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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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strong support hearing test summit with a spotlight now one euro can france claim back to back? well, comp victory, or will put your golds christiano. rinaldo finally get his hands on a trophy to well cop count on al jazeera. as soon as the sun goes down, a very challenging place to work from, i think you're on the list. you're always pushing boundaries. part of the center of always on good luck. we are the ones traveling the extra mile where the media go. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. ah, the lead is all the u. s. u. k. france and germany discuss the safety of nuclear plants in ukraine.
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ah, i'm kimbell, this is algae airline from doha. also coming up, russia launch of the murder investigation officer, the daughter of a prominent fuson allies killed in a car bomb explosion that moscow work is that the u. k. is biggest contain of water on strike, the best a pe bracing fuse old supply chain problems and from ancient buddhist statues, and china to the spanish stonehenge drying rivets reveal long submerged treasures. ah, ladies of the u. k. u. s. france and germany have stressed the importance of keeping ukraine's nucleus sites safe and a joint phone call. they urged military restraint around europe. sanchez. tant. let's go straight to sonia gabriel, who's standing by frost in london. sonia,
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tell us about this call. well, it was released by number 10 downing street that the full leaders had a conversation by phone us president biden. the german chancellor of sholtes, as well as frances in mind when my call, the focus of that conversation did center around how urgent it was to maintain safety and security around those up what asia nuclear facility. they also discussed how they welcomed the initiative of the international atomic energy agency to enable emission the the plan. now this follows fridays phone conversation between manuel, my cool and russia's president putin, where they discuss the issue as well. president mccomb said that this was an urgent phone call as it put europe's security on the line as well. and he said that president putin had indeed welcome the ideal allowed the idea of allowing
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independence investigations into the nuclear facility. now the reason why this is also so crucial is the fact that although what has been held by russia since march, it is still being run by ukrainian scientists. not the moment if it does stop producing enough electricity that would have to go on to a backup means of producing that, which could raise the risk of any accidents. so it is up to the crucial at this time for those for leaders to show in the show support to ukraine, that they are still showing the school support to ukraine leadership. but also that this issue here is trying to be resolved also in a diplomatic fashion, as well as really setting out exactly what they expect from president putin came from the gay going on. and thank you. a number of joy attacks have been reported in russian, annexed crimea, already say edison systems intercepted the devices,
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including some around the headquarters of moscow's black sea fleet since arrestable undergone. the has the latest on the situation there a law and the medina at the football. this morning, local media reported the sound of air defense batteries. earlier, the mirror of the city confirmed that russian air defenses intercepted targets in the sky near the city of old enough scot. this comes one day after the attack on russia's navy headquarters here in savannah pole by a drone, which was down. the mare asked that residents not circulate any images or video footage that they may have of the air defenses for safety and security recently. you spoke about the measures that have been beefed up over the last few days, including the additional observation posts and road checkpoints. every now and then we hear russian jet fighters assuming over our heads as this is a military zone. so the situation is home but shrouded an apprehension on the southern ukrainian city of nikolai of has repeatedly been bombed and shelled since
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rushes invasion began. in february, teresa mo visited the city to find out how people bear a coping. we're here in the city of nikolai, this is in southern ukrainian about 50 kilometers away from the 50, all kind of film that's been taken and occupied by the russian army. and the city is important because it's a city where the people, but also the queen, an army managed to repel russian troops and were coming from the crimean peninsula, the beginning of the war. and they were hoping to take the southern part of ukraine . well, people here repel both attacks, but they're paying a heavy price. this line that you can see right here are people lining up to get fresh drinking water, which they haven't had for month because the pipeline was bombed. there also telling us that rockets continue to fall around this area frequently. and they're also telling us that thousands and thousands of buildings have been destroys, among them hospitals, education centers, university, among other things. this is
