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largest economy, it still splits along ideological lines. so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe? climate wars on a jazeera, indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies. being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you. invest indonesia now. ah. a colds in thailand, roles the prime minister can no longer stay in office. ah
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. hello, i'm sammy. say, dan, this is al jazeera live from dell hall. so coming up a solemn independence day in ukraine as the war against russia complete 6 months amid fears of moral attacks by moscow. paul's open across angola with rising inflation and the cost of living heavy on votes his minds. plus, as russia's energy war with europe gets worse, it's cold, not gas that's causing a crisis in poland. i'm andrew simmons and kind of it's at all the explaining why trucks are standing in line for days on end. outside the coal mines. ah. a court in thailand has suspended prime minister prior channel trip from official
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duty wander review of his term limit is completed for you took power in a coup in 2014 critique say's reached. the maximum limit of 8 is in office. it's fed, the legal showdown could trigger a new political crisis with national elections. jew in the middle of next year, tony chang has more from bank hawk is suspended temporarily and that they will come to a decision by the end of september. the senior deputy prime minister private once one will step up into his place for the moment. but because he holds their position to pope defense minister, he'll still be in government. he'll still be a member of the cabinet and he still be very much involved. that said, i think this is going to be seen by the protest. this is something of a victory. they've been chipping away prior to noticed position for a couple of years now. 2 years ago we saw
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a mass demonstrations when tens of thousands young people came out on the streets calling for his resignation. this might locate them to a certain extent. it is certainly going to be something of a shake up the toner. we've got a pretty big major couple of months ahead of us leading up to the apec meeting in november. i think there was some feeling that this is a decision that the constitutional court might put off slightly until that time, but they've gone ahead and done. it was clearly a tight decision. and for the moment we go to the prime minister. ukrainians are holding muted celebrations to mark 31 years of independence from soviet rule. mass gatherings have been banned in the capital key. if curfews have been imposed in some cities. president vladimir savanski is wanting any russian attack would be met with a powerful response. wednesday mark,
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6 months since the beginning of the russian invasion, just killed thousands of people who displaced millions. now much lower, your count will not only care about our land, only. we will fight for it until began mine, which we have been holding strong for 6 months. it's tough, but we have quenched our 1st time and we are fighting for our destiny. every new day is a reason not to give out. after such a long journey, we do have the right not to go onto the piano. what is the end of the wolf for us? and we used to say peace. now we say victory. what we will not seek an understanding of the terrorists, but in more times about is live for us in kill. so just how muted all the celebrations today. hey, well we're here in the center of keith near my dana independent square, where you can see right behind me, all the flags that you can see to where it's my right side aren't those who have been killed in this war, civilians that have been killed in this war and there's
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a message there, there that says those who have been killed by vladimir voting on the other side. there's a whole display of russian tanks that have been destroyed, destroyed during the war. they have been put on, displayed here as an act of defiance that the suddenly all the alarms her on in ukraine right now. mostly because of the possibility of any type of strikes here in this country. all major cities are on the alert. in fact, the air raid sirens, we're just on, we're here. some people have been coming here. the situation is quite calm right now. but president zalinski has already warned that russia could carry out some vicious attacks on this day. he also said that ukraine will be ready to respond then, and he also gave an address earlier this morning just where we are, where he said that you queen, west, has reborn since rushes in be shown that it has unified the country so that this is a very, very symbolic day because it also marks 6 months since this war began. and when you
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talk to people on the street, many of them here tell you that they want to continue fighting that they want to continue defending their country when you talk to ukrainians. they say that they want to be closer to europe, to freedom, to freedom of speech, among other things and further away from authoritarian rules that they see and moscow. so it's 31 years since their independence from the soviet union. but people here tell you that they're still fighting for independence because they're defending their land. they're defending their territory and they're defending their homes. and theresa, there's been warnings about possible russian attacks on the stale. what is the military situation look like so far? well i just said we were right here in the fend her off key when the air raid sirens are wrong. so everyone is on the alert. however, people continue walking around, they didn't run to a shelter. that's something that the government has warned them off. thing that people had gotten relaxed in this past month. the last try can keep, for example,
