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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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we are wedged between the world's 2 largest stroke, produces columbia in the north and peru. in the south africa, we've become embroiled in logistics networking as a transit country. what we're seeing a crime sort of copied from colombian and mexican cartels. in order to generate tara and panic, the name of body of weapons. police have identified at least 26 criminal gangs. some of them, small armies, who are fighting each other for the privilege of distributing drugs from here to the rest of the world. in the last 3 days, police have confiscated more than 4 tons of pure cocaine in banana shipments that were earmarked to europe. what that small consolation could the people of die yet, or child who say the police can't control the violence, is why they're still living in fear. to see in human al jazeera, why you're kill ecuador. ah,
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this is out of here and these are the top stories. it's 6 months since russia invaded ukraine. un security council has met to discuss the situation in the country. secretary general antonio terrace shall call it a sad and tragic milestone. the cranes at present for them as the lensky used his speech at the council to accuse russia of nuclear blackmail bars. what's happening right now is that russia has put the world on the brink of a radiation catastrophe. it's effect that the russian military has turned the territory of the largest nuclear power plant in europe. does a parisian nuclear power plant into a war zone. russia is responsible for our provocation, shelling and deployment of terrorists on the territory of the station under the russian flag. now, europe and neighboring regions faced the tread of radiation pollution. they marked the south and 3 magic milestone. 6 months since russia's 24th of february
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invasion of ukraine during these devastating periods, thousands of civilians have been killed and the injures, including under the children and countless others have lost their family members, friends, and loved ones well has seen great violations of international human rights law and internationally that in law, committed with little to no accountability and across the ukraine that people are also marking at 31 years of independence format. soviet rule, mass gatherings have been banned in the capital cave and curfews imposed in some cities for fear of renewed russian attacks. israel says it can't accept a revival of the nuclear deal with iran warning it will be used to destabilize the world. meanwhile, iran's foreign ministry says it's received the u. s. response european unions draft agreement and is affecting it now. us president joe biden
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has announced massive relief university graduates trying to pay off student loans upon allows up to $20000.00 in loan forgiveness for eligible bar was $43000000.00 people in america, carried federal student debt misstatement by instead the plan would give working in the middle class families breathing room. there's all the headlines. the news continues. heron houses here. that's after inside story. ah, south africa is powerful tried federations of cold for a national shut down. the government is accused of failing to tackle unemployment and the rising cost of living. but will the mass action make a difference?
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and how will that impact the already struggling economy? this is inside story. ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm tom mccrae. thousands of south africans have joined a protest. march you organized by tried unions. the frustrated by rising unemployment, increasing food and fuel costs and daily power outages, rallies have taken place in all provinces, with the largest in cape town and the capital praetorian. too powerful tried federations, had called for total shut down of the economy, demanding a government cap on fuel, the stable electricity supply, and a basic minimum wage. who bring in our guests in a moments, but 1st, l. g. there is for me to mila has more from pretoria. a few 1000 the workers have
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come out to contort the capital city of south africa to protest against the high cost of living. there are a number of different unions here, but the common 3 amongst them more than just how expensive it is to live in south africa. and that's essentially off of the cars. at 1910, we thousands of jobs. the last people look well without an income. now, while the government has put in place a very basic benefit of about $20.00 a month, for those who don't have jobs, it simply isn't enough, especially for the working class to say they can't afford the escalating costs of electricity. food which has gone up at least 10 percent over the last year as well as the poor transportation and also again the high cost of that. now they say they want immediate attention from the government and they say hasn't done enough to address some of these major concern mentioning amongst the working cars. and the invasion has gone up by 7.8 percent higher.
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so many south africans, it really is a struggle to survive today for me to my now i was just there for inside story before let's have a close to look at the situation in south africa. the economy has been stagnant since the 2009 financial crisis is deteriorated. further you to the fall out from the covert. 19 pandemic. and the war in ukraine. inflation hit a 13 year high and june, mainly driven by rising food and fuel costs. last year, unemployment hit record 35 percent. now the figure is even higher if it includes the number of jobless people who stop looking for work. women among the most vulnerable, nearly one and every 2 women doesn't have an income. the . well, it spring in august in durban is vicki and charlie,
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charlie general secretary of the congress of south african trades unions cross out to and patricia is jani. rousseau, economist and visiting professor advocates business school and going back to driven is the co. lo, with the national spokesman of the african national congress, a wound welcome to you will. thank you very much for being on inside story. let's start with you. becky. as you call for the strike action hasn't been a success. and this just going to be the 1st of many. thank you very much. it has been very successful. let's look at that number. you look to they, they impact august right in may. now, the times in which we're making close by this is to the protest action in the main you intended to raise the issues and to get this society debate in discussing the problem that they are facing. and hopefully government will then respond to the crisis that i have. and so we raised the states to 10000000 up on and so i went in
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milan and such a grand 10000000 on demand and electricity problems. the young people employed to gender baseball and they're going beyond propulsion. so we hope that with this action, which was the pitfall where causeway and joined by people in this will say you raised in the same problem. so we think that mistake has been driven home. so we can say successful. ok, dakota has the message been driven home, have, have you the i n c? have you got the message? in data? we got the message as the article issues raised by the way across were locked, you know, in our current practice. ready as usual, pressing way cost live to strike in the right to protest or demonstrate.