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a city of around 500000 people. and many have been forced to leave their land, but you know, when you talk to them, they continue to insist of the need to continue to fight for their territory to continue to fight for their land to continue to fight for their homes. and this comes hand in hand with what precedent follow the media. felons could have been saying all along that he wants teeth, but that piece has to come without happy to later. and it has to come with the recovery of the territories that are currently occupied by russia. and that's why it's unlikely that this war is going to be over anytime soon. russian police had launched a murder investigation after the daughter of a pro criminal commentator was killed in a car bomb explosion near moscow. on verified social media footage appears to show that he had to gain his father alexander at the same shortly after the bombing. he's been described as the enemy person's brain. both he and his daughter supported
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rushes invasion of ukraine. santa trophy has more. bo, alex xander, duke and to russian nationalists. he's a philosopher strategist who represents president vladimir putin policies to his critics. he is a pro kremlin fascist who has openly called for the killing of ukrainians, that 1st the likely target of a car bombing near moscow late saturday. duke was saved by a last minute vehicle change as he left a cultural event. his daughter doria to kina took his place and the bomb that was probably meant for his duke and was skilled looking on powerless to do anything. the car carrying his daughter still in flames. say she will be in there at the moment. investigators and forensic specialist of the main, investigative director of the russian investigative committee for the most region, together with the colleagues from the main forensic department of the russian investigative committee and abum experts continue working on the crime scene. you
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morning. 29 year old. daria was a russian broadcaster and political commentator. not both father and daughter expressed far right. nationalist views strongly supported the invasion of ukraine and were placed on international sanctions for spreading this information. i guess only that we do not know who has carried out the attack. the ukrainian fiercely denied it of the russians, of course, blame them, including allies and do again. and no matter what this sort of, you know, real story is coming. we'll use this to double down rhetoric on your brand new scene and when respond in that way, it's almost every incident. now ukraine has said it does not resort to terror tactics. blaming rushes own government or security apparatus. a picture of russian nationalism, the public face, of what many viewers, putin's expansionist policies, even referred to as kootenai brain. duke ins views likely marked him for death.
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his attackers, whoever they are, who got his daughter instead, and then basra, the autism chemistry babich as a political analyst act in his knee, which is a russian state to own media company that moment his west and media, he explains why he thinks to kina might have been the target i think it's very possible that we're targeting daria and look for father. she was prominent, she was beautiful, she was all spoken. she was very current as she was the ad pool and several popular television and radio shows. so i will not exclude the possibility that she was. if he was the dark, then i will call the people killed him, anti fascist. do again, that was what my friend prophecy gold coggan boulder is model. he's views are very strange and sometimes absurd. but they are not the main to use
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in russia. so i think that basically in the last few years, google was more or less homeless because ok, he probably books that if you will, thousands of people read. he was kind of a cold figure in his own small group while you ration, you know, but he did not make any impact on 46. certainly be wrong to say that he was the human brain or the person. be all this is all simply not true. there are too many facts speaking against it. but the person who killed he who killed diary as you probably want to kill. and to my mind, that person is not going to die fascist. this is obvious that there is there which will have a very negative impact because it will make the war between russia and ukraine. march blodgett much more violent because, you know, she was loved by maybe at least 30 people have been killed and thousands injured
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and a seed on hotel in the somali capital that lost more than a day. i'll shut bonfires, who gave access to the building in mogadishu. were reportedly wearing police uniforms. the bloody siege only ended when security forces stormed the hotel and killed the attackers. mohammed valid reports, it took security forces 30 hours to end this huge of the high up hotel in mogadishu . a special police task force deployed to the somali capital killed the attackers and fried the hostages. so they the security operation that took place in the highest hotel in the midnight during the operation security forces focused on misses to ensure the safety of citizens who were stuck in the hotel. more than a 100 people, including women and children, were rescued. the talk began on friday night when the gunman, 20 to 2 ca bumps at the entrance of the hotel, the 4th storming it. dozens of people were talked in the building
