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tv   People Power Online Justice  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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true policy, instead of yon hid the realities of the economy by adding zeroes to the currency. as a result, the noun lost his value, and inflation worse, and the governor of the central bank says the decision was tough to make. given the cost of printing new notes on taking the old ones out of saturation, i would not have done this at this time. but the cost for the economy, the cost a reserves that a sentra bank, as we kept month on a monthly basis, putting out dollars to give to people who were whored, a list of bring it into the system so that a economy can keep going. doing that for a foreseeable future, we would have a wasted, our entire reserves. some banks and business people say the public response and acceptance of the new currency has been encouraging. this no one make it more easy for us, because you can have 50000000. we can move it to 50000000 without
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a fit of thieves to follow you. because if anyone would say to me about boss for the whole month, you can feel the road by then. okay. come from from and plastic to the new a lot of gigs to the t. so in 2020 the central bank spent $68000000.00 showing up de leon. now it isn't seeing how much the initiative will cost, but it will be hoping it will reilly the currency and the economy it res. allergies . eda free town said earlier ah. is down there and these are the top stories. at least 32 people, including a prominent cleric, have been killed and a powerful explosion and a mosque in the afghan capital. at least 40 people are injured, including a 7 year old child. now group has claimed responsibility. un section generalist anoo, good. tennis is in ukraine where he's truth meets president vladimir polanski and
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turkeys leader, rich uptime ottawa on the talks in the western city of the ve will focus on grain exports and the safety of this appreciate nuclear power plants. the u. s. and taiwan have announced plans to hold formal trade talks. the move is expected to lead to close that official interaction between the 2 governments. china says it firmly opposes the talks and accuses the u. s. a violating. it's one china policy. and he's 26. people have been killed and dozens injured in forest fires, and northeastern ontario firefighters and helicopters are trying to contain nearly 40 fires or than 350 people have been forced to leave their homes. thursday marks 100 days since al jazeera journalists, serene apo arkay, was killed in the occupied westbank. alice indians continued to demand justice and accountability for the correspondent, known as the voice of palestine. and said, for me, people in power is coming up next a by the weekly look at the world's talk business stories from
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global markets to economies and small businesses to understand how it affects our daily lives. on examining 50000000 and counting the cost on of the when the cobra pandemic, again, the need to minimize face to face contact drove many of the world judicial systems on line know in the name of cost, speed and greater efficiency. some of them want to stay there, but critics say that holding trials in cyberspace can deny defendants the right to a fair hearing and remove safeguards against abuse. so who's right? we asked reporters sarasota to investigate. ah
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ah, the physical confines, the courtroom. a place of solemnity, decorum, and authority. that is the cleavage pandemic sent the globe into yorktown. court's praise that doth states, middle thirties around the world, tend to new ways to keep legal wheels spinning fe went online. the principal argument is going to be that it saves time and it saves money. no one rhina is the chief executive of the n g,
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a fair trials international. at some point, you have to be willing to say that justice is more important than expediency. the greatest power government could wield short of, of warfare is the power to prosecute, to imprison in some places to put to death. the function of a criminal defense lawyer is to stand between the individual and that awesome use of power. and in order to do that, effectively, you have to be in personal contact with your client. ah, law was this, that has it been too much because fight this noted cautions across the globe. judiciary is we're quick to see the potential i'm the judge. and so with a software companies, digital justice with virtual court hearings from microsoft in help governments deliver justice at scale. inevitably, this new virtual world was not without its changing his settings. i think this is
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a setting on your i pad. so your i pad probably step to stay in portrait model. let me go into my settings. is that what i need to do or judge dean as modeling it for you if you can see him? oh, come on, cathy, can you do this? it's okay, we're all new to this and occasionally when the room button was pressed, we'll judicial hearing descended into outright costs. and i believe you have a filter turned on in the video setting and then so i don't know how to remove it. i brought my assistant here. she's trying to book all a repaired no forward with it unless i'm here law. it's not. i'm not a chair, but apart from technical he cause this brave new virtual world lucy pennies, his serious legal questions. the dilemma judge, i can hear you are this official court video has an important notice in the corner, but that didn't stop it being shown around the world. the problem, ah,
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with the remote viewing of a trial is that people tend to just see snippets or what, what somebody else decides is worth seeing. there is no on alternative. if you want true justice from being there from start to finish. the right and duty of the public se trust is being done is considered a fundamental principle of nace. jurisdictions, bit critic say that becomes hugely problematic when the process is remote. and factual representation of an individual to a sentencing authority has to be a human engage. if that person, is it a remote location in the custody and control of the jailer or a police, a police officer, you're not going to see. you're not going to hear. you're not going to learn the real facts. that's where the concerns about torture come into play and there's no substitute for having a person stood sick we pressed. our inquiries took us across the glade to examine
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claims that state abuse, state torture has been going on seen when hearings went online. and these failures in remote justice have been happening in some countries where police brutality is endemic and where the judiciary is the last shield against human rights abuses. the city of cell power in brazil in this huge nation, beset by criminality, drug related violence, and with vast disparities of wealth, one in 5 people in custody have report police brutality after being arrested. but until 2015, those people were held in pre trial detention. sometimes by the very will for it is who had perpetrated that appeals with no access to a court hearing where they could complain about their ill treatment.
