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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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for a safe going home and then international intercourse and excellence award bought now for your hero. ah lo, i'm mariam mazin and then a quick look at the main stories now and as the climate crisis intensify is extreme
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. weather is causing havoc from the americas in europe, across africa and asia. in china, the changing climate is triggered the longest heat waves is records began forcing water levels in asia as longest river the young sea to shrink. the livelihoods of millions of people are now at stake, and so as the supply of food and drinking water, patrick, fuck reports, now from chum chain. ah, it's fain for being one of china's furnace cities with the longest somers and hottest temperatures. but in the last couple of months, the heat in the southwestern city of cha ching has been oppressive even by its own standards. mercury levels have frequently touched 40 degrees celsius and had an all time record high of 45 degrees. earlier this week, paula: yeah, it's hot as hell. i'm melting. many tourists come to cha ching, to marvel at its sites. jarling rhythm might be what's most i catching now. it's a major tributary that meets the yen. see further south. and it's dried up so much
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people can walk half way across it. again, i'm definitely worried it could effect residence and face that need to use the water for classes of one, the dry spell could last well into september. authorities have begun discharging water from the 3 gorges dam to replenish the yanks in its offshoots. but normal floes could still be months away. here in the city, people are cooling off wherever possible. this library converted out of an old air raid shelter has become a popular hang out. a breeze circulates through the funnel shaped space, making it an ideal hideaway who is when it's especially hot, more people come. but elsewhere, it's hard to escape the effects of this heat wave and the drive that's come with it . a short drive south of the city is long gin village with insufficient irrigation crops here a dime. well this here shows pretty clearly why crops are struggling. the water for
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this field behind us has receded about 20 meters away from the crops. and what's been left behind is just this bone dry layer of mud report say more than 350000 people in rural chunking are suffering because of a shorter journey to supplies. many of them like one man, we spoke to our elderly and can't do much to fix the problem because there was a more irrigation systems. you have to buy pipes and machine you. so you have to spend the money and it's not worth it because the stuff was already dried and died . what's the point of watering if it's already dead? and with many scientists are saying hotter days, as a result of global warming are here to stay. days here for the people of long ging could be numbered. patrick block al jazeera, chunking, china. and while extreme dry weather is also causing problems in mexico, where a severe drought has hit the northern city of monterey,
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it's $5000000.00 people are running out of water and relying on water tank as the areas, reservoirs, lakes and dams have dropped to critical levels. 40 say the situation there is desperate. they went out to jail antonio, the terraces in ukraine, southern port city of odessa to review the shipments of grain. cargo is being exported under deal, broken by turkey in the un last month. it allows for the resumption of ukraine's grain exports from 3 ports. several ships including a un chanted a vassal bounce if he appear, have left since then also been reporting on explosions that have taken place in the somali capital market tissue. witnesses say that there were 3 blocks at an intersection in the city center, and then a short time later attack a stormed a hotel in the same area, no word yet on any casualties. and apple uses with the iphone 6 as all later models are being asked to update their phone software as soon as possible because of security flaws. attack giant says hackers can see the full control of its phones,
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tablets, and confuses all the devices affected. include new model, i pads, and macs running on mac, o. s, monterey, and above. apple technicians has sent out an emergency software update about this. the bottom line is next speaking with china's ambassador to the united states glue . hi, i'm steve clements. i have a question or relations between the 2 biggest powers in the world, china, in the united states, on an unstoppable collision course. let's get to the bottom line. ah, despite their differences, the u. s. in china have gotten by for decades. up until recently, american manufacturers love moving their operations at china on human rights. questions, concerns about repression of muslim sense. and john,
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or suppression of rights and hong kong. the nations are passionately divided in washington. their fears at china is astounding. economic growth and it's attainment of technological and scientific parity in many key industries of the future, threatened america's lead position in the world. and they see china is working hard to situate itself as the most powerful nation on earth. and if that's not enough of a hot mess of challenges, a bipartisan group of us senators and house members have now followed on the trip to taiwan by how speaker nancy pelosi, who defied both the white house and china in urging her not to take that trip. china seas taiwan as part of its sovereign territory. but the deal has been that china won't take the island by force while the u. s. promise is not to recognize, tie one's independence. that ambiguity has kept the regent stable for decades in protest. the policies visit china has halted numerous bilateral talks and collaboration on everything from climate change to drug trafficking, to regional security and military coordination. and president joe biden has stalled any action on lifting trade sanctions imposed by his predecessor,
