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tv   101 East The Worlds Oldest Influencers  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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i think the 3 largest challenges for adoption are, 1st of all, affordability availability, as well as infrastructure. from the affordability standpoint, e v 's are typically more expensive and we definitely don't want to put low income buyers out of the market. electric vehicles will be required to get 240 kilometers on a single charge. some californians concerned about global warming are right behind the decision. i agree if anything's gonna reduce things like buyers and natural disasters, i think why not. the new rule was made by the states air resources board and is expected to get the required federal approval. a spokesman for a group representing the u. s. auto industry says it would be, quote, extremely challenging for the industry to adapt in order to meet these deadlines. rob reynolds, al jazeera los angeles. ah,
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ah, let's have a quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera and ukraine's up reach. a nuclear plant is back online, the government's nuclear agency says it was cut off from the power grid after foss damaged overhead. electricity lines is growing, concerned about fighting near the russian control facility. and actually, i think where we seen today is a yet another reminder of why it's important to get the i e, a technical team in there as soon as possible. or we are continuing to work with our i. yay partners. we're in the lead in. i know there's an intense, intense discussions ongoing or as we speak millions of households in the u. k. a bracing for an 80 percent rise in the energy bills from october, on average shuttle made an increase from around $2300.00 a yet more than $4000.00 ukraine war has caused a global price hike. sonya gaga has more now from london. there is also
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a vacuum of a government policy as to what exactly is going to happen. there are talks about how they're all they're all ready is money promise for those families who are going to be struggling with those bills. but many say that is simply not enough and that they don't know exactly how they're going to be dealing with this enormous addition to that costs. this winter record monsoon dumb tours of affected more than 30000000 people across pakistan. villages are submerged. houses have been washed away in baluchistan, punjab and sin problems. while the 900 people have died. jude, a former british ambassador to me and my arrested by the military government, is due to appear in court on september. the 6th vicky bowman, who heads of business ethics advisory group was detained on wednesday with her husband in charge with violating immigration laws. she served as ambassador from 2002 to 2006. a. u. s. judge has ordered the release of evidence that
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prompted an f. b. i search of donald trump's home federal agents and the full president, florida state. on october the 8th. the justice department has until later on friday to disclose parts of the affidavit, it used to gain approval for the search. at least 11 sets of classified documents were recovered from the property. all right, well today with headlines, more news coming up here on out, sir, why don't we visit one 0, one east, bye for now. a weekly look at the world's top business stories from global markets to economies and small businesses. to understand how it affects our daily lives in on the exam, with counting the cost on al jazeera for in south korea, the worlds fastest aging nation. a new generation is taking the states with them neither to
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declare. i hold it influences a shaking up the countries fashion added to time and industries and winning millions of fans on social media. we know i do. oh, sure. looking friends with god, you know more to fit into the who put in go to get there. what i should do is i do see a one. 0 one ace. makes the seniors forging brand new lives in south korea. oh wow. oh go oh man. oh,
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she is a good day. a really passionate, a already famous in our country from her. so yeah, we know that and they are all of our intake talk with i do i have this stage name is the i do. she's a term that means uncle in korean. 64 year old pop. so mom is part of this pioneer and group of c influences created 3 years ago. sure. look,
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here's what i know where to get about. not gotten a motor to what you know from you, but i wish i did it, but i thought it's not worth putting to go to get there when i was sure it could be the issue. there is a pop up on monday. the note if a ah business, welder, restaurant owner, nothing in the past, heated towards the future in the spotlight until retirement. ah, in south korea, it's not easy being old in a society devoted to the cult of work. retirees quickly lose their social status with almost half living below the poverty line. the suicide rate of people over the
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age of $66.00 is the highest in the world. ah ah midnight summer rebelling with a life expectancy of 83, they claiming their place in the line wise, grandfathers and grandmothers are becoming star, the live in movies and advertising campaign. ah. who, who, who. i know, who knows who bought. i wanted a new or she been deducing her chicago from under the dog. oh no, i don't. i didn't. i didn't get to the park drops by these clothing store every week to stay on top of the influence,
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the pyramid. he has to constantly update his wardrobe. totally over in real life. are cool, wanting auction, the cuba or you know, her good little you, would it a little more students? who are you poster congress yogi, coming or going to her to him was clinical for. so i'm a person would those who didn't think of a shallow war not gonna pay given that to be sure that i mean there ah, using cuckoo tanya, though, hasn't wilkins even i thought, oh, i know you today. my wife, i shouldn't, we'd 10 a day per shouldn't, i would dare without get from without getting the percentage of. oh, gotcha. can there could tenon match, have officer, so touching our patient up to letting off. so i always have that in yolanda who you
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are implementing all going on into crocket look what a son gregory pay clinton is will to do terms to do that fashion was never on the cards the park back then. his career path was all mapped out working at south korea's largest automobile company when he retired at 60, the former sales manager and he and i felt last qu, clinical, you don't a reliable media dimension. yes. her in the household, dorman, control chic cerio co. hm. is oh, i see chicago, she inc, i didn't hey, sizes origin will pronounce. i met with you guys, you what you know on that. she knew it was your thought i'm going, i'm on does i, she's in your credit along didn't want to look well. you can wiggle room, so the whole thing has portuguese. now charlatan, tara, it could help us if possible, to pay on hundreds. you must have on what is going to get a chance, how she tuck with water. couldn't you could see what was almost half a room, what sort so gloomy? she got didn't with them. oh, cool,
