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tv   People Power USA - Climate Wars P1  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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each the size of a dinner plate left by a dinosaur that it was about 4 and a half meters high. weighs about the same as a hippopotamus. was a carnival. and the detail is astonishing. lamps, 2, such astound left a lot of detail from the feet of the acro that walk through there. and so you can see things like, you know, the pads on the, on the seat, things that you don't expect to see a dancer track. it's that old 100 years. because with water in the river, the tracks would normally be covered by sediment. the joke has dried, died out, revealing the historic find volunteers have been working to document and preserve this little snapshot of history. but with me predicted this look into the past, me soon disappear. alan fisher, i'll just here. don't forget the you can find much more on that story and all of the days news on our website. how does it come? ah,
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a reminder of the top stories and i'll just 0. it's 6 months since russia invaded ukraine, which marks the milestone on its independence. day, large gatherings of band because of warnings of russian attacks. meanwhile, the un security council held an open session to discuss the war. both of the ukrainian president on russia's ambassador to the united nations had a chance to address the meeting to lensky. use the moment to call attention to a possible nuclear catastrophe, and the russian held separation power plant. what's happening right now is that russia has put the world on the brink of a radiation catastrophe. its effect that the russian military has turned the territory of the largest nuclear power plant in europe. does a parisian nuclear power plant into a war zone. russia is responsible for our provocation, shelling and deployment of terrorists on the territory de station under de russian flag. now, europe and neighboring regents faced the tread of radiation pollution on us a will,
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through zeppelin bought new r a former western partners instead of condemning their ukrainian mentees are supplying them with more and more new types of weapons which reach areas which keep could not previously reach them and doing this, they are becoming accomplishes in crimes against a civilian population. with israel says it can't accept a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal with iran. warning will be used to destabilize the world. it follows accusation some iran's nuclear chief. israel has been waging what he calls psychological warfare to cyber charge, a return to the agreement. iran has denied us media reports that it's dropped some of its key demands. under the deal, iran agreed to limit us nuclear program and return for the easing of international sanctions. as being renewed fighting between ethiopian government forces and troops from the northern region of to crime ending a months long cease fire,
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the indian government says its army shot down a plane carrying weapons to decry which entered ethiopian ass face from neighboring sudan. the exact location where the plane was shot down is unknown. rebel forces into cries, say the government statement is a blatant lie. and sedans, military has not responded to the claim. okay, those are the top stories here and al 0 stay with us. are people in power is coming up next? don't go away. not in america is a region of wonder joy, tragedy, and yes of violence. but it doesn't matter where you are. you have to be able to relate to the human condition away. no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why me as elsewhere in the world. the last few years seen reco temperatures and wildfires
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in the usa some of the long predicted consequences of manmade warming. but surprising numbers of americans still maintain that scientific proof of climate change is either exaggerated as soon this approach to control their lives. this to pop film goes in search of some of those already affected by the ceiling. and those who suddenly refuse to respect science, the evidence in front of their writing coolant blue. ah, this summer prompted by some of the highest recorded temperatures in its history.
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large parts of the united states have been devastated by drought. but 2022 isn't unique. it's been like this for several years now. searing heat waves dried up rivers and reservoirs, huge wildfires all the devastating consequences of global warming. but scientists have been warning about for decades. what is different about 2022 is that this might be the here that the u. s. government began to take climate change seriously . in early august, president joe biden signed into law a spending bill that among other provisions for health care and tax reform, will commit almost $370000000000.00 to tackling the climate crisis and reducing the carbon emissions of the world's largest economy. this bill will kick start the era of affordable, clean energy in america. it's a game changer. it's a turning point,
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and it's been a long time in coming. but what remains to be seen is whether the initiative album, anything to change the hearts and minds of those americans who still refuse to accept the global warming is real or convince them they should change the way they live and do business. ah, this is the utah desert, where temperatures routinely exceed 40 degrees celsius every summer. and this is carmel knutson, a real estate developer. our abilene construction were starting about 11 houses up here currently, and we just started another $58.00 up. it's a poor city. we have a commercial section and we're going to have a scald searches, all those things. soon, 30000 people will be living here. the 1st have already moved in,
