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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, the fisher and line of the journey for science is the evidence is the refutable. but america's climate change denial stubbornly mistrust of the fact. despite soaring temperatures, raging wild fires and shrinking water reserves, the world's largest economy, it's still split along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe climate wars on a jesse era? ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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hello. hello robin. you are watching the al jazeera news. i live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. terrorism charges filed against the former pakistani prime minister sharon calm. his supporters war now holds rallies if he's arrested. also can you israel loading your challenges the result of the presidential vote just days after the election commission declared william router as the winner on the us in south korea begin the biggest joint military drills in years, sol says it's a starting point to reorganize it's emergency readiness plus i've had a call here in washington dc. we're monkey pox vaccine clinics like this one are popping up across the country. but is it too little, too late? i'm joanna roscoe, with the sport spa salinas out of that levin dusky celebrates his 1st. they were the 1st 2 goals for his new club, as the spanish giants also secure that 1st when offer susan
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ah, welcome to the program, former bulk is on the prime minister. iran con is facing terrorism charges. days after criticizing the police and you dishes at a rally in the capital, it from about. hundreds of con supporters have gathered outside his home saying that bel, prevent his arrest is something about high court has granted the protective bail till thursday. tom is accused of making threats against all thirties during his speech to support as well as cars over to come all high the he joins me now from the capital. if somebody, of course, the question is whether an imminent arrest will happen, despite the fact that there were so many people gathered to support the former prime minister, where you are, the road doesn't seem to be the case. for the moment, there was a lot of apprehension that he would be at extra late last night,
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or in the early odd of the morning. and that i've got from hundreds of very supporters to come to a residence which is situated on the outskirts of islam about you're familiar with funding. gotta read it in, says on our head golf. now he's a 100 of the party leaders who have been arriving from a cross country supporter. the rattle given the fact that despite being a working day, many people left darned up. but now he had been able to get a free eric, veiled from the summer body guard. i've had that be for that idea of god will have to be before the i did get a score on the 25th grade. will be important to read a will be edited then or not by the fact that he had tremendous support. in fact, them wrong concert board would rainy until that ward of no confidence against them . a great illusion of 13 bar dues out under spite dad popularity skyrocketed,
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the opposition of god. richard been ruling for the past few months. i've been unable to come to grip or buckets on worsening economic crisis. inflation is over 40, but then people are fed up. i never on, i'd been able to gone at the board a crux that they're white is being able to get aboard. busy from the major guard from the. busy for the labor of white fiction of the buckets on boarding him. this is probably the strongest he's ever been politically. however, shabbots ready also demand that he will not have had a discussion, read the opposition parties. it keep partners in order to watch them what you're doing next. the government in a big and a lot of political. and i think that the more government over yag, the more popular enron con gate come on, let me, you get a sense of what's going on when you're on the ground. because what senior
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correspondent in buck is not me know we looking perhaps now the question that can't be answered to protect protracted legal battle in the courts or the potential for civil disturbances. because when you arrest any political leader of any party and buckets on, it really is a ticking time bomb for aggravating the public at large. you're absolutely right and back the legal broadcom retracted. however, the course in august on have been very quick and also proven by the fact that the court to decide on enron con victory and upon job proven gosh, also means that the courts aren't directed, but this is a protracted backdated. many people think that they will not be decided in the. busy cause our ever one more hope that days and some analyst, a warning that the badger for august on political good job will be fought on the
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street for the moment. come all high to the in boxes don't force. thank you. let's take a look at how this actually developed him and con, became prime minister in 2018 after leaving his party to victory in the general elections. it was impossible than 3 years. in april, he was ousted in a no confident side of his coalition partners deserted him. 3 days later, con drew thousands the porters at a rally in the northern city shower. he says his removal was the result of a conspiracy backed by washington because he visited moscow against us. advice or com issue that directive to party members in june to hold nationwide rallies. he since told the country to force early elections on saturday, baka, sunny authorities band the live transmission of con speeches. he's accused of spreading hate speech and making baseless allegations. joining me now is the sean sla dean is a political analyst and the director of the center for regional and global connectivity at to about lab. he joins, you know,
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from it's on but good. have you with us on the program. now the authority site that the comments made against them, the are the police and the magistrate, they actually constitute a terror threat. what do you make of that accusation? i think it is why the, the ruling coalition is very wary of abroad. iran, i think, for all intensive purposes has been unleashed, especially after our stroke, to the board of no confidence. and he has infinity energy. he has no filter and walks of very fine line between what i would call political rhetoric and irresponsible slow, mary. i think there's something we said here about the difference between political rhetoric. we will take action against you versus actual threats. there's this sort of downward spiral, and especially with the political circles now where every action and every counter actually be to side only deteriorate. the situation further, the political news,
