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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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equal representation and the democratic process is the country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there yet. one person, one vote on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headline is that both hotline is what then happens setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions. i would likely is that ukraine is actually going to get the rebuilding support that it, me international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inspire protector, hector catholic government. i all think i can return to my own life anymore. france is eroding some of it's almost 5 freedoms on al jazeera. ah. ready this is al jazeera ah,
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hello, there, i'm nick cloud. this is an usa ally from doha coming up for the next 60 minutes. president vladimir zalinski wants of a powerful response to russia on the eve of ukraine's national day. heading to jail malays, his former prime minister, nat geo brasix conviction, and a multi $1000000000.00 corruption cases are held by the top court and iraq supreme court suspends work after supporters of she needed todd all sudden gather outside, demanding parliament to be dissolved, shrinking harvests in chad, how extreme, why there was effective thousands of farmers and pushing up fuel prices. i'm devin ashwin, sports competitive football kicks off in ukraine for the 1st time since we started the war. and manchester united boss says his team have fighting serious off the beating livable to win the fast match of the candidates even.
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ah, sir, ukrainian president vladimir lensky has vowed there will be a powerful response by his forces if russia launches any attacks. wednesday marks both ukraine's independence day and 6 months since the start of russia's invasion events mark in the day have been banned in keefe and authorities are imposing a 2 day curfew in the north. the city of khaki starting on tuesday night. the u. s . embassy has urged it citizens to leave ukraine, warding it expects russia to target civilian infrastructure in the coming days or pilots president is visiting, keep ahead of ukraine's independence day under as duda met sir, president of lensky to confirm poland support for its neighbor. so let's cross treadaway to cave, to raise both standing by forester. so to raise our day before ukraine's independence day as a what's the mood light?
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well, all major cities in this country are on high alert to not only keep, especially after the president of the me to fill in ski, spoke about the possibility of russia carrying out a vicious attack of intelligence agencies from around the world. warning that there could be attacks against cities and big cities in this country, but also for the killing of diarrhea geena in moscow and russia blaming ukraine because of it and many here. thinking that this could be an excuse to launch an attack. i just came back from being in downtown, keep people i walking on the street. we've been talking to some of them. and while many have left the major cities on our hiding refuge somewhere else, others are staying in their homes and being more careful. others have told us that they're tired of being afraid that they want to be on the streets and be careful once something happens. but almost everyone here knows that something could happen
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anytime. oh, it's national flag day in ukraine. precedent follow the military lens. he attended a ceremony to honor the symbol of the fight against the nation. cities across the east and south have been occupied by russia. ukraine is fighting to get them back. you calling. there is an emergency. we will never recognize someone's callers or nor land, and in our skies were always ready to the fin, or blue and yellow flag. i asked now to commemorate heroes who give their lives for those scholars with a moment of silence. olivia ah ukrainian also marking 31 years of independence from soviet rule. the government has displayed russian tanks and are more vehicles that have been destroyed during the past 6 months. ukraine and official se moscow had been hoping to hold a military parade in central key to celebrate its victory. but this is what they got. instead, veda, bucklin is confident,
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her country will prevail. we pray every single moment for the war to be over. we believe in our army and was sure it's going to be over with our week to re, but it just depends on the time. ah, ukraine. he's on high alert presidency. lensky says bloody me to pull, denise plotting fragile souls and us intelligence agencies have warned russia maybe planning strikes against government buildings or civilian infrastructure. keith is far from the front line as only rarely been hit by russian missiles since ukraine and force as managed to push russian soldiers out of the city. back in march, but or forties are cautious there, have banning a public gatherings and are asking people to take the air raid sirens very seriously. what a rule since february, thousands of people have been displaced, injured and killed. oh, shall, is, i remind you of the atrocities russian forces committed in their attempt to take the capital. oh,
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father danbury says he helping to bury the remains found in mass graves across the town. we had to move to the queue. i think that neither i, nor anyone who lives in ukraine who witnessed the walk and understand what happened . so now we are surviving on adrenalin. but after everything that's happened, i'm worried that the off the medical loss, decades 6 months on ukrainians are fighting for survival against an enemy that is unwilling to retreat. what all is going on, the president lensky has been hosting virtual summits on chrome and theresa, what's been happening there? well, most certainly, it's the creamy and platform where the presence of over 60 representatives from across the world were precedent for landscape. see about how he's going to fight and work to try to restore ukrainian control over crimea. we heard a prime minister boy johnson denouncing human rights abuses, increment denouncing the next agent of premier. we also heard from the president of
