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to believe democracy is west dying full, we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy. on how to 0, indonesia your investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business, partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies. being the power house, indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you in vest indonesia now. ah, ukraine says 22 people are killed in russians. strikes is at mach 6 months since
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the invasion began to they march the south and frederick milestone. the crimes president tells the un security council, the wells futures being decided in his country. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out as they are alive and also coming up a ceasefire. shattered in ethiopia as fighting breaks out between government forces and rebels in the north. the u. s. president unveils plans to cancel some student loans, but critics one it could make soaring, inflation worse. all this means people who start finally crawl out from under that mountain of death. again on top of the rent utilities. and will tell you why dinosaur tracks millions of years old have been uncovered in texas. ah,
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the cranium president says russia launched a rocket attack on the eastern railway station on wednesday, killing at least 22 people. president vladimir zalinski, spoke of strikes and chaplain, near the east and daniel region during his independence day addressed to the united nations. he had warned increased attacks 6 months into russia's invasion. rescue workers are searching for more victims under the rubble. theresa by report, some keys on how independence day was marked across the country. was pretty sick. father and son walking to pay tribute to those killed in the war. both of them were injured in the fight against russia. that attended, entangle, says he's getting ready to go back to the front once he has recovered. this is not a celebration with this. his memory celebration will be after the victory, when every one returns home, alive and fallen. we have many losses now. it's independence day ukraine. but there
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are no celebrations this year because of the war. it may have been 31 years of independence from soviet rule, but the fight for freedom people say, is more alive than ever. this past takes months, thousands of people have been killed and injured. millions have been displaced. this is a memorial side. ought to remember those who have been killed in this conflict. there's also this book that you can see here where people can come and write their own personal story of loss. be having coming year steadily all day. remembering those they have lost. it's a big concern because i, sheila play says the war has cost extensive damage, especially in southern and eastern ukraine, where the fighting is ongoing. seen all around ukraine as a result of this conflict. a tremendous amount of suffering, of physical suffering, of also mental suffering. a population that is traumatized. we see, you know, critical infrastructure damaged or destroyed, including water infrastructure,
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also health facilities, also educational facilities. some really basic goods are very hard to come by, including food, including water, presidency landscape, reaffirmed his call to recover the territories occupied by russia. he walked through the center of kiera, accompanied by british prime minister maurice johnson. hundreds of destroyed russian tanks were put on display on the street, an open act of defiance to russia. se lensky had set moscow with planning a series of cruel attacks on independence day. se brown put on my board, the enemy thought we would read them with flowers and champagne will receive reeds molotov cocktails. instead, what are they waited for innovation, but got explosions. the occupy believed you could parade through the centre of our capital of know what you could witnesses parade to day on krisha chic street. to get me approved, the enemy equipment can only appear in the center of key if looking like this but, and destroyed the on wednesday air raid sirens found it all day
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across the country. i reminder of the imminent threat but people keep remain on the streets. many say they've been afraid for too long this year the marking of independence has a different meaning. people say they are still fighting for it. and the only option they have against russian aggression right now is to win the war. that is, i will, i just see that you meanwhile, in new york city, the united nations has been weighing in the security council held in open session to discuss the war, both ukrainian president and russia's un ambassador addressed the meeting. so did the un secretary general, who reminded members of the human cost of the conflicts today, marks a says and tragic milestone. 6 months since russia's 24th of february invasion of ukraine. during this devastating periods,
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thousands of civilians have been killed than the injures, including others of children, or something to me as more from un headquarters in new york. as ukraine and russia continued to blame each other for escalating the conflict, you and officials are warning of deepening global divisions. what some members of the security council have described as a returned to the cold war. those divisions were on display and a meeting called by ukraine's backers, marking 6 months of conflict. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski took part virtually warning that the world's future would be decided on ukraine's territory. russia accused the un secretary general antonio terrace, of taking sides for calling out its invasion of ukraine as a legal. but the secretary general's remarks focused on de escalation and the humanitarian impact of the conflict. whether it's the thousands of civilians who have been killed, the 13000000 ukrainians who've been displaced or the 84 countries now facing food
