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casual has everything you'd want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the faithful wilcock 2022. so why go anywhere else? new voice if heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with, kimberly feel, but i really think in their own country shifting paleface, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how did happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. the listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera ah. extreme weather is causing havoc around the globe from flooding to droughts. millions faced the climates ross.
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ah, hello, i'm molly inside. this is out. is there a lie from joe? ha. also coming up on a visit to the cranium, port of odessa, the un chiefs as a nuclear plants under russian control must be demilitarised, at least in nicaragua, arrests and outspoken roman catholic bishop known to be critical of president daniel. it will take and apple sends out an urgent update off to major security flows are discovered which could allow hackers to take control off devices. ah, hello and welcome from record heat waves to severe flood warnings. extreme weather is causing havoc in many places around the world. to start with europe, where reco, temperature is coupled with long running droughts, have reduced rivers in france,
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germany and in italy, in spots of spain. wildfire which had been brought under control all once again springing to life to the u. s. where more than 10000000 on the flash flood warnings in the country southwest. and the heat wave in china has lost more than 2 months. the longest since record was began, asia's longest river, the young sea is shrinking on to sit on which has been lashed by heavy seas no flooding since may. the un says a 130000 people. there have been affected al jazeera as hate them. i will start so coverage from one of 2 dont west regions the had the he had what, hello, we be. hello. we are reporting from will tell are we village of l. mcgill local province? it is one of the most ravaged villages by the torrential rain and flash floods its homes more than $300.00 families. as you can see,
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the entire village is inundated by water from all directions. as we walk through, we saw many of the houses, partly or totally damaged, due to rising water levels. residents of the village have lost almost school depositions from property to food stocks. one of the only thing left as their castle. the village is totally deserted. as most of the local residents had fled for their lives, some have tried to salvage what they can from their homes, residents who have evacuated to nearby villages and now facing di conditions. they need shelter, food and medicine. nearby farming lands were also flooded, and that's ruined. the harvest, these floods are unprecedented, especially in this part of sudan, as floods have devoured all of what local residents here have been sending an s o s message to the international community and all human relief agencies asking them to quickly bring help to this catastrophic situation. to mexico now where extreme dry weather is crating, a crisis in northern states,
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millions of people are running out of water and a relying on water tank has regions. reservoirs and dams have also dropped to critical levels. manual report reports from mexico city. extreme drought conditions persist in northern mexico. the city of monterey home to some 5000000 people has been particularly hard hit on the most his day. but in the put allow i year i must be fussy. people are fighting over the water, the trucks arrive and people don't respect the line as chaos in our neighborhood is sad, but what can we do? we need a miracle. these are the driest conditions. the region has seen in 30 years with recorded rainfall levels far below average. in, during a recent visit to monterey, mexico's president and that is manuel lopez over at other promised to continue to provide emergency government assistance. you'll know game. i believe this situation will help lead everyone towards participating in the conservation of water so that
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we will be more conscious about the importance of his wydell resource at k. experts say as much as 65 percent of mexico's territory is currently experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions they attributed in part to this year's unseasonable la . nina, weather pattern, which has pushed rain and cooler temperatures, further north extreme heat and a lack of rain are also reeking habit. across the border in the united states, prompting action from officials, they're growing drought crisis is fueled by the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat, low precipitation in turn, severe drought conditions that perpetuate the climate crisis. by increasing wildfire risk, affecting crop yields and ultimately disrupting our ecosystem. and the climate as a whole. us states like arizona and nevada have already been asked to cut back what they take from the drought stricken colorado river,
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which supplies water to some 40000000 people across 7 us states and to communities in northwestern mexico, less water from the colorado river is also raising longer term concerns in both the us and mexico over potential food shortages. if action is not taken to address the crisis, monroe's up, hello al jazeera, mexico city. scott callous isn't atmospheric scientists at all. gone, national, laborious rejoins with lie from clarendon hills. illinois, thank you for joining the program with highlighted that just some of the extreme weather events we've seen around the world this year in your experience, is this some of the worst weather we've seen? well let's it consistently getting worse, especially in places you saw there like arizona and places that really depend on phenomenon weather patterns like monsoons and it all comes down to the physics of air. air is like a sponge. the warmer it gets,
