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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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and then a pretty long line of some showers in strong stretching from texas rate through into the carolinas on friday, and actually right through florida as well. now if we moved to the desert southwest, we've had some big monsoons, downpours across arizona, flash flood watches in play across that state. in same goes for new mexico as well, then it's all about the heat for western canada, the pacific northwest. we've got some advisories in play here. same goes for alberta at $25.00 degrees for winnipeg. temperatures are coming up in toronto, and so is that humidity. it will feel closer to 40 over the course of the weekend. that's it. see you soon. ah, ah elise for explosions hit a military air force and russian occupied crummy ah
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ha lie moline site. this is al jazeera life. doha was coming up, i level talks and ukraine with a plea to prevent the war from crating, a nuclear catastrophe. and we must film as he sees every potential damage these up with suicide. the us off israel for more information on its raids against palestinian non governmental organizations in the occupied westbank. and severe weather in parts of asian europe caused rivers to dry up and harvest to fail, threatening global food supplies. ah, at least 4 explosions of hit a military airport and russian occupied crimea. bloss was seen an air base north, the port city of savannah to pull, the city's governor says there was no damage and that russian forces down
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a ukrainian drone. all attacks on russian military facilities in crimea have increased in the last week. in the white house is preparing about $800000000.00 of additional military aid for ukraine ads. according to the voice news agency, the u. s. has already committed more than $8000000000.00 for ukraine's defense, which includes more than $5000.00 javelin anti tank missiles. and around 16 long range rocket launch systems behind the front lines, ukraine's president as hell talks with his turkish counterpart and the un secretary general and levin was impact on global fe, prices and risks to europe's largest nuclear power plant. were high on the agenda. theresa by reports, yet just for you for gone to him and i'm a high level meeting in living to talk about the war. and it's him back to round the world. president, follow the military lensky, meeting with turkish president left. i live at the one and the un secretary general
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antonio terrace, discussing the importance of continuing to export a queen in grain to the will through a humanitarian corridor. also the situation on the ground that the nuclear power plant is separate each year. still a major concern occupied by russian forces since march and with fighting now increasing fears of a major nuclear incident. nearly 30 equipment and personal she'd be withdrawn from the clans. further requirement of forces or equipment of the site must be avoided. the area, new tv, do you live at us? and we must vary as it is, every potential damage he's up. what is your is suicide? the presence of breath in an adult one here in liver, you, he seen by many as a new opportunity for progress. a key player in getting the site to strike the landmark dealing green exports or de one use his 1st visit to live eve, to repeat the need for continued diplomacy choice. so it shouldn't,
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in that i personally believe that the war will come to an end at the negotiating table. it all comes down to finding the fast. this easiest way to negotiate and get the student president polanski. welcome turkey support, but we stated his position and talks at this point. the reason why she's give her the right was i sure there was no trust was the russian federation. i believe that in discipline attic window, there is russian weaponry. that's why i'm surprised to hear that they'd be ready for some kind of peace. people that kill rape every day should cruise me sized on to our peaceful cities and infrastructure can not want fees. that's why, 1st of all, they must withdraw their troops from our territory and only then as fighting continues to rate in ukraine, southern and eastern region. civilians continue to die in what keith says. i targeted russian attacks on residential areas. it's been almost 6 months since the
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war began, and thousands of people continue to be evacuated, injured, and killed. and that's why it's crucial to find a way to cease fire to prevent further loss of life. that is how i feed. i live the ukraine or the landscape on it. some of ukraine's military during his visit to live ukrainian president met wounded soldiers in a hospital and handed that medal to thank them for their service. you also made a special trip to a cemetery in the viv to on a fallen soldiers. russia's defense ministry claims ukraine is planning what it cause a provocation of bizarre parisha nuclear plant. this friday. the russian control facility out the area around it, but it's still run by ukrainian engineers. good luck with the key regime is preparing original provocation that separates the nuclear power plant during the un secretary general antonio terraces visits to ukraine and the results of the russian federation will be blamed for creating a technological disaster at the power plant in the us state. department says israel
