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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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lies so can it ever reach consensus to avoid catastrophe climate wars on a jessia? for half a century. indigo die is old. my mood up or what can i still? what did the loss stick? yeah, and others in northern nigeria have watched helplessly as a business struggle and being cups. dissipated growth, making technology has changed over time. but look at this di pete's yeah. income and expos say that's met some of the products and competitive the dumping of chemically treated fabrics. yeah. like in most african markets is a major source of concern for local producers. there is widespread consumption, but so even the few kits that remain will also have to close bringing an end more than 500 years history. ah. the russian held at separation nuclear plants is cut off from ukraine's electricity
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grid after a fire damage is power lines. ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera life and also coming up you case, former ambassador to me in law is arrested in young, gone bus. memories of a massacre and holmes left behind where he can get refugees hoped to return to me in march. 5 years after flee, a military crackdown. record monsoon reigns, devastate parts of pakistan. the countries climate change minister calls it a national emergency the russian hill that is upper asia nuclear plant in the southern ukraine has been disconnected from the countries power grid. or that's after fire damage to power lines, causing the remaining 2 operating reactors to shut down. that's according to ukraine's
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state nuclear power company, which is blaming russia for the damage un has called for the plant to be demilitarized immediately or but kerry is a former expert with the international atomic energy agency. he says he's not alarmed by the latest development. i'm a lot less concerned than the circle screaming that's going on in the media. i don't think there's a major problem there, but i just heard the safety systems came on and their work wasn't exactly what we expect. and you decide. and we'll do with both sides in this battle. if you realist electricity, rommel are very anxious to seniors, $40000000000.00 plants remain jacked. and whoever gets it when this war is finally resolved or will be very happy to have that huge generating station. it's 20 percent of the capacity of crane and it's a very valuable u i. e,
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a conduct 2 kinds of inspections. one kind of inspection they are going to do for sure is look at nuclear materials accounting and see that the books are correct and that the inventories are correct. and they do that about 4 times a year because of the war that has been interrupted. they also have the possibility of doing some kind of a special mission. those are not inspectors. they are people who chosen from the ranks or maybe from member states to go in the nation may live safety. we look at security gates and things like that. and they'll come back and make some observations, but they are not trained inspectors. like you would see, for example, a nuclear arms control treaty inspector. search the number of dads from a russian rocket to tack on a ukrainian train station on wednesday has risen to 25. the strike came as the country was on high alert for a tax on the same day as it had a braided 31 years of independence from soviet rule. among the casualties of 2
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young boys, theresa bo reports from care of the aftermath of a russian strike. victims are trying to recover from the shock. dozens of people were killed when miss hid the city shap, lynn in eastern ukraine. their last 11 year old son in one of the strikes in a residential area. with them. yes, he was in the house. he was thrown out there. we look for him here in the ruins. and he was lame here. nobody knew that he was here. nobody knew. we thought maybe he was thrown onto the roof job, but he was lying here. miss as also have a passenger train, killing dozens of people, including children. the russian defense ministry says the attack killed more than $200.00 ukrainian service members and destroyed military equipment. people in their homes at the time say the attack that came as a surprise when you're sure doesn't. there was no sound. nothing at all was
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just an explosion. fire explosion. and then the fire started. this is the 2nd time russia has hit a passenger train during the war last april, more than 50 people were killed in a railway station. incremental risk also in the east. there is also increased concern about the nuclear power plant in have bodies here. fighting has been ongoing around the area, and a plant may have been damaged. negotiations are on the way for members of the international atomic energy agency to visit the area you when high commissioner for human rights ask russia to halt attacks. and the ukranian people, i call the russian presses to halt armed attack against a cray this appreciable and needs to be immediately demilitarize. both parties must respect an old times and all sick instances, international humorous law and international humanitarian law. the international community must insist on accountability for the many serious violation document