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happened back in june. so many, you know, have gotten used to a certain tranquillity here on the capital city. but that's what the government is asking people to do to take air raid sirens very, very seriously. mostly because they're thing warning, not only by president lensky by interior, international intelligence agencies, among other things that there could be tried from major city here in the ukraine. so the war is not happening right now. here in the keys, we're around the capital, it has moved towards a sovereign eastern part of the country. fighting is still ongoing. there we've heard of different incident happening. but the contact line, the front line has not moved much in the past few weeks. most of the ukrainians here tell you that probably they know that this war is going to be a long one. they're getting ready for winter, both forced to say that they're going to use winter to their advantage. and of course there's the humanitarian side of all this construct. the people that have
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died, the civilians that have died, the civilians that have been injured. so most definitely this is a special independence day for most ukrainian here. and as i said before, you know, everyone here knows that things could rapidly change here in the capital city and across the country. well, i will leave it there. thanks so much theresa bo or the well, in the rosy as the ukraine operations manager for the international red cross, she says the humanitarian situation is likely to get worse over the next 6 months. at the moment, we are still very much in the emergency phase. although we have a much better idea of what are the needs at the moment. so far we have provided assistance with basic items. basic needs to 5000000 people, but the needs are increasing. the winter is coming and this is our main focus
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at the moment we are preparing for the winter. i zation the needs are, are mainly related to housing, but also for people to just to, to know where they're going to send their children to school. so this, the, the needs are very broad and the people are either looking for a place to be hosted or reach out to family members outside of ukraine. but within ukraine we still have 6600000 of people that have been displaced by the conflict. and more or less the same amount of people that have fled the country that are in the neighboring countries. now the un human rights office says it's concerned about report russian bank sets
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this in the city of mario paula preparing for ukrainian prisoners of war on trial photos show cages being erected where proceedings are expected to be held. president vladimir landscape is warning any trial would ends negotiations with moscow. the us military says, meanwhile, it's carried out a strike near the syrian city of darren saw. it says it targeted facilities used by groups affiliated with the rounds revolutionary god. the us central command says the strikes were to protect its forces from attacks carried out by iranian backed groups. iran says israel is trying to sabotage progress in reviving the 2015 nuclear deal. the head of iran's nuclear energy organisation says israel, this stage, days of psychological warfare. this follows us media reports to ron has dropped some key demands from the deal. allegations around denies san jay towel
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by john. the joint comprehensive plan of action was the result of years of negotiations. the final agreement was meant to end all allegations under the deal around except to restrict his nuclear program and give broad access to inspectors from the international atomic energy agency in order to restore trust. and at the same time, all sanctions imposed under the pretext of the nuclear allegations was supposed to be lifted as now a criminal regime which has illegal nuclear activities and doesn't give access to the i has stage psychological operations against iran over the past few days. we don't expect the i e a to continue its demands and it's not acceptable for it to do so. dot white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more on the u. s. media reports. it's been widely reported in the u. s. media there, ron has dropped, at least one of its main demands that demand,
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its insistence that international inspectors closed the investigation of its nuclear program. essentially that iran was to explain the presence of traces of uranium at 3 undeclared sites. now the reason the united states is hopeful that iran may have dropped this demand is that this would allow for the revival of the 2015 agreement, one, the former president, donald trump, abandoned in 2018 and current president joe biden is seeking to revive. now what we can tell you is that al jazeera has confirmed that iran has a very different view. in fact, an advisor to the iranian negotiating team tells al jazeera that the claims being made in u. s. media reports are false, still the washington side through the us state department is saying that even if these hurdles are overcome gaps remain and so finalizing this deal could take
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a little longer. still, this is coming at a very precarious time, given the fact that there are reports that are run now has enough uranium enriched to make a number of possible nuclear weapons. now these are any prime minister. yeah. a la pete is due to address the media in the next hour ahead of his visit to us. he's been calling on washington and european powers to walk away from the talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal with iran. will have an update and we hear from him still come on al jazeera, still living as refugees. 5 years after they flagged their homeland. we report on the challenges facing the wrangler community, plus ah, former detective pleads guilty to her role in the killing of brianna taylor, a case that spot protests against racial injustice in the u. s. ah.