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has agreed to provide more details about why it is shut down 7 palestinian n g is in the occupied west bank. israeli forces re to the organization sally on thursday as possible. the government says efforts to combat terrorism. the palestinian authority says the groups targeted all humanitarian institutions. latasha game reports. i just had an israeli soldiers ran through the doors of darkened offices, rifled through documents and confiscated property in ramallah. 7 non governmental organizations were rated, including those serving palestinian women and children, and providing legal assistance on their way out. the soldiers sealed doors and declared the offices closed. employee said these are humanitarian organizations helping palestinians living under israeli occupation. are we going to take
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a while to legality her from mother to paying for? a lot of unity is coming from denito foldable long walking a little. and also it comes from our people, you know, on this comes from the victims. you put a few new victims. this is, you know, a lot of legitimacy. the israeli defense minister designated the non governmental institutions as terrorist organizations. israel says they are tied to the popular front for the liberation of palestine, which it also deems a terrorist organization. the government accuses these groups of operating under false pretenses of providing humanitarian assistance when in fact, they're helping recruit fighters raising money and engaging in fraud. the palestinian prime minister says some of the organizations targeted have been in existence before the arab israeli war of $1967.00 will continue to fund. we will continue to help this as solutions,
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as long as the outward pinged within did. but it's been the most and the odd. we have license them, the submit to reports, annual basis. the u. n. condemned the rates, and called on israel to immediately reverse its decision. it's unclear what long term effect the rates will have on the ability of these organizations to operate. employee say the only thing illegal here is the israeli race. they're cleaning up and say they'll continue their mission to serve the palestinian people. natasha can aim l 0 was jerusalem, or jennifer bang directs the palestine activism program at the american friends service committee. she says palestinian human rights defend as a frequently targeted by israel. this outweigh just action is an attempt to silence these organizations that have been exposing the israeli government human rights abuses. it's been something that is been ongoing. there been decades of
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escalation of raids and attacks on how to me in civil society organizations as of last year, these 6 human rights organizations that are some of the most well respected palestinian human rights organization in the world were criminalized by israel. and today we were just outraged to see that their offices were rated and, and shut down. it's clear that the work that they do to document the israeli occupations, abuses like we've seen and gaza in recent weeks and ongoing in the west bank with home demolitions and imprisonment of children and, and providing documentation to the international court to hold israel accountable. this is the key work that they do, and it really behooves our government here in the united states to provide so much
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support to the israeli government over $3800000000.00 and military funding to give them this, this re down the human rights defenders to do such critical work for their community and also for the possibility of adjusting lasting peace between palestinians and israelis. well, it's been a 100 days since israeli forces shot and killed al jazeera john is sharina. walkley in janine vigil was held at al jazeera, our big headquarters in doha networks been calling for those who killed her to be brought to justice. another video was held in janine in the occupied west bank where she read was killed in may. community members and her colleagues gathered to remember the journalist who was known as the voice of palestine. did abraham reports from janine i'm standing in bit shooting
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a ball felicity where now i just eat a family, mourns the loss of a devoted journalist at be loved colleague, that many here say have called her family. they've worked with her for more than 20 years. and now they're standing here at the very same place where she was shot and killed wise, really forces fire on may be 11. it's been 100 days without chines wisdom, without her coverage without the person that many new as a friend. but still, there has been no justice, no accountability going to her killers, haven't been held accountable. when you talk to palestinians, they would tell you that they're not expecting justice from their killers. that's why they're not dwelling on israel. conducting a criminal investigation. there were hopes that the u. s. given that judy in a ball play was a palestinian american citizen,