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the european commissioner, or sort of under a 1000000 saying that crimea has been used as the military base to test the cool method that new russia you. this in other occupied territories. crimea had been on the news line lately, mostly because of theories of explosions that have been ongoing on the peninsula. there you present government has not acknowledged that this are a tax and being carried by the u premium forces. we have heard the security analysts are saying that special forces could be behind it or party sounds who are carrying gallery left style attacks on the crime in peninsula. but most suddenly, there each, this show that there's a counter offensive to try to recover that crime in pending flat. it's unlikely the russia will plan to leave at crimea anytime soon. it's become a crucial destination, not only for to it, but also for supporting troops. and be attacks that are currently being carried out in ukraine. so suddenly this meeting that is ongoing is important. it shows the
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support of the rest of the world towards ukraine claim on crimea, but at this point, so when you talk to i notice here, it's highly unlikely that anything could be achieved anytime soon or towards the live. there, thanks very much. turns by the in keith on hundreds of people, including politicians, have done that in moscow for the funeral, a pro criminal political commentator during dinner. she was the daughter of a prominent russian ultra nationalist and was killed in a car bombing. that's russia, blames on ukraine. not even baba has this report. alexander duke, in listening to tribute to his daughter, daria duke was killed on saturday in a car bomb attack near moscow. a father says she recently told him she felt like a warrior. not the price that we have to pay can be justified by only $1.00 thing, the highest achievement victory. she lived in the name of victory and she died in
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the name of victory, our rush and victory, our truth, our orthodoxy, our country and our empire. daria took in her was $29.00 and worked as a commentator on a nationalist, russian television channel, just 2 days after the attack, russia's federal security service or fs, be named a ukrainian woman as the perpetrator. it said she'd rented an apartment in the same building as do gonna, ukraine has said it does not resort to tara tactics, blaming russia's own government or security operations. it typically came, takes months or even years, often never for a political mergers to be sold. and yet a f as b, the russia securities, those claims have done as a matter of hours. and i think everyone looking the kind of details that providing, ah, you've come to the conclusion, there's nothing credible about the story that they have put together. how much influence dugeon has over president vladimir putin has been the subject of
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speculation inside and outside russia. what's clear is he and his daughter expressed far right. nationalist views in public and strongly supported the invasion of ukraine. but they've both been placed on international sanctions lists for spreading misinformation. witnesses say, alexander duke in decided at the last minute to travel in a different vehicle from his daughter, social media footage showed him looking on with the car still in flames. you, president putin has never publicly supported him, but he's called the car bomb. evil and posthumously awarded duke enter the order of courage medal. nadine baba al jazeera u. a group of e u countries that share borders with russia. want to band tourists from them. russia and it's ex, navy cullen, and grad borders. your european union members, finland estonia, latvia in lithuania, in poland, all 5 and now pushing for an e. u wide band on russian tourist entire block band, russian plains, from 1st face falling moscow's invasion of ukraine in february. and that made
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countries with land borders into popular holiday destinations for visitors from russia. a russian license plates on luxury cars are a common sighted finland busy. a biggest airport. and finland for a minister says it's become a transit country bands expected to be disgusted. next week's meeting of e you for a ministers. not sure why we should should not be able to travel. i think everybody should travel because when you see how other peaceful, confused leave, then you become more peaceful to we. busy oh, wait, this stop and once or normal situation in all the world and in our country do in the ukraine to let's begin, robert then chesko la, he's a senior fellow at dia, casimir,
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pulaski foundation, in poland. also a former post diplomatic native official. john just now from brussel. so welcome to the program and say you can't fly, of course, from russia to europe became get round it. and so just said, apparently the car pocket, helsinki airport is brim full of russian, causes russian tourists fly on from there into as somewhere else in europe. and that's angry. many people isn't it? of course, and you know, just just your viewers watch to your excellent report from, from ukraine. i mean, the 1st reason why this a tourist visas should not actually be issue the close to you is that you know it's, it's a moral is not right for the ukrainians to begin sort of seeking shelter in a bunch of those, etc, and, or suffering from you know, being attacked every day. a lot of horrific war crimes who committed while the russians in very large numbers are basically, you know, taking this nation's in the south of europe on the beaches and so on enjoying
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a good life. this is, this is, this is partly moral. and the problem is particularly acute for those countries who are in deep neighbors by the way, the countries who supports the fries of tories, these as it's but larger. this also check robotics for back jeffrey benmark. so this country's kind of, you know, appealing to you a solid narrative to the problem is that once a single visa is issued by another country, should be on there by others. but it should not be happening for ethical reasons. there was, like i said, let me just jump in as a little wait here and others want the you to not to a total ban across the whole block, a union wide van if you like. but it's not likely to happen, is it? but at the moment, let's be, let's be honest, it doesn't look like there is a full support. so there is not enough be in solidarity. and that's, you know, and the problem is also, it's, the arguments used are somewhat less misleading even by, you know, sorry to say,
