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there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places the state. is there a really invest in that? and that's a privilege. as a journalist, lou, i'm harry davies. and the kimberly in western australia were indigenous communities attaining with scientists. to create a new approach to marine conservation of approving you learn before even, but there's a brother i'm not gonna do any reporting from read you. your venti tribe is protecting biodiversity co defending themselves against the legal invaders. right? oh no. is there a ah back to school for millions of children in the philippines, off to one of the world's longest covered shutdowns.
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ah, roberson, this is all just live from dough also coming up international appeals to avoid a nuclear disaster in ukraine. the shelling continues near the russian controlled power plant in. so patricia, i'm theories have owned the city of nikolai installed in ukraine 6 months ago. the you, queen and army managed to prevent the advance of russian troops towards this city. but even today, people say it's under constant attack, the desperate search for survivors in iraq after a shrine year carla is hit by a landslide. cutting down trees helps protect forests in mexico using an ancient method of sustainability. ah,
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ah, millions of students, the philippines are returning to school after one of the world's longest covered shut dance. they've been studying at home for over 2 years. students don't have to be vaccinated to return to class. but the department of education says more than 90 percent of teachers have been inoculated. not all schools will have face to face lessons. some teaching will mix remote and classroom learning academy lows at a school. in manila, filipino school kids are back in school for the 1st time in 2 years. the philippines, of course, has had one of the longest cobra. 1900 lockdown in the world is bullying. manila is already implementing full on face to face classes. so good in here are having to get used to some changes. for example, these arrows, the yellow arrow is for going into the classroom and then the red arrows are for going out of the. now, inside the classroom, they have had to take out some of the furniture to make way for more speed. and
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whereas before, that would have been more than 40 students here right now, there are only 30 to 35 students who this will also have to wear their masks all day that the water has glee, and they have to get their temperature check before they get into the course, some schools are doing hybrid learning, where some students are the face to face classes on sundays, and then others are still doing distance online learning. but the biggest concern is the quality of learning that has really gone down during the pandemic in 2019 and estimated 30 percent of filipino school kids that have reached the age of 10 could not read simple texts or understand a simple story. now during the pandemic, international agency say that number has gone down to less than 20 percent. and so the education department is hoping that by resuming face to face classes philippine the school kids could catch up with global learning standards. with the children's
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chart. he says being shot out of school has had a big impact from children around the world. it says the closest can be blamed for a rise and students dropping out as well as struggling with mental health issues. the role of buying says it's the worst education crisis in a century. the philippines economy relies and money sent back by citizens working overseas. but last year of schooling could affect the quality of future graduates, as well as how much money they can earn and send back home. the world bank says time away from the classroom could mean students, future income could drop between 4 and 16 percent depending on what country they're in. letting me quite to i'm is the national chair of the alliance of concerned teachers in the philippines. he says many students are losing skills as well as their interest in studying generally the impact of the school year in the divisions, not our big students, not the not my g. right now. i'll be right. or are
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you seeing the numbers? no. a and many of our me are not interested in getting started on and you know, we have no report regards to a lost or now or so. you know, i feature a memorandum from david, how are you lost all of the patient as my, you know, i'm teaching senior high school in the b b. i did, i didn't have a great day off. great, great, thank you 8 the student again. all of these were, you know, i was in my jeep there. there. let's agree, because that the things that are being read what angry, who are the 30 so,
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so i think that's the government did not. so the problem now, do you believe robbins on one day the leaders of the u. s. the u. k. france and germany say a tax close to ukraine's is appellation nuclear plant need to stop ukrainian. officials say shells have been falling on a city near the atomic power complex. a large fire started and around 3000 people have had the power cut. caves accusing moscow of turning the plant into a military base. france, it says rationally, de vladimir putin as agreed to allow the un nuclear watchdog to inspected by to go haine has more from washington dc. when it came to the nuclear power plant, they said they quote, they discussed the situation around every to nuclear power plant. need to avoid. busy military patients near the plant and the importance of an i. e,
