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tv   Rebel Architecture A Traditional Future  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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when they're available scale, when a community sees the force of their livelihood, they have an incentive to preserve it and protected from fires, illegal logging and carrying for the bio diversity inside the forest. community investment in eco tourism has also brought jobs to the region. there are concerns, however, that many here don't feel safe speaking to reporters about on camera. especially given the encroachment by criminal groups known for illegally exploiting agricultural lands and forests. illegal logging continues to be a big problem in some parts of the country, but here in central mexico community management of natural resources has proven to be an effective way of protecting force and promoting sustainable development. more than 30 percent of mexico is covered by forests and dedicated conservation efforts are crucial for their survival. at least this force counts on the full time stewardship of its human guardians. monroe up a little al jazeera mexico's,
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i'm an alco forest. ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera? these are the top stories. his, our former pakistani prime minister in ron con, is facing terrorism charges. after being accused of making threats against the police in judiciary and a political rally. supporters have gathered outside his home in islam a bad warning of math protests if he's arrested these. lemme that high court has granted con protective bal until the same canyon president can presidential candidate, riley dingo has found an online petition to the supreme court. challenging the results of the recent election. the former prime minister was natalie defeated and says the results should be declared null and void malcolm way. outside the supreme court in nairobi where it used to physically hand in his petition. anyone
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el, filing a petition or asked to come and do the same. now after that, the court will look at those petitions see who the respondents are, not expected to include the electoral commission. and also the coalition of a thing is main rival, william root who is declared the winner a week ago today without very narrow margin. the respondent then given 4 days to submit their replies before this goes into into a hearing. emergency crews in iraq have recovered trimball bunnies from the rubble of collapse to shrine. landslide coal is part of the shrine near the kabbalah to cave. in on saturday. at least 7 people have been killed. the ladies of the u. s. u . k. france and germany have called for an end to attacks me crime separation nuclear power plants, ukrainian official se shelling and see to me that complex 'cause the large fire and cut electricity. there are serious concerns of a nuclear disaster. the u. s. in south career and carrying out the largest joint
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military drills in years. so says the exercise is our starting point to reorganize its emergency. ready? men are right. those are the headlines. i'm emily angry. the news continues here on al jazeera, after rebel architecture, to stay with us. talk to al jazeera, we ask for the rebound, you speak off his clearly come get a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong? we listen, you were part of the, i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. you know, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera architecture has always defined the human from the simplest structure to the greatest monument. but rebellion is underway, led by a new breed of architect that puts people before icon architect
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using the tools a better way to restructure their surroundings. and to redefine that profession with, have you do a measure bought the excel are buyer, just need to put a studio effect. yeah. let me draw something like 8 or 9 feet from the actual a, b,
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album instead of up that they are highly finish i'm giving with now and i still got the i've been going to go to the bar like i just thought i'd let you go. if i want to go to get it going then, but as a sunday, i'm on the start off, i'm on, i'm on a, someone on the other disciplined him again, you get the job, be elevated so that people are going to so that's the reason why a design just visit with them and if you could do with them crazy, it gives you she did the summer, 14 months in the upper level. we began so the
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last section is led what the lady and it needs to be. 6 and we do not get displeased, and they also do not lose all their belongings. if they were displayed, they would be several months before they could come back and start to punch in ok, talk to mitigate body was a legal give me a minute to tell me what it is and i guess i'm on medicare but come, but it will be kind of going to get with the lord abilineisd. be somebody.
