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movements were launched in the mast of a 3 part series. al jazeera well looks at the changes in society as a home. teachers were looked after and learning methods were closed, the evaluated from education to the changing wills of winning the expansion of the middle class. and improve transportation. the sixty's in the arab was society on our jazeera in south korea, a new generation is tightened the stage shaking up social media fashion. any time one o an ace makes the world's oldest influence on out there. ah . the u. s. u k. france and germany urge military restrained to round ukraine's nuclear sites. as more shelley is reported near the russian controlled operation
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plant, i'm that is happening in the city of nikolai in southern ukraine. 6 months ago, the ukraine and army managed to prevent the advance of russian troops towards the city. but even today, people say it's under constant attack. ah, play, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. i'm fully battle. also coming up. russia launches a murder enquiry to the killing of a pro kremlin commentator who's a daughter of a prominent putin allied rescue teams in iraq search for survivors under the rubble of a shrine hates by a landslide, mia cabella and the unconventional technique helping forest conservation efforts since central mexico
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would begin with the conflict in ukraine. the leaders of u, the u. s. u k. france and germany, a calling for military activity around these operation nuclear plant to end ukrainian officials say shells. rain down on a city near the atomic power complex. fucking a large fire and cutting power to around 3000 people. ukraine has accused moscow of turning the facility into a military base. france says the russian leader vladimir putin has agreed to allow the you a nuclear watchdog to inspect the plant. particle haine has more from washington when it came to the nuclear power plant, they said they quote, they discussed the situation arounds ever reached a nuclear power plant need to avoid. busy military operations near the plant and the importance of an i. e, a visit as soon as feasible. so knowing what we know about these calls because details always leak out after the fact. what were they likely talking about?
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well, the leaders probably wanted to hear directly from french president and manual man kron on what he personally thought of his conversation with russian president vladimir putin, where he came out and said he was now open to having those inspectors inside the nuclear power plant. so again, these are the leaders of the us, france, germany and the u. k. what else would they like to talk about? probably intelligence, we've all seen those pictures on social media of those military trucks inside the facility, the u. s. government and these governments are going to have a much better assessment of the people on twitter or anything we would know about what the potential uses for those military trucks are. another thing they're likely going to be talking about is, if the worst case happens, if there is a malfunction at the plat, there is a radioactive cloud. what are they going to do if it drifts into a nato member country? remember, article 5 says, a direct attack on any nato country, means nato, then instantly gets involved in the war. well, would
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a radioactive cloud be considered a direct attack on that country? so undoubtedly there be discussing that this is also, these readouts are important because they send a message, they send a message to the kremlin, to vladimir putin. that this is an issue, especially when it comes to the nuclear actor, that these leaders are taking very seriously. and it sends a message that they're working on what of response would be have a southern ukrainian city of nikolai has suffered heavy bombardment since russia's invasion began. in february, authorities say the war has devastated the regions infrastructure, including more than 6000 residential buildings and 66 medical facilities. more than 300 educational facilities have also been damaged along with a 131 cultural institutions. gas, electricity, and water supplies have also been suspended in many parts. al jazeera is traceable reports from mc live. oh, it's become my daily routine,
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waiting for drinking water in the city of me go live in southern ukraine. blue that glow says it war 2 in the taps is contaminated. so lane law also bombs are destroying us. the water pump was attacked near her son, so were without water. now, there's dirty water in the taps. we can't use it to cook food, only to wash our fate and use it to flush 6 months ago. russian forces tried to capture him equally. the queen and army managed to repel their attack and pushed them out of the city. but people like alexander hooker, the akeena continued to struggle, mute linearly. you coulda, i won't go anywhere. now, this is our land. we will stay here without them. he declared your mother. you can give us more to see whether you got another huddle with him. lam ethical in the my arousal saying what i thought there because of my it. i was going to have a nice live but know every day there's shelling but it's not just the water. thousands have been forced to leave the area. what a water valve,