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7 years ago that began to change the headquarters if they saw polo law firm. marina diaz told us about special custody hearings where defendants were brought face to face in front of a judge within a day of their arrest. i feathers, mri, kinsey. but as you know, she l. j surgical storage. my cap is in cassandra praising pinch, quite resolution. he's mer ah appetizing, cassandra, please la force apathy. zoe, flag around chelly stay mommy. cheaper. think for those more cheese? the mirror would kill me and pinky up his saw a poor g. he la bows ruiz, even to isaac leslie's. you've your lengthy altered. good. a block while a thing, a passat. the introduction of new face to face custody hearings was widely welcomed and trumpeted on this official justice department video with these face to face
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herrings with the opportunity for a judge to assess whether someone had suffered abuse at the hands of state or thor . it is, but they also allowed defendant to speak directly to a judge about their treatment when they were arrested and eve described their abuse . the effect was significant figures revealed that between 20152019 after in person custody hearings were introduced complaints of police ill treatment more than doubled but then cove. it struck and face to face herrings suspended in both scenarios. brazil, social unrest and state repression continued these arrests and sell paolo the months before we arrived. but as the state pushed the custody herrings to go online, the concern that people arrested across brazil now had limited opportunities to complain about their treatment lawyers and human rights
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activists. that violence and abuse of prisoners was once again going unchallenged. and the defendants were repairing online from prisons and police stations where of camera, they were open to intimidation and co ashby, though i all view at key, ah, james, up is ng. so if i store that fittings and if it is for me to live gleneagles that are so key or qualifies, good for me to persist on what it is. oh yes, you shall think. wanted soil sink receiving g verify. garcia, le, boards will note that up is a such augi kissed asia crashing. do i, ala eh, e, up inclusive, in that fitting dulness work? so the women in remote areas of states like panam, buccheri, ne, brazil monitoring what was happening became even more difficult. international protocols are clear, hearings should be in a neutral, impartial environment. loya maria clara to be la, told us of
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a different reality. the song each ema, delegates emo jessica bohemian delegates, the newest algebra number. if i do see though that if i right is a like only died e alcohol in small means without james episode i was, are not that age. she june. a boyish didn't end up lucy view. a i've yet a mean will is sizing to that are like your cheapest bracky, l a. c h a r c elyssa hitcher, i don't my, any po, box one go no. wow, why drop out? the brazilian national justice council is responsible for setting regulations on the functioning of the judiciary. one of those requirements is that online hearings should include the use of a $360.00 degree camera, the shown entire room, and who's in it. but when glen wilder batista, a public defender and param,
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bouquet conducted a survey of local police stations, he made a disturbing discovery. but if you go mr. bay, you name about the la garcia's will bring yours. it is evil's bow that, that i mean are. so the concert national, just these refusal yelton is, are so welcome, miracle has also that was it for grouse? when we off to spokesperson for the national council, why so many police stations did not have such cameras. they explained it is the responsibility of each court to ensure compliance with these rules. the technical issues were not just limited to the use of cameras. ill fe, wife betty said, did they box it bud robbie acidic washed or dink human pretty minimal means washington, all the absolute, i mean you now the book you start the irish pub, i ha ha. and there's another consent arising from the explosive expansion of the actual justice. is there an adequately secure, reliable,
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and properly maintained judicial internet? that's not what batista found in kind of because a movie does all kinds your is the noise form start. erm was, these are not broadcast, yell, these are the custodian for haley zada. ah 40 said mary lou suddenly la nicole elton is us old. what? but it was subtle. law brought the proper gc, the police ya, lakila de la garcia in south carolina. at this public defender's office, we met lawyer tioga till unit 2, e lead inspections in prisons. he told us about online hearings. there are solid. jo, jane searches this thing. think of those, but his voice only does when he does not go, i don't think woke up with us a dodge mantle. inches just the pot or quantity plus joyce in cube resort of allah was indulging. so i'm going to jones boys are going to get his own eyes. oh la
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adela. no, but it's not good matter. my sick of all the girl. oh, vin. good daub. naveen good deal. who's colleague who really use if attended an online hair in last year or press up as i am competing so online for that is happening young. get yourself in the was sad you know lane. sal's new dang shut up. is m a leaking at the dawn level? by the pills for the sagging todd is a shell. i still feel my place. so her step mother was so pissed, paused in africa. mesa at that moment, kelley pet, their co. ca set up isn't the thickest shannon? the all jane to solicit, found the purpose appears up at our most. that assay was look eyes on g as regular as science. and photo had designed as eddie was senior pillow technology had the most fat, usually thought poo, seal they called cad, you mean sound? so body, i suppose, so you regret e and more so now the calipers operators are now kelly, mommy who knew she museum,