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donald trump on chinese imports. but despite the downward spiral, the 2 nations are really joined at the hip doing more than $700000000000.00 a year and trade with each other. so what are they strategic partners, strategic competitors or strategic enemies? and what does it mean to you to me and the rest of the world? joining me today is china's ambassador of the united states chin gong. prior to this post, he served as the deputy minister of foreign affairs in beijing. and bastard's great to be with you today and talk to you and i really want our audience to understand the chinese dashboard when it comes to taiwan. we've seen the trip of of speaker how speaker nancy pelosi. you warned her not to go and said there would be consequences, widest high one matter. so significantly to use strategically. thank you for having me. nancy pelosi, this visit to taiwan was reckless and the provocative because it upgraded the substantive
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relations between united states and taiwan. and it valleys, the u. s. commitments in the 3 joint communiques of china and the united states that there is only one china and the government of the people's republic of china is the so legal government representing the whole and the same tyna. and that united states will, will not develop an official links with taiwan and nancy pelosi visit to taiwan. we have her and we have seeing what she did. and what he said is not at all fish of it. he said, very clarity. you know, her statement
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a power rival in taiwan that her visit is official at she herself is not a person in the street. it's number 3 in the u. s. government. and she carries great political sensitivities. so by going to taiwan, declaring that the united states size with the higher wins authority, who, which put the taiwan independence on with political agenda in the parties. the parties of democratic a progressive party's constitution is a show of the united states,
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emboldening type any independent forces. you know, the consequences are very seriously as we have warned that the us side repeatedly. now, we are dealing with the fall out of her visit. one of the things that i have been surprised by after her visit was that while president biden did not ask her not to go the national security bureaucracy, the pentagon, various national security officials that work for president biden were very concerned about her, her visit and thought that it would be a trigger when you heartened in any way to see that divide in the government, that there were a lot of people in the u. s. government who did not support her trip. well, we only pay attention to the end result. the congress is a part of
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a u. s. government and the congress is obliged to respect and follow the american foreign policy in adding country. there's only one foreign policy. so you can say that the executive branch has of one and the congress has another one. and we are dissatisfied with what has happened already, and we don't believe that the executive branch of the united states have done enough to stop her going, what is trying to trying to achieve in the world. so 1st of all, china is working for delivering a better life to his own people. you know, this is saw at the center piece of the mission of the coming to the party of china
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and the government of china. so what we are doing is to, you know, make our self stronger and prosperous so that we can satisfy all our people's desire for a better life. and at the same time, you know, china can have many more to deliver for work, peace, security, and common development. and china is a force for peace and stability. but regrettably, my country is being misperceived and miscalculated. some people see china as a challenge or even a threat trying to replace united states. this is not, or it's not our intention. so we want to have
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a stable comparative relations with united states because we do believe that china, united states have a massive share responsibilities and common interests. you know, we have our challenges at home. i think the 1st thing to do, but each of us to manage our own affairs well. and the good relationship between china, united states will serve the interest of our 2 countries. and we also side to meet the desire of the international community for peace security and for joint efforts
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to tackle the common challenges the international community is facing and saturday the status co all for china, us relations is very worrisome is going down here. this is because, as i mentioned, that china is being misperceived and calculated. and china us relations now is being driven by fear not by the common interests and by the common responsibilities of all countries. you know, people forget that, you know, the bilateral trade volume annually between the 2 countries have exceeded the same $150000000000.00 us dollars. people forget that the before call it, you know, 5000000 mutual visits to,
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to not to countries. and people forget that in china, united states, one of the most important, the trading partners to each other. and the people forget there are, there are hundreds of thousands of chinese students, you know, starting in the united states. and the more and more american young people, they truth china to study. so i think it's time to bring back common sense common interest and common responsibility. back to the center stage of for us, china, relation on our differences and disagreements cannot justify confrontation, why i've heard you recently use the term threat phobia and using the escalation of rhetoric over taiwan in the united states. as part of that,
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what do you think is driving american worries and concerns about chinese behavior? from your perspective? i think there is indeed a fear or kind of phobia in the united states and it's spreading. is that racism, i well, maybe you can make a judgment, but i do feel that, you know, in this country, asian hate is on the rice. and the chinese scientist, chinese students feel more and more unsafe in the country. and our normal interactions, corporations in various fuse now being affected negativity by fear. i think a lot of americans look at what they see in china and taiwan and high hong kong.