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drawn by the development center piece attraction. especially with the lockdown and things. there's not a better place to be locked down than on a golf course. the fact that these acres of christine green grass watered several times a day. it's an 18 hole golf course with a lake on whole line and an artificial stream. a lot of people are getting married on on golf courses are very beautiful pictures, you know, being by water and grass and everything in the middle of the desert. it just, it gives it a very unique feel. it's an incongruous sight in the heart of a state which has recently been hit even worse graph and history. the local laws allow cameron to take all the ground water he needs. yeah, this is a whole pump if he builds his own well. this is where the well is all merged. what
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are i? i think it's in gallons for men and i think it's like 200 burning algebra. in fact, that's likely not enough. the more construction like this there is, the more pressure falls on scarce resources elsewhere. so this is barely completed . unlike the golf course, these houses will draw their drinking from a neighboring cities, already depleted water reserves. yet for now, profits are all that matter. here. this side is 1700000, and then the small size 1.3 is you want to buy it. if you want to rent it, i think it's about $1500.00 a night per side. each unit has their own hot tub in pool down this entire line. so these are some water laminar as they just squirt water into the pool. when you have a long lat pole in a hot tub. in the face of some of the worst water shortages, the u. s. has ever seen. many may wonder if projects like this are appropriate, but cameron shrugs off any concerns. so the question, is there
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a better solution for water? which is tell, i want to stop living her. so that's, i guess we can tie one in the middle east that too, cuz i water. so don't find water. don't produce water. i just don't live there anymore. so we are at rhode island. i guess it reflects an argument that continues to divide america caught between the reality of a climate of urgency and a desire to keep business going at all costs. meanwhile, the u. s. like the rest of the world just keeps getting born. in 2021, the united states recorded its hottest ever summer as temperatures reached unbearable levels. and hundreds of thousands of acres of forest burnt getting closer to town this year. it's the same. lakes and rivers are drying up kind of strange as someone living in america without water. yet much of the country is still in denial
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. hotel casinos, golf course is still contribute to the depletion of water supply. climate change skeptics continue to find a receptive audience. there are more polar bears right now on the earth than ever before. you're doing great. meanwhile, when resources come under pressure, conspiracy theories thrive figure to plan by control water, the control to people. so will it ever be possible for americans to reach consensus about a crisis that most see all too plainly, yet others believe is either exaggerated or a sinister plot to restrict their freedom? in this 2 part report, we've been in search of answers to a question that never seemed more urgent. we cannot live in a group that is getting this hot. oh, it's like the titanic heading for the iceberg. we don't have time to screw around
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death valley, california. it's long been one of the hottest places in the united states. but now it's increasingly savage. temperatures are attracting tourists, looking for selfies. we've never been here before. we've always wanted to come here and so call check it out. yeah. but it is getting hotter. i feel like around the world. it's just all getting hotter when we were filming the temperature was just about bearable between 42 and 44 degrees. but it's been getting much warmer and the greater the heat, the more impressive the photos to share on social media. hartman go. hundreds of such pictures if appeared online in recent months. austin, with humorous remarks attached. whether it's $55.00 degrees, $56.00, or even $59.00 for many, this is global warming enjoyed as
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a holiday experience rather than something terrifying, but at least it reflects reality. elsewhere in the country, others have yet to be convinced. the global warming is real. it's sunday morning in fort mill, south carolina, a city dominated by this huge complex. it's home to a christian organization, morningstar ministries and includes a university campus businesses, a hotel, and a church. in the latter, a service is taking place. ah . despite its historically high temperatures, the u. s. continues to be the most climate change skeptical country in the west to a large extent that reflects the current point as the nature of american politics around 56 percent of republican voters say they don't believe in global warming. a
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constituency that's clearly reflected by the morning, so our congregation understand with their pastor, rick joiner has been on climate skepticism for years. and he's the author of several books on the subject. his audience pays close attention, i believe. and change thing, which i do believe is a ruse of believe it's more literally motivated and i have been prayer for science . i am for song builders. are you styles just like you're spreading news and very, very, very entrepreneur wondering when, how it, it gives you world. now that's part of the judgment of god. he is want to restore the earth till the paradise was originally created to be his message, which he later comes out to share with us is simple trust in god mobile climate change isn't happening and don't believe those who say it it with me on everything