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insecurity as a result of rising prices linked to the conflict. the secretary general called on all countries to put people 1st as happened in the black sea green initiative when ukraine and russia worked together to increase food exports. but he warned that insecurity would only get worse and much more russian fertilizer, currently impeded by western sanctions, can come to market. overall, it was a grim assessment with you and officials warning that 6 months into the conflict. there's still no end in sight or years. president joe biden has announced a further $3000000000.00 and military aid for ukraine. it's the u. s. his biggest assistance package for ukraine. so far, the deal includes antea croft missiles, artillery radar encountered drone defenses, including this latest pledge the bottom administration has provided more than $13000000000.00 in military aid to crate. renewed fighting in northern europe here
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has broken a month, long cease fire, but even government forces on a rebel troops on the 2 great region. the government says its army shot down a plane carrying weapons into 2 dry, which entered ethiopian airspace from neighboring sedan. rebel forces on the government of accused each other of striking 1st and violating the ceasefire, but present get to humanities. and if you have been research and lecturing politics at the university of can t says this latest escalation and to grow, that's been out into a wider conflict. i think the main problem is that 2 parties are not going forward in terms of starting to stock, particularly the federal government unknowns with last week. it is ready to start the piece talk as quickly as possible without any precondition which the liberation front to write only party rejected not to participate in peace book unless 2 conditions are full. for the 1st one, resumption or services, the integral region,
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and the returning back of the waste one or 2 great to to grad instruction. so this created a kind of deadlock that the negotiation will not start that and go forward so that the degree region, oregon nonsense that unless those 2 conditions are met, it will, it will start at war to break the siege. so this is the main issue that triggered renewed hostility between the 2 parties in the south part of 2, right? there is a chance that it will expand into a full scale war unless the 2 parties at stay away from part of the conflict and try to deescalate the situation and bring back one basis to negotiation table. so there is a chance that it will expand, provided that, that to great regional government to stick to it is pre conditions which the federal government will not accept thousands of. so for comes of walked off the job to protest against the rising cost of living. they want the government to intervene
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as the price of fuel electricity and food source. miller is in pretoria with more the runaway inflation hundreds of thousands of jobs last and a sharp increase in the cost of living have bought thousands of, of africans onto the streets. they want the government to address a number of issues from pay rises to a stable electricity supply really after that. not easy. yeah. a lot. cry. yeah. cry please. as opposed to be did. but you're not teaching. you know, they're not, they're not really performing economy worsened by the knock on effects of a cobra. 19 pandemic and inflation. is that a 13 year high for the way forward tapping in for the anger? that's definitely developing over prices over pay of the poor people over food i worked with a group,
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put the community organizing working group which operates manian in over settlement . and the demand that they've come with here is sent me to food for all. now can you imagine that how desperate that things are getting in africa just yesterday we i'm about to unemployment rate in africa, which we mainly affect the you so hence we are here today. want to hit the call to the government and they can, they can see that looking into to do things about their issue of implement while the government is implemented in unemployment grant, a $20.00 a month, it's simply not enough. and more than a 3rd of the population is unemployed, organizes that hopeful and nationwide shut down to bring the economy to a home. while a few thousands have come out to the street. many others have been to
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however, it would be difficult for the government to disregard union demands. the governing african national congress is part of an alliance with the congress of south africa . trade unions. one of the biggest, what is federations? given the recent waning of support for the party can't afford to ignore workers calls the meet amola al jazeera pretoria. not so to come here now does air including on the hunger strike for 5 months, this banister, him prisoner, explains why he had to die unbalanced. counting his underway in angola in a tightly contested election that could bring major changes morning. ah sir, now for your weather story for the americans. hello, everyone. great to see you. so temperatures are starting to climb once again in a sasan you're up to $32.00 degrees. we got some disturbed weather around the river