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and some of what they see are say, the 0 coven policy, where many people are locked in their residence for very long period of time. and we've seen the youtube videos, et cetera, people and their frustration. or in hong kong, we saw massive protests that were, were put down and a lot of americans because they believe that that was a democracy movement, or they see taiwanese, that worry about, you know, their future autonomy and, and even some of them, if you said, want independence, there is a sort of affinity that, that in many americans feel for that. and i guess i'm interested when it comes to triggering this crisis again in the future. what is your response? and they're saying, how can china either respond on those situations to alleviate americans concerns that china is trying to squelch autonomy and, you know, basically basic freedoms in human rights to have
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a more trusted relationship there. i mean, i'm just sort of interested in why taiwan is so such an exploitable situation that, that it can lead to a quick escalation like it did. and i think in part of it is because so many americans basically have empathy for freedom. well, the classroom of taiwan fundamentally speaking is not about democracy. our freedom is about china's national sovereignty. and tara, tara integrity, is about the national dignity of chinese people. the historical fact is that china has been pop. taiwan has been part of china since ancient times. and in the history taiwan has been, was separated from its motherland by dark,
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colonial us, and the japanese invaders. but the chinese people, we've worked so hard at the, a huge cost to get tab and back to the motherland. so people need to understand history and need to know the international law. so what is the international law one, china principal, kirk campbell, who is president biden's coordinator for indo pacific affairs. he's a long time asia hand is actually said, don't believe the chinese on this, that they, that peaceful unification is not the agenda. they are seeking that they use nancy pelosi strip as a pretext to position itself better. and it end to end to take advantage of this
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moment, a fairly strident plane from, from kurt campbell. i just be interested in how you see that moment what, what, what were you doing to send the signals that this would be troublesome. i don't know, based on what this american senior official open, he said that don't believe china will practice our will work for peace for re unification. as i mentioned earlier, i know people on both sides of the taiwan suite, all our competitors, you know, and we will do our best to achieve feel free to cation, but we will not renounce the arm piece for ms. this is not targeting at chinese people in taiwan.
