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tv   World Cup Countdown Europe  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 10:30am-11:01am AST

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line saplings. it's a model of sustainability that's existed in mexico for hundreds of years in a company other than that available scale me. when a community sees the force of their livelihood, they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the bio diversity inside the forest. community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be a big problem in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to be an effective way of protecting force and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 per cent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this force counts on the full time
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stewardship of its human guardians. monroe ended up a low al jazeera mexico's oman, elko forest. ah, hello, are you watching out here? these, the top stories, this our pakistan's, former prime minister, him ron con, has been charged under the anti terrorism act. he's accused of making threats against the police in judiciary and during a recent speech come al haida, has more from islamabad, credit report, card fred, that enron con. maybe i rick did thousands of read for the gathered, outdated, read the overnight or broken up audio or making a call to order the border law within brief lead. that particular thought right now, the road leading to a braun braun, red influitive, situated on a hill drop on the alt good la bought it completely grid off with fake waco
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or trying to make their regular braun braun resident and have brought the pockets on the prime minister their bog for he also discussing the issue with some of the, the major for a listen partners i to watch or do and next the u. s. and south career of carrying out their largest join military drills in years. so says the drills are a starting point to reorganize its emergency preparedness, tens of thousands of troops and taking part in the wake. long live fire exercises which involve aircraft warships and tanks. the leaders of the u. s. u. k. france and germany have called for an end to a tanks near ukraine's as apparition, nuclear power plant, ukrainian officials, a shelling in a city near the complex caused a large fire and cut electricity. there are serious concerns of a nuclear disaster. and emergency crews in iraq have recovered 2 more bodies from
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the rubble of collapsed shrine. a landslide caused part of the shrine near the cabal to cave in on saturday. at least 7 people have been killed and it's believed that at least one more body is under the debris. all right, those are the can limes. i'm emily angle in the news continues here on al jazeera. after world cup countdown on gallery would cost rivers drawing up and cropped porch to could drown worse than europe's cost of living crisis. walter, delaying the global recovery in youth employment plus can the tale bomb fix afghans economic crisis a year after they took power? counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm devin ash welcome to our latest a wildcard count down program. as we build up to pass off 2020 to the middle east bus woke up which kicks off in november. each month we're focusing on a different region in this time around in europe. here to talk is brutal with
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joined in the studio by financial capuana, happy latinos and fuller, scotland troy can be in sports analyst, and the gray will be taking a look at the defending champions. bronson, see how well placed they all to do? what no team has done since brazil in 1962 and went back to back trophy christiane. even out a realistically only. how's that one shot left? can you add a wildcard to the european cup? one with portugal back in 2016. and then a premier season have barely begun and already manages a complaining about to win, to welcome it will be for me, a huge impact, emotionally and physically on the guys who go to work up. so just woke up, happened to roll for the wrong reasons. ah, walk along, let's get straightened to where it is. we have lots to get through in this edition of well,
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how down your it provides more teams to the tournament than any of the other continents. there are 13 in total at this time around the last 4 well cut when, as have been from europe. and here's how that line up in november when the great faith gets on the way. as you can see, there's at least one european team in each group, but no more than say, we'll take a closer look at that. ac, germany, spain, flashing in just alignment. as also found out, you're appealing housing, great, be with england up again, whiles. well, let's bring in heavy straits. why have a you know what? it's like a winnable cup. you are victorious with spain in 2010. what are your memories of that woman's? well with memories, of course, we will the time if you can, you know, with the player work up it's, it's amazing. we didn't start when we pay the us another line than we. we lost the 1st, the 1st game. and the snotty see the 1st game lose, you know, but that made us stronger,
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better team. and i think that was one of the reason why we wonder the time is it we come through we, we play well and of course, to play. i work online. i was very young, it's a dream that a can't even dream. you know, it's something that you, you cannot bring up. and, and i feel very lucky, of course i, let's look at the, the current spain squad. what do you thinking about that? johnson's in katasha, she didn't have enough to win a 2nd woke up. i think we have a brig with him through that where they are little bit jung player and it's not easy to perform and work on. you know, we would have to see how, how they play, how would they perform in such a problem and like i work up, but they are playing already games with now with our mother is this young player. and what was he? i am a big fan of the coat of loose enrique. i think he can handle the the team and they were pretty well and we will see, i think they were up,