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just minutes before the last 2 of my friends told me they would be leaving. but seconds later, they were both killed people, flooding confusion that were running towards places they thought would be safe. the hotel began to fill with smoke and flames. i saw one of the hotel guards bleeding and another man winded. the height is popular among businessmen, government, and politicians. this is the 1st time i'm sure bob has carried out to them. got issued from hudson shaven, was elected president for a 2nd time it made. despite a years long offensive by the government and african union forces, the seat is a reminder that the army group still poses a threat to some other security. how much fun does your work as one of the u. k. busiest ports of walked off the jobs threatening major economic disruption. felix to force accounts for close to half the countries container freight traffic. the 8
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day walk out by the u not union was sparked by a pay dispute. high force that has the latest from the felix to port this is the ever a lot the latest holder of the title of world's largest container ship with a capacity of $24000.00 containers and it's here at the u. k. largest container. port felix dough. normally 4 days after arriving, it will have long gone. having offloaded it's cargo, but it is still here. and that's because opperation that the port have entirely ground to hold the $1900.00 or out on strike. the union unite says that a 7 percent pay off from the company is simply not enough either to keep up with the surgeon. cost of living in the u. k. ought to be an equitable share of a very profitable business with the last round of figures showing a $60000000.00 pounds more than $70000000.00 profit at the port. as far as the company is concerned, it says a 7 percent off. it is more than most in other industries being offered at the moment. its work is already well over the average wage. in the u. k. it says the
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disruption from this will be substantial. but after years, a panoramic, the supply industry has managed to, to come up with solutions to this kind of disruption. but some analyses do show that ship is likely to offload containers in europe rather than in the u. k. as well as trying to find other ways in to the u. k. so the disruption will be substantial. the union says that it is prepared for that and that it will continue not just through these days, but potentially longer through the air as well. if it doesn't get what it says is a fair deal behind all of this, there is pressure from both the government and the bank of england for industry, not to award. huge pay rises because it says that could embed the inflation that is so far being coming from external factors. the union says that the real external factors, the size of corporate profits at the moment, and it won't stop until it gets a fair deal. still ahead on al jazeera, why on goal is president is being accused of politicizing, the return of the body of the country for money to kenya's election officials call
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for an investigation into threats and harassment during the country. presidential vote ah, ah, here's a weather update in a minute 15. what do you say? we begin in the middle east where last time we spoke, not a whole lot of change. still plenty of hot sunshine, some rain to go for western areas of yemen and still dusty conditions to be found from the law right through to mascot in the forecast on monday. got to take it to bach as some, because it has been very active as of late and still dealing with some rain left for sim province. here comes our next monsoon depression. this is a 3rd one in about as many weeks. now we are on tuesday as we see it pour into the country upper sim province, eastern baluchistan and south punjab provinces will really see the worst of it. i've also seen some flooding around cobble as well. look at this 18 degrees on
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tuesday. yes. should be 32 degrees for this time of the year, off to turkey, and we'll see some daytime heating storms pop up here on monday. but largely it's a fine and dry pitcher right across the country. central africa, it's our usual belts of showers and storms in this area, but we can see it flaring up more so up for areas of the democratic republic of congo and for southern africa that really a lot to report much calmer conditions. i got a few showers though, for that east coast stuff. madagascar on monday. that's it. that's all too soon. ah frank assessments, how much support is there that st protest that we've seen in hotels across the rest of the country? the street movement has been very good that tapping into the co consent people across the country, informed opinions we will say more of it and what is happening is that climate change and making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines draw. he
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is credited by some went really restoring it least credibility. his critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera lou? ah, ah. here watching all de vera reminder about top stories this. our leaders of the u. k . u. s. france and germany has stressed the importance of keeping ukraine's nuclear sites safe. my joint phone, cold, i urged military restraint and for the international atomic energy agency to be allowed to visit this apparition facility. the daughter of pro kremlin political commentator alex on to do good has been killed and
