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tv   Exiled  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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thrice visits the frontiers of the battle for the environment. scientists here and ice and pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions. earth rise looked at new ways of preventing air pollution. when i was 0. ah, i'll give you all the news. ready hello, i'm down jordan into the cook,
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her mind at the top stories here on al jazeera, the us justice department has released a heavenly redacted version of the document that help secure permission to search donald trump's home officials and to the former president's florida state. on august the 8th, the search was part of a proven to whether he illegally removed documents from the white house. alan fisher has more it was a remarkable moment and f b i read on the form of a former us president. donald trump revealed the search at his motto: lago property earlier this month on social media. it provoked outreach among supporters. now the department of justice has released the affidavit, used to secure a search warrant, signed off by a judge. trump and his team had already handed over 15 boxes of documents he took with them. when he left the white house. they should have gone to the national archives. going through the boxes, investigators found highly sensitive documents. in the 30 page affidavit which is highly censored, the f b, i laid out its case for a further search,
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claiming they believed there were more sensitive documents of moto logo, which could injure the u. s. if they fell into the wrong hands, that despite assurances from trumps legal team, all documents have been handed over. that these sensitive documents were being and properly handled and that the material possessed could mean 3 possible crimes were being committed. is pretty hard to make out a case that this is a which ut, when it has these kind of elements to it that the entire united states is being endangered by this kind of recklessness. and i do believe that he definitely is in criminal jap, reacting on his truth, social channel, donald trump said affidavit, heavily redacted. nothing mentioned on nuclear. a total public relations subterfuge by the f b i in d u a j or, or close working relationship regarding document turnover. we gave them much in the white house briefing room. there was a determination to keep the cotton president out of the political fight. we feel
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that it is not appropriate for us to comment on this. this is an independent investigation that the department of justice is leading. that's something that the president finds i is an important thing to do for the department of justice to have that independent. we're just not going to come in, but he did just a few minutes later, dismissing the former president's claim, he declassified all the documents. why this one ought to be classified everything in the world? i am not gonna come out because i don't know the detail at all. i want to know like the former day, it's unusual for such an affidavit to be released before charges a lead. if charges are to follow, that will be discussion at the highest levels of the department of justice. in the days to come on fisher algebra, washington, an air strike has hit the regional capital of tig rye. in the north of ethiopia, there are reports. it struck a children's playground for people killed. local media say the national government
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is to blame for the attack. pakistan has declared a national emergency after months of record monsoon reigns large parts of the country have been devastated. and what the government's described as a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions. more than 900 people have been killed since june. most of them in baluchistan am, eastern punjab provinces. in that would know has come to us. my 4 houses had been destroyed. william dod. well, then i have to wade through this water to get to the market to buy groceries. i've wounded my feet walking through it. not only i said, we try to flush water out of our home through a motor or using tin boxes. the water is everywhere, as you can see, no one is coming to help us stop. markets have fallen sharply in the us, after the head of the federal reserve said forceful action would continue to combat inflation work. it can be jerome power, promised. the federal reserve would use the tools at his disposal and that high interest rates would continue for some time to come. the drug company,
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modernity suing fives and bio tech, accusing them of copying its technology to make their corona virus vaccine. the u. s. firms says it's rivals cobit 19 shot, infringes on patterns. it filed several years ago. the modern and pfizer band tick vaccines are both based on m, r and a technology which madonna claims as the stone. the technology uses a genetic code to fight the virus. so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to sierra after exile. staging. thanks for watching. bye. for now. ah, ah. why? oh,
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no. oh. because country water is all i can do water in the line with a live on me. ah. let me go there, but i will also go to paula bogus. i don't do that. yeah. a week or so i get, i get a money that i do. i'm gonna take the money money back on how to
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how that was, how my grandmother in that house was on august a 2017. the burmese military launch a large scale security clearance operation. and that drove out close to 800000 bro hinge or children, woman, elderly people, and babies across the border from nima to neighboring bangladesh. and this was happening in my own country. oh, the this is the largest can of genocide survivors and today's world, this is the embodiment of the burmese genocide and its impact. its felt across the border in bangladesh, in the form of the world's largest camp. or
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the thing that i would say that a lot better for him. i did william, i did go for the hello. how, how did i had it and how to mother, how to then i had a boy, there's a mother military living there and they don't, i do money has numbered in the city as a vanessa good mattingly. i shall wash in in the morning. so i bought a sedimentary well it, i didn't wanna megan them in it aren't gonna mother what i think i like a well from it kim.