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would investigate this issue. but as of now, 100 days later with the we see no signs of the u. s. investigating still head on al jazeera. i'm donna kane, on the rhine river, finding out why months of little rainfall is having a catastrophic effect. both on the river and the people who use it. and the real life jurassic park plans, scientists, once eas, dna, and stem cells to bring an extinct animal back from the dead. aah! the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to castle group. your travel package today. hello, thank you for joining in. got a minute 15 to bring you up to speed with your weather and right off the bat, i'm going to show you this scene and mia mars a larger city. the monsoon rains have done quite
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a number here. so people trying to get around the best way that they can. now what happens is the rain leaves myanmar moves into the b a ban, gall and intensifies. this is the latest round. it could turn into a psychotic storm. but for the time being, we've got weather alerts in play fro disha and what's been gall states, then it slides north, right across the country. that's the last round that we had. so western areas of india. ok, it's raining, but just not at the same intensity. now for buckets on you've had back to back mon sooner depression, so in some spots of sin province, we saw about a months worth of rain within a single hour. so sim, providence is now entering its 5th. what is monsoon season on record in still more rain to go on friday as it shuffles into baluchistan province, where we've also seen some flooding there, after se, asia, we go north of manila, we did have a severe flight advisory and played there. the bulk of that activity has shifted west of the country and now let's go further toward the north, some big storms bubbling up harbin into the korean peninsula. so another round of
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rain to go for flood had areas of sol on friday that's. that's all c as in cat, airway, official airline, of the journey, drink assessments. how much support is there that st protest that we've seen in coffee and across the rest of the country? the st movement has been very good. that's happening in the co confound the people across the country. informed opinions we will say more of what is happening is the climate change. it's making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines. druggie is credited by some we're really, we're storing italy's credibility to the critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera? ah, ah. oh,
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i'm back you watching out. as a reminder of our top stories this hour is for explosions of hit, a military airport in russian occupied crimea. attacks and russian ministry facilities in the peninsula have increased in the last week. ukraine's president has held talks with his turkish counterparts of the un secretary general in live wars impact on global food prices down risks. so europe's largest nuclear power plants were high agenda. the u. s. as israel will provide more details about why it shut down 7 palestinian ngos in the occupied westbank called thursday earlier israel said some of the groups have funnel donor aide to palestinian fighters. the organizations have all done like this. i media companies in the us, the going to court to get more information about the f. b i search of donald trump's home journalist want to see a partially redacted version of the affidavit,
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used to search the former president's property at b. i agents found 11 sets of classified documents while searching trumps home. last week. the justice department says if the affidavit is made public, it will compromise it's investigation. al salvatore was gallon has extended sweeping emergency measures, used to crack down a powerful, straight gangs for another month. a fast announced in march and have been criticized by human rights capes. the salvadoran population is widely embraced them . john holman reports with el salvador. been living under a state of emergency for almost 5 months to tackle the countries rampant gang violets this week it was extended further. 50000 people have so far been detained. that's just under 2 percent of the countries labor force president night. bu kelly caused the more terrorists, oh, under the emergency measures,
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those detainees haven't got the right to a lawyer ought to be informed why they've been arrested. human rights groups say that many a process in mass hearings in which evidence isn't usually presented freeness as a husbands among them. my husband was working and i didn't find out. he was detained until 10 pm gala, or the congress dominated by the ruling party, overwhelmingly, voted for the measures to continue with the lookin, the president of el salvador. and his government will do everything that is required to guarantee that these 50000 game members have been captured. that us will not put a foot inside the communities. and why not? the state of exception is widely popular among and electra exhausted and traumatized by decades of predatory gang. i live an association of bus companies has said that extortion among its members who's dropped by 95 percent. i'm the president, the architect of the crackdown regularly tweets,
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the countries seeing days of 0 murders as a result of it. but at what price? amnesty international says dozens of people have died in custody. and on the past, crackdowns, the gangs of simply re emerged again at the end. but i can, but there is a sort of on this as soon as the rest of the government puts away those concerns and lambasted critics. it says it's, it was more when this john holman al jazeera, an exhibitions in south korea capital has been showing off the latest in drone technology, including military hardware as, as the country arms industry. mergers is the 8th logistics bought in the world's help. in part by the war, ukraine, from the bride reports from so it's some of the latest military drone technology that's transforming the way war risk falls from stealthy surveillance high above the battlefield,