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what rahman bush had offs house was destroyed by 2 russian rockets. his family have left the country that he says he had to stay with all men are fighting age. i been to leave the country at the thought you are, sir. they had attacked before, but no one expected this area would be targeted. it's not clear what they aim for. could be the factory behind, but you see they target people, residential areas are dull and there's no guarantee. russia won't try to take her city once again. rockets continue to be fired on the 50 reducing homes of schools and health care facilities. this used to be the terminology area of this hospital. and as you can see, it was completely destroyed or thought. say that around 10000 buildings in the city have been damaged by the shelling the streets look empty except for barricades meat of tires. a chill how the city is ready to resist. a rushing occupation
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authority for struggling to reform electricity and gas supplies before winter. or kick that the russians will not pull back. they won't stop. however, us up today. we have everything in order to face them. we will meet them, we'll fight them. we want you up. the one of the fighting goes on in the southern and you can part of the country. millions have managed to escape, but many others are reluctant to leave their home. they say, and they need to remain here is greater than the constant dangers they face. it is, i will i just eat nikolai ukraine. a murder investigation has been launched in moscow after a well known political commentator was killed in a suspected car bombing. guerria de geena was the daughter of alexander duke, in a close ally of russian president vladimir putin. both of them supported the invasion of ukraine and some suspect the father was a target of the attack. the cranium government denies any involvement vein bas
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robbie, have small alex xander due to russian nationalists. he's a philosopher strategist who represents president vladimir putin policies to his critics. he is a pro kremlin fascist who has openly called for the killing of ukrainians, that 1st the likely target of a car bombing near moscow late saturday. duke was saved by a last minute. the vehicle changed as he left a cultural event. his daughter doria to kina took his place and the bomb that was probably meant for his duke and was skilled looking on powerless to do anything. the car carrying his dog are still in flames. let me say she will be in there at the moment. investigators and forensic specialist of the main investigative directorate of the russian investigative committee for the most region, together with the colleagues from the main forensic department of the russian investigative committee and the bum experts continue working on the crime scene.
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you morning. 29 year old. daria was a russian broadcaster and political commentator. not both father and daughter expressed far right. nationalist views strongly supported the invasion of ukraine and were placed on international sanctions lane for spreading this information. i guess only that we do not know if carried out the attack. the ukrainian fiercely denied it over the russians. of course, blame them, including allies and do again. and no matter what this sort of, you know, real story is coming. we'll use this to double downs rhetoric on your brand new scene, and the kremlin respond in that way to almost every incident. now, ukraine has said it does not resort to terror tactics. blaming russia's own government or security apparatus. a picture of russian nationalism, the public face of what many viewers putin's expansionist policies, even referred to as pollutants brain. dugan's views likely marked him for death.
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his attackers, whoever they are, got his daughter instead on zene basra, ultra 0 in other world news. imagine c crews in iraq are searching for people trapped under the rubble of a collapsed shrine. it's believed a landslide caused farther shine near cabella to k. then on saturday lease for people have died. it's believed up to 8 others are still tramps. rescue teams have been able to provide food and water to people sac under the debris mode. abdougla had is in baghdad and has more on the search and rescue efforts. risky workers are continue to dig through durable in the search for survivors of total landslide hit. she at muslim shrine near the holy city of karbala heavy machinery have been brought to the scene, including good will dozers and it diggers. now family members are stand