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somebody laguna seca jamara. no one can. when he got it i might give them another another gear. yeah. once i will get over to you a good with the yearly day. yeah. it was good. you're good. yeah, this is going bricks. are you good? good, good, good. koski did. am i going to be there at noon? so it won't break, is no safety against all this rain and flooding. romanella you go. you said you're nearly 13 now tommy. but that to let her kid be right in normally say here, the only problem is that the base yarbrough is an ideal or the problem is the top of the wall jack, good by the under jumping on was given there, you're good to appear to have a body could have been so you can see here do the, the roof, several gun and there and the walls are collapsing because of the coming, expose to water and everything because the roofs are gone above now along with
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a yard getting out of what must. again, cathy, mother, dear barb into my little issue to get along kathy, ireland. mm hm. in your bill, i tega are people from nikki, up in google again next to the yellow gandhi with getting, as you come to live, i can get disney without mccarthy wouldn't give us. oh, was he now guinea? why and any point in the upload of the and the video for the the know you got a degree. see right. the thank you
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good. good thought. because yet they gave architect to like god because you creating good good. you what other inflated do that that would be awesome. i think you did you upgrade with us before you do this? how good we had to be involved with the motel if you get a state of the art building material. very meghan, again, it's going the mom deflected, it will be ahead if you granted here locally living with the men of do my equal share, we're going to head out, but i'm going to assume that it just, this is the stop solution you will getting on to maybe help us out by that. but when do you have a good day now you couldn't, i could give to which already god help is the name of god. good. ready
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me give me so i had this conversation because we put the hard to put on this guy. yeah. do you see my goodness. yeah. of you. hey, get a bud. yom gum good. i have lead guerria, me or jaw humanitarian. it kisses to limit us. meanwhile, the mile tunic of her dad, back to the go to the my loom and it would only my boss is he car lit up is called the can't the hump of the of the there you're more to he up. it basically is my mind more to hear us hand her or generally her lame hair
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for m. decide because happy up you. so my digger must come. george. he said, you say lame goes to the mile muscle cell. jorge or abdul guy lincoln got her. applegate, yet all nearby school golf is either some highly some holiday. the lincoln linelle grab, the little boy did up a brother ski erosion head mc. endure martin here will produce along with it yet it is in with the actually how my dna year trust her. you're gay, how mighty a glory. hm. good. the i have really has angel some high law in biggest gardner in gall. but cool, but argued edna e m i wrote for his her order. ye, madame deal gay, young lawyers, neighborhoods, are they anchor the yogi? a monitor with
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some mission and then going to go annual regarding belk, what he's done with them is completely up to another. yeah, i got a couple of in advance with someone, isn't i apple names? i was doing my project coordinator in yankee already they bought com k online when the bought been how come yet are might maybe are bamboo, maybe a mix, but these are gonna be good budget headed to the foundation, but then goodbye. just make it into my baggage. out there, when i brought it, i didn't put in d, i m with a risky bicycle yet. you know when he comes because how did money makers
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mm with, well, you'll get up and i'll spell it down to what the good news i got asked me to go to my local, did i get visit? is it or what got it? i also had your mother what's become mother, milly, the lakers copies out of the door. yeah. he was was got about a bit. it's got to be august august. but he a general, what are you like, a hobbyist, mitchell? no guns. you can give me a call back. i gotta get the yeah,
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the renewals got. i'm on the data. hold on here is gabriella garbage. your level was had malagra. gov garcia was as adidas according his little. he was glad that already a bug, but a bigoted either grew hurry. you founded the beast was the most vulnerable because the water hitting the beast, there was no prediction to that to that effected the was the need to make sure that the walls have these tours this we have to have in layered might so this nor leered might or is can there we have a lime in that and then the wall is taken up raised platform basically of at least one foot 6. if the water comes in this lead, my then line will protect it. and above this you can start, are my brick. then you have to put a render or for lime on this, and that will protect it from any kind of water flooding. and the roof is extended
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out both sides to the top of the wall is protected. and then of course we have the roof covering with you again, matting and plastic sheet and then just the layer of my din lie and it is the lime that protects it and die. we should treat each one of these so called poor people are in these areas as a corporate client or their peers. so how is mom with me that i mean that because have family planning with the home to me, we can get the epic. it will then, are you the given as adam and then ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a with had that of the why he wanted us to buy you thousands of houses have been demolished when high so says the other kids, how about i to get a, what do you, what is it occupied a party,
