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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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good people are a skin of man connections. some don't want to expose many in legacy media. love, mass shooting, docking mess with my al jazeera investigations. how to sell massacre on al jazeera . we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello,
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i'm mariam demise ear. very one. welcome to the news. our ally from london coming up for the next 60 minutes. the u. s. u. k. france and germany urge military restrain to round ukraine's nuclear sites. as more shelling is reported near the russian controlled zap morisha plant. i'm 30 several in the city of nikolai in southern ukraine. 6 months ago, the ukraine and army managed to prevent the advance of russian troops towards this city. but even today, people say it's under constant attack, russian police launch an investigation into a car bomb explosion that killed the daughter of a prominent and ally and iraq iraqi rescued team search for survivors under the rubble of a shrine. hit by a landslide near the city of competing in sports ukrainian, alexander use. it remains the heavy weight. well champion and we've got premier league action is chelsea yeah. hammered by leads while manchester city a given
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a scab. why newcastle ah! welcome to the news our there is growing concern over the face of europe's largest nuclear plant, which is become a flash point in the war in ukraine. leaders from 4 of the west most powerful nations, the u. s. u. k. france and germany, according from military activity around the zap a region nuclear plant to end ukrainian official se artillery shells rained down on a city near the atomic power complex over the night. and that sparks a large fire and caught power to around $3000.00 people. russia has been accused of turning the facility into a military base. on friday, the french president said, rush in need of a team of pushing it agreed the inspectors from the u. n's. nuclear watchdog could travel to the plant to carry out an inspection out there as party. colleen has more
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in the story now from washington. when it came to the nuclear power plant, they said they quote, they discussed the situation around every to nuclear power plant. need to avoid military operations near the plant and the importance of an i. e, a visit as soon as feasible. so knowing what we know about these calls because details always leak out after the fact. what were they likely talking about? well, the leaders probably wanted to hear directly from french president and manual now crohn on what he personally thought of his conversation with russian president vladimir putin, where he came out and said he was now open to having those inspectors inside the nuclear power plant. so again, these are the leaders of the us, france, germany and the u. k. what else would they like to talk about? probably intelligence, we've all seen those pictures on social media of those military trucks inside the facility, the u. s. government and these governments are going to have a much better assessment of the people on twitter or anything we would know about what the potential uses for those military trucks are. another thing they're likely
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going to be talking about is, if the worst case happens, if there is a malfunction at the flat, there is a radioactive cloud. what are they going to do if it drifts into a nato member country? remember, article 5 says a direct attack on any nato country, means nato, then instantly gets involved in the war. well, would a radioactive cloud be considered a direct attack on that country? so undoubtedly there be discussing that this is also, these readouts are important because they send a message, they send a message to the kremlin to latimer putin, that this is an issue, especially when it comes to the nuclear actor, that these leaders are taking very seriously and it sends a message that they're working on what a response would be. meanwhile, the cell than ukrainians had him. nikolai, of his self had heavy bombardment since rushes invasion began in february. 3rd, he say the war is devastated. the regions infrastructure including more than 6000 residential buildings, as well as 66 medical facilities. more than 300 educational buildings have also
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been damaged with a 131 cultural institutions. gas electricity in what is applies have also been suspended in many parts of the city. as there is to raise a bar reports. now from nikolai of it, it's become my daily routine waiting for drinking water in the city of me go live in southern ukraine. blue that glow says it war 2 in the taps is contaminated. so lane law also bombs are destroying us. the water pump was attacked near her song, so were without water. now, there's dirty water in the taps. we can't use it to cook food, only to wash our feet and use it to flush 6 months ago, russian forces tried to capture mc alive. the queen and army managed to repel their attack and pushed them out of the city. but people like, alexander, i hope all the akeena continue to struggle, me laden, you coulda,
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i won't go anywhere. now. this is our land. we will stay here with them. he declared mother, you can give us more to see whether you got another horsey milan, ethical in the my arousal, cynthia, i thought there because of my it. i was going to have a nice live but know every day there's shelling but it's not just the water. thousands have been forced to leave the area. what a water valve, what rahman bush had offs house was destroyed by 2 russian rockets. his family have left the country that he says he had to stay with all men are fighting age. i been to leave the country at the thought you are, sir. they had attacked before, but no one expected that this area would be targeted. it's not clear what they aimed poor could be the factory behind, but you see they target people, residential areas are little dull and there's no guarantee russia one tried to take her city once again. rockets continue to be fired on the 50 reducing homes of schools and health care facilities. this used to be the terminology area of this
