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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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i would likely is of the ukraine, as i said, going to get the b building support that it, me international filmmakers and warcraft journalists, bring programs to inspire, protector and government. i all think i can return to my own life anymore. france is eroding some of it's almost 5 freedoms on al jazeera. what is life life in maximum security prison? in this to pot, special report, one i, one ace, goes behind, bought it singapore, chunky prison. on out to 0. 0, for taps could soon be running dry and parts of southern china where a heat wave is forcing factories to close.
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aah! on korea johnson, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming on un secretary general appraisers. last month's grain deal, lassie visits a ukrainian port awards. there's still a long road ahead. russia says the u. n. is proposal to demilitarize ukraine's this apparition, nuclear power plant is unacceptable. on a future remains uncertain for afghan women with a ton of bands restrictions and a battered economy. taking that we began with the global crisis, sparked by severe weather. many countries in the northern hemisphere. now in the grip of intense summer, he twice, some of the, well, the biggest and mightiest rivers are drying up. the parts of europe from france to
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italy and germany, rivers are slowing to a trickle. and that's killing harvests halting marine traffic and disrupting factories and industries. millions of livelihoods are at stake. and in the world's 2nd largest economy, china, asia's longest river, is shrinking after a heat wave that lasted more than 2 months. the longest since records began. i tried fog reports from cha ching, one of the worst affected regions. it's faint for being one of china's furnace cities with the longest somers and hottest temperatures. but in the last couple of months, the heat in the southwestern city of cha ching has been oppressive. even by its own standards, mercury levels have frequently topped 40 degrees celsius and had an all time record high of 45 degrees earlier this week. paula: yeah, it's hot as hell i melting. many tourists come to chung chain to marvel at its sides. jarling river might be what's most i catching now. it's
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a major tributary that meets the yancey further south. and it's dried up so much people can walk half way across it. again, i'm definitely worried, a kid effect residence and place that need to use the water. for classes of worn, the dry spell could last well into september. authorities began discharging water from the 3 gorges dam to replenish the yanks in its offshoots. but normal floes could still be months away. here in the city, people are cooling off wherever possible. this library converted out of an old air raid shelter has become a poplar hang out. a breeze circulates through the funnel shaped space, making it an ideal hideaway. when it's especially hot, more people come, but elsewhere it's hard to escape the effects of this heat wave and the drive that's come with it. a short drive south of the city is long gin village with insufficient irrigation crops here
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a dying. well this here shows pretty clearly why crops are struggling. the water for this field behind us has receded about 20 meters away from the crops. and what's been left behind is just this bone dry layer of mud report say more than 350000 people in rural chunking are suffering because of a shorter journey to supplies. many of them like one man, we spoke to our elderly and can't do much to fix the problem. because there was a more irrigation systems. you have to buy pipes and machine. you said you have to spend the money and it's not worth it because the stuff was already dried and died . like, what's the point of watering if it's already dead? and with many scientists saying hot a days as a result of global warming are here to stay days here for the people of long ging could be numbered pantry. falk al jazeera cha ching china. a more now on the extreme temperatures across china without when the presenter jeff harrington. well,
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this has been unrelenting heath. it's now lasted for more than 2 months. so here's what's going on. we've got this plume of heat rate across the yangtze river valley, whether you're in western central or eastern areas, everyone is feeling it. what we know is that the heat started earlier this year. it's been more intense, and it's last, the longer a lot of comparisons are be made to 2013. that's when a heat wave stretch for 62 days, but we've already blown past that and we're coming up to 70 days. and there's still more indication that it will carry through here some proof of just how hot it's been in chunk ching, a 45 degrees. so we've got temperature is a good 10 degrees above where they should be. and is there any release coming? here's the forecast on saturday. keep in mind darker the red, the higher the temperature. here's the yangtze river valley and we've still got temperatures in the 40s. okay, let me take the colors off and show you the precipitation rate. now a week line of storms coming in to shanghai. so here's what the next 3 days looks
