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just 3 months, as the main event gets closer, we get every step of the way. hello, i'm janet. you're also with updates from teams and fans across the glove themes can expect some strong support here in castle with a spotlight now on europe. can france claim back to back world cup victory, or will portugal christiano, rinaldo finally get his hands on a trophy to well comp count on al jazeera. what we do in alden theera is trying to balance his story and he's the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ah. 2 back to school for millions of children in the philippines after one of the world's longest covered 19 shutdowns.
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ah, i'm rollback is, and this is how does he alive from dough half also coming up pakistan's, former prime minister in non con faces charges under an anti terrorism act. international appeals to avoid a nuclear disaster in ukraine, as shelly continues near the zap alicia power plant held by russian forces and how cutting down trees helps protect forests in mexico using an ancient method of sustainability. ah, millions of students, the philippines are returning to school. after one of the world's longest coven shot bands they've been studying at home for over 2 years. to help stop the spread of the virus vaccination isn't necessary for students to return to classes. but the
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department of education says more than 90 percent of teachers have been inoculated . however, not all schools will have face to face lessons. some teaching will be blended mixing remote and classroom learning. barnaby low is out of school in manila that's resumed in person classes. filipino school kids are back in school for the 1st time in 2 years. the philippines, of course, has had one of the longest cobra, 1900 lockdown in the world. the bullying manila is already implementing full on face to face process. so good and here are having to get used to some changes. for example, these arrows, the yellow arrow, is for going into the classroom and then the red arrows are for going out of. now, inside the classroom, they have had to take out some of the furniture to make way for more speed. and whereas before they would have been more than 40 students here right now, there are only 30 to 35 students who will also have to wear their masks all day
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that the water has the glee and they have to get their temperature checked before they get into the schools, some schools are doing hybrid learning, where some students are the face to face classes on sundays, and then others are still doing this and online learning. but the biggest concern is the quality of learning that has really gone down during the pandemic in 2019 and estimated 30 percent. the filipino school kids that have reached the age of 10 could not read simple text or understand a simple story. now during the pandemic, international agency say that number has gone down to less than 20 percent. and so the education department is hoping that by resuming face to face classes philippine the school kids could catch up with global learning standards. the u. n's children's child, he says being shut out of school has a big impact on children around the world and says, closures can be blamed for a rise and students dropping out,
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as well as struggling with mental health issues. the world bank says it's the worst education crisis in a century. the philippines economy relies of money sent back by citizens working overseas. but last years of schooling could affect the quality of future graduates and how much money they can earn and send back home. the world bank says the time spent away from the classroom could cut students future income by between 4 and 16 percent, depending on the country that they're in, on that speak to nickel violent. his chief of communication at unicef, philippines is joining us live from mccarty. city, good to have you with us or on al jazeera. why is it that this has such a significant impact on whether or not children stay in school and their ability to learn? thank you so much for having me on today. look out, pandemic has put an enormous burden on children, so many different areas. we know that prolonged absence from school and not being in school really leads to higher drug or grades,
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but not only dead. it also pro the provis children from the ability to learn to be with their peers, and that's always sensual, especially in the younger years when children really need to spend that time developing their social skills, developing learning and as the search philippines was already in that position before the panoramic when it comes to quality of learning. and so today it's really a moment celebrate. children are back to school. you can imagine the excitement of parents children themselves, but also teachers and everyone is working in the education system. so it's a great step in the right direction. we're really commending the government for making the size of steps to bring children back to school. it must needed and then you president marcos has said that he plans to provide more cash for education. do you think that simply supplying money is going to allow children who have been away from school for over 2 years to be able to catch up with their peers around the rest of the world? what else needs to be done?
