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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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as it would motivate the children, because the french team before would show them how to lead. yeah, i think for hovers care. i'll watch the world cup with my dad. i like this game. that's why i play. i type in doesn't baker. i'd be pleased because it's my country and it would be a miracle sandra the last time a team one consecutive well cops. it was brazil in 1962 as raining champions. france will be under increased pressure as they defend their title. but they'll also know that having done it before, they could do it again. natasha butler, al jazeera paris. ah, well, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. ukraine's president is holding talks with the you in secretary general and turkey's leader in the western city of levine, the are focusing on grain exports and the safety of europe's largest nuclear power plant and separation missile. sarah is monitoring developments from
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a sample. the most important thing for to day, according to experts are, did the diplomatic are forced for the 1st time press now one, is there an the you an generally a secretary general antonio terrace or they are this truly theirs are the ones who paved the way for the grain, the old, that secured the ukrainian and the russian reigns and fertilizers, fertilizers to be export to, to the world market through a stumble. and they want to build up on this political achievement, diplomatic achievement, to the if they can way paid a way for a diplomatic solution to the ongoing war as well. at least 32 people, including a prominent clara car. no one to have died in a powerful explosion at a mosque and couple on wednesday. well then 40 others were injured. no group has claimed responsibility. well 1st i marks 100 days until just here. a journalist, sure enough enclave was killed in the occupied with bank palestinians,
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continue to demand justice and accountability for the correspondent, known as the voice of palestine. who china says it's firmly opposed to formal trade talks announced by the u. s. and taiwan. the initiative follows to high level visits to tie paid by members of the us congress. beijing has warned a severe drought in southern china could last well into september. local governments of scrambling to irrigate crops, the head of the autumn harvest. but electricity rationing is making water pumping difficult. well, some industries relying on hydro power have shut down at least for one people have been killed and dozens injured in forest fires. ne and l. g area firefighters and helicopters are trying to contain really 40 blazes, more than 350 people have been forced to leave their homes. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after the stream, which is up next. which side is winning chaos or control?
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why? what does the new forever prompt we war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming, prices are going to keep going up. why didn't joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical good us politics, the bottom line with higher for me. okay, to day on the stream, the afghans reflect on the 1st anniversary of the taliban regaining power. how have people sliced changed in afghanistan? that is the question that we were discussing with our panel. you can be part of that discussion as well. jonah's right here in the comment section of youtube, we start our discussion with samira raman. afghanistan is facing crisis after crisis. we have rising hunger crumbling public services outbreaks,
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the devastating earthquake just months ago. we have increased restrictions on women and girls, and now just this week we've had 10 provinces that have been affected by flash flooding, destroying homes, farms, and livelihoods. all of this comes at a time when the economy is crippled. people are struggling, people have no jobs. no money and increasingly no food and are absolutely drowning in debt. that is one perspective on the past year in afghanistan, you about to hear 3 more from sir hale pash, donna, an alley. welcome all 3 of you to the stream. so he'll welcome to the student, please introduce yourself. type global audience. good to have you. my name is mitchell head shaheen. i needed to get in today and teach him. oh, so based on the committee took up new sunday night visions and had in p. m.
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a working as he dr. political office in the past. donna good to have you back on the screen, please remind our audience who you are and what you do over the phone. thank you for having me. my name, especially dirani. i am the executive director of learning warmerston. i currently am a visiting fellow, actually women's intercoastal college. and al, please say hello to our audience around the world. i am only latifah. i am out there as correspondent and cole. i am going to start yes, with a exclusive clip of what happened in the presidential palace, the in afghanistan, all as a year to today. let's have a listen. let's have a look. watch you are looking at right now. is taliban fighters in the sides? the presidential powers services, sir, these pictures exclusive on the out 0 taliban fighters, placing their guns on the desk,
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sitting behind the desk of we assume that is the desk of the afghan at presidents, a fairly stunning turnarounds, all the events, ali, what you remember from that day about that day. i mean it, it's, it's a day that our entire world changed. within a few hours. i remember that late in the morning, there was the sound of gunshots near where i live and everyone thought that the taller bond were coming then. and everyone was running like it was a disaster movie, you know, everyone was just trying to get back to their homes. and then, you know, people basically shut themselves in their houses for the rest of the day. and then all of a sudden came the news that the former president just ran away. he just fled and he