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like a maybe a bit of relief. but look at this, not only high temperature's, also high humidity as while feeling 45 degrees on saturday. you'll kick back down to 35, but that is still above the august temperature average before. once again, those temperatures start to climb on monday. so in the short term, no relief come in. when stream that dry weather is also causing problems in mexico, a severe drought has hit the northern city of monterey. it's $5000000.00 restaurants are running out of water and relying on water tankers. areas, reservoirs, lakes and dams have dropped to critical levels. authorities say the situation is desperate with you and the secretary journal. i'm trying to get parish isn't ukraine's southern port city of desa to review the shipments of grain is part of a deal broken by turkey on the u. n. last month. it allows the resumption of ukraine's grain exports from its 3 ports, several ships including a un shot at a vessel bound for if you have left since then these up alicia,
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how sounds has been a major talking point for weeks now. it was seized by russian forces in march, but is operated by ukrainian staff. moscow has rejected international calls to demilitarize, heaves state nuclear power company thinks russia is planning to disconnect the pound from ukraine's grid un secretary journal called on russia to refrain from diverting power. what is true is that if you did really to rise as we propose the plant, the problem will be solved. and obviously, the electricity from somebody is ukrainian electricity. and it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these people must be fully respected. while joining us live from odessa is that theresa bo so theresa, what did the un secretary general say about the grain shipments that while
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we're here in the city of, they said, this is the place where ukraine's grain has been leaving this country in the past months since that this agreement was signed between russia and ukraine with the help of turkey and the united nations to start exporting grain of wheat corn. among other things, since russia imposed a blockade on this country already around $2725.00 vessels have left ukraine carrying food not only to several parts of the world, but also humanitarian aid to countries in africa. so the secretary general visited this part of the country. he said that it is important for all restrictions to be lifted, so that fertilizers from russia, but also food from ukraine can start being exported. once again, he said it's important and crucial to guarantee a food production for the year,
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20232024. he also said that much more needs to happen for this whole procedure to continue. he was hoping to go from 3000000 toned amounts to around 5000000 tons already over 500000 metric tons of food have left this part of the country through this part of the country. any major challenge because they see that you can see right behind me, it's filled with mines, a major, major danger. and that's why they had to establish a humanitarian corridor. so the best as could leave this part of the country is through a safe passage and to raise a what's being said about the worrying situation at the separation nuclear plot. well that's a major concern and as you just mentioned, that the separation of a power plant was taken by russia back in march. a bass was established there and fighting has been ongoing all around that area. and there is
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a major concern that it could be damaged. now there's been a debate and the international community is demanding that inspectors from the i. e . a will visit that area. and there's been a debate on how that's going to happen. russia, once those inspectors to go through russia while the ukraine and the united nation, say that they're ready to guarantee a passage through ukraine, even though this could mean going through the front light. now, there was a conversation with between french precedent em, i know, in my colon and russian president vladimir putin, where apparently they agreed of the important for inspectors to visit the plant there. also saying the and russia said that they would reconsider whether it would be an option for inspection to visit that part of the country through ukraine. the other thing that's been going on here with separation is that ukraine state nuclear company announced that and said that russia was getting ready to unhook the nuclear power plant from ukraine's grid. and this is a major, you know,
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a threat for the population here and mostly in winter time already the secretary general antonio. we'll tell it says that this electricity belongs to ukraine. and that this is something that shouldn't happen. and again, he said that this would be a threat to ukraine's territorial integrity. live for us in odessa, theresa by thank you. and while fighting continues along, ukraine's eastern in the southern front lines, there are reports of at least 4 explosions. now, a russian air based north of sebastopol in crimea, there been a number of explosions and fires that military bases and weapons to hose in the russian annexed region. in the past few weeks, russia has blamed that these to one of those on saboteurs. inside russia, 2 villages were evacuated near the ukrainian border after 5 at an ammunition step. it happened in the belgrade region in the south. in northern syria, at least 15 people, including 5 children,
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have been killed in an air strike authorities say a market in the city of al bob was targeted. the area is under the control of turkey backed opposition fighters. syrian government forces of an accused of carrying out friday, attacking the ation for a recent rate of correspondent m a. herani is at the scene of the attack with nav. yeah. so c, m a d b p here in l. bob city, aleppo, countryside this marketplace was targeted by 5 rockets where according to medical sources, at least 15 civilians have been killed with dozens more injured. and you can see here one of the rockets that hit the market, which was bustling with people. usually, residents flocked to this fruit and vegetable market every friday to get what they need in terms of basic necessities. a large number of civilians were caught up in this attack. those vending carts were also destroyed as a result of the attack outside this bakery, which was also partly damaged. according to sources in the opposition. the origin
