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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Julius Maada Bio  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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they do in germany, the drought is exposed so called hung the stones at sections of the river, right. thank you. res ago they were placed on dry river beds to warn future generations. their exposure could signal famine away from europe, and the drought in china has revealed ancient statues of buddha, on an island that usually submerged the statues. i believe, to be 600 years old, or if a combo the half of the law. by noon i read in the newspaper that it's from the ming and ching dynasty, it's free to see read like those awful. i think it's a warning to us ah rainfall in the yanks. he basin has been around 45 percent lois since july, authority, se, as many as 66 rivers across southwest china have dried up this summer. with many scientists saying hotter days as a result of global warming a here to stay more relics from the past. assure to emerge victoria gate and be al
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jazeera ah, announced to quit looking main stories of following. and there's a growing concern over the face of europe's largest nuclear plan, which has become a flash point in the war and ukraine. in the 6 months since russian launched its invasion, leaders from the u. s. u. k. france and germany, a calling for military act of as he ran his apparition, nuclear plants and acquainted officials say artillery shells rained down on a city near the atomic pau complex. over night, sparking a large fire and cutting powder around 3000 people, rusher has been accused of turning the facility into a military base party. cocaine has more knowing what we know about these calls because details always leak out after the fact. what were they likely talking about? well, the leaders probably wanted to hear directly from french president and manual. now kron on what he personally thought of is a conversation with russian president vladimir putin,
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where he came out and said he was now open to having those inspectors inside the nuclear power plant. so again, these are the leaders of the us, france, germany, and the u. k, what else would they like me to talk about? probably intelligence. we've all seen those pictures on social media of those military trucks inside the facility, the u. s. government and these governments are going to have a much better assessment of the people on twitter or anything we would know about what the potential a uses for those military trucks are. lighter investigation has been launched in moscow off to the daughter of the a close ally, a russian president vladimir putin was killed in a suspected car. bombing on verified footage appears to show the blast, which killed daria to kina. she'd been as a festival near the russian capital with her father, the russian ultra nationalists, philosopher alexander to again believe that he might have been the actual target of the attack. and emergency crews in iraq is searching for people trapped under the
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rubble of collapse shrine. believe the landslide cause part of the shine near the city of convent to cave in on saturday, at least 4 people have died. coming up, sierra leone president discusses the protests against his government in talk to al jazeera, as coming up next. ah . ah. sierra leone, capital, free town with inflation rising steep leaf a more than a year. so to is the price of food, gas, electricity, and other commodities. 60 percent of the population live in poverty and the
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increasing cost of living is worsening. the financial struggles people already suffer failure this month. a crisis erupted in the west african nation. hundreds of people took to the streets and frustration that the economic hardship, demonstrations turned violent and led to deaths. dozens were killed while protesting against the government. sierra leone is recovering from a 10 years civil war that destroyed many of its institutions before it ended in 2002 president julia's mother bio came to power in 2018, promising to make his country financially independent by fighting corruption with only 10 months left in his term protest as a calling for him to resign. but the president says, this is politically motivated. the full force of the law. we be brought to bear on all those persons who, apart from keith police officers, the desk council,
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under collaborators, will not go unpunished. that will also be for investigation into the death of ordinary citizens who lost their lives in this senseless violence incited by those are known as with the cost of living in sierra leone that's written by more than 40 percent within the last few months. could the government of avoided the conflict and is there a way to peacefully and the crisis before a general election next year? the president of sierra leo, julius mother bio, talked to al jazeera president julius mother by thank you very much for your time and for joining us here on talk to al jazeera, can we begin with recent events? how surprised are you at the violence that has been witnessed in the capital in the surrounding areas of your country?
