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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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for science this, the evidence is irrefutable. with america's climate change, denial stubbornly mistrust of the fact. despite soaring temperatures, raging wildfires and shrinking water reserves the world's largest economy, it's still split along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe? climate wars on a jessie uta. here are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media that spread it on al jazeera government shutoff access to social media. ah. kanyes presidential ron rob rider dingo filed a petition at the supreme court challenging last week's election results.
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ah, blow i, mariam? noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. russia accuses ukraine secret services of the car bombing. they killed the daughter of an arch nationalist ally, a president like him and he said, oh it is a fucking dance from a prime minister emron con, gather outside his home to stop police arresting him on terrorism charges. and shanghai turns off the lights of its famous skyline, as chinese manufacturers. it by power, consummate severe drought, heat wave. ah hello and welcome to the program. kenya's veteran opposition to rayleigh, dingo has fall supreme court petition challenging the results of this month.
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presidential election. dingo was narrowly defeated in the vote. he's alleging electoral fraud and says, a new vote should now be ordered. and his electoral commission declared his rival william router the winner with 50.5 percent of the votes. but 4 of the 7 commissioners who over saw the pole, refused to endorse the resolve of their mach web reports. now, from nairobi. the minor dings and is supposed to when can use to print court just before the deadline for challenging the election results. submitted dozens of book to the documents as evidence. long with his petition. it asks the court to nullify the election outcome on several grounds, the forgery of election documents. there was the interference with the integrity of the technology that was used in the elections. there was also
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folks you cation of results, which uploaded into the networks that are operated by the electric commission. kenyon voted in election 2 weeks ago. right? everything has run for president 4 times before meeting the opposition. this time he had the backing of his historical rival, outgoing president. who can yeah, less than the let's what you main opponent, deputy president william retail. last week. the electoral commission declared in the winner with just over 50 percent of the vote. the guy that supported believe it, many of them believe he's in rick down to the election victory before he challenged the results of the last 3 elections in court. all right. bye.
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a regular order around that time he boycotted the ribbon, sang. the electoral commission failed to fix the problems. this time he said he has the evidence to prove criminality in the electoral process. the corruption cartels are prepared to compromise. electro systems bribe electron officials, mexico systems law, other order it will kill in order to find their way to power. royalist petition is one of several submitted to the court respondents including the electoral commission and william route. so have 4 days to submit their responses. the court as 2 weeks to complete his hearing and give a verdict. it could up hold the election results, or order a recount of votes or a re run of the polls. malcolm web al jazeera nairobi, kenya. and patrick, my lou key is
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a political analysts based in iowa. b is as while a dang, i must be able to provide evidence at the election. wasn't free and fair issues, including that it may not be very easy for me to say yes or no. not that live according to germany because we have evidence even even it additional, right. the dish i like to on this any member that may not be able to be that evidence of our process that will be because on southern factor than that maybe you know it may not be a marble really. it did examine the conduct electron, he was doctorates and i'll be
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on russia has accused ukrainian secret services of organizing the assassination of dia, geena, daughter of one of president vladimir putin. the allies. the 29 year old was killed by a suspect to explosive devices. she was driving the moscow on saturday. a father alexander do again was travelling in a conscious behind her. both have been vocal supporters of rushes, invasion of ukraine. russia security service says a ukrainian woman who was a member of the hours of battalion, had been planning the attack since july. ukraine has denied involvement. pablo fell going our as an independent russian defense analyst and has more now on the announcement by russia's federal security service. the culprits were not announced a korean woman about 43 years old, a vote. and she actually heard it squad was also with she
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was with her daughter to a 12 year old sophia. and that the, the russian f as b security service said that they followed the target that way. eliminated this 29 year old. and did you not? which was actually a known politically unlike her father. and that this was actually what's important is also that they say that this was a targeted attack against the daughter not against or do getting themselves. and the culprit it's got to miraculously also got over the stony border very swiftly so they're out of reach. and that leaves a lot of question marks. officials, any cranes, capital kiva announced a ban on mass events to, to the possibility of rocket fire president william, there's events k, as it won't. russia could launch attacks in the lead up to independence
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celebrations. wednesday, march the 31st anniversary on ukraine's independence from soviet rule. and 6 months since the russian invasion, large public events rallies and other gatherings will not be allowed in the capital until thursday. elsewhere curfew has been announcing the city of har keith theresa bo is in the capital keys, and she says that the authorities on high alive his independence day approaches. ukraine is getting ready to celebrate 31 years of independence from soviet rule. and it also marks the 6 months since the nation on this country began precedent follow the me to fill in the address the nation, where he said that people should be getting ready for russia, carrying out something very cool. he literally said that this week, i wish i could try to do something particularly ugly. i'm particularly vicious. and that's why he has announced that they will suspend any type of math gatherings,