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that some of which a may amount to war crimes be attack these abilene happened on wednesday, while ukraine's celebrated 31 years of independence from soviet role. the russian government has its trying to prevent civilian casualties, but the reality on the ground is completely different. as schools hospitals and universities have been shelved in the past months and civilian deaths continue to mount berries. our, i'll deceit our give russian president vladimir putin has signed the decree to increase the size of russia's armed forces. russia, media reporting staff will be expanded from 1900000 to over 2000000. that includes an extra $137000.00 military personnel. the increase will come into effect on the 1st of january, next year. a prominent criminal that critic has appeared in a russian court accused of discrediting the military. if any roseman was arrested on wednesday in the city of catherine border, where he previously served as mare,
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he was charged to after referring to moscow's attack on ukraine as an invasion. the kremlin, called it a special military operation. in me, in law, the former british ambassador to the country has been arrested vicki bowman that runs the center for responsible business. she and her husband were detained in young, gone for violating immigration, those on wednesday. very minutes served as ambassador from 2002 to 2006, tourney chang has more from bangkok. we understand mrs. bowman husband, the celebrated artist, are arrested in their home on a wednesday evening and sat in the central area of yangon. they appear to have been detained under immigration charges, although no clarification yet from the man morrow authorities. we understand the british embassy has said that it is offering consider assistance to a british woman who has been detained. the we also understand that that she's being
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held an insane prison. that is where high profile prisoners often related to political crimes held. it's the high security prison and yang gone and i think that is an indication of the seriousness of this arrest. in addition to which we understand that there were attempts made to charm put a news blanket over the arrest. while people tried to negotiate with these with me, tomorrow authorities, i think there was a feeling that if they could reach up to the higher echelons of the military gentle, they may have been a way to get a get through this. the fact that the news has now been released is possibly and indic indication of the fact that this is very serious for mrs. bowman. and that those senior generals are already aware of her arrest. hundreds of thousands of her hanging, marking 5 years since they arrived. what's become the world's largest refugee camp
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in bangladesh? they fled at me in law because when military crapped out in widespread atrocities come to child, you reports from causes bizarre for refugees. life here is challenging, overcrowded and fragile shelter surrounded by barbara fences. bend from pharma litigation work and travel. refugees said they are frequently harassed by police and camp authorities. violence, trafficking, child marriages, and drug related crimes are increasing inside the camp. as there are, cotton fled to bangladesh in 2017. she has 3 children. 2 of them were born in the camp. she was worried about their future. we had enough, we want to go back home to me and mar soon so that our children can get some education and have a normal life. my mother said it has done more than enough and it's time for the un and global community to deal with the plight of the refugees. so hot was up. kelly
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. we have been here for 5 years already. if we have to stay here longer, in that case, the united nations, bangladesh, government and other organizations should find a new strategy to send us back soon. nearly 4000 growing or refugees leave along the border with me on my term route in what's called no man's land conditions are harsh and they are cut off from the others. behind me is the only refugee camp in no man's area. most of it is in the me, on my side, the recipe then the international boundaries. when the conflict and man, man, right kind state is gradually spilling over close to the border. i'm out of this. we are unable to go to our own country. still another fear we have now is you to frequent clashes between our account, but it's rebel insurgence and me and mar. army is getting very close to our camp area. we can hear artillery around the machine gunfire almost every day. our children and families are in panic. 5 years on since the rowing guy arrived here, the u and refugee agency says, then our face
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a protracted crisis and need help our gently. so i think the main challenge is providing the support for them to survive on the day to day basis. humanitarian needs are covered, but also moving towards what is going to happen next. many rominger refugees feel increasingly frustrated that they have little say in decisions about what happens to them and that their fate and destiny appeared to be at the mercy of others. turnville chowdhury. i'll jazeera cox's bizarre bangladesh. well, it's andrea has more now from inside that refugee camp, he's been discovering hunger a mocking net. 5 years away from home. thousands of people have gathered yard in lamba camp in cox's bazaar like this. there are many other gatherings in other parts of the camp in co to prolong and min ballard collie and other camps as well. there hears and the 5 year. okay, sure. and sharing their experience in man. 5 that trusted is each family's