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of the attack was an area under the control of the syrian democratic forces, backed by units from the regimes forces. what was the magnitude of damage of this popular market place is clear? showing an attack by holly explosive rockets. the numbers are likely to rise according to the same sources as many remain in critical condition and hospitals across the city. so the head hair on al jazeera, me, and mars at tanking economy is leaving people short of food and electricity flooding and landslides force evacuations. in new zealand, one city could take years to recover. ah, the journey has begun. the faithful world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day tropical cyclone has formed in the bare bengal. let's get into your weather details every one good to see you. so i think the danger zone
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on saturday will be in between o, disha and west bengal states. it's going to move further toward the west. so we're talking about chatted, scar, much of prediction to other pradesh on saturday. and we know what's gonna happen here, right? this is going to slide north, right across the country, and eventually into pakistan, which is what we don't need at the area has just been inundated with rain. still dealing with the last monsoon, depression, upper sim province into eastern baluchistan, but a bit of a breather for karachi, here's your 3 day forecast. looks like the depression. more move in as we look to war tuesday. okay, let me take you to indo china right now. it's a washout of a forecast as we look toward hanoi and vin, particularly in this zone here, but also for hotel men, city right through to bangkok and it's steady stream of rain. also porn into hong kong and read over a high nan island as well. and all that rain that was across the korean peninsula. we're now seen it slide into japan. this is an area that's been doused with rain
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lately. so the risk of even more flooding and still high temperature is across the yang see river valley. shanghai, how high? 39 degrees on saturday. that's it for me. i'll catch up with you next hour. cats are official ally of the journey. does the count down to the fever, woke up 2022 approaches. every continent is turning its eyes to keta. we have a great to sporting events in the world, won't be the only thing capturing everyone's attention beyond football. immerse yourself in internationally renowned entertainment. art of culture catcher has everything you'd want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the faithful world cup 2022. so why go anywhere else? ah
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ah, you're watching. i'll just hear a reminder of our top stories now. asia's longest river is shrinking in the face of a record breaking heat wave that's lasted more than 2 months. searing temperatures around the yangtze river basin, the china of withering crops in the fields. he went chief, i'm turning to cherish, has called for the russian held nuclear power plant, and some ukraine to be demilitarized as the facility. sure it belongs to ukraine. but boscoe says the proposal is unacceptable. an air strike has hit a market in northern syria, killing at least 15 people. authorities say a local market in the city of alpha was targeted. it is under the control of turkey, back to opposition fighters. there's been no end in sight too. heavy sees no rains which have been lashing parts of saddam since may. flooding has killed dozens
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of people and destroyed thousands of homes. the un says more than a 130000 people with an affected hyphen. a wheat reports from one of the worst hit regions. the had the he thought he had what, hello we be. we are reporting from will tell, are we village of our managed local province? it is one of the most ravaged villages by the torrential rain and flash floods its homes more than $300.00 families. as you can see, the entire village is inundated by water from all directions. as we walk through, we saw many of the houses, partly or totally damaged, due to rising water levels. residents of the village have lost all my school depositions from property to food stocks. one of the only thing left as their castle. the village is totally deserted, as most of the local residents had fled for their lives. some have tried to salvage what they can from their homes. residents who have evacuated to nearby villages are
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now facing di conditions. they need shelter, food, and medicine. nearby farming lands were also flooded and that's ruined the harvest . these floods are unprecedented, especially in this part of sudan, as floods have devoured all of what local residents have by ascending and so a message to the international community and all human relief agencies. asking them to quickly bring help to this catastrophic situation. at the floods in new zealand have forced a hundreds of people to leave their homes. the city of nelson has taken the biggest hit. officials issued more evacuation orders on friday after $75.00 centimeters of rain fell in just 3 days. cut it up as a young has the latest it could take years to repair the damage caused by these france. days of heavy rain have better parts of new zealand, south island, some areas of the city of nelson are unrecognizable. on the ground, the destruction is extensive. roads are blocked,