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judy has begun. the, the full world cup is on its way to catherine group. your travel package today. we're midway through the week. here's your weather update for europe in africa. hi everyone. good to see you. so still disturbed weather across central and eastern portions of europe in for that eastern side or poland, top to bottom, some quite potent thunderstorms, including warsaw, could see some hail there, bursts of about 50 millimeters of rain by the time it's all said and done. and then those winds weapon up to 70 kilometers per hour could fire up some severe thunderstorms through grease his wall, and then we've got this slug of rain closing in on is stumbled. other side of the mediterranean cruise had made some good progress on wild fires, burning toward the northwest of spain. we've got some showers in the forecast. their temperatures have come down in lisbon with that breeze off the atlantic. now for the island of britain more so the southwest of england, northern england,
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into wales. we've got some rounds of rain to go. showers, i should say. and still for chad, southern and eastern portions, we've got that rain locked into place. and once again, those winds off the atlantic intensifying rain for guinea, sierra leone, and liberia. on wednesday, those winds are picking up for south africa as western cape province. this includes cape town, you know, i think we could see some wind gusts up to 90 kilometers per hour over the next 24 hours. that sure weather update. by for now. chatter air with issue and line of the journey is debating the issues of the day frog use as always been criminalized around though boundaries are right. these are just numbered. there people are a family and our friend and our community member on our online. i jewel, voice this mended to weep, don't believe in dialogue. political crisis must be saw flint and political as climate change progresses. there are some people who are in places that they're
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just going to have to read. there's no recognition about what we're ready facing. the street. oh, now 20. 1. a . welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap, those headlines according thailand is suspended prime minister prior channel child, while the review of his term limits is being completed prior took power in a coup in 2014 critic say he's reached the maximum limits of 8 years in office, iran says israel is trying to sabotage progress in reviving the 2015 nuclear deal. the head of iran's nuclear energy organisation says israel is stage days of psychological warfare. this follows us media reports to her on has dropped some
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major demands from the deal. ukrainians are holding new to celebrations, to mark 31 years of independence from soviet rule. mass gatherings have been banned in the capital key if curfews imposed in some cities. our families in poland, bracing for a tough winter. the country is facing wide spread coal shortages after russian imports of fuel were banned. unlike the rest of europe, poland relies on coal rather than gas for power and heating and re simmons travel took out a visa to see how people are preparing for the cold months. poland prides itself on its potential for being totally independent of russia for its energy needs. but there's a problem. it's a shortage of coal, not gas, like the rest of europe, rough, our rules, coal seller, is normally stocked up for winter by now. but he can't find any cold to buy,
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and if he could, he'd pay almost 4 times what he used to use them and you couldn't again, i'm not a minor orange urologist, but the coal is right here beneath our feet. and i've been trying to buy it for 3 months with 0 results, an average of he's right. this region is rich with coal, but polish production is limited. and the government has banned imported coal from russia, even though it's cheaper and more suitable for domestic use. we didn't invest in nuclear power yet or we cannot rely on natural gas. so all we have is gold when it comes to the heating sector, the situation is even worse because we were heavily dependent on russian. ready co, poland burns, a lot of coal, 87 percent of the total for households across the european union. coal mines surrounded by cues of trucks can't meet the demand. and if people knew the level of profiteering going on, they be even more alarmed. there's a reason that truck drove us from all over poland or spending days on end and cues
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like these. it's because the loads may be small, but the profits of big drivers are known to make at least a 100 percent profit from a coal yard dealer who will then raise the price by at least another 100 percent. this driver admits the 2nd old will suffer for the news or be tagged. what the government should do is get pension as a special allowance on coal delivered to their door. and it's sick. i don't want to profit from human misery, but that's how it is. the government says an annual coal allowance of around $630.00 a year will help a ministers say companies are importing coal ahead of the coming winter. polish companies are now importing call from other countries from colombia, indonesia, south africa, and replacing with that does the quantities of called and we're coming from ocean. it's a bit of a different logistics, so it creates challenges. but right across poland, people like this homeowner feel the government isn't doing enough. andrew simmons,