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touch it. then i had an autumn growth hazard in cooler titania gushed and got killed in a thin, the comic a type of hideous grandchildren's fellows finishing the thing. you will need him to be like a man ah ah, this is the man behind pox, new career. 33 year old kwan jung, this millennial created the edges sheet, a letter to them, new to go to me that the moon, the ag condo, and it will, i did an image of the elevator, told it always all putting in the room and sorta kid. she woke gave got thought, i'm with true passage. i guess you also the could get ah, tiny figures all or mall 122 monday ago. gordon doing who will be getting audio
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listen, bank will, would alter the focus and day nicholas liana, papered on and done it. i will do that. hon. latan isaac had a touch of guzzle at young uncle till you methodical and in toronto, i jumped on her finger on academy cousin. we know public, publish mode it. oh, birth, or sorry, you musical tallman. it is today with a humble number, ma'am. the war will city code to go for a 1000 similar that him and saw it's a ton of a name to cuts out a pos no branding. i thought that i am for on sold to fall when there was a smidge can in day crooked artists because all took took me several 100 listen is susan will assume, is told him to to the witness in this is mr. cummins ohio's only to worry about all
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i know when you go to him, you know, i mean zones. you hilton gordon did. she taught june. it's in, it's in somebody bought a job. the missive i watched the bar when you told you more to auto because when you go to the clinical line, quan has began visions for each of them. he knows in the coming years, more seniors will follow social media and hopes to turn his rising internet stars into multi media. heavy whites. 120 column young crocker, how long ago she knew i'd cleared her than those humming finger kim sees are already achieving mainstream face storming fashion. ron wife to young. bob lee is a famous designer in south korea. today he's getting ready to present his collection and more than half his model. i think i said all his
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with i am neither to say, oh, here's the 9 money and the shoes stop by is grace me took arms. when it took her to conquer the accountability, 30 minutes or it could be no, she would've been wishing turnitin headed, or that a combatant at all to get to got dish. and she, she comes all sig, i, j, cancel or something stated, pushes on. well, before she turns on in the committee agreed that they were to go to a gothic shopping history, a lot more books or soccer to touch your mom li realised the growing importance of the senior market a few years ago. oh oh wow. go
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see both in the field who they are printed on you to go look big as long as it all had an issue you're showing up when your total prism it re they because sometimes with and it was saying is in the spotlight like rice who were responsible thing with
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i did today i did with okay. you know what it all in back working. it's sasha. it's always been trained to grace. but she did what society expected of her a good education marriage to children and a job as an english professor. ah. ah, with when she retired, grace felt liberated. she could now leave her dream without constructs. her biggest
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fad is her husband was a girl called old of a local very to the owner of a virginia lan. and i shared 20 guy to me thought more than last on the table. there wasn't a work order. i who you'd answer albany or i was, you know, to give us some into and then all of reporting together are coco's, pagger, this low star on the, on the canal tugee arts. hi victor, how, cute gauze ones as well known are provided meal. so you don't, you not tuggle, keep bung since they can got one there. one day images on the last day. immunity or cory taverns had, am a condo award order, or tanya patterns had, am it ok singapore style critical are instead them were toggle competition. what tuggle could ones had, i'm reached it over there to to let her kid ordinance had a canal. chris are a pre or get any go to this from young,
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you're done and passed it through there and enterprise ships. i say you look at her style. could other monica the wishing you did a tony star to jail? yes, you me to get that money? could athletic, when would he not? i saw it. okay. shin yo dennis hansa? grey on his home. skate on that when you got but the gray were nice fonts has its own limits and some have experienced it. the hard wired. oh ah, you know, and she probably should. neither am partially fit. i said he didn't. he thought on the choice then say i'm that my mom, i'm a 101. who's on one elbow? i thought in pin, i'm baking, quote, korea get ah, you know that
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a good with hunter will not be in south korea. every one knows how them being he shot to national fan in 2019 thanks to a singing contest on tay. it was an answer to his pres, he's deliberately. earnings helped him survive. ah, the fan fame can be fleeting. low to die. he still lives in one of the poorest areas of saw his small apartment, a show taste the memories of his glory days or to ruth. so your tongue rather you at them like a soldier. so we hung you or well,
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we last hunt down to where i'm gallo with you. you with younger utah or your to me now georgia. oh rather that i know is a little tighter was hung but ah, i shit. ton i i she bare took care to read it. i thought he forgot during that much which miss hutches to go on to the dear barton with his head my waters are i wound ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that i can i will tell. i told joe rondell wasn't wanted hazelton is cover of the k pop. his was viewed more than 3000000 time soon. click how now they have cash. oh well, what you tell what you tell, watch tell. and yeah, but the one other warner had ye upon thornton, which in day of hump affair, i had to twist, took a thick which will come with your call. i bought
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a new mother. can't you and dale to face but the jobs dried on and except for one. ah, almost every day. jean visits mister song, the local toy seller g, causing his manager. ah, oh. oh, rudy, men of all of us get along. we fail, are you do, man, and it will give you more workings of free. g helps the truck customers to the store . the room wasn't on toby's oh yes. and in that always others and my boy orders. busy or boys having to call it in his own out of this you don't care about target. she's been all your company was an issue result,
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a very good tyler was gonna do some one that is going on with the oh yeah, no, we don't. we don't, no, no, no, no, no, just the one with all or you would be a b, m. i see a single mama beach and said, what is it a go to the go that or is when you did that you room out or how to your house, you or something that i did? how did you make us when you the hallmark or could his monetize a mind form that we saw? i dorothy daughter again told ridiculous she was a come i didn't know with that. although tell, i mean i feel hotdog or i go partially because we don't to put it that way.