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so 1st of all, children have to be back in school. the face to face learning is absolutely essential, but we also need to assess what learning has been lost in the past years. for example, a better understanding of how can we reach children that are in hard to reach areas that are having difficulty of attending a scott classroom even before and i mean, so, and wide area actually needs to be taking. as i said, the assessment is quite important. we also need to look at prioritizing, for example, access to learning material. but fundamentally, i think, starting with the essential skills is reading and writing. putting that in the forefront of the efforts of regaining learning. that's lost as absolutely essential at that point in time. if i understand correctly, one of the issues at the philippines was already facing prior to the pandemic was the overcrowding of classrooms and the access to the, the materials that, that, that, that you're talking about. is there a going to be enough done?
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do you think to be able to deal with the overcrowding issue and the access of materials to be able but we were talking about to allow children to be able to catch up and make up for the time that they've lost. absolutely, it's a process. i mean, we have to commend 1st steps that are being taken right now, and i think the decisive decisions to make in person learning and absolute priority and opening all schools for in person learning in november is an absolute right step. secondly, we have the highest ranking, 2nd highest ranking, official of the philippines. now, at the home of the department of education, it just shows how much importance is being given to regaining a learning that has been lost in the past and assessing the situation where investments need to take place. so obviously they are white array of investments that need to be made in infrastructure and learning quality and how we equip
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teachers and how do we give support to parents and peers to read, calibrate and basically go back to what learning was used to be before and then, and that's a whole process and it's a whole society approach obviously. but we see that they are really good steps taken right now with today being just to start obviously much more will have to come make a violent thank you very much indeed for being with us. so now to sit on giving us the benefit of your expertise. thank you very much. indeed. thank you. thank you. like a sounds former prime minister in wrong cons being charged under the anti terrorism act is accused of attempting to intimidate the police and judiciary. during a recent speech, a senior official of cons parties says he has yet to be arrested. con, lost no confidence vote in april, but he's experienced a surge of support. as the economy struggles is latest route is have drawn tens of thousands of people more. come on. hi does joining the live from islam about come
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out, what more do we know about the background to all of this? well m ron khan had a large gathering. i'm not the man directly to deal with pain day. and richie criticized a ruling correlation for breaking the law in fact, or just a day earlier, he had issued a statement in a speech to his support. dad, one of the was registered by the government was tortured and of god. after that, he also great decide the police and the magistrate who had overstepped . mandate saying that they were not authorized to tortured anybody. after the government decided to use dad and digger decided divide get it charges against him. ron han edwards announced that he will be addressed to dr.
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support are now on the way to his residence outside the safety of my bod. we will be there shortly. also, also teaching that location, dave august, all the parties up order to come there. and every 10 days made and due to ron con, it will bring life to what you are downstairs because even last night, the election in karachi, it was the by election by august on day can solve one by a massive margin, another embellishment for the government of boucher deep and political analysts says, saying that perhaps the government as panicking does not have the mandate of the people. and now using political corps or, and, or tried to subdue hedge men born. and deborah han who had become hugely popular across the country. come on, as you were just talking about, the thousands of his supporters of con, support is making his way to their way to his residence there. his recent rallies
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have brought out tens of thousands of people. there must be a concern that this could turn very, very bad and this if this is a calculated risk on behalf of the government, then it is a tremendous wish that we could see violence on the streets again. absolutely. if the government clamped down hard, edward definitely woke a strong reaction from the people that people are focused on of god's want a fresh election. they do not recognize the 13 body correlation, which had been unable to deliver inflation and then all time high price of fuel and electricity also have chart top and people who did a lot of on the it should also not be forgotten that ron calling the government and the country much ball for proven upon job the government, a book to inquire, providence and progress on the administrative cushion meeting and get get both test on. and if he gives a call to his support desk to come out and large numbers,
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the guards that it does show fear that they will climb down on the internet. also the fact that the god speech yesterday on television, because the buckets on electronic regulatory media tardies that doug, all his speech in life wages will be banned. so the government of god going into panic, more recording, more people and you very correctly said this could lead to a very dangerous escalation, which will further complicate bugger stones. they cannot make woods not to forget the fact that the political instability is going to bring to a what you're stan, stan, come out of. thank you very much. obviously we're going to be checking in with you in the team when you make your way to and on comes residents along with those supporters. but for now, thank you very much indeed. start ahead on our 0. i'm going to city of nikolai in southern ukraine. 6 months ago, the ukraine and army managed to prevent the advance of russian troops towards this city. but even today, people say it under constant attack,
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warnings of power supply failures on farm land. turning to just if the us doesn't have the colorado river. ah, here's a weather update in a minute 15 when he said we begin in the middle east for last time we spoke not a whole lot of change. still plenty of hot sunshine, some rain to go for western areas of yemen, and still dusty conditions to be found from solar rate through to must got in the forecast on monday. i'd take you to pocket some because it has been very active as of late and still dealing with some rain left for sim province. here comes our next monsoon depression. this is a 3rd one in about is many weeks now. we are on tuesday as we see it pour into the country upper in providence, eastern baluchistan and south punjab provinces will really see the worst of it.
