intel of eve, that support for palestinians remains authentic. and even with the full restoration of diplomatic ties, is likely to remain a contentious difference between the 2 countries. who said that to 0, the stumble, nearly all members of argentine is powerful, trade union movement have taken to the streets in support of the governments battle against high inflation. by demanding businesses do more to keep prices don't banish . one le recalls from when a slide is the inflation hits every one, but the greatest impact is felt by workers, especially those on lower wages. all of our grantees main trade unions representing teachers construction and health workers. truck drivers and civil servants marched on congress to support the government and to demand restraint from the businesses.
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that price is one of the main problems is the hyper inflation we have been experiencing for some time. now. we are against paying the international monetary fund which is reflected in the lack of jobs. there are no jobs. wages are not enough permanent price increases. that's why argent time workers are on the streets today. inflation in argentina in july 7 point 4 percent. it's project to reach around 100 percent for the year. inflation is an indicator of a weak economy. argentina's is a victim of crippling foreign debt. and like the rest of the world, the pandemic, and the rising cost of fuel and flower caused by the war in ukraine. these margins the high rear from the province of jack go in the fog over the larger theda. they got roll over the country because inflation, his work is the hardest seen the value of their wages, the releasing week. my. we love my mom in
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a month with beetle. the government on tuesday cut subsidies for household fuel and water bills saying it would re focus on those most in need. however, with prices rising weekly, those needs are growing. the latest official figures should more than one 3rd of arching fines living in poverty. mm hm. and the market, let's say my dog, we are suffering from inflation and a pair. so has collapsed against a dollar. so it's tough, but we have got work. we are not protesting. we just want the goddamn one to see what we need. our, our boss on the, the work is the supporting the government and it's right to make things better. we're not asking them for anything. we're supporting them. others are running out of patience with the government on the pressure to find solutions to a problem. because like it argentina for many years, then we find the routers, era one osiris. the head of the world health organization has said the humanitarian
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situation and ethiopian tig ry region is the worst in the wild. said there are sat harness, gabrielle says, says 6000000 people are in need of 8. teacher also is frantic. right, believes the crisis is going unnoticed. in terms of humanitarian crisis. i can tell you that the humanitarian crisis integrate is more than you crate. without an exaggeration, and i say it is many months ago. maybe the reason is the color of the scheme of the people into gray. i haven't heard of been the last 5 few months over on monday. know, even ahead of state talking about the ticket condition anywhere in the developing world, especially why i think we know a u. s. court has ordered 3 major pharmaceutical companies to pay $650000000.00 for
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their role in a years long opioid crisis. a judge in ohio ruled cbs wal mart animal greens were partially responsible because they over supplied addictive painkillers. many of those drugs found their way on to the black market. the pharmacy chain say they will appeal against the verdict. and these 26 people have been killed and dozens injured and forest fires and northeast. and algeria, most of the debts were in altuff, near the border with 2 nicea fire fighters and helicopters are trying to contain nearly 40 fires. in 14 districts, more than 350 people have been forced to leave their homes. and in portugal, emergency crews are trying to control several wildfires including one and a national park that's been burning for nearly 2 weeks. hot weather and strong winds have been hampering efforts to contain the flames. scientists warning the drought in europe could be the worst in 500 years. wildfire and southern parts of
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the continent and devastating large areas and in barbara reports, firefighters were treated briefly in southeast, in spain, there trying to stop the flames from reaching houses in the valley, the able area near valencia. the huge fight began when lightning struck the weekend fuel by strong winds. it's forced hundreds of people from their homes. what are so far this year, spain's had almost $400.00 wildfires and they've already destroyed more than 3 times the area consumed by flames. in 2021. they've been fueled by heat waves and drought conditions that scientists attribute to climate change. in germany, the drought means you can see so called hunger stones at various sections of the river right. centuries ago they were placed on dry river beds and marched to want future generations. their exposure could signal famine over in france,