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by waiting for any news or updates about their loved ones. earlier on sunday, the children were rescued and sent to hospital to receive medical treatment. but now recovering an authorities there say they're in good condition. officials say the land, the slide was caused by humidity that led to the collapse of a sand mound. that collapsed on the roof top of the shrine while the visitors were trapped inside there. i entered tamara area about 60 kilometers west of the holy city of karbala has several shrines and holy sites including git, water wills and other heritage sites. that area has been visited
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or by shared muslims for centuries, and the number of visitors usually increases during this month of more harem. in the arabic calendar, which is a diverted monster for a share to muslims iraqi president wareham sila. he posted a statement on twitter, calling for rescue workers to mobilize all efforts to rescue the trap to people. the oppression will likely continue through the night. in the hope of finding more survivors. nearly 2000 to workers at one of the u. k. busiest boards have walked off the job threatening major disruption fil excel poured accounts for a close to half of the countries container freight traffic. the 8 day war cat was parked by a pe disputes. harry foster has spoken to the striking workers. the world's largest container ship had britain's largest container port the ever a lot arrived on thursday and normally would be long gone by now. but strike action
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by felix. those 1900 dock workers has stopped operations. the unite union says a recently increased offer of a 7 percent pay rise doesn't keep pace with spiraling inflation. it's seeking a double digit raise that it says would share surging corporate profits. $71000000.00 at last count more equitably with the workers. now unfortunately, we've yet to be given an offer, which we think we can take back and which reflects the members aspiration and talking to members today in which we're in a position that there's you can see we've, we've had that message sent back to us loud and clear, felix to port says it was reminded in recent days by the bank of england of the inflation re effects a big pay rises. the port company accuses the union of using the workers in a national struggle on average for our case. this is next for 3 and a half 1000 pounds in cash to them each year. the action that they're taking now
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that united is making them take not haven't put this offer to all workers, but the action that united making them take is actually going to take the best part of a 1000 pounds out of their pocket. the question is, how far the effects of this shut down will ripple through the u. k. economy. the port says the effects will be manageable, pointing to the lessons learned during the supply chain. disruption of the pandemic . suddenly, the ever a lot isn't going anywhere anytime soon. and some industry analysis suggest other containers ship as are already offloading the cargo in europe. instead of the u. k . the union accepts there will be major disruption and says that it could carry out further strikes as it seeks. what it says is a fair deal up the road in ipswich, adams scott's printing and embroidery business relies on imported materials, textiles, inc, and vinyl. he supports the right to strike, but is worried about further shocks to a supply chain. it's already stretched, and only getting costlier historically, where we'd have maybe to price wise's job to 3 percent,
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something like that. we're now looking at 8 to 10 percent price rises monthly from our suppliers, so it's not like a challenging environment for us over the last. so yeah, this sunday's cargo it felix though, was restricted to day trippers. all sides are settling in for a long wait for this dispute to be resolved and is just one among many, a long summer of industrial action. and economic uncertainty isn't yet over. harry force it al jazeera felix, a yes caller is a senior supply chain manager. he says the strike will hit industries that are already struggling. so it is going to cause problems particularly to major industrial. so if we know about what's being, what's, what crate that people, so it's, it's mostly on automotive industry. and computers for these 2 industries are already struggling from the recent chip shot it. so that would add to the costs. so
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it is already, you know, it's a lot to the costs of an economy which is already struggling with inflation. so this is something, you know, in supply chain, it's called something called a bowl. perfect. so what happens is that when situations like these arise, it creates uncertainty and then organizations over react for what really happens is that they start inserting most like in the supply chain, right? so by, by buying more so they would just try to build up stock and inventories. i mean, the reports have just come down in the u. s. of wal mart, of all model, trying to right off around $1500000000.00 of inventory for the building inventory up to just to just deal with these, these issues. and also they tried to develop alternate suppliers in a body shop to short amount of time because again, cost the money. so that would cause that what happens is that when there is a lack of clarity and demand and supply, then you know that the, so again, price increases because you know, you're paying extra next,
