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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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must be saw, squint a political solution as climate change progress is there some people who are in places that they're just going to have to move? there's no recognition about what we're ready facing the street. oh, now j 0 across the globe, breathtaking efforts to clean up the planets. there are underway in milan. companies are turning to a radical solution, a bio dynamic cement, toxic pollutants. so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with this environment. earth rise visits the frontiers of the battle for the environment. scientists here in iceland, pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions. earth rise, looked at new ways of preventing air pollution on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah,
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over there under clog. this is the news, our live window coming up, the next 60 minutes, rather than go challenges can use presidential election results after losing to william veto. russia blames ukraine for the car bomb attack that killed the daughter of an ally of president putin. cave has denied responsibility. terrorism charges filed against former pakistani prime minister, emerald con. his supporters warn fell whole protests if he's arrested mexico laws for international help to tries to rescue 10 people trapped in a flooded mind for 2 weeks. in sports, we look ahead to a huge game in the premier league with manchester united taking on vis arrivals, livable and barcelona saw robert levin dusty celebrates his birthday by getting off the mock for his new club. ah
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ah, so then can you a presidential candidate rudder dinner has filed a challenge with the supreme court to gain the results of this month. the election, former prime minister was narrowly defeated in the vote. he said the results of flawed and they should be declared not void electoral commission declared his rival, william rito, the widow with a 50.5 percent of the votes. i think i got to 48.8 percent with 4 of the 7 commissioners who ever saw the polls or they refused to endorse results. the presidential election results announced last week the percent that continues driving, fitting the process for democracy and a good governance against the corruption cartels that are so determined that there was nothing to take control of the government in this country. then scroll straight away tomorrow when he's lived for us in ny ruby and malcolm,
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a railer is no stranger to dispute the elections. tell us what else he's been saying. who after fighting a petition at the court along with his running mate, martha crew and a big crowd of his supporters and his legal team, he went downtown and outside the campaign. headquarters of his in the coalition spoke to the support says there and told them to be patient and wait for the court . proceeding messaging from the politicians to their support is at this stage, can have a big effect on whether there is protests on rest. who are things continuing, being calm and a lot. we have to date, when he filed that position, we spoke to one of his lawyers just outside the court. afterwards, james, ringo who part of the legal team and we asked him what specifically were the complaint about this election? some of them i, in the nature of complaints of commission or criminal offenses on the election
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offenses by the champ level commission. there are for jury of election documents. there was interference with the integrity of the technology that was used in the elections. there was also folks you cation of results, which uploaded into the networks that are all printed by the electoral commission. we are seeking several or does. it will be upon the court to make that determination if they order on, if we have prepared. but we think there was no proper count, and if the county, if there's a proper county that is supervise miller court, the results we have very sure isn't much. that rayleigh mother didn't go on the election. to that extent, we have prayed that he be declared to be the president elected president. republican royal. everything is petition with one of 9 that were filed.
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the supreme court before the deadline was passed just a couple of hours ago, is the deadline. 7 days after the announcement of results, the other positions are filed by rights, groups and individuals. now the respondents named in those petitions which include the electoral commission, the electoral commission, as well as william route, while every single main railroading is main rivalry was declared. the winner of this election with just a 50 percent of the vote. one week ago, these respondents and their legal teams have got 4 days now to submit their responses. so they'll have to be admitted to the supreme court by friday, before the hearing begins. and it's 2 weeks from day, from today that the supreme court judges of a deadline to give the ruling at that stage, they're expected to give a summary verdict and that could in upholding the election. it could order a recount to adjust the result as it was a noun, so they could order a re run as they did 5 years ago following the 2017 election. when right over dingo,
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that time meeting the opposition challenged the election results, accuracy, pain course. when they don't pause open at the moment, michael, i believe that moment. thanks very much. russia has accuse ukrainian secret services of masterminding the suspected car bombing that killed a daughter, appropriate criminal commentator on the duke and started to get his car exploded on saturday near moscow. rushes intelligence agency says the person responsible for dean his death is a ukrainian women who left the country. soon after the explosion. ukraine has previously denied any involvement with alex. i'll a duke and, and his daughter have been vocal supporters of russia's war with ukraine. meanwhile, authorities in keith have banned independent states celebrations this week due to a heightened threat of attacks by russian forces. the city of a cock give has declared a curfew. the vent wednesday marks the end of soviet rule in 1991. so let's get
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more and more of this transpose johnny is from the can recreate in capital of keeps a traitor. ukraine basically on high look. well, most definitely ukranian getting ready to celebrate 31 years of independence from a soviet rule. and it also marks the 6 months since the nation on this country began. president followed me to fill in the address the nation, where he said that people should be getting ready for russia, carrying out something very cool. she literally said that this week she could try to do something particularly ugly and particularly vicious. and that's why the kid has announced that they will suspend any type of gatherings, among other things, the military administrator of this capital have that security for. so here i need to be ready to prevent any type of incident like mix hello hot for bombs, among other things. and this is happening if you just mentioned the latest
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incidents and how were russia security services accusing ukraine of being behind the killing. c of that he had to gain as she the daughter of a cloth advice or to blow me to putting she was killed in a car bomb a few days ago in, in moscow. and russia is accusing ukraine. we have not heard from you crying yet, but suddenly this race is the alarm here. another thing that has been wasting, the alarms, are the reports by intelligence community that russia has been a mass thing. missiles and other types of weapons in bolero, something that could definitely, you know, be meant to carry out such a taka as authority. if you're warning the population we've been talking to, some people here in ukraine, suddenly, many are very, very nervous. some people have been living the, the main cities are there are planning to stay inside in the next few days, but i was just seeing the next few days, people are going to have to be very, very cautious. indeed. what is the latest of the pricing?
