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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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what days global headlines druggie is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera bowles journalism, the police violently dispersing protest. this, these are sort of a good tens of thousands of people try to flee global, inspire to program making. welcome to generation change unrivalled broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools. we have to fight for crafted and algebra. english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster the year award for the 6 year running. ah, terrorism charges filed against form. and pakistani prime minister in ron con, is a borders worn. adel hold rallies if he's arrested.
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ah, hello, i'm emily angry. mrs. al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up the u. s. in south korea begin their biggest join to military drills in years. so says it's a starting point to reorganize its emergency readiness. i'm 30 have owned a 50 of nikolai in southern ukraine. 6 months ago, the ukraine, an army managed to prevent the advance of russian troops towards this city. but even today, people say it's under constant attack. and back to school, the millions of children in the philippines after one of the world's longest pandemic shut down. ah, welcome to the program. we begin in pakistan where hundreds of support is former
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prime minister in ron con, have gathered outside his home, saying, bel, prevent his arrest on terrorism. charges. con is accused of making threats against the police and judiciary. during a recent speech, he lost in a confidence voting april bought in a struggling economy. his popularity has surged. his latest rallies have drawn tens of thousands of people. the more in the story, let's bring in camel honda, who joins me live from islam of ad. hello. they come on your outside, the former prime minister's residence. talk us through the size of the crowd and what impact this will have on police trying to arrest him. the wrong house, situated at bunny got off on top of his dad, being a resident of what we have seen a supporter of his party had been had since last night. because suspicion that there would be made that the former prime minister would be arrested in wrong
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corner, also guarded party leaders to the venue. they've all gone and you can see the barricade behind me that the board, bread and many other supporter the likely drive address. because this is, after all, the working day, the new, the spread across the country. they've been shorter than other parts of the country address. and the fact that enron on the border threatening that if they needed that they will be countrywide broader. now given the fact that iran, honda has a government and focus on the administrative push me into hyper providence and got focused on and upon job, which is the most fall for problem of the country. the fact that they're very large following its popularity and that did also ever didn't from the fact that
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yesterday by election, one of them non party knew their died earlier. and that was up for reelection. his parties weeping goes for despite the fact that the combined opposition of 3030 bar days, what supporting that candidate in the garage and get them into the fact that iran calling up your ladder date dime high. so if the government decides to read them, they will see a massive response from the paper to the political as much frederick draw the paper like george jim rhonda han had been saying to the board that the, i guess i can credit a, do our game and people have got buying a very tricky situation, given the fact that the troubleshooting bands or deliver on it from the country, the economy in bad shape, inflation, adobe 40 percent, and the people are fed up. so data caught reload. so play and do iran cons.
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narrative come out what lead up to these points in wire of tor he's so concerned about these large crowds. well, the reason why i am wrong on order to get a party or josh job is to god as former to do i. dr. gate was arrested by the government. the 4 digit jobs are named. pick up in the bag. he was tortured according to the buckets on that he can solve it totally against human rights and violation of human rights. iran con party accusing the government of high jack. dig in order to get a confession out of the game against iran, cons that can be used against them despite the fact that they did a 3rd party, a lie and they have not been able to go much good enough. the board to compete. and ron collins, i know you're mandate on the government than it's norm abad,
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which of course had been reduced because of its power. the fact that it does not control the province. and therefore, there is a lot of pressure on the government that grad so it will be important or how they're going to do them. and what happens after the date or i come, i will cross back to you throughout the day. is those numbers? great, thank you. very much my honda them canyon presidential hopeful rayleigh dingey is challenging the result of the racing election in the supreme court. he found the petition on line. the former prime minister was narrowly defeated in this month's vote. he says the results of flawed and should be declared null and void. kenya's electoral commission declared his rival william roo. time the when i, with 50.5 percent of the votes, dingey got 48.8 percent. but for the 7 commissioners who, over so the polls refuse to endorse that result. the u. s. and
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south korea carrying out their largest joint drills in years. thousands, tens of thousands rather of troops had taking part in the wake. long live fi exercises which involve a craft warships and tanks. south korea's president has promised to strengthen deterrence against north korea. lodge on gym on penny argon wars today are quite different from those in the past. our enemies will certainly conduct cyber attacks on national information and communication infrastructure and attack key industrial bases such as ports, airports, and nuclear power plants, high tech, industrial facilities including semiconductors, and major raw material supply chains to neutralize our ability to wage war. this exercise will be a starting point for the government to reorganize its emergency preparedness in line with the changing war patterns from sol, rob mcbride has more on the scale of those exercises. it involves literally hundreds of thousands of personnel,