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or you're ordering more than you need. and again, as the news reaches to consumers, are particularly, you know, if this continues in to the altar and visual effect the holiday season doctorate is putting, buying so empty shows. all that, that just causes a big, big effect throughout the supply chain. still ahead on al jazeera kenya's election officials call for an investigation into the death and harassment of election employees. during the presidential votes, shapes fat shoes and what's known as the spanish stonehenge. we take a look at the historic artifacts being revealed by trout ah here's how the weather is shaping up for the americas. thank you for joining, an we'll begin toward the bottom and of south america. this temperature is rebounding associates and sell paulo at 19 degrees. winds have shifted out of the
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north, so by jablonka, you're up to 18 degrees on monday. and then we've got this moving into the southern section of chile, some snow over the southern andes as fall now for the top end of south america. here's the forecasts on monday persistent rain for that pacific coast of columbia rain to be expected, diana cernan, and also french diana, on monday central america continues to be that pacific coast where we see the rain, but some of the caribbean islands will get striped with some pretty solid bands of rain through his spaniel that and that eastern side of cuba. on monday. desert southwest, our mon sooner moisture. we'll see some showers in storms flare up here. but it's really the southern us states where we're seeing a lot of rain leak through your taxes in 2 parts of oklahoma, spilling into louisiana as well. anywhere in this zone could see up to 200 millimeters of brain, the risk of some flash flooding, and much cooler air. now that storms of rolled through new york at $24.00 degrees
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and off to the west. that's looking good. portland, we got you in for 29 on monday, we'll see soon. ah, the world cup is coming to catch up in just 3 months. as the main event gets closer, we hear every step of the way. i'm john again with updates from teams and plant things can expect some strong support in custom. with the spotlight. no one you can france claim back to back will come victories. all will portugal christiano. rinaldo finally get his hands on the trophy. the well can't count on al jazeera. oh
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ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha reminder of our top stories this hour. the u. s. u. k. france and germany accounting for military activity of on ukraine's operation nuclear plant to end official se shells hit near the facilities. fucking a fire and cutting power to 3000 people. emergency crews in iraq are searching for people trapped under the rubble of a crafts shrine. it's believed and landslide caused par the shrine near communist to cave in on saturday, at least 4 people have died. and workers at one of the you case, busiest force have walked off the job threatening major economic disruption. phoenix don't board accounts for close to half of the countries container freight truck to kenya now where the electoral commission wants police investigate threats and harassment of its employees, as well as the murder of an election official. the commission suspended,
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vote counting at a ballot center during presidential polls earlier this month, fighting intimidation of its staff. catherine sawyer. with course. oh, this morning in eastern canal are preparing to barry. the loved one. daniel was your call was electoral official was in charge of a contentious taunting center in nairobi. oh, do you see? no, he disappeared. 2 days of to toddling began, his body was found in another town policy. he was tortured. his family believes he was targeted for political reasons for you are the babies go to we have been for managers about her. will you to coordinate people, good, los, mysterious. and you hear that we are doing an investigation investigation. these them around. i don't know the, for the past phones, we have to in that just really neighbors here are still in shock. the relatives of
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mas york, i say they have many questions for the authorities. they want to know why he was killed and the one justice in north east and kenya. another election official was shot when armed men, a talked he. starling center doctors could not save 100 ahmed leg. he blamed police for shooting him and of sack him from lawyer shotwell and left me cry for help. ah, the national calling center. some people tried to stop the electoral chief while fool actual katy from declaring presidential results. and let me thank president elect william router won the election, but that has been disputed by former prime minister rylon dinger, who came 2nd to katy says his employees continue to face threats.