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a visit as soon as feasible. so knowing what we know about these calls because details always leak out after the fact. what were they likely talking about? well, the leaders probably wanted to hear directly from french president and manual man kron on what he personally thought of his conversation with russian president vladimir putin, where he came out and said he was now open to having those inspectors inside the nuclear power plant. so again, these are the leaders of the us, france, germany and a u. k. what else would they like to talk about? probably intelligence, we've all seen those pictures on social media of those military trucks inside the facility, the u. s. government and these governments are going to have a much better assessment of the people on twitter or anything we would know about what the potential uses for those military trucks are. another thing they're likely going to be talking about is if the worst case happens, if there is a malfunction at the plat, there is a radioactive cloud. what are they going to do if it drifts into a nato member country? remember, article 5 says, a direct attack on any nato country, means nato,
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then instantly gets involved in the war. well, would a radioactive cloud be considered a direct attack on that country? so undoubtedly there be discussing that this is also, these readouts are important because they send a message, they send a message to the kremlin to latimer putin, that this is an issue, especially when it comes to the nuclear actor, that these leaders are taking very seriously and it sends a message that they're working on what a response would be. the southern euclidean city of nikolai of has been heavily bombarded since russia's invasion began in february, more than 6000 residential buildings. and 66 medical facilities are set, have been destroyed. at least $300.00 educational sites of also be damaged, as well as a $131.00 cultural institutions. many residents don't have gas, electricity, or water. al jazeera, theresa bought reports from michael f. oh,
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it's become my daily routine waiting for drinking water in the city of me go live in southern ukraine. blue that glow says the water in the taps is contaminated. so wine law, also bombs are destroying us. the water pump was attacked near her son, so were without water. now, there's dirty water in the taps. we can't use it to cook food, only to wash our fate and use it to flush 6 months ago. russian forces tried to capture him equalize the queen and army managed to repel their attack and pushed them out of the city. but people like alexander hook of yankee, now continue to struggle. me at leighton, you coulda, i won't go anywhere. now. this is our land. we will stay here without him, he can only mother, you can give us more to see. you got another hole assume lam ethical in the my on rattle saying i thought that because of my it. i was going to have a nice live, but no, every day there's shelling but it's not just the water. thousands have been forced
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to leave the area. what a water bar walk around, bush had offs. house was destroyed by 2 russian rockets. his family have left the country, but he says he had to stay with all men are fighting age. i've been to leave the country at the thought you are so bad attack before, but no one expected this area would be targeted. it's not clear what they aim for. could be the factory behind, but you see they target people residential areas at all. and there's no guarantee russia won't try to take her city once again. rockets continue to be fired on the 50 reducing homes of schools and health care facilities. this used to be there tomorrow apology area of this hospital. and as you can see, it was completely destroyed. authority say that around 10000 buildings in the city have been damaged by the shelling ah, the streets look empty except for barricades meat of tires. a chill how the city is ready to receive a russian occupation authorities. i struggling to restore electricity and
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gas supplies before winter order kicked my clothes away, the russians will not pull back. they won't stop me. however, as of today, we have everything in order to face them. we will meet them and fight them of what we want you up. while the fighting goes on in the southern and eastern parts of the country, millions have managed to escape, but many others are reluctant to leave. it's their home, they say, and i need to remain here is greater and the constant dangers a face. it is, i will i just eat at nikolai ukraine, grains presidents as the russian occupation of crimea is temporary. let him as it ends, his quoted as saying it's something you can fill in the air is comments come a day after drone attacks in the sky above the arctic territory on saturday, which also targeted the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet in service to pull out as it is, i'm in duck ami has the latest allah and fia medina. dirty last april. this morning,