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what, what's the latest news from the battle lines? well, in the past, months of fighting here in ukraine has moved towards the eastern and some parts of that country. the front line, the contact lines were russian and ukrainian forces are fighting, has not moved much is makes the fighting on different territory. so russia has been attacking features like car key like cars, so on among, among others we just heard somebody call forth from the ukrainian armed forces, where they say that the defense system here shut down 7 drones to cross me 5 and a combat helicopter. thousands of civilians have lost your lives. thousands of people have evacuated that area. we just saw report from union saying that around 1000 children have another killed or injured in this conflict. i just come back from being in the southern part of the country in the city of nikolai, that's very close to the city of kind of. so that's currently occupied by russian
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forces and the cities devastated over 10000 buildings have been destroy. c schools, universities, health care centers. so suddenly people here are, we have been talking to people, there are many did not want to leave. there's have left the air, we have those who remain there say that they do not want to leave their homes to. they want to defend their territory for their territory, but they know that this is probably going to be a long war and a trace. thanks for that to raise it by speeding stuff from keith. a plenty more still ahead on than use are including 2 more bodies recovered from a shrine in iraq. software collects following a landslide. 7 people confirmed and i'm petty containing washington d. c. were monkey pox vaccine clinics like this one are popping up across the country. but is it too little, too late? we got support coming up to go says creation tennis player, making history in cincinnati.
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ah, to pakistan where the former prime minister in bronco is facing terrorism charges after being accused of making threats against the police. and you get judiciary at a political ready supporters have gathered outside his homes. them about warning of mass protests if he's arrested. about high court has granted con protective bail till thursday. he lost no confidence version. april. in this trucking economy is popularity is searched. as latest rallies have drawn tens of thousands of people to a hider is outside and run cons, residence in islamabad, and has more on the charges emron cons part a league and support. and they have gathered outside, had regular gains and bunny gala, which are situated on a hill top. now earlier there were reports that enron con would be at risk day. however, her lawyer then ran danger islamabad,
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high court from where they were able to get a bail before erect. and therefore giving some relief to the former prime minister . there was tension, had a supporter saying that they will not leave this place, nor will they allow anyone to address their leader. and a party had warned that they were den, have a countrywide protest bringing life to a word to a standstill. given the fact that enron collins party enjoys. busy support and to keep province is also in delegate both just on and also in focused on the administered catch me. people at pakistan have decided men, buddha, whoosh, and in this country and it will come and the destination is north bedford know about that reaction. biggest known, unknown, admitted to me. no, he didn't please. we'll, we'll, you know, that i'm in it. no, no gun get bad again with we'd honestly friends who thought. now it
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would be important to see read that enron con, will be arrested when they appeared before the on did, did it at court on the 25th, but did definitely give them a dime. and also to be able to do work out a reaction. now, his coordinator that been coming from across the country to head wretched and kind of god, they will be mulling over blind on how to move forward the united states and south korea. i'll carrying out their launches, joint drills and years, tens of thousands of troops taking part in the week long live fi exercises which involve aircraft warships and tanks. south korea's president has promised strength, and the turns against north korea will not edge on german avalon and periodic wars today are quite different from those in the past. enemies will certainly conduct cyber attacks on national information and communication infrastructure and attack key industrial bases such as ports, airports and nuclear power plants, high tech, industrial facilities including semiconductors,
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and major raw material supply chains to neutralize our ability to wait war. this exercise will be a starting point for the government to reorganize its emergency preparedness in line with the changing war patterns i let in out from robert bride from sol who's got more on the scale of exercise. it involves literally hundreds of thousands of personnel, both military and also as civilian. they run through to the 1st of september. there is a very large civil defense element to these exercises with whole government departments at preparing for emergencies and so on, alongside the military units of both south korea and the united states. now the exercises happen in 2 phases. first of all, there is a simulated attack from the north. that is how the south korea would, would survive an attack from the north. and then the 2nd phase, which is basically a counter offensive against the north, from south korea, alongside us allies. now for the past few years,
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these exercises have not been held here on such a scale. impart that been because of the pandemic, but largely it has been because there has been a liberal administration here that's trying to be pursuing dialogue with north korea. and this was thought to get in the way of that, but there is now a conservative administration here. president june circle telling cabinet members monday that he wants to see security in south korea. returning to a state of being water tight as he described it. that the only way you can guarantee preparedness and readiness is to hold the kind of exercises on the scale of a full blown conflict. hence the, these exercises being held, involving a literally thousands of units on personnel, both military and civilian. and let us take this all we can speak tomorrow, it's patrick. he's an associate fellow at the international, cheaper strategic studies. join us from c would in alaska. mister fitzpatrick. so below just joint drills in years, any likely to raise tensions,