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experience and they're demanding the me and my government to take them back home with dignity and their citizenship, right. they're also appreciated, bunger the us government for giving them shelter here and all the how the god from the government and aid agencies. and if i was a muslim in man about 25 years ago, they committed atrocities against us. this is very said, we want the intentional community to know and we want justice without a quote on a case contract. we say our case can be asked to looking for justice from the international criminal court and letting them know that we will go back to our home as long as the you and guarantees. and to show us our security and protection electrical despite to fail repatriation at times. and many diplomatic efforts are going up. ravages, have not given up their hope to return home sunday. ravages want here is that there be identified as ro hanger and their citizenship right. is been given back to them
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by the me unmarried government only then they will go and they're also on security from the u. n. and the international community. and they also wanna return to their native land, not to any intern camp in man mar, focused ons, former prime minister imran khan has been grown to bail bond, anti terrorism coatings. i'm about the case relates to a speech he made over the weekend. i will resume next month. con is accused of threatening police and the judge who ordered the rest of his top aid. the prime minister has been trying to attend to a pallet since he was forced out by new confidence. vote in april and the whole world is making fun of buckets done. there was torture and sexual abuse against shabazz. it is confirmed in the court that he has been tortured. and i said i will take legal action against a police and the judge knew about the dodger. so when i say i will take legal action instead, i'm accuser. tell them what
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a joke. just went headlines around the world making pakistan look like a banana republic. when there is no law and anyone can be victimized still ahead, hair on al jazeera, you and us delegates are in pristina to try and know the temperature on flare intentions between kosovo and serbia. and picking up the pieces and recreating priceless artifacts destroyed in the bay route blast ah, the journey has begun. the, the full world cup is on its way to cattle hoop your travel package to death. while we now know more than 900 people have died as a result of the monsoon rains, embark has started dealing with the flooding. so this is the scene in punjab province in buckets than one area. hard hit, sim province baluchistan as well. any way you look at it,
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we have had copious amounts of rain. so another man soon depression swung through its starting a peter out on friday. heaviest falls of rain will be north and west of his lower back up against the foothills of the himalayas for india. alerts warnings all dropped for the monsoon rains here, but were seen them pep up for karnataka, careless spilling into tom on their do and skim. same goes for the mall div in that western side of sri lanka on friday. all tropical storm dumped up at a month's worth of rain in the span of a few hours in southern china's bron done province. that energy is moving west through northern vietnam louse right into thailand and then we've got bursts of rain for a southern indo china. and meantime, it's all about the heat in chung chain china, so they're trying to get some relief. go into underground subways here. snap been going on for a day or 2. we're now on day $75.00 of this heat wave and no relief for western areas of the young sea river valley chunking at $41.00, but some showers in storms. although the temperature and shanghai to $29.00 degrees
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. cats are official airline of the journey. with shoes with clay. witness difference is witness. change. witnesses, happiness. witness. witness. sunlight. witness the flood. witness. last. waitlist. charity witness. confusion. witness. clarity. witness. family. witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness. life witness on algebra. ah ah,
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he watching out 0 reminder of our top stories now. the russian held its operations . nuclear plants in southern ukraine has been disconnected from the countries power grade. that's off the fire report, the damage to power lines give and moscow accuse each other all the talking, the facility focused on a former prime minister. enron con, has been granted fail on anti terrorism court in islamabad. the case relates to his speech con, made it the weekend, and will resume next month. hundreds of thousands of her anger marking 5 years since they fled a military crack down in the, in more close to 1000000 people are now living. what's become at the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh. casa, those prime minister has told al jazeera that russia is exploiting tensions between casa and serbia to try to destabilize europe. the 2 is strange to balkan. neighbors are locked in a dispute about car license plates. and identity documents, their affairs attention could turn into violence, but at smith spoke to albin,