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but like, you know, mr. morale, who said this is about a total, but this is not about the top of band because as it happens, most of those countries who are the strongest for the tourist visas, freeze of the same ones. what issue the greatest number of humanitarian beasts, for instance, for the position. and he does for those who need to access for many terry browns, et cetera, that would not stop. this is about bringing also the message that the mass of russia, people that you know into the wall, you have to feel it as the ukrainians feel because they are basically denying, as if you had anything to do with them. their social security consideration. because mall this housing of russian tories as various people. we see the large bay area. it will happen then to engage in some, at some even terrorist attack. so there's a whole range of arguments why the tories, these us should not be, should they ok? european union celebrity, so if the you do not act in the way that lithuania and others wanted to be
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threatened to go it alone. do you think that slightly to happened, that the lights of estonia, latvia, lithuanian of poland and finland will enforce it alone? well, it is possible because you know that very, very, very strong feelings. just something is not right from countries. what have the most attractive cannot get in the cross even though i said they have all of the arguments well they fight, they want to avoid it. and you know, certainly it's actually, you know, it's almost kind of illegal to, to, to do with about you blessing but they have, they doing the right thing. busy so i hope there is a proper debate about this on the basis of re fax, and this is what those countries are asking for. so, you know, at the moment we are in the middle of the discussion. i agree with you. it's, there is quite a bit of opposition, but again, one of the arguments i had by everybody and seriously considered our think through so many one option. and that should be the tories, theresa, you know, these,
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those trees while the communitarian access is continues to be provided. all right, be interesting. see how it pans out to roberts shall. thanks very much for joining us here. and i was there. thank you. plenty more, stella had all the news are including shanghai is waterfront, those dark southern china faces power cut the heat waves scorches, the region, the migrants who died at sea trying to leave lebanon. the military searches for their bodies off the coast of tripoli, gods for coming up and half hour, so domestic for all in ukraine kicks off for the 1st time since the thought of the ball. ah, malaise is top caught hers up, held a guilty verdict in jail sentence against former prime minister, nancy prozac, maggi repealed against a 2020 conviction for money laundering and corruption and a 12 year prison term. prosecutors have said 4 and a half $1000000000.00 was stolen from the one m d
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b fund that he co founded. the court charged nadia for illegally receiving $10000000.00. he's been on bail since 2018 pending the appeal. and she's legal team, spoke to the media shortly after the verdict. you've heard the decision of the federal court would it was read by a delenette chief justice. of course, we are very sad because we lost the appeal. i only see that we seek comfort and solace in the words of a great indian juris who said that the almighty lorna can dispense perfect justice. a florence la jones is now from kuala lumpur. insurance of certain inevitability here. no avoiding jail for magic while but his lawyer that tried to delay proceeding 1st by arguing that they needed
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more time to prepare because this was a new legal team that had only been appointed last month. and then they tried to have the chief judge removed, arguing that she could possibly be, be she could possibly have put unconscious bias because her husband had posted comments on social media several years ago. comments that were critical of not brought up. now these 2 applications were denied by the judge and the 5 member panel would unanimous in that decision in saying that they agreed with the initial findings of the high court judge findings, which will also later affirmed by an appeal court late last year that found not your brother guilty on all 7 charges. now the judge men also said that the defense was quotes, so inherently inconsistent and incredible, unquote, that it failed to cost reasonable doubt on the prosecution's case. now, after the court was adjourned, nadia was not could be seen spending several moments in dock in the in the dock talking to family members. it was later seeing being escorted in
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a police vehicle to be taken to prison. he is the 1st malaysian former prime minister to be imprisoned, and there were concerns that because his political party know is now back in power . that is also the dominant political party in malaysia. it's now back in power after having been voted out for the 1st time in the country's history. in 2018, there were concerns that corruption cases involving the politicians or people who are connected to them may somehow fade away. there were instances in the last few years where the attorney general decided not to proceed with some of these cases, not to pursue some of these cases. now this decision on tuesday will lay some of those fears. it will also make it more difficult for not to present to continue on doing that. he is a victim of political persecution when he was 1st arrested and tried. the government then was made up of parties that been in the opposition as well as former colleagues of his openly opposed to him. but now this decision is being given with his party back in the seat of government. it is going to be,
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it is going to make his argument that he is a victim of political persecution, much less convincing. huh? and this is not the only trial that magic faces. he faces several other charges as well as several other trials in relation to corruption in the one and d. b state investment fund. and they did florence pritchard's or falsely reporting her from columbia. thank you to iraq, were supporters of the politician that move totter all side or a rally outside the offices of the supreme judicial council, and by that, they call you on judges to dissolve parliament and set a date for the election to be held. but last week, the judicial body told side of it has no authority over the legislature. the council says it's unconstitutional to try to force it to issue the decree of mood. otherwise, it is in by that he says that arrest warrant has been issued for a senior pro set of politicians. they have been chanting again as to what they consider the corruption of the state of this this recess to in fact,