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i think around amazon is being tightened because people are genuinely afraid of as come out of tremendous popularity, but he enjoys now. and given him runs rhetorical power. i think it's only rocket for both his narrative and his engine. okay, well that's what he might think perhaps. i mean, that seems to be, as we've been talking about, the sort of legal battle going on as to whether he can be arrested, or whether he can be maintained is preemptive bail order that he's all. and i mean, it's all getting very messy, really legally, but to the public at large, you know, from the north and it's about to the south and correct. you have the stomach for a long drawn up political argument in the current economic climate where everybody's worried about putting food on the table. absolutely, i think the political climate in the country is something that have been charge of all the way since back in february. that's not going over anytime soon. this simply seems to be just another milestone. that's very long, sort of standing political victory, all the macro money that exists in the 2 larger coalitions or sites in the box. i
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also think that it's, it's fairly ironic the same tactics that were effectively used by iran coalition, which a little bit to migration the registering of several cases against political opponents as well as failed attempts to change a few of the laws. pcb effectively criminalized defense are now actually tools that are being used against as part of the appetite is concerned for his followers. i would argue that given that every time he has called out for a rally or protest or for people to get together, it has met with tremendous success. i think people do have an appetite. i think it's also set up. people are quite but up to really manage that and not just in the middle of the upper middle class, but more specifically and more relevant and to the very different franchise, the sort of marginalized cues and boxed on that is really driving. it's essential. so i think the appetite is bad and he is also being at the failure for bringing
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pockets on our ican on the terminal current face and says, there's economic troubles me in the country like many others around the world is trying to deal with, you know, climate change disasters we're seeing that unfold. incent, unblocked, just on the cost of living colleges, which everybody seems to be affected by the moment. mean has the current government under shadow sharif? it's sort of got the eye on the ball about what is important or if call the real worry and the real distraction for them at the moment. holly, this is wild, isn't always, will be a massive destruction for the government. i think one of the things that happens when ron was out the back in april, the general feeling was that his days are numbered and he's done. and we don't really know which one is going to unfold. but pre major events of happened, that partially answer the question, 1st of these is the ruling correlation led by the b m l m, sort of economic mind feel the left behind by the p t i. and for better or worse, they have taken some part economic decisions, try and stabilize the economy to sort of, you know,
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replace the foreign reserves. try and curtail imports try and improve over the course of time, exports the economic conditions that will ensure our viability are certainly something that is a priority. they are focusing on. however, that being said, it's a long uphill battle. right now. i think be a beacon on the situation of the country can be sort of exemplified by the fact that part of the bonds economic future is tied in partly with tiny 1200000000 trench by the i m f which was part of a capital injections so i would say iran is going to continue to be a foreign government sites, but by and large it seems that their economic planning is reflective of the brown realities and a precarious situation in right indeed, and the situation will keep a very close on for the moment as the shuns loading, thanks so much for joining us from islam about thank you for having me to canada, where the presidential candidate, the railer dinner, is challenging the results of the recent election of the supreme court. now the
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former prime minister with narrowly defeated in this month's date, he says the results of florida and should be declared no and void can use electoral commission declared his rival, william retail, the women with 50.5 percent of the vote. i think i got 48.8 percent, but for of the 7 commissioners who ever saw the polls refused to endorse the result . malcolm web, his life with in my re be with the very latest malcolm. i mean, this was the last day full riley didn't get to appeal the reelection result. i mean, what do we know about sort of the next move? the 1st he has to complete the process of fighting a petition. arrived, he is running a martha crew lawyers and a crowd as opposed to the court just a short while ago. and they said that 10 here has been specially put up in the car park because the court, the ministration anticipated that they would indeed be politicians. and proudly
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supports is coming here today, so that protest is on the way inside the tent right now. after that, within 6 hours. if not petition being filed, it has to be sent by the court to it's responded to be expected, responded to include the electoral commission and william root. so in a kenya kwanza coalition and then they're given 4 days super. a responses and then the original complaint and give him one more day to file that before it goes into the hearing stage. and the court has 2 weeks from today to deliver. a but it, but it can be up holding the result of the election that was a down one week ago. or they can adjust that result if, if the evidence suggests that the outcome should have been different. now it was declared or they can order a rebuttal, which is what they did 5 years ago following that election, went right or didn't, he was needing the opposition at the time, filed
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a petition and the supreme court ruled that there were serious irregularities in that po and it was a rebuttal which took place a couple of months later. we'll continue to melissa what goes on through the day with you in the ruby for the moment mount web. thank you. well principle we're had here on the news are including i'm to have on the city of nikolai in southern ukraine. 6 months ago, the ukraine and army managed to prevent the advance of russian troops towards the city. but even today, people say it's under constant attack to low bodies recovered from a shrine in the wrong couple of provinces, rec clubs, falling along flight 7. people are concerned that this question tennis land makes history in cincinnati. i will tell you all about last enforce ah,
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the us and south korea are carrying out the largest joint drills in years. tens of thousands of troops are taking part in the week long line fire exercises, which involve aircraft warships and tanks. south korea, as president, has promised to strengthen deterrence against north korea, lat, edge on german and penny. i get wars today are quite different from those in the past. the enemies will certainly conduct cyber attacks on national information and communication infrastructure and detect key industrial basis such as ports, airports, and nuclear power plants, high tech, industrial facilities including semiconductors, and major raw material supply chains to neutralize our ability to wage war. this exercise will be a starting point for the government to reorganize its emergency preparedness in line with the changing war patterns from sol, robert bride has more on the scale of the exercise. it involves literally hundreds of thousands of personnel, both military and also as civilian. they run through to the 1st of september. there