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ah and lulu there bob, i live to live with you know any any beat or he will will you quit a job the door? the amana will molly? i mean me off a little low when you say the food a near my or burma a might. my country is a patchwork or different ethnic communities living across to different regions. if the country is about twice the size of england and about 50000000 people. 2 we became nation state as a result of the british empire,
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dissolving itself towards the end of the 2nd world war. in that 94748, about the time india was petition, we regained our independence. and before we were just a cluster of feudal kingdoms, lumberton dunning has been making baba an independent state outside the british commonwealth. or any not any got line it. i'm gonna leave this thing as a note by your kind of name. ha, who do ya? ya, dining that community without it at all or muslim rangers and reclaim buddhist b started independence or separatist move french mcdougal. merle that is actually, it's our, my god, that given good to go to hon given for jewelry. her a british irma, that are part of mother article dental hygiene. they're more of william when the ro
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hinges started fighting the government. there was no walls for several years. and then at the time when they reach an agreement and they stopped fighting, the ro hinge us were promised that no, as citizens, they would be recognized as nature. was brooke bell or the bottom? my other daughter? yeah. would you know, and your daughter, your daughter fell under boy or girls at the bottom of it are still on is looking do. little resume will oriented out of those that i get that the know they are seeing the are that had a mother on a silent are wrong. arizona never really was on monica would get it or i get the just i go glides over. all right. do you, what are my burdue man? will you one of the lens was bought gus, for the language is undeniable. the bah, broadcasting service,
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yellow hazard, sucking up program. i am good deal. mckinney hood a la la la la model. a mont ma'am. oh oh. oh. oh oh, i see hudson my yes, we better. we better. i live alone. i learn english on monday. so my new day in 1962 the i me to paula. included in general new and
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he was evicted for credit 6 years, politically. and economically, he was a failure. they when had an idea that that berman would be good. this guy, they would look like him. he wanted people not to look like indians. and he didn't like muslims, he done like christians. so he 1st started by expelling foreignness meaning all the westerners who had been there during the british time and a new when ton to the issue of the hinges. this distinct muslim population that we're so far officially recognized as an ethnic community. ne, when's deputy general, can you? she was a new window into military intelligence in his book, discover the as early as 966. the burmese military started to see the ro hinder as the problem, british government kick galati gala diarrhea,
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the bravo. lenny applegate ave buster hook up bundled discounted recoil. ave colorado, my the i am needing a bd through the annella who were gonna go buy and buy gala there. back on the will at it. duty auto body, william cannon. the claim was that there were many illegal immigrants from bangladesh because there was a war for independence going on. they started a military campaign which resulted in over $250000.00 euro had jobs escaping to bangladesh. that was the very 1st wave of 8 us of rangers that happened in 1978. ah ah, is quite a young. i still remember some things. there was a shooting by the by miss jane henderson, family book shadow, and elijah,
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and nobody left. this has gotten a dummy operation, ching dragon operations wayne laughs. i was very young and i was put in a musket and my, another singing was put on the bus was get my father canny. i was crying. my hands, legs were very leg fingered. so then, the 1978 wave wars, the direct result of centrally organized, forced expulsion, organized by the central government in wrangell. i still remember miss green all the people every days. every day, past of henderson jonas about possibly 9 without foot man notation, the hydrogen, a. ready after by lay trillion payment. when we ascend
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make to burn. loyal when attend there. i see the only jungles house is columbus jungle. i think there when had no choice, ah, because the international community had proof that these people came from burma. he proceeded to essentially copy cat what the nazis did to the jews. in 1938, his legal advisors come up with the citizenship law. the intention was to make sure that ru hinges, no, we're no longer entitled to either a basing rights or citizenship rights. any one who had not resided in burma as natives by 18. 24. they could not be entitled automatic burmese citizenship threatening. and 9 am on
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a allowed he did am on and i wrote it. and congo van would it be the money that would he should i know would it? now that is impossible because ah, in the penance came in 1948, and whoever had been living in the country before that many of the people in jamar not only the royal job during the british period, did not have any papers. so they went natives. but they were falsely ah, framed as bengali migrant. ah ah, i will know my letter. will you though? no other areas are mazda on the arrow or the ardo that the i v? are they are gone? are they on the, on amazon or wooden, missouri? that, that almost yeah, on the mahoney,