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diego potter teeny to join us based in sao paolo don't often get to that court offices these days because of concrete. today they're watching from pre news apartment. so you were over there? yeah. it's like a workplace so you could show you some record. yeah, sure. yeah. brianna. he told me about a hearing. he dealt with the day before. what's going on here? turning this hearing from myself home couldn't, and that was is not good. oh gosh, the prosecutor, the defendant and myself and the judge is not here. normally the judge would be who would be here as well. but i also had a problem with his goodman and the camera was not working. the defendant, who is in prison, had been waiting for a decision on his case for 9 months. at the end of this hearing, he was sentenced to 6. he hasn't 8 months in jail, by an invisible judge. he was convicted ah,
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the judge that we can't see by the judge that we can see. bruno caught diego is a defense lawyer in initial custody hearings. he told us the importance of face to face contact with defendants was underlined when he was briefly able to see them in his court office. he took photos that the abuse people say they'd suffered, and they'd been arrested. what did he say, toys? the bellows, what moth 90 ac was is what he says. know apple mobile as you to borders. are he for markers really like obviously a folic yep. what is that zone? as like a basic them is looking for in callback wrinkled up whole shelf. if it will, but ask you about the bill of police. it is for a live out of that was without acronyms of our sponsor, nocka b. s. i protested, or did you do dig a described on particularly horrific incident in the summer is basically supporting doing the same day. so any follicular quicker throughout per circuit room was honest, sucking, suck button abuse, or nasa g as it jo,
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reset your own coverage. masula, a political part of the one of the people i met. so the phone said no paths. on soluble parson said used to put up a group of human rights activists. deeply alarmed by reports of police brutality across brazil and the failure of online hearings to address it, produced a video called torture cannot be seen on tv, kill mothers involved in the campaign explained how it began at last he did though, it is name it though it is the viola says the date is name. saudi ah was called was nan if he saw us, he is stone, us benefit he is, nana said on a spit, if it is a known to read it to them 1st we the come. wow. so ma'am, so minded to received his name. so ne, m. mercy, the sony will be the fair to connect. modern am i he, she on bay view lane tanica supple painburne. on d. i,
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specialist bob is somehow room name of your links here. will philip my very really going so as that all the going got thorazine amusement, a log for po, creamy rapidly will be dead as dog a foot is moving to south as the other 1 march in town condom lcd for the puffy bang. missing t up beyond my, do my, my getting booted up, don't see, lookup resolver, quantum of his. so i sit with thread that we start to sequester. he grok and he says his spouse is you've, your name's yeah, i saw him with a still do this. he does is they want to have others familiarities to keep it is the mother demeanor. the pin c either is dar biando, j mozilla to 6 inches or more beneficiary? i know of your orders. some po, lot i want to put is up by your benefits. you don't mind if i have been posted
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in the statement to people in power. brazil national council of justice told us virtual hearings held because of cov, it were conducted in accordance with rules which guarantee the rights of the arrested person. and that some face to face herrings were being gradually re introduced. but critics fear that virtual hearings justified by cov, it will become permanent. as inside the kathy gast, the key for a faith variable is a sunday, which is a common dog which caught in the quaternary, residential, even though she is sound, g, hippos and asthma, his sale man, because the sufficing vis you mangle was a visor, he toil ash who my are his say? well, quantile g, so ripen, money said, but any of the capital of mexico, a country where according to one estimate, as many as 80 percent of herrings have been held virtually during the pandemic
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outside the headquarters at the public defense team. lawyers in hazmat suit, dispense, legal advised, an old fashioned way face to face and inside lawyers, elevator hernandez and jessica he guerra a setting about their morning's work and dealing with an online system that frequently fails them. elvia mouth. he tasks as she is put on hold, trying to track down a defendant. meanwhile, jessica gets the wife i sorted a common delicate problem or more. and it was a deficiency, and they're going to call up when you do it up. or can you come into the money killing them a little while? not that he couldn't hear, he not going to finish. in particular when you're at the needle, a castles on the north temple d, and she has 4 or 5 just enough for me. got her new content internet thing going
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over with him because he went on in the year than what was pulido the and she has on there were supposed presented. we catch up with l 0 the following day. this morning, an online hearing involve 7 imprison defendants. each with a red lawyer plus 3 witnesses and it doesn't help that nobody seems to have the right link. they wouldn't when at wendy or least cooper to that, i'm going to go back and listen joe, them in, in if you're getting go now. but i would say order in no, no material and direct in electric. in those monday, we're not allowed to record this natural hearing, which in the circumstances becomes academic witnesses don't show louis, can't connect. the entire process grinds to a halt and the hearings postponed. but despite the technical problems, leila maris director here does see potential advantages to online justice,