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could he in the cause of an capital? christina? i from innocent smith casa, those prime minister insists he sticking to a september 1st deadline to enforce a repeatedly delayed law. very, it will require local serbs to switch their car license plates from serbian to casa, been it a demonstration of sovereignty. that comes with risks. knowing that serbia does not recognize our country, denies the crimes committed in the past and has 48 forward operation bases in ground safety zone around on board. i think we should be vigilant. the ethnic cleansing of more than 800000 albanians from kosovo by serb majority yugoslav, forces in 1998 to 99 is the dark shadow over relations between the 2 sides, kosovo declared independence. 9 years later. finally, now the prime minister says he wants more backing from the european union and the u
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. s. as relations with serbia deteriorate, what i would ask from them is to be more active, more clear, and more firm on their stance towards belgrade. because of the links between belgrade and moscow are broad and deep and dangerous for the future. serbia's president says, christina, is trampling on the rights of the served minority in kosovo, alexander boot, which has the backing of russian president vladimir putin. voltage says serbs working in cost of institutions will leave their jobs and as a deal is reached to and what he calls that persecution, i believe that firm. despotic president, putin has great interest in destabilizing europe. he once sir, to have coosaw state fail, he wants the soul that just does iraq and afghanistan, we are not so successful. international interventions, likewise caution wise,
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a temporary success. but so i am showing here with my government that cos always a double success is a success of nato intervention to stop sort of in genocide. and it is at the same time a success of combining economic development with qualitative democracy and voice from the e. u. and u. s. were in the ethnically divided cost in city of metro vito on thursday to head off an escalation of tensions. they'll next head to belgrade. there's still no sign of a deal. bernard smith, al jazeera christina casa the out going, you and human rights chief. it says she's aiming to release the long awaited report on beijing's treatment of its weaker minority or the end of this month. we shall bachelor's term ends. next week, she told al jazeera, the report will take a more detailed look into alleged rights abuses in china. she jang province. it's
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like the same kind of a findings that we arrays with that with the a lot of these men. of course, this will be an more deep in terms of the analysis that it's about patterns of human rights violations. he reports of appetite, attention treatment. and, and we will in the, in the report. he will go much more deeper on those with much more details. and interviews of people who have been the victims of the situations earlier at china's government sent a letter to bachelor urging her office not to publish the report. hutcher folk has more than that from an uncheck. well, it may not have come as much of a surprise necessarily if indeed it's true that china sent this letter to michele bachelor urging her not to publish this report on st. james, beijing's made no secrets of how it feels about this report. in the foreign ministry last month called on the high commissioner's office to respect the concerns of the chinese people stand on the right side of history. and also called
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on it to reject publishing this assessment based on what i called lies and false accusations. but the fact that 40 other states have supposedly supported china in this letter raises some very serious questions about how china is using its sway over the u. n. and it's approach on the shin jane question and allegations of rights violations against muslim minority that has been accused of using its economic and political clouts and incessant lobbying to get countries to stand in line with its position on chin jam. but you might also imagine that beijing is particularly nervous after this report that was published early this month by the u . n. special report, her on consent pre slavering, saying that was reasonable to conclude that there was forced labor inch. and jang, and if this is included in the report that's coming out, it could have some very serious implications and could bolster a push for accountability against china. and you can see our full interview with
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that. michelle bash lay on talk to al jazeera that this friday at 1630 g m t o heavy rains and flash floods that have devastated to large parts of pakistan that showed no sign of letting up tens of thousands of people have had to flee their homes since the dam pause began in june, civil defense authorities say more than 900 people have been killed. same was robbie has more from karachi. were here in the capital of the provincial, the province ascend, we're in the provincial capital of karachi. and in the last few days, there has been a reprieve from the rain. but as you can see, i'll get out of the way and you can take a look, as you can see, much of this urban area, much of the city remains completely water log and it's easier to count the number of rows perhaps that have not experienced some kind of rain or flood damage which is making a, getting around the city,