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his difficulties are not the toughest group. the 1st big was your money and i feel my gold. there's going to be tough, but i think go study going up on i think spring can handle just woke up one game and everything happen. get money so. so it's always a toss team. good man. they are brave, very strong physically also, i know the coach has if he was my call to him him by and and he likes to play to play the ball. he likes to keep the wall and i think it's going to be a fight to see who, which thing keeps that. well, you know, i think both teams $1.00 to $2.00 at the ball and i think that can be one of the keys of the game. and if i can just bring you in and ask you the same question, who's going to win that game? spinal germany, it's a tough one. hobby's rates are really tough, one to predict jammah. the one thing you know about germany and i don't know how to
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do it. happy button, no matter who the playing, preach on them and they always arrive, are actually ready. you can always rely on the germans getting woke up from day one after i think gemini, i stole progressing. i don't think the quite the finished article, but they've got some good experience. you know, got a couple of these. these typically can make you are so important and woke up to have a bit of experience. have you talked about the young spanish se, so it's important that the people that get the experience and others help the young kids and a, and a like what they've got at the top end to the pitched at the forward. so got, you know, with hobson and val not, and ms. yolanda and others. and kingsley coleman leroy sunny. i think jamie have more options at the end of the fetch than, than spin hub. but we're gonna turn our attention now to the defending champion, france, bearing great de alongside last year's iraq 2027 finest deadlock australia antonia . but let's focus on today's,
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on 5 latasha. but the report from paris france is 2018 world cup. thick tree was celebrated no one hard by french purple friends. no friends are among the favorites to win the tournament again in keta. the squad has yet to be revealed, but it's likely to include to the world's best attackers, killian and pappy and carrying benzo man. oh gang bins him again in the shop showing you to. so karen bens about pretty much won the champions league on his own with rome, latrete and killing him. but pay by singing p as g stays in the club. he knows it gets rid of any doubts and unless he was to be injured, he should be in good shape. in katara, the fronds team has all the players. you need to have a great woke up, but a key will be whether they can play well together. holler shout if there's little doubt that a 3rd world cub. when for france, with sony, inspire a whole new generation of for boys at this, i'm at a club in paris hoops
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a hi for france, victory. oh, natalie, food mammal. but we love football. so all of us coaches would be really happy, as it would motivate the children, because the french team before would show them how to lead. yeah, the cause of his care. i'll watch the world cup with my dad. i like this game. that's why i play and i was hoping 1000 baker. i'd be pleased because it's my country and it would be a miracle. the last time a team one consecutive will cops, it was brazil in 1962 as raining champions. france will be under increased pressure as they defend their title, but they'll also know that having done it before, they could do it again. natasha butler al jazeera paris france 1st one, the woke up back in 1998, but in 2002 finished bottom of that group of intrinsic i was part of both of those teams. he's, i would out a 0 that the currents. what has the quality to go all the way and retain the trophy
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to see the friends to the team, to beat because they're the world champion this. they got great quality individually and as a team, i see them getting to the final even though the competition will be intense in the on but the show me killing him. but i use that figure head of that team. even if this quality throughout the whole squad, he's going to be the player who will really show his qualities. i think he's gonna have an exception of well, come on. say, david press. okay, that sounds pretty confident about his country chances and him and ask you this one front. so many people favorites to retain the tracy, but i will also favorites to the or last year i had a pretty disappointing tournament by their standards. how would you expect them to perform in casa better? much better, jim? i think they didn't expect to do really well. the probably expected to go all the way in the years, and they were really disappointing. some of the big players didn't turn up. i don't know why, but he didn't, but that if you're a football or that will make the play as well, they are more determined to have a really good woke up this time. right. and when you have someone like kelly and
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bobby, and i still forget carrying benjamin, i mean to the best front men and well football you can argue without when you have them. so i was, you know, concede and goals will always have a chance to win. whether that would be the, well, i think would be the favorites, but not all the teams that it can be them. but i think i can understand why a lot of people think their pride could go all the way and happy. and they just mentioned carried ben's ma, he's having a fantastic time for them. i mean, one of your former managers call i want to lot of the manager at where i'm afraid of quote him the best in the world right now. how key is he from his success at the torment? well, if we have talking about player for me, francis, the favorite, it's as he said, it got him killian, her also in the defense. not only i think the defense they have to be placed and cut him in fear. he continues to blame,
