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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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straight lines went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that is very much going for it's out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening page to dissect. the media on al jazeera is a wave of sentiment around the world if you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and we'll report on the big events that are going on. but we will say, will tell the stories of people generally don't have a voice. and whenever chance might have to never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question. and i think that's what obviously we're really does. we asked the question to people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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i'm carry johnston. this is a news hour where live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. mexican authorities warn of a desperate situation. as 5000000 residents placed a critical water shortage, un secretary general praises and last month's grain deal as he visits a ukrainian port, but warns there's still a long road ahead. russia says the u. s. proposal to demilitarize ukraine's it's upper region. nuclear plant is unacceptable. and the future remains uncertain for afghan women with the taliban restrictions and a battery economy, taking their toll on in spool the stair down ahead of the boxing showdown in saudi arabia, ukraine's alexander music is weighed in ahead of his heavy weight. well titled offense against anthony joshua. ah, we begin this news with the global climate crisis that's resulting in severe
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weather on all continents. in sudan, there's no end in sight too heavy seasonal rains, which have been falling since may. dozens of people are dead and that thousands of homes have been destroyed. in other parts of the world. there's drought, mexico's 3rd largest city. monterey is running out of drinking water as dams, which critically low levels. and a heat wave in china has lasted more than 2 months. the longest since records began, and asia, the longest river, the youngster is shrinking. or patrick fork reports from a trunk. ching, one of the worst affected regions of china. it's faint for being one of china's furnace cities with the longest summer's and hottest temperatures. but in the last couple of months, the heat in the southwestern city of chunking has been oppressive, even by its own standards. mercury levels have frequently topped 40 degrees celsius and had an old time record high of 45 degrees. earlier this week, paula: yeah,
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it's hot as hell i melting. many tourists come to john ching to marvel at its sides . jarling river might be what's most i catching now. it's a major tributary that meets the yancey further south. and it's dried up so much people can walk half way across it. again, i'm definitely worried. it could affect residents and face that need to use the water. for classes of worn, the dry spell could last well into september. authorities began discharging water from the 3 gorges dam to replenish the yanks in its offshoots. but normal floes could still be months away. here in the city, people are cooling off wherever possible is library converted out of an old air raid shelter has become a popular hang out. a breeze circulates through the funnel shaped space, making it an ideal hideaway who is when it's especially hot, more people come. but elsewhere,
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it's hard to escape the effects of this heat wave and the drive that's come with it . a short drive south of the city is long gin village with insufficient irrigation crops here a dying. well, this here shows pretty clearly why crops are struggling. the water for this field behind us has receded about 20 meters away from the crops and what's been left behind is just as bone dry layer of mud report say more than 300. 50000 people in rural chunking are suffering because of a shorter journey to supplies. many of them like one man, we spoke to our elderly and can't do much to fix the problem. because they use a more irrigation systems, you have to buy pipes and machine. you said you have to spend the money and it's not worth it because the stuff was already dried and died. like, what's the point of water in if it's already dead? and with many scientists saying hot a days as a result of global warming are here to stay days here for the people of long ging
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could be numbered. patrick voc, al jazeera chunking china for more now on the extreme temperatures across china with our whether present to jeff harrington. well, this has been unrelenting heath. it's now lasted for more than 2 months. so here's what's going on. we've got this plume of heat rate across the yangtze river valley, whether you're in western central or eastern areas, everyone is feeling it. what we know is that the heat started earlier this year. it's been more intense, and it's last, the longer a lot of comparisons are be made to 2013. that's when a heat wave stretch for 62 days, but we've already blown past that and we're coming up to 70 days. and there's still more indication that it will carry through. here's some proof of just how hot it's been in chunk ching, a 45 degrees. so we've got temperature is a good 10 degrees above where they should be. and is there any relief coming? here's the forecast on saturday. keep in mind darker the red, the higher the temperature. here's the yangtze river valley and we've still got
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temperatures in the 40s. okay, let me take the colors off and show you the precipitation rate. now a week line of storms coming into shanghai. so here's what the next 3 days looks like a maybe a bit of relief. but look at this, not only high temperature's, also high humidity as while feeling 45 degrees on saturday. you'll kick back down to 35, but that is still above the august temperature average before. once again, those temperatures start to climb on monday. so in the short term, no relief come in. extreme joy. weather is also causing problems in mexico, a severe drought as hit the northern city of monterey is $5000000.00 restaurants are running out of water and relying on water tankers. the areas, reservoirs, lakes, and dams have dropped to critical levels. authorities say the situation is desperate . the manuals me say rainfall has been below the annual average since 2015. march saw no rain for all for the 1st time since records began. so it's