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an absolute absolute nightmare for people that are commuting and going back and forth from work for people that are trying to simply carry on with their daily lives. so we've seen in the last few weeks the, the, the urban centers years and actually the most popular city in the country with completely dress. now the rain has gone away for now, but we are expecting, according to forecasts for more rates to come in the next few days. there are warning a flash floods and more flooding in different parts of the city in the next few days. so people are being warned to stay away from our canals and from places that have already been hit and are still water locked, so that it is, it is somewhere where the reins of abated, but certainly we're not out of the woods yet. the monsoon season isn't over yet, and by all accounts, this is the worst, or least one of the worst monsoon season, the hip pocket done in recent memory. earlier i spoke to pocket stones administer
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for climate change sharing raman. she's blaming climate change for record monsoon range of causing any humanitarian disaster. we've never seen 6 to 78 cycles when the it cycle now. and there's only been in the whole of one and a half, 2 months. we've only had a 6 day gap, particularly, and send a baluchistan and send the board to very, very badly affected. and the situation there is, we have $33000000.00 now. there are, you know, affected. we have a 913 people who already killed many more injured in extreme vulnerability on the ground. as we have over over 780 percent more rain than occurred to your average in the province of sins and something like $400.00 upwards in baluchistan. these 2 provinces are sustaining the
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brunt of this monster monsoon that is actually inundating the entire south of pakistan. but in the same old 30 districts are inundated and we've been actually predicting it, but no one active or so the skill magnitude. and what i feel not water that has been coming down in the shape of either hill torrance or flash flooding and open up lighting. we are unable to even remove the water pump, sir, you know, working over time, but every see another spell. so we have been looking at very little weather events all year. basically we've had no summer, we went straight from our winter to no spring. this went straight from winter to summer and we've had escalating forest fires and be one of the hardest on the planet. this year, a with 50 or 53 degrees, a temperature in sin. so yes, it is directly in outcome of 4 extreme wear the badges generated by dime it change,
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and we are bracing or another spell. strong rains and flood civil sir brought chaos to the streets of turkeys. biggest city is tom bow. a district on the european side is home to 1000000 people and is the worst hit resort said our reports lives broadcast standstill in turkey's largest city. flash floss created by heavy dom ports husky, the through the stream. samples most populated this with a senior was among the worst. the fact that low lion and with poor drainage men of its roads and summer as national areas were full of those less effect. the struggle to clean up their homes. and what am i going to do? it's enough, does my house i lived there? whom of this end enough is enough. despite forecast of heavy don't pose. many people see little had been done to stop the fellows in many parts of the city.
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drivers were left to come meet on roads that looked like lakes. it is the 3rd time this summer that torrential rains. how flooded his tomboy, the city's population has grown, nearly 3 falls in the last 3 decades. but critics planning and infrastructure, how fail to keep off europe largest city has been hit by heavy rains. once again, the goldman says that the mon spell, if you're, if somebody that's controlled by the physician, didn't take proper measures. the fight warning, but 2 positions as the previous may is from the running party. they've been in west, in more than izing the cities infrastructure. many of those effect to say the blame game must end as solutions. they found this, instead of that, i'll just stumble french president manuel macro and has arrived in algiers to many relations between france and algebra. he laid re such a memorial for algerians who died that fighting french colonizers during the 19 fifties and sixties are ties between the 2 nations sour last year of him. a crone,
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questioned algeria as existence as a nation before the french occupation conservators at the british museum in london, have restore the ancient glass shattered during the port exclusion by route. in 2020, they say the process was daunting and took years to complete the harding workforce . the to be route port black in august 2020 shredded building, destroyed live, and shook the entire city. about 3 kilometers away at the american university of bay route, ancient glass artifacts on display were smashed in the shock wave. these objects are very important because they are, they were the 1st complete examples of the early gloss blowing technology. and during the roman thompson,
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lebanon. a team from the british museum in london offered to rebuild these priceless pieces alongside their lebanese counterparts. to do that, they had to sort each chart of glass to decide if it was part of an ancient vessel or a display case. they start documenting and recording is fragments in every square and try to kind of look at the shape of the gloss, the surface features and start, you know, thinking, you know, which pack moment belong to which vessel. it was a major jigsaw puzzle, exercise each piece carefully selected and restored the team members agreed to make the vessels structurally sound, but leave imperfections varying witness to the explosion. for this project really wanted to highlight the damage these objects went through.


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