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a car bomb explosion in moscow. body of deena and her father have been vocal supporters of russia's invasion of ukraine workers that one of the u. k. is busiest ports have gone on strike for 8 days in a dispute of pay and move threatens major economic disruption. phoenix to appoint accounts for close to half of the countries container, freight traffic emergency workers in iraq have rescued. 6 people trapped under the rubble of collapsed shrine and thought a landslide cause part of the shine and car bala to k. then on saturday, for bodies have been pulled from the rubble. although i had it following developments from baghdad, risky workers are continue to dig through durable in the search for survivors after landslide hit, she at muslim shrine near the holy city of karbala heavy machinery have been brought to the scene including git, bulldozers and it diggers. now,
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family members are, are stand by waiting for any news or of deeds about their loved ones. earlier on sunday, the children were rescued and sent to hospital to receive medical treatment. but now recovering an authorities there say they're in good condition. officials say the landslide, or was caused by humidity that led to the collapse of a sand, a mound or that collapse on the roof top of the shrine. while the visitors were trapped inside there, i in a tomato area about 60 kilometers per west of the holy city of karbala has several shrines and holy sites, including good water wills and other heritage sites that earlier has been
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visited by shared muslims for centuries. and the number of visitors usually increases during this month of more harder am in the arabic calendar, which is a diverted monster for sheer to muslims. iraqi president barham posted a statement on twitter calling for rescue workers to mobilize all efforts to rescue the chopped people. the oppression will likely continue through the night. in the hope of finding more survivors. guineas, military gender, has appointed acting primary sir bernard gumble to the job on a permanent basis. go move replaces mohammed's agree, who has been absent for medical reasons. since last month. the transition comes as the june to face is increasing pressure there being protests across the country in recent weeks, against the military's plans to stay in power for the next 3 years. pleaded our
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talks with west african neighbors about a possible shortening of that timeline. emanuel quincy awning is from the coffee and on international peacekeeping training center. he says it's likely and he's don't need a mama, the brilliant we're will try to hold on the power plot efforts from us to secure election. the new president is perhaps about 2 to 3 degrees and if he fails to respond to the social welfare needs of the people to get on the street at clear road map to democracy, then we'll see more violent. widespread st. she's, we are, as his team for a very rough, right, trump call because this a new lead, the, that's it, driven by principles driven by the software. sure. all that cost is combined with the follows and norms inherent in july,
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as quickly as possible. so again, yes and here the symbol isn't was so you story molly and book you know, is that they would need to ensure that a time table of them have been agreed to. and she had to, in a manner that says, a figure out to the populate serious about creating to these i do minutes. otherwise we are, we are going to see much more widespread chemistry. but even more disturbing is that the more lead us in west africa themselves are let me very much, you know, the car is in to she's passed the week the body of angle, the former president has arrived in the, on the ending a dispute about where he'll be buried. jose, i bought those samples, died from cardiac arrest while in spain last month. some members of his family handy, and golden government have disagreed on the repent creation of his body. a court in barcelona ruled it would be sent to lawanda. the current president shout lorenzo,
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targeted the frontal family and anti corruption. dr. soon after he took office in 2017, the daughter of the former president dawson, thought isabel at the time was africa's richest woman. she was removed from her position as the head of the state oil company. her brother jose for mental dawson pulse was put on trial and jailed phone charges of embezzling an estimated half a $1000000000.00 of state funds. variance are established the national asset recovery service. the agency says it's working to recover most of the $150000000000.00 siphoned out of that color between 232017. while both samples was in power. claudio silver is a political analyst based in the wanda he explains why the pantry ation of the former president's body has been cause intention. it's important to understand that the president of every device, the figure here in an angle,
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you presided over one of the most corrupt regimes and in africa. at the same time, our culture, we need to have respect for the deceased and like it or not, the center was our leader for almost 40 years. so here at home, we've been quite made at the circus that has become his dad and, and the circumstances surrounding it. so it just comes to show again, how divided the roommate parties at the moment that they could not even have a plan in place for something that we all know what's going to happen sooner rather than later. because i've been sick for quite some time. the return of the body will have very little bearing on the elections. i think most of the goals are quite sure about how they will vote. it's been quite eventful. election campaigns have been quite strong by, by a lot and do meter and i believe that due to return is not going to have