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took his, you know, high level cabinet officials as advisors, whatnot. with him, most of whom had foreign passports. you know, there was no message there was nothing for 11 days as the taller bottom was taking province after province after providence. no one from the form of government bother to give any kind of a statement. no one said were sorry no one said we failed. no one said we're trying to gain these provinces back and then all of a sudden, you know, probably 10, 11 o'clock at night. you turn on the news and there's the taller bon in the presidential. so here when you see those pictures, what are you thinking? what are you feeling with is an incredible sense of triumph and victory for the taliban? yes, it was. indeed it was. that is that order? 20 years sacrifices i was trying to over liberation a country from the patient. so this was
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a lot of legitimate try any what have the right to independence to live in an independent community. this was a what route to struggle for, deliberation of our country any we gain that oscar, piloted to de case almost 20 years. and a lot of losses and sacrifices and equipment and sold both of me women and children, elder lease apartments. i'm wondering why no later in retrospect is fighting easier than governing well, that that was the 25th. we were
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struggling for liberation abroad country. now we are struggling or really bitter, rebuilding going empty, thought of entangling piece instability in the country. this is elsewhere a struggle for us. and we are still the case if hundreds, astride from from her. there are more scanty water. well usually what do 8 it. so we will succeed and we have succeeded in this one year the mega project of which they pay on the completion of this project, we well again and then a geisha $3000000.00 acres of land. and i why the stand will become, or cassidy reliant in terms of food that has not been done in 20 years
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while we are bringing it with into hymns. when we bring it. our other example that if you did, we bring in the gym or voids they did that. so here let me bring in a female voice is to share the conversation. this is are a tab nori a passionate. i want you to have a listen to her tap and then balance of the back of him because for re tab this one year has been a horrible anniversary. i'm interested in your perspective, but his tap festival. 15th of august 2021 was the worst day in my life. it was a loss of everything, a diverse of every single. again, we heard in past 2 decades, and it took away my country from me. it uprooted me and talk of in my family and now we are dispersed around the world. and i don't think the life is going to be the same ever. and it's really difficult to go back to afghanistan and
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live there as a journalist and be free to work. and my profession well, allow me to start back collecting the fact that we didn't have games because that was to nurse were in our country for the past due to kids. we had rights we before that we had rights in the sixty's in the twenty's and including up until the 18th. and then people to go or that's the 1st thing we had in the 1960 s a women's health minister. and then in the 1950s, we had an education minister, we had women representatives, we had to women and school in the past century. these are all games. and the west has never helped us get those games. we went there and got them by ourselves and our women got them for ourselves. those are the 1st thing that we need to understand. women have been enough on the signs leadership in the ancient upon us on starting from go and shot up until sunday. yeah. and then even in the 9060 with ministers, they now let's come back to winning the country. i do find it interesting when we
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say, when the taliban said that the country has been worn out from the beach and do you think it's not an economic occupation that the countries have struggling? as somebody said that the people are still under debt, that people are still struggling to find a loaf of bread. don't you think best also occupation? don't we think that countries to have been drone bad has also occupation on the fact that the book and not enter and leave. and most importantly, though, the caliber government has to ask the same super powers who kept on as l kept on bumping them for money. that they need and they keep on asking for legitimacy. so when you're free, you're mean you make your own decisions when you're not for you make the decision that the faster government did and the current collarbone. do under someone else's name and radar. let me just shed this way the you ali this is abdul co ha belkin? he is a spokesperson for the islamic emerett of afghanistan. and these are the gains in
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the past year for sovereignty, establish central government, political stability, and security, corruption, and displacement. amnesty inclusiveness are fully independent, budget increased access to education and health care. i know that you spend time in afghanistan reporting. can you check any of these and say yes, i've seen this. i've seen this, i've seen this. i mean, i live another one. so fully independent budget, i don't know where that comes from because you're still under sanctions. and you know, what we have to remember is that, yes, these governments want to punish the taller bond government who they don't like whether the people want to like them or not. that's a separate issue. but the foreign governments don't like them. but unfortunately, what's happening is it's not mr. shaheen. it's not mr. about he's not these people who are suffering under the sanction. it's the average people of this country. i live in a central part of the city every single day, 5 minutes for my house. there's 2 food distribution sites. there's at least
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a 100 people outside each time. these are not the poor becker, these are not the rural villagers who unfortunately have always been hungry in this country. they're hungry now they're unemployed. now they're underpaid. now, you know, i've talked to go government workers were sitting at home, male and female in law guide, and called bull who say that their wages have been reduced by 7080. and yet, you know, their costs have skyrocketed because the costs of food have doubled and tripled recently. so, you know, fully financially independent that makes no sense. there is no proof of that. i mean, i hope that they can become financially independent and i want nothing more than not for i want to finally become financially independent and pushed. and i said, you know, we have to remember that, you know, this occupation was never set up to make. it was never set up to help us. and it was never setup to, to make us self sufficient for 20 years. they make it as a dependent and now they're making as a dependent again,