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i don't think i get your union. she had turned up and yeah, she always say, oh i thought a on your 3rd. okay. oh, i'm glad of it. oh, think i got with it. uh huh. why do you need a door or we'll finish it on pool 3? 0, oh hill. no. i tell them very often. today g must make do with his pension of less than $500.00 a month. the elderly might have gained popularity in korea, but that does not guaranteeing a sustainable livelihood with me. oh god.
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he doesn't want to be another flash in the pants. he wants his new career in the spotlight to last. so he's investing time and money on that for then. okay. oh yeah. oh, they got that. i mean, who go from both the b? ha ha, ha, ha. cristo. because with all the go pumpkin. go cutting. what are the square which i was, you know, the real pop now hope stacks on the big screen. me
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a change in the morning somewhere in the family or if you will get on the senior and she's young. you're young. a fanatical no conditions who has and then in the summer that much in question there's also a ton of hilton j. k. it has despite several unsuccessful costing cold. he hopes that his training will pay off and will put it to the can. i get told that they don't know how to treat them on the cricket hung on the bench talking to you. they knew i'm really just the new grandmother. okay, that all w w. i can say i don't put him on fire guards from all my mortgage. you're going to total,
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couldn't you know, from the quarter got proof of him today. she threw up your mind if somebody ritual money, the one on a on to didn't go to money, don't get what she talking. all that will you hustle? anything of a 300 how what you will to and had an issue. none so much mutual political dig, a dish chair they said local and your name was laced at victoria, dakota new. select them uncle. but before pott could try and change social attitudes. he 1st had to convince his family. she was on those are his up there. and they get a mole joe, gonna hold a gun? no little odd at all with our aah! pony. i me a little money doing if you get stuck from bible life,
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good pock son is 27 years old and finds it difficult to accept his father's stick and korea either the widow to other did he coming up to more than all of the determination not who anguish dominique, a fright of what she might think. park also she'd, he's chased the casting calls from his wife. like to go over that with you guys, just kind of a down and get the phone. i get the hub more thought i saw what didn't i did in the you know, i come down there. shackleton, as i said on hush home, want to go in and buy a little home is from home today. park is often recognized in the straits and his family appreciates his new additional source of income bar from
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disappearing into the shadows in his retirement park has stepped into the line life . and if he's lucky, a prosperous old age. and if the work dries up, the just like g, he'll always have his memories, blue, the elderly, a becoming more visible in career. but change takes time. for those like g, it's not easy. good. are you able to cut on it? or no luck? i sure will love you tell me which alondra but the song the brought him glory to keep his dreams alive. i for yeah, what would it our, i'll i all, they're all like with
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cancer, airway official airline of the journey with with
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full away official airline of the journey. indonesia, your investment destination, the world's 10 largest economy is busy transforming, ready to beat your business. partner with a robust talent pool, politically and economically stable and strong policies being the powerhouse indonesia is confirmed by the g. 20 presidency. bringing opportunities for you, invest indonesia. now the impression of an ethnic minority and me and my guys back mainly dangling. the intention was to make sure that bro hinges, we're no longer entitled to either
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a basic fright or citizenship right. al jazeera explores the history and mo, tips behind the systematic persecution after a hinge and me and my exiled analysis era. for the latest news, as it breaks, doctors here tell us that they are desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for to those who are injured with detailed coverage, a from around the world, even when you came to parts a lawyer, they loyalty ah, this is.


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