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. yeah. we have heard for centuries, for the whole history of man, there been here again soon. all this stuff to, sorry, this is happened because the kilometer and it makes some looks for what makes them look ridiculous in the lot of people just get turned off their appointments. but the problem for america's climate change skeptics is it facts are undeniably facts . and what is now universally accepted science can't be just wished away. global warming is accelerating at an unprecedented rate because of human activities, and the consequences are now everywhere to be seen. in the summer of 2021, california was hit by a huge wave of wildfires. in the space of a few months over $400000.00 hector is a forest, would destroy trees, scrub and wildlife will be only casualties. dozens of people or injured thousands more,
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were forced to leave their homes. theresa and don lived in greenville a small community of around a 1000 people in the northern part of the state. one evening in august 2021. their settlement found itself in the path of an oncoming blaze. i just can't believe our town went up like that. it moved real fast. it went through that it went through that town quick. this is what it was looking like. this was just you for the sheriff pulled up and told us you guys need to get out of town as fires coming down into town. oh, powerless to stop the imminent disaster. the couple could only watch and film as the flames drew near with. i can hear timber does blow another play, have helicopters, go crazy on it. right now we get this for like this one right here. this one right here. not like i did in
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a couple hours. the 1st health it almost completely destroyed. the intense flames had made it impossible for the emergency services to prevent catastrophe to day for the 1st time since the fire theresa and dawn are being allowed back to their home to see the damage. the 1st time we got back you way that you know, i've been stress sounds bad. we didn't have insurance, we don't, you know, we rented the place, no rentals insurance, and now we gotta figure out where we're going to let you know. we gotta start to your live over again. as they get closer to the town, the devastation becomes more and more a. first, they are to attend the meeting for the local county sheriff and about 30 other
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critical residents. first off, i just want to thank everyone for being able to come. i notice was difficult. i want to give you folks opportunity to actually go to your residence as m. look and see how things are there videos. if you want, take some pictures and, and try to spark the human process. this is what greenville looked like before the fire. ah, and this is what is left of it now. ah, amid the ruins of their old home, theresa and dawn are hoping to find some possessions. it's just sad. looks like a bomb, went off in our town. they've lost almost everything that my dads told bourbon. he's going to be somewhere in here. like my dad just passed away and i had all his stuff in here. so i mean,
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it wasn't the most fabulous home, but it was home for us. you know, he just said, scary isn't stuff with all cans are pretty tough. it's all the can be found of their former life here. the memories that you have on them. now, they are reliant on the kindness of others. part of a native american community. their tribe is housing them temporarily in a hotel room. this laundry basket and this laundry basket. and that laundry basket is pretty much all we made it out with our daughters. we got approved for another week and we know we're good until monday and we'll see what they say from there. but we, we were looking for a travel trailer to move in to and we want to put them in the area
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the couple are getting only limited welfare support as elsewhere, the effects of climate change are often felt most by those who can least afford it . in another part of california, the extreme temperatures mean many low pay farm workers are having to change to night shifts. this is near dunnigan, an agricultural town in the north of the state. some of california is best wine is produced here on immense vineyards that cover the plain. but to day in the middle of the harvest period, the fields are empty. the searing heat makes work impossible. i am a champion with
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the it's over 40 degrees in the shade during the day and 28 at night. virginia does everything she can to keep the temperature down. during the day, she takes care of her 2 little girls i herself name with a laugh and fell out as the little man looked at the leo babel though. uh huh. and the little, the little man, la, but i have been sophia castilla miss that have been what a girl i think of many of the nick of setting up the law who say her husband is a farm worker for the last 6 years during the 6 hottest summer months he has been working at night when the temperatures drop during the day he tries to rest as best he can work with me. family do
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their best to keep things cool, but it still 25 degrees inside the house. if the lighter got them off for the loyal norm for younger exact, i'm interviewing one of your sierra really and forgetful? he'd gone mark on the info they left off of the anthem. must deleon fair keel or kiss america for be a hipaa like us? i cannot be a mere ansolaski on finger failed little and fancy spike in free and poker like awesome. what, right. if that thing woke up there, he hello, which i'm which and that he yeah, there's a think just thought a mini mauch or us. but in the little while this is mother which order the i thought i didn't bookish them. one like us up i can eat in free own vocal. like i said, the air conditioning and fans costs around $250.00 a month. a lot of money for a low income family that one month. it means jose has to work even harder to pay the bills. they don't want to go ahead and watch it. doesn't make it at the input.