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they have been sitting up 10 here. they say that they're planning for an open sit in until the demands are met. now, this is another episode of the escalation, this time in front of the supreme judiciary council. remember these, some of the supporters that we're camping in front of the parliament for a month now? the sent. some of them have been sent here and they say that did accusing the victory system the district council being part of the corrupt system. in. on the other hand, the supreme judiciary council has opened an investigation in what is considered as threats to its task by supporters of the to the a. so the impact, the judiciary council has issued an arrest warrant against a couple leader pro. so the leader, a former law maker and prominent politician affiliated to me, up to the
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a so that it was the 3 council considered threats against the council. now, these for the us to say that the judiciary council is collaborating in the whole dilemma by not taking decision to dissolve the parliament. remember, this is one of their top demands. the reason why they occupy the parliament headquarters is that the demanding, the parliament be dissolved and the elections be held as a way out of the current political deadlock to china, where the world's 2nd largest economy is feeling the effects of extreme weather patterns including record high temperatures and prolonged drought. shang highs famous waterfront will go dark for 2 nights to save electricity. and many provinces have announced power cuts due to low water levels at hydro, electric dams, at some parts of the world's 3rd largest river, the yangtze have dried up more than $400000000.00 people,
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depend on it for drinking water. high temperatures have also affected crops, smaller grain harvest in china would have a global impact. and wildfires of force evacuation of more than 1500 people in the southwest. the region has been battered by drought and hot temperatures, make it to settle to fires or patrick focus more now from beijing report say around 1500 people had to be evacuated to safe places because of multiple bush fires across the mountainous regions of chunk. ching, there's been lots of social media video circulating, showing huge flames ripping through large waves of lands and authority. save a thousands of rescuers and the helicopters were sentenced to fight the fires. they say the situation is now under control, but the risk is likely to remain so long as this drought continues. there's been no rain for whatsoever in chung ching for weeks. and of course is also battling the scorching heat temperatures. there have hit above 40 degrees for nearly 2 straight
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weeks, and the other concern is that potential shortages of power and to address that authorities have reduced mall opening hours and moles are only going to be open from $4.00 to 9 pm until the situation changes or they refer to this as being an urgent situation, and we're seeing similar measures being implemented in different parts of the country that also battling extreme heat as well. no, to play and shanghai authorities and switched off lights along the iconic boons in an effort to preserve energy. latina from locus on ho who's the director at the payments tutorial, shanghai, hong kong economic policy research institute at linkedin university is hopeful the current power problems can be mitigated in other ways. these days, sir, china is also pretty much reliant on some coal fired plants. and i think it shows the different parties are rational among themselves, know what,
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what, what their world power there. so it's possible to work with me. i think the national we are working on to some extent on some, some power that has a little uniform to where i can transmit on to the national and it's possible to alleviate some of that shortage. but definitely, and it's going to have impact with the more 3 to 5 of my various policies. manufacturing is doing not too badly. exports are still friends. well, and i think the industrial industrial production is not significant here. so i'm actually still hopeful that this. yes, the canonical can trend you're wrong. even though it's still
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a software there, 5.5 percent target of time. i think what percentage is like you achievable? well in china farm and say climate change is affecting their harvests, contributing to an increase in food prices. so hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to make ends meet. well, bank estimates 42 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. have been morgan reports from a city in the hud lehman's region north of the capital in jamaica. for years, solid heb becca has own this farm. exporting corn and other crops to provinces across chad. but in the past few years, he says his harvest have shrunk along with it in the tunnel mobility in the past 3 years or so we would planted around the time, we were expecting rains. it would rain and then stop. so some died. i love 20 acres of the crops i planted this year because of the change in rain pattern. a lot of my go. thousands of champions depend on farming for their livelihood,
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but many se they've been producing less as the result of global warming. the u. n. environment agency considers chad among the country's most vulnerable to climate change. it's not just erratic rainfall. chad also suffers from cycles of drought. the extreme weather means smaller harvests and lower returns for farmers. and because less produce reaches the market. prices have increased in a country where nearly half the population of 30000000 live below the poverty line . chad relies heavily on import and the knock on effect of the rise in global prices can already be felt. many people say they simply can't afford some items of food. e o has um and then the video home got the did up when i was to the guys just keep increasing about a owens. i used to buy a lot of food before. huh. but now i've reduced to what i buy, i'm some things i've stopped buying altogether. inflation is less than 3 percent, but hundreds of thousands of people are less than $500.00 a year,