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god honor that done household casara. od i said, great grandfather you are not allowed to middle who shall rule to odd by that and got a lay of the most of the young at the did by the heck. the other, you know, i ga, i honestly the, on the go to the anti it on the holiday. on robin a dog dog dog. i only want to move the dog doesn't because he's been on the law was brought in as a weapon of prosecution. the law was in pursuit as a, as an initiative to establish citizenship. the law was coded to primarily persecute. there were hinders, and to dis, enfranchised them as the ethnic community. now mom, when at independence, it was one of the richest countries in sunset, asia, and by that time they, when i left office,
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it was one of the poorest nations in the whole world. one of the biggest mistakes in there, when did we, was that in 1987 may when had made all the big bank notes 100 char august big notes illegal. he just declared it all the money was what less so everybody, suffolk, i'll family become bank cash, but all the money is around $1000000.00 at alley dedicated eddy math. any masula, similar general they devona deacon. and if at the time of 1980 h i uprising i was her original strike almighty. generous wickertree. oh, the whole 20, there was
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a democratic prison. as eva started from wrangell, all this was including premier's goes which hadn't been mismanaged on. as students who joined in the mail for the movement for dissing her as did fun to move as in the whole night in whole, the shouting democracy, democracy, democracy, all the races, all the religious went to get us. all the students wait to get us. there's not any conflict in between any others in action, etc. edema, who you give you an autonomy warrant. she didn't call on you or appeal id card 0 mom. but you genuine. got it. you need money to with the 2 when you d, l m d b i you were do g. so monet barnett bob driebe,
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your mom a chinney man who would like to be added. never mind the now lou to sends out it says out of your mom, not the name of pom also city had been some popularity before began to know about her. and she formed a national league for democracy, only the educators with other mit mil mandate, as well as i also think jeannie lake also, or don's at the military d a w. you get a i've, you know, little general time. you might nunez we're planning amazing in the put that me mostly nekisha, either when the abbey took over an id, a deal, sceptre by a d. the allowed as to from id and the promise that they will hello p and say less yes. and then the ball i do the with yellow by the wall. so i believe the problem is that the us, my morning when don't mistake. the
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ra hinges were already a marked population for prosecution. when they decided to participate in democracy uprising when they decided to support our son, sushi and national lead for democracy in the eyes of the burmese army, they became doubly guilty before they was guilty for simply existing. now they were expressing their political support for our son, sushi, and all the party and
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n l d and our son sued. she were seen as the greatest threat to the military. they began to institute measures to essentially make live for ro hinder in their own areas. actually, impossible in unit dominate or nasa casa weapon law sucker was essentially the burmese equivalent of ss. nasa cow was the executioner at out of money. oh, got it in it. and i got you mind i got you and your guy by listening. and he knows that the, the mom i went into it evidently, i'm going to do it, can
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a well at it. anyway, barbara, as i remember, can you do my need in you mom? we did so you know, o d u r t i the k, you ave now media. phil donnelly, decay on michigan, mussolini radio. all kinds of like you're restrictive measures, were put in place, severe restriction on physical movement. nasa got started to extol money every little blotter. louie, whoa. hello, the new yellow, the new at the middle. me knowing i bought it. it was like you to call ronnie david, i don't know how to let you know hello for what a lot of the houses are yet the data. why was it all so happy to you want to know that my day and he called in on a little money and i only know not 1001 and my mom was more fun. no, no, no data hold on. one of the population was
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extracted for labor to build the mil military cool comment of fresh see nick on this and in it called k b t arrow to create pope your daddy machine and my hollow the obama number for the child. how to maneuver miller, we can use words to gone in charge of institutionalizing killings and destructions of the ranger to the point that ranger community will be wiped out. can you or should be prosecuted for not simply crimes against humanity for genocide who we a teacher who and who are danny. i was taken to military outposts an hour severely beaten, are not complain enforced. they were saved. and following days