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a very serious situation, the seal, but in the put, allow your i must be bus. if you are fighting over the water, the trucks arrive and people don't respect the line, is chaos in our neighborhood is sad or what can we do? we need a miracle. my correspondence, manual, arapahoe joins us now from mexico city. so, i mean, you've been reporting on drought conditions in mexico for several months, or how bad is the situation now there? the word being throwed around to describe these persisting extreme drought conditions, especially in the north eastern part of mexico is historic. these are some of the driest conditions that the region has seen in the last 30 years. there have been rains in recent days, and in the recent weeks, specifically bringing some relief to the city of monterey. it's the city of 5000000 people. but these rains, even though there happens some cases of heavy rains, simply haven't been enough. the rainy season and that was supposed to start in may
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in the state of new, heavily on in the capital city of, of monterey just never came. and the problem is far more widespread than just one city or one state in mexico. it's estimated that somewhere around 65 percent of mexico, mexico's national territory is suffering from moderate to extreme drought conditions . just last month, the month of july, the mexican president under essman lopez, although it did declare a national emergency, allowing the federal government to free up some resources to provide water to regions of the country that have been most affected by this drought that order that the declaration of a national merger emergency also law, the federal government, to order bottling companies like coca cola and some of mexico's national beer companies to reduce water consumption, to reduce extraction of water, especially in the north part of the country until the problem is resolved. and just one last thing, the extreme heat condition is, is something that we should really mentioned the month of july was the hottest
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recorded in mexico since 1953. so these extreme, he conditions are certainly not doing anything to help alleviate the ongoing drought conditions among, well, we understand that drought conditions in the south west and united states have meant water shortages in northern mexico as well when you consider the measures being taken on the other side of the border in the united states, us speaking specifically about the colorado river, which has been severely impacted by extreme heat conditions, by drought, by a lack of precipitation. there's also, there's already been states like nevada and arizona that have been asked to reduce water consumption of the colorado river supplies water to 40000000 people across 7 to 77 different states. and that's even before it gets to mexico, where it supplies waters to residents. on this side of the border as well, we already know that because of international agreements between mexico and the
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united states, mexico will be receiving significantly less water starting in january of 2023. there's also concern that the water crisis playing out in the us as well as in mexico could ensure lead to a food crisis. so when you step back and you get, and you and you look at the, this drought as not really respecting international borders, you get a sense of the scale of this crisis. and you get a sense of the need for international action to bring some sort of relief to the many, many people who are being impacted by the extreme and persisting drought conditions might wrap low live 1st in mexico city. thank you. well, there's been no end in sight. the heavy season rains that have been lashing parts. this is done since may flooding has killed. dozens of people destroyed thousands of homes. the un says more than 130000 people have been affected. it's on our way to report from one of the worst hit regions the had the he thought he had what, hello we be. we are reporting from will tell,
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are we village of our managed local province? it is one of the most ravaged villages by the torrential rain and flash floods its homes more than $300.00 families. as you can see, the entire village is inundated by water from all directions. as we walk through, we saw many of the houses, partly or totally damaged, due to rising water levels. residents of the village have lost all my school depositions from property to food stocks and one of the only thing left as their castle. the village is totally deserted, as most of the local residents had fled for their lives. some have tried to salvage what they can from their homes, residents who have evacuated to nearby villages, and now facing di conditions. they need shelter, food and medicine. nearby farming lands were also flooded and that's ruined the harvest. these floods, the unprecedented, especially in this part of the sudan as floods have devoured all of what local residents who have by ascending and s o s message to the international community.
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and all human relief agencies asking them to quickly bring help to this catastrophic situation. as a floods in new zealand have forced hundreds of people to leave their homes, the city of nelson has taken the biggest hit. officials issued a more evacuation of what is on friday after $75.00 centimeters of rain fell in just 3 days. catalogue has had a young, has the latest it could take years to repair the damage caused by these france. days of heavy rain have better parts of new zealand, south island, some areas of the city of nelson are unrecognizable. on the ground, the destruction is extensive. roads are blocked and officials have closed schools. entire communities have been forced out of their homes with some declared unsafe or simply uninhabitable. that is basically just caught ups and, and we saw the girls rotting stretchable property. so we just, yeah,
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let the property, it's about 815 i said to missouri, i came this morning to our service duration. it's pretty bug city. officials warn there is no time wind for when people will be allowed to go back home. we will be taking a prudent approach and i'll make no excuse for that or withdraw there. we are, protect the, the property, and lives of people as opposed to allowing people back. and i cannot unfortunately guarantee that people will be in the houses again today. nearby towns have also registered record levels of rain. what we experienced it was probably that the most increase and water flow in a river. and a case that we're saying, 100 years more rain fall is expected. along with warnings of more damage. cartier, little bits of again, how does you un secretary general antonio terrace,