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and then exercise in the constitution of the in terms of chapter 2 of our constitution. and i think issues. ready related issues that are concern for us as the company in particular issues related to the cost of living, in particular the issue to other issues related to and they just, children tend updates and general safety issues. we also african national congress take the dad, dad, and i can into cognitive nauseous body to take them because we need to respond so far. we deleted a d 6 from the ghost. ready ready was shown
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a. ringback small 3 percent from 89 percent of other. ready us to be at 56 percent, but it's still more positive even the way down or if that is not a covered 19 but did as a result also slightly, she called them and i think it's incumbent upon us. is that going to be as close to me as the private se, to finalize on social co booked, and the find the mostly for fun this week because why we are now we're not, you know, i think most people would agree with it. jani, russo bring you and now what can you can on the impact of a strike like this have? and as we've heard, the union say more plan. so what effect will that have if they do carry on having more strikes like these? well, my calls any, the shortest in any economy rises,
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the cost of employment of labor makes it more expensive to employ people. so i actually like this employers will try to find ways to the place workers with capital. this is especially true in the midst of the industrial revolution. we, new technology saw the better over the place workers. so from that perspective, the stock is really not helping the flight floyd. i do this in the serious crisis. we need high economic and i've decided by the people that do things that the amc government has not do urgency need. and so it will be based on such time as we have to supply the fix that these we need service deliveries from our seventy's. but this i am, she government has no will be as we've seen off that
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a decade of good option state capture. this is the price that many south africans are paid for their mission that the agency government that's made in south africa. ok, dakota? what's your response? to that is this your miss no or all the challenges, but we have fair, disingenuous to say the c. busy when we took over. ready before we took all of us with the bucket of social well bringing a consolation and. ready one company to invest in the economy, which has not been the case where was said to cover cobol monies, which was lost from corruption. but we still expect the private sector to
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bring down pot reach has not been particularly in terms of reimbursed. you know about the equipment they created on drug and utilized sector. we we does that today. they've been investment, which is clerk. but which is a summer country down in patton b column. and i don't think that the best interest of any body it would be important to all of us together about social banks. we get. busy bank, it was supposed to be any game or not like me saying that got a call today because those are those funds. i don't know why really slow work on it's how do you in the future and rushing the country for the benefit of my
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children and those who come after us. okay, leading on from who's responsible to how do we go about fixing some of these problems? you know, we've, we've heard low wages, unemployment inflation, the high cost of petrol and food. becky, can you lay out exactly what it is you want the government to do now? i demanded. and business landed with one business to stop the investments trying one day tore. i mean to mobilize phase and invest back to the economy, went to the quality of the investment impact. so one business tool to do that from government. one tool. amanda regulation 28, which allows the finds of where kind of student passed in on social development on issues that to impress, that check cetera. by one s console. i mean,
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no one government to fix ethical because is true that without making this up you are not going to get any for an investor coming at home. but it's also in the interest of the be local business. triple to invest in ask, because you will be difficult for exxon because there's a coal fired power station to be able to track investment international people who said we can invest in cold power station. so it must be a business local business, domestic business that must be in best government has to do with corruption. we will create that some of the issues are issues of the past day preaching by corruption. it is not the question of trying please to privatize estate on enterprise because that was billed by
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a state is not is a is an issue that is that i think from how they a in sick government has been raising some of these issues. so you may want them to fix the prospect. so that's what can be able to transport goods from their production line to day to they buy and be able to export. so there are issues back to government can do immediately. it may not give all the results to employ 10000000 people, but it has to be done asked dining they issues all for for i went out with this is the, what i mean in technology has been on the time coming. i've been dealing with those issues. we know we've just kind of just thing in the international labor organization. technology is not going to be consumer. you can produce some things to technology, but some boyd to some way,
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a human being should be able to buy that. and for that human being to be able to buy the products that human being must been brought, there will be socially stability. so far out is not going to say who are kindly and is not going to say by economy. if we're going to be just using the mediation, we're going to be bringing 4 out of the 4 were comments that we know that when my kids are getting better, they're able to consume the codes that you the business will. so it's not just one way that you increase their wages and people are taking money and put you and the people are putting the money back to the economy. there are bonds, capitalist candidates back to they're using this technology. unemployment rate is very, very low, is not over 40 percent or 85 percent using the novelty finish. okay, jani ches on this, in your opinion, how has the economy been mismanaged?