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to sudden precision attacks down onto it. they're used by both sides in the war in ukraine has increased interest globally. thrown on. we have seen drones been widely used in ukraine, which shows data say city is increasing. so i think the market is getting bigger and bigger at high tech weapon making. it's supported by south korea as advanced manufacturing, just as it's precision and heavy engineering have helped it become a leading supplier now benefiting from the war in ukraine or south korea. the war provides both opportunity, but also risk is stopped short of supplying weapons directly to ukraine for fear of angering. russia, which exert influence over north korea. but the war has also increased demand from east european nations who want to buy ever more nato standard equipment. south korea has used its alliance with the us and friendly ties with nato to position
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itself as the supplier of choice, signing its biggest, ever single arms deal with poland for tanks, self propelled guns and fighter jets to replace equipment that poland sent to you. crane. pretty and i told you i was, i'm good, i'm going through the nato summit. we exported the k to tank the canine howard here and f, a 50 jack to poland, achieving our biggest ever arms sale last year. south korea is mil, 3 exports set. a record of more than $7000000000.00, a figure that is already eclipsed by sales this year. thanks in part to fighting thousands of kilometers away in eastern europe. robert bride al jazeera, sole violent storm has hit the french island of corsica. kenning, 3 people. hurricane force winds up reaching trees and left tens of thousands without power. a senior girl was among those killed because she was hit by falling tree at
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a camp site. 2 people were critically injured. now the rhine river flows through 6 european countries. it is a key was away transporting coal on, on the natural resources. but weeks of high temperatures and little or no rainfall have made it impossible for many ships, dominic cane reports and claim it could almost be a picture postcard of the rhine goods barges chug up and down the river. while children explore the pebbles on the bank. and yet a closer look shows something else for in most summers, much of this area would be submerged. but months of high temperatures and little or no rainfall have changed things. or we see right now with a low or water levels in rivers is the new normal or it's even worse of the new normal will be even more extreme. we have seen a global temperature increase of 1.2 degrees on global average right now seen from
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overhead. the situation is clear, this satellite image of nearby dusseldorf shows the river. now, this one, how it was in the same place, 12 months ago, if the science of what's happening is clear, the practical application of it is causing problems for many different companies. the shipping ones in particular because they look at the rhine as it is now and have real concerns about how deep it is and how easily they can navigators. and crucially how much each of their vessels can carry. for one or 3rd, one ships bringing salt here from high up on usually carry almost 2200 tons. now they're arriving with $600.00 tons. and that shows the less water, the less cargo on the ships. and in this year of war in ukraine, there is another drawback with russian coal now embargoed across the e. u. many companies have paid to ship
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a non russian alternative via the rhine instead. but as the demand has risen, so the water levels to allow it to be delivered have dwindled. right now, most shipping companies are concentrating on the near future with autumn just weeks away. they expect its cooler, wetter weather to replenish the wine. but some scientists say that too could bring danger, dance terrain on touch the dry. it was the water can not infiltrate into the soil and with diamond get surface run off. and the water runs out of the system of catchment and produces such threat shots as we know from, from california. for example, the rhine has run dryer in summer before, but not often. it will have to rain a lot to return the river to its more normal state. dominant cane al jazeera cologne,
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and pakistan weeks of floods and landslides have killed more than 650 people in the south west. the government has sent help, but many say the response has been too slow. cut, lopez for the young has. most of these people have lost everything. floods have swept to the village of tanza in south west pakistan, destroying their homes, and livelihoods, roads that were clear just weeks ago, have turned to lakes, leaving thousands stranded it. oh, we've had more rain, misha. he's had a severe impact on many areas along the river belt. the water is leveled off in some parts, talked about it already destroyed, himes crops, and infrastructure. the aftermath is overwhelming. more than a 1000000 people have been affected by flash floods and last lights and hundreds have died across 4 provinces. w. climate change officials say is fueling unpredictable weather patterns. entire communities across baluchistan province are