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is in ukraine, southern port city of odessa to review the shipments of grain is part of a deal broken by turkey in the u. n. last month. but as the resumption of ukraine's grain exports from its 3 ports, several ships including a you and charted aid vessel bound for if you have left since then there is also discussed the situation at those up of asia. power plot gives state nuclear power company thinks russia is planning to disconnect the plant from ukraine's grid, un secretary general, called on russia to refrain from diverting power plant has been under russian control since march. the facilities operated by ukrainian staff, but guarded by russian forces is come under repeated shelling. and there are fears of a major disaster if critical infrastructure is hit. moscow has rejected international calls to demilitarize the plot to raise a bow is in odessa with more on what good harish has been saying about the felicia and ukrainian green shipments over 500000 tons of grain have already been
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exported from here since a landmark deal was truck between russia and ukraine with the help of the united nations and turkey last month. and this is the place where, until tanya will terrorist visit to guarantee and to monitor how this whole process is ongoing. he said that access to food and fertilizers must be guaranteed access to russian fertilizers, but also to train and for he says that much more needs to be done. and that he hoped that the amount of food that he's being exported from ukraine will increase from $3000000.00 tons a month to around $5000000.00 tons a month. another issue of major concern that's happening here is the situation around the nuclear power plant of support isha. back in march, russia took over that area, established a military base. and there's been lots of fighting and shelling going on around that area. there's a lot of concern that the plant could be damage and that's why the international
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community has been demanding that international monitors are able to visit. that part of the country. also ukrainian state nuclear company announced that russia was getting ready to unhook the plant from ukraine's grid, and tanya would carry denounces, and this is what he had to say. what is true is that the fees did? he said i was, as we propose the plan, the problem will be sold. and obviously, the electricity from the 40 here is ukrainian electricity. and it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these principle must be fully respected. so there's been a big debate about how they said by international inspectors should happen. why russia saying that it should happen to russian? so ukrainians at the united nations are thing that it could happen through crane,
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even though it could mean going through the front lines, doing a telephone conversation between french president im on the way back micron and a rush as president value me to put in be agreed of a need for a v inspectors to visit the plan and even a press and bloody meat for being said that he was going to reconsider whether he would agree or not that to change his his mind and that the inspectors will go through ukraine. u. s. has announced an extra $775000000.00 in military aid for ukraine. latest package includes light multiples, rocket launchers, surveillance, drones, and mine resistance vehicles. ukrainian forces will so get extra ammunition and how it sir systems. well, mark him, it is a retired u. s. army brigadier general and former assistant secretary of state for political military affairs. he joins us on skype from washington. d. c, thanks for being with us here on the al jazeera is this latest aid package enough? do you think to significantly changed the war on the ground?
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well, i don't think it alone will change the situation on the ground, but it will certainly make it much harder for the russians to cross you fight. if you take a look at the types of weapons that we're sending you, it's very revealing. as to the tactical strategy, you're asking ukrainians to execute a strategy they've been doing quite well with the past few months. how difficult all the logistics then of moving military equipment to where it's needed in the midst of a walk, give us an idea of that. well that's, that's a very good point for both sides. first of all, it's very difficult to move them just states into ukraine. from european nations, and especially from ukraine to where that ammunition is needed. but because that is such a vulnerability, that's exactly what the ukrainians are using this weapons act to do. they're going
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to get some adjust the space going again, he ammunition dumps that morning and grad against the trans loading areas such as when they go from the railroads to the trucks. so it is very difficult to bring that equipment in. that makes it a honorable target with the high mars in the artillery and the drones will be attacking this is a fluid situation, of course. so how is russia likely to respond to this? well, 1st of all, i disagree that this is a fluid situation. in fact, it's a pretty static situation at this point. i wrote about this wall street journal that will looking more like a 1st world war western front or both sides aren't moving very, are forward or to the rear. and what they're having is an artillery war between both sides. so i think we need to recognize, we need to continue to get the ukrainians,
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that type of equipment highmark or toward to go against these supply points, but also against the russian artillery. and i think it will not make a significant difference in the long run, but it's going to wear down the russians in there, not only their capability to prosecute this war, canceled their willingness to prosecute this war. and given what you say then, do you think this sufficient domestic support in the us for this kind of aid and patience for this kind of war? or is it a difficult fell to the public? well, i think at this point there are still some enthusiasm, certainly not as much as was in april mainstream and the public support. busy is, is declining or not increasing, but as important or european allies data is betting that they're going to run out of gas. that the country i think that the world is going to run out