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human rights group say they are worried that they're busy, just the way it prepares for other processes of electrons. but from where is it? i think it, it will to the upward direction. it build protection mechanisms for it of the shows . because what went on right now, like now that i know of those who are another it, they feel completely isolated. under the exposed a mobile little one. the election may be over for some people, but for most your car and ahmed families, they say that trauma will take a long while to heal. katherine saw alta, 0 much aqua county, singapore is de criminalizing sex between men repealing a colonial ear. a law prime minister lee shin long says he believes it's a right thing to do. the city state is known for his conservative values, but they have been growing called for the law to be abolished. the change does not affect sing. a boy's legal definition of marriage between a man and
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a woman. this will be the law is alive. pakistan's former prime minister emron con, has accused the government of temporarily blocking youtube to stop people from watching him speak to supporters. social media users say they couldn't access he tube during cons, addressing mob hindi. on saturday i cosigns electronic media regulated band, the live telecast of can speeches because of what it described as hate speech. again state institutions. com has been pushing for new elections since being ousted from power in april. he's also accused pakistan's powerful military of supporting the government, which he says is corrupt. oh, you neutral or not let us know if you're not neutral, then why? why are you harming go country? if you have to stand with these people, you think about his condemnation, which was called him,
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pleads and robbers with the last 2 are to use because you stand with them now. do you think the nation will accept of will stop considering them thieves this who also damage your image in southern pakistan, hundreds of people have had to flee their homes as heavy rain caused unprecedented flood levels. rescue workers help stranded villages on to boats in punjab province . since mid june, severe flies in the region have destroyed roads and submerged more than 9000 tomes while you're but you're laura, our children are crying. we don't want to eat or drink the local administration. it enjo are providing food and i can't explain the situation all of her. so poor is submerged. water level is up to 10 or 20 feet of work. now, weeks of drought have uncovered long submerged archaeological relics around the world. rivers turning dry have revealed ancient buddhist statues in china and a rock formation known as the spanish stonehenge. victoria gate be housewife. the
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priest or extern circle came into view when a dam in the spanish province of caceres dropped to a quarter of its usual capacity. the stains were 1st discovered in 1926, and i've only been fully visible full time since. the discovery is an unexpected side effect of the worst drought in europe in decades. in serbia, the river danube is at his lowest level. in nearly a century, revealing the wreckage is if 20 german whoo ships which were sunk during world war 2. toys plus will start to do what's called rappa. this is what remains from the wall between the army of the soviet union and the german wolf. littler name is about 10000 kilograms of explosive devices here. we're not sure if they can explode, that you can imagine the problems if they do in germany, the drought is exposed so called hung the stains at sections of the river, right? pitcher is ago,
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they were placed on dry riverbeds to warn future generations. their exposure could signal famine away from europe, and the drought in china has revealed ancient statues of buddha, on an island that usually submerged the statues. i believe, to be 600 years old, or if a comp adamos will for you. by noon i read in the newspaper that it's from the ming and ching dynasty betrayed to see whether like those hers awful. i think it's a warning to us ah rainfall in the yanks. the basin has been around 45 percent lois since july, authority, se, as many as 66 rivers across southwest china have dried up this summer. with many scientists saying halter days as a result of global warming a here to stay more relics from the past. a sure to emerge victoria gate and be al jazeera portugal has warned residents that more wildfires could be on the way as a country enters its 3rd summer heat wave. fire fighters say
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a fire in the sarah estrella national park that live want under control. could start to spread again, strong winds and temperatures as high as 3338 degrees celsius. i expected over the next few days, while the $90000.00 hector's have already burnt in portugal this year. now to central mexico, where communities are using a historic but unconventional technique to save their forests while producing wood money. arapahoe has a story from the i'm a narco, forrest hello trees from a forest in central mexico or being harvested for timber. the images don't exactly evoke a sense of conservation other, but several communities who reside near the outskirts of this forest have found that sustainable timber harvest and land protection go hand in hand is approach. i'm in thought. what can they do? this harvest generates economy gains for the community which are distributed in
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percentages for social projects. and most importantly, for reforestation and creating conservation brigades to protect against forest fires, such as the pine trees being hauled away or taken to a sawmill. here the sale of wood has brought steady income to almost a dozen communities known as a heedless under mexican agrarian law. and he, those have communal ownership over the force and are entrusted with protecting it on say, he goes for one historian, he says young, you live in a, he knows a part of our organization. they all abide by the rules of forestry management, which determine precisely how much would can be extracted annually. with the rainy season underway, reforestation efforts are in full swing and the mexican government is providing assistance in the form of pine saplings. it's a model of sustainability that existed in mexico for hundreds of years. rosco,
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many other, other than that vailable scale me or when a community sees the force of their livelihood. they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the biodiversity inside the forced community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be a big problem in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to be an effective way of protecting forest and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 percent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this force counts on the full time stewardship of.


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