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this is to deter a hand for all for a time in dependence, separate forces and to deter the foreign innovation so that we can best protect the prospect of peace for re unification. is there any way to get back to a healthy relationship from your perspective? ah, firstly, china doesn't believe that the coupling as in the interest of either china or united states and it will hurt both of us and it will hurt the whole work giving in the weight and the the the influence and responsibilities of china and the u. s. and
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secondly, we do not want that. the couple know we want more exchanges and the more cooperation to get this relationship off the current difficulties we need to ah, take some very important ah, principles to heart that if you know this relationship should be built on the principle of for mutual respect, mute or trough are peaceful coexistence, and we wing corporation as proposed by president she. i remember when ben vice president biden helped arrange the sunny land summit with using ping and brock
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obama. and i was with vice president biden in china when he met season paying the 1st time. and there seem to be a very good relationship, a relationship of mutual respect and vice president by now. president biden told me that he respected position, paying, and thought that he was a forward thinker. do you think there's a level of trust still in that relationship and mutual respect or do you think it has been now spoiled so badly by the events that you've been concerned about? well, i'm very concerned about the level of trust between china and the us. simply because that china is being seeing as a 10 inch and simply because that the china phobia is why the be spread in the us. so if you see somebody as
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a friend or partner if something. but if you see somebody as, as a threat or a challenge, no, it's a totally different story. so how to restore trust. we need to back to the very basics that if to have a fair and objective of china's intention of development and to the barrier mind our common interests and common responsibility. which believe we believe that the far all the way our differences and that these agreements, we should not let differences or disagreements, disagreements in the way all for the development of our relations and our differences. and that this and the disagreements should not
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justify know, confrontation and the half the did it how status and bass, or years ago when then premier who gentile was visiting washington. i was seated next to a guy who was the equivalent of the director of the policy planning staff of your ministry of foreign affairs. so i said, oh, this is a great opportunity. tell me, what's china's grand strategy in the world. and his response to me kind of joking was how to keep you americans distracted in small middle eastern countries, which had a ring of truth in it, in that era. what is china's grand strategy today? felt china, the grand strategy is to save god work, peace, security and johnny hands with people of o l. a. countries for common development and shared prosperity. and we want
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to have a piece for and friendly international environment too far as to concentrate on laura domestic development, which will deliver a better lives for chinese people. nothing more, nothing else. and i want, i my, the better my role is trying to distract united states from a fear of china and the from china phobia. and the word is big enough to accommodate china and united states. let me give you a story. the 1st secretary of treasury is hamilton, and there is a musical code in hamilton,
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and he had a political enemy that is elenbird. at that time he was a widespread them in the united states. yes, and the, and the result was not happy. the to man just say the lead had to do and at the end of the do vice president by lamented that the word is big enough for me and the mr. how me at that. so less look at the work today and let's look at china us relation. i want to borrow mr. birth remarks that the word is big enough for china and united states. and we don't need to have
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the tragic incident more than 200 years to repeat herself today will ambassador chin gong, chinese ambassador, united states. i really appreciate your candor and for your joining us today and talking us through these issues. thank you so much. thank you. so what's the bottom line today? we talked about the future of us china relations. my quick bottom line is that the 2 top global powers will always struggle for dominance. bring the ship and rivalry are really baked into this relationship forever. but the cataclysm that would come if the u. s. and china work harder to separate than to cooperate would probably do most all. so another way must be found to avoid a catastrophic collision. but this week were also marking the killing of one of our dearest colleagues, sharina ob, who aqua by is really forces in ginny. last may, sharon was a phenomenal journalist and objective witness to events that she reported on so that all of us would have insights into what's happening. she was killed for doing
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her job analysis has shown that an israeli bullet ended her life and yet no one has been held accountable. impunity is incredibly dangerous and the death of sharina is a place holder for the harassment, the detention, the torture, and sometimes murder of journalists around the world. i hope you will think of her to day as we call for authorities to bring her killers the justice that she and we deserve. and that's the bottom line. ah, the 1960s, the significant decade across the middle east of africa. and it was to dictate when new dynamic movements were launched, in the most of a 3 part series al jazeera, well looks at the changes in society as a whole. teachers were looked after and learning methods were closed, the evaluated from education to the changing rules of women, the expansion of the middle class,
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and improve transportation. the sixty's in the arab world. society on our jazeera, the world copies coming to cotton in just 3 months. as the main event gets closer, we hear every step of the way. hello, i'm john. i guess you're also with updates from teams and fans across the globe. themes can expect some strong support here in customer with the spotlight now on europe. can france claim back to back? welcome victories. all will poacher golds christiano. rinaldo finally get his hands on the trophy. the well camp counter. anal joe sierra. oh. hello, i'm sorry. i was in a quick update of the main stories now china is in the grip of rec.


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