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a week. and even more importantly, the european nations inside, you know, what tire of this war. and that's exactly what vladimir wants to drive a wedge into nato in the nato countries. because that ultimately it's subjective not necessarily taking over ukraine, but to. busy drive a wedge to nato, which he, seasons. it's where it is threat. commit. we very much appreciate your time here and out there. thank you. thank you. are there been explosions in the somali capital mortgage issue? witnesses say there were 3 blasts at an intersection in the city center. a short time later, attackers storm the hotel in the same area, security forces and are battling with the fighters hold up inside the building. at least a dozen people have been injured. a plenty more had on the news, including another show of strength by my support is in iraq as a political deadlock continued as desperate times in me. and as many people
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struggled to afford the basics of since 4th, a reality check for english cricketers in the 1st test against south africa. and it will be here because as a northern syria, at least 15 people, including 5 children have been killed in an asteroid. authorities say a market in the city of al bob was targeted. the air is under the control of turkey back opposition fighters. soon the government forces of an accused of carrying out friday attack in retaliation for recent rate of correspondence. emma herani is at the scene of the attack with more. oh, now if you see it here in elbows city electro countryside, this market place was targeted by 5 rockets where according to medical sources, at least 15 civilians have been killed with dozens more injured. and you can see
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here one of the rockets that hit the market, which was bustling with people. usually residents flocked to this fruit and vegetable market every friday to get what they need in terms of basic necessities. a large number of civilians were caught up in this attack. those vending carts were also destroyed as a result of the attack outside this bakery, which was also partly damaged. according to sources in the opposition, the origin of the attack was an area under the control of the syrian democratic forces, backed by units from the regimes forces. what was the magnitude of damage of this popular market place is clear? showing an attack by holly explosive rockets, the numbers are likely to rise according to the same sources as many remain in critical condition at hospitals across the city. and yet another so force followers of iraq is shortly the mac. tada osalla gathered it for friday, pres, inside baghdad, greens, his allies are refusing to take part in dialogue aimed at ending
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a long running political stalemate. 10 months software general election rock still has moved government because of disagreements on forming a coalition. by hood of the white has more form back that as you can see right behind to be the. so the supporters continue their sit in. you can see the tents that have been set up 3 weeks ago or their demonstration in front of the parliament are taken control of the parliament premises. all the courtyard here in front of the parliament a occupied by. so the supporters for 3 weeks now, they say they're not planning to leave the area until the parliament be dissolved and elections be held. in fact, they have gone further demanding that no government reformed before early elections be conducted. but that is on the other hand, as you know, that that's one top demand of the rival political block. the pre rainy and
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parliamentary block known as the frame with the coordination framework that demanded forming an transitional government head over head of early elections. now they have just finished the, the friday face as you know that every friday. so the supporters gather in some cases that are joined by some other supporters from other cities. and providence is especially from the central and southern iraq. and during friday prayers, features usually speak politics. once again, reiterating saw those demands once again, mobilizing their supporters and deb, again holding on to their demands, the parliament be dissolved, elliot actions being held. any western countries are trying to move away from russian energy, but some developing nations are doing the opposite. on thursday, new mazda military, ginger said it fans to import russian gas and oil. the a haunting has more it's hot and humid,
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but even rains from the monsoon are not enough to keep these people at home. in the heart of me and mars commercial hub being gone, doesn't line up for a chance to receive basic goods donated and subsidized by a local monastery. though, hottie yoga. yap. i with every one is in trouble as people don't have enough food. some people are families of patients from hospital. some are poor people, some are jobless sod, they all are cuing here to get food, love me and mars economy tanked after a military coup last year. it has been further rattled by the government's attempts to seize foreign exchange and eradicate rules for businesses and imports. a mom about the i, k e l m. if we cook at home, there's no electricity. ross is expensive to boy, and cooking costs are too high for someone who's retired women. so i'm here to cover my expenses, but i also donate some fruit back to the monastery. even the war and ukraine has
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had an impact here pushing up the price of gas, oil and grain. well, i'm a long, i know people can spend much of their income on food because of har, commodity prices. if only one person is working, the family won't have much money left for food. this week, the military government said it agreed to purchase fuel from russia to help stabilize costs, but gave no details on when or how this would begin. until then, many will have to rely on charity to make ends meet. leah harding al jazeera, australia's prime minister says he's upset about indonesia decision to cut the sentence of the bomb maker in the 2002 body attack room protects the 20 year sentence has been reduced by a total of 10 years. he could be released on parole ahead of the 20th anniversary of the bombings not tobar. 202 people were killed in the attack. many of them were
