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tv   101 East The Worlds Oldest Influencers  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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reminders when she since become an activist seeking to improve working conditions for minors, that they are like a mere there. but again, something needs to change because i hear children saying they want to become miners when they grow up and that horrifies me every day. we are losing our children to the mines, and families are being left without fathers and brothers middle. in recent years, mexico's government has doubled up its demand record. while this means minors in call, wheeler can count on steady work. it also means the threat of yet another accident will always remain lurking somewhere in the door. manuel raphael or al jazeera wheeler, mexico, l. the u. s. government is saying it will suspend 26 china bound flights from the united states by 4 chinese carriers. now, washington is saying it's in response to the chinese government's decision to suspend some u. s. carry a flight. so the coven, 19 cases, flights will be suspended from the 5th to the 28th of september.
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ah, look at the main stories are following this hour and the russian held is upper region. nuclear plant is working again. after being cut off from ukraine's power grid for the 1st time. safety systems were activated when the facilities last 2 working reactors at the plant were disconnected. after near by fires, damage to overhead power lines. that's according to ukraine state nuclear power company, which is one that russia is attacking apparitions, connections to take it off the countries grid. a plan is still operated by local staff, even though russia took control of it in march. kevin moscow accuse each other of launching attacks near the nuclear power facility. the one is called for the plan to be demilitarized immediately which is up in the range if i want to show all ukrainians we are doing everything to prevent an emergency scenario. but it depends
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not only on our state, the key thing is the international pressure is needed to force the occupies to immediately withdraw in the territory, the upper region, nuclear power plant, the international atomic energy agency and other international organizations must act much faster than a now because every minute, if the russian military staying at the nuclear plant is a risk of a global radiation disaster. meanwhile, rushers confirm that his forces attacked a railway in east in ukraine. on wednesday, the number of people killed in the missile strikes has risen to 25, including 2 boys, age 6 and 11. the city. the attack on the city of chaplin came as ukraine marked its independence day and rank refugees of how protest mocking 5 years and safelite and military crackdown widespread atrocities and me and mom. there now more than a 1000000, mainly muslim wrangler sheltering and neighboring bangladesh. me and mine denies them citizenship making them one of the world's largest groups, estate,
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less people, us, you and all the western nations opposed to keep the pressure on me and mol, with the u. k mounts and new sanctions targeting business is linked to its military lows. are the top stories this out, that's it for myself and the team here in london coming up next 11 east meets south korea is elderly influences who are revolutionizing views on age and beauty. for the latest news, as it breaks, doctors here tell us that they are desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for 2 pills or injured with detailed coverage to pay water than their unions. a plastic container, their fry until that demand for bag, as well, from around the world given as a new king to pots a king, his brave lawyer, the loyal b. o. in south
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korea, the worlds fastest aging nation, a new generation is taking the stage with them neither to detail. i hold it influences a shaking of the countries fashion added to time and industries and winning millions of fans on social media. i. oh, shoot you a friend with general motors. i don't know who put in going to get there. what i should have to do is i do see a one. 0 one ace. makes the seniors forging brand new lives in south korea. oh wow.
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i'm in the law about either a a non or a real and fashionable a already famous in our country from for the. yeah. you know, and they are all have are in tick tock. with this stage name is d, i'd you, she's
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a term that means uncle in korean. 64 year old pop. so mom is part of this pioneer and group of c influences created 3 years ago. sure. look, you're trying to get a lot to help guide you in a motor where to go from there. i wish i could. she did it. billable hours, all the time. it's not worth putting a key on crib. interviews with john. ha, ha, ha, ha ha. wondering about if i am good, ah, businessman, welder, restaurant owner, nothing in the past, heated towards the future in the spotlight until retirement. ah,
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in south korea, it's not easy being old in a society devoted to the cult of work. retirees quickly lose their social status with almost half living below the poverty line. the suicide rate of people over the age of $66.00 is the highest in the world. ah midnight summer rebelling with a life expectancy of 83, they climbing that place in the line. wise grandfathers and grandmothers are becoming stars. ally, he moody's, an advertising campaign ah, who? no. who knows you? i wouldn't want to know or she'd been there is a senior chicago toronto,
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the dog. oh no, i didn't stay, anita park drops by this clothing store every week to stay on top of the influence of pyramid. he has to constantly update his wardrobe. over him, you are going wanting auction, the cooper or you know, had a good little you little bit more soon. so if you poster congress obey camino contributed chemo schematic officer hammer, prison. would those who didn't think of sheila will not gonna pay can we will get those will be should i think i mean there ah, cookers tornado hasn't o'con geneva. like i know today like i shouldn't weed tonight? dead percentage. oh dear. what doctors will not get through the facility will get