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al jazeera kat of id, sir poland and on thursday, andrew will report on challenges facing another eastern european country in the coming months. i'll be reporting on a different type of crisis here in hungary. it's 85 percent reliant on russian gas, and that's causing many problems. now group of e u countries is pushing for a battle rush and tourist russian, russia borders, european union members, finland estonia. lapierre, lithuania and poland. now all 5 wanted e y ban, rush and visitors block band russian plains from its space following moscow's invasion of ukraine in february. that turn countries with land borders into popular holiday destinations for russian tourists. russian license plates on luxury cars are a common science at finland's biggest airport is foreign minister says finland has
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become a transit country about is expected to be discussed at next week's meeting of e u. foreign ministers. voting is underway and i go and what's expected to be the closest election in decades. the routing parties aiming to extend its 47 years in power, frustration at rising poverty, and inflation is fueling a strong challenge from the opposition. a political parties are contesting the vote . the front runner is the governing peoples movement for the liberation of angola, or m. p l. a sled by president jour. lauren to his main rival is either better tow cost the junior. he leads you neater. the national union for the total independence of angola. costs are seeking a mandate to reduce poverty and tackle corruption. he says on goal is oil wealth mainly benefited it's deletes. more than 2 thirds of the population are under 30 years old. some analysts say this demographic is likely to determine the actions
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outcome. not a sir lawrence who is an africa political, i'm list that the consultancy control risks. she says the action. busy likely come downtime goes economic circumstances because i've gone through quite a tough time in the past 6 to 8 years. so in 2015 it entered into a recession, which would last for 6 years. and then of course, already being in a recession, it was hit very hard by the code, 900 and demick, especially when oil price, oil price crushed in april 2020. given that it's, that's a major revenue earning. and those, you know, really had an impact on socio economic conditions that were not that good to begin with. i think that's definitely contributions to a sense of disillusionment with the ruling party. the other thing is that when president, who took over in 2017, there was a kind of renewed optimism in the country that perhaps he would open up the great
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civil society space that he was whole local elections. that perhaps the board was brought a macro, economic stability that might start to trickle down. but of course, that hasn't entirely happened. some of it has been a lack of political will. other things have been just global shocks, but this is really contributed to this overall feeling of delusional. and, and this is, this is what you could potentially see the emperor late and not fair as well as it has had previous connections. now on thursday or hunger, refugees will mark the 5th anniversary of the exodus from me and my hundreds of thousands of people from the countries. muslim minority fled a violent military crack down 2017. now, nearly a 1000000 wrangler live in one of the world's biggest refugee camps and cox's bizarre freedom of movement is limited. they kept on the increasingly harsh conditions. bangladesh is pushing for their re pat creation. but the un human
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rights chief says it's too dangerous for them to return. convey child reason, cox's bizarre. he tells us more about the situation there. 5 years on a 1000000 ravages living in the largest refugee camp in cox says, bazaar, when you walk in the straits and talk to the wrong guys, you can send the frustration and sense of hopelessness. most know they are going back to me on my anytime soon. many of the rowing refugees re spoke to said that there was increase restriction in the cam. this is barbara all around the need permission to move around. there's also a gang violence within that time between growing our gangs. there's also killing of many of the camp leaders in recent months, as well as the last couple of years. there's also periodic incidence of fire across the come. many during us tried to flee the camp and head toward se asia for better life on the process. hundreds of died. more than 50 percent of the total joy hang