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australian. this will have a devastating impact on the family. so they are going through a trauma in memory, all their lost love once we lost the $88.00 australian. so in that terrorist attack and it was a barbaric attack. young people lost their lives so many people lost their lives. so it's not to see id i, there are thousands of people who've been impacted by this, and certainly the australian government will break, conveying a diplomatically very clearly our view of this, which is this further reduction in sentence. they have been reductions before in the past. all the original sentence, all of this person, el salvador government has extended sweeping emergency measures, used to crack down on powerful street, gangs, restrictions will be in place for another month. at least. rights groups have criticized the measures, but it seems the public has embraced them as john home in our report. and so, so,
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so this is el salvador is been living under a state of emergency for almost 5 months to tackle the country's rampant gang violence. this week it was extended further 50000 people have so far been detained. that's just under 2 percent of the country's labor force president ny buccheri cause the more terrorists, oh, under the emergency measures, those detainees haven't got the right to a lawyer ought to be informed why they've been arrested human rights groups say that many a process in mass hearings in which evidence isn't usually presented freeness as a husband among them. my husband was working and i didn't find out. he was detained until 10 pm kira. the congress dominated by the ruling party, overwhelmingly, voted for the measures to continue with the lookin, the president of el salvador. and his government will do everything that is
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required to guarantee that this 50000 game members have been captured. that it will not but a foot inside the communities and why not? the state of exception is widely popular among an electra exhausted and traumatized by decades of predatory gang. i met an association of bus companies. his said that extortion among its members, his dropped by 95 percent and the president, the architect of the crackdown regularly twitched, the countries seeing days of 0 murders as a result of it could at what price. amnesty international says dozens of people have died in custody. and on the past, crackdowns, the gangs of simply re emerged again at the end. what are gone, but there is a sort of on this as soon as the rest of the government puts away those concerns and lambasted critics. it says 2 winters. john holman, al jazeera police in nicaragua have arrested
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a catholic bishop who has become an outspoken critic of president daniel ortega and under alvarez was detained at his home, which has been surrounded by police for 2 weeks. authorities accused him of inciting violence. ortega recently launched a crackdown on descent within the church and its charities. so the head hair on al jazeera, if you own an apple product, find out why there's an emergency software update from the tech giant. i'm bob, you mcmillan, you jelly with football players are facing an uncertain future off to fi for band india for violating it's booth. ah ah. hi there, good to see. let's go with your weather update beginning in the middle east. not really much changed since we spoke last. we've got some temperatures back into the
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fifty's that includes for buck dead with a high of 50 degrees. and look at all this san in dust being tossed around for oman on saturday. gotta take it to pakistan. it is still raining upper sin province into eastern baluchistan, but of a breather for karachi. and we're also seeing this brain leak into afghanistan. there's been some flooding here as well, so bursts of rain to come for cobble the hive 27 degrees on saturday for turkey. it's looking like this, i think. yeah. okay. shower is around that black sea coast. maybe even seen them sneak into is stumble at times as well. off to central africa, we go and we're seeing the rain pick up toward western areas of the democratic republic of congo, raid up into bungie as well. they take it to the south because we got this vigorous weather system moving into the eastern cape province qua sewland tall. this is really going to pick up those winds across the eastern cape coastline. so i think for example, in port elizabeth, we're going to look for maximum wind gusts of about 90 kilometers per hour. so that
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could certainly cause damage. also seen those winds pick up in durban and my poto as well with some cooler air shuffling in. we'll see soon. ah. as the count and the fever will cut 2022 approaches, every continent is turning its eyes to keta. we have a great to school to the event in the world won't be the only thing capturing everyone's attention beyond football. immerse yourself in internationally renowned entertainment. culture. cattle has everything you'd want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the people will come 2022. so why go anywhere else? which site is willing to pay us or control? ah, what does the new forever proxy war mean for america and nato? as long as americans keep consuming prices are going to keep going up. why didn't
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joe biden see inflation comic? how did we get so much raw? the quizzical good us politics. the bottom line. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will but you can use in current affairs. that matter to years, lou ah do with al jazeera reminder of our top stories this, our authorities are warning of a desperate situation in northern mexico. $5000000.00 residents and the city of monterey are running out of water lying on tankless areas. reservoirs, lakes, and dimes have dropped to critical levels. un chief antonio cherish has
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a cold for the russian held nuclear power plant in southern ukraine to be demilitarized. he says the facility belongs to ukraine, but moscow claims the proposal is unacceptable. there been 3 blasts at an intersection. the center of the somali capital wanted to shoot short time later, attackers stormed the hotel, security forces and how battling with the fighters hold off insomnia. a year after the taliban takeover of cobble many afghan women are facing obstacles. there are a few jobs available outside of the health and education sectors within are able to move around freely in cities, but in rural areas, strict rules and cultural practices are keeping many at home. so i've been job reports from cobble freshness. business is nearly come to a halt. earning a living from making tradition of clothes and hand. the cross is no longer an option. since many small businesses have gone bankrupt,