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is a very large civil defense element to these exercises with whole government departments and preparing for emergencies and so on, alongside the military units of both south korea and the united states. now the exercises happen in 2 phases. first of all, there is a simulated attack from the north. that is how the south korea would, would survive an attack from the north. and then the 2nd phase, which is basically a counter offensive against the north, from south korea, alongside us allies. now for the past few years, these exercises have not been held here on such a scale. impart that been because of the pandemic, but largely it has been because there has been a liberal administration here that's trying to be pursuing dialogue with north korea. and this was thought to get in the way of that, but there is now a conservative administration here president june. so kill telling cabinet members monday that he wants to see security in south korea, returning to
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a state of being water tight as he described. that the only way you can guarantee preparedness and readiness is to hold the kind of exercises on the scale of a full blown conflict. hence the, these exercises being held, involving a literally thousands of units on personnel, both military and civilian. mason richie is associate professor of international politics at hon. cook, university of foreign studies and join when i live from. so professor good have you with us on the program. i mean, how much of they said routine and how much of this is about sort of the new south korean president working with the u. s. military and sort of a large scale reinforcing of his foreign policy. well, this used to be relatively routine and in fact, if you go back into the here in 1990 s, when they had a large exercises like team spirit, those were much larger than even what we're seeing now. so this used to be routine, of course this was a 1st set aside by donald trump in 2018 coming after some that with north korea.
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then that persisted partly because if the administration here in korea then depend demik. so i think this is really more of a return to normality, but of course, this is really, you know, broadcasting a message of deterrence backed by a war fighting capability. i mean, any joint military exercises with the us in the vicinity. normally the north koreans. so what do you expect them to sort of say, or do i think that certainly we can expect a rhetorical response at the very least from north korea. i don't think that kim don't go on. and his regime are simply going to look on as the, the us south korea alliance returns to exercises that include in the field maneuvers in addition to the command post exercises which have been previously and the civil defense aspect of this. so i do expect north korea to, to make response rhetorically. and it would not at all surprise me if we see some
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type of kinetic response as well. we know that they have some things in their quiver, whether that be some upcoming missile test, perhaps, or perhaps even a nuclear test. although i would underline that these would not be caused by these exercises, which are defensive in nature, in north brain knows that rather than retrieve uses these as an excuse in order to carry out activities they would do otherwise. indeed, i mean, these wargames are as much a test of strength, south korean in the us, but in directly a test of that sort of, as you say, joint strength perhaps against china is increasingly strong. reaction to any sort of american moves or influence in the region, especially with what we've seen around taiwan in recent weeks. yeah, yeah, i certainly think that the effect on china is indirect rather than direct, you know, at least in principle, the u. s. rock alliances there to deter, and if necessary, to fight a war against north korea, not against china. but of course, the regional reality is that china in north 3 our allies. and of course the united states wants to shore up its own alliances. both the south korea and japan,
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and certainly in a sort of, you know, over the horizon capacity, there's a message there to facing the united states is not distracted by what's happening in ukraine. it continues to keep an eye on the ball in terms of the regional order and pizza security here in ne age and the larger and pacific. and the return to these types of exercises is one way of underlining a tit for tat reaction. ready from the 2 careers is normally expected, even those exercises are often described as you say is defensive. and that always gives north korea and excuse to objects. but they've been emboldened recently with moscow wanting to deepen their relationship with peel. again, in the light of what's going on in europe, and this is going to concern sol and washington, isn't it? certainly, you know, i think what we're seeing in part, as many people predicted is a tightening of the, the regional blocks. if you will here in northeast asia or in the new pacific,
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more generally, the u. s. and the lions partnerships with south korea with japan looking farther afield with, with australia and his partnership with india. on the one hand, you strengthening a certain vision of the order here in, in, in the pacific and or boy. and then you see moscow up young, young and gauging, i think working together increased increasingly more tightly as well. the young beijing access is certainly been strengthened over the last few years, and i think we're increasingly seeing also in moscow, john young access that's growing as well into to some extent that might become something a bit more trilateral probably not strategic in depth, but at least i think more coordinated going forward. mason richey in sol 4. thanks so much for joining us. thank you. thanks for having me. the governor of the state of indiana as hell talks with the present to taiwan, mit height and tensions. china. eric holcombe is leading a 3rd american delegation to visit to pay this month yourself speaking. nancy
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pelosi and the congressional delegation also visited the island. and that angered beige language considers taiwan its territory. its president saying when calls are more economic cooperation with the u. s. taiwan is vital to the global semiconductor supply chain. the now the leaders of the u. s. u. k. friends and japanese say attacks close to ukraine operation nuclear plant must stop ukrainian official say a city near the complex of shells. and the start of the launch fire and cut power to about $3000.00 people. keith accuses moscow of turning the facility into military base. france says russian leader vladimir putin as urge agreed upon me to allow the nuclear watchdog to inspect the facility. i think you'll have more from washington d. c. when it came to the nuclear power plant, they said they quote, they discussed the situation around every to nuclear power plant need to avoid.