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the countries longest river, the la looks like this. reco drought has cut the river flow to a trickle meaning in places. people could almost walk from one shore to the other. and then my son at krista semi place, pisca shanina, he, i shall, it makes me sad because i grew up here and i've never seen it like that before. we could go to the border holes over there with the children and fish. scientists are wanting that low river levels across france are assigned that can't be ignored. clearly sha smockey magic. he don't want it and any other climate change is underway. it's undeniable that compels us to rethink our rules for sharing water resources. we must understand that we're all affected. water is a common good way, and every one of us will have to rethink our behavior or every sheer where the rain has finally arrived. like here in paris, seats badly needed, but europe's having to get used to heavy downpours. travelers on the metro had to contend with flooded stations. mateo of hans reported that one months worth of rain
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fell in the space of an hour scotch the back window and the sky is also opened in london with parts of the u. k. capital experiencing flash flooding. thunderstorms are expected in england and wales and with the dry soil, almost impenetrable. in areas people are being wants to watch out for further flooding. nadine barber al jazeera and they 16 people have died after flash floods triggered a landslide and north western china. homes are damaged and several roads of locked rescue workers are trying to find thousands of people who are missing. china has been causing with extreme weather, between record high temperatures and multiple flash floods. so don is also struggling with floods which have killed at least $100.00 people. thousands of villages have been destroyed. the government says the fonts have caused more damage than a state can handle. i'll just, there's hipaa. morgan has more furniture here,
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some items there. and had the alley is trying to collect what he can from his home . it was damaged and left submerged by heavy rains and torrential floods in a manner again, insur dance, g 0, estate, la mancha, lashara, blah. you hi la, you. hi, we now don't have any food or water. the floods came in the middle of the not well, i was working on a night shift to be able to provide food from our family. similar damage and destruction can be seen in houses around the village. more than 700 homes were destroyed in over 50 villages in edmond again, the district has been declared a disaster zone. abraham use of family was one of more than 3000 affected by the floods in the region. maria hush, it got added, added the water came in tor, down the front walls. they then entered the rooms and we moved away as they started collapsing around us. all these houses have collapsed to learn more, and when i get is now lodge be sub married homes, are not the only places effected farmlands have also been devastated by floods.
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threatening the harvest season. around november. already nearly a 3rd of to dance $43000000.00 people are short of food and prices have increased in the past month. government officials say the scale of damage in almanac. it is unprecedented. local number 2. okay. and then nora, we were expecting the damage should be less, so we were surprised by the amount of destruction the flood season usually causes damage with that but, but we have seen this year is beyond the state's ability to respond. many people are now waiting for help, but with more torrential rains forecast and flood expected. they're worried, it may come to late. hip morgan, alta 0, sierra leone is re valuing its currency in an attempts to improve its connie. the central bank has removed 3 zeros and reprinted notes. it's trying to slow de leon's, sliding value and stop protests against the rising cost of living. i'll bet it just has more from the capital free town. after some confusion,
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businesses are slowly adjusting to the new yields. the country central bank says the re denomination of saloons. currency has been necessary though that magic already nomination is that when you take those zeros away people, they're thinking that they are poor and then they actually are. and as a result of that, they will bar game all windy a goto, by august services that should put a lead on prices a little bit. so economies say the idea can only work if government doesn't return to the policies that lead to the collapse in the value of the money. in the 1st place, the central bank says re denominating. the young was significantly reduce the amount of cash people and businesses carry around on the risk that go with that. but critics say removing 3 zeros from the currency won't show up. it's about critics, a previous monetary policy of several young hit,
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the reality of the economy by adding zeroes to the currency. as a result, the leon lost its value and inflation worse, and the governor of the central bank says the decision was tough to make. given the cost of printing new notes on taking the old ones out of saturation, i would not have done this at this time. but the cost for the economy, the cost a reserves that a sentra bank, as we kept month on a monthly basis, putting out dollars to give to people who are whored, a list of bring it into the system so that economic can keep going. doing that for a foreseeable future, we would have a wasted, our entire reserves. some banks and business people say the public response and acceptance of the new currency has been encouraged.


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