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a great impact on people's opinions. however, it will be probably beneficial for the info. i will give them a chance and an opportunity to present a more united front from the electorate. but it's quite known widely that the parties in disarray in the party is unfortunately divided. this just came comes to highlight once again how divided it is in regards to its standing in canyons. electro commission wants police to investigate threats and harassment of its employees as well as the murder of an election official. the commission suspended vote counseling and a balance sent to a jury polled earlier this month, fighting intimidation of its staff. catherine for it has more. oh, this moon is in eastern kenya. are preparing to barry. the loved one. daniel was your call was electron official was in charge of a contentious paling center in nairobi. oh no. see no. he disappeared. 2 days
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of the timing began. his booty was found in another town policy. he was tortured, his family believe he was targeted for political reasons. because you are the biggest cause of we have been ver, malicious, about a political death. people get lost, mysterious ayella t a. we are doing investigative investigation. these them around, i don't know. the for the past phones we have to in that just isn't really want neighbors here. a deal in shock, the relatives of monsieur cathay, they have many questions for the authorities. they want to know why he was killed and the one justice in north east and kenya. another election official was shot when armed men, a talked his tallying center, doctors could not save 100 ahmed leg. he blamed police for shooting him and of sack
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him from lawyer shotwell and left me crying for health. oh, at the national calling center. some people tried to stop the electoral chief waffle, legible katy from declaring presidential results. and let me thank president elect william wooten won the election. but that has been disputed by former prime minister rylon dingo who came 2nd to will. katie says he's employees continue to face threats. human rights group said they are worried that they're busy just the way it prepares for other processes of electrons. but from where is it? i think it into the upper dixon. it build protection. mcclain seems for it of visuals because what we understand right? no, like not there 10 officers who are another it. they feel completely isolated. arnold
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exports are mom, who little ones in the election may be over for some people. but for most your car and ahmed families, they see that trauma will take a long while to heal. katherine saw alta, 0 much aqua county. at least 20 people have been killed in flood south of the afghan capital. cobble logo province has been hit, the hardest, more rain is. forecast and authorities have declared a state of emergency in 10 provinces. heavy rains of triggered land slides and flash floods killing at least 50 people in the north and east of india. swollen rivers have flooded homes and submerged many roads leaving people stranded. authorities have set up relief camps for the flood effected. the downpours are expected to continue this week. weeks of drought have uncovered long submerged archaeological relics around the world. rivers turning dry, have revealed ancient, put a statues in china, and a rock formation known as the spanish stonehenge tore. getting
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b has more. the priest or extern circle came into view when a dam in the spanish province of caceres dropped to a quarter of its usual capacity. the stains were 1st discovered in 1926 and have only been fully visible full time since. the discovery is an unexpected side effect of the worst drought in europe in decades. in serbia, the river danube is at its lowest level and nearly a century revealing the wreckage is if 20 german whoo ships which were sunk during world war 2. toys plus will start to dukes vertical groper. this is what remains from the wall between the army of the soviet union and the german wolf. littler name is about 10000 kilograms of explosive devices here. we're not sure if they can explode, that you can imagine the problems if they do. in germany, the drought is exposed so called hung the stones at sections of the river right.
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centuries ago they were placed on dry riverbeds to warn future generations. their exposure could signal famine away from europe and the drought in china has revealed ancient statues of buddha, on an island that usually submerged the statues. i believe to be 600 years old. why for component of the law by nature i read in the newspaper that it's from the min and ching dynasty. it's rare to see read like those awful. i think it's a warning to us. ah, rainfall in the yankee basin has been around 45 percent. lois since july, authority, se, as many as 66 rivers across southwest china have dried up this summer. with many scientists saying hotter days as a result of global warming a here to stay more relics from the past assure to emerge victoria gate and be al jazeera ah.


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