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by constantly sending money and distributions and so on and so forth that the united nations control, the government doesn't control it. so no, i'm sorry, like this, this financially. fully financially independent. i have no idea where that comes from that not the lives of the ab on people. so he'll audience on youtube are asking questions and they really like the idea that they have access to you into your information. they are asking about an economic plan for afghan. his dad. what is that kind of a plan? first, our budget to which we presume did it was be to base. oh thing to know the when use it is. it is the 1st time we presented a budget without any help i none shall help from any country but there fell a short. i want a one. it one. we are located about 28000000000 up on his
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father. big lemon. oh projects. so this is, this is a night unit. oh, similarly, we come short and long term plans development long. the construction trade in the long auto hub line is down to be self reliant to things into your control handle this. i have a fast, an alita 2nd. so how come up when that, how can i understand become self reliant without having to 50 percent of the population working? and what do you mean by development? it's not something that i would want to explore in the long run, but i really need to understand how the talib i'm c development that will be birth . the 2nd when to women honor tune when they're not allowed to work or study. how
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do you see that up on a some will become self reliant when we have to ask pakistan on in, on for doctors that's done to us finger buxton and director of the acquisition of the open. it's very upset and out of this for the last part of the trash point, 3rd party of giving me time. and i will. it's me. yes, we have her. as i mentioned, the question about project it is i stated in the direction i do become self aligned. i say how can i push you a little bit? very weird because we have a, we have to, we want that stuff from the past on austin, which i thought was very relevant because you talked about that project, my understand what you're saying, but passionately was very specific about how can i've got some new 4050 percent of the population, a women are not able to freely walk. yes,
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the day, she doesn't reflect that ground realities because the it is there about her for her 100450000 students, both male and female studying dryer it in public. no universities. she didn't mention that is oh yeah. yeah. so let me. yes. yeah. i'd rather have a conversation with armand. yeah. yankee hale. everyone wants to talk to you or you're the man at the moment. alley. go ahead. what did you want to ask? we keep talking about reconstruction, rebuilding, why do we need to reconstruct what happened that we need to reconstructing? how did, how did it get deconstructed? well we, we kind of still, we have started go construction, does
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a sad derrick again, it was 50. i missed my question, as we're talking about reconstruction and rebuilding, how did things get he constructed? how did they get destroyed that they need to be reconstructed now? but my question, yes, that buzzer destroyed it by the bombardment or by the heavier ones or of the combo . dizzy in waiters, because we didn't have a heavy re benson. we have a collection quote in really like grief on. so we were not able to tell us a story that, that we had that, but now we are building it. all right, and we would have a notice with what we have. we will bid, we have started the building and work on the heart and it will begin that ab line. the problem was with spawn to sort of
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a attraction. i have already begun a work. thank you, allie. i'm going to push on because our audience also wants us to move on, because they're asking for development award. and the way forward and the future with afghanistan. i'm going to go to that line of thinking via has a bar who is calling on the international community for more help. his heather to last year has been a complete disaster for human rights in afghanistan. women and girls have seen pretty much all of their rights stripped away and that's and are all. there's also been extra judicial killings, torture silencing in the afghan media to we're asking, what is the international community, can they do about this? and the answer so far seems to be not much, but there are a few things the international community can do and should do the human rights
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council when it convened in september, should put in place a much stronger mechanism to monitor, collect evidence, and facilitate prosecutions. for crimes happening and the security council should and exemptions to the travel band that they have in place for taliban leaders. i shall. i'm just thinking about this past year full afghanistan and the international community on the sidelines. how do you see that impact to what could be possible? i've been starting with the fact that the international community still thinks that using last century sanctions on a current countries crisis is something that we should be doing. and that's something that will find a solution. i don't think right now um the current sanctions help any one by the western countries to keep the aid to themselves that has allocated off on us that the country right now is suffering and it, the sanctions don't, don't have a fun,
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it's done. it actually more em makes it worse for the people who are actually already hungry already are suffering great. now coming back to one thing that i really want to highlight when you talk about development, when you talk about progress. here's the thing in the next 5 years, the population of up of understand continues to grew. and when you say that you have 400 cars, i'm students, and schools and universities. i am asking a specific question from grade 7 up into 312. if you don't have a girl graduating from grade 12 within this academic year, you won't have a midway within the next 2 years and the population continues to grow. so when your population continues to grow, you don't have that specific number of midwives in a country that is working like up on us that you don't progress. you don't develop, you need to building capacity of your students who are in high school who need to continue who need to graduate from high school and start continuing and getting educated. that was my question. thank you. yeah,