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hospital. and as you can see, it was completely destroyed. authority say that around 10000 buildings in the city have been damaged by the shelling ah, the streets look empty except for barricades meat of tires. a chill how the city is ready to resist. a russian occupation. authorities are struggling to restore electricity and gas applies before winter order ticket, mach mozilla. the russians will not pull back, they won't stop here. however, as of today, we have everything in order to face them. we will meet them in 5 years. what we want you up while the fighting goes on in the southern and eastern parts of the country, millions have managed to escape, but many others are reluctant to leave. it's their home, they say, and i need to remain here is greater than the constant dangers they face. it is, i will and just eat out nikolai ukraine. meanwhile,
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a murder investigation has been launched in moscow after the daughter of a close ally of the russian president vladimir putin was killed in a suspected car bombing. darya de geena was the child of alexander de, again an altar. nationalist russian philosopher is often referred to as putin's brain. both of them wholeheartedly supported the invasion of ukraine and some suspect the father was the actual target of the attack. a reclining government has denied any involvement in this same bas ravi has more. oh, alex xander, due to russian nationalists, he's a philosopher strategist who represents president vladimir putin policies to his critics. he is a pro kremlin fascist who has openly called for the killing of ukrainians that 1st the likely target of a car bombing near moscow. late saturday, duke and was saved by a last minute vehicle change. as he left a cultural event. his daughter doria to kina took his place and the bomb that was
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probably meant for his duke and was skilled looking on powerless to do anything. the car carrying his daughter still in flames. say she will be in there at the moment. investigators and forensic specialist of the main, investigative director of the russian investigative committee for the most region, together with the colleagues from the main forensic department of the russian investigative committee and abum experts continue working on the crime scene. you morning. 29 year old. daria was a russian broadcaster and political commentator. not both father and daughter expressed far right. nationalist views strongly supported the invasion of ukraine and were placed on international sanctions for spreading this information. i guess only that we do not know if carried out the attack. the ukrainian fiercely denied it. of the russians, of course, blame them, including allies and do again. and no matter what this sort of, you know,
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real story is coming. we'll use this to double bounce rhetoric on your brand new scene and the crime when respond in that way. it's almost every incident. now ukraine has said it does not resort to terror tactics. blaming rushes own government or security apparatus. a picture of russian nationalism, the public face, of what many view as potent expansion as policies, even referred to as kootenai brain. duke ins views likely marked him for death. his attackers, whoever they are, who got his daughter instead of zane basra v o t 0. the retreat babbage is a political unless at in a semi which is a russian stay and media companies, warner says and translates western media. he explains why dia to kina might have been targeted. i think it's very possible that we're targeting daria and look for father. she was prominent, she was beautiful,
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she was all spoke and she was very kind as she was the ad on several popular television and radio shows. so i will not exclude the possibility that she was. if he was the dark, then i will call the people killed him, anti fascist. do again, that was what my friend prophecy. volkswagen pulled a year's model. he has views. very, very strange and sometimes absurd. but they are not the mainstream use in russia, but the person who killed he who killed diary as we probably want to kill up to my mind that person is not going to die fashion. this is obvious that there is there, which will have a very negative impact because it will make the war between russia and ukraine. march blodgett much more violent. because, you know, she was alarmed by maybe marcia's economy has been crushed by western sanctions.
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despite the kremlin insistence that things are going well, this, according to a study from the yale school of management, says total oil and gas revenues dropped by more than half in the month of may compared to the month before. as according to the governments numbers, clement is not released relevant financial data since then. imports have collapsed by the 50 percent in recent months. they play an important role in the domestic economy, which accounts for about 20 percent of russia's g, d, p, and some sectors that heavily rely on global supply chains being hammered by soaring inflation. that can be as high as 60 percent. the study site foreign car sales is one example they fall in by an average of 95 percent foreign companies are also pulling out because of the war. this study says it more than a 1000 companies representing about 40 percent of russia's g. d, p have curtailed their operations. went out, you're my kid giles,
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he's an author and senior consulting fellow with the russian, you raise your program at chatham house. he joins us live now from of hampton shipped by skype. doesn't seem as though the damaged on to rushes. economy is affecting its commitment to the warn ukraine. no, that's quite right. but of course, russia has a long history of spending itself into state collapse in pursuit of unwinnable wars . after all, they did that 3 times in the 20th century. in 19 o 5 after the russian japanese war and 1917 in the 1st world war that led to the complete collapse of the state and the arrival of communism. and of course in 1991 at the end of the cold war. so there is form for this, they have repeatedly ignored the economy to the deficit, to the detriment of the country while trying to pursue some war that they're never going to be able to win. the president, putin has said that he wants to avoid this mistake, that russia has done over and over again before. but it seems at the moment they're all the signs that they are disregarding the economic damage that the worth doing