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both military and also as civilian. they run through to the 1st of september. there is a very large civil defense element to these exercises with whole government departments at preparing for emergencies and so on, alongside the military units of both south korea and the united states. now the exercises happen in 2 phases. first of all, there is a simulated attack from the north. that is how the south korea would, would survive an attack from the north. and then the 2nd phase, which is basically a counter offensive against the north, from south korea, alongside us allies. now for the past few years, these exercises have not been held here on such a scale. impart that been because of the pandemic, but largely it has been because there has been a liberal administration here that's trying to be pursuing dialogue with north korea. and this was thought to get in the way of that, but there is now a conservative administration here president june. so kill telling cabinet members
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monday that he wants to see security in south korea returning to a state of being water tight as he described it. that the only way you can guarantee preparedness and readiness is to hold the kind of exercises on the scale of a full blown conflict. hence the, these exercises being held, involving a literally thousands of units. i'm personnel, both military and civilian. the governor of the us state of indiana has held talks with the president of taiwan amid height intentions with china. eric holcombe is leading a 3rd american delegation to visit. ty paid this month, us house bacon. nancy pelosi and a congressional delegation. also visited the island, that angered badging, which considers taiwan eats territory. is president sy, in when called for more economic cooperation with the u. s. t i one is vital to the global semiconductor supply chain. i and you know, each,
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taiwan is willing and able to strengthen cooperation with democratic partners in building sustainable supply chains, full democracy chips. together we can safeguard our common values and create even greater prosperity because we share so many common values and interests and goals. there are more opportunities ahead of us than i think there ever have been before for us to continue to shrink them and cultivate and nurture this relationship. as our economies grow and grow together, we will continue to seek to build strategic partnerships with you to ukraine. now where the leaders of the u. s. u. k. france, and germany say attacks close to the separation nuclear plant must stomp, ukrainian. officials say a city near the complex was shelled that started a large fire and cut power to about 3000 people heaved accuses moscow,
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obtaining the facility into a military base. france says, russian later, vladimir putin has a grade to allow the un nuclear watched on to inspect the facility. meanwhile, the southern ukrainian city of mc alive has been heavily bombarded since russia's invasion began in february. well then 6000 residential buildings and 66 medical facilities are reported to have been destroyed. at least 300 educational sites have been damaged, as well as 131 cultural institutions. many people don't have gas, electricity, or water. al jazeera is to raise a bow found this report from mc alive. it's become my daily routine, waiting for drinking water in the city of me go live in southern ukraine. blue that glow says a war 2 in the taps is contaminated. so lane law also bombs are destroying us. the water pump was attacked near her son, so were without water. now,
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there's dirty water in the taps. we can't use it to cook food, only to wash our feet and use it to flush 6 months ago. russian forces tried to capture mc alive the queen and army managed to repel their attack and pushed them out of the city. but people like alexander to hope of yackino continued to struggle . men leaving you coulda, i won't go anywhere. now. this is our land. we will stay here with them. he can only mother, you can give us more to send you another horse, him lam ethical in the my address at all saying for me. and i thought that because of my it, i was going to have a nice live but know every day there's shelling. but it's not just the water. thousands have been forced to leave the area. what a water valve, what rahman will shadow of house was destroyed by 2 russian rockets. his family have left the country that he says he had to stay with all men are fighting age. i been to leave the country at the thought you are, sir. they had attacked before,
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but no one expected that this area would be targeted. it was not clear what they aimed poor could be the factory behind, but you see they target people, residential areas are dull. and there's no guarantee russia one tried take us city once again. rockets continue to be fired on this city, reducing homes of schools and health care facilities. this is the we the tomato allergy area of this hospital. and as you can see, it was completely destroyed. authority say that around 10000 buildings in the city have been damaged by the shelling ah, the streets look empty except for barricades meat of tires that show how the city is ready to resist. a russian occupation. authorities are struggling to restore electricity and gas supplies before winter order ticket, mach mozilla. the russians will not pull back, they won't stop here. however, as of today,
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we have everything in order to face them. we will meet them and fight them with what we want. you up while the fighting goes on in the southern and eastern parts of the country, millions have managed to escape, but many others are reluctant to leave. it's their home, they say, and i need to remain here is greater than the constant dangers a face. it is, i will, i'm jessie doubt. nikolai ukraine still ahead on al jazeera, devastating floods in chad. reduce thousands of homes to rubble and more rain is on the way and how cutting down trees helps protect forests in mexico using an ancient method of sustainability. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to castle group,
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your travel package to the here's your weather update in a minute 15. thank you for joining in. so for central and eastern portions of europe, we've had this disturbed weather, just stall out here and you know, for eastern areas of the czech republic, we may pick up to about a months worth of rain within 24 hours. that could certainly trigger some flash flooding and we'll see those winds wind up for western areas of romania to 90 kilometers per hour. that could cause some damage. now where all of this rain is needed is iberia. we've got wildfires burning in portugal and spain, but no relief come in just some showers though for the pair knees. other side of the mediterranean, i think we're going to see some daytime heating storms pop up in turkey, especially when you consider anchor as up to 35 degrees. that wall above average for this sum of the year. some shower zip in across the islands of ireland and britain, but more so it's going to be intense for wales and scotland and off to africa. we go some flooding rains around n jemina that's leaking into nigeria and also rain in the forecasts for center goal