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i decided to leave my country former in 199192. the burmese military operations in northern reclined state trigger, another exodus. and this time, according to the military intelligence statistics, about 270000 rangers fled the country. oh, but into the 7 days, normal situation was so bad that the months decided to come out and protest and everybody was very happy because they felt now there was somebody that would take care of the people. i don't make it this, i'll go by now they got a little, you know, got kind of just the and the, you know, kind of just really, you know, the kind of dramatic amongst throughout the history had been seen
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as a force for good, rising up against the british colonial rule or against the japanese fascist occupation or the burmese army. the repression against the majority british population, monks were always on the right side of history. they were always supporting the people i was of the bank. my pick him out was i to was our guy at it. i don't get it. julia chung and i was the machine and thou was when the military realised that the monks they had to be controlled to
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the army sent troy blow solve military commanders to hundreds of buddhist monasteries. 100. so monks fled the country and thousands of monks when g everybody was shot, it did not think that the leadership was tracked down in the months and that's where the crisis of confidence came for them. so the military decided that they needed to change about when yo yos, are we the at that will be v dot edu, but am i was, oh, i see. i see we will de kennedy mr. league one you,
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you asked me gone it. anybody camaro up military government, military governments or, or go gotten, ang, agony, my j food, it, civil government, she, our civilian government, p l, a low body opposition body was his empire. dd would it, they be nic. what am you multiplied september on al jazeera jillions go to the pose in the vote that could redefine the country, but will the people approve the boat new constitution up front returns, mot. lamont hill. talk through the headlines to challenge the conventional wisdom. the u. k. is conservative party alexa, new leda to become the country's prime minister. amid an impending economic recession, the listening post examined and dissects the world's media. how they operate,
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and the stories they cover with rising price is causing hardship and discontent across the globe. we report on the human cost and national attempts, a tackling the crisis september on al jazeera in south korea, a u generation is taking the stage shaking up social media session. any time when i, when ace needs the world's oldest influence on al jazeera and diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera, lulu hello, i'm darren,
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jordan doe. the quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, the u. s. justice department is where he stay, heavily redacted version of the document that helped secure permission to search. donald trump's home. it says top secret records were not safeguarded at the estate, which was search on august 8th. earlier this year, dont company's team were cooperating with federal authorities and the national archive to return documents that had been taken from the white house when donald trump left there. when they got 15 boxes, they went through those documents and find there is some highly sensitive documents there. no, using intelligence sources and also people that they spoke to witnesses names of which have been redacted. from the affidavit, they decided that they needed to go back in and do a thorough search of morrow lago. an air strike has hit the regional capital of tig rye. in the north of ethiopia, there are reports, it struck a children's playground. 4 people were killed. local media say the national
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government is to blame for the attack. pakistan has declared a national emergency after months of record monsoon reigns large parts of the country have been devastated with what the government is described as a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions. more than 900 people have been killed since june, most of them in baluchistan and eastern punjab notices in that good no has come to us. my 4 houses have been destroyed. it will not wear gloves. and then i have to wade through this water to get to the market to buy groceries. i've wounded my feet walking through it. i've never tried to flush water out of our home through a motor or using 10 boxes at the water is everywhere. as you can see, no one is coming to help us stop markets have fallen sharply in the us after the head of the federal reserve said forceful action would continue to combat inflation or jerome power promised. the fed would use the tools at its disposal and that higher interest rates would continue for some time to come. the drug company,
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modernity suing pfizer bio tech, accusing them of copying its technology to make their corona virus vaccine. the u. s. firm says it's rivals coping 19 shot infringes on patterns. it filed several years ago. the materna and fives a band tick vaccines a bay are both based on em, are in a technology which madonna claims as its own. the technology uses a genetic code to fight the virus. those are the headlines. news continues here on al jazeera after exam statement, then to watch i for now ah, the constitution laws, 2008, drafted by the military to legalize and perpetuate is stay in power stipulates that the military is above the law. the miniature jose, as many as you of defense melissa bordeaux as well. governed by the generals,