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among other things, the military administrator of this capital have that security forces here need to be ready to prevent any type of incident like mix hello hocks or bombs among other things. and this is happening on the latest incident. how russia security services accusing ukraine of being behind the killing of died. he had to be now she, the daughter of a cloth advice or to bloody me to putting she was killed in a car bombed a few days ago in moscow. and russia is accusing ukraine. we have not heard from you carrying yet, but suddenly this race is the alarm here. another thing that has been wasting the alarms or the reports by intelligence community that russia has been a mass thing. missiles and other types of weapons in belarus. equate officials say that russia has 5 rockets at 3 towns close to this upper region nuclear plant, injuring east for people. the nuclear facility, which is europe's largest, has come under repeated shelling in recent weeks raising fears of
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a nuclear disaster. the plant was overrun in march and remains under russian control ukraine and russia. blame each other for the attacks. russia requested un security council meet to discuss security at the facility of people across the river from ukraine's main atomic pont saying they are now worried because the city is continuously hit by shelling. sure the mobile is in june july, which it was one reactor good. so here there are 6, it could be more than 6 times bigger crystals. bullshit. no super. he all will die . not only us in ukraine, the whole earth will die because this is very serious. here, there are 6 blocks with pakistan, former prime minister, iran con, is facing terrorism charges off to being accused of making threats against the police and the judiciary. as a political, riley supporters are outside his home in the capital as lombard warning of mass protests, if he's arrested b, islamabad, high court has gone to him protective bail until thursday, which prevents police,
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arresting him. con, was ousted in april after losing a confidence vote. this popularity surged as the economy deteriorates. of his most recent rallies joined tens of thousands of people in the public reaction because no, no, the military, no agencies normally, you know, let him know. no one gets that again with we are missing friends with her mother with the police will have to pass over hours before they can arrest him. i believe they cannot do it. it is impossible. i think it is all media high level. the police are not even capable of reaching here. it is become the mission of our lives, and dal his heiress ca hi de has more now from outside im. ron cons residence in islamabad. m. ron hans bar day lay dead and supported the godaddy outside head. read the again said bunny gala, which is situated on
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a hill top. now earlier there were reports that enron con would be at risk day. however, his lawyer then went into the islamabad high court from where they were able to get a bail before erect. and therefore, giving some relief through the former prime minister, there was tension, had a supporter saying that they will not leave this place, nor will they allow any warning to arrest their leader. and the party had warned that they were den, have a country wide protest bringing life to a war to a standstill. given the fact that m ron hong's party enjoys. busy support and to keep proven fish also in giga bolton and also in punxsutawney administered catch me . people or pakistan have decided that they knew that there were notion in this country and it will come and the destination is north bedford no public reaction biggest? no, no. a minute. no, he didn't feel it will be,
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you know that i'm in it now. no one gets back again with for now it will be important to see whether emron con, people will be arrested when you appeared before the annotated escort on the 25th. but definitely gives them more time and all thought to be able to do work out a reaction. now his claudia needed that been coming from across the country to head regina. and of course they will be mulling over blind on how to move forward. pakistan is also suffering major floods. officials say at least 777 people have died since monson reigns began more than 2 months ago. hundreds of villages have been washed away during the abnormally heavy monsoon season. military is working to evacuate. thousands of people left stranded, the authorities of setting up belief camps in flood here. areas. parks of the city
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of dallas have been submerged by heavy rain and what's being described as a once in a 1000 year. flood about $25.00 centimeters of rain as want the dallas fort worth area. the at least another 5 centimeters forecast to come flooded streets of disrupted traffic across the city. and several people have had to be rescued from their vehicles. people are being warned to move to higher ground if they can. and hundreds of flights have been canceled. watching out his ally from london still had on the program, mexico's life or death waiting gay. nearly 2 weeks after a mine flooded, international experts are called to help with rescue athens and children in the philippines got back to school for the 1st time in more than 2 years as colored restrictions of. finally eas. ah
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got a minute 15 to bring you up to speed with your weather. thank you so much for joining in. so a line of showers in storms from scandinavia, the baltic centers, central areas and right through into the balcony. so let's go in for a closer look and we do have some thunderstorm alerts in play for serbia, kosovo right through into greece. we'll come back to that story in a sack, but 1st i'm going to take you to iberia continues to be bone dry here, temperature coming up a bit in lisbon to 31, and some pesky showers for the valley. eric's and it will be breezy at times as well. okay, here's a closer look at those storms coming across greece and you know, i think we may see some storms pop up through turkey. but these are daytime heating storms, especially when consider alcaraz up to 36 degrees. got some showers in the forecast for the islands of ireland and britain. nothing major here. it's mostly going to be dry. but gloomy conditions on tuesday for the top end of africa around the gulf of