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why the us doing this? what are they seeking to achieve? well, they have to do this in order to maintain ready. you know, there is a real concern that we couldn't break out in the korean peninsula. that's always been the case for the last 506070 years. but, you know, with tensions in taiwan and us, china relations bad, north korea having tested so many missiles this year and talking about doing other things. us and south korea forces need to be ready to respond. and the way to be ready to respond is to practice. doing so, right. you can bet they'll be a response from the know. what's that likely to be thank yeah, absolutely. there will be a response from the north, north korea. every time there is an exercise, uses it as a, as
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a talking point, as an argumentative rationale for doing things of their own things that they would be doing anyway. and i think they are very likely to test new missiles or test other pieces of military equipment that south degree will see us threatening. the biggest concern is that north korea may test another nuclear weapon. i think they're going to do that this year at some point in any case, but they will seize upon this joint exercise as a, as a justification for carrying out such a test. right. and if they were to tested, you could device us to set it, considered deploying a strategic assets, which could, i guess the erotically mean that it will, that would include tactical nuclear weapons and then we're in a whole year read early. yes, we would certainly be in a new arena. united states were to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in south korea.
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and that's not really what is in the cards. now when they talk about the point strategic assets, what that really means is fine over. so it created nuclear capable aircraft bars that could happen. i think we might have lots of aircraft that can carry nuclear weapons. this meant as a signal ok, you're back now because if it's better than just another question, what kind of capability does north korea? well, north korea. yeah. for being one of the poorest countries on earth has an incredibly formidable military capability to have the world's 4th largest standing army, backed by 10000000 reserved forces. they have a very robust set of missiles from short range that can hit anywhere in south korea
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to inter continental that can get anywhere in the united states. and they have nuclear warheads, which presumably can be mounted on those missiles. although there is some question about whether they can or can't i, i don't, i hope they don't show us that they can. and then they have a lot of other formidable equipment, some of their equipment, just out of date. south korea has far better navy and an air force but, but what north korea has the is certainly something to be concerned about. all right, we'll observe the drills as they go on a month. it's patrick, appreciate your analysis. thanks a lot. thanks. now the governor of the us states of indiana has held talks with the president of taiwan, amid heightened attention to china. her culture, ms. leading a 3rd american delegation to visit taipei. this month. you asked how speaker nancy
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pelosi and a congressional delegation also visited the island that angered beijing, which considers taiwan its territory as president antoni singing when i called for more economic corporation with the u. s. t i, one is vital to the global semiconductor supply chain hanging, yolande e. taiwan is willing and able to strengthen co operation with democratic partners in building sustainable supply chains for democracy chips. together we can safeguard our common values and create even greater prosperity because we share so many common values and interests and goals. there are more opportunities ahead of us than i think there ever have been before for us to continue to strengthen and cultivate and nurture. this relationship, as our economies grow and grow together, we will continue to seek to bills for teaching partnerships with you. my guys
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governments has reached out to international expos to help with rescue efforts for a group of trumped coal miners. of a been stuck in the mind for almost 2 weeks ever since a tunnel wall collapsed treasury, a flood at rescue as have struggled to remove the water and the debris from the mine. let's cross now, 2 men or apollo, whose life for us from nips items have been us and manuel, give us a latest update on the rescue efforts. it's been 19 days at this point since those 10 miners became stuck under ground of the been of it, the mine here in the state of guatemala, in mexico. we spoke with one gentleman a just a few moments ago, a rescue worker who has been here since day one since the accident took place on august. 3rd, who says that there has yet to be a concrete strategy implemented here. basically what his team has been doing is drilling holes between the p now beth in mine and the gunshot north, a mine,
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what's believe to have happened is that these miners who, if you can imagine a vertical mind shaft more than 60 meters deep with different horizontal of tunnels that lead from that initial mind shaft, it's believe that one of those minors may have accidentally punctured a whole into the neighboring mind, creating a catastrophic flood. and so what they're doing now is that they're drilling between the 2 mice to try to get a better sense of where the water levels are. but as you can see behind me that rescuers here rest, search and rescue authorities have been pumping water day and night. not only hoping to get those water levels down to a point where a search and rescue mission can take place. but also to allow precious oxygen to flow into that mind, hoping that after 19 days of these men, these 10 minors that are trapped may still be alive. but again after 19 days with no communication, no food, no water, no guarantee that they have any breathable air. down there many, many people here have lost hope that these men are still life. and his anger and