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it went on the 11th of them. is it a lot of money? you 1000000 must. minutes, bill is william bear with me at 5 pm. his day begins a night work is becoming routine here. in part, this is because 800 workers died of heat in the united states in the last 20 years . but it's also because the machines can't run in the extreme daytime temperatures went on. and i think what i'll think of lou ah, i also don't got a letter from wayne mcdonald football arrival just i will double that i thought as
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a 1 dollar and i'm not just entering come, we fell in network of the letter to some work done on our on the line maybe there is also a feel i'm mikey, not a possible on my chemo once. i got it. so my thought, ah, with the temperatures rising so much, jose is unlikely to see his work schedule change, and industries other than farming are also now being affected. california salmon industry is one of them. in midsummer 2021. as rivers began to dry up, the state had to arrange for almost 17000000 fish to be taken by truck to the sea. the roots, they would normally follow were no longer inevitable. in the same
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month as forest fires blazed, fire fighters began wrapping the states famous 1000 year old redwoods and aluminum to protect them from the heat. elsewhere in central, california farmers began tearing down thousands of fruit trees because there was insufficient water to irrigate them. in one reservoir, near los angeles, state officials even tried covering the water with millions of small black plastic bowls to prevent evaporation. desperate measures for desperate times, ah, but some of these decisions are unusual in las vegas in neighboring nevada. the response to water shortages seems almost perversely contradictory in the cities, outer suburbs patrols, now monitor the streets to limit water misuse. perry k is one of the official i'm always looking for evidence. i worked for o'clock in the morning to 230 in the
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afternoon, but we have people out here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. i'm right. there's that one there's that is of yeah, we've got a violation right here. okay. she's here soon. force a simple rule. while it's ok to have a sprinkler on your lawn. the water hit the sidewalk. waterways investigator, 7158 time is now 750. 5 a. m 26 of august. i have a broken sprinkler. is water spraying off causing run off and this one is broken causing the run off over here the same thing. this one is misaligned. this is hit misaligned and is hitting the sidewalk causing the run off. misaligned sprinklers,
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the offenders received 2 warnings before being sanctioned. a 3rd violation means of fine is $80.00 after paid in the ticket, the owner of the house arrived. are you doing sir? waterways investigator. the sprinkler over here is broken and it was running off into the property. you need to adjust to sprinklers to keep the water on the, on the sidewalk. yeah, that one, there's 2. it is broken as well. so the ones in the corners are broken. that's what's causing that. a simple tap of the foot. they go, okay, you 6 that have now here's an actual good shape. ah, you are no longer in by lucian, except for that brooklyn. and that's the end of parry case shit. all right, thank you. thank you. renewed us call us with the las vegas authorities insist that these patrols drastically limit water wastage. but meanwhile, no one seems to be police in the city's huge casino hotel. or clearing the gondolas
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from its artificial canal or turning off the giant fountains. let's break tons of water every day. in truth, the city is an ecological catastrophe. a money making machine in the dry mojave desert. it arguably couldn't exist at all, were it not able to draw water from lake meat 30 miles away, which as the right of the satellite picture shows has steadily shrunk as the city has grown over the past 30 years. back then, the lake was full. the white line on the rocks. now, every year it's levels fall to some, a glaring metaphor for americans reluctance to fully acknowledge global warming over those same 3 decades. they also have to do touch with. people don't like to do. good. god, good,
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good. good. you do have a fire had a good the way you'll have a 50 yard thought when required, so it won't be able to get to the other side. they don't do that. we'll see a little while back. so with so much evidence of climate change to hand, why are so many americans still reluctant to accept the families? we obviously feel very strongly that if we ignore that science and sort of put our head in the sand and think it's all about vegetation management. we're not going to succeed together, protecting california. so it'll start getting cooler. i will just, you just watch, ah. the impression of an ethnic minority and man mom goes back many days. the intention was to make sure that bro henders were no longer entitled to either
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a basic price or citizenship right. al jazeera explores the history and motives behind the systematic persecution after a hinge and me and my exiled on out his era. examining the impact of today's headline is that both hotline is what then happens setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions. i would likely is that ukraine is actually going to get the rebuilding support that it, me international filmmakers and warcraft journalists. bring programs to inspire broadcaster, hector government. i all think i can return to my life anymore. france is eroding some of it's almost 5 freedoms on al jazeera, pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy was the i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the rodney democracy may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an
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opening is going to come when are fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera, indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10th largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies. being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you in vest indonesia now ah ukraine says 22.


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