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guinea, we've got rain falling from nigeria right through to sierra leone. look at this batch of weather for what weather for eastern portions of chad could certainly see some flooding there. the winds have shifted around for the northern cape in the western cape provinces in south africa. so look with that does. so the temperature in cape town 24 degrees on tuesday, that you're up that i'll catch a later, ah, a 3 year investigation into the pro gun lobby. you've been in a really 9 revealeth secrets. you want to point messaging out there. they're going to people out race get mad and connections. some don't want to expose many legacy media, love mass shoes with my al jazeera investigations. how to sell a massacre on al jazeera lou
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. ah, ah, welcome back at the main stories we are following now. in kenya, the veteran opposition leader has filed a petition with the supreme court challenging the results of this month presidential election by law. dingo was narrowly defeated by his rival william router, the ledges fraud as, as the results should be unknown. rusher is accused ukrainian secret services of organizing their fascination of daria to vienna. daughter of one of president, tim of allies, 29 year olds killed by suspected explosive devices. she was driving near moscow on saturday. ukraine is denied involvement. and large events have been banned in cave
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after president lensky, one that russia could launch attacks in the run up to ukraine's independence day on wednesday. it will also mark 6 months since russia's invasion go now to iraq, where emergency crews of recover 2 more bodies from the rubble of a partially collapsed shrine, a landslide b, the city of car bullock was the building to cave in on saturday, killing at least 7 people 3 children have been rescued and taken to hospital or isn't barham sol as praised the rescues rescue as as heroes and expressed his condolences to the families the victims. when in mexico, the government is reached out to international experts for help to rescue a group of trapped miners. at least 10 coal miners have been stuck under ground for nearly 2 weeks after a tunnel will collapse in a coal mine. in the northern border sate of y here, triggering a flood rescue work as of struggle to extract enough water in danbury from the mind to reach them. families of the trap,
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men are accusing the government of being too slow to acts or money. rob hello, joins us live from near the mine. in sabrina's, tell us more about the situation there and where there's been any response to that governments call for more help. well, very, and this is about as close as we're able to get to the mine itself. authorities here have section this area off for the press, but it's been almost 3 weeks at this point. since tenant miners became trapped in a coal mine, coal, mine is called b. now, in the mexican state, of course, regarding the actual efforts from authorities and rescue workers, we spoke with one gentleman earlier today, search and rescue worker who tells us that he's been working at the site since the very beginning of the accident on august. 3rd, he tells us that since then, a concrete strategy by authorities here in mexico has yet to actually be carried out. what we're seeing from search and rescue workers here on site basically
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consists of whole being dug between the mine and the nearby co chad north in mind. this is a mine that was abandoned specifically because it was flooded. and what's believed to have happened is that the mind, the one where the 10 miners are remain trapped. if you can imagine a vertical mine, a vertical shaft, which with different tunnels that sort of branch out from it. it's believed that one of the miners may have accidentally punctured his way through one of those tunnels into the adjacent contain north in mind, trigger triggering a catastrophic, catastrophic flood. so basically what they're looking for now is search and rescue workers or digging holes to try to get a better sense of where the water levels are authority say that until those water levels are brought down significantly, there is no other way to reach these miners. you can see behind me maybe difficult to see, but this is one of more than a dozen pumps that are working 24 hours a day. continuously moving water out of these out of these minds. but it's been
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again almost 3 weeks. today's day, 19, almost 3 weeks since the accident took place. these men don't have drinking water, they don't have food. there's no guarantee that there's any breathable air left and therefore, so hopes have all but faded of recovering them alive. and how does the family feel about they always leave very frustrated pace of these rescue efforts. many of the families have already left the area. only 3 of the families of the 10 men remain here on site. we spoke with one woman today. she's the wife of city who gabriela cruz, a 41 year old minor, who is one of the 10 men that are trapped under the ground at this mine here in co wheeler. her grandfather died in a mining accident. her father survived after being trapped for 7 days inside of a mine here in wheeler. now her husband is trapping. what she tells us is that she's not giving up hope she's holding out for a miracle,
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the same type of vehicle that saved her her father's life. 10 years ago when he was trapped in a mind, what she's saying at this point is what we're here from. a lot of people hopes are fading. what they want is their loved ones return to them alive. but they're saying that what they want is to, to see their loved ones again, at the very least, to have their bodies returned to them. they're also joining calls from activists that want to improve working conditions for minors in the set of 4 wheeler. this is mexico's coal mining region for the whole country. so they're wanting to improve conditions, reminders of the accidents like these, which are quite frequent. don't happen again. marian. alright, thank you very much money and up along with the latest on what's happening that 3 police officers and us have our consort been suspended off the video showed them violently beating the suspects. and just a warning that these images might be distressing. 27 year old man hit by police was taken to hospital before being sent to jail. you've been