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a commit. crittenden meds have officer, so touching our patient up dramatically off. so i there was a lot in yolanda google johan implements all going on and a croquet. look, what are some good, he pay, clint tesile to do sensitive but fashion was never on the cards the park back then, his career path was all mapped out. working at south korea's largest automobile company when he retired at 60 the foremost sales manager and he and i felt lost qu critical, you doneo logical, me, the dimension you've heard in the household, dorman, control, chile, t o carmen's us, i c, chicago, she, inc, i did an a sizes virgin boltron, alzheimer which you like what you know and that she knew was what i'm, when i'm on the rushing in your critical, mambo didn't want to come when i even wiggle room. so different thing has put a ticket on now, which holton told you to count his if possible,
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to pay homage hundreds you go month on what is going to get a chance, how she talk with an article to you. good. what was it? wilma? ha, from what i saw so gloomy. she can didn't william ah google kitchen. then i had an autumn booth. hazelynn cooler. i tell you, gushed you hadn't got killed anything. mccormack, a type of hidden crunch. who was hellish? an issue. thing you will need him to do they keep him in ah, this is the man behind cox, new career. 33 year old, one young. this millennial created the address she relo a letter to them. new to go. me that the morning and i didn't and when the elevator told the room is all
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putting in the minnesota case to ok. oh that was true because i guess it was in the car. get totaled, figures are all on 121 and your group quoted. you getting a job, some bank will, will do the same day. and there's a lot of we on your paper on and done it. i will do that homework tonight. it had a total guzzle at young's on apple. so you method to them in toronto homes on her finger on academy as we know, public w o o for, sorry, we most of what's all, my name is tons of them are humble number, ma'am. da, da da. wor, will said total $4200.00 im info. at ton of her name to cut out a pos no blending. i thought that i am for unfold to fall to their position which can in day crooked artists because all took towards southern hunt.
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listen is susan will assume installed in the to them listen, listen to this are coming soils, and we can have a pool. and i know what you're telling me. i mean, do hilton going to she taught is not even when it's in, it's in somebody bought a job. the mistletoe wants to bother you to where you go more talking because it's when you go to the clinical woman kwan has began missions for each of them. he knows in the coming years, more seniors will follow social media and hopes to turn his rising internet stars into multi media. heavy whites. 120 column young crocker. how long ago she knew i cling it higher than those humming from caesar. already achieving mainstream buffet storming fashion, ron wife to young bomb. lee is a famous designer in south korea. today he's getting ready to present his
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collection and more than half his models, i think i said all his with, i mean money i the shoes don't buy is grace me. took on to them. it took a to come, get it up, got it military, ms. all we get credit will be no issue, or we should be terminated headed. are there a button that all to get to gothic ish? and she, she comes all sig, i, j, cancel or something stated we showed it before. she turns on in the give me the creek. they would it take until i got a picture of you know history a lot more. what's a good job of
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a touchy young vom lee realised the growing importance of the senior market a few years ago. oh wow, look, go see both in the field hit the go printer, you should not been doing so often and there should be a showing up when your total chris i'm it with and it was seen in the spotlight like rice who were responsible thing with
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i nobody today a new with okay, you know what? it all in back feel. working sashes always been trained to grace. but she did what society expected of her a good education marriage to children and a job as an english professor. ah ah. with
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when she retired, grace felt liberated. she could now leave her dream without constructs. her biggest fad is her husband was a girl called old of other good, very to the owners of a virginia. dan and i shared 20 guy to me is all more than lost on a table. there was a work order i who dives a roku or i was you know, to give us some into and there are reporting the good oh go course target is the star one on the canal hagi arts has how que gauze ones as well known are provided meal, so you don't, you not toggle, keep function sec and got one day one day immediate on the last day. immunity, according covenants, had m king data award order, or tanya, patterns had. am it ok singer grand style critical instead them were toggle
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competent would toggle coons had i'm a huge they took their to, to let her kid out in as had a canal. chris are a pre or get any go to this from young yada and passed it through said and enterprise ships. i say you look at her style. could other monica the wishing you did a tony star to jail? yes. you me to get them when i could. i saw a chicken wood in that i saw each. okay. shin yo nunez, sansa, gray donors. i'm sky, you don't know when you got but the gray were nice. fonts has its own limits and some have experienced it. the hardware ah ah, you know, and she probably sean nyland and partially fit. ah, sad and he thought on the choice they say i'm
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that i'm i'm, i'm a 101. who them, when i was i, i thought and been i'm baking quote, korea could get, ah, united, good with hunter will not be in south korea. every one knows how that b. he shot to national fan in 2019 thanks to a singing contest on tay. it was an answer to his prayers. he celebrity earnings helped him survive. ringback ah, the fan fame could be fleeting, low to die, he still lives in one of the poorest areas of song. his small apartment, a show taste the memories of his glory days, or to ruth sawyer