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and the gambia could see some more flooding in banjo, southern africa, it's looking good, largely con, but we've got some winds for cape town, a bit of a weather roller coaster to come, you go from 18 to 24. right back down to 19 so little all over the map there for the next little bit susan cas, airway official airline of the journey. debating the issues of the day from use of always in criminalized around the boundaries of right. these aren't just numbers. there people are a family and friends and our community members on our online, jo, voice, military, don't believe in dialogue. political crisis must be off with the political climate change progress. is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to? there's no recognition about what we're ready to stream on now. just 0. 0
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ah ah hello. are you watching out a 0? i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder of our top stories this alum pakistan's, former prime minister in ron con, has been charged to under the anti terrorism act. he's accused of making threats against the police and judiciary during a recent speech. the u. s. and south career and carrying out their largest joint military drills in years. so says the drills are a starting point to reorganize its emergency preparedness and leaders of the u. s. u. k. france and germany have called for an end to attacks me ukraine's as apparition, nuclear power plant, ukrainian official se shelling in a city near the complex caused a large fire and catholic tricity. emergency crews in iraq have recovered 2
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more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed shrine. a landslide caused part of the shrine near the car bellhack to cave in on saturday. at least to 7 people have been killed. it's believed at least one more bodies under the debris rescue. teams have got food and water through to people who are still trapped. millions of students in the philippines are finally returning to school after one of the world's longest coven 19 locked downs. children have been studying at home for more than 2 years. as barnaby low reports from manila, when at a weaker community class in the manila sub. these children are learning how to read . it's a skill that by global standards should have been mastered by the age of 10 but key and we're shawnee, who is in to 4th grade. we're still struggles to read in his native filipino all.
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mom who well english is an even greater challenge. though it say already she's known in numbers are equally difficult. bar that thinks b. b o b, b i. these children have been attending class remotely since the coven 19 pandemic began in 2028. 0 st. restrictions were only looked at this year. have you seen any be convenient models of busy with work or with jewels at home? they may not have enough time to to, to their kids, which is a huge part of distance learning. well, in the result is a border setback in the quality of education, not only for the philippines, but for most low and middle income countries. the quality of learning among
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filipino schoolkids was already poor in pre pandemic times. in 2019 only around 30 percent could read simple text or understand a simple story by the age of 10. international aid agencies say that number has now dropped to less than 20 percent. on monday schools open for in person classes, for the 1st time in 2 years covered, nikita still very much concerned with temperature checks, peasmarsh and regular hand washing the norm. but the education department lodges that the bigger problem is learning the push and see we have a program, it's called every child is able to read. so. ready that's an after school program that we are lodging with the help of credited tutors and teachers so that we could sort of focus on the literacy skills. ready our children, the government hopes that resuming face to face classes will improve the quality of
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education, to better quip these children in an increasingly competitive world oh. whitening below all 0, manila. unicef says being out of the classroom for years has had a major impact on children around the world. he says the closures can be blamed for rising students dropping out as well as struggling with mental health issues. the world bank has declared it the worse to education crisis in the century. the philippines economy relies heavily on money sent home by citizens working abroad. the years of last schooling could affect graduates career prospects, and how much money they can send home. the will bank says time away from the classroom could mean students or future incomes could drop by between 5 and 17 percent depending on which country therein vladimir quit to. um is the national chairman of the alliance of concerned teachers in the philippines. he says many
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students are losing skills as well as they interest in studying generally the impact of the school year in terms of quality that will be shown snow on our grading students, not the not my g r, right, the and i'll, i'll do all right or alton will, you'll see the numbers, not a clear snow, and many of our me are not interested in getting you started on and you know, we have no reports regards to a learning loss for now or so. i said, teacher in law ideology, no, we received a memorandum from david. how old are there any loss of the innovation at my job? i'm teaching senior high school year in the philippines. i did, i do not my g. how do you assess my students from the firm now? great. they're all from great. that are great. thank you. 83 student again. read
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all of these for each of you not hire, they deny, i'll do my job. they're there to that degree because that the students are, are came from read what angry, who are the learning so oh, i think that's the government did not solve the problem or the glee problems are wondering st boys day criminalizing guys, sakes, repealing a colonial era, low the city state is known for its conservative values, but they have been growing cause of the legislation to be abolished. the change does not affect singapore, the legal definition of marriage between a man and a woman. at least 22 people have been killed in heavy rain and floods in chad. more than a 1000 homes have been destroyed and health services are disrupted. with more rain expected, many people feed the challenges ahead. hip morgan reports from n jemina no one dan geraldine is still trying to pick up belongings from the rubble