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to their own country. and pressing ahead, regardless, how long would i be able to do that for do you think? well, that's the unknowable thing because russia and russians are always greatly more resilient to this and to the kind of degradation of the standard of living and their economy that goes with it, than a western liberal democracy or many other countries around the world would be. but that's a brittle system, is more resilient, it last longer than most people expect, but when it snaps it's bloody, it's messy and it affects all kinds of countries around russia's periphery as well as russia itself. it's unpredictable when that happens and that's something else that repeats itself in everything that we've seen. nobody predicted the end of the soviet union. few people predicted the end of the 3rd monarchy before it. so he had to, we might not be able to tell just when that breaking point comes, what will that breaking point look like? one people, one thing that had been suggested is that this car bomb attack on alexander dorgan that we've been hearing about earlier in your bulletin was actually the 1st sign of
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some of the fishers in that central team of people running russia actually coming out into the open any kind of fractional in fighting like that would give symptoms like murder's assassinations. a because the people who are close to port and must now be feeling that conflict of interest, they want to support put in. they want to maintain that system and stay within it because it's broken stability. it's made the wealthy, it gives them the positions they have. but at the same time, they must be able to see the damage that is being done to russia as a country. and to the long term future of themselves and their families after put in has gone and that's going to pull them into different directions. sort of hallmark and characteristics as a dot com bombing, very difficult to reach any firm conclusions. and so many different theories around the apps in the absence of evidence to support them. what is your gut feeling? is it likely that it was carried out by those that might be within the regime that
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a disgruntled with the war and ukraine will as a new development possibly has come up since you correspond to put their who together, which is an organization within russia, claiming responsibility for the attack, calling cells the national republican army and setting themselves up in opposition to president portrait. now some people are getting very excited that they're thinking about it is the 1st indication of some organized resistance movement within russia. the claims as its objective over throwing russian leadership and overthrown president porch and setting up a free country in its place. a lot of other people, especially the long term russia experts looking at this organization and the claim that it's making and saying it has all the hallmarks over false flag over front that's being set up by the russian security and intelligent services. for any one of the number of reasons, it would be perfectly normal and perfectly in the mainstream of rushing practice to carry out an assassination or a murder or a series of murders for that kind of objective and dirty dog. and may just have
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been but not so innocent victim of his lot. they might be next. who knows, but all of the rushing propagandist, the work with doogan and do gonna will be now be nervously looking over their shoulders and asking themselves exactly that same question. and that's probably the reason why they're broadcast song state television. this even become even more hysterical looking for scapegoats looking for victims. calling for violent and radical counter measures against the west, against ukraine, against anybody they think might have a hand in our it's always good to talk to you. thank you very much. do appreciate your analysis care. giles, joining us from my chatham house watching the news. our life from london much more still to bring you on the program where cars at the u. k. is busiest port down tools. i have a pe threatening major economic disruption. there is anger in india after 11 convicted rapist of freed from prison, given a hero's welcome. and in sports ukrainian, alexander was sick defeats antony,
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joshua, saudi arabia. to retain his heavy white titles. ah, emergency crews in iraq is searching for people trapped under the rubble of a collapse shrine. it's believed a landslide course part of the shine in the city of cabella to k. then on saturday, at least 4 people have died. official say 3 children have been rescued and sent to hospital fed up to 8 others. this still traps rescue teams working through the 9 were able to provide food and water to people stuck under the debris magland. otherwise, it is falling developments from iraq's capital baghdad risky workers continue to dig through the horrible. and the search for survivors of total landslide hit she at the muslim shrine near the holy city, over a caraballo heavy machinery have been brought to the sea including git,
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bulldozers and it diggers. now, family members are stand by waiting for any news or updates about their loved ones. earlier on sunday, the children were rescued and sent to hospital to receive medical treatment. but now recovering an authorities there say they're in good condition. officials say the land, the slide was caused by humidity that led to the collapse of a sand. a mound? oh, that's cool. up on the roof top of the shrine, while the visitors were trapped inside there. i in a tomato area about 60 kilometers per west of the holy city of karbala has several shrines and holly sites including get water
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wills and other heritage sites that earlier has been visited are by shared muslims for centuries. and the number of visitors usually increases during this month of more harem in the arabic calendar, which is averted the month for the share to muslims iraqi president wareham sila have posted the statement on twitter, calling for rescue workers to mobilize all efforts to rescue the trap to people, the oppression will likely continue through the night in the hope of finding more survivors. here nearly 2000 workers at til one of the case busiest ports of walked off, the job threatening major disruption. felix stow port accounts for close to half of the countries container freight traffic. yay! day walk out. response. i paid his peers high for set has been speaking to the