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croquet in bicycle mom. he can always can that ali saddle up a little belly or let us wisp alice, you see frontier? no, no, no. well, my husband that has glass is good now the interior of the well, the boy is concierge. the mac or only must fuzzy montana will now be in seattle, but it say schools girls be seen those in dublin, vice mexico and norma and thumps is a they met was a yes and a little bit of blaming the scene that had given me at the espresso musket and bullet buys is is when megan, i don't want me to a so said yet b m was the last with that has must glad us giving you it is been that has a was it force was lucky is im, go more the woman that he go use while he sat, a gas, was it brutal and sally olivas from and eating justice angio there all some hearings that should only be carried out in person. lemme yet less holy as his end might have been ellen, may he go and fellow chant ireland, the 14th to silence him,
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though the ins has v, as gladly established see those emperor the carlos ceiling, am info. so would i get the pavilion, c, a c? there and said with, well, is it get the blur of the he has absolute them and then no they had to be of bonnie's than him was glad. ok. the answer has come, allow the answer contra live, then yawn all the answers and let's get her see this or alleviate that the last person as know, they've been said be doilies. and during our inquiries here, we heard about another seemingly key component of the justice system, the significance of human contact. all people seem differently when justice is behind screens, numbers. so now then through the whole process, so i blend door but for now, but for now i get one with animals. i'll yank establish both as im, naca, and doses, which of us as boys said, the glendon de steegal, he play steadily yandell, now orca. yeah, christmas i went to lisa book and noticed i be in the las office when the when was the last person i said the focus is move to my seat rattan e up then. and look at
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a must a look at his aimless, don't to steal, to which hearings should be on line, and which face to face. we met up with judge martino trailer, who deals with juveniles youngsters who can enter the criminal justice system from the age of 12, with potentially dramatic consequences for the rest of their lives. they job refusal law audience. yeah, we've got our crime. scene embargo e electrons, t's yahoo and needed a seabrook on which a board killer can be in the mass and cold give locally. convenient mass, easy, la can be any must have is, is, is certainly near look going for that of mass is less potential village as you get. she got a decent dollar that it took dantoro messengers. com, whatever is most complicated, but on the federal level, dns in the near for good. i was just cinema for the mother gonna be that i was it's
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i, you know, look dorothy rally my fiancee of i love the all the good or didn't of couldn't buffy. and she and we just put a little bit of it for today. the future. you think it's the future, as of who do it's like a digital cold. so now operational in one way or another across 5 continents. and despite the questions raised yoke him, it's for in that justice or claire, it could reduce court backlogs, improve efficiency, increase access to justice, who can brazil, unable to pat, nope, of millions of cases. and what people languishing in pre trial detention for years . surely one view would be that online hearings are a way out of that mess to get rid of this pat, talk to get people in front of court in some way. my answer to that is, what are they charged with? did they need to be in prison? or we, or are they overly using pre trial detention?
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let's not use the availability of technology to perpetuate a broken system. and we shouldn't be using the criminal law as indiscriminately as we do, but we use it instead for all kinds of offences. and people don't need to be in prison for those things. and that's really what cobit has done. it has exposed the pre existing problems in our, in our criminal legal systems. ah, not only you in a way that they've not been exposed before, but has actually made them quite a bit worse. and the danger that we face now is that these, the remote proceedings which may have been arguably essential for a limited period of time. and for limited purposes during coven will be regularized . and that might yet be the big question in the controversy about remote justice. a fundamental is seen not about how we conduct our trials,
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but why we truly to conduct so many in the 1st place. and that the jury is out. ah, for science it's the evidence is irrefutable. but america, climate change denial stubbornly mistrust of the fact. despite soaring temperatures, raging wild fires and shrinking water reserves, the world's largest economy, it's still split along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe climate wars on a, jesse, you know, cats are air white, official airline of the journey with
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a whole away official and line of the journey. we town the untold story. we speak when others done. ah,
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we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fan of my eye and power in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net back out here. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm tell mccrae, this is the news. how alive from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes and explosion groups through a mosque during evening prayers in the afghan capital killing at least 32 people. the un secretary general is said to meet leaders of ukraine and turkey on crane.


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