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why with nation take into consideration and district what he's your violence. we are proud of the nation and reconciliation formation. through all the central, hard to press the switch not by means requirements in terms of the current situation. how, why do you think people have come out on to the streets? what seems to be, or what are the issues that are worrying them and making them so angry, or why not construct, leave it with protests, demonstrations that have been politically much venture, as you can see from that chance, they will never even spoke about hostile credit. essentially what it is, because we are a little bit cost and we are making every attempt to ease the
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board on society. your detractors would perhaps not agree with what you've just said that we've spoken. an unusual pulse to people, members of the public are on the ground about that concerns about the economy, the rising cost of living. but if i also just add here that 60 percent of your community are living in poverty, the cost of the thing rising or has risen by 40 percent in the last few months. how can you justify that this crisis is politically motivated and that their anger is politically motivated when your country, like many others across the continent in the globe, are experiencing this very unique set of economic factors that are making the public angry at large to review. but we got done work to look to address that touch. is this really you know how we do something about it? yes. and we continue because it is my duty a to keep up with the needs of my people. but what is happening around the
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world has a limit to which we can address the war economic crisis is beyond the what we can do. and irrespective of the fact that we have taken off with most of the they do see on essentially what it is, we have made sure that these commodities are the level and that we have great sensitive to the price, the righty. so what it is, we have reduce the price of q in twice in just it, move it on, just making sure that it does not affect the people adversely. yes, this is going on because yes, the syrians are definitely suffering. yes, we have done quite a lot and we'll continue to do. i don't know why i said it was, but it went to visit just because there were
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a lot of arraignment and none of them were actually talking about the cost of living. what i see hardly chance it was about the head of think, levy a little voice, we have that and that was to the street and taught to do the push to hard for the overflow. even those we have a nice that we are talking about talking about. we're not even talking about the course of living. you're talking about the, all of the legally constituted government. so that's why i say case hot, but they've got to pull up a demonstration that. ready witness was shocked to the call was definitely not a part of the protest. you talked about the commodities that you're making available in the i says, commodity shall make available to the public at large because of the crisis that your country is embroiled in at the moment. the african development funds,
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for example, suggested that i will offer a $2000000.00 grant, really to help the funds to farmers in terms of being able to plant seed and obtain fertilize a subsidized rate for the next 2, planting seasons. how important is it to get that money to the country and how important is it to get those products to the farmers so that they can plant for the next season, where we already have gone into the sea and try to small amount to get up with the needs of the farmers, we as a government and your policy, we have brought in the, the private sector. and we also provide support in terms of inputs machines another quarter in order to stock the production of since last year. it is obviously a difficult time because the well food program, for example, is saying that 13 percent of food insecurity is higher in families that are headed
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by females by women. although statistics worrying when also there is an imbalance some times between those families headed by men and those by women and food insecurity and availability to women who are trying to get it. who much we don't have great jobs and are actually, you know, trying to not only feed a family, but trying to raise the family as well in very difficult circumstances. we have been trying to even take care of that by a micro credit facility, which was given mostly to women with court and one of just to push the effects of these. and this was designated more targeted women and you who, who suffer more in 6 years, many human rights groups and charitable groups are very focused on how women were treated, certainly have to be a bola scenario of what 20142015. ok. so i was very concerned about the rights of
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women, the access to, you know, just clean water food education. what protections has the government put in since 2014, 2015 to protect women and young girls in this scenario. now that you're facing an economic crisis, which centers around food availability, i mean this company that particular should apply to human in this country. we are just going around and getting things done that would just be extremely difficult for them. and most of the voting to take out families where we are also exposed to all sorts of the just one with a brochure with regard time are what we have done is to make sure that the structure office is act. we have reviewed and toughen the been underwritten. was
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the clear. and if my guess in this country we got don't leave for mission. got to be that many we've been, we are it. and we have completely, if you know, and now we have special motor cars that deal with in this country. so a lot of what is being put into that particular sector, the women of this. and we are where we are fighting for, to bring a, how with making patches. and of course, these concern sometimes a put to one side when you do have these scenarios, an incidence of civil strife, as we do said at the last few days a week, certainly in august or over a food insecurity and the rising cost of living, your vice president, described the men seeing anger as being initiated by and i quote, unscrupulous individuals do want to actually on record talk about who,