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tongue read her birth. you at the marcus. hi, john. fully hung, you will create some counter where hunger level for to your to your for your to me now. and ga. how well that i always get our entire was hung by the passion tonight there partially beer took care of her through his subcategory. next which miss hutch used to go hungry to dear bother with us about waters when 500 shows how have you had that other couldn't i will tell i told the doctor and i wish i would have chosen his cover of the cape was viewed more than 3000000000 times. how little care shuttle well, what checked out what to watch. tell her to $1.00 or how do you have time to one
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day a papa fair harriet took a 2nd. what can you call by petrie mother too. and they also say but the jobs dried out and except for one ah, almost every day jean visits mister song, the local toy seller. she calls him his manager. ah yeah. oh, oh, good amanda. well, i'm long we fail are you do, man, and it will give you both working for free. g helps attract customers to the store room. we're going to go a. busy boys having to
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call it in his own out of this. you ok, that's how good he's been. all your company was a, a, a, a, all, all you would be a, a, you know, a, what is it a, go to the go that or is when you do that you go model has to your house. you cool. so that i did, how did you need us when you go good is amount of times a mind form that we sell. i've also got a guy told me to let you guys come, i,
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i deal with all those hell. i mean, and i feel hot dog or a i don't think i gave y'all. you know, that he's on the scan turned up and he actually rally thing. oh, i thought a on your 3rd. okay. oh, i think i got a lot of. uh huh. my duty door, oh we'll fix it on poole, p o o l mm hm. but i up today g must make do with his pension of less than $500.00 a month. the elderly might have gained popularity in korea, but that does not guarantee a sustainable livelihood. with
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me. oh god hoc doesn't want to be another flashing the pants. he wants his new career in the spotlight to last. so he's investing time and money. and i'm sort of high from then i oh yeah. oh, they got that. i go to both the b. ha ha, ha ha. chris war. because with all the go hunting you couldnt what are the square
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footage. i wonder what the real pop now hope stacks on the big screen. mm. community to someone in their family or if you will get an initiative to deliver young young a fanatical home, no conditions or has and then and then someone said how much is left. and there's also tons of pills in j. k. could had had despite several unsuccessful casting cold, he hopes that his training will pay off and will need to touch on it. and i cannot, i do get told that day from the time of treatment on the cricket hung on the bench talk. don't you know, i'm really just, jonathan cromwell, all w w. i
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can say i don't you put him on fire. god, you from wal mart mortgage. you're going to total, couldn't you know, from the quarter clock proof of him tradition through your mind if you wish to go monday the one on a test and it didn't go to money, don't get what she is all that will you also get anything or 300 how, what you will to and had an issue. none so much mutual political dig, a dish chair, they said the hall and yonah was placed at toya, dakota, nice electrical. but before pott would try and change social attitudes, he 1st had to convince his family. she was on his up there either you or mold you were gonna hold. you can only little other without an hour.
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with pony. i mean a little money doing if you get stuck, but i hope it's new to my pock son is 27 years old. and finds it difficult to accept his father's stick and korea ivy with 2 other did he coming up to more than all of the determination not to go on? gosh, don't afraid of what she might sink. pop also sheep, his chase. the casting calls from his wife. like to go in peace. oh, i see now again. i don't you guys are kind of a down and get them phone. i get to have all more thought i saw when i did in the you know, i think there should be another didn't hush home want to go for them by little zone
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is her mom did a park is often recognized in the straits and his family appreciates his new additional source of income bar from disappearing into the shadows in his retirement pocket stepped into the line life. and if he's lucky, a prosperous, old age. and if the work dries up, the, just like g, he'll always have his memories. ah, the elderly uh, becoming more visible in career, but change takes time for those like g it's not easy. good. are you able to cut on it? under law i should be. well, you tell me tell under a but the song the brought him glory to keep his dreams alive.
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i from yeah. what you quoted our all i all, they're all like with across the globe. breathtaking efforts to clean up the planets. there are underway in milan. companies are turning to a radical solution, a bio dynamic cement, toxic pollutants. so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with this environment. earth rise visits the frontiers of the battle for the environment. scientists here in iceland, pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions. earth rise looked at new ways of preventing air pollution on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world views like we do
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. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. what we want to know is how do these things affect people we, we visit places state even when they are no international headlines. al jazeera, really invest in that. and that's a privilege, as a journalist. 2 stories of strong willed with challenging traditional female stereotype in a male dominated society to make a difference. if i go, of course, we'll pull into the ravine. po, families with the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the class. risk in it all. algebra ah.
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