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in addition to sanctions and frozen assets, the thought about reversal of women's participation in society has further hindered the flow of age to understand fresh. they're struggling to keep up morale for her 7 children whose education has suffered for years. first, because of the pandemic. and then the taliban take over any answer that there is been one year that they have been promising and haven't done any thing. we haven't seen any results, girls can't go to schools and women can't go to their jobs. women in cities complained of harsh restrictions from face feels to bremond satire and suspension of many public jobs that have on government says it is implementing islamic law. the ministry of vice and where to has replaced the ministry of veterans affairs. there are some the men who've been appointed by the found urban who don't think it's just tokenism can on amazon. i'm amazon. i am saying that women can't go around the city or do their jobs freely, isn't to accurate. i still have female staff working at this hospital,
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female doctor the doing their jobs as in the previous government. besides, doctors, other female personnel are also working in some government departments. 3 quarters of, of bonds live outside the cities. and most of rural alone, the son is traditionally conservative. that's where the dollar bonds biggest support base comes from. neither for is a teacher and despite her brothers being unemployed in this government, she supports the taliban. i'll she says the majority of women in of law nathan, beer, what she calls the he job in their own way. and that's an afghan tradition. well, to fall upon rule, and wouldn't most women from of understand, look at you and hair you and think that you've been brainwashed. and this is not what most women of afghanistan want each other yet that they dalliance. should an army on our, you know, we aren't brainwashed. i teach the coroner is lamb has given rights to women like inheritance. education to become a professor and anything they want to be. if we go without the he job,
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it's against the crohn. and if we are muslims, should follow their chron, balaban officials have been accused of using excessive force, men, women protest. they in turn want remedy organized protests after seeking permission . and they also aside safety and security is concerned with to achieve that most women of, of our nathan will have to trust the taliban. and that's unlikely. while more schools were teenage girls remain closed and promises to uphold women's rights are not put into action from a job down to 0 global affairs here, coffee is a women's rights activists and was the 1st female deputy speaker of the afghan parliament for her own safety she joins us from an undisclosed location. thanks for joining us here on a day to day basis then how dramatically had the lives of women changed in afghanistan since the taliban takeover? do you think so for those women who are living in the
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cities, especially in the big cities who have been working or no studying either at school or university, it is a very dramatic change. it's a vendor market change in a way that most of them actually lost their jobs either working with the government as the previous government was the only or the main source of employment. those who are, you know, working with private sector because of the economic situation. the private sector also reduced its work and most of the business are down and bankrupt. so women have lost a lot of jobs and it's only education and health sector, which women can go to work as a doctor or nurses. and this is somebody called a loud woman when they were in power 1st time. what is what is not no matter what striking is the fact that you know that mental pressure man in the cities and
9:40 pm
put women in the 80 us as well. so this is all over. so when, when people say, well i'm job is part of our tradition is not in fact part of our tradition. it is a very clear indication in our religion. but it depends on how you, where a job and the way it's imposed to you. so unfortunately what part of them do is they impose a book which is obviously not islamic. you don't see it in other muslim countries woman wedding, but it's a follow cover that. is there a job and if one don't aware that are fully covered their faces for uh huh. what, what is the main member of the family to gave teach the woman a good man. that's how the birthday translation is. now you can imagine that in most cases, even during the time that we were making law on violence against women or other law to protect women, may domestic violence were caused because of, you know,
9:41 pm
i've users of women, vice living in the same house with them. i don't, it's the husband sometimes it's the father on the brother. and it's of course, a new issue in our parts of the will. not only not us on the domestic violence. i think it's a global issue. so when i ask these abusers to come to the woman, it actually does the number of good even try and increase the number of domestic violence and a son, a son, it's to that, not every woman had the chance to have a job. but meanwhile, it's also true that it was the choice of because it was lots unity for them, not because there was a do. so when something process becomes a rule that makes mentally a lot of pressure and brains. also other consequences in terms of course my just and the mileage is a place that i knew i money robinson. i made contact with people guys as young as
9:42 pm
9 years old or forced to money because there is no pardon. ok. let me, uh, let me just let me just cutting. if you could give me a, give me, let me just customer and ask you this question though, i'm somewhat say that's how the balance should be more concerned with other issues of energy and food crisis. for example, would you agree with that? is that more important? i do not have a priority when it comes to government. i mean they have issues 28 breaks and decrease as they have come to power. eliminating women's rights. so 12 months, 28 degree. it's like more than the decrease every month eliminating women's rights . now can you imagine if they have really poorly put not energy on time and priority in improving the life of people to 24 point. 1000000 people are in immediate need. urgent need of food. i'm not going to have to be hostage,
9:43 pm