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also seen some flooding around cobble as well. look at these 18 degrees on tuesday . you should be 32 degrees for this time of the year, off to turkey, and we'll see some daytime heating storms pop up here on monday. but largely it's a fine and dry pitcher right across the country. central africa, it's our usual balance of showers and storms in this area, but we can see it flaring up more so for areas of the democratic republic of congo and for southern africa. really a lot to report much commer conditions. we've got a few showers though, for that east coast does. madagascar on monday? that's it. that's all i see you soon. the what is life like in maximum security prison? in this to pot special report, one on one east coast behind bought it singapore is chunky prison on. ouch is
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syrup ah al jazeera with blue ah, you want to go to 0 reminder. i told stories. this are millions of students who are returning to school in the philippines following one of the world's longest coverage. shutdowns they've been studying at home for over 2 years. students did not have to be vaccinated to return to classes. pakistan's, former prime minister in milan, cons been charged under the countries anti terrorism act,
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is accused of attempting to intimidate the police and judiciary during recent speech and official with his political party says he's yet to be arrested. the leaders of the u. s. the u. k. france and germany who say a tax close to ukraine's zappa risha, a nuclear power plant, need to stop it raining. officials say a city near the complex has been shelled. a large fire started and around 3000 people don't have power. he was accused moscow of turning the facility into a military base. france says rationally, de vladimir putin has agreed to allow the un nuclear watchdog to inspect it. the southern ukrainian city of mac alive has suffered heavy bombardments since russia's invasion began in february. authority say there was devastated parts of the region including more than 6000 residential buildings and 66 medical facilities. more than 300 educational buildings have also been damaged along with
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a 131 cultural institutions. many residents don't have gas, electricity, or water al jazeera to lisa ball reports from mac live. it's become my daily routine waiting for drinking water in the city of me go live in southern ukraine. blue that glow says it war 2 in the taps is contaminated. so lane law also bombs are destroying us. the water pump was attacked near her son, so were without water. now, there's dirty water in the taps. we can't use it to cook food, only to wash our fate and use it to flush 6 months ago. russian forces tried to capture him. nikolai, the queen, an army managed to repel their attack and pushed them out of the city. but people like alexander hooker, the akeena, continue to struggle. mia lane, you coulda, i won't go anywhere. now. this is our land. we will stay here with them. he can only mother you think he was wanted to know whether you got another horse him last
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school in the my all saying let me i thought there because of my it. i was going to have a nice life but know every day there's shelling but it's not just the water. thousands have been forced to leave the area. what a water valve, what rahman bush had offs house was destroyed by 2 russian rockets. his family have left the country that he says he had to stay with all men are fighting age. i been to leave the country at the thought you are, sir. they had attacked before, but no one expected that this area would be targeted. it's not clear what they aimed poor could be the factory behind, but you see they target people, residential areas are little dull and there's no guarantee russia one try to city once again. rockets continue to be fired on the city, reducing homes of schools and health care facilities. this is the we the terminology area of this hospital. and as you can see, it was completely destroyed. authority say that around 10000 buildings in the city
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have been damaged by the shelling ah, the streets look empty except for barricades meat of tires that show how the city is ready to resist. a russian occupation. authorities are struggling to restore electricity and gas supplies before winter order ticket, mach mozilla. the russians will not pull back, they won't stop. however, as of today, we have everything in order to face them. we will meet them and fight them with what we want you up. while the fighting goes on in the southern and eastern parts of the country, millions have managed to escape, but many others are reluctant to leave. it's their home, they say, and i need to remain here is greater than the constant dangers a face. it is. i will and jesse that nikolai ukraine, it is 22 people have been killed by heavy rains in floods. and chad around a 1000 homes have been destroyed and health services have been disrupted. more rain