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busy military ations near the plant and the importance of an i. e, a visit as soon as feasible. so knowing what we know about these calls because details always leak out after the fact. what were they likely talking about? well, the leaders probably wanted to hear directly from french president and manual now crohn on what he personally thought of his conversation with russian president vladimir putin, where he came out and said he was now open to having those inspectors inside the nuclear power plant. so again, these are the leaders of the us, france, germany, and the u. k. what else would they like me to talk about? probably intelligence, we've all seen those pictures on social media of those military trucks inside the facility, the u. s. government and these governments are going to have a much better assessment of the people on twitter or anything we would know about what the potential uses for those military trucks are. another thing they're likely going to be talking about is if the worst case happens, if there is a malfunction at the plat, there is a radioactive cloud. what are they going to do if it drifts into
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a nato member country? remember, article 5 says, a direct attack on any nato country, means nato, then instantly gets involved in the war. well, would a radioactive cloud be considered a direct attack on that country? so undoubtedly there be discussing that this is also, these readouts are important because they send a message, they send a message to the kremlin to latimer putin, that this is an issue, especially when it comes to the nuclear actor, that these leaders are taking very seriously and it sends a message that they're working on what a response would be. now the southern ukrainian city of nikolai of has been heavily bombarded since russia's invasion began in february, more than 6000 residential buildings. and 66 medical facilities are reported to have been destroyed. that these 300 educational sites have been damaged, as well as 131 cultural institutions. many people don't have gas, electricity, or water out there with trees. bo report from the goliath. it's become
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a daily routine waiting for drinking water in the city of nico live in southern ukraine. do that? klaus has a water in the task is contaminated, so line of bombs destroying us. the water pump was attacked near her song. so without water now, there's dirty water in the taps, we can't use it to cook food, only to wash our fate and use it to flush 6 months ago, russian forces tried to capture me for life. the queen and army managed to repel their attacks and pushed them out of the city. but people like alex and that a hope of yackino continue to struggle. me as you would. i won't go anywhere. this is our land. we will stay here. give me, give you another few more my medicine. i thought that because of my age i was going to have a nice life but know every day it is shelling. but it's not just the water.
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thousands have been forced to leave the area. water remind will shadow of the house was destroyed by to rush and walk and his family have left the country and he says he had to stay with all men of fighting age are banned to leave the country at the foot. she was, they had attacked before, but no one expected this area would be targeted. it's not clear what they aimed pool could be the factory behind, but you see they target people residential areas. and there is no guarantee russia one tried to take her city once again, a rocket to you to be fired on this city, reducing homes of schools and health care facilities. this used to be the tomato allergy area of this hospital. and as you can see, it was completely destroyed. authority say that around 10000 buildings in the city have been damaged by the shelling ah, the streets look empty except for barricades meat of tires. a. chew how the city is ready to resist,
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a russian occupation. authorities are struggling to restore electricity and gas supplies before winter order ticket, mach missouri. the russians will not pull back. they won't stop here. however, as of today, we have everything in order to face them. we will meet them and fight them with what we want you up. while the fighting goes on in the southern and eastern parts of the country, millions have managed to escape. but many others are reluctant to leave. it's their home, they say, and i need to remain here is greater than the constant dangers a face. it is, i will and jesse that nikolai ukraine, all stella had here. all the news are devastating. floods in char, reduce thousands of homes, to rubble. a more rail is on the way. also back to school for millions of children in the philippines after one of the world's longest pandemic shutdowns at manchester, united brace for protests, which could disrupt that big game against liverpool in the premier league. that
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story coming up in sport with joe ah, here's your weather update in a minute 15. thank you for joining in. so for central and eastern portions of europe, we've had this disturbed weather, just stall out here and you know, for eastern areas of the czech republic, we may pick up to about a month's worth of rain within 24 hours. that could certainly trigger some flash flooding and we'll see those winds wind up for western areas of romania to 90 kilometers per hour. that could cause some damage. now where all of this rain is needed is iberia. we've got wildfires burning in portugal and spain, but no relief. come in just some showers though for the pair knees. other side of the mediterranean, i think we're going to see some daytime heating storms pop up in turkey, especially when you consider oscar is up to 35 degrees. it's wall above average for
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this sum of the year, some shower zipping across the islands of ireland and britain, but more so it's going to be intense for wales and scotland and off to africa we go some flooding rains around n jemina that's leaking into nigeria, and also rain in the forecasts for center goal and the gambia could see some more flooding in banjo, southern africa, it's looking good, largely con, but we've got some winds for cape town, a bit of a weather roller coaster to come. you go from 18 to 24 right back down to 19 so little all over the map there for the next little bit season. ah ah.