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striking workers. the world's largest container ship had britton's largest container. port the ever a lot arrived on thursday and normally will be long gone by now. but strike action by felix. those 1900 dock workers has stopped operations. the unite union says a recently increased offer of a 7 percent. a rise doesn't keep pace with spiraling inflation. it's seeking a double digit raise that it says would share surging corporate profits. $71000000.00 at last count more equitably with the workers. now unfortunately, we've yet to be given an offer, which we think we can take back and which reflects our members as bryson and talking to members today in which we're in a position that there is you can see we had that message sent back to us loud and clear felix to port says it was reminded in recent days by the bank of england of the inflation re effects of big pay rises. the port company accuses the union of
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using the workers in a national struggle. and our free trial work is this is next for 3 and a half 1000 pounds in cash to them each year. the action that they're taking now that united is making them take, not having to put this offer to all workers, but the action that united making them take is actually going to take the best part of a 1000 pounds out of their pocket. the question is, how far the effects of this shut down will ripple through the u. k. economy. the port says the effects will be manageable, pointing to the lessons learned during the supply chain. disruption of the pandemic . suddenly, the ever a lot isn't going anywhere anytime soon. and some industry analysis suggests other containers ship as are already offloading the cargo in europe. instead of the u. k . the union accepts that will be major disruption and says that it could carry out further strikes as it seeks. what it says is a fair deal up the road in ipswich, adams scott's printing and embroidery business relies on imported materials, textiles, inc, and vinyl. he supports the right to strike, but is worried about further shocks to a supply chain. it's already stretched,
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and only getting costlier historically, where we'd have maybe to price wise's job, or to 3 percent, something like that. we're now looking at 8 attempts and price rises monthly from our suppliers. so it's not like it's a challenging environment for us over the last. so yeah. this sunday's cargo and felix though was restricted to day trippers. all sides are settling in for a long wait for this dispute to be resolved and is just one among many a long summer of industrial action and economic uncertainty isn't yet over. hurry force it al jazeera felix, an indian muslim woman who has brittany gang rape during religious rights in 2002, as called on states officials to overturn that decision to free the men convicted of the attack. because bono was 5 months pregnant when she was assaulted during an outburst of communal violence in the western state of good draw 2 decades ago. nearly 2000 people were killed during 3 days of riot banu and 2 of her children
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were the only survivors among a group of 17 muslims who were attacked. 7 members of her family, including her 3 year old daughter, were among those killed in 2008, 11 men was sentenced to life in prison for rape, murder, and unlawful assembly. but last monday, the day india celebrated 75 years of independence. the men were freed on remission based on their age and behavior while in prison. bonnie says their release has left her numb and shaken her faith and justice were india's prime minister under moody was the leader of good state at the time of those rights vend grover is a lawyer at the supreme court in india. i spoke to her a short time ago and she told me that there's still no official document explaining why and how these men were released. it is true that these 11 convicts do have
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been incarcerated for about 15 years, so that applications would be considered. however, there is no right to play with a mission that us arrange of factors. and what i mean does that be a lot of these have to undertake and see whether what, what are the major to find? what is the gravity of the play? was a crime against society? has there been remorse was there? regret it. all right, to put them back into society, all of these are factors that, that the media has to undertake. and consider what they can only look at each individual case to see whether there is other form taking place in the trial judge . it has to be get them or both. if the committee disagrees with that opinion, that has to be recorded in writing. we are a lot of media reports that the trial judge had actually neg,
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do not release the early release. you said that we've learned from media reports have any legal documents about how this decision was reached and between the state government good route. and the central government and consultation has anything been disclosed. lodge a dog that has actually been dropped, silence from the ruling, a dispensation that is the same ruling party, the b j. b bolt in the center and in the state, which usually is an active on social media. and otherwise that is absolute. a radio silence at both ends. in fact, the all right is from women. from sit in the voting democrat to flight one repeatedly saying, please please before our document on the basis of this kind of executive decision has been taken. or we have seen is a member of the ruling party in a member of the committee that has allowed this early release say
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that these are aust, i'm in funding and therefore there must be having values inherently good values because of that box status. i'm back, whole big should be enlarged in this manner. you've described it as a travesty of justice, abuse of power, but also how chilling is it for women and girls across the country to see these men being garland did and fed sweets after they were freed? i think for all women and for any st minded citizen, this is a situation to witness, particularly in india, wesson's 2012 game of mid my identity. that has been very, very, i guess we're both on the station on the issue of sexual violence and literally
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it's young people, women have disco regained control of women, women's control over their own lives and their bodies. and to change this kind of a rampage that is taking place to sexual violence and others, we now see the signaling from the that's, you know, sub denial of him in his body. ok. in forsyth, invested in political again, does a fair game. and the domino effect of this will be fed across the board for all women. this is extremely regressive and a huge setback, or all women in this country bill hispano, was a teenager, and 19 years old and pregnant when she was gang raped her thrilled, free world daughter was minded, and also members of her family were attacked. can this decision be challenged and cotton, and does she have the means to do so?