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the more moisture it can holds. so if it comes from a cool ocean sausage warms up over land, it can dry out the land. and what we wanted to do, like the floods we're actually seeing right now in new mexico and arizona is come from those wall a waters when you've got the subtly winds, then a console cup, that warm water that spawns can get laden with it and get wrong out but with climate change, as we see these shipping weather patterns, places that depend on monsoon or rains, a sin, the failures of those rainfalls we saw on your boat. and right now, right. are there certain weather events that we've seen the summer that have taken you by surprise? i mean, for example, extremely high temperatures. we have seen in europe the summer they have and it really is a car like that can in the cage. as we've seen, extremes after extremes, and that's kind of one of the things that we see in the climate simulations we run, it are gone and the department energy is, as the planet warns,
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every degree of temperature change of warming leads to much greater extremes. so as the planet warms up globally, we see more of these heat waves and more of these flash floods. you talked about the heat wave in your but you also does hed record hail storms in central europe with 12 centimeters sized hailstones. to what extent is human cause global heating to blame for particular extreme weather we're event as opposed to the natural variability and weather patterns? that's a great question. what we're doing by woman the planet is loading the dice. so it's not that every severe storm is attributable to climate change, but we will get more severe storms, more floods, more flash droughts because of climate change. so if you're a betting person, you're going to bed that we're going to see more of these extreme events as we
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continue to omit warming gases into the kind of 1st part of your question. how much is it a trivial the humans? it is us now people might say, the planet has warmed and cooled over centuries. and you know, they're actually right, but never dis quick, never in the scales of decades, which is what we're seeing now. it's got really good to talk to you, scott calis, atmospheric scientists at all, gone national liberty. thank you. my pleasure. ah, you and sexy, gentle antonia. good terrorist has visited ukraine, southern port city of odessa to review the shipment of grain. it's part of a tacky and you and broke a deal last month between moscow and keith, which allowed for the resumption of ukraine's grain expos, from 3 ports. several ships have left since then, including
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a un chance had vessel bound for ethiopia. well, guitar has also went on to discuss the risks to europe's largest nuclear power plant in separation. what is true is that if you did really set eyes as we propose the plant, the problem will be sold. and obviously, the electricity from zip codes here is ukrainian electricity. and it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these people must be fully respected. the plant has been under russian control since march. the facility though is operated by ukrainian staff, but guarded by russian forces is come on the repeated shelling on the 5th of a major disaster. if critical infrastructure is hit from odessa, theresa bo has more. what good tara said about parisha and the ukranian grain shipments over 500000 tons of grain have already been exported from here
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since a landmark deal was truck between russia and ukraine with the help of the united nations and turkey last month. and this is the place where, until tanya will terrorist visit to guarantee and to monitor how this whole process is ongoing. he said that access to food and fertilizers must be guaranteed access to russian fertilizers, but also full training. and for what he says that much more needs to be done and that he hoped that the amount of food that is being exported from ukraine will increase from $3000000.00 tons a month to around $5000000.00 tons among. so another issue of major concern that's happening here is the situation around the nuclear power plant of a sub 40 show back in march. russia took over that area, established a military base. and there's been lots of fighting and shelling going on around this area. there's a lot of concern that the plant could be damage and that's why the international
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community has been demanding that international monitors are able to visit that part of the country. also ukrainian state nuclear company announced that russia was getting ready to unhook the plant from ukraine grid. i'm tanya will. terry said denounce this and this is what he had to say. what is true is that the feed, david, he said, as we propose the plant, the problem will be solved. and obviously, the electricity from so for you to use ukrainian electricity. and it's necessary, especially during the winter ford of ukrainian people. and these people must be fully respected. so there has been a big debate about how this said by international inspectors should happen while russia, it's saying that it should happen to russian sol, ukrainians at the united nations are saying that it could happen through ukraine,