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lay ladies his play in our in the last 56 months. he can be the key of the tournament, not only the frankly tournament because he's for me, the best player that we're right now. and then the last, the whole year has been for me to not be a one year when you the last year. i mean the best, better than then the other. she may opinion for papa. he's been out for the tone and he's got an injury. andy, if pauper, isn't it the told him and how much of a miss would that be for frank to think? well, it depends. which popo turns up jemma if it's suppose by that's played for it in my mind. chess united then, you know, they're not going to reference 111 with france and one, but it wasn't who played in the last woke up. refunds then they will miss antenna. right? yeah. i think i caught him and gimme an important yeah. you know. ok. where he has to play best. yeah. he plays with friends, you know, he plays with sons. i know he's the late in the world. now we're going to move on
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talking about christiana going out. i surely only has a one more chance to win the ball with portugal along with the unless the run out, i probably feel the biggest thought and well believe in the age of $37.00. he's one pretty much everything. a club level with manchester united around withdrew and events. he went to europe in championship with portugal in 2016 but like messy he's yet to claim the biggest prize. and while football that show you that grants and portugal qualified for the torment by the playoff, and we'll line up against gonna uruguayan south korea increase age. and even now, do you watch the premier league week in week out is having a pretty turbulent type in i to right now. he reports that he wants to leave the club. if he doesn't get the mean way before the trunk, the window closes. do you think that could have any bearing on how we perform in cut off? he want to play. there's no doubt but that gemma and you want to play more than he's doing at manchester united way. he'll want to stop football matches and they want to play as much football as he can,
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keeping his body as far as he can at 5750 years of age. and i think that doesn't matter if he plays a bit. he plays a lot. he's going to be underscored, they're not going to leave him. going to going to you have given as an you haven't played enough games, christiana, so we can take you. so he'll be there. can he drive them? i don't think he can count against weaker sites, but i think when it comes to the quarter finals in the semifinals, if it comes up against some of the the most strong nations, i think that he may struggle understand the tournament this congested as well. have you of played against for now doing for it? do you agree with all these just said that he might possibly, i don't know. in the latter stages, i think for the can be this replace of the agree. it's not on a rather very good team. the biggest stars or so young players, i mix between young and old players and i think they can create programs to i think all the teams. so i meant but we will see ho his here as you said,
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how bra lo her ups through that one. i'm and i think we know or another he will be feet or so even if he doesn't be in a game cube, if it's he will, if it and he's big to die, he's always ready for time to call games for a woke up. he will be, he will be there for sure. my case, for example, a when i feel better is when i play games, you know, up to the 1st month of the tournament of the league. i don't feel a 100 percent. i feel after tomorrow, you know, maybe because i'm tall and i need you know, i'm this kind of explicit player. i'm more like a be silly, you know, not the no gasoline. and i think at this demo of this, sir, different is this a monster. he's a beast. and there i think even the feast, this of them mostly whether he will play games. but knowing rinaldo he wants to play every minute of every game, but that's what he is
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a faster speed. the. the footballing animal. yes, is desire to to be the best. and he achieved. he said he has well from portables. towers man to wales is that main man garris bale. he is preparing to lead his country to the 1st world cup in 64 years. it was his deflected freaking that secure place that kept thought 2225 in the playoff. mackenzie crane, which means the 5 time champions league when it now gets to play on footballs. and biggest stage ad wales are in great with england, the usa and around around the e sign, you know, a thing we'll see about rivalries in british. but we'll, admittedly, the rivalry with england and wales isn't the kind of intensity of england, scotland, england, germany. but you know, it's still, it's going to be a hobby gave isn't. absolutely. so be that you're, you're just thing is going to be more find out the england or the whilst less or the both will be, i mean will to be fired up more because they'll be there on the dogs. no one will expect wills apart from the world, spears themselves in the funds. most people will expect england if they play to their capabilities that will be, will cause quite simply,
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they've got better players. the only thing that what is we have anglin decide, look at a look at them and then from the uterus which the dead go. course they've got a bunch of really, really talented trick. wallace. really talented, a good age, and, and nearly as of the page that you need to midfield and, and particularly the top end of the perch. what, what is me as at the other end, if they defend well, that i think and would, could go really far mr. ornament, but they have to defend real well yes, i refer you talking when us for success manager, i scores what you're saying with, i think because you know, europe, i think you could get to the final again. okay, there you go. okay, well, have a word on garetsville site. do you think there is a team at this world cup that relies on a single player more than wales rely on garrath bell? i'm going to be honest with you. i think got to be the only willis player. i know.