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the military allocated 25 percent of the parliamentary scenes to itself. and if you want to change the constitution to remove the military, then you need it more than sam 75 percent of the goals. you cannot get morgan 75 percent of the roads because the military has 25000 feet and their employers is the big jews, but still probably double the mo, crazy, the homa in 2010 a military. how elections. but nobody believed that the military was really going to change. so they went ahead and held the elections. and do you know, surely they won the lens slide and they were in power. and then 10 days later on santucci was relieved. they were allowed her to run in the bi election so that one was home from her prisoner. she is now wonderful and that
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we hold that the beginning. all that you hear that will be full emphasis on the rule of the people, the everyday politics of the country. the military was completely shocked that the n o, the party remain extremely popular. as the country started to change within the military, there were some who had thought it was going to fast. so they manufacture the ro hinge a crisis. it started with the story of a buddhist woman being raped and killed by a growing young was the pictures of the murder victim, spread by an information ministry. when 5, what has not been proven is that this woman was raped
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after the women read until then. so called buddhist stop the boss and god and wisdom passengers and kill them and retaliation he thought to learn to all the while. did he know about it was silent, processed to destroy people, you had knocking the rights you priced arresting, killing also raping tortures. but no burning off homes for after running a started, the record villagers were organized by whom is a more difficult question. letters were received by the village administrators prior to the violence. they were told that all reclaimed villages needed to supply manpower to the operation. both came to pick them up on the morning of the
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8th and 9th in june. we think thousands of people probably, we talked to some of the people who were bus town. they said they were given free food and they arrive and they were told where to go. some were told to go and burned down range of villages and others were told to block escape routes. and if the beloved would marvel down to the most part of it, long will it be you who live and i forgot that either or when they were on that day on my boy out of it. but only that i could go on our way home on, oh, no, it is. i other than the hulu. and you know, to the mother dawn about it a lot by just bought it when was it there by the well, a little but the other money lawsuit,
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the little waterfall, you know, don't know what and why they manage the building. my dad was most of them are mazda mom on, if you will let mom and dad had, boom, i wouldn't, i just went into in the same while we are, we don't do, we don't do now. any other mom was lieutenant louis by that and a bunch of we get done on the how bye. yeah, bye. la mine the mama, my mother week. what other again did as a motto? i did one in the got the new earlier than what, what are the dead air? my whole washed. i still was with genoa. sure. all us, i really don't lay in what i thought over there. m did him. we'll do it equally right immediately for ed bloom. i did it, and i am the other from what it would be for like, you know, la moda thought and room. i might even think he would he be that one another more than one on monday will along with on the old. i don't know the old poor their god yellow the wrong. i
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only there i got to go the my while i am, i'm on my when i look good in the you did actually but i heard it. what am i glad? i'm glad i knew i had, but i didn't buy the normal hot or louder manually. one new thought up is there one a while. i and i don't good all injured. once the villages were burned down were funneled into what is now the comp complex, where 82240000 ro hinder are basically in prison. they
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are, concentration comes to pension firms. it's not into communal violence. this is the burmese stay organizing and watching over to destruction of ro hinge of villages and the rounding up of hundreds of thousands are a hinge into camps. it was instigated by the government control press where they had front page news about the danger of muslims and the rape and murder of buddhists by muslims. and this was to create a kind of a juicy upon the reclined buddhist to protect themselves against this press address, which is invented and propagated by the burmese states. women the all the cal learning any a good, a fair ratio table. fair they he, they have, are you here? ah, well, i mean, i mean my camera in any way i. healy,
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he then you gotta do 40 the way. do valued it now. you got a real. i've always healthy. well, you got you like me for. yeah. the reason i am running i bonaire where no one will with shadow a little lonely you. when audio mo, louie got a mono with ammonium about it. the man of man, when yeah, bob on the who doesn't i'm well when it there, toyota. i know who i fully. i met a g name. you johnny that the vatican. cuba. where although the glamour put university in the other for langley reba language, when i took a lot of it would be linear. what am i hope more the bottom model removed. i don't go on monday. the rather you leave them why they don't want it.