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ah. safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat now for your hero. oh. a
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back hill watching over there is news with me. the hill run. the reminder of all top stories focus on prime minister in amman, con is facing terrorism charges. days after criticizing the police and judiciary as a political rally, supporters have gathered outside his home in the capital. some about the high court has granted con protective fail canyon president. can presidential candidate, pardon me? right, loading is challenging the results of his election at the supreme court. the former prime minister was now already defeated for william richard of the us in south korea, carrying out the largest joint military drills in years. sol says the drills of a starting point to reorganize its emergency preparedness. the 1st slide coming, palestinians from the occupied west bank has taken off from the roman international airport and the southern israeli city of alas,
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the much delayed plan is seen by some as an effort by israel to ease palestinians travel restrictions. let's get more this from the touch again. am he's following the story from west teresa min tundra, a significant move by these radio authorities. this is not only the 1st international flight out of ramon airport. this is the 1st time since ramon airport opened in 2019 that palestinians were able to travel from the airport. the airport authority tells us that 40 palestinian passengers were on an archaea is really airlines flight bound for cyprus. at 11 o'clock this morning, were told that they were not subjected to any additional security measures. they took a shuttle from the occupied west bank and then drove about 4 hours to ramon airport where they boarded that flight. now there have been plans that the turkish owned pegasus airlines would begin flying out of ramon airport and carry palestinian
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passengers this month. but an airport official tells us that those plans have been canceled and they don't know why. now this plan is controversial, so controversial, in fact, that multiple officials deceived us and other is really media multiple times. regarding when this inaugural flight would would take place, an airport official told us today that was quote to protect the privacy of passengers. now as i mentioned, this is a 4 hour drive on average, depending on where you're coming from, the occupied westbank to the airport. and the palestinian authority which governs the west bank has said they were never consulted about this travel option. they oppose it because in the end, palestinians need their own airport. now remember, palestinians are living under occupation. that means their movement is restricted. they do not leave the occupied territories without getting permission from israel.
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so this is a already, it's an option, but it's not exactly an easy option right now. most palestinians will take a look. this route, they'll drive about an hour to the border with jordan crossover, dr. another hour to queen alley airport and onwards to various destinations. if there is a significant drop in the number of palestinians crossing at that land border, jordan stands to lose a lot of money which explains why previously, when ramon airport opened, they expressed is pleasure. because jordan is taking a fees to travel across the border. that's getting money from transportation to and from the airport. people often spend the night in hotels. but considering that fly or driving to ramon airport from the occupied westbank is about a 4 hour drive. and right now there are very limited international options from what we understand right now. the option is only to travel to cyprus. it's unclear
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just how appealing this option will be to palestinians will be okay. thanks very much. natasha glen before it was true, slim. the emergency crews in iraq, i recovered 2 more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed shrine. a landside calls parts of the shrine, nickel block to cave in on saturday, at least 7 people have been killed. while the hood of the ra joy's been out from by data made ready, i mean, what is the latest on the search operation? and dual authorities believe that are perhaps more people still still trapped their will to hail live search oppressions are still going on until this moment. and according to officials in the site, there might be a continuation of the operation through the day. at least one dead body is believed to still to be still lying be beneath the robber to dead,
1:36 pm
but he will recover today. one woman and one man to be added to 5 recovered bodies yesterday, that makes the 2 total number of dead people to 7. and meanwhile, 6 others were rescued and receiving medical treatment in hospitals. in karbala city. the rescue workers there have brought in heavy machinery to the site to help removing the cables, including bulldozers and vigorous now the families of the victims. some of them have been blaming authorities for not doing enough to guarantee the safety of the visitors. as you know, that, that this is as a land slide that happened in the shrine that belongs to the alley near
1:37 pm