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in my view, it is not built is bundles voted at all. this is about in that she has caddied for too long. for over 20 years she had a very difficult are to was legal, the board didn't really is on the state and the state. yes to be i the assignment indifferent. and therefore the burden really is now on the constitution. of course, the close to show that we do not on the supreme court of india now, which is the apex book and the dog all fundamental rights and freedoms. it is for the courts or any of the natural human rights commission. it is for them to take this challenge for that. it is an order that to my mind is in full volatile and when did your initial review and will not stand good scrutiny. i think the test is to be off close to ship institutions. pakistan's former prime minister emron
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corners, accused the government of temporarily blocking youtube to stop people from listening to his speech. he gave it to rally. social media uses say they couldn't access youtube during cons, address and rob andy on saturday. pakistan's electronic media regulator, banned the live telecast have con speeches because of what it described as hate speech against state institutions. con has been pushing for new elections after being ousted from power in april. also accused pakistan's powerful military of supporting the government, which he says is corrupt. oh, you neutral or not let us know if you are not neutral, then why do, why are you harming go country? if you have to stand with these people, you think what you saw the nation, which was called them please, and progress for the last 2 or 2 years. because you stand with them now? do you think the nation will accept of will stop considering them thieves?
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this who also damage your image. you at the news our life from london still had for you. a body of former president joe's eduardo de santos is returned to angola and in a dispute over way, he'd be buried ships, statues in what's known as the spanish stonehenge. we'll take a look at the historic artifacts being reveal. i drought penny coming up in support for you including more dance news from the security guy. you said, ah, here comes a new work week. hello everyone. here's your forecasts for europe in africa and still storm stuck for central and eastern areas. getting a lot of rain falling for eastern portions of the czech republic and austria could see about 50 millimeters within
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a short period of time that could certainly trigger some flash flooding. but this is flushed out the heat. so just 23 degrees in sarajevo. on monday, temperatures have come down, justice smidge for lisbon at $29.00. a bit breezy can feel it that wind coming off the atlantic and then just some showers for the pair knees now for the other side of the mediterranean look at cypress. so k nicosia got you in for 35 degrees, some daytime heating storms popping up across turkey, but by and large it will be dry. and some of that active weather in the balkans is slipping further south into greece for the northwest. we get some outbreaks of rain, especially across the islands of ireland and britain, but we'll squeeze out some dry periods as, while temperature has fallen in helsinki after that run of rain went there. and we're getting striped with some pretty solid bands of rain for senegal. and the gambia certainly could see some more flooding in bondsville and for southern africa it's quiet. we're in the sunshine in cape town with a high of 17 degrees on monday. that sure weather update position.
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ah, the woke up is coming to catch up in just 3 months. as the main event gets closer, we hear every step of the way i'm gonna get here. with updates from teams and things can expect some strong support here in customer with a spotlight. no one you can france claim back to back. well public dreams all will portugal christiano. rinaldo finally get his hands on the trophy. the well can't count on al jazeera. mm. a with
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ah ah, ah. main stories now, leaders from the u. s. u. k. france and germany, a calling for military activity on winds up a regional nuclear want to end in an official se artillery shells right down on a city near the atomic. our complex overnight. a murder investigation has been launched in moscow after the daughter of a close ally russian president vladimir putin was killed in a suspected comp. warming is felicity appears to show the bloss, which kill 29 year old darya tina. although it is bleed have fallen. the alexander
12:35 am
duke in was the actual target of the attack and emergency crews in iraq is searching for people trapped under the rubble of collapse, trying to the city of karbala. at least 4 people have died. power supplies might fail, farm land could turn to dust in major cities like las vegas might have to restrict water usage. these are just some of the risks faced by 7 american states, unless they work out a plan to reduce how much water they draw from the colorado river, which is drying up. the river flows from the rocky mountains to the deserts of the southwest and provides drinking water for 40000000 people. it also sustains a huge agricultural industry that's worth $15000000000.00 a year. but climate change is making the region hotter and dryer to rise of wise lake needs and light pow fallen to just above a quarter of that capacity this summer. if they fall much lower,
12:36 am
they'll be unable to generate hydro electric power for millions of customers. b to glick is a leading scientist on global water and climb issues. he's also a co founder and senior fellow pacific institute for studies and development environment and secures. he joins us now from oakland, california. how serious are the drop in water levels for these to rise of was? well, they're very serious. they're unprecedented. in fact, since those reservoirs were built many, many decades ago, other the larger some of the largest reservoirs in the united states. so the most important storage facilities for water on the colorado river, which is important as your introduction indicated for more than 40000000 people. and as the water levels have dropped, and as the demand for water is continued to stay high, we're seeing those reservoirs fall to unprecedentedly low levels. and so what does that mean? if the drought was on the reservoir levels in places like lake lake mead continues
12:37 am
to drop, does that mean cuts to the water supply for places like well where you are now? california? yes. so a 7 states rely on the colorado and 80 percent of the water that's used in the river goes to the agricultural sector. so as the water levels continue to drop, 1st of all, we're seeing cutbacks, mandatory cutbacks to several of the states that have allocations of water on the river. arizona and nevada 1st are already experiencing quite significant cutbacks, and that means they're going to have to reduce the water that's available for the cities and for the farms that depend on that water. if the levels continue to drop, california will be affected. also at the moment, california allocation has a higher priority. so the state of california has not yet seen cuts on the colorado river, but that's going to come and it's going to affect millions of people as the reservoir levels. and as the river itself continues to fall, how's it going to affect people?