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and officials have closed schools. entire communities have been forced out of their homes with some declared unsafe or simply uninhabitable. it basically just caught ups and, and we saw the deaths rolling stretchable property. so i just, yeah, let the property, it's about 815. i said to montana, i can this morning to our service duration. it's pretty about city officials warn, there is no time wind for when people will be allowed to go back home. we will be taking a prudent approach and i'll make no excuse for that or withdraw that we are protect the, the property and lives of people as opposed to allowing people back. and i cannot unfortunately guarantee that people will be in the houses again today. nearby towns have also registered record levels of rain. while we experienced this, it was probably that the most intense increase in water flow in
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a river attachment that we've seen for a 100 years. more rainfall is expected, along with warnings with more damage. katya low priscilla young al jazeera talks aimed at paving the way for stability and chad, after decades of conflict, begin on saturday. it comes a week after rebel groups and the military lead government signed an agreement. in one major group won't be taking part as even morgan reports from jemina. after years as a rebel hussein anymore hygiene is back in the chat in capital in germain. i'm a member of the armed group national conquered movement. his faction was one of more than 40, which recently signed a peace agreement with the government national. we sought through the negotiations that lasted for 5 months. the best option for us as a political group is peace. there is no better option. the conflict has been going
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on for a long time, and many people have been affected. the deal between chad, the military government and the armed groups find in arthritis capital doha, have led to talks on the countries political future. this scheduled to start on saturday after years of turmoil, a crisis felt worse and last year, when mohammed restated b took power after the death of his father defined the constitution. the talks are said to last for up to 3 weeks, among the issues to be discussed or the constitution, and it's timeline for a national election. while many groups are expected to take part in the dialogue, others have rejected it, including the main arm group front for change and conquered, which fought in the battle against the government last year. that's killed then president re say be the government says it, hope those not taking part in the talks will join phone 5 if i for the modem. owner in this is the 1st time we're having an inclusive dialogue that includes political parties and civil societies. and where the on groups are not there for one on one agreements. the doha agreement paved the way for this. the door is still open to
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those who have not signed to join in the talks. the years of conflict have taken a toll on civilians. bushera made is a survivor of fighting between government and rebel groups in the capital in 2008, howard like in a saudi the apartment of their mother. but he and we couldn't walk on the street. there were bodies everywhere, or soldiers, or rebels or innocent people. we had to flee to a town far away, where we struggled with food and water because there were too many of us and the much, i hope the stocks bring stability that barbara. with nearly half the population, living in poverty and hundreds of 1000 still displeased many others also share the same hopes, even if some have refused to join the process for peace. hebrew morgan, alta 0 jemina police in nicaragua have arrested a catholic bishop, whose become an outspoken critic of president daniel ortega with under alvarez was detained at his home, which has been surrounded by police for 2 weeks. authorities accused him of
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inciting violence. president ortega recently launched a crackdown on descent within the church and its charities. australia's prime minister says he's upset about indonesia decision to cut a sentence of the bomb maker in the 2002 body attack. protect 20 year sentence has been reduced by a total of 2 years. he could be released on parole. head of the 20th anniversary of the bombings mac tobar, 202 people were killed in the attack. many of them were australian. this will have a devastating impact on the family, so they are going through a trauma in memory of their lost love. once we lost id 8 astrology, and in that terrorist attack and it was a barbara attack, young people lost their lives so many people lost their lives. so it's not to see id i. there are thousands of people who've been impacted by this. and certainly,
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the strong government will be conveying diplomatically very clearly our view of this, which is this further reduction in sentence they have been reductions before in the past. of the original sentence of this person. many western countries are trying to move away from russian energy a, some developing nations all doing the opposite. on thursday, the and mas minutes regions are set. it plans to import russian gas and oil. the hogging is more, it's hot and humid, but even rains from the monsoon are not enough to keep these people at home. in the heart of me and mars commercial hub being gone, doesn't line up for a chance to receive basic goods donated and subsidized by a local monastery. though, hottie yoga with every one is in trouble. as people don't have enough food, some people are families of patients from hospital. some are poor people,