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plate region, but nothing major. also no real major rainfall. cross said top end of south america sher, it's still raining, just not at the same intensity as it has over the last little bit. but the winds are scooping up that moisture of the south atlantic and giving us some showers for that northeast coast of brazil. after central america, we go and the problem spots really along the border with mexico and guatemala, to those darker colors there, darker the color, the more intense the rain is falling and flood warnings in play across mississippi . as this rain moves further toward the east for a tapping into moisture off the gulf of mexico and is just ringing it out over this area. war of storms have been stalled out and we've seen just copious amounts of rain dumped on that area. high temperatures, los angeles at 30 degrees and his temperature is also climbing toward the pacific northwest portland has a height of 34 on thursday, and we've had some dry spells, but also thunder downpours across the great lakes that continues but a stellar de, along that east coast new york,
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looking good with the high of 29 degrees. enjoy it. that's it for me. i'll season ah, with them. they say walls have years in palestine. they also have eyes and teeth. architecture is used by r. s. a with teo advisement reveals the role of architecture in israeli occupation . everything in this panorama, ease of tactical tune within the architecture for the patient. just need to know how to code it. the architecture of finance, part of the rebel architecture series. and i was just, you know, ah ah,
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welcome back to pick them out about top stories here. this ukraine presidents as russia has most a rocket attack on an eastern railway station, killing at least 22 people. the strikes happened as ukrainians march, 6 months since the invasion began. the un security council held an open session to discuss the conflict, both ukrainian president on russia's. he went in boston addressed the meeting. so did the you inspected. general reminded members of the human cost of the war. now wednesdays, independent celebrations in ukraine were limited, but many around the world have been gathering to show that solidarity. thousands of people demonstrated in berlin somewhere ukrainian refugees who said their thoughts were with those still living in their homeland. they said they felt it was important to show their presence. very important because we have to show people and all over the world. but still, as it for 6 months ago, we are still full full of power to fight back and allow russian, sir,
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do what. there was no answer to it. just criminal and european leaders also sent messages of support to the ukrainian people. but as nadine barber reports, economic pressure caused by the war might make continued support for ukraine are to sell to the european public singing the national anthem in belgium. but this, of course, is ukraine's unfair parts of a coordinated effort by europe to send a renewed message of solidarity lucila on the lion was wearing the colors of ukraine's flag. as she joined other leaders in addressing the ukrainian population . we can never match the sacrifices you are making every day at we can and we will stand by your side. the formulas went dead and defending the sovereignty and independence of ukraine is defending the stability of our world of am vita roughly found, we will continue delivering weapons from all that. how it says to antiaircraft
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systems, month after month, the way britain's prime minister, who is in cave on wednesday, promised ukraine every possible military economic and humanitarian support, including new drones or you a v's. to day, i can tell you that more artillery. oh, artillery, a more ammunition is on its way and a 2000. you avi's johnson's not being seen at 10 downing street for a while. he's been holidaying before leaving office next month. but there's no missing the symbolism of the flowers outside across europe than we've seen, ostentatious displays of support for ukraine. but as the war drags on the international communities appetite for continuing its military support to the key of government could be severely tested. since february, many european nations, including the u. k, france and germany have provided weapons and training directly to the ukranian army . but last month, europe 6 large countries offered ukraine, no new bilateral, military commitment. for the 1st time since russia invaded the struggle to cushion
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the public from soaring energy, price rises and knock on from the conflict. could make it harder for political leaders to justify more spending on ukraine. now as we see gas prices rise even further, likely to push your up into a recession this winter, we have elections coming up in particular in italy that are going to be quite significant. and we're some of the right, but not all of them are, are more friendly towards the regime. and i think the real focus needs to be understanding that there is the economic war going on simultaneously for now. the words and gestures of support showed no sign of drawing up, but what ukrainians might be tempted to wonder is, how long will the outside world make sure their country can resist on the battlefield? the dean, bob al jazeera london president emanuel macros says france will have to make sacrifices that deals with the impact of the war ukraine and climate change. summer has been marked by drought, massive wildfires, and storms. the government says it's on everyone to make changes. the mobile local,