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oh wow. in 2015 november the burmese military held another round of general elections. and the onset sutures nationally for democracy are one in a landslide. and just that, you know, the, the whole country would shoot for rick. and believe it d, he won nearly 80 percent. so then people support too, as well as any sustain to up but we must tolerate so far, the army wanting to with our, with them. i willingly, awfully willingly. a 1000 general election a tuesday. you go women and then the any muslim can the deeps,
4:43 am
bama only a lot. you say to him, i want it. yeah, i don't know. i me to that when we're seeing them. good. now me pivotal 2 pm. balloon bill is a little while cindy, a met, and eliana you ladies, me. so now you had called wilma, a mute. i assume you owe the money upon dea gala. and i know them was still you and my u. e. kind as a pseudo. i don't see any c a, it's only recently that the government started using bengali to identify or injure people. young people for known to the world s o n a. there was never self to be goal. right? yeah, that's why we have to call the ring. ah,
4:44 am
but actually it's not well, it's a wrong a long to use the word been gaudy. they are not from bangladesh or from grammar. totally. i did comma, now love to do that. what would he got? big enough to beat them on and tomorrow. we're going to citizenship a strategy which specific timeline has been developed to move forward the national verification process about technology to come out and look for that. i was indebted shotuko how i thought it was in my study guide hasn't had a hot dog. i would have been lumbering, i would really do it by said it was on my yeah. in some were slim community that does have decided that they are not to join in the verification process. what i'm
4:45 am
busy the music out of the law, the late notice on the i didn't, i didn't read the following. we would appreciate it if all fans could persuade them to join in the process because they have nothing to lose by the national verification card is a card which allows you to say that you have now become part of the national verification process. what is the process? there is no such process, but this is just a process which needs cooperation from all communities. the national verification card is a way of pressuring their hinder to legally identify themselves as foreigners so that they legally won't be under the jurisdiction of the burmese government. nbc cut got his handled and a jada call like this idea. what is i gotta get us kind of going to does not, i don't know how to shut off his big shuttle ever going to that to
4:46 am
didn't was really, really happy with in the lot of money going out enough to bet on. all of you have and i will, i will go on by and their refusal to sign this lead the military to decide that either you got to get out or we're gonna kill you or if you don't so much. yeah, well, on their own. yeah. like value to a play of john, i will do a lot of good. what do i know? what did i know? i know a modern a russian mother really are near you so much on i got i got a good right now. hold on. you lever them is military. ok. even of us as true. that patrick, this never to attack the arm groups,
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they were attacked the population. and that's what happened with the range with the engine. well that would be the amount of shit that i'm getting. what i'm going to like being in what i'm going in the door. i may not order that didn't allow me to her. he 1000000 level and i know it didn't know what to do with godaddy. what i do there has to the me, i've been lucky not mother. i has i you want them or do they were really i josh like dizzy in general there would be the mom is shit, but i'm getting what i'm going to like it. i don't know if you ever did a
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a co ha, that kind of been in it. but then lou moment, is there any current tone media? no, jeanette, there anything told me that she did? no gender any the guy that got envelope in it? no guess we medina, so we don't got his ged mo, data. yeah. but oh no. tell me that in the community. oh, who is in 2017 military is bad and reinforcing all the troops and there were combat troops. there were not honoree garrison troops or the fermi shall be brought in. the
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gunship helicopters from which they were fiery weapons and the artillery, so rocket launchers, we have reports from were time but they were told officially by the military, but they needed to leave in the few days before the 25th of august. this was in preparation for the genocidal attacks that happened. but later on in august, aust, yeah, several months old seemingly quite in peace. on the 25th of august 30 produced outposts as well as the regimental headquarters in don dunn's rod village. what jacked by armed groups, the secured you forces have been instructed to check measures to avoid a lateral damage and the hardening of innocent 7 civilians. we have never been soft on human rights in this country.