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according to the government, which says it's working to reduce costs. oh goodness, another the government each year sit some of its budget to buy commodities at the normal price and sell them to people who can't afford at lower prices. well, that's to reduce the impact to price i expected and the government is working to support vital industries and work on getting investments to improve the economy allows people here say they hope prices go down soon so they can afford to put food on their table. he bought morgan out of the era had, as it'd be at chad, still ahead here and al jazeera. oh oh protestors in haiti demand the prime minister's resignation. is gang violet and poverty spreads across the country. jupiter is never seen before. the gems are web space. telescope shows off the soda system because planets and the yankees may have finally turned around . it's her wonderful lawn that late
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ah ah, how low they let start in south america on the west. weather can be found to the very north of the continent with seeing heavy falls of venezuela as well as the guy honors and sewer anom. but the intense thunderstorms will be back rolling into coastal areas of columbia by the mid week. now it's been rather cool in the southern slice of the content that's as cool arctic. 1 has blown in knocking temperatures down for the likes of paraguay us sunshine, however, will be back up into the mid thirty's. by thursday, it is going to get cooler. however, for uruguay as a little clutch of storms push their way east and speaking of storms. as we had to central america, we got some stormy weather breaking through the sunshine across the caribbean. it's going to be with her as well for nick caroll,
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as well as costa rica and panama. but by wednesday, there'll be some moisture pulling into the west of mexico, rumbling into storms across the north and those join up with some really stormy weather. that's affected the u. s. a gulf states we have had rec, hold rain for in parts of the north of texas. no storms are going to be pushing their way across the se, taking the very heavy rain the likes of mississippi and alabama by the mid week that she weather update. ah, the latest news as it breaks, just seem rocket streaming over the head coming from garza israel. and those big schools and schools to discuss it with detail coverage, with pension high in water. so near the philippines it will be looking to do that as states for every new commitment from around the world. the danish government
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calls most people leave areas like dilner park and purely on the basis of necessity . ah, in a newly lou. ah
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oh yeah, you what you out there, a reminder about top stories and ukraine's president flood lensky says it will be a powerful response by its forces. if russia launches any attacks wednesday, marked by a few cranes independence day, and 6 months since his thought of russia's invasion. a group of 5 e u countries, once a 2 bath russian tourists, russia borders, european union members, finland the study of latvia, lithuania in poland, washing license plates, and luxury cause. now a common sight to finland's biggest airport finance. foreign minister says it's become a transit country. malays. he has top court is up held a guilty verdict in jail sentence against former prime minister nigi rather than chief appealed against the 2020 conviction for money laundering and corruption and a 12 year prison term palestinian president mahmoud abbas, is in the turkish capital anchor for a 3 day visit abbess was welcomed by text president recipe type. heard when at the presidential palace are expected to discuss regional issues,
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his visit comes less than a week after turkey restored diplomatic ties with israel. alit enough, him wrestle, sir to his falling the meeting for mister bolt. tell us more about what we should expect. well, according to the statement from the turks presidency, mostly there that the by let relations and the regional affairs are going to be at the table, but particularly the economic issues are going to be high on the agenda during the meeting between the 2 presidents here. however, the sources that they have told to are telling me that the importance of this wizard is it's a symbolism so we just know that our bus was at a comes on the heels of the full restoration of the relations diplomatic relations between turkey and his rail. last week, these 2 countries have decided to restore the full diplomatic, the full diplomatic relations and reinstate the ambassadors since 2018. it was
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quite a breakthrough in the relations of israel and turkey. consider the fact that since the, that the gaza floating, arrayed in 2010, the relation between 2 companies have been quite frayed. so now when they have agreed a deal to, to, to restore the ties. the, the main concern was palestine and took it for the minister mode. social was quite creek to come up and say that the, the normalization of relations between israel and trek is not going to come at the cost of turkey's relations with palestine. and they have given the turkey has given it assurance as to the palestinian authorities, an authority and hamas. so we have seen that despite, as some of the palestinians could sizing the move the palestinian authority and how much, how refrained from could sizing at these move toe. so a bus visit is happening in such a context and he's also joined. a bus is joined by did the, for the minister react mild key and also did the head of the general intelligence
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service as well. so he's going to see in turkey for 3 days and me there the other picture, officials and businessman, and also the arab ambassadors, other as the sources are telling me the importance of this with it is the timing off the wizard. that just comes after the full, a restoration of diplomatic relations between israel and turkey. and it is an assurance to the palestinians. this was, it wrestled thanks about a rustle. soda reporting that thank you. 8 green silos in lebanon that were damaged in the bay root port explosion have now collapsed. it is the 3rd time storage facilities at the board of collapse and past month. officials say the buildings absorbed much of the impact from the exposure in 2020 that killed more than 200 people. the government has ordered, they should be demolished. the operation was put on hold as victims, families wanted. the sailors preserved as a memorial. a fire had been burning since july's rotting grain fermented in the