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out. refugees are children. when he walked across the camps, you said children everywhere. this is one of the major concern for the growing up families. they want education for their children. there is no formal education school, there's only informal school run by the unicef and other agencies, all the home based schools or shut down by the government. this is one of their main concern right now. nearly 1200000 home community are on the refugee camps. now they're also frustrated, but those government, it's also finding, it's difficult to manage the camp 5 years on that is no tangible movement. there's been a lot of visit by diplomats, you and represent teddy. but nothing concrete or tangible happen. so father has been to failure ipad creation process. many bilateral talks between me on moran bangladesh. the bang or the government, blame me and my for rigging on its promises. not making any effort to take back the rowing out to their homeland indirect kind. despite all the diplomatic efforts, bundles of government as well,
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community has not putting enough pressure on man to take back their residues to their homeland. a former us police officers pleaded guilty for her role in the death of brown and taylor, a black woman, shot and killed during a police raid. taylor died in a home in 2020 a death sparks protests against racial justice and police brutality. across the u. s. federal investigators say kelly good let conspired to create a cover story and added a line to a search warrant. echoed those large number of ports and weak institutions have turned it into a major transit point for hundreds of tons of narcotics aramark for the us, europe, asia, and russia. the c newman tells us how drug trafficking is causing unprecedented violence in the port city of choir keel. i said that this been more than a week since an explosion destroyed the homes and the lives of many living on
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a year or chill. a street in a poor, quiet neighborhood may, i don't mean of course. my daughter was sleeping with her husband when they heard machine gun fire. they ran to the window when the bomb went off in front of our house. you said his daughter and his son in law, each last deny the magnitude of the explosion lift 17 people injured and 5 dead authorities suspect it was directed at a drug trafficker, nicknamed cock roach, who reportedly had already left the scene to the 6 year old roxane, battery else died almost immediately. think i could put a key on the old one when we got denied my mother's body was found over there for you or young. are you? that explosion has been followed by 2 smaller ones this week in ecuador, its largest coastal city, where in the last year, the murder rate has doubled. i am. the government has responded by declaring a month long state of emergency,
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which allows the police and the army to work together to crack down on criminal organizations linked to drug trafficking cartels. about a year ago, 2 bodies were found hanging from this bridge here in the durant district. it marked the beginning of an escalation of violence here in y. yeah, kill. and since then, there have been decapitations, dismemberment of bodies of rival gang members, all of which have becoming more and more common in the country that had never seen those types of crimes before. but if the national police director of investigation says it would was geographic position is mostly to blame against almost employee and to those bicycle or we are waged between the world's 3 largest stroke, produces columbia in the north and peru. in the south africa, we've become embroiled in, in logistics, networking as a transit country. what we're seeing a crime sort of copied from colombian and mexican cartels. in order to generate tara and panic,
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the name of various weapons police have identified at least $26.00 criminal gangs. some of them small armies, who are fighting each other for the privilege of distributing drugs from here to the rest of the world. in the last 3 days, police have confiscated more than 4 tons of pure cocaine. in banana shipments that were earmarked to europe put that small consolation to the people of guy or child who say the police can't control the violence. that is why they're still living in fear. lucy and human al jazeera. why get t ecuador? columbia has ended a policy of destroying coco crops as newly elected president, gustavo petro overholser, fight against drug trafficking. the national police director says the authorities will focus on intercepting cocaine shipments and providing incentives for farmers to produce legal crops. previous governments deployed soldiers and drones to
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eradicate cocoa farms that lead to violent confrontations between farmers and security forces. brazil, the president, charitable scenario, has presided over a lavish ceremony to welcome the arrival of the preserved part of the country's 1st emperor, the embalmed organ of don peddler. the 1st is on loan from portugal, going on display as part of celebration next month, locking brazil $200000.00 of us 3 of independence. the occasion has become politically charged coming ahead of a busily contested presidential election in october. for me ahead of security at twitter says the company has no idea how many fake accounts are operating on the social media platform. peters that co is filed, the whistle blow a complaint with us officials in a t alleges the company misled regulators about its cybersecurity defenses. and was negligent and trying to.


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