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well, the 1st thing that's going to have to happen is that some farmers are literally going to have to go out of production. they're going to have to follow their fields . they're not going to be able to grow crops a we're already seeing request voluntary requests in the urban areas in the big cities for reductions in water use. but those requests are going to become mandatory over time. we're going to see cut backs to allocations for water for indoor use, especially for outdoor use. a lot of the water is still used on outdoor landscaping, and that's going to have to stop. so we're going to see cutbacks for urban users and for agricultural users as well. i was going to say what about the consequences farrah, agriculture and food production. so much of the water that's used in colorado right now is used for growing alfalfa, which goes to feed animals. so i don't think there's going to be a massive decrease in agricultural production in the united states as
12:39 am
a whole. but locally, some farmers are going to go out of production. that's going to be in economic problem for them. i, it's going to be a, probably we're going to see a somewhat of an increase in certain kinds of food prices like for meets. and they're going to have to be substantial long term changes. i would argue in the agricultural system in the colorado river, we simply cannot afford to keep giving more water away. the nature provides especially now with a price, with the quite obvious consequences of climate change. thank you very much. i appreciate your, your staff and that oakland, california. peter glick. meanwhile, weeks of drought along covered long said, nice archaeological relics around the world was been revealed, include ancient, but his statues in china and a rock formation known as the spanish stonehenge between again, b. as moore, the priest or extern circle came into view when a dam in the spanish province of caceres dropped to
12:40 am
a quarter of its usual capacity. the stains were 1st discovered in 1926 and of only be fully visible full time since the discovery is an unexpected side effect of the worst drought in europe in decades. in serbia, the river danube is at his lowest level in nearly a century, revealing the wreckage is of 20 german worships, which were sunk during world war 2 toys. plus we'll start to deluxe vertical groper . this is what remains from the wall between the army of the soviet union and the german wolf. latoya is about 10000 kilograms of explosive devices. here. we're not sure if they can explode, that you can imagine the problems if they do. in germany, the drought is exposed so called hung the stones at sections of the river right centuries ago they were placed on dry riverbeds to warn future generations. their exposure could signal famine away from europe, and
12:41 am
a drought in china has revealed ancient statues of buddha, on an island that usually submerged the statues. i believe, to be 600 years old, was a combo. the host was a little by note i read in the newspaper that it's from the main in ching dentistry . it's rare to see read like those whose offer i think it's a warning to us. ah. rainfall in the young c basin has been around 45 percent lower since july. authorities say as many as 66 rivers across southwest china have dried up this summer. with many scientists saying hotter days as a result of global warming a here to stay more relics from the past. a sure to emerge, victoria gate and be al jazeera floods in south asia, killed more than a 100 people over the last few days. heavy rain is battered hundreds of vintages in northern in easton, india triggering flash floods that have swept way homes and destroy bridges. at
12:42 am
least 50 people have died and then heavy floods from seasonal rains of also swept through eastern afghanistan. at least 9 people there have died in the afghan district of cushy where bodies are still been recovered. for ledger say the level of flooding is unprecedented. and then hundreds of factors flee their homes in pakistan. rescue workers have helped started villages on to boats and punjab province. more than a 100 people have died in the south of the country and then further north floods there have killed at least 36 people. yeah, but your lawyer, noble cartoon, are going off with the disaster. they don't want to eat or drink, but the local administration on a local non government organization has given us food. i kind of spend the situation. what can i tell you all affordable is some butch, the water levels up or down 20 feet. emergency workers declaring the scene of a deadly siege in the somali capital market issue. police 30 people were killed and dozens injured. after our ship, bob fight has shot and blasted their way into a hotel on friday evening procedure lasted for more than 24 hours and ended when
12:43 am
somali security forces storm hotel and killed the attackers. i'm a vow, reports to security forces 30 hours to end this huge of the high up hotel immigration as special police task force deployed to the somali capital killed the attackers and fried the hostages. so they the security operation that took place in the highest hotel end of the midnight during the operation security forces focused on misses to ensure the safety of citizens who were stuck in the hotel. more than $100.00 people, including women and children, were rescued. the attack began on friday night when bob gunman, the $20.00 to $2.00 columns at the entrance of the hotel, the 4th storming it. dozens of people were talked in the building. they looked a little more than just minutes before the last 2 of my friends told me they would be leaving. but seconds later they were both killed. people fled in confusion that
12:44 am