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criticism about delays isn't that because rescue services didn't go in when the credit of look before we arrived. we've been told that this whole area where we are right right now was just filled with the family members of these 10 miners since then. now, 900 days later, there's only 3 families that are still here. we spoke to one woman whose nephew said he'll gabriela cruz of 41 years old. who is trapped in that mind. she told us that the families that are still here have at, for lack of a better term here. they've lost hope of having their family members return to them alive. that hope has faded, has been replaced with anger, with criticism toward the mexican government. many people here saying that reaching out to the united states, so reaching out to companies in germany. these are measures that the mexican government could have and should have taken sooner. and now it's simply too late. they tell us that accidents like these are not uncommon in the state of court,
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which is a mexico's cole region, essentially. so many, many of the people who live in this area rely on mining for their livelihood. so there's not only called for the mexican government to do more, to rescue the miners that are trapped if they are no longer alive, to, to retrieve their bodies. and at the very least, retrieve their bodies, but they're also calling on the government to do more to ensure better working conditions for the many, many miners who rely on this industry for their livelihood. and that's my motor apollo near the accident sites. and sabrina's men, well thank you. emergency crews and iraq. i recovered 2 more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed shrine. landslide caused part of the shrine in nic kabbalah to cave. in on saturday, at least 7 people have been killed. me double. what has the latest now from by that the families of the victims. some of them have been blaming authorities
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for not doing enough to guarantee the safety of the visitors. this is n s a landslide that happened in the shrine that belongs to e ma'am alley, near the city of karbala. despite warnings of possible collapse, weather conditions and namely, humidity caused the land, the slight and deck when happened, it fell on the roof top of the shrine, while visitors were trapped inside and around at the shrine. now that have been the ports about splits and rifts in that are in the mount close by above. that hasn't been any action taken to prevent any possible incident in that area would have been a ports and they have been wanting even of those splits. and the rifts and that
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wall. and there, recently, they're following the, the incident looked at us of the shad leader has a camera as it demanded an investigation to be opened into a the incident. so there it al jazeera devastating floods in chad, reduce thousands of homes to rubble. more rain is on the way, plus back to school for millions of children in the philippines of to one of the world's longest pandemic. shutdowns. and for you as president is in attendance as an annual baseball game. that's all about the kids. we felt lynch was ah well, copious amounts of rain have been dumped on texas just to the west of dallas. this was a scene in fort worth. we had flashed flood warnings in play, and i think the worst of the rain still to come on monday this time over dallas,
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by the time it's all said and done, could pick up to $200.00 millimeters of rain, all of that to say about 3 or 4 times above the august average rainfall and a vigorous system here we did have some tornado warnings near jacksonville in florida to the west. we go and for eastern portions of utah, there were some flash flooding there because of monsoon, downpours and look at boise 3839. the high for you on monday you've set a record for the number of days above 30 degrees. so far this year, temperatures have come down in british columbia and alberta, but still hanging on to that heat for saskatchewan and manitoba. your temperature is around 30 degrees. and there's also been some flash floating around toronto with this cluster of cells that's moving further toward the east, off to see if we see some flash flooding in new york as wall central america. the rain is picking up across the caribbean and a pretty solid band of rain from san jose and panama. and then we got some cooler air filtering in to lima. 16 degrees, but further south of that,
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those temperatures bouncing back a saucy on 27 on monday. see you later. ah . a 3 year investigation into the pro gun lobby. we've been in a really good revealeth secrets. i put messaging out there when people get a man and connections. some don't want to expose many in legacy media love. last night, al jazeera investigations. how to sell massacre on al jazeera, examining. the impact of today's headline is that both hard liners. what then? setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions, i would likely is that the ukraine is actually going to get the rebuilding support that it me international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to
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inspire protector, catholic government. i all think i can return to my own life. any more thought is eroding some of its most 5 freedoms on al jazeera. ah ah, okay, you're watching out a 0 mind about top stories. it's out. and russia has accused ukrainian secret services of carrying out the suspect to car bombing that killed the daughter. the pro criminal commentator rushes intelligence agencies has the person responsible for darya gina's death is a ukrainian woman. ukraine has previously denied any involvement, foreman, pakistani, prime minister in my car,