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oh, to let them know how to get into the study congress diaz. i thought i would but dean t, i store by that i submitted it for nothing to go less. you also my bundling oh, by jim i got a job. i think what i'm going to have a home on my, on the day i what i, when, when i see one of the phosphor nearly known on or not on delhi considering the idea of when i heard of them. but i didn't, a ton of this has the, another guy who does but another one that i don't how to use
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who knew? well, who in my new number that my student id when to find one of the me. 2 i don't know how to link and then yeah, the me
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put another by there law a on has on somehow somebody my know composing to get to the weight of a one. a somewhat busy, but i'm not a whole lot of got the money. why not? i don't know. got has it? well i guess what got a lot of lean bully mine and all the results in the left. what is out on for a a
4:53 am
a a a, a a right or not? yeah, 0. i do not. you know that
4:54 am
he, holly holly can yonah mother min was a lot of work for remember, had a boil, but tiny, how labor the, how much money so much into traveling. charlotte is quite a long and i'm sure we are located at the level not in audio iota of knowledge in the me. oh, i don't know.
4:55 am
i don't know why they had hasn't been in the gwinnett him out of hello. there was born born to bio gum bought me nothing more to you know tell him was a little bump for into a lot of business. i lead the had my mom the morning again by the way to him were killed by the military during that time me as being on the head of the military. he called it unfinished business. the business being the destruction of the injure.
4:56 am
me job. what are you doing? you know, how do you want to do what yeah, be doing. yeah. let me grab. you can reach me at her bank in the how do want to know how much, even though i did my mom went to get it. i gave, i'm is that the color? but i've been a dozen. most of them are not. i don't know. i mean, buying a bond issue. this is
4:57 am
valerie. why, why hydra has a vanity to hang on it on the day that the i'm the show mana lynch, l y y, and the hydra has a vanity. i get that the day on the day that the i'm the show not. oh, how was that on maddie? van and wine da, da, da. the latest news, as it breaks, doctors here tell us that they're desperate to get more antibiotics and other medical supplies for to those who are injured with detailed coverage for k worker
4:58 am
than their new and young's up watch to continue their try until their demand for bag is meant from around the world given as the new king to parts a new he's seen his praise and the lawyer they lawyer bleaching. ah . you're locked into your weather story for the americas. heather, great to see you. so we got a vigorous system around the river plate region storms and those winds picking up. but those winds are also pumping up that temperature and it's also on $236.00. but
4:59 am
it all comes crashing down on sunday big changes much lower temperatures. and from the top band of south america, we've got her brain in storms in the amazon basin around and now is east of the pe ruby and andes, pushing in to bolivia, columbia, and venezuela. our usual problem spots here. showers and storms are meandering around the caribbean, so downpours seem likely in his van eula and right across cuba as, while in still the threat of flooding across the u. s. gulf states, here's southern sections pushing into this se also the risk of seen some flooding caused by monsoon downpours through the 4 corners states. here, temperatures have come down a bit in los angeles at 27 degrees and some showers dancing in to canadas vancouver . so any of that hayes and wild fire smoke from near by wild fires will be damping down and off to these we go. it's been an unsettled pitcher. still some cloud cover here and little pockets of rain, but looking like a nice stay in new york with a high of 28 degrees on saturday. enjoy that sure weather update. i'll catch you
5:00 am
later. bye for now. i the pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison so i will join the democracy, may be exposed to struggle if those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough my life for democracy on al jazeera ah .


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