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even though it could mean going through the front lines during a telephone conversation between french president him on with our micron and rushes president value me to put in be agreed of the need for a v inspector to visit the plan. and even a president vladimir bull being said that he was going to reconsider whether he would agree or not that to change his, his mind and that the inspectors would go through ukraine. in northern siri, at least 15 people including 5 children, have been killed in a rocket attack. authority say that a local market, the city of r bob was targeted as yet people also injured area is under the control of turkey backed opposition fighters. syrian government forces have been accused of carrying out friday attack in retaliation for recent age. of course, by omar herani was at the sight of the attack phone or via the c. m a. d b p. here in l. bob city, aleppo, countryside this marketplace was targeted by 5 rockets where according to medical
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sources, at least 15 civilians have been killed with dozens more injured. and you can see here one of the rockets that hit the market, which was bustling with people. usually, residents flocked to this fruit and vegetable market every friday to get what they need in terms of basic necessities. a large number of civilians were caught up in this attack. those vending carts were also destroyed as a result of the attack outside this bakery, which was also partly damaged. according to sources in the opposition. the origin of the attack was an area under the control of the syrian democratic forces, backed by units from the regimes forces. what was the magnitude of damage of this popular market place is clear? showing an attack by holly explosive rockets. the numbers are likely to rise according to the same sources as many remain in critical condition and hospitals across the city. still ahead on al jazeera man, while struggling economy is leaving people short paid an electricity. and if you
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earn an apple products, find out why there is an emergency software update. ah, it's that time of the day for your headlines for the americas high, they're great to be with you. so shares the forecast on saturday. temperature is coming up a bit in a sole c on but after those storms swept through, certainly brought some cooler air there. we can still trace out the storm sward. that's how ben of south america pushing out toward that pacific coast and same goes across the caribbean coast as well. so i think across colombia, the very real risk of seen some land slides here over the next little bit about what, whether that was around the yucatan peninsula pushed out around the bay of can petra, that's moving into mexico. so we've got some driving rain in the forecast from
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mexico city on saturday. still line of storm stuck toward this area of the u. s. southern portions around the gulf states will continue keep tabs on that and flash flood watches in play for about 10000000 people for the desert. southwest problem spots, arizona, new mexico. but i think tucson will likely see the worst of it over the course of the weekend. temperatures come down is smidge across war again, so no longer a heat advisory in play, but still heat advisories for alberta and scattering provinces in canada and off to the east temperatures. pretty close to where they should be. toronto's got to have 27 degrees on saturday. thanks for joining in susan. ah. a 3 year investigation into the pro gun lobby. you've been in a really kind with real secrets. you want to point put messaging out there, go get people out,
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race get mad connections. some don't want to exposed many in legacy media, love, mass shootings, documents with my al jazeera investigations. how to sell a mexico on al jazeera lou . ah, he watching out as a reminder of our top stories, the sour $5000000.00 residence in the mexican city of monterey running out of water and relying on tank is areas, reservoirs, lakes and dams have dropped to critical levels. humans actually general antonio terrace has visited ukraine, southern food city of odessa,
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to review the shipment of grain while they're equal for the russian held nuclear power plant in supper, asia to be deemed miniaturized in northern, sorry, at least 15 people, including 5 children, have been killed in a rocket attack on a market area around the city of al bob is under the control of turkey act, opposition fighters. syrian government forces have been accused of carrying out friday's attack in retaliation for recent rate. now police in nicaragua have arrested a catholic, bishop known for his criticism of president daniel ortega, rolando alvarez is being detained at his home in the capitol. police had rapidly been preventing him from leaving his home for the past 2 weeks. authorities accuse him of inciting violence president will take a recently launched a crackdown on descent within the church and its charities. i said, monte lee gray is a supervising advocate for the nicaraguan american human rights alliance. she says