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summer heat. the lebanese military are searching for the bodies of 30 people who went missing off the coast triply 4 months ago. they were attempting to seek a new life in europe. a submarine is now being used to try and find the bodies sonata as, as the shores of northern lebanon, have become part of a route for refugees and migrants bound for europe. 4 months ago, a tragedy at sea highlighted the desperation among an increasingly impoverished population. now, survivors have returned to the site of the shipwreck about 6 kilometers off the coast. at least 30 members of their families. among them, children are still missing with a submarine paid for by donations. an operation is under way to try to retrieve bodies that could still be inside the boat. 450 meters below sea level
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down in the many ally are funded behind them all dorm villa. barney's government did not do is duty towards that people and it is because of them these people date, they wanted a better life. salam and money as monday were among those who drowned their mother. betty survived because along with her 2 sons and future son in law, she and her 2 daughters had hoped to reach italy to escape a life of poverty, an unemployment. there are conflicting reports on what caused the boat to sink when it was intercepted by the lebanese army. but families want closure. hello my love, even if it's just one bone, i want it, a shoe. whatever it is, it belonged to my daughters, and i want it. the tragedy hasn't stopped lebanese from trying to reach europe by sea. earlier this month, 75 people were rescued from
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a sinking boat off the coast of turkey. authority say illegal migration has been increasing steadily. at least 3000 people are believed to have tried or were able to reach europe in the past 6 months. and unlike in the past, most people risking the journey are lebanese, not syrian or palestinian refugees domino another. i will make another attempt to live and another. i won't stop until i leave this country where you live without any dignity. here, there is helplessness and concern for the future, but most of all, there is grief seneca, there, i'll just eat off the coast of north and lebanon. he's trailing government is to launch an inquiry into a decision by the former prime minister to secretly appoint himself to 5 ministry. during the pandemic, the solicitor general says morrison's appointments were legal, but the decision to keep them quiet, undermine the principles of responsible government. sir clark as this one day after
6:39 pm
receiving advice from australia solicitor general prime minister anthony albanese, unveiled his report. it is found that his predecessors decision to appoint himself covertly to 5 ministerial rolls was legal. but filing to inform his cabinet, the parliament, the public. and for ministers was inconsistent with how the country should be run the advice. so is i think a very clear, clear criticism and critique all of the implications that are there for ad democratic system of government. during the pandemic, scott morrison swore himself in as joint minister for health affairs, finance, treasury, and resources. the governor general ever saw the appointment, but he too, didn't to inform parliament that was cleared by the nation's top lawyer. albanese says a wider inquiry is needed. the inquiry will know to examine what happened and how
6:40 pm
it happened. it will also need to examine what the implications, ah, ah, for what occurred either whether there are any legal issues that are rise. constitutional law is agree and say the parliament needs to be informed of all ministerial appointments. if democracy is to be upheld. if we have secret teams, we had a front to those principles into those norms that frustrates the ability and prevents and holding ministers accountable. you don't know who the minutes are on, which minister responsible, what alma can't that process of ministerial accountability to parliament doesn't work. we're time minister albanese has flag the loophole that allows ministry appointments to be made without informing the public and has asked his department to make that a priority. as for scott, most of the former prime minister said it was in the national interest for him to
6:41 pm
take on the extra portfolios during the pandemic. extraordinary and unprecedented time, the sofa has refused to resign. 0 o'clock audi 0, brisbin australia. in the united states, the former president, donald trump, is trying to stall the investigation into materials the f. b. all he sees from his florida home 2 weeks ago. a trunks. lawyers have asked a federal court to hold the examination of the documents until a neutral official known in the us in u. s. law as a special master can decide which documents can be released. at least 2 people have been killed in the haitian capital of puerto prince during anti government protests . widespread poverty and political instability are fueling violent crime and lawlessness. strict organ been our pulse. oh kale, sympathy, prince. ah haiti is a country without a functioning government. it's economies collapsed and protest as a demanding prime minister ariel only step down. oh,
6:42 pm
what we haitian people will demonstrate with our plates and spoons and blankets and pillows in front of ariel on reserves to ask him to resign. because hunger and insecurity are killing us all ah, during the demonstrations a man was shot and killed witnesses say, the attacker fled in a co gang violence. his serge, since the assassination of president juvenile more see less g. his successor enjoys support from the international community. but has been criticized for saying he has no plans to step down until elections are held. if louisiana is also sitting with him about how much we live in a society with people can't afford to eat and drink if conditions for the most vulnerable people he had done to approve. we will stay on the street. we have a different vision for the country. one way young people can thrive. haiti is still struggling to recover from a magnitude 7 point to earthquake that destroyed the southern tip of the peninsula
6:43 pm