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we are asking businesses to make an effort. as you know, there will be a decrease banning the lighting of shop windows between 1 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the morning. it's going to have a significant impact. i don't want to talk nonsense, but i think it's the equivalent of the energy consumption of a 110000 french people, just this measure alone. so you see there are no small measures. there are only big gestures for the climate and for the planet. yes, president joe biden has announced debt relief. um, millions of americans are trying to pay off student loans. the plan will cancel up to $10000.00 in federal student loans for people who are less than a $125000.00 a year old. and 45000000 people in the u. s. carry federal student debt. i shall castro as more from washington $62000.00. that is the cost of $1.00 year's tuition here at george washington university. as college prices in the u. s. continue to sore up, up up. wednesday's announcement from the white house takes
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a small nibble from the financial burden built by graduates who had to borrow money from the federal government to afford their education. about $27000000.00 people will have $20000.00 of their student debt. wiped away another $60000000.00 people will see their outstanding balance is diminished by $10000.00. president biden says this executive action makes good on his campaign promised to tackle student debt. all this means people who start finally crawl out from under that mountain, a debt to get on top of their rent utilities to finally think about buying a home or starting a family or starting to business. and by the way, when this happens, the whole economy is better off. there is some concern though, that taking this action will only make it more difficult to bring down the inflation from its current 40 year high in the u. s. and there's been criticism from both sides about whether this action is fair progressive,
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say that there really should have gone much further, or would have been better served, helping people who are low wage earners that didn't go to college at all. meanwhile, conservatives called this student loans, socialism, president, biting knowledge that criticism, but said that this action was much needed and fair. the police chief at the us school district at the center of mass shooting in may, could soon become the 1st officer to lose his job. over the attack, peter aradonda was under scrutiny for the bungled police responds to the shooting, rob elementary school in a valley. 19 children and 2 teachers were killed a school district to set it aside. if he'll be fired. pakistan's, former prime minister in one car, is due to appear in court to face tara charges in the coming hours. it was jogged with making threats against the judiciary and police in a recent speech, he was forced out of office and i had no confidence motion in april. but his popularity has surged as people face a sharp rise in the cost of living. the rocky president by him sali husband holding
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talks with top officials from the judiciary and parliament to address the countries ongoing political crisis. garage has been paralyzed by a political deadlock for more than 10 months, leaving un, unable to form a stable coalition government the u. s. military says it's carried out a strike. navy syrian city of dazzle says it targeted facilities used by groups affiliated with the wrongs revolutionary, god comes off the u. s. military units report and it came on a rocket fire from iranian back. groups to iran has denied any links to the targets hit by us. israel's top court has rejected an appeal to release a palestinian detainee on hunger strike for several months. colleena water has been protesting his detention without charge. our correspondent natasha her name spoke to him under morning. some viewers may find the images in her report. distressing. khalilah while dot says his body feels like it's devouring itself. the 40 year old
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has been on a hunger strike since march. he now weighs 38 kilograms. a team of doctor says he could die at any moment with i demand to be released after all this suffering, my hunger strike his light, the bleeding of a long injury. this lasted for almost half a year. and a wilder is protesting his detainment without charge since december. he's a member of the armed group, palestinian islamic jihad. earlier this month, israel conducted a 3 day operation in garza targeting its senior leadership. the group lobbied for a while. does release during cease fire negotiations. he has spent almost 13 years of his life behind bars. half of that time he says he was never charged. he refuses to end his hunger strike until he's reunited with his family and her the other included him. freedom is more valuable than anything else and dignity above
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everything. we are a nation that will not be defeated. o god willing, we will get our victory or we will die. a wowza is part of a long list of palestinian prisoners who use hunger strikes as a weapon to fight what the israeli military calls administrative detention. more than $700.00 palestinians are being detained in israeli prisons without charge 3 or children. according to the palestinian prisoner society, the israeli military says it detains people using classified evidence to prevent crimes from being committed. a wow does for young daughters recently had a video call with their father. it was the 1st time they'd seen or spoken to him in more than 8 months. afterwards they cried and told their mother, he wasn't the baba, they knew. it was fact. there are many prisoners who have been through this