were running towards places they thought would be safe. the hotel began to fill with smoke and flames. i saw one of the hotel guards bleeding and another man wounded. the higher is popular among businessmen, government, personal, and politicians. this is the 1st a talk show bob has carried out didn't, will got issue for hudson. she was elected president for a 2nd time in may despite a year's lung offensive by the government and african union forces. a seat is a reminder that the army group still poses a threat to some other security hammered. one of the guineas military june, to says, acting by mr. bernard is now in the role permanently calmer places mohammed vanquished who has been absent for medical reasons. since last month, transition comes is the gender faces increasing pressure that been protests around the country for weeks now against the military's plans to stay in power for the next 3 years. leaders are in talks with west african neighbors about what juicing
12:45 am
that timeline. and the body of angola from a president is arrived in luanda, ending a dispute over the way he's going to be buried. jose edwardo desantos died from cardiac arrest in spain. last month, members of his family wanted him buried in barcelona. one of his daughters requested a full autopsy sighting allegations of suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. but on wednesday of court in barcelona, rolled to santos died from natural causes that his body would be sent to lawanda. the decision has been welcomed by angola as governing party. and then to santos, his daughter also alleges that present job or and cause using the repatriation to help is chances in the upcoming election currently on the campaign trail later wednesdays ballot polls show a close race between his ruling and b. l. a and the opposition uniter, are enclosed, been reminding voters of his anti corruption drive, which targeted members of the desantos family. but some angola that an impressed by
12:46 am
his government's economic track record. no one can take away from the part dissolved ambition to and something that shamed us corruption, which was deeply rooted not on the political in the leadership, but also rooted now our society, we broke this taboo and really started the fight against corruption. but frances is called for dialogue to resolve the stand off between the catholic church and the government in nicaragua, a prominent and critical of nicaragua, and present. daniel ortega was detained and placed on the house the rest on friday . the authorities accuser now the voters of organizing violent groups, inciting them to carry acts of hate against the population of ours is one of the most influential figures in the nicaraguan church which has condemned, the government sweeping cracked down on descend. look, she will w, quino company closely worry and pain disintegration which most
12:47 am
people are going to should have sworn. i would like to express your conviction and my wish that were true and open your dialogue. the foundations for respectful and peaceful coexistence can be fire doors, or 30 percent of mexico is covered by forests. that survival depends on dedicated protection efforts from both the government and residence. some communities are now using an unconventional technique to make the land more sustainable. manual rapid reports now from central mexico. oh, trees from a forest in central mexico or being harvested for timber. the images don't exactly evoke a sense of conservation either, but several communities who reside near the outskirts of this forest have found that sustainable timber harvest and land protection go hand in hand is approach, i mean, thought was, can they don't, this harvest, generates economy gains for the community which are distributed in person to
12:48 am
jerusalem for social projects as well. and most importantly, and for deforestation, and creating conservation brigades targeting against forest fires. us your the pine trees being hauled away or taken to a sawmill. here the sale of wood has brought steady income to almost a dozen communities known as a heated under mexican agrarian law. and he, those have communal ownership over the force and are entrusted with protecting it on say, he goes for one historian, he says young, you live in a, he knows a part of our organization. they all abide by the rules of forestry management, which determine precisely how much would can be extracted annually. with the rainy season underway, reforestation efforts are in full swing and the mexican government is providing assistance in the form of pine saplings. it's a model of sustainability that's existed in mexico for hundreds of years. ross company either add other than that available scale me or when
12:49 am
a community sees the force of their livelihood. they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the biodiversity inside the forced community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be a big problem in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to be an effective way of protecting forest and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 percent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this force counts on the full time stewardship of its human guardians. monroe up a little al jazeera mexico's and alco forest. so have for you on the program,
12:50 am
premier league champions of a comma to go deficit to share the points in your cost. so ah, with your on our black manager, a political, the big representative back in 1991 to me it was our argument, one of the guys without a gun. my brother was killed. my hood don't look no different than any other hood out here. dan, michael was you, i saw me, i saw my son in 15 years and i felt like, you know, at this time the stand this is the more than bill for i'm just not willing to accept the word substantial legislation. can i get through?