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is this primarily the government's fault? or is it because of external factors that have been outside it's control for me i am she got no doubt in my mind about it. i didn't see government screwed up. it's been up to it's for we've had a very good at the station i had bought years ago that the she government should get the end of the national library. i. it is now 8 years like the money in the hands, lighter, di, based off of the airline. so the government also does not take good advice. i have another better advice for the government. the dentist is just publish. it really is scrutiny and we will know exactly what's going wrong. we will know exactly how to fix it or ever. this government lacks the whoa to change its own activities. their good option is in danger in the a and c government and they,
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for the people are suffering a lack of service. the liberty of incidentally investment in discovery world is, cannot guarantee that the electricity is obliged to stop with a strong publish all the problems or public scrutiny. these reason why should be a secret. and while we on this topic, the amc can also answer the question, why not publish all contracts of all government departments and all provincial government departments? excuse me, after all, it is only once we are full transparency, we will be able to fix discovery. but i would like to hear with i see on publishing of contracts, please. okay, dakota is that something that your government is prepared to to publish those contracts. busy the initial publishing concepts, there's never been
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a difficult montalvo. ready we want to call them by public information axis x, which allows agency to, to come in and petition through the card information on any state. and that's why the law allows. i don't understand why. so. busy would you access to the information back to the class, but also it can bring back by partitioning the court to get done. we're just not supposed to be difficult to do with the commission on state of capture where for public access information act and all other places which allows but it was in government and look, i don't see any difficulty for government persuaded property solutions regulation that make everything access every information conspiring
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because optimal ease of experience. busy sustaining the state and, and they want to know how we can develop a relationship where we're supposed to be different. no, it's not in a position and see where we we don't actually we stand show that there was a better life to the individual elements today. when they did that, and so far we have oxygen to do the african. ready chorus including some chevy jacobs. some by the way people be charged. so there is a general an example. so that issue that you got rid of
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us is something an action that we're going from? are people going into the report or they don't capture individual lives? people are meant where combinations can know what needs to be done. so there's nothing that ride from the we also treated. ready all what is happening and i don't think i can i think we missed a little more of us and that's why we're one from the private sector. and those who owns the commodities close to be honest governance country. but we're in charge of the command of the column, and i still even want be on the corner where my notice i
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just trillions and billions of rooms in our country. does that make you an example that there's an investment quote, we're all on the street on the video chain. so we are asking for the private sector, the, the money we don't government, you can have the private sector, but help us with social come to me together to on the goat. sluggish schools, beg. busy students because is not over to the betterment of the digits under quote is also overcome with buses. at least 2 months must go. okay, just focusing on the power crisis in south africa at the moment. rolling blackouts sometimes for up to 6 hours a day in places, has been described as a winter of discontent. obviously having a severe effect on the economy and could even last for another 2 or 3 years.
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picky just how bad is it and how devastating has it been to the economy and the workers that oversee that supports. thank you very much for the question. now press one to reach a member to point me that option the in south africa is not only the politicians, but also the private sector that deeply involved incorruption. so let's accept that . it takes 2 to tango. private sector is involved in corruption. i've seen it through as under commission in regards to the question, i've been getting the bus day to be the question of the slo, shave being stopped and timing and etc, etc. and we understand because we have met with the men of ask women understand the problem and they said, look, you can stop shaving now,
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maybe 4 months or so. but what will have been there will be shut down because if you are not giving air space for maintain names on some of this unit, we're just going tweak is asked. and they're trying to my make a very kevin more and slow processes because they have a m, a g. the question of the i p p. and the one that a private sector tend to, to, to establish is not going to have planned in the next 6 months or so it's going to take maybe 12 miles to the 6 months in dealing with those. so it's something that we have to, to live with it unless government, they promise they are going to look to their procurement process states. because why don't the program escal management is saying that following the, the process is and in procuring and in escal, it takes one very, very long time. by the time you receive the, the parts that you want,
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it mainly will be in dealing with those issues. so if carmen can come up, bring as common port and everybody on board and deal with this issue. i think we can mitigate some of these processes while we're trying to find the last thing solution. but is defense state ok jani. just want to finish with you briefly here on unemployment. obviously, you know, record highs. why can't the, for the kids economy match the demands or availability of that workforce? you mean you've got very high unemployment but also a youth unemployment, but a really highly educated one. what is the main issue there i think is either brought to georgia, tech guy says it's a national crisis. and unfortunately, people suffered as a result of the national crisis. and the problem was long as the population kind of
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higher the population goes as about want to know how to say to me as being an allow guys as a result of good actions in the amc government. as i stated before. busy and whether relation entered on me i didn't brother remove it will not become small, that the economy will not go until such time as we have electricity from a strong service delivery admins, or government. obviously a range of issues that are clearly a going to take some time to solve. just want to thank all 3 of our guests speaking chelly chelly, jani rousseau, and dakota, la with a thank you so much for coming on the program. well, thank you. also for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com and for further discussion,
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