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and it's tracy terrorism charges days off to criticize the police move to sri supporters have gathered outside is learn about court has granted con protective bail. canyon. presidential candidates, right? dingo has filed a challenge with the supreme court against the results of this month's election. former prime minister was narrowly defeated by william router. it says the results are flawed and that they should be a no. a writer, a dinger, is no stranger to approaching the court to examine the validity of election outcomes. didn't get petitioned the court in 2013 when the result was upheld and in 2017. when the result was i returned a court. we'll meet with all parties to set out ground rules and schedule hearings . judges can even request a review of the ballots, including a recount. and the constitution requires the supreme court should rule on the matter within 14 days. if the course invalidates result, it will order an election to be held within 60 days. so let's bring in patrick
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mulkey, who's a political analyst and joins us now from the ruby patrick, welcome to the show. so i rather think it says that the tallying was not transparent. chicky has evidence to demonstrate that show can i give you guys to try to do well find it in the office or it may not be very easy for me to really say yes or no but live quickly determined because the evidence even even in an additional right, dish or like any mother that may not be fast. and just
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because he is a, a serial of rigged elections isn't the well one of the black don't the fire war except the one indeed election. ready alleged by the loss, even the repeat dimension. so is not i don't need to see the lemma is right want to use but the. busy utterly when he goes to the course, how important is it at this point as the supreme court steps in that a dinner is backed by the political establishment, including the current president who kenyata i think they
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key why would be trying to find out whether the election b and q or that would be images. that might be all the way to be able to being about evidence of our progress level 3, because on the southern us not it may not be a mother really did examine the condos election he was conducted. and now we, we seem to end up in court well to the national elections. what does that say about the, do you think about the process of democracy and can you yes, one, it's a very good question. will be dependent on
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very, i'll say, i'll be which in my opinion, i'm not going to the challenge and let you see african countries all over the course are the number, but he doesn't know all the germans done or divide that by cost, but i'm happy to come out of it is that, well, there's nothing normal, but there are no costs. procedure probably maybe right now would be in the straight to finalize the business in the so i'm giving a call option and the justify we are very happy and in full decision not i'm protesting in the in the street. are you ready already done?
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well, we'll know how things stand some point of the next couple of weeks appreciate that . patrick, money key johnny's from nairobi. at least 22 people have been killed in heavy rain and floods in chat more than a 1000 times have been destroyed and health services disrupted with more rain expected many people fit what's ahead. him, morgan reports not from jamaica. now don't den geraldine is still trying to pick up belongings from the rubble of her damage home. a mother of 5, she says heavy rains in chats capital in jemina forest, her and her family to seek shelter. when their roof and walls collapsed. downward welcome back from car prairie. i was in the market and it started raining heavily. then i got a call from my neighbors that my house was destroyed. luckily, my children were not home. they came back to find the situation like this one, not as good at least 22 people have been killed by rains and floods and dozens of
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others injured since the thought of the season, according to the united nations, across the country, over a 1000 homes have been destroyed. many people here said they have not seen this much rain and destruction before. according to the you and environmental agency. chad is one of the country's most affected by climate change, and those likely to suffer as a result are the vulnerable communities. the floods have left many with no access to clean water. this is one of the main hospitals in india, mana, now it's surrounded by flood water and mother laser to own and my d. well, who's? because of the floods. patients can't come to the hospital. there is no transport, we only received severe cases that are brought here by ambulances. but many of those who are sick can't come. medical services have also been disrupted and made concerns of what's up on diseases in a place in one of the d plus include murphy, we only have 2 departments working from the children's department and the surgery
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department and i'm a, are the other departments has stopped working because of the water in the hospital and the rains are expected to continue until october, and the fear is that until then, more homes will be destroyed. more lives last, he will morgan al jazeera and jemina. a new case of a bowl of ours has been confirmed in eastern democratic republic of congo. a 46 year old woman died in the city of benny from a virus linked to a previous outbreak and north kiva and attorney promises that outbreak was the largest and the odds to our congress. history killed more than 2000 people from 2018. 2020 the united states is reporting more than 14000 confirmed monkey pox infections as an increase of 30 percent in a week. white house officials are trying to secure an additional 2000000 doses of vaccine oklahoma explains how people are coping the rise in cases. my name's matt. i monkey pox the sucks and you don't want to all across social media monkey pumps.