12:51 am
that's going to speak to a major need for my community. this bill identifies use violence as a public health epidemic. last year. we are to our to market the ripple effect of violence when it comes to you stretches far, why? when you were away. mm. mm ah hundreds of women have been posting videos of themselves partying to support a prime minister of finland. oh, women from finland and denmark of shide clips of themselves, dancing with their friends along with the hash tags. solidarity with santa they
12:52 am
want to support finished need a santa marion who's been criticized of elite videos that showed her parting with friends e finish leaders. taking a drug test to disprove allegations that she took banned substances while she was doing this. and it says, her ability to perform official duties was not in pad. on the night, in western saturday, jama has the sport i do indeed. we start with sundays are premier league action and lead have delivered at the shock of the weekend with a stunning a 3 no victory over chelsea. opening goal came from a go keeping how la brendan aaronson made the most of the opportunity in the 1st seat and just 4 minutes later i lead found a 2nd. thanks to this head out from strike, rodrigo. that's now 2 winds from 3 match his beliefs to start the season and they sit 3rd in the table you know, strike and there was no need. we are not forced to to, to lose track. we were,
12:53 am
everything was going well. and i still believe that we can with hearing leads and we have to play us that we wanted and called scoring opportunities. but it went, it went the other way and i think it's more our fault than anybody else's credit. manchester city had the chance to go back on top of the table, but they were forced to share the points with newcastle city with 31 down after an hour of play. the full star strike her earning holland a pounced inside the box and just a few minutes later that gaudy aside equalized at 3 bernard, a silva. he made it thrill, which is how it finished. city dropped points for the 1st time, the season, meaning awesome. the only team to one the 1st 3 games i think it's really, really good for us. leaves discount experience. we spoke about that in the uptime. we need to leave these, you know, chew and down wishy what happened now,
12:54 am
how we are as a team, political a, just a little bit reward you have to do and we have to, you have to leave discussions missions, advisor, premier league is so difficult, and everyone is going to jo point boss i have just beaten ralph, i'll say it out for that 1st when a fellow legal fees and how about they run from alex? val day, he picked up the ball inside his own house before setting up a prob, 11 of cisco, his 1st legal for boss at 46 seconds into the match, and on his birthday as well. and he wasn't for the polish try putting in a ball. but choppy side ended up with a full one victory in from canada back a score, one of the fastest goals in league history. it's just 8 seconds. so it's hard to grab for lead again, little the same one, the title 2 seasons. ok. and that was just saw of the night massive side as p. s. the secured a 71 victory. messy a name are also among the scores while i'm finished with a hat trick. the champions of now go to 17 goals and the opening 3 games of the
12:55 am
season. ukrainian book. so all exam do you think says he wants to fight, tyson fury next. after retaining his heavyweight titles against anthony joshua in saudi arabia, is the one that we match on a split points decision in jetta to keep is 3 major bouts. joshua lost his temper when he heard the result throwing to the 6 bows out of the ring and onto the floor and stole me out only to return later to congratulate you sick after the fight, the ukrainian called on fury to come out of retirement. he also dedicated his victory to his country anthony, i'm not sure whether i'm right or not, but i saw in round 8 in ages, eyes that he was feeling victorious already. and i kept telling myself, you cannot storm with some big things were at stake. and thank god, the belt for coming back to ukraine. the victory is with us and ukraine. one fell ukraine's president twisted his congratulations to a thick thing difficult, but so important and necessary victory, defending the title of wild champion as
12:56 am
a symbol of all those who of course expert will not give up that right. and they will fight for it and will definitely win. joshua has now apologized on social media for his post, fight out post fight outburst, saying his emotions got the better of him and he let himself down. he also got emotional during his news conference following the defeats. it's really, really hard for me to sound proud of myself. well, i don't feel anything. i'm just. well, i'm upset. really deep down him. ha ha. ha ha ha. yes, i was mad at myself. 91 just was so sofa. well guy here because i'm mad and i anyone when you're angry you might do stupid things. so i was mad when i realized this is full. let me do the right thing and come back in tennis. sir
12:57 am
francis caroline garcia has become the 1st qualifier to win a w t i $1000.00 event. she defeated it to time grand slam champion of patrick, of literature in the final, in cincinnati garcia claims had 13, aside to live. since coming back from the foot injury in may, she is $13.00 events on 3 different surfaces and garcia lose up to 17 in the world rankings lead in may. so gp, francesco bonnie, i made it 3 winds on the spin with victory, the austrian grand prix. anya started from 2nd on the grid and overtook palm city and they at basine to hit the front into town. one championship lead out fabric, quaternary overtook jack millet with full apps to go to move in to 2nd place. freshman was closing in but vanya held on state victory. i not point 4 seconds is the 1st you got you right as since casey stone in 2008 to win 3 successive races. mobile. and finally, this security guard of the major league baseball game in florida started off his
12:58 am
dance moves, and he had every reason to be in a good mood is the home side of the tampa bay raised beach, the kansas city royals. the security guard has unsurprisingly been going viral lately on social media for days. that is all your sports now more later, he's having a good time. that for the news, i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more of a day's news around up the top stories coming up very shortly. i'll see you soon. ah ah.
12:59 am
when the shots came from the holiday and we heard cracks, we heard some noise. this was known a sniper alley was one in the most dangerous intersections in assad. able you didn't come in through the front entrance. that was what happens to people who were shot. they came into the wrong entrance. the nightly pyrotechnics are funny to turn to the camera man. so let's get the hell out of here. sorry, a vo holiday, and we'll hotels on al jazeera. for science, it's the evidence is irrefutable. but america's climate change, denial stubbornly mistrust of the fact that despite soaring temperatures, raging wild fires and shrinking water reserves the world's largest economy, it's still split along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe climate wars on
1:00 am
a j 0. from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the weather orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being banned, been mostly was occupied by i. so the melodies arrived, derfin christian curd arab so need and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music. i mean, the ruins of muscles, old city, feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help him in, committed the bringing the city back to life. ah, the u. s. u k. france and germany edge military restrained to round ukraine's nuclear sites.


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