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not really. i don't know. i can give you another one. you will know him. i don't, rumsey, i know. i know i didn't watch many games. so what this, yes about at it is in top form is one of the rest certainly, well the bill comes up and plays and as a good woke up, they may get out of that group and will be easy for them, but they will be focus and i don't think it's whether they be angland on the obviously the usa and around the 2 games that we will focus on the as to when them, if they took a point from england, they'd be delighted. well, i think a lot of people are looking forward to that much unlike the rest of your family has never had a winter break on the prospect of it is made manages like new pools. yeah. club very unhappy. what effect will the change really have on the league suppliers? i'm the world cup itself, pool race report from london. this is an english season like no other. it started early, it will finish late with an unprecedented 6 week break in the middle for the world cup in kata. i'm not getting the stakes. i know that we got top competitions that
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was around the world of substrate cuz the last thing on one of these for i'm amendment to be broken. it's nice to be honest, i think by them will probably be in relegation. about unlike other european leagues, england never has a winter break for managers. the hope that their work is causing heated emotions. i was not angry at all before i came in, but when we, when we start talking about it, i really get angry. everybody knows it's not right. this well happens the wrong moment for the wrong reasons. club interests decide what is the impact on the players? normally when a well kept kicks off, plays have had a little time to recover from a grueling season with their clubs. this time, at least in theory, they'll be arriving in cats are in peak condition. the condition may not be quite as good when returning to their clubs. it will be a huge impact emotionally and physically on the guys who go to world cup so they will come back, trained, physically drained,
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but also mentally like with big success with big emotions. positive emotions are huge disappointment for the world cup itself. the momentum could mean better performances and better matches. it's a quick turnaround from last premise. ship game on a sunday to when we plagues. we won't meter to top them up with regards to training sessions and and look at what minutes they played last as the biggest different for us. i break the cattle. 20. 22 may be bad for club obsessed english friends. good for the players. but for the clubs, but as another heat wave hits london, no one can be totally certain that future well cups will always take place in the european summer, or even if they're held in europe. poll reese, al jazeera london or guys we just had from thomas sickle and young caught bash. and if you got any sympathy with these managers, the told you think that to see, sat down with that and accept the situation. great is exactly what they need to do . and i think that from my recollection, gemini also went to break. yeah. we had
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a break to the, went on for a crops clubs. cope with that. what the scene about there may be emotionally physically drained. possibly if you team gets to the final. but these guys have been coaching when players of law so many players to the african cup of missions every 2 years. they go away for 45 weeks in january and come back. okay, i guess that, but would she? well, when shall i came back. his disappointment of not, not getting the african confirmations losing it. he affect the time the sad jamante came back and he was blew up. we wanted, i'm busy. so i understand we sit, but really jama and the world where we have 25 players all capable of playing for steam football for the teams. and only 2 teams will get to the final. we don't know how many of you are good cops. players will be and not fatal if any. we don't know yet, so i can understand where he's coming from, but don't have any sympathy. know we should try these things, like the players themselves who are going to compete and woke up as a, as was reported to the arrive. fetch up the new bill of ever be,
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did you lose the quality of the footboard? you think we're going to see perhaps the best quality if we've ever seen it. i woke up, i hope fresh apply. well, let me tell you that the players will never have arrived, major tournament, and better physical condition than the roll fish. unless challenge of course, make your oldest to him and make is that the best form was in november, december a go and just quickly about the, the quick turn around. so the, the, the main european leagues. they're finishing through the walk up 12th, 13th of november. so some of these teams may need a baby ending and a have like 7 or 8 days before that 1st match. how will that affect them not getting with the national side sooner while weak is enough? i agree. i think sometimes you can have too much time, should i sit in a hotel for 2 weeks to think? you know, i get up again another training session. and i actually think that the shortness of time is better for the guys gotta cut. they are for 4 months in the come, i guess regular. my goodness me, i would have you. well,