basically, they don't provide, i need to be clear to the international community because they have frozen the money. people are suffering from a, from poverty while i think the title should actually, you know, from day they have claimed that they have increased the domestic venue collection. so they need to create job and they need to show to the people that they are accounting. but, but in fact, not that they are accountable to the, to the people. they are a burden on people shoulder. ok, we'll have to leave it there. fans your coffee. thank you very much. indeed for joining us here on al jazeera, we do appreciate rebel groups and state officials are set to begin talks aimed at paving the way for stability. and chad becomes a week after rebels and the military that government signed an agreement in dough. but one major group won't be taking part as human, more than the ports form and germane. after years as a rebel hussein animal hygiene is back in the chatting capital in germain. i'm
9:44 pm
a member of the armed group national concord movement. his faction was one of more than 40, which recently signed a peace agreement with the government national. we sought through the negotiations that lasted for 5 months by the best option for us as a political group is peace. there is no better option for the conflict has been going on for a long time, and many people have been affected. the deal between chad, the military government and the armed groups find in arthritis capital doha, have led to talk on the countries political future. this scheduled to start on saturday after years of turmoil, a crisis felt worse and last year, when mohammed reese that'd be took power after the death of his father defying the constitution. the talks are said to last for up to 3 weeks. among the issues to be discussed are the constitution, and it's timeline for a national election. while many groups are expected to take part in the dialogue, others have rejected it, including the main arm group front for change and conquered,
9:45 pm
which fought in the battle against the government last year that's killed then president it re say be. the government says it hope those not taking part in the talks will join phone 5 if i for the modem. owner in this is the 1st time we're having an inclusive dialogue that includes political parties and civil societies. and where the groups are not there for one on one agreement, the doha agreement, paid the way for this, the door is still open for those who have not signed to join in the talks. the years asked, conflicts have taken a toll on civilians. lashara met is a survivor of fighting between government and rebel groups in the capital in 2008 howard like and i started to help them out of them up. but he and we couldn't walk on the street. there were bodies everywhere or soldiers or rebels or innocent people, or we had to flee to a town far away where we struggled with food and water because there are too many of us and the much i hope these starks bring civility. he that barbara with nearly half the population living in poverty and hundreds of 1000 still displaced many
9:46 pm
others, also share the same hopes, even if some have refused to join the process for peace. heber morgan august era in carmina. bar drones are taking center stage as a military hardware exhibition south korea's capital. the countries arms industry has emerged as the 8th largest exporter in the world, helped in part by the worn ukraine or mcbride reports from so it's some of the latest to military drone technology that's transforming the way war is fault from stealthy surveillance, high above the battlefield, to sudden precision attacks down on to it, they're used by both sides in the war in ukraine has increased interest globally. for on. we have seen drones been widely used in ukraine, which shows the necessity is increasing. what so i think the market is getting bigger and bigger. roonan high tech weapon making is supported by south korea's
9:47 pm
advanced manufacturing. just as it precision and heavy engineering have helped it become a leading arm supplier now benefiting from the war in ukraine. for south korea, the war provides both opportunity, but also risk. it has stopped short of supplying weapons directly to ukraine for fear of angering, russia, which observed influence over north korea. but the war has also increased demand from east european nations who want by evermore nato standard equipment. south korea has used its alliance with the u. s. and friendly ties with nato to position itself as a supplier of choice. signing its biggest ever single arms deal with poland for tanks, self propelled guns and fighter jets to replace the equipment that poland sent to ukraine. tricky and i've taught young real damage through the nato summit. we exported the k to tank the canine howitzer and f, a 50 jets to poland,
9:48 pm
achieving our biggest ever arm sale. last year, south korea's military exports set a record of more than $7000000000.00. a figure that is already eclipsed by sales this year. thanks in part to fighting thousands of kilometers away in eastern europe. robert bride al jazeera soul. a chinese born canadian, a billionaire has been fined at $950000.00 in jails for 30 years for embezzlement and bribery offences. shout. yung huan was one of china's richest people when authorities allegedly took him from a hotel in hong kong in 2017. his convicted my chinese court in july, 18 diplomats have been banned from the court proceedings. to char your grandpa, mir horseshoe, shall sion who are, has been prosecuted by judicial organs in accordance with the law for suspected criminal offenses. according to the people's republic of china, nationality law,
9:49 pm
china does not recognize dual citizenship for chinese nationals, shall, has chinese citizenship. china holds trials for criminal activity by its citizens in accordance with the law, which he does not enjoy the right to consider protection from other countries. apple has sent out an emergency software update for its devices. after the encounter, the major security floor attack giant says the floor could allow hackers to seize full control. that's phones, tablets, computers is urging anyone who could be the target of spying, such as activists or journalists to install the security patches as soon as possible. finland's prime minister son amarion, says that she's taken a drugs test after video emerge, showing her partying with friends. the footage prompted calls from her political allies and the opponents to take a voluntary test. 36 roles says she's never used illegal drugs could have performed her duties on the night of the party if necessary. the test results are expected
9:50 pm