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patients are posted warnings. this is a painful, debilitating disease that you don't want to get. i was in so much pain right now. the vast majority of cases are in men who have sex with other men. it's rarely fatal. but activists in the gay community have mobilized. i'm very confident that we can get ahead of it before the massive outbreak given the community's fortitude and they are resilient and also learning from the mistakes of cold. and there is a vaccine. the cdc says it should be administered in 2 doses 20 days apart, but there's not nearly enough of it that the nation critics like these are now popping up across the country. or critics say the by the ministration was very slow and more important, leaving hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine that the us already own in europe. so now officials are trying to stretch the vaccine by administering it in
6:39 pm
a different way. they're hoping to get 5 doses out of one vile, but there could be a problem with that. it's totally unclear that anything i read on the science, if the degree of protection is identical to what the original proposal is or restriction, which is to get to full doses. that goldstraw says he was turned away from getting his 2nd shot. he believes it's a problem of supply. the d. c. health department blames the biden administration. what we end up getting is 12000 doses. had we got 12000 files of vaccine that would have been some 60000 doses that we would have had. the monkey pox virus has spread quickly in the united states. the 1st case was reported in may. the cdc says there are now more than $14000.00 confirmed cases. the bite in ministration says they are working to secure millions more vaccine doses. but health expert say that create other issues really need to be partnering with our global partners and colleagues
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around the world to make sure that things aren't just made available to high income countries back to us and europe. but also that, you know, it's pretty alarming and discussing that. now there are still no vaccines made available in accounting of africa. the maker of the vaccine says it will take months to expand its production capabilities. but experts say the window to contain a broader outbreak could already be closing. petticoat lane, l, g, 0, washington. the united states top infectious disease ex but dr. entity found she will step down in december for she has been front and center of the country's cobra . 1900 response, he advised 7 presidents and spent more than 50 years at the national institute of health. the health and human services secretaries via poseida praise felt she, for his selfless passion to bring hope and healing to the american people. his departure was expect 3 police officers have been suspended in the us state of
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arkansas or after video emerged, showing them violently beating suspect. the 27 year old was late to take into hospital before being sent to jail. the man has been accused of making threats at a petrol station. the governor of arkansas has ordered an investigation. the videos, the sponsor outrage on social media is ready forces have demolished buildings that were under construction in the occupied westbank. 8 palestinian houses were destroyed in the village, west of jericho. the owner of one of the houses says it is rainy forces stole golden cash from the properties. more than $300.00 palestinian instructors have been demolished or seized by israel since the beginning of the year. palestinians of been able to fly out of israel's rem on airport for the 1st time, the palestinian authority says it wasn't consulted. it opposes the flights saying the state needs its own airport by the senior in the occupied west bank and gaza after applied to israel for permits. if they want to travel internationally. the
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touch of your name has more from west to roost. them. this is not only the 1st international flight out of ramon airport, this is the 1st time since ramon airport opened in 2019 that palestinians were able to travel from the airport. the airport authority tells us that 40 palestinian passengers were on an r t a is really airlines flight bound for cyprus. at 11 o'clock this morning, were told that they were not subjected to any additional security measures. they took a shuttle from the occupied west bank and then drove about 4 hours to ramon airport where they boarded that flight. now there have been plans that the turkish owned pegasus airlines would begin flying out of ramon airport and carry palestinian passengers this month. but an airport official tells us that those plans have been canceled and they don't know why. now this plan is controversial, so controversial,
6:43 pm
in fact, that multiple officials deceived us and other israeli media multiple times. regarding when this inaugural flight would would take place in airport official told us today that was quote to protect the privacy of passengers. now as i mentioned, this is a 4 hour drive on average, depending on where you're coming from, the occupied westbank to the airport. and the palestinian authority which governs the west bank has said they were never consulted about this travel option. they oppose it because in the end, palestinians need their own airport. now remember, palestinians are living under occupation. that means their movement is restricted. they do not leave the occupied territories without getting permission from israel. so this is a already, it's an option, but it's not exactly an easy option. the economic crisis in sri lanka keeps getting worse. it's consumer price index, which is a leading indicator of inflation,
6:44 pm
jumped to 66.7 percent in july. the country is facing shortages of basic goods, energy, and fuel, which has now become even more expensive. the economic issues led to huge protests in the capital of colombo and july resulting, and the resignation of former president got by roger packs that thousands of farmers in india have taken to the streets accused the government of failing to meet its promises. pardon me, tell has more now from new delhi follows or protesting in new delhi, once again, hundreds of farmers from across india have gathered here in the national capital. one of the biggest demands is that they want the government to guarantee them a minimum price for their produce. they're also demonstrating against unemployment, among other issues. now these protests are taking place amid heavy security. many of the roads leading up to here have been blocked. vehicles have been, are being checked, and there is heavy to these deployment on the borders of new dunny. cassandra bet i