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president would take us, sees the church as an adversary. this is clearly an example of the repression that has been going on for years and and it's just focused on the catholic church because it is a boy that stands for humane, candid conditions and the humane treatment of others. so the government is trying to silence those voices and msr was on house arrest for several days before this was done under the cover of darkness. and in clear violation of several treaties that protect the human rights and religious breeding to which many countries are. there's clear persecution against members of the catholic church. we have the case from several years ago where senior bishop was for exile and he is now living in florida. and we have recreate who are currently political, prisoner,
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and the current situation with msr alvarez and escalated to the point where the government can no longer deny religious persecution. the church has remain adamant and roll keeper of humanitarian aid and a keeper of protector for managerial right of the people. and in that aspect, the government, or daniel or the, the church of an adversary, mexico's former attorney general has been arrested on charges a fullest disappearance, torture, an obstruction of justice. that's relating to the disappearance of 43 students in 20. 14 marilla led the highly criticized investigation into the missing students. on friday, the government coding original inquiry ordered by the then president enrique pina nieto cover up the student's disappearance from the south. western city of wallace fall into national average animals,
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ministry dentist says it plans to import russian gas and oil to fill supply gaps and bring fuel prices down. the country's economy is struggling under a raft of global sanctions. many people are struggling to afford food. the haunting has more it's hot and humid, but even rains from the monsoon are not enough to keep these people at home. in the heart of me and mars commercial hub being gone, doesn't line up for a chance to receive basic goods donated and subsidized by a local monastery. though, hottie yoga. yap. i with every one is in trouble as people don't have enough food. some people are families of patients from hospital. some are poor people, some are jobless sod, they all are cuing here to get food about me and mars economy tanked after a military coup last year. it has been further rattled by the government's attempts to seize foreign exchange and eradicate rules for businesses and imports. a mom
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about the i came yellow. if we cook at home, there's no electricity. ross is expensive to boy in cooking costs, so too high for someone who's retired women. so i'm here to cover my expenses, but i also donate some fruit back to the monastery. even the war and ukraine has had an impact here, pushing up the price of gas, oil and grain. i'm a long, i know, a little people can spend much of their income on food because of hot commodity prices. if only one person is working, the family won't have much money left for food. this week, the military government said it agreed to purchase fuel from russia to help stabilize costs, but gave no details on when or how this would begin. until then, many will have to rely on charity to make ends meet. leo harding al jazeera. oh, yeah. after the taliban take either cobble, many afghan women are facing obstacles. there are few jobs available outside of the
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health and education sectors. women are able to move around freely in cities, but in rural areas, strict rules and cultural practices are keeping many at home a some. a bunch of ag reports from couple thrift is business is nearly come to a halt. finding a living from making traditional clothes and handed cross is no longer an option. since many small businesses have gone bankrupt, in addition to sanctions and frozen assets, the thought about reversal of women's participation in society has further hindered the flow of age to understand fresh. they're struggling to keep up morale for her 7 children whose education has suffered for years. first, because of the pandemic. and then the taliban take over your ne answer that k. it's been one year that they have been promising and haven't done any thing. we haven't seen any results, girls can't go to schools and women can go to their jobs. women in cities complain
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of harsh restrictions from face feels to bremond satire and suspension of many public jobs. the taliban government says it is implementing islamic law. the ministry of weiss and virtue has replaced the ministry of veterans affairs. there are some women who've been appointed by the taliban, who don't think it's just tokenism. think of him on amazon. i'm amazon. i'm saying that women can't go around the city or do their jobs freely, isn't accurate. i still have female staff working at this hospital, female doctor the doing their jobs as in the previous government. besides doctors, other female personnel are also working in some government departments. 3 quarters of, of bronze live outside the cities. and most of rural nathan is traditionally conservative, not spared with albano, biggest support base comes from neither for is a teacher. and despite her brothers being unemployed in this government, she supports the taliban. all she says, the majority of women in avalon, a son b, what she calls the he job in their own rig. and that's enough gone tradition. well,