within a week. meanwhile, i mean there's a lot of i, i have nothing to hide. i have not used drugs and therefore i have no problem taking tests. i do find it pretty strange that this is something that's been demanded of me. so the head hair on al jazeera, ukraine's heavyweight boxing champion, gets ready to defend his well titles. his head with that story. ah ah ah
9:51 pm
sake that mm hm. and then the international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, lou ah, for that it's time for the sports news. now. hes on. thank you so much. kerry will ukraine's heavyweight boxing champion alexander music says his motivations keep
9:52 pm
winning comes from the people of his country. he announced each you're sure have weighed in ahead of their title re much in saudi arabia and the stair down that lasted longer than some fights. as david stokes repulse. oh, the top preflight. it's been about how big alexander you seek is looked in training . but when he stepped on to the scales, he weighed virtually the same as he did when he beat anthony joshua in london last year, 10100. no, much change for joshua either. the british poked up a bit, but only by around 2 kilograms. the y in didn't last long, but the stair down certainly did. with neither 40 to flinching for a 100 and 72nd. oh good, it was going through your mind. did you looked into his eyes? not much to the face of always say for me personally, face of let me 9. does about the bell ringing enough where i lever really face off that when flight just ready for tall routes, 100 percent? 100 percent. ready for tall rounds than anything short as a bonus? tell us what you saw when you looked into his eyes. that was
9:53 pm
a long stare down between the 2 of the supper. myself. tell us what happens tomorrow night. it was the reflection of myself. 35 year old isic is undefeated and comfortably one the 1st fight. but the build up to this one has been unique before training camp, he was back home in ukraine, helping in the fight against the russian invasion. he's arranged for the fight to be shown for free across ukraine. the whole world has to know that ukraine is the country of free friends, burns strong to ritual, and develop people. not too many men in the world can deliver this message to 2 millions, 200 millions of people. and i won't seek is able to do that. this is only 6 3rd fight at heavyweight, though, and it's taking place in the saudi arabian city of jetta. joshua has fought and won in saudi once before he be andy, were his junior there in 2019 to avenge his 1st career defeat. he'll be hoping for
9:54 pm
the same again on saturday, to emulate the likes of mohammed ali lennox lewis and battalion which coat and becoming a 3 time world champion. levied stokes. how da 0. a rama. dread coach call on shot . he says, brazilian midfield casimir wants to leave the club, the 30 or i'll look set to join manchester, united in a $17000000.00 dale casmer has won a 3 law league, a titles and 5 champions league since joining rail in 2030. and i'll pay that in if it's as well to try a new challenge. we need to understand it and we need to accept it with as much love and respect as possible. so we're not angry, and we're not sad. of course, at a personal level, when you spend so much time with such a nice, serious and professional person, you're not happy about the respect for his decision prevail. now in these football is dealing with the fallout from fif is move to ban the country club and national
9:55 pm
teams of being barred from competing internationally with india. also losing the right to stage global events. haven't you met our reports from new delhi? the band. she has been training for 3 years. his goal to play for india, but feel bad may change back. actually the main dream is that while go round, but because of the white glove it's all organized fast. so we can play because of the band, but i hope goldman will do something and i'll leave the band but but till then we can play national football. like i said. and all that lease fever had suspended. the federation that manages would boil in india. trouble began when its former president stayed on after his tenure ended. the supreme court replaced him and appointed a committee to manage the football body. fever has called it under the influence from 3rd parties, which constitutes a serious violation of statutes, faith. i says it will give us the ban. if the committee is disbanded and control is
9:56 pm
handed back to the federation, the supreme court is hearing the matter and has asked the government to get involved. new delhi, the biggest priority is retaining hosting rights. the under 17 women's world cup is scheduled to take place in october. the indian players have also been banned from international matches when go clim, carola arrived in his biggest on for the asian women's club championship. they were told they couldn't play. it is very humiliating for the in data for falling for the need of india. and this is not the way we should go ahead. the band has prompted concerns about the future of the game in india. obviously if you're not recognizing the, why would you would you want to play the phone since? right. so that is a huge get to what has met to north of us, but it's giving up for not picking up sports because there are other challenges in right. and other than india to so it is meant that, i mean,
9:57 pm
for the past 3 years that mean it's been a problem. used competitions will not be here because the vaccine issues, et cetera. so anyway, this was a v the government says it's talking to sci fi to find a solution players in france a watching closely hoping india will be back in action soon. pardon him, then i'll just the new daddy. after an impressive start, raining at us, open champion, m a run, a connor has been knocked out of the cincinnati open. the british ply was enjoying one of the better weeks of her season, beating serina williams and another form of world number 16 a rank. my 10 year old boat lost them straight for this summer to american jessica pergola. as lasker secured, a big win over england, in the 1st test of that 3 match series, south africa winning bind endings, and 12 runs the hunting, bawled out for just a 149. in a 2nd things defeat coming well inside 3 days. a 2nd test stance in manchester next
9:58 pm
week. and a rest set back for world 20 championship lead a color rovan perez. the 21 year old fin was competes in belgium looked set for another victory. and so this happened with robin para and his co pilot, escaping serious injury. he has so far, 15 of the seasons. it's okay that his high school is looking for kerry. and he, thanks very much indeed. will that sit for me for this news? i but more from altos air, just a few moments time. stay with us. ah, ah!
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