the city of karbala. despite warnings of possible clubs. and of course, the authorities are still in beth gating thee, the cause of the landslide. a willy, closer to an answer will according co fishes, their weather conditions and namely humidity, caused the land to slight and dare. when happened, it fill on the roof top of the shrine, while visitors were trapped inside and around at the shrine. now, that have been the ports about splits and rifts in the air and the mount close by, but there hasn't been any action taken to air prevent any possible incident in that area. it had been a ports and it had been warnings, even of those splits and rifts and that wall. and there recently
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air following the, the incident mock that i saw that the she at leader has a camera, has demanded investigation to be opened into a the incident. now that is q her workers there at say that they have been walking around the clock to rescue those trapped inside. and they say they have managed it to open a holes in the rubble and they're concrete blocks to deliver oxygen, food and water for those air. whole a try to make it those who are trapped inside mother. the other one had the in baghdad. thank you for floods, landslides in northern and eastern india have also killed 50 people in the last 3 days. heavy rain battered hundreds of villages triggering flash floods that swept away homes and destroyed bridges. when his victims are from the state of him,
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job british deaths have also been reported in a truck on the under disha were thousands of been displaced and in southern pakistan, hundreds of people have also flood their homes as heavy rain caused unprecedented flood levels. rescue workers help villages on to boats in the provinces of but job . and since mid june, severe floods the region of also destroyed rose and submerge more than $9000.00 homes. at least 22 people have been killed in heavy rain and floods in chart lower than the 1000 homes have been destroyed. and health services are disrupted. with more rain expected, many people fear the challenges ahead. if morgan reports not from the capitol and jemina, no one, dan geraldine is still trying to pick up belongings from the rubble of her damaged home. a mother of 5, she says heavy rains in chats capital in germania forest, her and her family to seek shelter. when their roof and walls collapsed, yellow been murder weapon back on car carry. i was in the market and it started
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raining heavily. then i got a call from my neighbors that my house was destroyed. luckily, my children were not home. i came back to find the situation like this. mom not are here for at least 22 people have been killed by rains and floods and dozens of others injured since the thought of the season, according to the united nations, across the country, over a 1000 homes have been destroyed. many people here said they have not seen this much rain and destruction before, according to the you and environmental agency. chad is one of the country's most affected by climate change, and those likely to suffer as a result are the vulnerable communities. the floods have left many with no access to clean water. this is one of the main hospitals in jemina. now it's surrounded by flood water, and marvelous of tune, and my d. well, hulu, because of the floods, patients can't come to the hospital. there is no transport, we only received severe cases that are brought here by ambulances. but many of
1:41 pm
those who say can't come medical services have also been disrupted, and met concerns of what's up on diseases in a place in one of the most of the d. listen, william, i think we only have 2 departments working from the children's department and the surgery department number or the other department has stopped working because of the water in the hospital. the rains are expected to continue until october, and the fear is that until then, more homes will be destroyed. more lives last. he but morgan august 0 in jemina. now the u. s. is reporting more than $14000.00 confirmed monkey pox infections and that's the increase of 30 percent of the week was as officials of trying to secure an additional $2000000.00 dates as of the vaccine particle hand explains how people are coping with the rise in cases my name's matt. i monkey pox the sucks and you don't want it all across social media monkey pumps. patients are posted warning. this is a painful, debilitating disease that you don't want to get. i was in so much pain right now.
1:42 pm
the vast majority of cases are in men who have sex with other men. it's rarely fatal, but activists in the gay community have mobilized. i'm very confident that we can get ahead of it before the massive outbreak, given the communities, fortitude and their resilience. and also learning from the mistakes of cove it and there is a vaccine. the cdc says it should be administered in 2 doses 20 days apart. but there's not nearly enough of it that the nation critics like these are now popping up across the country. or critics say the by the ministration was very slow and more important, leaving hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine that the us already owned in europe. so now officials are trying to stretch the vaccine by administering it in a different way. they're hoping to get 5 doses out of one vile, but there could be
1:43 pm
a problem with that. it's totally unclear that anything i read on the science, if the degree of protection is identical to what the original proposal is or restriction, which is to get to fall. doses goldstraw says he was turned away from getting his 2nd shot. he believes it's a problem of supply. the d. c. health department blames the biden administration. what we end up getting is 12000 doses. had we got 12000 files of vaccine that would have been some 60000 doses that we would have had. the monkey pox virus has spread quickly in the united states. the 1st case was reported in may. the cdc says there are now more than $14000.00 confirmed cases. the by the ministration says they are working to secure millions more vaccine doses. but health ex, say that creates other issues really need to be partnering with our global partners and colleagues around the world to make sure the vaccines aren't just made available to high income countries that you asked in and,