a year ago. crippling economic conditions are likely to worse than is the political crisis drags old. there's gas or shortages. there is severe commonality. we're kidnappings and gang violence. ah, ah massacres over the last a few weeks. ah, and therefore the government so far has been, ah, rather weak in its responses and hasn't been able to are to address these realities that are affecting daily lives for asia. ah, critics of the prime minister, her vow to continue to protest until they get the change. they say haiti, ne ha, victoria gate and be out his era protest as have gathered in thailand's capital, a bangkok ahead of a court ruling that will decide if the prime minister can remain in power, part of which are not sure. and 10 of his ministers survived in a competence fight that was last month opposition policies had alleged to ethics violations. prof took power in a coup in 2014 opponent say he should step down on wednesday when his 8 year term
6:44 pm
is up. 20 chang as mo, from bangkok are here in the crowd. the protest is there are people holding up signs calling for piety. general church to get out ah, occurring the speeches. barry speeches up on the stage to speak about the speaker is denouncing aisle and his time in pow did they say, according to the constitution could, should come to the end of midnight tonight. the point to which he's been in power for 8 years after seeing how and a military coup in 2014, he said he'll abide by the decision of the constitution copeland to we're going to rule on that point of law to morrow. i don't know they'll make an immediate decision, but it's constitutional court, which is still in the government's favor by the 9 judges. have been put in place by them. and their rulings in the past have generally favored the government. none the
6:45 pm
less, this is really about building up momentum by the opposition. i head of elections next year. the crowd head is relatively large, but this isn't what type of barry opposition we saw in 2020, when tens of thousands of young people took over the tie capital, calling for the prime minister to step down. and i think the opposition and bringing this call for the prime minister to step down from path and to be held according to the constitution e post through 2017, a trying to build that momentum. again. there is unhappiness here in china with the government. there is a cost of living crisis is a mailing that covered was mismanaged. and they want to capitalize on that. i had of the general election next year. we are not going to return to one of our top stories and some of the e u countries pushing for ban on russian tourist. let's bring in irma sorento lu, his the estonian minister of foreign affairs and joins us now from
6:46 pm
a talon at welcome for a minister to the program that you closed your borders. estonia closes borders to russians. carrying estonian issued shank and visas that was last week. tell us, 1st of all, why you did that well, 1st off, for a, for more reasons. it, on my own understanding to allow the russian federation citizens to enter the country when there is an aggression war going on. and secondly, also to have to give a clear signal that there is a need imminent need to grow close all europe to russian federation citizens. and there are around $10000000.00 valley shane going to be us, which are already ship to russian for the nation citizens. and we believe that they should be banned european sanction. to close them, the russian tourists can get into
6:47 pm
a new company if they come through or get their visas from other european countries . is that right? yes, and now they do have, we are, did, having negotiations with neighboring countries on eel of russian federation, where that aren't our national competence, we should leave me that entry through our countries. but right now, the 3rd countries you should get, these owners are allowed to pass through a studio, and it is only russian terrorists that you are declining entry. you're still adjudicative of people coming in for humanitarian reasons. is that right? well, we have a sanction or russian visa and except some particularly humanitarian exemptions. these could be, for example, listing relatives or attending funerals, or they could be also of course, these people who might be prosecuted on political grounds in russia or who are
6:48 pm
a members of civic resistance against the regime. these people are welcome to their alternative views to yours, like that of the german chancellor sholtes, who says that russians should be able to flee their home country and closing borders makes that harder. but i think the, our aim should be to ramp up the cost 214 regime of the a war they are committing in this soil. great. and this is our central point of interest and gravity and speaking about the russian people. well, yes, i believe there is also a more responsibility of russian society because of their past cvt. we have to admit that, you know, way takes place legitimize ation of these atrocities, which are us, russian society has allowed us to execute in against
6:49 pm
you. great people. what about those countries that perhaps rely on the tourist ruble? like say, greece or cyprus? i think it is a fully morally irrelevant to speak in the perspective where well, innocent children are by 100 any elated by russian rockets or larry about the cost to build fiscal losses in the sake of humanity. this is our duty to act and use or are all the tools which are in our hands into immediately before the winter for to pressure aggressor, lee. it's who dirty war. and this is something that which can be just put into the ordinary comparison of economic interest or international relations perspective
6:50 pm
. indeed, for me to say you want the a union wide band. do you think it's likely? i think yes, this is our moral duty where we are capable to that level of responsibility . let's see in coming, weeks coming tie. so let me remind that all the signs of delaying they have price and the price are not bombs, which are dropped to our towels, but bombs, which are dropped at the home schools and hospital shopping us you credit for minister. thank you for your time. this is tony for a minister. irma really now support coming up after break has a full my usa been champion. looks to gain some form ahead of this is the final run
6:51 pm
slack. ah . with
6:52 pm
full ah ah. again, a photo meter soupy, ought to song coffee to lisa catanzaro coast. the boats is called my sagar and it's not to take your water on monday night compton cruise to call for help. with passengers we rescued and an attempt was made to tow the yacht conditions then worse and, and down she went and investigation has been launched. it is jupiter, as the world has never seen it before. the new james web space telescope is showing
6:53 pm