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is on its way here, but morgan reports from n jemina no one, dan geraldine is still trying to pick up belongings from the rubble of her damaged home. a mother of 5, she says heavy rains in chads capital in jemina forest, her and her family to seek shelter. when their roof and walls collapses. yellow, damn murder weapon back on car carry. i was in the market and it started raining heavily. then i got a call from my neighbors that my house was destroyed. luckily, my children were not home. i came back to find the situation like this. one not argue with. at least 22 people have been killed by rains and floods and dozens of others injured since the thought of the season, according to the united nations, across the country, over a 1000 homes have been destroyed. many people here said they have not seen this much rain and destruction before, according to the you and environmental agency. chad is one of the country's most
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affected by climate change, and those likely to suffer as a result are the vulnerable communities. the floods have left many with no access to clean water. this is one of the main hospitals in cam mana, now it's surrounded by flood water and marvellous afternoon and my d. well, who's? because of the floods. patients can't come to the hospital. there is no transport, we only received severe cases that are brought here by ambulances. but many of those who say can't come medical services have also been disrupted and made concerns of what a bond diseases in a place in one of the d plus include murphy, we only have 2 departments working from the children's department and the surgery department number or the other department has stopped working because of the water in the hospital and the rains are expected to continue until october. and the fear is that until then, more homes will be destroyed. more lives last. he will morgan al jazeera and jemina, floods, landslides and northern and eastern india have killed at least 50 people over the
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last 3 days. heavy rain, but on hundreds of villages triggering flash floods that have swept away homes and destroyed bridges. most of the victims are from the state of how much all pradesh deaths have also been reported in or telecom under disha. we're thousands have been forced out of their homes. but there isn't enough water in some parts of the us. power supplies may fail, farmland could turn to dust or key cities like las vegas might are to restrict how much water people can use. 7 american states could be facing problems like these, unless they work out a plan to reduce how much water they draw from the colorado river, which is drawing up. the river flows from the rocky mountains to the deserts of the south west, and it provides drinking water for 40000000 people. it also supports a huge agricultural industry that's worth $50000000000.00 a year. but climate change is making the region hotter and dry up to reservoirs, lake mead and lake power. i've fallen to just above one quarter of the capacity
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this summer. if we fall much lower and going to be unable to generate power for millions of customers. is it like is a leading scientist and global water and climate issues? and he says more states will be forced to cut back on water use. if levels continue to fall. a 7 states roller in colorado and 80 percent of the water that's used in the river goes to the agricultural sector. so as the water levels continue to drop . first of all, we're seeing cutbacks, mandatory cutbacks to several of the states that have allocations of water on the river. arizona and nevada 1st are already experiencing quite significant cutbacks, and that means they're going to have to reduce the water that's available for the cities. and for the farms that depend on that water, if the levels continue to drop, california will be affected. also at the moment, california allocation has a higher priority. so the state of california has not yet seen cuts on the colorado river, but that's going to come and it's going to affect millions of people at the reservoir
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levels. and as the river itself continues to fall. well, the 1st thing that's going to have to happen is that some farmers are literally going to have to go out of production. they're going to have to follow their fields . they're not going to be able to grow crops a we're already seeing request voluntary requests in the urban areas in the big cities for reductions in water use. but those requests are going to become mandatory overtime. we're going to see cut backs to allocations for water for indoor use, especially for outdoor use. a lot of the water is still used on outdoor landscaping, and that's going to have to stop. so we're going to see cutbacks for urban users and for agricultural users as well, we simply cannot afford to keep giving more water away. the nature provides especially now with a price, with the quite obvious consequences of climate change. only 2000 workers at one of the his busiest ports of walked off the jobs, reckoning, serious disruption fitting. so port accounts for nearly half of the countries