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some are jobless sod, they all are cuing here to get food level. me and mars economy tanked after a military coup last year. it has been further rattled by the government's attempts to seize foreign exchange and eradicate rules for businesses and imports. a mom about the i, k e l m. if we cook at home, there's no electricity. ross is expensive to boy, and cooking costs are too high for someone who's retired wearing. mm hm. so i'm here to cover my expenses, but i also donate some fruit back to the monastery. even the war and ukraine has had an impact here, pushing up the price of gas, oil and grain. i'm alone, i know a little epoch on spend much of their income on food because of har, commodity prices. if only one person is working, the family won't have much money left for food. this week, the military government said it agreed to purchase fuel from russia to help stabilize costs, but gave no details on when or how this would begin. until then,
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many will have to rely on charity to make ends meet. leo harding al jazeera, the afghan taliban supreme leader has condemned to wednesday's attack on a cobble mosque that killed 32 people he booked to the icons either reportedly spoke at a gathering of more than 2500 officials in the southern city of kandahar. the meeting was held to mark the 1st anniversary of the town of benz rule. his rare public appearance follows a string of bomb attacks across the country. when a year after the taliban takeover of cobble many afghan women are struggling for their rights. outside of the education and health sectors, there aren't many jobs available. women are able to move around freely in cities. but in rural areas, strict rules and cultural practices are keeping many at home. sullivan, java reports from cobble thrift is business is nearly come to a halt. earning
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a living from making traditional clothes and handy cross is no longer an option. since many small businesses have gone bankrupt, in addition to sanctions and frozen assets, the thought about reversal of women's participation and society has further hindered the flow of age to understand freshness, struggling to keep up morale for her 7 children whose education has suffered for years. first, because of the pandemic, and then the taliban take over your ne salter their care. it's been one year that they have been promising and haven't done anything. we haven't seen any results. girls can't go to schools and women can go to their jobs. women in cities complain of harsh restrictions from face feels to women's entire and suspension of many public jobs. the balaban government says it is implementing islamic law, the ministry of weiss, and where you had replaced the ministry of women's affairs. there are some them and who've been appointed by the taliban, who don't think it's just tokenism came on amazon and amazon. i am saying that
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women can't go around the city or do their jobs freely, isn't accurate. i still have female staff working at this hospital, female doctor, the doing their jobs as in the previous government. besides doctors, other female personnel are also working in some government departments. 3 quarters of, of bonds live outside the cities and most of rural awareness that is traditionally conservative. that's where the dollar bonds biggest support base comes from. neil for is a teacher. and despite her brothers being unemployed in this government, she supports the taliban. i'll she says the majority of women in of law nathan beer, what she calls the he job in their own rig, and that's enough, gone tradition law to fall upon rule and nama wouldn't moisture women from of lundstern look at you and hear you and think that you've been brainwashed, and this is not what most women of of understand want each other yet that they're delicia them are made on our yeah, we aren't brain washed. i teach the koran. is lamar given rights to women like
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inheritance, education to become a professor and anything they want to be? if we go without the he job, it's against the chron and if we are muslims, we should follow the chron. balaban officials have been accused of using excessive force, men, women protest. they in turn want remedy organized, protest after seeking permission. and they also site safety and security concerns but to achieve that, most women of, of our nathan will have to trust the taliban. and that's unlikely, while more schools for teenage girls remain closed and promises to uphold women's rights are not put into action from a job without the 0 gobble. apple has sent out an emergency software update which devices after it encountered a major security for the tech child, says the floor could allow hackers to seize full control of its phones, tablets, computers. it's urging anyone who could be the target of spying,
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such as activists or journalists to install the security patches. as soon as possible. finland's to prime minister son amarion says that she's taken a drugs test. started video emerged, showing her partying with friends. the footage prompted calls from her political allies and the parents to take a voluntary test that is 6 year old now and it says she's never used. illegal drugs are performed her duties all night of the party if necessary. the test results are expected within a week. meanwhile, and we pass a lot of our, i have nothing to hide. i have not used drugs and therefore i have no problem taking tests. i do find a pretty strange that this is something that's been demanded of me. ah, the watching l 0. the headlines now ages longest to river is shrinking in the face of a record by.


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