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i did. you didn't mention that prior into high schools all in the country. they are open for verse or secondary. wow. wow. in this order, the why or why did there is no restriction. and then why you did, and mentioned that these are the, you know, you are hiding a ground. gabriella is, while you are hiding the gravity with earlier going around in circles, pastrana, i'm not sure you're going to get an answer. you should interrupt me because i'm not interrupting visual. not. i understand. i'm not interrupting you. i'm. i'm moving, i was moving our question, i'm moving our pick up on we haven't, we haven't been able to get traveling about one is done yet. of the secretary's
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full lot open. why she didn't mention the art sales patch donna, we are moving on. thank you so much about what has not happened in afghanistan is in our conversation right now, but i'm going to move on to what has happened. there is a province called banyon province, an alley. can you tell us a little bit about it before i bring in a report that you did about tourism potentially flourishing there? because this is perhaps how some of the economy for afghanistan can be reinvigorated. it may be showing that there is a little bit more security around as well. if people are going on visits going on, trips, maybe even going on vacation. and he tell us about bam, ya profits in just a minute. and then i will go to your report. sure, it's not just for me on it. many different provinces, you know, for, for 20 years the roads are unsafe because of checkpoints and land mines and cross
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fire and things like that. so people weren't able to travel freely, like just 2 days ago i went to log out of province 1st story with no worries. at one point, it was one of the most dangerous provinces in the country. and you know, we have to give credit. this is one of the positive development, of course, part of the development is that the war is no longer going on. the checkpoints are no longer there and the risk of landmines are no longer there. yeah. like, you know, this is something that gives people a sense of hope. seeing families travel, seeing them be able to see their country for one. i love this report. i really love this report because i saw the blue skies walter, kids having a great time. he's a little bit of allie's report and it's the scene for me. i've got a son that we don't see often enough. take a look. this is what some of the piece insecurity looks like and honest on thousands of families coming from all over the country to enjoy the wonders of the me, a national park. but the big question now is,
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how will all of this impact the economy of me on a province that was ignored for more than 20 years by the former government? i am wondering guess if sanctions and sanctions on a callous don is the one wait. that is stopping afghanistan from moving forward. i know you're going to have different perspectives, but i'm just going to get you to i'm going to give you one minute each. to wrap up the show. alley, is it, is it the sanctions that stopping afghanistan from developing? if the biggest issue well her for the upon people that the biggest issue for them right now is that they have no money. you know, like people who work in the government including women have had their wages reduced because of the government doesn't have money. a cannot pay people, you know, we lived in a country. where's the 1st 2000 a year? 75 percent of the public expenditure came from the foreign aid grants. and then all of a sudden they cut them off. and what did they do? they left the people hungry, even if the tall about
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a government don't want to do things for the people, it's going to be difficult. why let me just share the final thoughts with passion donna as well passed on into sentences. go ahead. i think she's going to help her country but also probably been have to make sure that the i'm sure rights and safety to all the population of of parmesan and in time sections don't tell i think sanctions should be left under patch donna. so here you get the last word. thank you for being a less robust conversation. sanchez? yes, dennis, yes. it's their practice. the shower is sanctions renting what was done from development and preventing people wow. i'm not, i'm alive to how job opportunities. all right, this hill. they should be considered. thank you. so here we have to get you back. you've been so popular with our online audience. they have so many questions for you that we have to get you back for another episode of the stream, but for now. so he'll patch donna and ali, thank you so much for being part of today's show. let me show you here on my laptop, where you can follow them on twitter. so he'll ash donna and alley. and so
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watching everybody see you next time. ah, a reporter's retreat in a brutal civil war. if a commodore hadn't been there, the israel invasion would not have been so well reported. the commodore had become journalistic center. you could be in a safe enclave and then you went out into civil war. i started off leaving this other grand suite at the commodore hotel. the next room i was in was underground in a tiny prison. so as a hostage, a route the commodore wall hotels on al jazeera. ah ah,
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immerse yourself in internationally renowned entertainment. art of culture. cattle has everything you'd want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the faith a will cup 2022. so why go anywhere else? ah. ready this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm carry johnston. this is the news our live from do are coming up in the next 60 minutes. un secretary general needs the leaders of ukraine and turkey on the agenda . gray exports and the safety of europe's largest nuclear power plant. russia's defense ministry says ukraine will create what he calls a catastrophe.


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