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local media reported the sound of air defense batteries. earlier the mayor of the city confirmed that russian air defenses intercepted targets in the sky near the city of olen. oscar. this comes one day after the attack on russia's navy headquarters here in savannah tripple by a drone, which was down. the mayor asked that residence not circulate any images or video footage that they may have of the air defenses for safety and security research. he spoke about the measures that have been beefed up over the last few days, including the additional observation posts and road checkpoints. every now and then we hear russian jet fighters zooming over our heads as this is a military zone. so the situation is haul, but shrouded in apprehension. either ha pakistan's, former prime minister in milan con, has been charged under the country's anti terrorism act. is accused of attempting to intimidate the police in judiciary. during a recent speech, a senior official of fans, political party, says he is yet to be arrested. con lost no confidence vote in april,
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but his experienced a surge of support as the economy struggles is latest rallies, have drawn tens of thousands of supporters. still. hadn't all does it of russia launches a motor inquiry into the killing of a pro kremlin commentator was the daughter of a prominent putin ally and scaling the world's peace more on an average, sharper who sat, a claim record and not once but twice. ah, he has begun the faithful world cup is on its way to cattle. your travel package to day? here's the weather update in a minute 15. would you say we begin in the middle east, where last time we spoke? not a whole lot of change. still plenty of hot sunshine. some rain to go for western areas
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of yemen, and still dusty conditions to be found from solar rate through to muscat. in the forecast on monday, gotta take it back, has some, because it has been very active as of late and still dealing with some rain left for sim province. here comes our next monsoon depression. this is a 3rd one in about as many weeks. now we are on tuesday as we see it pour into the country upper sim province, eastern baluchistan and south punjab provinces will really see the worst of it. i've also seen some flooding around cobble is while. look at this 18 degrees on tuesday. yes. should be 32 degrees for this time of the year after turkey, and we'll see some daytime heating storms pop up here on monday. but largely it's a fine and dry pitcher right across the country. central africa, it's our usual bell surf that showers in storms in this area, but we can see it flaring up more so for areas of the democratic republic of congo and for southern africa that really a lot to report much calmer conditions. i've got a few showers though,
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for that east coast stuff. madagascar on monday. that's it. that's all too soon. official airline of the g. new voices eating out the airway. lot of chinese listeners was, kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting paleface case, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. that's fairly and point to the poll with those images front of mine is a wall, very much came forth out in the media as low as on the battlefield there listening page. dissect the media on al jazeera. oh ah.
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they want to know to 0 reminder of our top stories. this are millions of students who are returning to school in the philippines. following one of the world's longest covered shotguns have been studying at home for over 2 years. students don't have to be vaccinated to return to classics. the u. s. the u. k. france and germany are calling for an end to attacks around ukraine's up alisha nuclear plot. officials say shells exploded close to the vicinity, sparking afar in cutting par to 3000 people. pakistan's, former prime minister of iran con, has been charged on to the countries anti terrorism act, is accused of attempting to intimidate the police and judiciary during our recent speech. and official with this political party who says he's yet to be arrested. a murder investigations been launched in moscow after a well known political commentator was killed in a suspected car bombing. darya davina was the daughter of alexander dorgan,
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a close ally of russian president vladimir putin. both of them supported the invasion of ukraine. some people suspect the father may have been the target of the attack. ukrainian government denies any involvement. zebra savvy has more. oh alex xander due to russian nationalists. he's a philosopher and strategist who represents president vladimir putin's policies. to his critics, he is a pro kremlin fascist who has openly called for the killing of ukrainians. that 1st the likely target of a car bombing near moscow late saturday. duke was saved by a last minute the vehicle change as you left a cultural event. his daughter, daria do keena, took his place and the bomb that was probably meant for his duke. it was skilled, looking on powerless to do anything, the car carrying his daughter, still in flames. mistake. she will be in there at the moment. investigators and