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homeless. when you look at the amount of freight which has fallen on baluchistan province itself, it's $450.00 times. what bellucci stone receive in a normal year. so it destroys the home. it destroys the livestock, you know, life, folk droning. it destroys the infrastructure of cause bridge road and it destroyed the crop. what would it oliver authority say? nothing could have prepared them for the extent of this year's monsoon reigns, the army is helping displays communities. but many survivors say the response has been slow on by the other that another man, we're not getting enough help from the government. we hear a lot of promises, but on the ground it's for people who are suffering. we have no food, no water, and we are living under the open skies at the mercy of god. more heavy rains are expected in southwest pakistan in the coming days. it's yet another concern for
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families of lost everything and are forced to start over. katie, a little priscilla young al jazeera, china has warned via droughts is on its way in the south which could last into september. local governments of scrambling to irrigate crops ahead of the autumn harvest. rationing of electricity is making water pumping. difficult. some industries that rely on hydro power have shut down temperatures in the region of thought above 40 degrees celsius. and he's 41. people have been killed in forest fires and jerry is emergency crews battle a string of 5 across the nation. does there is jillian wolf reports the people here say it's like a tornado of fire that swept away everything with him. those who survived are trying to figure out what happened as a tester damage to the i don't understand how it happened. it was like a whirlwind,
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i hope the children run. i couldn't do anything because what was happening outside as you can see my house, the garage is destroyed. i couldn't say anything. it's god's will. thank god, the children of the forest fires have become an annual occurrence in algeria, where climate change is turning large areas into a tinderbox. most of the death this time have occurred in the l. tar region near the eastern border with 2 nicea, temperatures have reached 48 degrees celsius. 100 the people have had to flee their homes with many more having suffered from burns or re spirit re issues as a result of the smoke. some are blaming are so back to what you gain when you set it, fire and people die. what does the arson is gain from setting these fire? i hope is hard burns. across country. dozens of fires are still burning with
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authorities concerns. strong winds in the blistering heat wave could spark new flames that they are ill equipped to fight chile wolf, al jazeera, heavy rain as hit new zealand for a 3rd day, causing major disruption, flooding and land slides across the country. for some roads to close. on the south island, nearly 400 homes have been evacuated. the city of nelson husband west his after receiving more than a month's rainfall in just a day. our scientists in australia, the u. s. a hoping to bring the tasmanian tiger back from extinction, also known as thy last seen, the animal died in captivity in 1936. such is want to take stem cells from living species with similar dna and then use gene editing technology to create an animal very similar to the tasmanian tiger. there's been consistent skepticism about attempts to bring animals back from extinction. when lamb is the ceo of colossal
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bio sciences, that's the company involved in this project. he explains why and how he wants to bring back the tasmanian tiger. the story the tells me entire is a tragic one. it was actually hunted 100 percent to extinction by mankind in early settlers in tasmania and in australia. and was crazy about story was not only was it hunted to extinction, it was also given an, a terrible reputation that it was eating sheep, which none of that was true. and so it's a great opportunity for us to leverage cutting edge, you know, editing technologies to bring back a species that man eradicated under completely false pretenses. now we already off to the right start. so 1st we map existing genomes of the specimens that we have in the case of the policy. we've got incredible specimens. we also have hundreds of pell specimens. so even new population genome studies understand not just one gene but a lot of genomes of different thousands. and then we compare that to the same process
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that we do with the closest living relative which in this case is called a little more to. busy back out on our and then after we look at the genome, we do all the computational biology to understand the differences in the genes that create the traits. we then use cutting, you're generating technologies like christopher and a few others to actually combine those genomes and create a resulting embryo on it. needs to people have died on to, to planes, collided at a local airport in california by small aircraft to trying to land. when the collision happen in watsonville south san francisco, being investigated by the federal aviation administration. ah, this is out there at the top stories and he's for explosions have had a military force in russian.


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