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that time to professionally, they should be winning the thing i find now to catch you up on what's been happening here in this country castle, where there's now less than a 100 days ago until the wild card kicks off. it was brought forward by one day. it's will africa thought to play in the 1st game now. now face ecuador on november 20th, along with the opening ceremony. there's a huge excitement. it was building up over the last hold years. but under days ago, you can feel it, you can touch it, you can taste it. i think it's, it's, it's matter of just, you know, the final count on the way well cut, finally, sale state him is held its 1st match in the domestic cattle styles league, the 80000 seat. the facility is the last of the 8 stadiums to be completed, ill stage at 10 games in the tournament altogether. the stadiums have been designed to help me organize as a chief goal stating the 1st carbon neutral world cup. latasha named reports carbon dioxide or c o 2 emission sword to a record level last year by several indexes. cut our ranks high globally when it
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comes to c o. 2 emissions per capita. this november, the gulf nation is pledging to host the 1st ever carbon neutral world cup, who lot of people will gumble together by it. but the activities hidden gutter is design in such of it. all the emissions associated there will be limited emissions and this emissions will be ballast the layout of stadiums over a small geographic area means once vans land in cutter, they'll travel a relatively short distance by metro electric bus or car to matches in stadiums built with sustainability in mind, after footballs, premier spectacle is over the c o 2 emissions during the $28.00 days will be offset by investing in carbon credits. but a report by carbon market watch says,
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cut our 2020 two's carbon neutral plan is misleading. and based on what it calls creative calculations, it is highly unlikely this will talk, is going to be cohen you draw. it is not incredible claim, and there is a big risk that is going to mislead the bone. it can to thinking that this has no impact on the climate. when actually doesn't, does. the organizing committee says cut hours? historic ambition should be recognised, not criticized. it points to the almost 1000000 square meters of green space created and a new solar power plant that will generate renewable energy for years after the tournament ends. we stand by our planning. we stand by our calculations and we stand by our plans to offset what's remaining in the best possible way. with the best information that we have a team from cut, our university will be setting up whether monitoring stations and sharing the daily
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air quality with fans during the world cup. the hope is it will spread awareness about the impact we have on the climate and how to reduce our carbon footprint. natasha. good aim l. jazeera, doha harvey. i'm interested to get your take on the compact nature of this world cup. so you've been to our cups in south africa and brazil, so that would have involved a lot of traveling between fixtures. so i want to know how much of a game changer is this going to be for the players to have such short travel time. one of the, the things is we have the most is the travel, know the in. so remember we had like maybe 3 for our slides. then also the road was, you know, not the best, but here it's 20 minutes to go to study to did 5 minutes. you go to the training field. i think this is going to be a beacon packed for, for the fonts, for the pri, this is going to be very nice. and as i said, as fun,
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you can watch 3 games in one cups. i've never happened this amazing. you say the impact on the players, you mean like a physical sense? perhaps recovery, but we much as you know. so yeah, it's true to fly at 34 hours after a game. it's not the not the best. you can go directly to the hotel. the rest is much better before we wrap this up. he fast who is going to win. i know what he's going to say. no, i know you'd like to win the ok. i think i, i tell you my wife and i tell you ok my yeah. jessica. yeah. my wishes go to spring . yeah. but i think if i have to bit i will say argentina, argentina. ok andy, i think argentina will go close. i agree with you. 100 percent off. if i was choosing a team to when they woke up, i would go with most of the moment at the moment and see that i think france will
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be the team to be okay. yeah. well, not long to wait to find out if any of your predictions are correct. i said, well, cut you off in november heavy and the thank you so much for the time. on next month it will be switching constance to focus on the north central american teams that will be heading to the top as we get a main events. and of course out there, it will keep you right up to date every step of the way. i frank assessments, how much support is there at st. protests that we've seen in hotel across the rest of the country. the street has been, has been very good. that's happening into the core concerns of people across the country. informed opinions, we will say more of these events. what is happening is that climate change it to making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines draw,
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he is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility. this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera bolts, jen, and is in the police violently discussing protest this. these are some good times of thousands of people, troy, to flee global, inspire to program making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools . we have to fight forecasted and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running. ah, terrorism charges filed against form and pakistani prime minister in ron com is the board is worn.


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