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forensic specialist of the main investigative directorate of the russian investigative committee for the most region, together with the colleagues from the main forensic department of the russian investigative committee and the bum experts continue working on the crime scene. you morning. 29 year old. daria was a russian broadcaster and political commentator, not both father and daughter, and expressed far right. nationalist view shot strongly supported the invasion of ukraine and were placed on international sanctions for spreading this information. i guess only that we do not know if carried out the attack. the ukrainian fiercely denied it of the russians and of course, blame them, including allies and do again. and no matter what this sort of real story is come and we'll use this to double down rhetoric on ukraine we've seen, and the kremlin respond in that way. it's almost every incident. now ukraine has said it does not resort to terror tactics. blaming rushes, own government or security apparatus. a picture of russian nationalism,
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the public face of what many view as potent expansionist policies, even referred to as kootenai brain. duke ins views likely marked him for death. his attackers, whoever they are, who got his daughter instead of zane basra v o t 033 beverage. as a political analyst at an organization called in north me, it's a russian state owned media company, the monitors western media. and he says that he had to get herself, could have been the intended target. i think it's very possible that the sweat targets in daria and look for father. she was prominent, she was beautiful, she was all sports and she was very current as she was the ad on several popular television and radio shows. so i will not exclude the possibility that she was. if he was the dark, then i will call the people who killed him and the precious do again, that was what my friend prophecy gold coggan boulder is model.
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he has views. very strange and sometimes absurd. but they are not the main use in russia. so i think that basically in the last few years, i was more homeless because ok, he probably books that if you thousands of people read, he was kind of called figure in his own small group. while you ratios, you know, but he did not make any impact on 46. certainly be wrong to say that he was the human brain or the person be all. this is all simply not true. there are too many facts. speaking against the person who killed, who killed diary, as you probably want to kill up to my mind, that person is not an anti fascist. this is obvious that there is there,
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which will have a very negative impact because it will make the war between russia and ukraine. march blodgett much more violent because, you know, she was loved by maybe yo, jessica is in iraq. her searching for people trapped under the rubble of a collapse shrine. a landslide caused part of the shiny car will at a cave in on saturday. at least 4 people have died. rescue teams have been able to provide food and water to people stuck under the dairy of the aids people may still be tramped madmen over the wall head that has more from baghdad. risky workers are continue to dig through. there are below in the search for survivors of tunnel or landslide, hit she at the muslim air shrine near the holy city of karbala heavy machinery have been brought to the scene including git, bulldozers and it diggers. now,
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family members are stand by waiting for any news or updates about their loved ones. earlier on sunday, the children were rescued and sent to hospital to receive medical treatment. but now recovering an authorities there say they're in good condition officials say the landslide, or was caused by humidity that led to the collapse of the sand air mount earth that collapsed on the roof top of the shrine. while the visitors were trapped in sight. there i entered tomato area about 60 kilometers per west of the holy city. of karbala has several shrines and holly sites including get water wills and other heritage sites that earlier has been visited by shared muslims for centuries. and
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the number of visitors usually increases during this month of more harder am in the arabic calendar, which is a diverted the monster for the share to muslims iraqi president wareham sila have posted a statement on twitter calling for rescue workers to mobilize all efforts to rescue the trap to people the oppression will likely continue through the night. in the hope of finding more survivors. the head of the roman catholic church says he's concerned by rising tensions between the government and the catholic church in nicaragua. the bishop has been placed under house arrest in the capital managua, bishop of rolando alvarez is known for his criticism of president dang, ortega. at least 3 priests have been detained by authorities in recent ones. others have gone into exile. pope frances has called for dialogue to resolve the stand off
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she would be quino competent and closely following with worry and pain. the situation that has developed in nicaragua, which embossed people an institution store and i would like to express my conviction. and my wish that true and open insincere dialogue the foundations for a respectful and peaceful coexistence can be found. these military hunters appointed acting prime minister, bernard gore, moved to the job on a permanent basis. b replaces muhammad bell foggy, has been absent for medical reasons since last month. but transition comes as the source of face is increasing pressure that having protests across the country in recent weeks, against the military's plans to stay in power for the next 3 years. it's leaders are in talks with west african neighbors about a possible shortening of that timeline. am i not crazy? i mean, is from the coffee on an international peacekeeping training center. he says it's likely guineas john to a leader. mama da da medea will try to hold on to power despite efforts from echo