off the solar systems. biggest planet fight is taken last month, capture unprecedented views of its northern and southern lights and the swirling polar haze at the infrared images were artificially colored to make the features stand out at becker of isabel football about his gym, there is indeed net competitive football house returned to waterfall and ukraine for the 1st time since russia invaded the domestic lead. get kicked off with a nail in draw between the shock called the nest mess lists the olympic stadium and keep the venue which hosted the 2012 european championship final was empty. of funds because of the risk of ass drugs. and just in case the matches only being paid at stadiums with bomb shelters, the decision to start the new season doesn't have the backing of this fan in ukraine. they have a footnote bubble now, but still i don't think that is the right time to start with football championship because it's not safe for footballer and it's played results or so football is
6:54 pm
false. football is a football fans and they are not allowed inside the stadium. so i think it's wrong decision. dynamo, keith is set to play their 1st domestic match on sunday, but right now they're focused on pulling off an upset to reach the group stage of the away for champions league dynamo trail benefit to now going into the 2nd leg. the build up has been disrupted by the war and the team having to train and play in poland because of it that coach of the way of how the players feel. being away from the families that hopes kathy on the pitch help. the other players here who didn't see their family both to month because the tiny because there was a family living and another person is not to do for us. but i said that last time more to be on the beach and would try to forget that sort of all this kind of thing . then to concentrate for the much a finance. when faker are in the driving seat of the ty, though after that 1st like victory, i mentioned the portuguese club strung together 11 consecutive winds across all
6:55 pm
competitions. thy sincon is very important for us that we shall also from the 1st 2nd that we are. they are, and that's not done for our soul. i sing, we want to use the home advantage. i'm soviet shop to play us. did it very well the last day, so they're motivated and concentrated. new manchester united vos eric 10. hark has praised his sides fighting spirit falling that c one victory. i've a livable goals from jayden sancho marcus brushwood gave united their 1st points of the season. peter's dammit has more to finally be a positive signs at manchester, united. we have a long way to go, and if we make a team, i'll go to scott and we stick together as escort than we can achieve a lot. i'm convinced motive against a backdrop of disgruntled friends, marching in protest against the clubs, ownership. united delivered a performance that surprised even the most loyal supporters. i hope spit the plays
6:56 pm
. no, i understand. the base is always teen fight expert. now to the other burning issue at old trafford, will christiana ronaldo leave before the transfer window closes on september 1? the united boss remains koi, for me, is age is not an issue. if you are your, you are good enough and when you're old and you were still delivered to performance, you also good enough. at little cracks have appeared with 2 drawers and a loss to start the season. you can plot downplaying possible frustrations among the squad, not any kind of issues in the team like this and that nobody is happy after you lose a game is completely normal. um, but know that this is not an explanation. all the excuse, although it's all fine there on this department. the last to united was deliverables. first the feet in the league this calendar year. peter stammered al jazeera in tennis. while number 2 alexander's baron has withdrawn from next week's
6:57 pm
year. satan, the german is still recovering from surgery on to an ankle ligaments. he picked up the injury during the french open. sarah is a former us, i've been run around in the man who beat him in the 2020 final. dominic team has had his own struggles with injuries in the last 18 months. as a result, he's dropped down to 231st in the rankings. the austrian is holding out for flushing meadows at a time in north carolina. and in the 2nd around have j t, a roof in 3 set relief of the tampa bay. buccaneers fans is tom brady returned to training after missing the last 2 pre season games. the 2nd time cbo, when his absence became the subject of several rumors, some even speculating that brady could leave town today. but the 45 year old is back in training. i had a saturday final preseason game. and new york yankees appears have finally turned things around with a little help from our and judge. he hit his 47th major. he came right at the season as the yankees being met in the 1st game of what's known as the subway series. 2 straight wins for the yankees after night. my run of 14 lafitte some. 17
6:58 pm
games ad is something you don't see everyday. a trick plays the minnesota twins it taking out 3 texas ranges, basses in one's life and at any to around 7 seconds is the 2nd time this evening when it's done, it didn't outlay the ranges one to one. if you want to throw korea and that is all your sports from the for now, i'll have another updates later that deborah will see you later. look forward to back for this news out, but i'll be back in a couple of minutes. i'll have another full half hour of these then proceed from the ah
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under cover reporting a you know what 1000000 do duck good finance or inaction revealing corruption. i see. busy that in exposing criminals, he was tell you that a dedicated unit for investigative journalism, how much are we have to pay for the goes, it is more than they slavery. exclusive stories explosive results, al jazeera investigations, bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera, we are all response. even people far away are so helping with the environment. problems in the amazon, because they are consumers. i teach kids about the oceans are facing today. i've
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been working in earnest, trying to find ways to get this language help to get when do we do as the ocean? why and what are you going to do to keep out of the sort of language that keeps the rental blood employment? right? they have one, several back over their fight for a while. if you've got them, eric, i was told the thing that was texting, women were made a challenge in the region. i well not being pro life, i want freedom. we don't have read them in this study. these are about 2 weeks now . i say 3 day journey to a show on the west of your grade. so one destroys our country. someone needs to rebuild ah president vladimir zalinski.


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