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of her damaged home. a mother of 5, she says heavy rains in chats capital in jemina forest, her and her family to seek shelter. when their roof and walls collapses. yellow, dumb water, whirlpool bark on car carry. i was in the market and it started raining heavily. then i got a call from my neighbors that my house was destroyed. luckily, my children were not home. i came back to find the situation like this one murder here for. at least 22 people have been killed by rains and floods and dozens of us injured since the thought of the season, according to the united nations, across the country, over a 1000 homes have been destroyed. many people here said they have not seen this much rain and destruction before, according to the you and environmental agency. chad is one of the country's most affected by climate change, and those likely to suffer as a result are the vulnerable communities. the floods have left many with no access
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to clean water. this is one of the main hospitals in jemina. now it's surrounded by flood water, and marvelous of tune, and my d. well, hulu, because of the floods, patients can't come to the hospital. there is no transport. we only received severe cases that are brought here by ambulances. but many of those who sate can't come. medical services have also been disrupted, amid concerns of what's up on diseases, a place in one of them. most of the d. listen, william, i think we only have 2 departments working from the children's department and the surgery department number are the other departments has stopped working because of the water in the hospital. and the rains are expected to continue until october. and the fear is that until then, more homes will be destroyed, more lives lost. he will morgan al, jazeera and jemina. power supplies may fell, a farm land could turn to dust and major cities, such as las vegas may face water restrictions. these are just some of the warnings
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issued in 7 american states, unless they work out a plan to reduce how much water they draw from the colorado river, which is drying up. the river flows from the rocky mountains to the deserts of the southwest, providing drinking water for 40000000 people. it also sustains a huge agricultural industry that's worth $15000000000.00 a year. but climate change is making the region hotter and dryer to reservoirs like made and light pal are at just above a quarter of their capacity. if they fall much lower, they'll be unable to generate hydro electric power for millions of people. peter g like is a leading scientist on global water and climate issues. he says more states will be forced to cut water if levels continue to fall. a 7 states roller in colorado and 80 percent of the water that's used in the river goes to the agricultural sector. so as the warm levels continue to drop. first of all, we're seeing cutbacks,
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mandatory cutbacks to several of the states that have allocations of water on the river. arizona and nevada 1st are already experiencing quite significant cutbacks, and that means they're going to have to reduce the water that's available for the cities. and for the farms that depend on that water, if a levels continue to drop, california will be affected. also at the moment, california allocation has a higher priority. so the state of california has not yet seen cuts on the colorado river, but that's going to come and it's going to affect millions of people as the reservoir levels in as the river itself continues to fall. well, the 1st thing that's going to have to happen is that some farmers are literally going to have to go out of production. they're going to have to follow their fields . they're not going to be able to grow crops a we're already seeing requests voluntary requests in the urban areas in the big cities for reductions in water use. but those requests are going to become mandatory overtime. we're going to see cut backs to allocations for water for
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indoor use, especially for outdoor use. a lot of the water is still used on outdoor landscaping, and that's going to have to stop. so we're going to see cutbacks for urban users and for agricultural users as well, we simply cannot afford to keep giving more water away. the nature provides especially now with a price, with the quite obvious consequences of climate change communities in central mexico . i using a historic about unconventional technique to save thousands of trays and my rap alone has the story from the and mental co forest. oh, trees from a forest in central mexico or being harvested for timber. the images don't exactly evoke a sense of conservation either, but several communities who reside near the outskirts of this forest have found that sustainable timber harvest and land protection go hand in hand is approach, i mean, thought was, can then this harvest generates economy gains for the community which are
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distributed in percentages for social projects, and most importantly, for deforestation, and creating conservation brigades to protect against forest fires of the pine trees being hauled away or taken to a sawmill. here the sale of wood has brought steady income to almost a dozen communities known as a heedless under mexican agrarian law. and he, those have communal ownership over the force and are entrusted with protecting it on say, he got one historian, he says young 11 a, he knows a part of our organization. they all abide by the rules of forestry management, which determine precisely how much food can be extracted annually. with the rainy season underway, reforestation efforts are in full swing and the mexican government is providing assistance in the form of pine saplings. it's a model of sustainability that's existed in mexico for hundreds of years. rosco,
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many other other than that available scale me or when a community sees the force of their livelihood. they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the biodiversity inside the forest. community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be a big problems in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to be an effective way of protecting forest and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 percent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this force counts on the full time stewardship.


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