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accused of making threats at a petrol station. the arkansas governor is or the investigation into police use of physical force against the suspects. anthony foul cheese a u. s. is top infectious diseases expert, well step down as chief medical adviser to the president in december after more than 5 decades of service, who also leave his role as director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. dr. voucher became the face of the country's fight against covet and clash with former president donald trump. harvey's handling of the pandemic. the 81 year old, now lives with security protection. after receiving death threats from trumps supporters. kimberly elk, it has more in this now from the white house to see that he served under 7 us presidents. but now the top infectious disease specialist in the united states is stepping down to the age of 81 years old. doctor anthony found she gave decades to
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public service at the age of $81.00. he says he is now pursuing the next chapter in his career. but he will be known for those very early days in the covered night teen pandemic when he was arguably the very public face of that pandemic. not just in the u. s. but around the world. and he played a critical role dealing with that pandemic. and also in the 1980s the epidemic of aids. but for his work, he was often criticized some would say very publicly including by former president trump, who when it came to covered 19 desired to go against public health guidance and returned to a state of normalcy. some would say much to quickly what we know is that you, even if there were difficult times in this role as the top infectious disease specialist, you stayed on to serve under president joe biden, who is praising fowler. she's saying that america stronger,
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more resilient and help be because of doctor found she millions of children of return to school in the philippines after one of the wild, longest pandemic log downs. they've been studying a home for more than 2 years. and it's feared that this will have worse in the countries illiteracy rates on or below has more. from manila, i had a weaker community class in the manila so, but these children are learning how to read. it's a skill that my global standards should have been mastered. by the age of 10. but kia bore shawnee who is in the 4th grade, were still struggles to read in his native filipino. all. mom who were english is an even greater challenge already. she know,
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in numbers are equally difficult for rustic b. b o. b, b. these children have been attending class remotely since the coven 19 pandemic began in 2020 aust, restrictions were only lifted this year. i think united be could be new models of busy with work or with jewels at home. they may not have enough time to to, to the kids which is a huge part of distance learning. well, that is the result is a further setback in the quality of education. not only for the philippines, but for most low in middle income countries. the quality of learning among filipino schoolkids was already poor in pre pandemic times. in 2019 only around 30 percent could read simple texts or understand a simple story by the age of 10. international aid agencies say that number has now dropped to less than 20 percent. on monday schools open for in person classes
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for the 1st time in 2 years, covered 19 is still very much concerned with temperature checks, face match, and regular hand washing the norm. but the education department apologise that the bigger problem is learning deficiency. we have a program, it's called every child is able to read. so. ready that's an after school program that we are launching with the help of credit that tutors and teachers. so that would be good sort of a focus on the literacy skills of our children. the government hopes that resuming face to face classes will improve the quality of education to better quip these children in an increasingly competitive world. oh, pardon. below al jazeera manila or south korea and the united states are carrying out their largest joint military exercises since 2018. hundreds of thousands of
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troops had taken part in a week. long live fire drills which involved aircraft warships and tanks from bride and sol has more on the exercises. it involves literally hundreds of thousands of personnel, both military and also as civilian. they run through to the 1st of september. there is a very large civil defense element to these exercises with whole government departments at preparing for emergencies and so on, alongside the military units of both south korea and the united states. now the exercises happen in 2 phases. first of all, there is a simulated attack from the north. that is how the south korea would, would survive an attack from the north. and then the 2nd phase, which is basically a counter offensive against the north, from south korea, alongside us allies. now for the past few years, these exercises have not been held here on such a scale. in part that's been because of the pandemic. but largely it has been
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because there has been a liberal administration here that's trying to be pursuing dialogue with north korea. and this was thought to get in the way of that, but there is now a conservative administration here president june. so girl telling cabinet members monday that he wants to see security in south korea returning to a state of being water tight as he described it. that the only way you can guarantee preparedness and readiness is to hold the kind of exercises on the scale of a full blown conflict. hence the, these exercises being held involving a literally thousands of units. i'm personnel, both military and civilian. now shanghai is famous waterfront has gone dark in response to a heat wave and drought that's causing major power shortages lights along the river side. and parts of financial districts have been turned off for 2 days. the areas normally have spectacular displays, but since he had been criticized for its unnecessary electricity,
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consumption of some parts, the province experienced power carts, china's largest fresh water lake deep young has shrunk by an estimated 75 percent. during the drought and levels are still falling low woods levels mean less hydro electric power, major manufacturers are suffering, power cuts and curbing production or shopping centers in one region have been ordered to cut opening times to just 5 hours. now are finland's government says that prime minister, santa marian, has tested negative drugs. after footage of her dancing at a party, made international headlines, a 36 year old, agreed to take a test on friday to satisfy concerns. videos showing her dancing with friends, appeared on social media last week, and there were picked up by several media outlets. marian says her ability to perform official duties remained unimpaired on the night in question. ah.


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