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experience. and in the end day where victoria is, colleen with his will and determination will be victorious. despite awhile, does critical health condition his family haven't been able to visit him in the hospital. they've been prevented from crossing into israel. natasha name l. jazeera, near television votes have been counted in an governor's general election. it's set to be the most closely fort balance since independence in 1975. the empty lay party has rule oil rich, southern african nations throughout that period. but it's facing its strongest of a challenge fuel by growing discontent at high levels of poverty and unemployment. stephanie decker reports on the growing up position. this could be the 1st step towards major change. for the 1st time in 47 years, opposition party. nita stanza, strong chance to contest the ruling and pill, a party as governed angola since its independence in portugal in 1975. with amazon,
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graham, we expect a big day and i believe and colon people will look at it as a celebration because it is a democracy. many people say democracy does not exist in angola, but the effects of democracy will be seen as all and garland head to the poles. president jerome maria su cost his vote early on wednesday, surrounded by tight security. as did opposition leader adult back to clusters. union voters are electing a new parliament and president mr. titus race since the 1st multi party elections in 1992. and why is that an increasingly disillusioned youth fed up by not seeing angola, petro dollars improve their lives? here's why younger people we need more change reunion or bridge that we need more. albert douglas junior to be president of angola, i believe, got through it really changed to this country. the country is africa, 2nd largest oil producer, but levels of poverty remain high. i think that's definitely contributed to
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a sense of disillusionment with the ruling party. the other thing is that when president of the answer took over in 2017, there was a kind of renewed optimism in the country that you know, perhaps he would open up her. the greatest civil society space that he would whole local elections that, you know, perhaps was born with broader macro economic stability that might start to trickle down. but of course, that hasn't entirely happened and some of it has been a lack of political. well, other things have been just global shocks, but this is really contributed to this overall feeling of delusion, length and the says, this is what you know, could potentially see the impair late, not as fair as well as it has had in previous elections. the empty allays been accused by human rights groups. if corruption clamping down on descent rights groups have also expressed concern about the transparency of these elections. the votes will be counted through a new centralized system in the capitol due to
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a recent change in the electoral law. pushed through by the ruling and palais results are not expected for a few days. stephanie decker or j 0, now san to say the do gone, that's a marine mammal, also known as a c. cal has become functionally extinct in china. fishing ship strikes and human caused habitat loss have seen their numbers decreased rapidly since the 1970s. research has hadn't seen any evidence of their presence in chinese waters since 2008, although they are found elsewhere. do gongs are listed as vulnerable by the international union. the conservation of nature, dinosaur tracks tens of millions of years old. i been uncovered in that dried up river bed in the state of texas. a fine comes amid a severe drought across the region. as alan fish in our boat, this is a look back in time to a moment before man existed. and dinosaurs room the earth footprints from the actual camp. the sawdust have been found because of the drought hitting texas. the
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policy river near glen rose has almost dried up. imprints left tens of millions of years ago, of suddenly become visible under 1230 years ago when this was a shallow inland sea. and so they were just walking through very stick, sticky mud, and it did a really good job ringer traps tracks have been found in this area before. that's why it's called dinosaur state park. but this is the longest continuous set discovered that are 60 footprints each. the size of a dinner plate left by a dinosaur that it was about 4 and a half meters high. weighs about the same as the hippopotamus was a carnival. and the detail is astonishing. limestone, such fine grain, gladstone, that it left a lot of detail from the feet of the acro that walked through there. and so you can see things like, you know, the paddle feet, things that you don't expect to see in a dancer track. it's that old 113 years because with water in the river,
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the tracks would normally be covered by sediment. the job has dried, died out, revealing the historic find. volunteers have been working to document and preserve this little snapshot of history. but with, when predicted this look into the past me soon disappear. alan fisher, i'll g 0. now after 5 months and 5 continents, a 17 year old pilot has become the youngest person to fly sooner around the world. in a small aircraft mac relevant journey ended in bulgaria from where he 1st took off . he breaks the previous reco and held by his 19 year old sister zara. the belgian british jewel national said he hope your treatment would inspire young people to pursue their dreams. i'm really incredible to. finally, after i've done my journey and i'm really happy, and my next step is to go back to school and just try and catch up all the work i miss. ah.


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