1:44 pm
and europe. but also that, you know, it's just, it's pretty alarming and disgusting that now there are still no vaccines made available on accounting of africa. the maker of the vaccine says it will take months to expand its production capabilities. but experts say the window to contain a broader outbreak could already be closing. patty calhane al jazeera washington williams of students in the philippines are returning to school of to one of the world's longest locked downs of the pandemic. that children have been studying at home for more than 2 years. all the below has moved from the capitol manilla when i had a weakened community class in the manila sub these children are learning how to read . it's a skill that by global standards should have been mastered by the age of 10. but kian bore shawnee who isn't a 4th grade. we're still struggles to read in his native philippines. oh, oh man. oh,
1:45 pm
well the english is an even greater challenge with the with say, go over. yeah. she's known in numbers are equally difficult for laughing. b, b, o b, b, i. these children have been attending class remotely since the coven 19 pandemic began in 2020. 0 st. restrictions were only lifted this year. if you seen any be convenient at models, a busy with work with chose at home. they may not have enough time to to, to their kids, which is a huge part of distance learning. and the result is a further setback in the quality of education, not only for the philippines, but for most low and middle income countries. the quality of learning among filipino schoolkids was already poor in pre pandemic times. in 2019 only around 30
1:46 pm
percent could read simple texts or understand a simple story by the age of 10. international aid agency say that number has now dropped to less than 20 percent. on monday schools open for in person classes for the 1st time in 2 years, covered 19 is still very much concerned with temperature checks, face match, and regular hand washing the norm. but the education department acknowledges that the bigger problem is learning deficiency. we have a program, it's called every child is able to read. so. ready that's an after school program that we are launching with the help of credit that tutors and teachers. so that'll be good sort of a focus on the literacy skills our children. the government holds the presuming face to face classes will improve the quality of education to better with these children in an increasingly competitive world. oh barnaby low. i'll just hear
1:47 pm
manila, the units that says being out of the classroom for years as have a major impact on children around the world. it says the closures can be blamed for a rise in students dropping out as well as struggling with mental health issues. the world bank has declared that the worst education crisis in a century. now, the philippines economy rise heavily on money sometime by citizens working abroad. that years of loss, schooling could affect graduates career prospects, and how much money they can send home. the world bank says time away from the classroom could been students, future incomes could drop by between 5 to 70 percent depending on which country therein. the philippine president said no. marcos junior was promised to provide more funds to schools help students catch up. nicole eland is the chief of communication, not unicef philippines. but he says, investing in education alone is not going to be enough. the decisive decision to
1:48 pm
make in person learning and absolute priority and opening all schools for in person learning in november is an absolute right step. secondly, we have the highest ranking, 2nd highest ranking, official of the philippines. now, at the home of the department of education, it just shows how much importance is being given to regaining learning. that has been lost in the past and assessing ration of where investments need to take place . so obviously there are white array of investments that need to be made in infrastructure and learning quality in how we equip teachers and how do we give support to parents and peers to re calibrate and basic and go back to what learning was used to be before and then, and that's a whole process and it's a whole society approach. obviously, we also need to assess what learning has been lost in the past years. for example, a better understanding of how can we reach children that are in hard to reach areas
1:49 pm
that are having difficulty of attending a scott classroom even before and then. so a wide area of action needs to be taken. as i said, the assessment is quite important. we also need to look at prioritizing, for example, access to learning material. but fundamentally, i think, starting with the essential skills is reading and writing. putting that in the forefront of the efforts of regaining learning. that's last is absolutely essential at that point in time. hundreds of women have been posting videos of themselves partying and supportive finland's prime minister. good within from finland and, and mark ships of dancing with their friends along with the hash tag solidarity with santa. well, the finish leader, southern mother has been criticized leaked videos that show her having fun with friends still had here. all the news are
1:50 pm
a full me was president was in attendance. that's an annual baseball game. that's all about the kids will have that story in sports. ah.