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container fate. the 8 day walk has been sparked by a pe dispute. harry force has been speaking to some of the striking workers the world's largest container ship at britain's largest container. port the ever a lot arrived on thursday and normally would be long gone by now. but strike action by felix. those 1900100 duck workers, has stopped operations. the unite union says a recently increased offer of a 7 percent pay rise doesn't keep pace with spiraling inflation. it's seeking a double digit raise that it says would share surging corporate profits. $71000000.00 at last count more equitably with the workers. now unfortunately, we've yet to be given an offer which we think we can take back and which reflects members of bryson. and talking to members today in which we're in a position that there is you can see we've, we've had that message sent back to us loud and clear. felix to port says it was
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reminded in recent days by the bank of england of the inflation re effects a big pay rises. the port company accuses the union of using the workers in a national struggle on average for our case. this is next for 3 and a half 1000 pounds in cash to them each year. the action that they're taking now that united is making them take me not having to put this offer to all workers, but the action that united making them take is actually going to take the best part of a 1000 pounds out of their pocket. the question is, how far the effects of this shut down will ripple through the u. k. economy. the port says the effects will be manageable, pointing to the lessons learned during the supply chain. disruption of the pandemic . suddenly, the ever a lot isn't going anywhere anytime soon. and some industry analysis suggest other containers ship as are already offloading the cargo in europe. instead of the u. k . the union accepts that will be major disruption and says that it could carry out further strikes as it seeks. what it says is a fair deal up the road in ipswich,
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adams called printing and embroidery business relies on imported materials, textiles, inc, and vinyl. he supports the right to strike, but is worried about further shocks to a supply chain that's already stretched and only getting costlier. historically way we'd have maybe to price wise as to 3 percent, something like that. we're now looking at a temps and price rises monthly from our suppliers, so it's not like a challenging environment for his over the last. so yeah, this sunday's cargo with felix though, was restricted to day trippers. all sides are settling in for a long wait for this dispute to be resolved, and it's just one among many, a long summer of industrial action and economic uncertainty isn't yet over. harry force it al jazeera felix, the communities in central mexico are using a historic but unconventional technique to save the forests. buffalo has the story from the an article forest oh trees from a forest in central mexico or being harvested for timber. the images don't exactly
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evoke a sense of conservation other, but several communities who reside near the outskirts of this forest have found that sustainable timber harvest and land protection go hand in hand. is approach, i mean, thought was, can they do this? harvest generates economy gains for the community which are distributed in percentages for social projects. and most importantly, for reforestation and creating conservation brigades to protect against forest fires, such as the pine trees being hauled away or taken to a sawmill. here the sale of wood has brought steady income to almost a dozen communities known as a heedless under mexican agrarian law. and he, those have communal ownership over the force and are entrusted with protecting it on say, he goes for one historian, he says young, you live in a, he knows a part of our organization. they all abide by the rules of forestry management,
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which determine precisely how much would can be extracted annually. with the rainy season underway, reforestation efforts are in full swing and the mexican government is providing assistance in the form of pine saplings. it's a model of sustainability that's existed in mexico for hundreds of years. roscoe, money either add other than that available scale me or when a community sees the force of their livelihood. they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the biodiversity inside the forced community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be a big problem in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to
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be an effective way of protecting force and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 per cent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this forest counts on the full time stewardship of its human guardians. monroe below al jazeera mexico's amen. elko forest. hundreds of women been posting videos of themselves partying to support the prime minister of finland. ah, women from finland and denmark of shared cliffs of themselves, dancing along with a hashtag. solidarity with sun up. they want to support finish leader, santa marvin, who's been criticized over leaked videos that showed her parting with friends to finish leaders. taking a drug test to disprove allegations that she took banned substances. she insists her ability to perform official duties was unimpaired. on the saturday nights and.


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