6:45 pm
work with his on, oh, i father is a farmer. i'm a farmer. i've seen farmer struggle for generations. and it's all because of the government and it's misplaced priorities, and that is why i'm here. prime, mister nor intermodal had promised us a few things. we feel cheated. the farmer's protest is returning to new delhi. after nearly 8 months, the 1st round of protests was parked by controversial agriculture laws. that farmers said less than was off and instead, fabled big corporations. they camped out on the borders of new delhi for nearly a year. last year, the government revoked those 3 laws. the government now says it is working on pending demands and is holding a meeting on those to day. but the organization that has called these protests has boycotted those meetings and is refusing to participate. it also had a 3 day protest in the neighboring state of their probation family dusty they will intensify these protest if their demands are not met. pakistani authority say
6:46 pm
nearly 800 people have not been killed in floods caused by monsoon range. since mid june, hundreds of villages have been washed away during the f normally heavy monsoon season . and when the tree is working to evacuate thousands of people who remain stranded authorities of setting out relief camps in flood hit areas. millions of students from the philippines returning to school after one of the world's longest locked towns of the pandemic units have says, being out of the classroom for years has had a major impact on children around the world. it says the closures can be blamed for a rise and students drop me out as well as struggling with mental health issues. well, bank has declared at the worst education crisis in a century. the philippines economy relies heavily on money sent home by citizens working abroad with years of loss. schooling could affect graduates career prospects and how much money they can send home. far below has more enough manila, when at a weakened community class in the manila subject. these children are learning how
6:47 pm
to read. it's a skill that by global standards should have been mastered by the age of 10, but key and bore shawnie, who is in the 4th grade, are still struggles to read in its native philippine earl. all. mom who were english is an even greater challenge with the with say, go over. yeah. she's known in numbers are equally difficult for graphics. b, b o b, b, i. these children have been attending class remotely since the coven 19 pandemic began in 2020 aust, restrictions were only lifted this year. if you seen any be could be new models of busy with work or with chores at home. they may not have enough time to, to,
6:48 pm
to their kids, which is a huge part of distance learning. well, that is the result is a further setback in the quality of education. not only for the philippines, but for most low in middle income countries. the quality of learning among filipino schoolkids was already poor in pre pandemic times. in 2019, only around 30 percent could read simple text or understand a simple story by the age of 10. international aid agency, se that number has now dropped to less than 20 percent on monday schools open for in person classes for the 1st time in 2 years, covered 19 is still very much concerned with temperature checks, face match, and regular hand washing the norm. but the education department apologise that the bigger problem is learning deficiency. we have a program, it's called every child is able to read. so. ready that's an after school program
6:49 pm
that we are launching with the help of credit that tutors and teachers. so that would be good sort of a focus on the literacy skills of our children. the government hopes that resuming face to face classes will improve the quality of education to better quip these children in an increasingly competitive world. oh, pardon. below al jazeera, manila sport is coming up after the break. as much. do you not to brace for protests which could disrupt that big game against liverpool? the premium? ah ah
6:50 pm
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah,
6:51 pm
let us get on to his board, his jim. thank you, nick. we start with football and one of the biggest matches on the calendar every year. manchester united host a bit arrivals livable on monday nights. both teams are searching for the 1st one of the season and united sitting at the bottom of the table. after losing that opening to games, as hostility from fans towards the ages of man united and supporters applying to protest ahead of the match at old trafford. liverpool boss, young cloth, is clear about what should happen if the game can't go ahead because of the plan of action. i really hope it will not happen if it happens. i think we should get the point quickly was maybe it's not always be up be of nothing to do with the situation if that happens in a paula's want, the game to we are not happening at m be kind of just rearrange the game then again in 5 fitted in somewhere united will parade venue signing, casmer row in front of the fans at old trafford. late so that brazilian was visibly
6:52 pm
upset, as he said, good bye to write on the good. on monday, when he spent the last 9 seasons is thought the united paid around $17000000.00 for the midfielder. he signed a full year due would be cool that he always. if it were up to me, i'd play today against liverpool. i feel like an 18 year old boy who can wipe to start. i'm nervous, but with the nerves at every play and needs. this is a very important challenge for me. it's very challenging to plug in such an important league with the biggest club in england, a club that's one, everything in its history. what a bust i it was that for this mile at rob 11 das k, he celebrated signing 34 with his 1st competitive goals of the new club. barcelona . it took just 46 seconds for the polar strike to find the net against route. so say that after a great run from alex valdez, set him up to 11 dusky, joined vasa fitness under $50000000.00 from wine, nick. and before my husband, his legacy door wasn't done there. he scored