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was to secure elections. dead new proud minister has about 2 to 3 moms of grease. and if he feels to respond to the social welfare needs of the people and to don't treat clear road map to democracy, then we'll see more of our lead more widespread. what street she's doing and his team in whatever iraq right from a co op because this a new lead lead as it driven by principals driven by a desire to ensure that, of course is called best, is that what the calls and norms inherent bay i'm to lie aid as quickly as possible. so digging yes. and here the symbolism was what you stalks mally and book in our fossil is that you would need to ensure all that a time table done agreed to add. he had to, in a manner that says
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a signal out to the populace that we are serious about a creatively through these agreements and the whites we, we, i'd want to see much more widespread chemistry she saw, but even more dis debbie is that the democratic lead us in west africa themselves on hold. let me very much in the esto, corner of east, in sushi is asked the week. plenty landslides in northern and eastern india have killed at least 50 people over the last 3 days. heavy rain battered hundreds of villages triggering flash floods that have swept away homes and destroyed bridges. most of the victims of from the state of michele pradesh. that 7 also reported in otarre condo vicious with thousands have been forced out of their homes. communities in central mexico are using a historic but unconventional technique to save the forests while producing wood. my overflow has the story from the i'm an all whole forest. oh, trees from
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a forest in central mexico or being harvested for timber. the images don't exactly evoke a sense of conservation either, but several communities who reside near the outskirts of this forest have found that sustainable timber harvest and land protection go hand in hand is approach, i mean, thought was, can they do this? harvest generates economy gains for the community which are distributed in percentages for social projects. and most importantly, for reforestation and creating conservation brigades to protect against forest fires of the pine trees being hauled away or taken to a sawmill. here the sale of wood has brought steady income to almost a dozen communities known as a heedless under mexican agrarian law. he, those have communal ownership over the forest and are entrusted with protecting it on say, he got one historian, he says young, eliminate heroes,
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a part of our organization. they all abide by the rules of forestry management, which determine precisely how much food can be extracted annually. with the rainy season underway, reforestation efforts are in full swing and the mexican government is providing assistance in the form of pine saplings. it's a model of sustainability that's existed in mexico for hundreds of years, roscoe, many other adult than that available scale me or when a community sees the force of their livelihood. they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the biodiversity inside the forest. community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be
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a big problem in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to be an effective way of protecting force and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 per cent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this forest counts on the full time stewardship of its human guardians. manuel it up below al jazeera mexico's amen. elko forest and nobody's climbers received a hero's welcome and cap man. do after setting a new mountaineering record. santos chava has scaled the worlds of 14 highest peaks for a 2nd time. all of them stand tall of an 8000 meters above sea level. the 48 year olds achievements particularly significant because 8 of them including mount everest, are in nepal. oh, your son own santibanez,
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he lives in santa sherpa has created a new record and mountaineering for the 2nd time he is conquered all peaks higher than 8000 meters. it is indeed a matter of pride for all nepalese citizens. his achievement has raised the stature of all nepalese in the world and whose record has taken our identity to newer heights. he is an inspiration for the youth of nepal. he is a national treasure there, but no amount of praise is enough for what he has done. total corporal, hundreds of women have been posting videos of themselves partying to support the prime minister of finland. o women from finland of denmark of shared clips of themselves dancing along with a hashtag solidarity with santa they want to support finished leader son. martin has been criticized over leaked videos but showed her party with friends to finish . lead has taken a drug test to disprove allegations that she took banned substances to says that her ability to perform official jew.


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