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who are you actually focusing on? who are these unscrupulous individuals? well, i think of what he was specifically referring to the google syrian most of whom leave it for no one to have been fighting for in this country. and they have their collaborative classes. what does also, what did you share? some of them are with who we are known to be organized, z coordinate, you a see this whole see just the didn't come from the here he was making reference to innovators or how to very had to use the president hash, which is not common to radio in order to stay out via has led to the death of so many of our competitors. unfortunately, mr. president, you're not the only one who we've had on the al jazeera channel and our sister
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programs. but everybody that we've talked to has talked about not wanting to see a return to the civil war, a returned to the violence that your country so sadly experienced a few decades ago. how important has truth and reconciliation bein in terms of trying to heal those wounds. and are you concerned with what you've seen in the past few days and weeks on the streets of free town, that there is potentially a possibility that this might happen if it gets out of control when it is investigated. and we're going to talk to measures to make sure that we don't get into that history. i want to say was calculated attempt or, or who in the government. but you know, what is unfortunate about it is that on like in the past, i kinda the, the calendar for player one. yeah. ahead of time kind of june, june,
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next year has been declared of the different residencia under general directions. so if you want to, if anybody wants to engage in politics, you have the dates that's under process response for us to have to go back and get the mileage in new mondays. so what's the right person to refer to it? correct? we have people who are record their own video or would you and what we expect specially the dutch government is the took action. i gave it back to put it in a. ready name or i did, i know who has consistently invited by what is and valley and all of those locations that they have done. so i think it is, i mean,
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i mean people have died in the cross, and i would say that that's literally a conversation you have to have with the government there. isn't it? with foreign governments, you think of sheltering such people, but citizens in sierra leone under the constitution do have a right to protest. apparently, if they did give you prior notification to the constitution, the where do you draw the line though? when such protests, for example, instantaneous. and that when you say you're looking for peace and stability, you come up with words and i say, a quote that you described as terrorism. these are very strong words quite in century words that can be mistaken and misinterpreted by the public if they are taken in the wrong way. when somebody sees 15 honda, i need a key property. so the nation is brooks only, and everybody is frightened and off you have to be clear,
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the incitement of an individual. i don't know what and then you can call that person and wait a bit like he was sitting in the cave there and he st. in balanced that led to the death of so many people in new york, washington and other places. we've caught him 1st. that's which walks like a duck. quite like a duck. is it done by any description that these did it in 2020. you spoke to us here on taught 12 era, a new, a confident that sierra leone would not go back in time, and you wouldn't see civil conflict despite what's happening in the short term. are you still confident considering some commentators or a little bit nervous about what they see on the t v. screens coming out of your country are yes, i'm confident we are currently involved in a nation wide engagement week. every i said
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a society i had engagements with traditionally does with carmen. i'm just coming out of a meeting with religious leaders. actually. i don't. everybody is shocked and surprised and everybody is determined to never allow this to happen again. we are taken by surprise. like you rightly described this and i will be a shot that, you know, this sort of on the list that the would be good take place again, 20 years after we had the end of our civil war radio. when we are walking, i am very optimistic and what happened was just a moment if you missed guys young people. if you watch your view, you realize that no responsible person was out. there isn't just a group of more than guns to move carrying weapons. i mean,
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we have the use of them when to the police station to see of bytes and all of that, it's not a process. ok, mr. president, you paint a very positive picture of how the government is engaging with various ethnicities and groups in the country to try and make sure that peace is restored or peace can be seen to be working yet one common us on our sister program inside story said recently that there are very low trust levels within the government due to a nation building. and that is, it's been very slow to get progress after the civil war to try and heal lowe's wounds. why is there a low trust levels? obviously there have been presidents post piece. you're not the only one there were those before you. but why do you think the public may be feel insecure? that they can't quite trust the government? what can you do to allay their fears? politicians have been used to tele lice to the public. there we promise i have one