1:51 pm
ah ah ah ah, what type of sport? no history fail, thank you very much for what a birth date was for best man. robert levin dusky, who celebrated turning 34 with his 1st goal for new club, barcelona helping them to their 1st when of the spanish leak season. it took just 46 seconds for the pole to find the net against rail, seated after great paulson,
1:52 pm
alejandro bal day and still haven't off ski joined us just under $50000000.00 from buying the nick in the form of bundles. so what comes scoring as well? went on when we want to be completed and then they haven't, those keys for my club don't seem to be missing him too much. so they thrashed abraham 7 mill in the week on sunday. the money school twice, taking his tally to 3 goals. and as many games, he moved from liverpool in the off season. speaking of liverpool, they have a big game coming up later on monday. they're heading to face manchester united when it's crucial for united. he's the boss on the table of the 2 losses from 2 games. it's all fillasy from fund towards the owners of united and support is planning to protest ahead of the match at old trafford. and of course you can part is clear about what should happen if the game can't go ahead because there's a planned action. i really hope it won't happen. well, if it happens,
1:53 pm
i think we should get the points. but this was where we have not all is we have nothing to do with a situation if that happens in as a part of one game to we not happening, then we can just rearrange the game then again in 5, fitted in somewhere manner 15. missed the chance to go back to the top of the table on sunday, they had to share the point. the newcastle city were $31.00 down off an hour of play before the joint earning holland pounced inside the box and just a few minutes later cordial aside equalized true but not the silver who made it thrill, which is how it finished. it is also the only team to one the 1st 3 game i think it's really, really good for us to leave the scan experience. we spoke about that in the hard time. we need to leave this, you know, to, and down. lucy will happen now, how we are as a team, political a generally will be what you have to do and we have to,
1:54 pm
you have to leave discussion directions and the premier league is so difficult and everyone is going to draw ponds. and france kinda back code one of the office goals in league history. it's just a 2nd paras, centureman to grab the lead against leal the team that won the title 2 seasons ago . and that was the result, the nightmare for the home site as secure a 71 victory messy. and they were also among the school as well. and i finished with trying to get it back by their 90 days until the fif world cup kicks off. here in katha, we've been speaking to a welcome winner. have a month to nurse who was part of the spain team that clinched the trophy back in 2010. this time round, he's backing the defending champion, france to do well again. and also the big 2 from south america, argentina, and brazil. if we're talking about her player for me, francis the favorite, got him leanne,
1:55 pm
cut him if he continues to playing les ladies and his play in our, in the last 56 months, he can be the key of the tournament, not only the friends with them and because he's for me the best player that we're right now, but you were talking about, well, the favorites. i see a group of contin. there is like france or spain, england. but for me i'm over then. there is tina for megan. tina is like, what is the the favorite and also russell? i think they are one step of what with them and we will see was here. i think that's going to be interesting. martinez was a guest on this month. well cup countdown show, which focuses on europe as well as spain we, cup of france, germany, england, and christiana, rinaldo, portugal. you can watch it on out there at 230 gmc on tuesday, or you can find it online. crucial bone children has become the lowest rank player to win a master's 1000 title and the men's tennis tool. the well number 152 defeated. well,
1:56 pm
number 7, stuff on a 50 pass in sunday. funnel instance natty, you did it in straight set 7662, shot it has gone. flying up the rankings to 20 night. it complete the dream week for the creation who fell to things by eliminating roughly a little in the 2nd round. it was very much at the beginning i was, i was playing very well and, and he was just pushing me very hard. so i, i didn't have anything to do, but i have to serve better. i thought the 3rd better. i started to play much, much better, and i was fighting very hard. and then in the 2nd set, i thought that led by the best that the holy are and the women's tournament francis county and garcia also made history becoming a qualified when a dummy 1000 event. she defeated to time grunt from champion petro fits of her in the final garcia, claims her 10th career title and 3rd on 3 different services since may 17th in the wealth, ranking pure joy, i think just how can it's, you know,
1:57 pm
everything i mean is very important. every title is very special to $51000.00. it's always very hard to describe it and it's not happening so often and you have to to really like enjoy it. and i'm really grateful for you. great. because tennyson, the to, to win another type of investigation. and golf, patrick can play, made it back to back to b. m w. ship titles on sunday. by winning this year's event by a stroke. kennedy coated a fine around to on the part to finish 14 on the overall. that was just enough to hold of scott stalling. he was going his 1st pga tool when in 2014, then to shuffling scheffler with joint 3rd of the 2 shots. back short of the day though, have to go to vic to holland and a wage and finish time have 35th, but have this holy one on the 2nd. and finally, it was a day to remember for young players,
1:58 pm
literally classic as they got to enjoy major league baseball game. former us president george w bush once owned and they'll be franchise was also in attendance in front of a sell out of just on the 2 and a half 1000. that the bowman failed, the baltimore orioles beat the boston red folks, $53.00. the aim of the little lead traffic is to promote the sport to a younger audience. all right, that is all useful for now. sale. thanks very much job, but we won't use all the other side of the break with and leave it until i'm from drop off on the news. ok, thanks very much for your time. and your company a ah and
1:59 pm
the count on to the people will cut 2022 approaches. every continent is turning its eyes to kat. we have a feeling the great to sporting events in the world won't be the only thing capturing everyone's attention. beyond football, immerse yourself in internationally renowned entertainment. art of culture, cattle has everything you'd want in the destination. in fact, it's the obvious choice for the faithful will cup 2022. so why go anywhere else, frank assessments, how much support is there that straight protest that we've seen in hotel across the rest of the country? the street has been, has been very good at tapping into the core confounded people across the country, informed opinions we will say more of these events. what is happening is that climate change it making them work in depth analysis of the days global headlines. froggy is credited by some way where they were storing italy's credibility this critics would say he couldn't play the part of a politician. what do you think went wrong inside story on al jazeera,
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what movies we've been using, kind of for that matter to you. oh, the land of the free americans never been a rural democracy. the black people know rich marriage, that democracy maybe excludes divisions and struggles in america's electoral system . a fight foreign against equal representation and the democratic process is the country that learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there yet. one person, one vote on al jazeera. ah, terrorism charges filed against former pakistani prime minister im ron kon, his support is warner bell. hold.


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