6:53 pm
a ball salinas 3rd as well as the chevy side, went on to win for one for the 1st alley to victory of the season. evan da skis, a former club don't seem to be missing him too much. they. they thrashed the hm. at 7 nail in the german league, sadie a manet school twice, taking his tally to 3 goals and as many games since he moved from liverpool in the off season in france at killing him. buffet scored one of the fastest goals in league history. it took just 8 seconds for paris, asthmatic wrap, the lead against little the team that won the title, 2 seasons, a guy. and that was just the start of the nightmare for the home side as p. s. d secured a 71 victory, little messy and name are will also among the scores while i'm back a finished with a hattrick. the champions with now support 17 goals in the opening, 3 games of the season. and bye bye is one of ice tips to lead farms to victory. the fee for wild cup which kicks off in $90.00 days. here in castle we spiked. walcott
6:54 pm
. when have you, martinez? he was part of the spain team that clinched the trophy back in 2010. this time round. he's backing the defending champions to be one of the seems to be again, as well as the big 2 from south america, argentina, and brazil. if we're talking about player for me, francis the favorite cut him, killian cut him if, if he continues to playing les ladies his play in our, in the last 56 months, he can be the key of the tournament. not only the frankly tournament because he's for me the best play of the world right now, but you were talking about, well, the favorites. i see a group of contin. there is like france or spain, england. but for me, i'm over then. there are tina for megan. tina is like what was the the favorites and also russell. i think they are one step of what with them and we will see was here. i think that's going to be interesting. martinez is
6:55 pm
a guest on this month wild cup countdown show, which focused on europe as well as spain. we covered france, germany, england, and christiana, run out of portugal. you can watch it on out there at 230 gmc on tuesday, or you can find it online. gracious at bonnet shore, it has become the lowest rank player to win a moth is 1000 times when the men's tennis tool allowed number 153 defeated was number 7 and stephan office sits of us in the final and cincinnati he did it in straight sets as well. 7662. george has now gone flying up the ranking, the 29th. as a result, it completes a dream leak for the probation. he started things off by eliminating 20 to find grandson. found out in the 2nd. i know it's for doing this. it's just unbelievable feeling, you know, like i said, 9 times i just i'm just going to expect this. you know, i thought i can play well i was, i was jenny hard and i knew i can. i can play good tennis,
6:56 pm
but that i can play on this level. that is i, i was just, i was just not aware and i'm, i'm just super head and the women's tournament, frances carolyn garcia, also made history. the coming effect qualify as to when a w. c, a $1000.00 and event. she defeated excuse on grants, on county and patrick position in the final garcia, claim touch, career, chrysler, and fed on 3 different services. coming back from us with injury in may, she moved up to 17 in the world, ranking your joy. i think you just, how can it's, you know, everything i mean is very important. every title is very special to $51000.00. it's always very hard to describe it and it's not happening so often and you have to, to really like, enjoy it. and i'm really grateful for for your grades. we cost anything and to,
6:57 pm
to win another tyson is very special. and golf, patrick count, les made it back to back b. m w. championship titles by winning dishes event by one shot. can't make it a to, to pop on around to finish 14 on the overall. that was just enough to hold off, got stalling. he was going to his 1st pga tour when since 2014 found, the sheriff lay in scottish shaft that was joined. furthers who shot back shot at the day. they have to go to victor holland. the norwegian finish time for 35th, but he had this whole in one at the 2nd. i think i'm very competitive and i always have been so it definitely grinds my gears if i don't win and i'll do everything i possibly can to. so when and it was a day to remember for young players, the literally classic because they got to enjoy a major league baseball game. former us president george w bush, one found and i'll be franchise was also in attendance. mixing with the younger generation the for the game. and he saw the baltimore orioles of beach,
6:58 pm
the boston red sox. there's dr. 3. the aim of the literally classic is to promote the sports. so young audience, boston right, and some tennis nisa, just in at. well, number 2, alexanders varez has withdrawn from next weeks. usa banassi continues to recover after tearing his ankle ligaments during the semi finals of the french. ivan, we'll have more sports later. nick jimmy breton, thanks. urged report to see you later. that's it for this news out. but i will be back in a couple of minutes for another half hour news fritz will see that ah ah
6:59 pm
ah, okay, if it is like god, because you creating, shunning a career and building full glory. yes, mean laurie shifts her attention to the design district, can regions of pakistan building upon traditional techniques and arming people with the knowledge needed to sustain their societies. rebel architecture, a traditional future on our disease. the latest news, as it breaks, we just seem rocky streaming overhead coming from garza into israel. and those big schools and schools have been discussed with detail coverage with pension high in water. so near the philippines it will be looking at today that it states for every new commitment from around the world. the danish government can't make people leave areas like neil nepal can purely on the basis of ethnicity
7:00 pm
the oppression of an ethnic minority. and man, mom goes back many days. the intention was to make sure that raw hinders were no longer entitled to either a basic bribes or citizenship right. al jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution after a hinder and me and my exiled analysis era. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, a writer. and then your challenge is kenya's presidential election results of the losing to william router.


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