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to fall upon, rule in the what would it most women from of lunchtime look at you and hear you and think that you've been brainwashed. and this is not what most women of avalon a son won't eat that he at that bed. delicia then on the, on our yeah, we aren't brain washed. i teach the quran islamist, given rights to women like inheritance, education to become a professor and anything they want to be. if we go without the he job, it's against the koran. and if we are muslims, we should follow the chron. balaban officials have been accused of using excessive force when women protest, they in turn want remedy organized, protest after seeking permission. and they also site safety and security is concerned with with to achieve that most women of a lot of fun will have to trust the taliban. and that's unlikely. while more schools were teenage girls remain closed and promises to uphold women's rights are
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not put into action. from a job without the 0 global child's military government will begin talks with rebel groups on saturday in an effort to assess new cause for the country's political future. amusing comes a week after the rivals signed an agreement in doha paving way for negotiations. it's hope they will bring to an end, decades of conflict. but as hipaa, morgan reports from angelina, one major on group, won't be taking part after years as a rebel who st anymore. hygiene is back in the chatting capital in jermaine are a member of the armed group national concord movement. his faction was one of more than 14, which recently signed a peace agreement with the government. not who we saw through the negotiations that lasted for 5 months. the best option for us as a political group is peace. there is no better option. the conflict has been going on for a long time. in many people have been affected. the deal between chad,
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the military government and the armed groups signed in utter capital. doha, have let the talks on the countries political future. this scheduled to start on saturday after years of turmoil, a crisis worth and last year, when mohammed restated be took power after the death of his father defined the constitution. the talk are set to last for up to 3 weeks, among the issues to be discussed or the constitution, and it's timeline for a national election. while many groups are expected to take part in the dialogue, others have rejected it, including the main arm group front for change and conquered, which fought in the battle against the government last year that's killed then president adriece de b. the government says it hope those not taking part in the talks will join phone 5 if i for the modem. owner in this is the 1st time we're having an inclusive dialogue that includes political parties and civil societies. and whether yon groups are not there for one on one agreement, the doha agreement paved the way for this,
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the door is still open to those who have not signed to join the talks. well, the years of conflicts have taken a toll on civilians. we shudder mad is a survivor of fighting between government and rebel group in the capital in 2008 power liking to set it up on the market. but we can walk on the street. there were bodies everywhere. a soldier, so rebels or innocent people, we had to flee to a town far away where we struggled with food and water because there were too many of us much, i hope the stocks bring stability with nearly have the population living in poverty and hundreds of thousands still displeased, many of us also share the same hope, even if some have refused to join the process for peace. have been morgan august 0 mino. apple says it's discovered a major security flaw in its software and has issued an emergency update for all its uses. the tech john says the floor could allow hackers to seize full control of its phones, tablets and computers is urging anyone who could be the target of spying. such as
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activists or journalist install is security patches as soon as possible, robot pritchard, as a cybersecurity advisor and director of the cyber capacity unit, he says apple uses you to take this seriously is in fact he's always to run abilities and they are so called 0 days which in cybersecurity job on means that they were being used by somebody from admissions purpose. apple. apple found dice back to after the fact apple, apple of that it seriously. they have an extra be competent security team. so if they say serious on actual their right, there's actually quite a vigorous classification progress process. you know, these kind of exploits people in high risk groups should take promptly, but i would encourage them to do that anyway. it's just a practice because it's cross platform sites or is your, your i phone your i pad your mac. if you are learn to a malicious website or somebody sent you a link to a malicious website, this appears to be at least from my reading of it. attack it could potentially take
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care of your device effectively, could potentially install their own software on your device. and from there they can do largely, whatever they want, such as get your contact information, potentially copier e mails, all that kind of thing, get all the kind of sensitive information that would be useful to an attacker. it's quite likely and again, i'm speculated, but it's quite likely that these floors been used relatively sparingly and that probably nation states now it could be nation states out will thing they do to companies like vienna groups who have a reputation to talk to mobile devices and now, there are other companies in that space, as well as black market gray market, perhaps for this kind of from debility. it was probably scott figg would probably fetch quite a lot of money. so i would imagine it would be limited to very well resource groups, at least i put it like that whoever that monday ah.


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