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i want you not to look at this your concrete blocks and yet the mom getting to think you're better with them. hard figure by doing what they're going to do with them by that point. johnny. gosh, gail rob bill. hello. i was told by liz, it the id or alarms elderly got to had nick is at the car by that like in the a get i mean, but that the heck it go happy. i sat there to come. us come, you will get feeling gilliard clean up with you their store know, and they can be replenished on the well, sandy asked me again. i know, but he can a novel go a yet we're going to be students and
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giovanni a down to families, have it order. good up until they can get a we did we are, they can develop whatever it was. it'll be gap. we'll get there now on how to support provide can they this is going to the jefferson of the department of architecture baluchistan university. are in give students had that event so by it was a student named demarcus thing to do to send applicant or disallow k y o. but he gave it to your company. so they're trying to see how to put the teams together. for a b, a data to peter misled designs and they can get that math or pill. you'd get back and get us students from lucky motion man drink
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a with a full bottom. if you are both along with a link for the safety of lights and the other end with this, you cannot be no name with it. i mean, just something ready to buy a book, whether not want to work with the delay when you don't have i just was wondering i, i need to do this. so my dad was, i've actually been looking at a hospital occupancy. this is a geek center who they may have had a c back me
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a but they did wanted to buy the album with . i'm debbie's jeff. he bought it. do you have a nuclear it war is the one to sell it. you can see i'm going to like a new building. yeah, i mean that's good. fun. yeah. i'm gonna get gum. did not give you a little bit more than that. yeah. but either a bit out, you know, pull so much. yeah. be that much to discuss and we can, you know, see how to move forward. and hopefully we can watch all of these young people. and then let me when good start galyn a fair de sudafed. some you do, i just look, i'm going to be on a new notices in the going to be dog with a lot in the 1st time with that along a little bit your i did, i feel funny
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with i face with. busy and i one. busy mm hm. i bought a . busy with . ringback my food with luke and he's speaking this kid yell when he gets from reinforcement, could give us a little more said get up and we get the body. what boy did? he bought
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a april morning. this is a lot of yapping ball technical, mid army. alejandro bama. what on dang, ange. hello. yeah, she's, i'm walker barbara, that what i did engage with what about the name, but he was going to one way when the cookie and bill by him. by the way, if the day which i can, i can up up on the internet or how can like i'm buying, i'm going to get a way mechanical tam and disconnect the paddle again. and again,
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that's like in a matter, but just rang it said this about, dang, it was a beginning. this was a stand 5th joke, a but and the way this had a demon middle call f a s e a. out of that, me me, would you just estimate heater leg away? mental alone much more with your our semester get problems which are they are they switch you who are gay? active on that i my dad has to be too hard to get. they didn't to get him, i did put a commitment key behind ya gate, but with banana, thought that the local because it might even be with team they might get
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a pay our didn't school train so and i don't it's delegates i was seeing a yes or no, yeah, i don't know what it was. would auto glass corner just that i'm going to play sharla. yeah. a lot of times i have been trained abroad. i have been influenced by trends that are
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happening as way. and so you lose out on trying to find out what you all a i'm they could help me get that when you came in by setting up a interpretation medical get a job. they can might architecture a ah, i've got about a jago a diagram.
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i thought a my a patio, are you on that a michaels or? yeah, i got on a oh a deal. i got i i they say walls have years in palestine. they also have eyes and teeth architecture is used by r as a with k, l advisement. reveals the role of architecture and it's raining, occupation,
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everything in this panorama. he's a tactical tool within the architecture for your patient. just need to know how to decode the architecture of finance, part of the rebel architecture series. and i was just, you know, cats are always official and line of the journey with
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a full and way official. and on the journey for science. this is the evidence is irrefutable. but america, climate change denial stubbornly mistrust of the fact. despite soaring temperatures, raging wild fires and shrinking water reserves the world's largest economy, it's still split along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe climate wars on a jessia? ah,


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