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and not deliver anything. or what i have done is to establish just cross in this country, people fun the call me talk undo because everything i have promised to sell i have done when there was war in this country and i was just, i promised i was with the hanover, i promise i was going to bring in the ship this process. i promise i was going to re introduce democracy. i did before i left. have them come back. i have a series of things and i believe one of those things. so it is a fear that got that trust it got that is there which has been maintained by quite a little what up on the dishes, i'm not kidding with that. we are trying to get everybody's support in order to to bring this back. i want to users of what you need to i for sure you knew that
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we are going to provide security in stock and that we, i went to work with every segment. we are going to work with all parties to make sure what that unfortunate situation that happened that day does not ready to stop . can we then move on now to the coven pandemic? it's affected every country across the world. every countries try to recover from it both socially, medically and economically. everyone seems to be having a difficult time. one of the problems that you're facing when it comes to dealing with post cove, it a recovery well, a series of international crisis. we want to continue very quickly using our experience with florida. we are very quickly, it would be a, b,
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and b because we're able to kind of want to structure that we directed during our, our a and a, using the benefit of hindsight very quickly. don't or street even community can together and within a very short time, while most of europe and other parts of the country. yes, we are struggling, which will be we are, we are no longer have the fatalities. not giving people going to hospital as a result of the but after that, the rest of the ward was locked down. we could not transact business, we find a price of it. i mean, not bad in this global village that's valid to we can do and that was followed by or maybe at the same time with my chin disruptions. so it has been extremely difficult to know. it's not like instructions to lead to an
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increase in freight at with the price it's shut off and it the prices usb up and the, the supply can supply you with to drop it when the situation that you're paying erupted. and of course, you know, the destruction that was caused in the supply and i supply, we had to deal with the increase in the price of the truck, which is used weekly, used for, for, for, for, to generate and other types of. so definitely we already have a difficult decision on when the decision that you bring your up to it just opened it up. it different ways. we would rather provide the, you know, to, to go to the powers that be to find
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a way to resolve this. we can do it well as you talk about the fact that the economy of say is in interlinked with the small global community and the successes and the gains that have been made by the country during peacetime, have been wiped away. perhaps because of the, the pandemic itself, of the i m f and the world bank a projecting that you'll growth will perhaps be hauled in the next 2 to 3 years, only averaging around about 3.6 to 4.4 percent is out of concern to you about how to start the growth within your country and to prosper on the continent. we have a series of last year and funding challenges. we just made recovery from one of our situations. i know that the digital, what was the very weak? so definitely we have been negative investors. 2023 is potentially an election year
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for all politicians across sierra leone, including yourself. firstly, will you be seeking re election? and why should the people of sierra leone have faith in your leadership? while i'm with the senior election? this is my turn to mondays on the 24th of june. it's going to be the election date i have already made that's known before today. a will not make that these are good if we didn't know which are or, or, or i have a non so everybody knows that why should syrians, i'm re leslie, to governance. when i came to the scene
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for more than 4 years ago, i met a promise that human capital development was going to be my flashing program. today as i speak to you over 2500000 keys and school, as i speak to you, we have provide transportation for kids in most of the cities. that was never the case before to what we couldn't. we are providing money and teaching materials for the case. we are providing food for the kids. we have also diversified, started the process of occasion by making sure that our records show, which have been neglected is given the appropriate attention so that we don't have to what would we have over 5300000 hectares of land and a reasonable rate for a year to be able to produce, we have no business in most of what. so now we have encouraged to
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francisco and we are providing inputs of questions in order to stimulate economic growth, which we think we benefit the nation before we came that it politics was honest, a thing in this country, we have a bunch to those hanging on. so many people, we have a press freedom has been shot before the that incident on the site that fits with day soon has been can see that this was the most peaceful country in africa. by m. c. c, a position we moved from 4 to 7, passing it in terms of our rating in handling a. so right, good luck has been done under the circumstances. difficult as they ha. and we had in full greeted this was ready. oh,
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to see what happens after the moment at president of the sierra leone julius, at mad at by a thank you very much for your time. and for joining us here on talk to al jazeera, thank you. ah ah
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ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. oh ok. hello, i'm marianne demise in london. a quick look at the main stories of following. now there's growing alarm over the face of your.


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